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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 14, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nt direction. and the federal reserve in focus and janet yellen speaks and another market mover which is below expectations. that's it for us this morning. thanks for being here. stuart, have a good show over to you. stuart: live in iran and live in america, too, a nuclear deal presented forcefully by president obama himself. good morning, everyone. according to the president, iran's ability to build a bomb will be significantly limited for a decade. said that the deal was not built on trust, but verification and he warned congress he will veto any attempts to block it. little i am tactful-- little impact on stocks. and oil 52 a barrel. and iran gets some sanctions relief and they want to pump oil and maybe, maybe we'll get the gas price down.
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and el chapo, his wife delivered his child in america, that's called an anchor baby and speculations are running wild about the help he must have had to get out of a maximum security prison. there are no summer doldrums. facebook, netflix their stock is powering healed. here comes donald trump. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> i am confident that this deal will meet the national security interests of the united states and our allies. so i will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal. stuart: that was the president earlier this morning, broadcasting live to america and live to iran as well. he was commenting on the iran
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nuke deal. here is blake burman giving you the deal. >> the president gave a laundry list, the first is the sent centrifuges centrifuges. >> and they can inspect iranian sites. sites could include military sites and they can show up 24/7, but iran could rebuff a request and stall the process for at least 13 days. and the end of the deal is sarpgss sarpgss-- sanctions relieve. it will not be an automatic or signing bonus as one tweeted. >> he'll veto any attempt for the deal. this is the deal very likely
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we'll have to live with for years to come. surprisingly, this is a major policy announcement from the president. foreign policy announcement, but it has little impact on the financial markets except for the price of oil. we're down 36 cents a barrel, but we're down below $52 per barrel. this is the fallout from the iran deal isn't it? oil going down and no impact on the stock market at all? >> well i think that most people anticipate that iran will be able to increase oil production by a million barrels a day for the coming year and possibly more than that. they have enormous capability which would require a lot of money invested which by the way comes by way of sanctions relief. the timing of this increase is dependent upon how the sanctions get removed and what the cash flow into iran is and how quickly they can start forming deals with companies that are chomping at the bit. >> i'm surprised.
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>> there wouldn't be more? >> yeah the stock market is virtually flat. we could open down 30 points that's it. i'm surprised there isn't a reaction on the stock market. >> everybody is consumed with the greek deal right, we're having greek exhaustion, but i think that people are trying to figure out what the economic implications of this is. there's a lot of interest in the security implications which we can talk about, but the economic implications aren't clear to people at this point except there may be this impact on oil. >> our viewers watching say ten minutes ago saw me sparring with geraldo rivera about the verification process. and we've held geraldo over a little bit for our show. and he joins us now. geraldo we had a small argument, disabout the verification process. i'm saying that verification is not strictly in place for all and any nuclear sites. i'm saying that inspectors have to give notice to the iranians
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that they want to inspect and the iranians have 14 days to respond. i'm saying there are holes in the verification process and saying that's important. make your case. >> you know stuart i am not for a second suggesting that we should suspend disbelief or skepticism. nor do i believe john kerry and barack obama and the leaders of china and russia and the european union and the international atomic agency committee have suspended this belief either. i think we have to at a certain point the president of the united states says it's not about trust, it's about verification. it's not about trusting the world powers it's verifying what deal they have made. it would seem to me some of those interests, some of those at odds with the united states for all of this unwieldy crew to reach this position where they could make a united front against iran and make the deal
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that the president of the united states tells the people of the united states and as you report accurately live to the people in iran and elsewhere, that we have this deal built on verification, i am willing to put him some slack and im am really impatient with the special interests within the congress of the united states people like the far right and the pro-israeli lobby who wanted no deal with iran no matter what i say too bad, we are moving forward. this is not an extensionn extension threat to israel this is a way to avoid extensional threats, he's worked hard with the leaders and foreign ministers, they've gotten to a place that sounds like on its face an appropriate starting point for a real next chapter in terms of
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nuclear proliferation. stuart: we hear you, geraldo, and that was a forceful presentation to the united states. thanks for continuing the debate. it will continue of course. look at the futures markets, please, we're going to be opening a little lower. down 29 points, it's disappointing retail sales and down in a few minutes' time when the markets open. the fbi is investigating threatening tweets to donald trump reportedly to have originated from mexican drug lord el chapo. we're told that the u.s. warned mexico of a possible escape plot more than a year ago, but mexico ignored it. what do you make of this? >> this is very serious, stuart. this is not something to be taken lightly. this is a man talking about el chapo who has a history of
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violence, obviously, drug dealing at the highest level. this isn't the kind of threat that should be taken lightly. and you know the secret service he's a more than credible candidate. you may disagree with his policy positions, trump, that is, but he's more than qualified candidate and able to take funds right away. stuart: what about this anchor baby? we're told that el chapo insisted that his wife give birth in america. so they've got an anchor baby what do you make of that? >> that was probably a smart tactical decision on his part. there's automatic citizenship conferred on that child from that point. you know it just adds a further element of this. i think there was an insider, there's an insider angle here. i know you mentioned in the last segment. someone had to help him with this. stuart: guaranteed. how is it possible a large tunnel would be mysteriously
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dug underneath the maximum security prison and dirt taken away every single day and no one says what's going on here? that's incredible. >> probably there was a large sum of money on the other side of that with a couple of shovels digging it. they have the ways of intermingling with government officials who can make these things happen. >> it's a fascinating story that is making its way into america's presidential campaign via donald trump. i find that fascinating, i do. dan thank you for joining us on a strange subject. nonetheless, we cover it here. thanks, dan. take a look at micron the american chip maker, here is the way it will open. a chinese state run company known as the chinese government
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is looking at a bid. liz is here and what do you say about this? >> china wants to have its 0 own domestic capability for making semiconductors. the most gratifying issue is the fact that china hasn't stolen all it needs to make and be competitive in the domestic chip maker. i think it's questionable whether it will be allowed to go through. it's a big deal. the last deal 7 billion, but it's more about the security implications and by the way, i think we're going to hear a lot about what it took to keep china and russia through the bargaining table and through the process and who knows if we haven't winked and nodded. stuart: side deals. >> i think we'll see a lot of these come out. stuart: there are a lot of linkages behind the scenes. an intriguing point. well done. we've got headlines from lauren
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simonetti. in case you missed it. >> pluto seems closer to us earthles about an hour ago as nasa's new horizon spacecraft flew by. it took nine and a half years to complete. and you see the pictures for it with new apps. john hopkins has one. and one called eyes on pluto, also free. it's amazing to see that. a privacy warning for android users and the app says they keep your pictures even after you delete the app. if you want to remove it you've got to remove the backup, too. are you tired of the holiday promotions already? what am i talking about? christmas is a while away. and target is using like black
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fry type sales and they're tiring people out. stuart: i think we should put somebody on tomorrow morning and know some of the best bargains. >> i know some of them already, i have some from wal-mart and i'll share them tomorrow. stuart: i'm intrigued by this. liberal visits i mean super liberal xhifrts, paul krugman is founding off on donald trump calling him a loud mouth racist. we'll bring you the sound bite in a moment.
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>> the leftist columnist paul krugman quick to comment on donald trump's lead in the paul calling him a belligerent, loud-mouthed racist. let's roll the tape. >> he's a belligerent, lout-mouthed racist without
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compassion for people. stuart: and with us a democrat thinker. >> am i a uberleftist, what you call paul krugman? and and. stuart: you would say that donald trump is a loud-mouthed belligerent racist. >> yes, i think he has the standing-- when you ascribe motives of rapists most of whom come here because they want a better life, i would say that's a racist characterization. stuart: do you think that donald trump is affecting the republican party and diminishing chances of winning in 2016. the chairman of the rnc, an autopsy after the last election and said look, we have to make sure we don't insult hispanics and don't make them think they're not welcome here and
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here comes donald trump who takes what he says throws it out the window and completely diminishes what they're trying to do. >> donald trump misspoke. hang on he's not apologizing yet, but that doesn't exempt the democrats on the left from avoiding the substance of the problem. and that is a lot of criminals illegally coming into the united states. we've got 8,000 criminal aliens in sanctuaries released by the sanctuaries who here illegal in los angeles, an illegal immigrant arrested for felly continued sexual abuse of a child. and that's at the heart of the debate that the democrats are continuing to avoid and continuing to call donald trump a racist. e-mack, you-- >> i've got to focus on point that e-mack rightly raises. there's a report yesterday of a verifiable good source that looked at 276 jurisdictions, the cities what is the name--
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>> a sanctuary city. stuart: in the last eight months, 8,000 illegal criminals have been released on the streets. and you have to address the-- as opposed to going off on the subject. >> donald trump was not addressing the substance. stuart: it's democrat policy to encourage these sanctuary cities to release those. you have to address that. >> you have diane finestein and barack obama who says in the case of that episode that they acted incorrectly-- . we're talking about 1900 were rearrested for committing more crimes. >> i'm sorry. >> we're not talking about one case in san francisco, we're talk-- fine you want to talk about illegal immigrants commits crimes, there are a lower rate
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of those committing crimes than americans. stuart: and releasing criminals back onto the street you have to address this. >> stuart you're making a much better argument for having this ebait. donald trump did not go into what e-mack went into donald trump-- talk about krugman, making generalizations about team who come here. stuart: and will the democrats push for sanctuary cities and push for that. >> you can ask the local law enforcement making sure that these people cooperate. and law enforce, thinks it brings down the rate of crime when you don't ask-- >> bring down the rate of crime. >> i'm talking about what the
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people in new york say. stuart: as a democratic stath you'll say-- >> it's not for local law enforcement cops talking the beat to ask. it's for ice, i think they should have done in the case of san francisco. it's not for the cop trying to give me a parking ticket. stuart: and 8,000 criminal aliens released. >> you want to talk about-- >> uf' got to do something about that and you're not answering. >> i am answering it. i am telling you now. stuart: should we get the 8,000 and put them back in prison? >> some of them are, and some of them are rapists and some are child abusers. >> so are some americans. stuart: excuse me, they're illegals, and what are they doing here. >> neither you nor i were born here what are we doing here? >> i came here legally. >> so did i.
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stuart: okay, if i'm arrested i expect to be taken into custody. >> actually stuart-- >> for somebody who comes in illegally and i'm arrested i'll be released what the devil is going on. >> you should be arrested if you commit a crime as should i as any legal immigrant. why are you asking for law enforcement if they pull you over for a parking ticket asking, and sanctuary cities are preventing. stuart: and they've released 8,000 in the last eight months. >> you and i should talk about this all around, but ice should do this. stuart: let's be on record democrats defend the sanctuary cities and-- >> way to set up a straw man and put words in my mouth. that's not at all what i said. >> next time. >> next time i love you and so
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happy to see you. stuart: we've got to go because we're going to pay some bill and do some advertisements. richard trumka a big union boss, he has harsh words from governor scott walker. there are only six words for mr. trumka and we have them for you next.
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>> the leader of the afl-cio, richard trumka is the president of the big, big labor organization. he has this to say about governor scott walker's presidential run in 2016. the statement, six words, scott walker is a national disgrace. that's the entirety of the statement. simple, six words. all right, sandra welcome to the show and joining us-- >> thank you, i just walked in and oh my gosh emotions are flying high today. what about julie? >> poor old julie. sandra: i didn't say that. poor julie. she put up a fierce fight and it was a good discussion. good debate. i love julie. stuart: i'm a legal immigrant and if i was arrested and if i did a crime. if i was an illegal and jumped
9:27 am
ship 40 years ago and arrested they'd let me go. these days not back then. but these days they would. what do you say about richard trumka, six words against governor scott walker. sandra: shocker, shocker, as if there's a lot of love to be lost between walker and the unions. nobody was really taken aback by this, but, hey, this is what happens. making a run for the white house. stuart: national disgrace? >> no of course he's not. he has a track record that certainly should be highlighted in this race. stuart: i want to move on to fantasy sports daily games, i think right, liz? >> that's right. stuart: played on a fantasy basis. two companies amazingly enough worth more than a billion dollars liz: fan jewel, one and a quarter billion and what they've raised and lets you be george steinbrenner and you can pick your fantasy team.
9:28 am
sandra: you have no idea what you're talking about, you don't know anything about fantasy sports. stuart: i want you to take me through it. i go onto the site and the team plays in a fantasy land and i bet on my team liz: go ahead, sandra you no all about it. and the other one? >> draft king. the 30 million potential players, it's a growing market yahoo! is even getting into the space and watch this data point one in three males over age of 15 have either played or want to play on these fantasy sports sites. that's an amazing, astounding stat. sandra: people are totally obsessed to where this is the real football games that are happening not the real ones that we watch on sunday. stuart: i found a fascinating. i've not played it, but i find it fascinating that these two companies should be worth a billion dollars. one of them is 1.3 billion liz: based on the financing, the money they've raised so
9:29 am
far. marisa mayer was questioned why are you moving into the space? yahoo! is moving into the space and others are looking at it a way to sell advertising up against. and you wonder when the big network is going to say, you know what? we're going to have our own fantasy site as well. stuart: we've got kevin kelly with us who is not going to comment on fantasy sports as i said, you're going to comment on fantasy sports? do you play? >> yeah you get a group of guys together and compete against each other. stuart: how much money would you put on the table? >> we pool our capital together and i buy in and we beat against each other and now the sites, i can pay the service and they divvy everything up so no one has to be the commissioner liz: what do you like about it the power of choosing the team and winning based on your choices? >> i just like beating my friends. stuart: and the company which brings you together acts like a casino, the house, it takes the-- >> as of right now we do it on yahoo! so we actually don't, we
9:30 am
don't pay them so we do it independently of each other, but they're moving into that. stuart: let me see, yeah they're applauding on the nasdaq and new york stock exchange. a modest decline at opening bell maybe down 20 or 30 points we'll see. the movement in the market so far has been oil, down 20 or 30 cents and now it's come to about flat. we don't have that much action on wall street bearing in mind we have an iran nuke deal. covering with us this morning for the opening bell we have with us the aforementioned sandra smith, kevin kelly and in chicago, larry levin and i think that's it. the four of them all-- kevin to you first. the iran deal has had no impact on stocks whatsoever. i take the big impact will be from greece tomorrow, is that correct? >> yeah the big impact will be from greece. as we're seeing as of yesterday
9:31 am
of the 23 companies reported in the s&p 500, 17 talked about the strong dollar. and that's what's impacting, so, lower oil is-- it's helping companies out and people are focused on iran and focused on greece and what could happen to the euro. if it goes lower, sales are going-- >> what about greece sandra? i mean chaos over there. if they don't get parliament to agree to the terms of the bailout deal what happens? do we know? >> i think this has been causing volatility in the markets for quite some time. now you sort of have this calm over the markets, whether people like what's happening there it's out or in. there is a volatile situation happening there, but at least for now we've seen in calm in the u.s. markets. stuart: iran absolutely nothing on the markets at all this morning liz: i could tell you why. iran needs geriatric arthritic i will rigs and needs 30 billion to fix it.
9:32 am
will the oil coming immediately on the market. it could take beyond 2016 to get nearly 160 billion barrels they've had. >> we've known about their structure and nothing changed today on that. what did change is the anticipation of whether or not the deal that's been presented, whether it will actually-- >> wait a second it's combined with whether the sanctions get immediately lifted. that's the key. and they may not be immediately lifted. stuart: larry levin, you know a thing or two about trading oil there in chicago. why is the price of oil-- well, it's now down 50 cents a barrel at 51.72. is that about in line with what you expected? >> yes, it's continuing the downward movement. we held that $60 level. the iran situation seems to be pushing it a little bit and not much. it's a technical situation and a lot more shorts in there before. a lot of people want to be around $60.
9:33 am
and a lot of them-- i think that the iran news helps a little bit. could this be the start of my oil decline? >> i think that oil is going to be below $50. gas doesn't follow as quickly because if you own a gas station you don't want to lower the prices as quickly as you should. oil will go down and gas will as well. >> when do we see $2 a gallon gas. if we get near 40 again, i think we'll see the pushes. i think we'll get toward that $2 level and talking about that, the summer driving season will be coming to an end and ooh $40 oil, we could see $2 gas. stuart: there we go. >> the last time we saw this move down in gasoline prices you didn't see the consumer spending more and retailer-- >> because elk -- health care costs are going up. >> and guess what, that's a boost for the big retail. stuart: i drive a lot and i
9:34 am
like cheap gas. and all over the place, j.p. morgan higher profits, lower expenses there for the $6 billion in profit in 13 weeks, not too shabby the stock is up 13 cents. johnson & johnson, stronger dollar, took a bite out of profits there, the company raised its forecast it's down a buck j & j and couple of big games facebook and starbucks hit a record high. more on facebook in just a minute. then we've got micron and that's a winner it's a chip maker. a chinese state-run company wants to buy it so nicole come on in, how high up has micron gone this morning. >> right now up 11 10 11%. number one in the s&p 500. you have to tell me what you think about this. you have a chinese company looking to move forward and making an offer of $21 a share and a 19% premium to
9:35 am
yesterday's close. this could be a $23 billion dollar deal and now, of course this is a foreign company buying a u.s. company, could be a national security interest story, clearly, and so it would have to go through committees to actually get approval for this. >> micron also has not acknowledged this offer. you can see that the stock is showing otherwise. >> the market thinks otherwise. >> and the patriot in you and i probably right away says oh you know it's a tough one. >> it is a tough one, i'm not sure this will go through. >> and the stock on the cheap, $34 just a couple of months ago it's in the commodity advertised chip market. that's true look at amazon please, stock is near a record high and i think that's close to the high 464 on amazon tomorrow it's the big prime sale. and the company there's another news on amazon it's building a
9:36 am
wind farm in north carolina so, kevin, would you buy amazon at 464? >> i'd buy amazon at 464, but amazon web services they're the leader in cloud computing and the companies that come in and use their services and what they've done they've locked everybody in the eco system and increasing prices on that and this is mostly a gimmick they want to get the consumer into the eco system and get them used to buying especially we hit $2 gas and people maybe spend more on amazon. >> the cloud services is amazon's big winner. >> it's a big winner. >> it's the winner. >> and it's the winner and drove their earnings last time. it's going to drive their earnings this time. this is what the market is focused on if you look at amazon, share price in revenues go like this and never made money it's been like this this is the next driver for the stock. >> all right, look at target stock. by the way, they're joining amazon and wall street and offer the big discounts
9:37 am
tomorrow. i think, and liz, what do you make of this black friday in july? >> yeah, christmas is coming earlier and you know the black friday, the question is will the shoppers say, you know what? we don't believe it anymore, we think you're raising prices 30% ahead of time and cutting them. the credibility issue now for the companies that are pushing, christmas in july christmas and blockbuster sales, door buster sales and then the j.c. penney strategy now and it's trying to revive itself with the same strategy. >> and respectfully disagree with you, liz, is because, on-line shoppers do their homework and their research they know what the price of something should be. right? so if you're saying that they're going to raise prices so they can put a big sale on it, people will know if they're getting the best prices. >> people know the everybody is as smart as sandra. what are the offerings, we have the debate yesterday. do you think that amazon's products are better than wal-mart or a target.
9:38 am
>> best buy tends to. >> do you think so that amazon is better in products? >> they tend to be they're supply chains and people are prommed and they want to get the products in two days or even one day and that's what amazon is trying to do right? they're trying to get more prime members and condition them to get you the products when you want them. >> i'm teasing, sandra. stuart: there. and comcast, it too, is launching a streaming service just netflix shares are higher. they say it's the king of streaming. >> streaming is king and the competition is fierce and heating up. if you want to win over shareholder votes here, but your big, you're big on streaming, you watch netflix, it continues to prove to be the place to be. >> and larry levin has been out of it since he made the wonderful comments about the price of gasoline going down sharply which i thoroughly approve of. what do you make of streaming?
9:39 am
r you a streamer? >> yeah i'm a fan of streaming, i have netflix, a smart tv. you know i think that's waft future. and the old way of buying cable is going by the way side. the only thing not going that way is sports. nobody wants extreme sports and watch it later. you've got to watch that live and the last thing that the cable companies and espn and everything else tv movies whatever it might be is going to streaming and watch it whenever you want. >> here is the most important thing you need to know about streaming. content it king and owns nbc universal. >> it's all about content. >> it's all about the content and that's why you have hulu and everybody else the original content out there. >> you know we should have paid more attention to facebook the past couple of days, because it's reached a market cap value of $250 billion and done it in record time. look at facebook hit $90 a share yesterday and moving up another 50 cents right now. kevin buy it at 90? >> yeah, yeah you've got to
9:40 am
buy here. because you don't fix what's not broken there are consistently meeting or beating earnings estimates. and up year to date and reason for that. and that's because they're doing well in the core markets and especially with advertising. >> $9d 0 and facebook is it headed for $100? >> if you look at the chart. it's headed toward 95 in the short-term it could be headed to 100 throughout the years. thank you one and all, i want to check the big board, i've got to tell you it's going nowhere this tuesday morning, we've got a deal a nuclear deal with iran making no impacts on stocks whatsoever. and the only real i am-- impact is the price of oil. that's about it. president obama, yes, indeed. touting his administration's nuke deal with iran. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu calls it a historic mistake for the world. we'll go to the congressman on that next.
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>> no response to the iran deal on wall street. the stock market is dead flat down three points and that's it. maybe some response tomorrow out of greece. have they agreed to the terms of the bailout deal? we shall see. there's impact on oil and again it's moderating now. we're down 50 cents a barrel and now down 6 cents. i've got three big names and they're hitting all time highs. and they're starting with facebook, 90 a share and starbucks at 55 and then we have nike hitting a new all-time high. 112-88 is the nike stock price and earlier this hour i debated the democrat strategist on sanctuary cities. it got heated and listen to this. >> i came here legally. >> so did i. >> if i'm arrested i expect to be taken into custody. >> actually stuart.
9:45 am
>> if i'd come here illegally and arrested i'll be released what the devil is going on? >> what the devil is going on? [laughter]. this is playing into donald trump's hand and he's holding a noncampaign event in just a few minutes and cheryl casone is there in charlottesville, virginia and come in and tell us what domed-- donald trump is doing right there? >> he's arriving and the two cameras, i have to tell you really quick, we're watching the debate with you, and we enjoyed every single moment of it. i want to let you know. and yes, mr. trump is going to be here and he's making a campaign stop here at the trump winery here in charlottesville, virginia. the president, took over the estate, back in 2011 and that's happening today. and the grand opening of the trump wineries and there are so many other pieces of news surrounding the trump family and we talked to eric this morning about it and who knew that in the middle of business
9:46 am
being operated that there's be a presidential campaign and a drug lord in mexico going after donald trump. that's what's happening right now. it's amazing. a lot is happening with the trump family today. >> we're glad you're covering it. we expect to see him arrive in his chopper shortly and i'm sure we'll get to look at that. cheryl, thank you, indeed. back to you shortly. >> back to the iran deal congressman lee zelldan, republican much new york. he called it a historic mistake, do you agree with that? >> it's a bad deal it's insulting the way the president during his announcement this morning was talking about how there would be 24/7 anytime, anywhere inspections, that's just false. so the american public needs to make our minds up for our selves and reject the deal. >> congressman that's the key point, verification and now, did the president say, 24/7 anytime anyplace inspections just like that?
9:47 am
because if he said that that's not accurate. >> he said, in one line he said 24/7 and in another line he said anytime, anywhere and he spent several sentences talking about the inspections piece where if you actually look at the text of the agreement and what's very important is the iranians whether or not they agree with the text of the english version which we're all reviewing, regardless, it doesn't talk about how weapons inspectors are going to have unfettered access to ensure weapons, to ensure compliance. so it's unfortunate that the president isn't allowing the deal to speak for itself. instead he's trying to spin it to best serve his domestic policy. >> he said it's not based on trust, it's built on verification. do you trust iran to follow through on the terms of this deal? do you sir? do you trust them? >> i don't trust them they
9:48 am
were nonnegotiating and in good faith. the president allowed america to get played at the negotiating table. fortunately for us the president of the united states doesn't have the last word and it's the american public and representatives of the united states congress and the president did say that if this deal an is blocked in congress he would veto that blockage, which means you've got to have a huge majority to override that veto. do you think you've got it? >> well it's going to be important for democrats to do the right thing and in analyzing this agreement on its merits, understanding that life after the obama presidency will continue. they're going to have to do the right thing and side with the american people and american security instead of trying to side with a president who won't be here at the end of next year, and who handicapped the leverage of whichever president will be taking advantage in
9:49 am
2017 who may want to tackle the other bad axes actions of iran. stuart: and the president spoke three hours ago and a limited time for people in congress to react, but in these three hours i'm sure you've discussed some of this with your colleagues. what's the mood and sense you're getting for them? >> i have not yet crossed through anyone who has anything good about to say what was announced this morning. stuart: forgive me sir, have you spoken to any democrats? >> i haven't. i've spoken to republican colleagues this morning, i would be very hopeful that the democrats who are reviewing it themselves and are doing some self-reflection are deciding on their own that while they realize that this is a bad deal that they have the resolve to go public with it. that's the key, even though many, they haven't spoken of yet they're going to need to
9:50 am
do so soon. >> congressman, thank you for joining us on an important day, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sir. >> now, something completely different, and it's called a one of a kind space mission, a nasa probe making its pluto fly by today. it's 3 billion miles away and by the way there's an app and you can put it on your smartphone and watch the pictures of pluto. we're going to show you that app in a moment. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? do you want to know how hard it can
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9:54 am
that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> you know nasa made history today. one of the probes flew past pluto. we're unable to see the real time passage. it's eyes on the solar system. which lets you watch a simulation. and bret larson eyes on the solar system get it on my smart phone. >> you can see the pictures come in. i admit. my inner nerd was excited this morning and i watched, as i watched the image come out. like right on schedule there are 3 billion miles to pluto is paying off with awesome photography. >> these are the first pictures ever close up of pluto. never been seen before. >> never been seen this close, you can see on the screen. >> never been screen this close
9:55 am
up. pluto has been one of those mysteries and it's obviously, very far away from us we've seen it on radio telescopes with blurry dots and now we've got the amazing photographs. >> eyes on the solar system now, liz is there a stock or a financial angle? >> yeah facebook is on fire because facebook owns insta graham. nasa gave insta graham a sneak peek, one hour head start and gave the photo, the first image of pluto and posted it to the site. why? nasa, instagram, 3.6 million followers the size of uruguay. stuart: back to the app that lets me watch the pictures i could easily install it on my phone. >> easily put it on there and nasa has a great website,, i've been on it. if you go to the new horizons team page they've got all kinds of new information and pictures and you can use the app and the photographs, it was
9:56 am
great they gave it to instagram and despite the elements here the ashes of the guy who discovered pluto are on board that, is that true? >> that's what we're hearing and it's really a touching kind of poignant thing to do and that's a nice touch that nasa did. it took the spaceship nine years to get to pluto, so, it's a very profound moment. and these images are so exciting-- >> the writers are saying that they're 3 billion miles away it took 12 hours to get the pictures from pluto back to us here and it's at 7:00 this morning that that first picture appeared on instagram on pluto. and that's like clock work that photo came out. and nasa actually published it seven minutes later, 50 minutes later when they put the photo up there. yeah the broadband in space, works at very very slow
9:57 am
speeds. >> you both seem fascinated. >> i am, i love that the ashes of the american astronomer who discovered it clyde tombo, are on that spacecraft. >> are you fascinated? >> yes, ice on it methane. stuart: who knew that e-mack was a space junky. >> i am a space junky. stuart: bret thanks for joining us. eyes on the solar system plug it into your smart phone and we can watch. thank you very much indeed. we are awaiting the arrival of donald trump at his winery in virginia. we're the only business network there and we're going to try and talk to it. now please look at this. protests showed up at the house of a billionaire hedge fund manager just because he's rich and from wall street. he's the only one there. second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away. this is judy. judy is 65 years old. her mortgage payment is $728 a month.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> all right. here he comes, you can possibly see the chopper approaching. donald trump, he's hosting an event today for the grand opening of his new winery in charlottesville virginia. we can hear the chopper in the background, cheryl casone is there and we waited to see the guy arrive because this man had quite an impact on the election campaign. now, he is arriving for a noncampaign event, but can a man who is on a first or second in the polls for the presidential election can he attend anywhere and still be a noncampaign event? probably not. wherever he goes it's a campaign event. cheryl can you hear me? because that's the case isn't it? >> i can, i can. >> no matter where the man goes, this is linked to the election, whether he's opening a winery or a shopping ward. it didn't make any difference. >> and because i cover real
10:01 am
estate in particular for your show and he announces the candidacy for the president of the united states and anything he does now, certainly does become a political event. and today is going to be no different. we spoke with eric trump this morning on mornings with maria and we talked about politics and talked about the mexican drug lord that's threatening mr. trump and all of that is coming into play. what we've learned so far, he never shies away from a question and he is ready to answer anything to fox business today as he arrives, again, we're waiting for the chopper. we have the producer at the helipad and it's kind of a grassy knoll to be honest with you, and he's got a lineup today here on the ground, but it's actually going to be it's going to be a mix, definitely. eric trump is doing a great job. stuart: i'm going to break away, when donald is on the ground we'll get back to you and see what's happening there. i know he's on his way. let's look at the markets for a second and take a look at the proo is--
10:02 am
price of oil. i'm going to call this a dead flat market. the price of oil has turned around. we're down 50 cents a barrel. now we're up nine cents. remember, there's been a nuclear deal with iran this morning and there was some suggestion that iran would now start pumping a lot more oil quickly onto the world market and that for a while depressed the price of oil, now it's come back and it's slightly higher. maybe the iranians will not pump as much or as quickly as we thought. 52 bucks on oil. i spoke with congressman about the nuke deal with iran earlier and roll tape please. >> this is a bad deal it's insulting of the way the president during his announcement this morning, talking about how there would be 24/7 anytime, anywhere inspections and that's just false. >> okay, now, the congressman there was talking about verification, liz and melissa, you're with me right now. what do you make of that?
10:03 am
congressman was saying what the president said this morning about 24/7 instant access to any and all nuclear sites is not true. that's not accurate. >> no they have 24/7 access to complain and say, listen we're suspicious of this filth and we want to look. it goes before a committee of iranians who have the opposite incentive of letting us in to move things around. stuart: they have 14 days. >> and then if they object we still have to override their objections before we come in. this is not like coming today i want to look. >> there are so many moving red lines throughout this deal. to melissa' point they're making smaller centrifuges that are easier to hide and deep underground sites. we don't know if we've got 24/7 access to iranian sites in deep underground bumpers is that available? >> the president this morning made a presentation live in the united states it was also run
10:04 am
live in iran with the trapslation into farsy and it was all done live. the president made the presentation to the whole world and he concluded by saying if congress tries to block this deal, he will veto that. which means that there's going to be a huge majority that wants to block the deal before it is actually blocked. it looks to me like this deal is in place. >> i mean it will be interesting to see how it plays out. this becomes a campaign issue, obviously, the president even though he's not running again, has the legacy on the line and he wants to be able to say he was the one to make a deal with iran. at the same time, you know a lot of people saying the iranians are getting exactly what they want in terms of sanctions going away and we aren't. we're not getting the inspections they're talking about. >> got it. all right, more analysis on what is a historic iranian nuke deal later this hour. with concerned americans, and what's he going to say about that. joining me in the next hour
10:05 am
special report host bret baier, what's he going to say about this? and paul krugman quick to comment on donald trump's lead in the polls. listen to what krugman says. >> he was a belligerent loud mouth racist without an ounce of compassion for less fortunate people. stuart: that's interesting, a belligerent loud-mouthed racist. melissa. >> when do you call to name calling? he's a nobel prize winning economist and he stoops to name do that when you don't have a real argument. >> unfortunate he demeans that. stuart: i don't think that donald trump should have called all mexicans comes across the border rapists, especially after the death of kate steinle in san francisco, killed allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had five times been deported out and went back to san francisco because it's a sanctuary city.
10:06 am
>> right. stuart: donald trump has raised that issue. >> he has raised that issue. by the time paul krugman continues unfortunately to demean himself with name calling, but you're right. we reported earlier 8,145 illegal immigrants criminals, felons, released by 273 jurisdictions that are sankries in 43 states. that's a lot of people and felons. >> there's a report out yesterday that looked at 276 sanctuary city jurisdictions and they had released 8,000 criminal illegals in eight months. >> yeah. >> so a. >> an of a thousand a month. criminal illegals were released. >> it's amazing, i remember a month ago, there was bragging about the fact we were quote, a sanctuary city and we were ignoring the federal law and there was an odd to remote himself. it was astonishing that lawlessness was applauded.
10:07 am
it isn't about immigration. but-- >> check the big board and it's a flat market. we have moved a little higher and we're up 12 points, we're that out of 17,900 index, that's a flat market. a couple of individual stocks are making news big news look at amazon record high it hit 464 earlier. and it's only backed off a fraction. the big prime sale is tomorrow. and ubs says buy that stock. some people are, off 7 bucks. 463. micron, the chip maker, that's a winner. a chinese state-run company otherwise known as the chinese government wants to buy this american chip maker, they are readying a $23 billion dollar bid up she goes nearly 9, 10%. maybe the authorities will have something to say about china buying that. and now to greece. if the united states is next? are we going down the road and
10:08 am
a question we've been asking for weeks. peter morici with the bow tie. we've asked this question and most of the people that i have asked have said yes, we are going down that road. we are on that road. do you agree with that point of view? >> absolutely. the only thing that saves us from bankruptcy is that the world accepts our currency and our bonds. the bonds, central banks hold them instead of dollars, if the day comes, when there are too many out there. because the debt is too large and they know longer want to hold them. then interest rates will jump sky high and the budget becomes unmanageable and who is going to bail us out? there's only one country in the world that can bail out the united states of america. and that's china. >> oh yes, you think about the rules if you think the germans are tough on the greeks wait until you see how the folks in beijing treat us. stuart: we're a long long way from that point.
10:09 am
we've got to say. >> if it was 2007 2006 i think the greeks would tell you they were a long way from that point. financial markets are a bit like death and that is you know, it comes quickly and you can't do anything about it when it happens. it's very difficult to postpone. this happens almost by surprise, without warning, one day, people get up and say, you know, the pictures of george washington, just aren't worth what we think they should be worth. and we're going to start using the yuan the euro more and all of a sudden people don't want to hold dollars and then it happens and it's hard to turn around. stuart: tell me what you think is going to happen tomorrow? in the greek parliament tomorrow, they've got to accept huge pension cuts and big tax increases. now, what's going to happen with this? i know you think they should not accept any of these. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think they will. the reason is the euro has become like a totem. it's something that eastern
10:10 am
europeans and greeks adhere to or aspire to have. you know much like a religion. like salvation, and so they'll do just about anything to hold onto that currency. but, the consequences they'll cut the pensions and then a deflationary effect. but the impact of reforms to the extent that they are actually truly implemented, you know, you can have one thing about legislation and another thing for them to be implemented or have a very slow-acting effect. so the greek economy is going to shrink further. and the last two weeks nothing was happening, but say if the word was in the second quarter. austerity has already caused a greek economy to shrink by 25%. it's going to continue to spiral down. and that's what angela merkel and will not acknowledge. stuart: it's going to be rough. >> darn rough over there. stuart: no matter which way it's going to go it's going to be truly rough in greece.
10:11 am
thank you, we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. stuart: we have other headlines and yes, we are watching for them. and in case you missed it. >> hello again, well facebook is getting its version of siri and cortana, called money penny assistance from james bond. reports are she will come to facebook messenger and users can find out about things they can buy. they look at the apps you likely use for texting now can be more of a shopping tool. does this mean that facebook will have to hire drivers to deliver too? maybe. facebook is down about .2%. well, another cable company is doing the streaming thing. comcast will soon offer what they're calling stream to their internet subscribers only for an extra $15 a month. stream will feature about a dozen networks including h.b.o. and leave out popular cable channels like espn and fox news. those are the shares that are down 56 cents. and more poolsgo video for you.
10:12 am
. [laughter] >> i love this. whoa. >> that's gopro video taken by a seagull. a human was trying to capture shots of the bird with the gopro and then the attempt back fired when the seagull scooped up the camera and took the amazing aerials off the coast last week and this video has gone viral. how cool is that? >> that's cool. >> for gopro. >> and the seagull. stuart: how many times have we run commercials essentially for gopro because of the great video that pops up everywhere. >> it's amazeing. the seagull is famous and i hope it has an agent. >> much more on the iran deal whether the u.n. inspectors are up to the job of can they get in to get the nuclear sites.
10:13 am
and protesters show up at the home of a billionaire hedge fund manager. we'll explain it all.
10:14 am
new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu commenting on the iran nuke deal let's listen in. >> ahead of the proxy about sanctions relief and it's a component. they said a rich and strong iran will be able to stand by allies and friends in the region more than at any time in the past.
10:15 am
translation iran's support for terrorism and subversion will actually increase after the deal. in addition to filling iran's terror war chest, this deal repeats the mistakes made with north korea. there, too, we were assured that inspections and verifications would prevent a rogue regime from developing nuclear weapons and we all know how that ended. the bottom line of this very bad deal is exactly what iran's president said to today, the international community is removing the sanctions and iran is keeping its nuclear program. by not dismantling iran's nuclear program in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentent and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs, in fact an
10:16 am
entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver it. what a stunning, historic mistake. israel is not done-- is not bound by this deal with iran and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iran continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. thank you. stuart: a dramatic statement there from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we joined him by the end of it and i picked up the points. it's a bad deal according to mr. netanyahu. it's a stunning historic mistake. and he made one point, while we were listening in there, hezbollah likes the lifting of sanctions because that will allow more support, financial support for terror for hezbollah. with us from the concerned--
10:17 am
are you with us? yes, you are. and i'm sure you were listening into what benjamin net yahoo had to say. he called it a stunning historic mistake. from our perspective, from the american perspective what's your opinion? >> the same opinion, you're going to see 140 billion dollar financial windfall for the iranian regime which is known as the world's single largest state sponsor of terrorism. they believe this is a big win because they get that sanctions relief. eventually this'll get a weapons sanctions relief while they retain a good portion of their nuclear program and for the iranians ten years is a blink in the eye. ten years is you know it seems like a long time to us. to them and to their aspirations as a great society and as a persian empire is a blink in the eye. i was going to talk about north korea as well as bb netanyahu did. and talks were used as a tactic by that regime to gather the time and equipment necessary to garner a bomb. that's the history of--
10:18 am
that's the lesson of history that we should have learned and never did. by the end this was not a negotiation, this was a capitulation. the obama administration wanted a deal no matter what and they got a bad one. >> this morning at 7:00 eastern time. he made a presentation and broadcast live with a farsi translation to iran as well. it was a forceful presentation. and at the end of tt presentation the president said if there are attempts in congress to block that deal he would veto that blockage. that means that congress has to come up with a huge majority to override that veto which looks unlikely, in other words, this deal looks like the deal we have to live with for a number of years to come right? >> it appears so. at least for a year and a half when america goes to the ballot box again to vote for a new commander-in-chief and i think the implications of this deal will quickly move on to the presidential campaign trail and it will be interesting to see what positions folks will take. because the next presidential
10:19 am
will have the opportunity to really not renegotiate, but have a new lens through which to look at the deal and decide whether or not we are going to press harder on inspections. there isn't 24/7 anytime-- >> it's like obamacare, once it's in place it's hard to completely get rid of it. >> it's true, but-- >> hold on for one second. liz is with me. >> i'd like pete to weigh in, mr. netanyahu is a says we're not bound by this deal. high level officials saying in israel, saying israel will defend itself. years ago they were talking about aerial strikes to wipe out the facilities. is that still an option? >> what do you make of that? israel says we will defend ourselves. >> i think they should reserve that option and do reserve that option. i think the window for that has quickly closed. it doesn't mean they won't or won't. if they feel like they're imminently threatened, but it's difficult for them at this point in light of all the
10:20 am
players that came together to-- for this bad deal for them to take that unilateral action especially because this president would not have their back in that particular scenario. so i think they're between a rock and a hard place with this deal. stuart: i want to ask you about verification. the president said this deal is built on verification. he suggested that we will be able to inspect key nuclear sites whenever we wished. now we learn that if we want to inspect a nuclear site. we have to ask the iranians and the iranians have 14 days to respond to that request. and you can do an awful lot in 14 days, i suspect. >> you sure can. and at key facilities not all facilities. and as military facilities, that's even more of a barrier. and the iranians got exactly what they want. there are no real-time inspections anywhere 24/7. that's not part of the deal. as a result they can cheat and
10:21 am
they will cheat and that's where the next president will have an opportunity to expose how much the iranians,cheating on this deal. mork my words, they'll cheat on the deal and seek a nuclear bomb just like north korea. that's at stake. this isn't gadhafi in 2003 and gave up wmd's. there's no fear in tie tehran they're using this deal as a tactic. stuart: thank you, peter. >> thank you. stuart: 45 minutes from now, special report host bret baier is going to join us on the iran deal. a protest, a billionaire hedge fund manager's house where governor cuomo was fund raising. the full story after this.
10:22 am
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>> by not dismantling eye rap's nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentent and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. in fact an entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver it. what a stunning historic mistake. >> all right, that was israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. moments ago he called the nuclear deal with iran a stunning historic mistake. let me remind you, bret baier joins us at the top of the next hour, 11 eastern. coming up on this program. big names on wall street hitting all-time highs. and they touched 113 earlier, now 112.50. look at facebook it touched 90 earlier today and now it's backed up only a little at
10:26 am
89.89 is where facebook is now. now look at this. hundreds of protesters showed up at the home of daniel lowe. they were protesting the fundraiser he was holding in his home for governor andrew cuomo. liz, you tell me some of the teachers union were in that crowd. >> a lot of the teachers in the teachers union don't like the hedge fund money that goes and makes for tougher evaluations of teachers. and streamlining the process for ineffective teachers. the teachers do not like charter schools which the hedge fund industry backs. >> there were some teachers in that group of protesters? >> they're in this group of protesters. >> melissa, i think we're going to see a lot more of this. they just don't like hedge fund guys and they don't like wall street and don't like billionaires they're going to come out in droves this election season. >> absolutely. i don't think there's any way to stop this. if i was dan, i would say get
10:27 am
huge buckets of lemonade and cookies and go out to the line and hand it out. they have the right to protest and he has the right to be rich. you know the big rafts out in front of the different businesses and they say are disrespecting unions, i used to take my son in a stroller and i would say look there's parade here isn't this wonderful? you take the punch out of it. he ought to go out there and bring them cookies and say i respect your right to do this. i have my right to do what i'm doing. you're not going to stop it you might as well go out with a big smile. stuart: did you really? >> yes we went to chelsea i think it was whole foods, i can't remember which store. >>. it looks ugly, but not uglier than half the villains in cartoons. and i said isn't this great and smiled. >> and these guys the hedge
10:28 am
fund guy in greenwich, connecticut in march. we may see more protests and more lemonade and cookies. >> my prescription. stuart: the bernie sanders campaign, he doesn't like them and now showing up outside their home. the man they call the usama bin laden of mexico the kicker we in america, we warned mexico of a possible escape attempt and they ignored us. . >> there's no way this is randomly happening. they have the connections to do it. those kind much criminal enterprises in some known for corruption have a way of intermingling with government officials who can make these kind of things happen.
10:29 am
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10:32 am
train to check a big board near session highs. we are only a 20 points at 18,006. the price of oil $52 a barrel. we have several big names hitting new highs despite a pretty flat overall market. facebook starbucks amazon, all of them for a new highs. earlier this hour, israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu spoke about the nuclear deal with iran and that he called it flat out a stunning historic mistake. and look who is here. right here in new york. >> in a decade they still given on reforms i'm repented and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. in fact, entire nuclear arsenal
10:33 am
remains delivered. what a stunning, historic mistake. tree into a repeat stunning, historic mistake. look who is here. contributor laura ingram. stuart: what a great day of booking. that's timely given the news. mr. netanyahu calls that they stunning historic mistake or what is your take? >> he's completely right. lindsey graham said it well today that what president obama promised is not what is delivered. your 24/7 inspections regime we can really hold accountable. it is completely untrue. iran had the 14 day window in order to respond and supposedly can supply that the concerns about disagreement. you can hide. in some cases you can hide hard rock. both weapons programs and other
10:34 am
types of materials for further mint of the weapons program. weapons last five years for pursuit of other weapons. this deal last 15 years from currently fee arena to lindsey graham to scott graham to scout walker marco rubio, any republican who wins will roll the ring back. tree into the president implied it was the nuclear site with key nuclear sites. it is not any and all. it is the big problem with the whole deal. >> it's always been this way. we found this with their dealings with north korea. it reminds him of the feelings of the past. going back to 2006 the u.s. had tough sanctions in place that the international community was still trading with iran. it is nice to have sanctioned in place but congress has very little power to do much here.
10:35 am
as long as the e.u. china and russia is popular in the tens of billions of dollars am a iran will do a lot of stuff that continues to destabilize. stuart: them a comeback on the other side. the mood in america, is america's prepared to say no we will not do this deal. america wants peace. >> that's the other side of the coin. i'm a lot less of an interventionist than lindsey graham. the american public after two wars they didn't end well for us, they want to understand that this is a bad deal, the republican candidates better explain in a powerful and passionate way why america is endangered because of this deal and why people watching fox business why your families, why security is endangered because of the deal. the details are complicated
10:36 am
here. the message in obama is so good at. he is really good at selling the stuff. it sounds like the end of nuclear proliferation. iran is our friend. it's back to 2008 but i ran. this is the deal we have for now. even if that happens the rest of the world is trading with iran. for fox business the question is what american businesses are trading with iran if we find out we are doing any deals that they are violating the agreement. stuart: and we could snap back. >> who believes that? if you're in a locker room the locker room it's not in your underwear. what does that mean? stuart: before we go you've got a new website. >> it is fun. i think we will pull it up on the screen. i live in the politics of business to you guys. more of a lifestyle site at the side of politics. everything from dealing with adhd to the horrible stuff we
10:37 am
see out in the culture. tree into gore ingram, who i know is in politics. >> that's where most people live. they don't live for a moment by moment. fox does that better than anyone also i wouldn't pretend to do it. politics is a fit about the site. the rest of faith health, pop culture. life in >> after a promo like that which a comeback back on the show? >> anytime. i love fox business. i'll be back anytime. stuart: laura, thank you very much. mexico's drug lord el chapo
10:38 am
guzman. no sign of him. come on and show with jairo pio from arizona. mexico knew about this. we have more in mexico a year in advance and they did nothing. what do you make of that? >> that's a good question. i was regional director for the u.s. drug enforcement administration in mexico city many years ago. it seems like history repeating itself. we had a lot of problems tearing up we did some good work with mexican authorities. this guy is very arrogant. he has this connection inside and outside. no doubt he was running the organization anyway for them in the present. now a lot of work has to be done. the reputation of the criminal justice system in mexico is on the line. the president out there has a big problem and they have to get
10:39 am
the guy in prison. tree into we are told he had his wife go to america to deliver a child in america who of course had become an instant american citizen. that is a picture of his wife and that would be an anchor baby. what do you make of all about? there's indecision about whether we should continue with that policy. should we continue with it? >> that's a tough question to answer. it's very controversial. it's probably here illegally and nothing will be done anyway. trying to be a little sarcastic. you know, she is here. maybe he will come here. you never know with this guy. he should have been in a prison in the united states anyway. not in mexico. maybe next time they'll bring them here. stuart: you are the sheriff of
10:40 am
maricopa county. that is accurate at this point. >> 23 years. stuart: you have spent 23 years dealing with guys coming across the border. occasionally you have arrested them and taken him into custody. have you ever have to release them because of the sanctuary city policy of letting them go. you have to do that? >> no i'm an elected sheriff. i don't report to anybody but the 4 million people who live in my county. we did a survey in our jails. we average about 8500 a day and 5000 we found out more in the jail for state crimes and would turn over to ice and 38% have come back to the same jails committing many different types of crimes and then back 15 16 times back in the jails that
10:41 am
i've run. so what is happening? are they crossing the border over and over again or they've been let out the back door by the government. that is the question i have been asking and i'm not getting much of an answer. stuart: it is now part of the 2016 election thanks to donald trump and his write up there. sheriff joe arpaio always a pleasure. thank you for joining us. time for the sector report. nevermind the drop in june retail sales, big consumer names you know hitting record highs. look at this. starbucks, amazon, nike, dunkin brands. here is cbs ebay facebook, advance auto parts. some have moved off the highs but they have hit record highs late yesterday were first thing this morning. stronger warnings from the fda on some over-the-counter drugs you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now. more on that.
10:42 am
more "varney & company" after this. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
10:43 am
>> i am nicole petallides at their fox business brief. after their three day rally for the s&p 500 in 2015 not too far off. arrows across the board with the
10:44 am
dow jones industrial average 29 points at 18,700. s&p 500 up six and the nasdaq 22.5. retail sales could pull back. consumers are tight with the wallet. johnson & johnson lower, jpmorgan come after both reported quarterly numbers. jpmorgan said in a quarterly profits increased by more than 5%. starbucks all-time high and also announcing one in johannesburg and the second half of 2016 and netflix one of their favorites. right now sitting right at $700.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: did you hear about this? -- joining us now cardiologist and dr. mike center. how big is this extra risk from taking these painkillers like advil and believe? >> well, that depends on the baseline risk of profile. we see an increased risk as soon as one week after starting to take this medication. but there's also a
10:47 am
time-dependent does to the sea. stuart: can you quantify the risk increase. i am aware of statistics can be manipulated. i want to know how much risk i am taking if i use at phil or leave. can you tell me? >> again, it depends on the base characteristics of several percentage points. it is interesting to know in february the same data was presented to an fda panel and they did not find sufficient increase in risk to warrant the label change. when the fda went back and looked over everything in its entirety including new data they felt there was. there were several percentage points more. one of the key findings is for folks who have had a heart attack within the first year would then take these nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs might increase not only heart attack and stroke, but their mortality as well. that is a group we have to pay
10:48 am
specific attention to. stuart: should i really be concerned here? i'm very aware of scares that come to us. you read headlines don't eat this, don't eat that don't take this or that. you hear about the time. should i really be concerned? >> i think if you are an occasional user and uganda for aches and pains, that is a separate issue and in general find those to be saved. for folks taking it and many patients think it's harmless so they take lots of doses or mix medications. they may take one brand from the something with ibuprofen not realizing they are taking double sometimes triple the nonsteroidal doses. we need to be concerned because we have to understand every time we do this it is risk and report. stuart: i hear you. i should be careful with my ad filled and of the in the future. believe me i will.
10:49 am
i'm going back to aspirin. next we have donald trump making a statement on hillary clinton. cheryl casone is in charlottesville, virginia. what did mr. trump say? cheryl: a while he just issued a response. we keep being told in the next five 10 minutes he will be arriving. they released a statement his response to hillary clinton's characterization of his comments about mexico the country of mexico. he says she is desperate, she is sad and not is a very nervous when she has to revert to issues that i've been titled given the absolute accuracy of my statement. he talks more about my tone of that is flattered at the end of the statement that hillary clinton.choosing to attack jeb bush. we should say mr. trump is acting very presidential like bill clinton right now. he's about 45 minutes late. there is quite a crowd here waiting on him including the national media and we are ready. stuart: we would get back to you
10:50 am
when he lands. check out the price of google. it launched a new photo app last month. it organizes pictures, uploads to google cloud storage. there is however a catch and we found it. google keeps uploading photos even if you delete the app. i'm inclined to say so what. job ling canticle answer that. >> it is your privacy at date. you thought you deleted the google photos not been yet they are still going into the google cloud. it's an issue of the entry setting. it's not happening on iphones. you are safe. if you have an entry device it is still an issue. google says they are working on it, but you can undo the settings by going into the overall setting for your android phone. stuart: why do they want to collect my photos? >> the more data the better. anything through free services are google documents they are
10:51 am
able to sell any us. it is interesting as getting older. it is up 30%. stuart: two years on the marketing is still new. after that come your old hat. thanks very much. lots more in the iran nuclear deal today on after the bout with miller says francis. nicknamed gas are lined out. senator dan coats, jim telefon out and dennis kucinich. appleby 4:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news network. next, special report hose on the iran nuclear deal. can we trust them? can we verify what they are doing. coming out of fire after a young woman is killed by an illegal
10:52 am
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10:56 am
>> welcome back. after a young woman is killed by an illegal immigrant, the homeland security secretary testified on the agency's role in authorizing controversial policies. barnes joins us from washington d.c. with the latest on the hot topic debate. >> hey, liz. a big backlash against sanctuary cities and growing support on capitol hill here among republicans for approving something called caselaw of named for the young woman who was shot and killed allegedly by an undocumented mexican immigrant with 70 felony conviction and had been deported five times in custody and released in san francisco under city policy. the legislation would require mandatory minimum five-year sentence for an illegal immigrant who gets deported and caught returning to the u.s. we are still waiting however for secretary jay johnson at the
10:57 am
department of homeland security to be asked if the administration would support the legislation or any other policy to limit these kinds of activities. lives back to you. >> thank you peter barnes. our three "varney & company" minutes away. don't go away. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make
10:58 am
your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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11:00 am
stuart: trust the very line. i was ronald reagan's line when he negotiated a deal with the soviets. let use the same principle with iran. can we trust them? can we verify by doing what they're supposed to be doing. first the issue of trust. surely very difficult to trust a country where death to america as the national mantra or terrorism has been exported around the world and where cheating is common. trust is in very short supply. how about verification?
11:01 am
this morning the president said all aspects of the deal can be verified. they will check key nuclear facilities and any suspicious site. that sounds good. one big problem. inspectors will submit a request to iran to go into a facility. iran has 14 days to respond. you can move a lot of things around 14 days. that is not a media checking of any and all facilities. that is a bit: verification. now is on the congress which will pass its judgment. however, the president says he will veto any attempt to block the agreement. this is the deal which we will likely have to live with. we don't trust them and they can play games of verification and at the end of the day several years from now they can get back to bomb making. ♪
11:02 am
>> by not dismantling iran's nuclear program in a decade to deal with given in on reforms, i'm repented and far richer terrorist regime, the capacity to produce many are nuclear bombs. in fact, an entire nuclear arsenal that means to deliver. what a stunning, historic mistake. stuart: you heard it. dining, historic mistake. harsh words from benjamin netanyahu. bret baier joining us at the top of this hour. welcome to the program. i'm saying verification is one of the sticking points in this deal. >> operably the biggest in that at one time it was all access all the time unfettered access. that is not what we are seeing in this deal. the president said 24/7 access
11:03 am
to key nuclear facilities. but what he didn't say is there is a process else in this deal that the iranians as you mentioned have a buffer zone. 24 hours and then it could be up to a week to two weeks before they let him access to some of these facilities including military facilities. the unfettered access is not aired and this is a country, iran, that is hidden centrifuges inside mountains. it's not like they are laying it all out there. the republicans on this program has been unanimously in condemning this deal. they don't want any part of it. what is the mood in congress generally they've found so far. how about the democrats? are they more in favor of this? >> definitely more. a good barometer, chuck schumer from new york is noncommittal says he wants to read all the details in the deal.
11:04 am
many democrats have a lot of skepticism about this. the primary democrat coming up in 2016, hillary clinton up on capitol hill today says this deal is to be supported. it is a deal worth getting behind. that's a significant political moment as you head into the election. tying her directly to this deal. the biggest problem is the verification and this new u.n. arms embargo being lifted in five years for conventional weapons, eight years for ballistic missiles. that is a huge thing if you consider all the things that iran is doing throughout the region. stuart: what is the mood of the country? i suspect america wants peace and quiet. we've been through two wars which haven't gone terribly well. i don't think america wants more conflict. america is inclined to accept the deal and wait and see.
11:05 am
>> i agree with you that there is a sense in america have been engaged in another whatever it is it's not what america should be doing now. that is what you get in the polls would ask the question depending how you left it. safety and security of based on iran's past history and the pitch that more sanctions now could have done more than this deal is doing. i think you will see some very strong pushback to this on capitol hill. using israeli prime minister a novel or rally some folks especially folks influenced by the israelis. stuart: i will combat to express my opinion much as there is not enough anti-deal sentiment in congress to override a presidential veto. >> i agree with you. the headcount as they can issue a disapproval. when the president vetoes it and
11:06 am
he said he was the administration only needs 34 senate democrats to stand up in support time. is the pressure going to build on them? sure. getting to the threshold is probably going to be pretty easy. the thing is we will not know the success of this deal for failure at this deal for a few years, well after president obama has left. we are starting a process where you haven't spent her to go when get turned down a back-and-forth that will potentially be messy. stuart: you know what you will have the finest material for a special report that it's possible to imagine for years and years to come. congratulations, young man. stuart: it is a new saving. i don't know if it's good. donald trump is just arriving. choke a stone is there. cheryl has a touchdown?
11:07 am
>> you just circled around the back of the property. you should see the chopper landing at any moment. i might have my camera guy pan over here to the left and you can see the chopper coming in. two cameras on the arrival of mr. trump. he's about an hour late. very presidential of mr. trump to do this. we've got about 50 people here. speaking of supporting his son eric because this is the grand opening of the trump winery. politics is on everyone's mind during this helicopter ride from new york city. his campaign releasing a statement with regards to hillary clinton. you and i talked about this. harsh words for hillary clinton is saying he is flattered that she is giving him the attention versus jeb bush. we've seen some polls and we've now seen some polls that show us donald trump is leading when it comes to potential gop
11:08 am
candidates. you have a better vantage point than i did because i got a crowd of people. you can see the live shot a hole. >> i can see you. i almost misspoke. donald trump is a presidential candidate which of course is what he is. the helicopter arrives in areas. you can see this but i assert they can. good guys walking away from the trump chopper as we speak. he is shaking hands people are meeting him. i think you would get into the suv and i hope at some point he will come right next to you so you can have a quick word with him. cheryl: of course we are waiting for mr. trump to come and talk with fox business. with all the statements coming through for mr. trump's camp in particular this morning with regards to heather clinton, we would like to talk to iran about several issues. mr. trump taken a break to
11:09 am
support eric. they bought this winery back in april 2011 and may have been refurbishing the entire winery. he will be taking it to her and walking him. we expect he will be speaking before that is not after. mr. trump is an hour late. very presidential. stuart: when a man is leading in the polls 50 months before a presidential election and think it is right to follow the guy around especially when he is making such ways in this campaign come especially on the subject of immigration. now he is up against hillary clinton going head-to-head with their. he has had a fight with other candidates. it's entirely legitimate to follow the men around to see what he says on every conceivable opportunity. we are the only business that were covering the arrival of donald trump. yes indeed we are.
11:10 am
we've got two cameras down there not to mention cheryl casone who will move herself in position vigorously any moment now and attempt to have a quick word with donald trump who may be willing to talk to with your own thoughts business here and we shall see. we are treating the man like a presidential candidate. cheryl: he is in the news practically every day. >> he doesn't drink, by the way. his son bought a winery. stuart: donald trump doesn't drink? >> everyday he doesn't drink. stuart: i'm with the guy in the spirit he doesn't drink and he also doesn't like tattoos. i've always liked that about donald trump. moving cheryl into a position where she can grab hold of donald and see what he's got to say. she is i think spreading across the lawn in an attempt to get their. i will hear in my gear when she gets there. to recap i will tell you this.
11:11 am
donald trump has just arrived at his son's winery which is officially open today. this is supposed to be a non-campaign event. when you are the front runner amongst republican candidates and he is the front runner at this point, then you've got to pay attention and that is why we are there. i want to get back to the iran deal. from capitol hill, let's welcome montana republican president steve davis. thanks very much for being with us on this very important day. we have been hearing from republicans considerable opposition to this new iran nuclear deal. what is your position, sir? >> i'm not convinced this will stop iran from a nuclear weapon. it's quite telling to look at the reaction of the world today. the iranians are dancing in the streets and the israelis are running for cover. prime minister netanyahu called it an historic mistake. saudi arabia and officials call it a charade.
11:12 am
contrast that to putin who says it's a great sigh of relief. president assad of syria said this is a great big read. very very concerned this will put air ran down a path towards a nuclear weapon versus stopping them from ever getting one. stuart: president obama said he would veto any attempt by congress to block the deal. we've had republicans on the show so far this morning to be unanimous in opposing the deal. i wonder if you've gotten a sense of how democrats may feel about this how colleagues may feel about the time whether there is enough support against the deal to override a presidential veto. but you think? >> we've got to get the deal in our hands in the first place. the president has five days. we will have 60 days to evaluate. as we deliberate and evaluate there will be growing concern on both sides of the aisle.
11:13 am
this is not the best interest of america and the world. this relieves the sanctions. and phrases $100 billion going to the leading state sponsor of terror in the world. additionally allowing them to produce 800,000 barrels of oil a day. do the quick math that is $150 billion of revenue up 50 bucks a barrel in the next 10 years. the leading state sponsor of terror in the world. we have to remember who we are negotiating with. a true friend and ally of israel and we called it an historic mistake. stuart: thank you for joining us on a very busy day. check the big board. a dead flat market earlier. the dow is near its session high. 46 points up 18024. that is where we are at this moment.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
stuart: listen to this. 8000 illegal immigrant criminals headed for deportation last year were instead released in 276 so-called sanctuary cities. backstab francisco m. and was murdered allegedly at the hand of an undocumented illegal immigrant released from jail. liz i think it is time to rethink the sanctuary cities because they are ignoring deliberately federal law. >> you raise it at the break that the families who lose loved ones can sue a city. yes they can but it's very difficult to win. lawsuits in the past have been thrown out. you have to prove the cities violate federal law and you have to go through a lot of procedures. stuart: it is outrageous.
11:18 am
if your child is murdered by an illegal immigrant who has been released from prison and the authority allowed this to happen, i love the harm to come to your child it is astonishing you cannot just sue them for everything they've got. >> the american public is in danger because of the murky relationship between local jurisdictions than the federal law and what the reporting is required when you are running a sanctuary city and allow an illegal immigrant who is a known felon who is going to commit a felony and harms your loved one what is the recourse for you and the vic and his family? >> the likelihood of that happening, two thirds have prior history. stuart: two thirds of prior history. >> many of them still at large. stuart: greece has indeed that they'll outlined. they've got to agree to terms
11:19 am
before they get the money. the big vote comes tomorrow. the question we've been asking frequently is america going the way of greece? are we becoming like them? here is another were covering european. i am not suggesting for one moment tomorrow morning we all wake up and we are greece. obviously that is not the case. down the road is there a potential we arrived in that situation albeit years down the road? >> hi, stewart. i don't think we can quiet bridge that dramatic state of greece. we can get in big trouble. there are significant differences between greece and the united states. the first that the u.s. is an extremely rich country with a lot of tangible assets, human capital investors trust.
11:20 am
all of these things that greece doesn't have. we also have iran fad and our monetary policy is in our hands. not necessarily for the best but at the very least they we are not dependent on other countries. [inaudible] >> -- americans debate their taxes as strong and sound base. which hasn't been the case in greece for a very long time. they are just significantly -- stuart: what i'm getting at is are we going down that road? we cannot reform or entitlement program. [inaudible conversations] >> -- constant flow of growth, rates massive distribution from the relatively young and port to the old and wealthy.
11:21 am
cronyism -- massive cronyism we are. in order to get in this state that greece is then i don't think it could happen. it doesn't mean we can't have a debt crisis but i don't think they would reach this level of disaster. for instance, we know for a fact that there is a moment where high levels have an impact on growth and that means basically slower growth rates which are high growth rate over many, many years is what has made the united states the contrary it is with gigantic amount of investment, lots of people working in high level of debts could jeopardize it. stuart: okay, veronique, i've got to go. i don't think you can hear me. i've got one last question and it got 10 seconds to answer it. i will never go back and live in europe again.
11:22 am
will you? >> no. stuart: dare you go. thank you indeed. coming up nasa and making history today find the new horizons probe past pluto. clearest images of the dwarf planet so far. we will show you some of those images. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
11:23 am
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11:26 am
stuart: you know, thanks to nasa's new horizons probe we are seeing pluto up close and personal for the first time today. i spoke earlier about it. >> never been seen this close-up pluto is a mystery obviously very far away from us. we've seen it done radio scopes is a blurry dot and alice got amazing photographs had >> a lot of people are not turned on by space and exploration. lives and more in our turned on by it. >> certainly. basically as close as new york is too low by peer for the first time you can see it on your phone. it is an almost real time. >> the spacecraft launched in 2006 and it took over 3 billion miles to get there.
11:27 am
not only back a lot of space dust in the atmosphere so it is difficult to get photos taken. i'm very and i love it. >> nine and a half years here and it's amazing. this is something interesting. the ashes of the astronomer who first found pluto, the ashes are on board the space probe. >> renate amazon to give us the answer of the astronomer. >> he was the first guy to stop this thing. you know how many years ago? at least a hundred years ago. >> 1906, long time ago. stuart: pluto was the first spotted until fairly recently? our producer tells me 1930. >> lauren is saying it's not even a plan that.
11:28 am
>> in a six it was removed from the planetary designation. stuart: we just got the rap it up next to nuclear deal with iran has been made. doesn't pave the way to nuclear arms race in the mideast? ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant
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11:31 am
>> the.
11:32 am
>> we have other hillary clinton's response to the deal. >> hillary clinton got the heads up last night. the former secretary of state said obama called her to tell her about the deal. she just briefly addressed reporters on capitol hill and through her support behind the agreement to call it '' an important moment and vowed to enforce the deal if she should become president. >> we have to treat this as an ongoing effort which i strongly support. as president, would be absolutely supportive to ensure that the agreement is followed. >> clinton did say she has confirmed the enforcement and i read the behavior but it is important step. the president needs democratic support to get
11:33 am
this passed and it appears drone has one backer clinton's main competitor said this is a victory for diplomacy over saber rattling. stuart: hillary clinton supports it soda's bernie sanders and no surprises with obama they're all for it as you would expect. however, we do have benjamin n. downey of new against the deal and called it a historic mistake and joining us now with the president of the american islamic council for democracy. do you trust the iranian? are you in favor of this deal? >> just need to figure out where i am looking at the every and home page for the press tb and they are
11:34 am
cheering the they have defeated the israeli regime that all exhortations were met this is on their messaging to their people that the u.s. nuclear portfolio will come to an end. rouhani said the al they can get billions for their people which is propaganda which is used to fuel the genocide to threaten our interests. today america hanging as its head in shame and history will show that. he also said the islamic revolution continues today. stuart: whole god one moment. we have donald trump. >> one of the most beautiful areas of the world provide tell the story only because the united states, this great country that we love will not be great much longer.
11:35 am
we owe $18 trillion is going up rapidly. sued in will be $24 trillion and when you hit $24 trillion that is the point of no return that is greece on steroids. we need to take back our jobs. take back our factories. we have to put people to work in this country. it does not help us if ford spends 2.5 billion dollars to build a plant in mexico. it does not help us if apple makes most of their stuff in china. some could say it does not help us at all. we are losing our jobs and real losing our money and in the case of japan and china they loaned it back to us. japan sends millions of cars and we owe them 1.for trillions of dollars.
11:36 am
we do all that business we do unfair trade we give them wheat and peanuts and they don't take it. they don't even want it. they will do the cars the imbalances so incredible. we need people who know what they're doing. we can make this country better than ever and truly make it a great again. it is an honor that you are here. it is an incredible piece of property. i am so proud of my son. all of my staff. raise your hands. stuart: i do apologize. somebody mentioned i rand -- iran but imus it. but you said you don't trust iran watching what they were saying to their own people.
11:37 am
and saying this is a victory. so i take it you are opposed to this deal? >> i really believe it is legitimizing a nuclear iran they have the ability for nuclear physics to have some centrifuge. we have taken a sanction regime to release billions of unfrozen assets to say all we care about is you be tighter on an inspection as our now working by the way so now somehow we believe they will work and forget about arms or ballistic missiles or what you'd do with us syria and does genocide we don't care about your regional hegemonic desires. the legacy will be this is creating in arms race i am sure they will balance that
11:38 am
because they are watching was it rouhani is saying and their islamic revolution is winning. stuart: within the muslim community in america you are a small minority to oppose this deal. i would think that the vast majority of muslims would be for this deal? >> i thank you are wrong look at especially the shia or the majority of the shia community i was said the vast majority are at night against the legitimization of the democracy of iran some apologist from the national islamic council is part of that propaganda art - - propaganda but i think
11:39 am
most are realistic how evil iran is. stuart: in 11 years since the american navy. thanks for joining us. the deal is on the table if we allow them to pump more oil into the market here is what that might mean at the gas, in america. >> their oil will offload at least through december 15 the international atomic energy agency has to say okay. there is a lot of domino's. stuart: but it is up $0.70 a barrel. >> people don't know they have 30 million gallons or barrels sitting in tankers in the ground that can go anytime. >> the world club uses
11:40 am
80 million per day but here in the united states you have not seen a real impact yet even though they're up 1 penny is we are refinery constrained california is in a mess with their refineries their prices are rising steadily they contribute dramatically to national averages. take out california then national average would be $0.10 a gallon lower. stuart: right now it is $3.80 but the national average is $2.77. >> they pay a premium because of refinery issues. we only builds our first one in 30 years in north dakota. they tried to upgrade them but nobody wants to build one. stuart: so i have to wait awhile.
11:41 am
>> good thing you are patient. [laughter] >> a clerical error could help the south carolina shooter get the gun he used to kill nine people. next. ugh? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
11:42 am
>> after the three day rally we have seen in 2015 right now dow jones industrial
11:43 am
average is up 51 points. the s&p 500 is up eight. the movers include coca-cola and united health and after jpmorgan said they are turning lower. also i am. this is the u.s. carrier with the stock down has been hurt by many cancellations for the airlines. jefferies raises the price target and after the bell yum! brands keeping an eye on those names. running my own shop has been brutal. but then i got a domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional i just got my first customer who isn't related to me.
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get a domain website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy.
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stuart: look at this. twitter is up nearly 7% and we know why. >> the reports are out that it may put itself up for sale at a $31 billion price tag that is astonishing for a company that consistently has posted losses it has not been profitable for a long time now the stock is popping it did tumble after this eo staff down. stuart: but that put them in play. could they need a new management team? to make it has been accused to have no focus not knowing
11:46 am
how to grow its revenues. stuart: now up nearly 8% offers have been made and twitter is working with bankers on the offers had there she goes. >> i am looking at other social stocks like facebook to say but they are not moving too much. stuart: facebook is up 20 percent still above $90 a share. some who are the offers from? now going up near 80 percent -- 8 percent. stuart: the market is almost flat. >> and it is the great percentage you understand how to use it. i love it. to regular people don't. >> that is a problem with selling advertising because
11:47 am
they may only use it once a day. stuart: but what was people of twitter is the constant stream of harsh stuff you have to read through that. kennedy is with us do you have any comment? >> my offer is in. [laughter] if we pool our pennies we can make something happen. stuart: what do you make of a company that has harsh negative comments. >> kathy bed reading my feet again? you have to manage your own feet and blocked the people follow the people who are interesting then it goes through. stuart: about one month ago
11:48 am
somebody said that 700 million people have tried twitter did not like it a and left because they did not like the negativity stream. howard d you manage backed -- how do you manage that? >> than they could not know how to respond because of the abuse. >> but looking at this as a potential deal. stuart: is up 5% to the offer is in working with bankers. that is exciting news. the fbi says a breakdown in the background check helps to put the hat done in the hands of the north carolina shooter. our weak getting tired of incompetence that the government double?
11:49 am
>> we never hear that whether people express second demand rights you never hear about government incompetence and that is dangerous there was a great piece in the "washington post" to break it down it is much more confusing than either side would lead you to believe. if dylan was charged with a felony that should have been ringing bells with the background check by reveals he was charged with a misdemeanor that would not keep am from buying bad guy and. someone that was planning this attack six months with your field without much hatred some of the background check system worked do you really think a kid that people would steal one? that is the other misconception of the gun
11:50 am
argument. stuart: why are liberals so big on government all the time? but yet what we get is flat out incompetence. obamacare spends billions setting up a web site that does not work. why don't they get tired? >> i hope they do indeed gives them a chance to say government has failed at every turn. it is impossible to run the daily life with example after example with the speech yesterday what she is calling for comedy very economy is more government. stuart: that fairness has the government as the filter in the government will handed out to that group a and it is the filter.
11:51 am
we assume they can be done in a competent fashion but it cannot. >> it is a filtration system that is so run-down and worn out that we are in danger if we rely on what you are talking about we will become a third world country. stuart: they say the government is fair. it is not fair. >> note it is the regulation combined with cronyism to concentrate the wealth that help out government officials what and is there is unfettered capitalism where people have great ideas. >> can we please put twitter back upon the screen? i think the cop is over i am concerned the original
11:52 am
report that came from bloomberg was not accurate we heard that they had received offers a $31 billion deal and they would be bought the stock went up seven and 1/2% now it is up 3% in there is some concern that was not a solid report. >> maybe google is not interested. >> if anybody was interested it would be up 8%. >> a foreign buyer could be interested in twitter so that is what blumberg is saying. >> of course, we don't know but what we can do is let the market to tell us they are not quite sure about
11:53 am
that offer that was made about 50 minutes ago spinnaker may be that the price tag is overvalued. >> that prices each share additional the google stock is up 2%. that means it sells at $46 a share so if you believe that offer the stock is way above 36 where it is now. >> i will but i will tweets later at kennedy nation. [laughter] stuart: quite a day for news. look at the price of oil. as of right now is of $71 a barrel. we came on the show at 9:00 eastern.
11:54 am
why was it down? because the deal was supposed to allow the iranian from funding will quickly now we have detail and it will be months before iran the camp what will of the market as a result the wheel turns around. now we're up $0.71 getting close $53 a barrel. look at the big board. we opened flat. no reaction to all to the deal now we are up 61 points and we are rising just tell little. nicole d. you have anything on twitter? >> first of all, this is what the traders say. they see this bike on heavy volume it is up 8% then it pulls back. they get all kinds of feed
11:55 am
then it is fake but then in the trading ruth you hear bloomberg is confirming it is fake. this is reminiscent you remember avon had an issue? the stock was halted and the sec looked into that. remember the first thing we did when we cover that to say that offer price seems ridiculously high. sometimes that is the first red flag that something is so those people are pretty happy but you remember with a bond remember that was not even true in the end? >> but it closes down for a few hours then you get a hoax. >> but they are quickly
11:56 am
remedied. you have to understand your risk appetite but with avon was shut down the busiest time is the open and the close of during the day they say i am working i'm trading by abusing other exchanges. stuart: here is my point loss three is disliked and not trusted today every single example of day flash crash every single example is taking off again because wall street messes up. stuart: we will be back in in just a moment.
11:57 am
11:58 am
stuart: looked at twitter it is all over now is back down but it is up 3%.
11:59 am
>> head of communications bloomberg news treated this is a fake news story not bloomberg. stuart: about 10 minutes ago we heard from bloomberg but it was sourced to them several offers have been made for twitter $31 billion in total then we heard maybe it is fake now it is confirmed it is fake so twitter went up 8% now it is back down again. freebie people think it is a takeover target after all they are saying in its but that does not look good on wall street when that happens. it was of big day now look who is here. david as in is in for a neil
12:00 pm
cavuto you are getting the tv show 10 seconds early. >> he would not give anything away. i am david asman. we are watching twitter of theory closely moments ago we rallied up 8% on this news now we can say it is a river of the buyout deal suggesting it would be bought for as much as $31 billion but now they are pulling back with the suggestions it could be a hoax now trading up 3%. but that has come way down and now we hear the people that are putting out the story of a possible takeover to pull back now


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