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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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good night. (captioned by closed captioning services, inc.) with another bright yellow dress. lou dobbs is here he's next keep it on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, investors around the world tonight are focused on greece. still trying to find its way out of a financial crisis. prime minister alexis tsipras lifting hopes after saying his government is willing to accept many of the terms of a bailout package that it had previously jected. but talks won't take place until after a sunday referendum that will test whether greeks want to stay in the eurozone? how did a small country of 11 million people become such a big problem? greece's debt is about 350 billion dollars, and germany is by far its biggest creditor.
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but if greece does go bankruptcy or decides to leave the 19-nation eurozone the greek debt crisis is certainly certainly going to create incredible instability. including here in the united states. and there's also an option of greece deciding to test the willingness of aggressive regimes in russia or china to bail them out should talks with europe and the imf fail. for all of those reasons, investors hopeful that a deal will emerge in the days ahead that will prevent greece from leaving the eurozone. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest from athens? >> reporter: life keeps getting harder for the greeks, today it was the retirees turn. some banks closed following the breakdown of talks between greece and the eu were open so elderly without credit cards could get some pensions in cash. it's very difficult.
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my husband is ill. we have a problem. >> reporter: with the shortage of euro bills the 60 euros or $66 others should be able to withdraw from atm's is now often just 50. late today greek prime minister tsipras went on state tv blaming the eu for the problems saying european union countries are forcing the greeks to vote yes, in a referendum set for sunday on eu bailout terms. the dominance of extreme conservative groups led to the decision to asphyxiate the country's banks with the obvious aim of blackmailing the government and individual citizens. >> reporter: tsipras claims voting no is not against the eu and the euro but eu tactics. pollsters put the no vote ahead of yes with many undecided. this as the government was reeling from defaulting on a massive loan repayment to the imf and still floating a variety of bailout plans including one they recently
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walked away from. in the german parliament chancellor angela merkel said talks would not resume until the referendum was over. she too is defiant. >> yes, these are turbulent days a lot at stake, the world is watching us but the future of europe is not at stake. >> reporter: many here are worried about the fallout from the political face-off. >> so this game of chicken that the finance minister and the prime minister are playing they could play it for their own money in vegas, not with the greek community. >> reporter: this athens travel agent is one of many in the community at risk. greece's tourist rate is suffering so are the people. >> we don't feel very well we don't feel safe. this is bad. >> reporter: eurozone finance ministers met to examine another bailout proposal from the greek government. they would have to wait until after sunday's referendum to consider it.
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the eu singing the same handbook, lou? lou: greg palkot from athens. the greeks not the only ones on the verge of economic collapse. puerto rico much closer to home, andovnor iarnig th isnd can pats72 billn indebt. a glierf go ne toay. e goupf bd holrs i puto roeaing ttlent wh th govrnme over a more than $400 million payment due today a positive step but puerto rican officials struggling with the 72 billion in bond debt, more than $50 billion in retirees obligations. the island's governor is pushing to allow the public entities to file for chapter nine to escape a significant portion of liabilities. we'll discuss puerto rico and greece coming up in just moments with "wall street journal" business editor dennis burman. another caribbean island in the news president obama announced t ut ats nd hesit a t lesp
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i mr. obama's unilateral decision to end a half century of frozen relations with the communist castro regime. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: rarely have so few words ushered in so much change. >> today, i can announce that the united states has agreed to formally reestablish diplomatic relations with the republic of cuba. >> reporter: with that president obama placed an historic bet that more engagement with the communist nation will usher in an era of friendship between countries separated by a mere 90 miles and seemingly worlds apart. >> a choice between the future and the past. americans and cubans alike are ready to move forward. >> reporter: in letters exchanged by the president and cuban leader raul castro, the companies agree to thaw a diplomatic freeze but plans for
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embassies opening in havana and washington later this month. a seismic policy shift felt as far away as vienna, austria john kerry called it a bold move. >> president obama made a personal fundamental decision to change a policy that didn't work. >> reporter: relation between washington and havana have been warming for more than a year. in april at the summit of the americas in panama. the country's leaders spoke of burying the pain of distrust for the past. for many, that pain and distrust remains very much alive. florida senator marco rubio said i intend to oppose the confirmation of ambassador to cuba. fellow gop presidential candidate jeb bush tweeted this july 4th, reports of a new u.s. embassy in havana will legitimize repression in cuba, not promote the cause of freedom and democracy. analysts say without changes
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any relationship with the island is tainted. >> this is a big mistake we should not be reestablishing relations with the totalitarian regime. >> i don't think we should have to lower standards in order to raise flag in havana. >> reporter: the president would love to go to cuba before the end of his presidency. if that happen he'll be the first to do that since calvin coolidge in 1928. kevin corke, fox news. lou: to the ever deepening hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the state department released 3,000 pages of the former secretary of state's e-mails. among the revelations, president obama's top aides, including former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel and top strategist david axelrod knew in 2009 clinton was using a personal e-mail account for government correspondence. that despite axelrod having said this earlier this month. >> i confess, i didn't -- i was there i was the senior
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adviser i didn't know that. >> if you did find out when you were there, if you did find out when you were there, would you say whoa, wait a minute, guys should we all talk about this? >> i might have asked a few questions about that. lou: well the e-mails reveal how mrs. clinton struggled to fit into the obama administration and the white house. in an e-mail to two of her aides clinton was actually unsure whether the white house held a cabinet meeting writing quote -- she also had trouble with fax machines writing in 2009 -- we'll be taking up the clinton e-mail scandal with national review opinion editor patrick brennan, the daily mail's
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. lou: breaking news tonight the justice department has just confirmed it's investigating whether the nation's airlines are colluding to keep air fares high, specifically whether the airlines have illegally signaled to one another how quickly they will add new flights, routes and seats in order to command higher air fares. airlines main trade group denying the charge. 80% of this country's air traffic is concentrated among four major carriers. american, united, delta southwest. and over the past five years, the total number of seats on sale for domestic flights virtually flat. the number of passengers up 5% in the past year alone. hence the concerns on the part of the justice department that seats -- seat capacity is being constrained perhaps artificially, perhaps illegally. we seem to be witnessing the resurgence of the political
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embargo and boycott in this country. take for example donald trump after his comments on illegal immigration here, has been facing an all-out boycott. first univision dropping him, then nbc fired him, macy's is pulling the plug on his clothing line. the lesson? if you do not towe the prevailing political line your livelihood is on the line. boycotting banning and burning the flag, tv land even yanked reruns of "dukes of hazzard," retailers don't sell it anymore though the same retailers are happily selling you a nazi swastika or communist red star. tens of millions of people died under those symbols. don't they know? and religious symbols seem to be relic. an oklahoma court ruled the ten
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commandments monument at the state capitol must be removed. the atheists don't like it. political correctness run amok or running things? as jerry seinfeld said, it's killing comedy that's no laughing matter. be sure to vote in our poll tonight from donald trump to the confederate flag to christianity is this america's political sanction embargo and boycott. is it at hand? cast your vote at turning to greece the nation of 11 million people joining the ranks of somalia, sudan and most recently zimbabwe after defaulting on a payment to the imf. joining us to talk about the impact on the global economy and let me be parochial on our markets in particular we're joined by dennis berman, from the "wall street journal," good to have you. >> thank you, lou. lou: this is a tough one, the
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market rallies on the view that the prime minister tsipras recanted all of his bully boy antics and would now be contrite before the august power of the imf and the european union. >> and yet the markets retreated knowing perhaps that the prime minister did not have the support of his creditors. so inside the "wall street journal" our heads are snapping back and forth, lou, because we can't keep track of everything that's happening because even the principals don't know what's happening. lou: as we look at total debt here for greece, it's stunning. there's no way that the imf didn't understand when they opened this tunnel for greece a few years ago that there was no way they could pay this money back without forfeiting payments to someone else or deferring them. so is there some blame here on the part of the imf, the european union, the european
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central bank? >> plenty of blame that goes back to the inclusion of greece in the whole experiment the whole european experiment. if you really want to talk about blame. yes, there is blame there, and have to remember what's going on politically in the other nations inside europe inside germany or inside france, they want to see their money repaid at least in france in particular they're having their own hard times. if you are asking people if you're giving people money, what might be perceived as free you want to pay back politically inside germany and france. lou: is this a moment of reckoning in your judgment, dennis for the eu? the eurozone is in difficult, defendant times. its economy is not performing. the promise of the vaunted eu is a power and the euro as a currency, it is taking the hammer. >> you see the euro about $1.11 today. i'm going to take a contrarian view, lou, i don't view it as a
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moment of reckoning as we want to cover it as summit we've been having the discussions about greece since 2010 2011 and they've been going on and on and on. is the euro going to crumble? >> no. might it long term? yes. right now they're going to kick the can and kick the can, by monday, we still don't know what's going to happen to greece, and it's going to take a long time until we finally do. i'll be here in september, and we'll be talking about it. lou: now you need to be back with us monday. >> okay i will. lou: that's a sincere invitation. i do think this the likelihood of cans being kicked rises poneiallto t dimsion ofheis kk t cans aloba phenomenonn the part of politicians. >> it is in puerto rico as well. lou: you have the odds in your favor puerto rico 72 billion, the new governor says we can't do this. >> going to be fascinating in
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congress what happens with puerto rico. we know where the democrats are going to come out on that. i'm not a political person, i don't cover politics. the real interesting thing is how the political party plays out inside congress. lou: this is 2015, 2016, it's a presidential election year, i'm thinking republicans are going to be easily persuadeed. >> you think so? i disagree. we know where puerto rico votes. they have nothing to gain so i think they'll play it tougher than you imagine. lou: then i can just see puerto rico is thech the republicans will have to deal with that. >> that's a reasonable point too. lou: i got one out of a bunch! you had a bunch out of a bunch. we appreciate your time. >> look forward to it. lou: a former law enforcement official says last night's fire that destroyed a church in south carolina was not arson after all. federal investigators suspect lightning caused the fire at
7:20 pm
mount zion african episcopal church in greeleyville. eight other fire and a massacre that killed nine people last month. three of the fires have been ruled arson. one ruled an electrical problem, the others still under investigation. another shark attack in north carolina. another one. this is the state's seventh shark attack since last month. a man in his 60s suffering wounds to rib cage, lower leg, hip both hands as he tried to fight off the shark in waist-deep water on ocracoke island. earlier this week a north carolina woman was at a beach when she saw three men reel in a seven-foot-long bull shark. men snapped pictures with the shark before they released it out back into the sea. that gesture wasn't reciprocated. up next, president obama's
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seemingly good fortune. and china says there is nothing to hide in island building projects in the south china sea. these pictures say, well maybe not. that story, a lot more coming up here tonight. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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. lou: a few kind thoughts if i may on our inexplicable president. barack obama, a man who parlayed his nondescript jobs as illinois state senator and chicago community organizer into a seat in the u.s. senate and four years later to the presidency of the united states. president obama could almost be forgiven for not believing in what we call american exaccept theualism. exceptualism isn't the hallmark of his life story nor his presidency. this president is smart, and he's sure enough fortunate. smart enough three years ago to let the supreme court as it heard the first major case on
7:26 pm
obamacare, redefine fines as taxes despite the administration's insistence throughout the case and the pleadings before the high court that the coercive penalties were indeed fines. nope ruled the court. they are taxes. and in last week's decision chief justice roberts and his colleagues ruled that four words established by the state mean absolutely nothing and then wrote 21 pages to explain how it could be that those four words mean absolutely nothing. so in the first obamacare case the court ruled that the language of the statute and the clear intent of authors meant nothing, and in the second case, that language again means nothing but intent is everything. who could have known chief justice roberts and his compadres would go so far to help a guy out. president obama yesterday was asked if last week was his best
7:27 pm
week ever? given supreme court rulings on obamacare and same-sex marriage as well as a victory on trade agenda. this is what he said. >> in many ways last week was a culmination of a lot of work we've been doing since i came into office. we're going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i had the privilege as long as i had the privilege of holding this office. lou: the thing that bothered me there did you notice how long it took him to come up with the term progress with what he's doing. i don't know about you i'm starting to think he's about exceptionalism. the republican candidates of 2016 had better be studying this president and better be taking notes. now the quotation of the evening from gonzo journalist
7:28 pm
and author hunter s. thompson on the role of good fortune and how it must be played -- we know somebody who has. we're coming right back. president obama's rushed embrace with communism. >> today i can announce that the united states has agreed to formally reestablish diplomatic relations, with the republic of cuba. lou: what is the leader of the free world thinking? we'll find out next. a dirt bike ride through the woods gives a michigan man quite a thrill and then
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. lou: our top stories, europe seems to have a belly full of greece. finance ministers say no more talk until the greeks vote in referendum on budget cuts. the leftist greek government is encouraging a no vote. either way, greece will remain in chaos. the united states officially reopened diplomatic ties with cuba. the president plans to be the first sitting american president to go there in more than 60 years. the president also called on congress to lift the longstanding trade embargo. and hillary clinton's e-mail scandal worsens, dysfunction at the state
7:33 pm
department. despite repeated denials to the contrary. joining us the national review's editor patrick brenner, the daily mail's white house correspondent francesca chambers, good to have you both with us. let's start with first of all, shocking, there has been some lying and the secretary of state she was completely out of her water there in the early days. >> yeah, there's not just lying on the part of the clintons in this case. the obama administration was never transparent. senior members said i had no idea she had a private e-mail. they were e-mailing it they knew exactly what was going on. lou: francesca your thought? >> i disagree with that they didn't know she was solely using private e-mail to conduct her work and david axelrod knew she had a private e-mail
7:34 pm
address but didn't know that's what she was solely using. i don't necessarily know they were lying here, but to speak to secretary of state clinton's e-mails it is very clear she was not telling the truth 100% of the time in the way she described the communications. lou: francesca, when folks have to parse in order to exculpate themselves, usually exculpation is an absolute impossibility. let's turn to the new polls. donald trump a second in iowa, he is surging attracting my gosh every kind of lightning storm. by the way, did you see my new apple watch there that's pretty cool. you got to one of those. >> no. lou: they're out there now. and i don't own stock in apple. but i got to say, it's a cool watch.
7:35 pm
let's go back to the poll. second place, good lord, that's impressive, huh? >> not fair to call donald trump a joe candidate. he'll have an extended comedy routine in the republican primary. lou, i know you're a fan. it's clear. lou: i'm a fan? well, i happen to think he's a fascinating character, and he's bringing -- by the way, i'm not a fan, per se of donald trump but i think it's really impressive how he surged in the polls he is a lightning rod for all of the candidates and some folks are having a little hissy fit and want him to get off the stage with them because he actually said that the government of mexico is pushing some of their criminal element into this country. you know, that's quite a thing, and macy's didn't like that. >> one issue with the polls is in the very early going, they reflect name id and donald trump is a lot more famous than the other candidates are hoping to get on the main stage.
7:36 pm
lou: but francesca that name identification didn't help out in the early days of the polling. since he started make the extraordinary remarks i.e. speaking truth to power? >> i would agree with the name id thing as well. but the main thing here is that those comments that he made about the mexican illegal immigrants coincided with him formally announcing his presidential candidacy, and historically candidates get a bump in the polls when they make their announcements, and so i would actually argue in this particular instance that you might see donald trump's numbers go down as scott walker announced. lou: like scott walker and jeb bush, right? that's going to be an early test, won't it? >> yes i think when scott walker, rumored to make announcement on july 13th finally joins the race, you can see numbers go up a lot more and folks like donald trump's go down. lou: it's interesting, no one talked about cutting -- nbc
7:37 pm
didn't talk about cutting ties with the white house for example when the president of the united states called every american, implied every american was a racist. that's pretty derogatory. you would have thought they would take umbrage to that? >> nbc currently employees the reverend al sharpton who has controversial associations of his own. there's clearly selective outrage when it came to donald trump. lou: francesca you get the last word? >> when you look at univision and who the audience is it was clear why they would want to cut ties with donald trump. lou: okay. might want to. should they? patrick brennan thank you, francesca chambers thank you, appreciate you both being here. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote at a biker experiencing a close encounter of the wild
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. lou: new images show china building what appearing to military bases on reclaimed land in the south china sea. we've known that for some time. we learned that land reclamation has been finished according to the chinese on some islands as they put it. the construction is booming. digital glow satellite photo show construction of an air strip on one reef, other
7:43 pm
include helipads, possible satellite communication equipment and radar towers possibility surveillance and security towers for weapons. in other words, preparing for a significant significant installation on the reclaimed reefs that now amount to islands more than a couple of acres in size. egyptian security officials reporting that 64 soldiers were killed fighting a group linked to the islamic state in northern sinai. the deadliest battle on the peninsula since the 1873 arab israeli war, the islamic state rampage continues to spread beyond iraq and syria. just last week, horrific attacks across three continents tunisia france and kuwait over the last month islamic state attacks linked to yemen saudi arabia and taking territory from the taliban for crying out loud in afghanistan.
7:44 pm
here to assess what's going on the islamic state and other challenges former army vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst general jack keane jack good to have you with us. start with the islamic state they are on a rampage it looks like? >> certainly. and you know one of the reason yes this is happening, lou is they operate out of syria, that's the headquarters where, they do recruiting and training doing 1000 a month which is quite astonishing given this is a year since they established the caliphate and ten months since the president declared he was going to destroy them. but the fact is there is no pressure on them. so they have people that obviously involve in helping to expand the caliphate. that map that you put up there is incredibly revealing. every one of those countries that you identified where there's an attack except for france there's a bona fide isis affiliate. all established within the last year some where they're putting trainers on the ground with them and also resources,
7:45 pm
and some guidance to them as well. this is a signed documents, a contract that they formed with their affiliates in those countries. they have expanded considerably in the last year. lou: and jack, this is the same outfit that president obama promised he would degrade and destroy for crying out loud! taliban has retaken -- they've been given afghanistan, and now are in a mortal fight with the islamic state that was supposed to be destroyed as well by this administration. what is going to happen in afghanistan? your best judgment. >> well, i suspect that the president will walk all of our troops out of there like he did in iraq. i hope he does not do that. but he's on a plan to do that. i know arsh afghani and if he pulls all the troops out and sever the military relationship
7:46 pm
that we desperately need there i think afghanistan is in trouble much like iraq was in trouble. and isis knows this and formed the relationship with the disenchanted taliban where things aren't going also in afghanistan they want to stick if in the eye of the al qaeda hiding across the border in the fattah or the federally administrative areas there, and where isis is on the march. they are physical and they are present and they are exposing themselves. they're into that every day with tense of thousands of messages. lou: and no u.s. opposition? >> and we have no strategy to deal with the expansion or to deal with even isis headquarters that's in syria. no plans to deal with that other than train free syrian army folks. the plan was 3,000 to 5,000 and only 100 have been trained so far. that's so pitiful and pathetic.
7:47 pm
this is a serious problem, lou, going to get worse, reminds me of the 1930s in germany when hitler was beginning to make his move inside his own country and beginning to expand. and everybody was pretending it won't be so bad. lou: one could argue i think, with credibility, that the united states is in a global retreat, but i don't want to get into that tonight. i want to turn to what we found out today that the state department spokesman admiral kirby revealing that the administration raised the stakes in the battle with chairman trey gowdy and the select committee on benghazi, declaring that the white house has now invoked executive privilege against that benghazi probe. what do you make of it? what are the implications? >> well, certainly benghazi has been a huge problem for the united states. fact that there was 15 months
7:48 pm
of ansar al-sharia activity against western presence in tripoli in benghazi and libya as a whole leading up to the tragic event on 9/11. fact of the matter is the security situation there was absolutely irresponsible, and we still don't have all the answers. you can argue about talking points one way or the other. but as far as i'm concerned, the united states, we failed there, and we have to own up to it and have to certainly make certain that we're fixing it. lou: all right, general jack keane always good to talk to you, thank you. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: on wall street stocks finished higher the dow surged 138 point, the s&p up 14. the nasdaq up 26. volume heavy trading 3.7 billion shares. ford and fiat chrysler posting a bump in sales last month. general motors fell, the automaker cutting back on rental car sales.
7:49 pm
a reminder, listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. indonesian residents on high alert a series of dramatic eruptions from the volcano on sumatra island, spewing smoke and ash more than two miles into the air forcing the evacuation of 10,000 indonesians. and up next, kim kardashian speaking out on two things we were all just desperate to know. and donald trump says nbc and univision have abandoned pageant contestants by cancelling upcoming telecasts of these shows. we take up the plight with former miss new york joanne nosuchinsky and a man w ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> dangerous and illegal selfies are more of a trend of late. tourist in new york city posting this selfie on instagram of himself on a souter beam of brooklyn bridge. this is irresponsible. and illegal. >> no word on whether they will be arrested or is arrested or in jeopardy. >> judge argentina two pilots,
7:54 pm
let a bee keepo model -- bikini model fly their plan during take off, she took video of the vent they have been fired. >> joining us now co-host of red eye on fox news, andy leahy. joanne great to have you here. >> thank you. >> i want this has to be a troubling time for you donald parent company miss america. >> i am happy it is not my year. >> i thought you were talking to me. >> the women are the real victims. >> they are a lot of these girls dream of this moment all their lives they have been preparing and they have a team of people behind them, many of
7:55 pm
them are never met trump before, the fact they are getting punished when people are trying to punish him he not feeling the repurr repercussions. >> he is a multibillionaire. >> is it much mid of this, can you make too much of it? >> i think he does have a point about this being unfair to 51 women, nbc and univision pulling out so close to air date seems lame and unfair to them, it also i always love to note where brands draw the line, it was okay when trump was spedding lies about president obama a birth certificate, it is hard to take their moral preening
7:56 pm
seriously now. >> also they had no problem showing the super bowl. whether there is a host of controversy with the nfl. you can't just pick and choose on your moral compass. >> that is app interesting idea, you are right. and our dna they done sever relations with white house are you shocked? >> no, but there is a more important issue. >> on a personal note, i think there might be some pageant contestants that fila big -- bale filabandonned right now and i am there for them. >> your resultingness --
7:57 pm
willingness to give. >> he watch for other people to watch. later on. >> i will be pair scoping it. >> the selfie with cop on brooklyn bridge. do you think anything should happen. >> i think he is a hero. >> i would not condon't it. >> he proved you on lack security is on the brings, whether we're coming to july 4 and we had many issues now with you know terrorist militants and tri-state area, we need to be extra careful. >> can you imagine terrorist folks saying, let's go to the top of the brooklyn bridge. that did you not seem likely
7:58 pm
likely way. >> probably not. it would be 100% wrong to say i am sorry he did not fall, i will not say it. i do think that he is still alive, is a blow to people who believe that darwin was right. >> if i may i would like to turn -- i have to return to donald trump. did you think he is victim of some sort of herd-like mob-like activity. i am hoping joanne can bring balance. >> i don't think i would call donald trump a victim, it is a shame for all victims in the world. but i think it is easy to gang up on a man with so much money and power like all these late night hosts who do the jokes about trump the easy target. >> and easy to gang up on trump. >> it is, you know, do think he
7:59 pm
should get out of the republican race? >> i think if i want a republican i would think he should get out. but as a nat a republican, i think it is fantastic. >> yeah, interesting, i think of him as republican michael bloomberg. multibillionaire running for office, it great. joanne and andy thank you. >> thank you. >> time for a look at on-line poll results we asked do you agree with governor chris christie, when he said we need more straight talk from our little bittal leaders -- political leaders? time for a few of your comments.
8:00 pm
♪ >> social justice -- >> social justice -- >> social justice. john: social justice, something leftists talk about. >> social justice is code for good things no one needs to argue for, and no one dare be against. >> save the whales. >> gays in the military now! >> free nelson mandela. >> they freed him already. john: what's the enemy of social justice? >> capitalism is really what is the oppressive force. john: so what must people do? >> spread those resources. john: when that's tried people have to wait in endless lines for their social justice. >> [inaudible] john: social justice -- >> if we don't get


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