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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 12, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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do begrudge though is career politicians getting rich off the sweat and blood of hard-working american taxpayers. think about that, mrs. clinton as your private flaebt brings you that iced latte on your leer. great weekend, good bye. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it's been a day of uncertainty after three major companies were hit by so called technical issues and glitches. the stock exchange suffered a nearly four-hour halt in trading by what they termed a technical glitch but the freeze in trading was highly unusual parking considerable speculation that it is far more than a glitch or simply technical issues but possibly the red light of a cyber attack. at almost the same time the wall street journal home page
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suffered it's own sec nicktechnical difficults. and also this morning, a glitch stranded thousands of passengers worldwide causing heavy delays at most major airports. some 3500 united continental flights were affected by a faulty router. the combination of all of the supposed glitches prompted jay johnson to step out in public and address the matter. >> it appears from what we know at this stage that the malfunctions at united and the stock exchange were not the result of any nefarious actor. we know less about the wall street journal at this point but that their system is back up as is the united airline system. >> all coming on the same day
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that the fbi director testified on capitol hill about how ill prepared the united states is for cyber attacks. >> i'm here to tell the american people that the tools you have given us are not working the way you expect them to work in the highest stakes matters. i need help figuring out what to do about that. >> an incredible statement given that we're in the seventh year of the obama administration and the head of the fbi is asking the american people for help. usually it is they turning to the fbi for help. joining us now is cyber security expert ceo of network security group, john lewsich. good to have you both here. ted, first let me ask you, technical glitch?
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are you kidding me? technical glitch? >> we live in a world of electronic trading and glitches happen. that was the excuse how would we know? >> we turn to a expert on cyber security and question is him your view your opinion? >> it's more of a glitch when it brings a network of that size and complexity down to it's knees and they have to close for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. i can tell you this. they say it was a software update. complex networks of this size have a test environment where they do updates to find throughout are no glitches before that release it into the live environment. >> they secure the environment. >> they also have redundant systems in environments like this. if one side dose down the other
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side stays up. multiple distribution path for power. i'm very suspicious of this technical glitch. >> there is a few, and here is another problem that i have with the new york exchange personally. i have gone through the market crash of '87 and more than a few flash crashes and aberrations in the system. the truth of the matter is that the fcc did not step out today. it did not as the lead regulator take any responsibility here to relay investor concerns. we have retail market now for stocks stock ownership, about 15% in this country. they have a responsibility. i don't know what they were doing. the head of the new york stox exchange is out talking to every news organization holding press
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conferences. it was the dammedest. >> that may all be true i have been here 46 years -- >> there were no -- >> what was different is accepting the fact that it was a technical glitch whatever that means. the investing public in general was not disadvantaged. instead of having one or two, as far as -- we'll never know instead of one or two venues we sflou 50 new venues. >> i get the system i get the electronic trading. the central markets and the peripheral markets. i also look at the performance of the people responsibilityle. that is a public trust no matter what private corporation owns it. that has not changed as far as i'm concerned. what i'm concerned about is the language being used here. we're told by united that it is
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a router. how likely is that? it doesn't make any sense to me. >> i can't believe that a network of that size even for united would depend on that router, that system. that it could not be redundant systems. whether it is united or the stock exchange i don't believe they should if they don't know the issues. don't want people just coming out with a technical glitch or this or that. if you don't know don't say. when you start going down the road -- >> configuration, let me turn to because people watching and listening to you folks today, we're talking about the wall street journal down for an hour. two great american corporations
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here in the new york stock exchange and in united continental. and we don't feel we're getting a straight answer and we have the fbi head appealing to the american people for the tools to defend the american government in the seventh year of this administration. cyber attacks have been talking about this for 30 years, there is no mystery. why should there even be a question. why should be questioning a government an exchange and a great american corporation? it doesn't make a lick of sense. >> it doesn't because they already have the tools to protect us they have the tools. the federal government is not responsible for private corporations. that's their own doing, but the federal government has every tool in their possession. if you don't use what you to defend the nation, to defend the infrastructure get someone in there that can do that. >> looking like a fool standing
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before congress testifying like he did. sorry, mr. director but grow up. someone needs to man up and say let's do this and then do it. we have people acting like they don't have to explain a dam thing to the american people. private company or not, there is responsibility to make sure the american people know what is going on. we're being stone walled, everyone is and it's wrong. i admire your faith. >> you have to have faith or you will not get up in the morning. i hope it was a technical glitch. if it was more than that it will leak out. just like how long did the federal government come out and
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say -- >> they said 4 million records had compromised opinion it turns out it was a year and a half ago. >> it always comes out. >> let's hope so at least we could keep the country together. i admire your faith and your smile. good to have you with us. >> good lord hillary clinton is more than a little entitled. first she corrals reporters and now she is begging to be trusted. do you trust her? we'll take that up, next.@?
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joining us now, chris, we have a lot to talk about. let's start with one of your favorite people hillary clinton. she is just not trusted in any poll you see, no one seems well -- i should not say no one, but more than half of folks don't trust her. >> there is 20% of people in america that say that she is the cure all to every problem. she is marvelous, adorable agreat. those people don't matter.
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what poll after poll tells us is not only do a majority of americans not trust her, but the numbers have grown overtime. people have low expectsations. but will she double cross voters will she have their interest at heart? or will she take the interest of rich friends. >> bernie sanders is showing himself to be a reliable socialist. he is drawing huge crowds. he is an extraordinary phenomenon phenomenon isn't he? >> if you can get 7500 people to turn out, you've done something. bernie sanders is demonstrating that this is real. among the destruct party economic issues are real as he
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describes it democratic socialism is what they want. knock the top down share the welt regulate and break up the banks and all of that stuff. there is a core group of the democratic base that's what they want. the question for hillary clinton is will she end up in enough trouble that he have have to end up on those things too. >> jeb bush and hillary clinton don't apparently like each other. and donald trump says he is not going to run as an independent, he is in it to win it what do you make of it? >> he said he had not thought about running as a third party. he left the door just ever so slightly ajar to say that the reason was not because he wanted the republicans to win, because he want today beat hillary
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clinton. he said he is in as a republican this time. >> he also says he is going to win the latino vote. the question is will he damage republican chances. >> rick perry telling trump that she should check the facts on crime and illegal immigration. now comes a report today of a bipartisan commission showing that 3.5% of the population that is illegal immigrants are being sentenced. this is supportive of donald trump, is it not? >> something we have known for a long time is there is massive under reporting. in a community of illegal immigrants people are less
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likely to report crimes. there is less reporting that goes on. it skews and suppresses them. you get more clarity because you lose to some of the under reporting business. >> you didn't find that supportive of any -- >> i know you remember i used to talk about it on your show you talked about sanctuary cities before they were popular. it was a thing in america before people said we should have secure borders and more importantly domestic enforcement. that became a villainous position. and when that changed, and it really changed because you remember the arizona law, if you're stopped for a crime you can be inquired about your
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citizenship status. >> you know what chris, it makes me feel -- you said i was cool before but you to go back so far that it also reminds me that i aged a couple of years since then. >> it is retro. you know what yesteryear is here.p?p?
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a few thoughts tonight about another presidential hopeful. the most flamboyant and outspoken candidate of either party. the left's reaction to the trump candidacy and his comments was a sign that america entered a new
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era of sanctions, boycotts, and embargoes. and now come more threats. a left wind boycott of just everything trump. the mayor of the people's republic of new york peopleimmediately responded to trump's candor saying they're reviewing contracts with the candidate including a golf course and an ice skating ring. in the case of both trump stepped in to complete projected that previously floundered for years under city administration. and the left will stop at nothing, they found willing and eager allies some of whom are going after trump very hard. macies halting an 11 year pirp. serta ending their relationship and nbc doing the same
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univision, and the liberal national media making almost no mention that both of those companies are great obama friends and advocates. speaking of connections, interests, and beneficiaries. univision quietly filed for an ipo. they could raise their ownership stake to perhaps 35% by simply converting debt to stock. we'll see how that worksous and other partners looking for a long lasting exit. but the politically inspired assaults on the donald leave him still feeling deterrent.
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>> macy's just folded i don't like people that folded. nbc folded. univision is doing the work for mexico. it's incredible and sad to watch. everyone is so -- it is so important to be politically correct. >> politically correct sometimes means politically connected. politically connected sometimes means economically connected like univision and nbc. people need to talk more about thos connections as well. we're watching what i believe to be the opening full on politically motivated economic sanction and embargo era. it will only further challenge the sustainability of our constitutional rights including, of course free speech. this collectivism fascism, call it what you will donald trump
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may in fact be among the few that have the guts and resources to take on these sinister forces now at work in our political economy. trump will also require popular support to prevail. he had a good a very good beginning. now the question is where does it all lead? the quotation of the evening, this from former british prime minister winston churchill. the sharing of sheer misery seems to be well mounting doesn't it? a tragic murder in san francisco, a national debail on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and a border that is wide open. a florida state quarterback doing the unthinkable.
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zlorchlgts joining us . joining us now is ken buck. sanctuary cities why has the federal government under democrat and republican presidents permitted cities to flout federal law? >> i have no idea. it's a terrible policy.
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the federal government should do everything in their power to make sure that state and federal governments are cooperating. >> what do you think is -- it appears to me congressman, that the dialogue is changing very quickly. in part because of donald trump stepping out and risking a great deal to be direct on the issue, and also the murder of kate steinley in a sanctuary city. it is forcing them toation positions they didn't want to deal with don't you think? >> absolutely. any time there is something in the public eye, i think politicians have to react to it and it's a good thing. we need to come to a solution on this issue and whether it is this or something else that moves us forward, we have to move on this issue. >> and your judgment the chairman of your judiciary
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committee saying the president bears responsibility in kate's death and those by extension that have been killed in sanctuary cities. your thoughts? >> i think the obama administration has failed. i think they have failed to enforce the immigration laws. and it has resulted in thousands of victims of identity theft and violent crimes across the country and it is very sad. . t is a reason we can't legislation forward. >> and that this is an issue, that you have been stonewalled in the house on every committee, on every one of the half dozen
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or so major scandals that surround this white house, is it going to persist? >> i think they will persist because they're not coming to an end. president obama ran on a platform of transparency. he has been anything but transparent in his 6.5 years. it subpoena a disgrace that we have not seen the irs -- for the public to not be more outraged than something that is demanded of them i think it is just disgraceful. >> are you also surprised that the presidential candidates to this point, have not formed a voice and a position on this issue in what they would do about it? >> are you talking about the irs specifically now? >> yes. >> i think the candidates should all be running on the fact that they could clean up government
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when they would run for government. i think it is so important that republicans stand for truth and transparent transparency and good government. >> and you would think as well a massive political opportunity for the republican candidates. congressman, great to have you with us come back soon would you? >> thank you very much. >> congressman ken buck. >> the florida state seminoles released a video of johnson punching a woman in the face last month at a tallahassee bar. johnson known as mr. football in florida is now facing a misdemeanor battery charm. jose biaz was provoked by the defendant saying she raised her fist and kneed him in the groin
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area. >> great to have you here. let's start with the this 19-year-old. >> there is no prove dhags ren doors that okay at all. >> i don't think there is any doubt about it being okay. >> his attorney is saying there was provocation, she provoked him, racial slurs -- that's why he did it, didit doesn't matter just look at the video. >> for me my sister is a victim of domestic violence. anything like this is beyond the pale. bring this to a jury. go forward, bring the criminal charges -- >> give public highway break. >> that is the only thing that a defense can bring. they have the video. the only thing that the attorney
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can bring is the provocation. she provoted him and -- i agree it is no excuse i'm saying i understand why the defense is putting that forward. >> these cases to me are appalling. they're playing the p.r. game here. they want us talking about whether or not she called him a name or pushed him. that's what i wanted to hear. >> a man is a man is a man. be a man. if you're provoted like that walk away. >> and that video, that punch, her head goes like that and her nose is broke. >> there is a lot of football programs but that video, you know this isn't going to be wrapped up as quickly if there was no video. >> right. >> let's go to another insanity and this is the city of san
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francisco joining 200 other cities at a sanctuary city. where do they get the ability to say they will not follow federal law. >> they have city ordinances that i think are illegal. wait a second -- >> exactly. it doesn't make any sense to me. i think they -- these cities are crazy to do this. >> they introducing legislation. but this is the president saying the federal law takes precedence here. they were interfering, but not touching one of these cities. >> doesn't that say something? i agree with you. when you have federal law, the
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only exemption, or certainty, when they say this is in our inner sanctum. >> so the fact that 103 cities are violating federal law and because there has been a democratic president for the last seven years they have gotten away with it and they have had an appeasing republican president for the previous eight they're getting away with it. >> and other states are violating federal law with the marijuana laws right? saying it's okay to smoke. >> can this young lady sue? >> no unfortunately -- it's tragic and horrible. she will not sue an illegal immigrant -- >> i'm talking about suing the city. they're the ones that did not enforce public safety. >> only if she had a special relationship and she does not.
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no. unfortunately. >> great attorneys no thank you for being with us. >> do you roam small ball? >> we have never been closer to reaching a final agreement than we are now. >> what makes the obama administration think they can get from iran in a few days what it hasn't in six years.
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breaking news and it is not good. the u.s. army planning to cut 40,000 troops in the next two years. they are cutting troop levels to 450,000. 17,000 siflian employees are also expected to be laid off. ash carter made a stunning admission about the president's program to train and arm moderate syrian rebels to defeat the islamic state. >> as of july 3rd, we're training about 60 fighters. the listen for that has to do with the criteria that we apply. some of this is the law, to these recruits.
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we would like to see more and we're trying to get better at training them because the number 60 as you recognize, is not an impressive number. >> no it is a silly number. and for a defense secretary of the united states to stand before congress and they with a straight face my god. the administration's goal was to train and equip up to 5400 rebels annually. it comes a day after the president declared that our strategy depends on iranian forces. here to help make sense of it all, kt mcfarrland and claudia, the number 60, that was the
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defense secretary of the united states saying with a straight face saying 60 is not an impressive number when going out to as the president originally promised, to degrade the islamic state. >> we're so far into the theater of the absurd that i don't even know where to begin. 60 what that really means is we're turning this over to the iranians. there is a massive problem going on here. and it will not end the talks for getting the nuclear weapons. 60 is an emblem here of very bad things. >> perhaps that is an avatar for
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the absurdity of the administration administration. >> yes, so president obama has been chasing after a deal with iran and all of these things, if you pull the strings, it's all about iran. why is no one signing up? guess whose fight they would have to fiekt aght alongside. we're not doing it and why? because of iran. iran doesn't want strong kurds or sunni arabs. you and claudia sound like you have reached the same conclusion here, that this is
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capitulation. to use claudeia's role. is there not some voice that can be heard above all others to say to this president, are you out of your mind? i know netanyahu has tried, he has been dismessissed. >> the problem is that president obama is going to be gone. the people in congress now, if they want to still be in congress in five years, they better be held accountable. right now it is unverifiable unenforceable, and other countries are laughing at this saying we can't trust america. there will be a nuclear arms race. >> this looks like it is worth
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pursuing for another couple days it is the five plus one countries as well. plus of course germany, as if the united states needing a company in this thing, some corroboration to continue another 72 hours of negotiations. the white house can -- they just look so feeble. so impotent. it is pitiful. >> the layers of the absurd here are endless. for one thing, our partners in negotiation include china. and now we have the scene where iran is supposed to be the nation under sanctions. death to america, death to israel that's what it chants
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and bankrolls. and we have had a seat at the negotiating table for more than 19 months now where all of these world powers have been -- are being dictated to by iran. the u.s. the aheader here has been falling all over itself. we just had, we have right now the american secretary of state that has been parked in vienna since june 26th hoping to appease iran into a deal. this is a message that countries like north korea, china, and other countries will read as it is open season do anything you want, folks, and seeking the bomb is very rewarding.
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>> it looks like the principal obstacle is low enough -- >> the 11th hour renegotiation happens all of the time. you have to stand up and you to say enough. when you have my phone number call me. you know who comes back? iran. they cannot economically deal with sanctions. >> i have an image of them coming crawling -- i better not tell you what it is. >> x rated. >> thank you for having with us. you have not lifted our spirits but you brightened the room and the view of the future. up next will republican infighting help or hurt the party in 2016. and hillary clinton, she doesn't -- i don't know when
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you rope people together like cattle and you have them walk backwards for fun is that disdain for the national news
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presidential hopeful hillary clinton has found another way to just well to round up reporters to do her bidding. there they are.
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behind a rope line in front of a rope line at a fourth of july campaign in new hampshire. the reporters were roped off as she walked and spoke to the voters. the images of the press core adding o to some muted criticism that she is being shielded from press and she has extraordinary senses of entitlement. joining us tonight is ashley pratt and michael goodwin. if you were working for the press, would you really get in a rope line and walk backwards at the bidding of the candidate that you're supposed to be covering? >> no, i don't think i'm branded like a cattle. they should be able to call her out for this being a resident of new hampshire for 25 years of my life i'm appalled by this. the parades are a tradition
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meant to make yourself accessible to the voters and the press. that's the beauty of the first in the nation primary. >> i forgot i lapsed she is synonymous with access and transparency. >> and, and that she is entitled to the nomination. >> the national media didn't seem to have a little problem of any sort. >> i like the stories. the story about how the republican party of new hampshire is bowing outraged. why wasn't the media more outraged? hillary clinton is making up her own rules all of the time. that's the story of her life and her husband's life and they get away with it. if i was a reporter covering the campaign i think i would refuse
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to write any stories until i got access to the candidate once in awhile. there are reports she is taking more selfies and stopping at chipolte. >> the "new york times" has been doing some journalism and they have come up with another hit piece on senator marco rubio. times reporting rubio is not considered a hero in cuba. we know that the castros are the president's new best buddies. i can't believe that rubio is not an exciting figure for cubans. >> that's the thing, i think the "new york times" wants to portray every republican in the worst light possible. it's their finances or -- >> it's not bad light if you're
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not liked by communists is it. >> they tag someone with that and that unfortunately will follow them. hopefully reader wills do their own home work. we have someone line governor bush who can speak fluent spanish. that is great diversity for the party. marco rubio requestcan do the same thing. this is not a negative. >> a saw a short in the paper today that two cuban baseball players defected. they were in the united states on a tour with a cuban national team and they refused to go back. i think that says enough. people still are going to escape cuba when they can. >> we're being told by this president that we're a racist nation. that we should get used to the new normal. that we're not exceptional but the very people he is trying to
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reach out to are the illegal immigrants from central america and mexico. they're coming here folks are not leaving, and we have about 10% of the population of mexico now living here. and it is just mind boggling that donald trump gets into such trouble because he says that some crossing the border belong to ms 13 or part of the cartels committing crimes. >> look at the countries where people are escaping to come here. those countries don't let other foreigners in. mexico keeps their southern border very tightly shut. i think it is important to tlaelz remember there is a lot of diversity on the republican side and not on the democrat side. >> diversity, that's just a
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matter of fact. now what does the republican par industry to offer? thank you. good to have you both here. good night from new york. that's it for us tonight, thank you for joining us, see you next time. john: batman won't save you so who are america's heroes? weirdly the media or politicians. >> if i could get your autograph here on my copy of the first warren bill. >> the perfect barack obama, he's a perfect specimen. >> drawing up my leg. >> really? >> that is an objective assessment. john: no, it's not. we'll show you the real heroes most are not politicians, they're entrepreneurs. and parents like this mom who went to jail because she wanted to give her daughters a choice. >> holy batman, it's exciting. john: heroes of freedom. that's our show tonight.


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