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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  July 12, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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real growth story. get it cheap. >> what do you think? >> be careful, though. not a transparent country. >> particularly in this environment. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. thanks for watching. here's eric foley and "cashin in." >> aid and abetted as the family of kate steinly lays her to rest. there's a new push to close loophole for sanctuary cities like san francisco and prevent them from protecting illegals. especially those deported five times, like katie's self-confessed killer. hi everyone. welcome to "cashin in." wayne rogers jonathan michelle fields jessica. welcome, everybody. bill o'reilly says throw them into prison for five years if they come back. donald trump says build a wall to keep them out. republican senator says sanctuary cities should not get federal law enforcement grants. not interesting interesting ideas. i say all of the above.
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the reason why is because it's this sdraigs enl kurjz cities to disabow bay the law. immigration law end up getting the books thrown at them. what bothers me is that if we can take down the confederate flag we ought to take down this administration's immigration policies because that's what's led to this murder. >> there are 31 major metropolitan sanctuary cities but there are some 300 across the country areas, metropolitan areas that are sanctuary cities for illegals. what are your thoughts? >> i don't think there should be a sanctuary cities. what makes that so right? why is that?
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there shouldn't be any sanctuary cities. listen when you start off the conversation, and you heard me say this many times, with the phrase illegal alien, you got nowhere to go. you start with the word illegal, you are gone. it's illegal, that means it's against the law, you should -- we shouldn't have any sanctuary cities. if you want to do something about that and have that kind of an arrangement, what we should have is a city where all the crooks go and then you lock them in that city, and that's fine. >> imprisonment cities. >> let's round them up and let's imprison them. sounds great. >> hold on jonathan. we'll get to your open border policy in one minute. give me one reason for a sanctuary city. give me one reason. >> they were created in the fist place, which is to encourage people who are in this country illegally. i napped that. they are here and this attitude that we can just round them all up and kick them out is totally ridiculous. we're talking about 40 million
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people. the idea was that these people could work with law enforcement to report about other crimes. we're not talking about violent criminals. this man, this murderer should not have been in the country. local law enforcement should have cooperated with -- >> the sanctuary city does include violent criminals. >> absolutely. >> the majority of illegal immigrants are not violent criminals. this has been proven. >> illegal. >> don't you understand the word illegal? >> of course i understand the word illegal. >> but you set up sanctuary cities so that they can turb over people other illegals. >> come out of the -- >> that's not making any sense. >> go ahead, john. >> since -- basically i disagree with the whole premise of had. this is a terrible situation. a tragic situation, but looking big picture, i mean since 1990 the amount of illegals has tripled in this country, and you
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know what the crime rate has gone down. >> not a direct correlation. you can't do it with the direct correlation to that. >> there are a lot more handguns in america and crime has fwaun down. do you use that for all of them? which one is it? >> let's talk about jails and incarceration. the presupposition is that the jails are overrun by immigrants. it's about 5% of the prison population and, you know what most of them are there on immigration charters as it is. >> don't you think it's unfair that -- >> i wonder if dwsh. >> not if law is wrong. >> illegal -- >> we can't just follow whatever laws we like. >> please we have important stats. 3% of the population illegals illegal aliens but they represent 18% of all federal drug trafficking convictions.
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25% of all american kidnapping are represented the same way. 3%. they're very small percentage of the population committing a very big percentage of the crime. in america. >> the problem is you're contracting federal imprisonment and federal sentencing against total sentencing. most of them the prisoners in this country are not federal prisoners. they're state and local prisoners where are the prospect for what you are describing a person getting out of jail multiple times, involves 1/1,000th of 1%. you are including the people that make our lives better. you can't go over this one horrible problem and say let's round them up and ship them off? >> i'm not sure they said to ship them off. >> the ones that have committed crimes. i definitely say. >> i was going to say listen you can't have this conversation and start with the word illegal. i have said it 1,000 times. i don't care what jonathan it
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is. he wants to be compositionat. i do too. >> we want people -- we want people here who are legal, who have come in the right way, and they're going to be good workers and do that. why not just do it the right way? why do you have to make excuses all the time and do it the wrong way? why? >> for one thing -- >> well you know i think it's pretty -- >> you make that almost impossible for anyone to attain. >> very good point. michelle what would be wrong with increasing right now -- we let 990,000 people come here illegally. why not double that or triple that? >> i am fine with immigration along with people that are going to come here and they're going to be productive members of society. they're not going to come here and live off the government and commit crimes and put the american people in danger. my problem with these sanctuary cities is that we are allowing liberals to decide which laws they like and which they don't.
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it's conservative subcommittees that cross america were doing this it would be an outrage. it would be all over the news. yet, liberals don't want to talk about the fact and say -- >> i want to talk about it all day. this is a bipartisan issue. >> they are going to be run improperly. the ideas behind them. >> also you said that the obama administration these policies come from the late 1970s. this is not -- this has been going on for decades. >> not to deport these people. >> democrats are very much in favor of the sanctuary city
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process. the sanctuary city doesn't deport. that's why the criminals go to these cities. >> they have no way to process these people. they shouldn't be here. you can't do this. this is just insane. the democrats are going to go and get all of those votes. that's why they are for it. it makes no sense, though. it makes no rationale sense. >> i'm going to take criminals in one city. >> which candidate represents your views on immigration the closest? tweet your immigration candidates and be sure to add our _#wake up america. everyone is using for conservative debate to get involved. your voice matters. it will be heard. coming up half a billion bucks to train foreigners to fight
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isis sfshgs what do we have to show for it? let's just say senator mccain ain't happy. are you? >> you mentioned we are currently training about 60 fighters. i got to tell you, after four years, mr. .
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>> right here on fox news. >> if you watch the show every week wayne rogers doesn't think we have a strategy to defeat isis. >> he has no set policy. they have no strategy. that's the problem.
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>> well, first of all, we have no strategy to combat this at all. >> well wayne, you and america will be pleased to know we now have a strategy so far we've approved $500 million to train and equip rebels to fight syria -- isis in syria, but defense secretary ash carter just told congress so far the u.s. has trained just 60 of them. i repeat 60. 6-0. >> that's the strategy we're looking for. >> that shows you. that shows you the absence of a strategy. what we have is a series of tactics. tactics do not make a strategy. we are making responses to what they are doing instead of having a strategy that goes after them in a positive way. we should be balancing up the shiites against the sunnis and we should be supplying those people directly let the kurds in the north that are effective, that kind of thing. those people. that's what we should be doing, and we have no strategic to do that. it's outrageous.
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>> we're losing the proxy wars that we're already trying to fight. think about it. we spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars -- billions of dollars on what has been a foreign policy disaster. not the troops. the troops are exemplar wr. the americans don't know who we're fighting and why we're fighting them. the fact that we just look for weak these days, we are more weak. >> i was shocked. you can't even make this stuff up. >> it's a bum number. >> on tuesday there was a drone strike that took out an isis leader in afghanistan. we need to do more. more air strikes and cutting off their funding supplies targeting refineries and pipeline. there's certainly more we can be doing. >> your thoughts michelle? >> well look unless these 60
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people are a bunch of captain americas and incredible hulks, isis doesn't care and we are in serious trouble. >> we should have intelligence on the ground that's letting us know -- we don't have that. i mean what wayne says we have no tragedy. we clearly don't whan we're doing. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there. revolting role models. first it was the star athlete pumplging a woman, and then a pop star dising america. what the hell is happening with young people in this country?
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>> he lost his job. maybe his career. i had wrot. and this pop star arianna grande lick aing display of donuts when no one was working, and when an employee brings out a tray of oversized donuts, she says this -- >> i hate america. >> well before the break, we showed you gonede apologizing, but, michelle these people are supposed to be role models. what kind of example are she they setting for our kids? >> terrible example. look there's a lot of you know millenials who are spoiled and entitled. you get people like this. it's a shame that she says this. it's an awful example to set for young americans.
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>> you are a millenial with a lot of money. >> thanks. >> you wouldn't say that now, would you? >> she hates america. i mean wronk she knows what that means to say that but that's part of the larger problem and words don't have meaning anymore. you can throw them around on social media. >> i said the supreme court showed us that. that words have no meaning. we can do whatever we want. >> not just hollywood celebrities. take a look at this manager. remember this is mainstream. people look up to their managers. look what happened at panera bread, manager and one of his employees. >> don't punch me. >> don't hit -- oh! >> so john i mean are these people taking cue from the celebrities and the athletes?
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>> it's based on whim emotion. not thinking about the consequences. i thought the girl licking the donuts is a big deal. we all do stupid stuff as kids. when it comes out to assaulting people when it comes to -- anyone getting hit like that i just think that that's people's emotions taking over. >> it seems like they're getting more and more violent or at least we're catching more and more of them on tape. >> they think they are exceptional, and society, particularly movie stars and pop tigss. they don't think that the normal laws apply to them. they just -- >> this is the panera store manager. it wasn't a celebrity or a
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politician. >> you know john than -- >> don't hit me. >> it just -- when the infection starts, it doesn't choose who it infects. the panera store manager is no different than anybody else. i don't happen to run in those circles, so i don't know anything about them. >> the point is first of all, he is 19 years old. what's he doing in a bar in tallahassee, michelle. >> i mean wron. i also think this has a lot to do with our culture. you look at the tv shows that we watch, and you look at music videos. rihanna's latest video has her murdering someone in the music video. there's something wrong with our society when we find this music interesting or rap music where they're talking about degrading women. i think this is reflective of our culture. >> now, arianna grande -- go ahead. >> michelle yeah i was going to say, when you have examples like hillary clinton, for example, who doesn't think anything about the law one way or the other, and makes excuses
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about it and disobeys it and does -- >> when you have arianna grande and hillary clinton? >> when we have our leaders who behave that way and think that they are exceptional, then you can't expect the rest of society not to do the same thing? >> i agree. >> arianna grande. you are cutting her some slack saying she was looking at the donut and not really saying i hate america. she was saying i hate all the awesome things america has. >> i'm a big fan of enormous donuts and i'm a huge cinnabon fan, but they do make us really fat. it weighs on our health care system. >> oh come on. >> i think -- i love america. >> >>. >> why can't they be like we
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were? perfect in every way. what's the matter with kids today? >> we have to lee it right there. co
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>> i never left a donut. not one i didn't like. that's for sure. >> no.
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i have not. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh my god. >> this is a good time to say thank you to our "cashin in" crew. you can head over to fox wayne and jonathan's stock picks. >> time to wake up america. hillary clinton wants to be president. she says she represents the middle class, the common folk. >> i get it. a lot of americans can relate to having financial struggles in this economy. wages are flat and we're working harder and harder. well half of us are working harder and harder. back to mrs. dead broke. here are some of the sprawling mansions hill and bill are making due in. a hamptons estate. a d.c. broen stone on embassy road and this little fixer
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upper. those cribs, they must cost a pretty penny. no wonder she charges charities like the boys and girls club $200,000 for an hour speech. they ain't cheap. so i hear. now she wants to be president and since she says she hasn't gotten behind the wheel of a car since 1996 she needs a ride. let's just say hillary clinton gets around in style. this video captured hillary and her entourage in iowa boarding a $10 million leer jet, nicely equipped thank you. i wonder if her campaign promise is going to be a learjet. it's our fault. they lie, steal, and cheat us blind. both sides do it. it's not exclusive to the democrats. i don't begrudge making money. we're all about the free market here on cashin in. what i do begrudge though is
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career politicians getting rich off the sweat and blood of hard-working american taxpayers. think about that, mrs. clinton as your private flaebt brings you that iced latte on your leer. great weekend, good bye. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it's been a day of uncertainty after three major companies were hit by so called technical issues and glitches. the stock exchange suffered a nearly four-hour halt in trading by what they termed a technical glitch but the freeze in trading was highly unusual parking considerable speculation that it is far more than a glitch or simply technical issues but possibly the red light of a cyber attack. at almost the same time the wall street journal home page


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