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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website -- keep their right here fox business. lou: good evening for i.m. other jobs the obama administration and the iranians have a nuclear deal. after two years of nonstop talks in vienna the president says it will cut off the path to a nuclear bomb but what illegitimizes the ambitions with a straight forward path to take the bomb over the next decade there's far more critics and advocates for the ideal. >> i will terminate the deal to triple the economic sanctions and will convert
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its allies to do the same. >> i think it is horrible absolutely horrible there really, really bad for israel. behalf for people over there prison is an -- prisoners of their keeping hostages. >> with that most irrational decision a president has made with foreign policy. lou: the president has won the support of the ayatollah khamenei who praised negotiators for what they called legitimate efforts and also count on russia and president putin who hailed the deal as a positive step to the middle east. but the president really needs it and obama will be working to convince members of both parties they should support his deal as the
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crowning foreign policy achievement of his presidency. it is like a gamble to negotiate with the leading state sponsor of terrorism but the president has been reckless with american and national security. fox news correspondent live from the white house. >> today's announcement marks one more chapter in the pursuit in a more hopeful world. >> that was the pretext judy iran nuclear agreement that looks forward to historic rivalry is. >> we must lead not with our right but principles. we are stronger when we bring the world together. >> with the help of other world powers but no denying to cement his legacy is the
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man who changed policy to engaged longstanding foes call it the obama doctrine predicated to reach out to former enemies like russia and cuba and iran to break down historic barriers but the problem is a policy built on hope and rogue regimes will somehow change but scrutiny on capitol hill expecting to be fiercely french lawmakers who would them to stand down. >> rabil veto in the implementation of the deal. >> choosing his legacy over logic. >> the administration kept bowl ring the bar and defending the violations of the iranians every step of the way going legacy shopping. >> it should not be about a political legacy. it is not a game. >> and other major criticism
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is the americans held in iran. >> i blame president obama squarely the idea we cut a nuclear deal with iran and did not secure the release of four americans it is absurd it is wrong. >> this deal was not about those other issues. grey did not want to get them confused one of the reasons to be a successful summit was not confused if that had been made but that had arrived at another agreement. >> we will hear more about the deal tomorrow when the president conducts a news conference and addresses the american people. we're expecting the vice president to head to the hill where he is expected to brief lawmakers on the new ones of this deal. lou: it will be a full court press on capitol hill.
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this is where it begins. >> is it just about the deal itself if you look at the math they can withstand any congressional challenge. 34 is not a lot of senators it is not the treaty. but remember this, this white house knows it has the capital to push forward but they don't know how we will be reacted to by the american people as we learn more about it that is why there will be a congressional review over the next 60 days. lou: is there a behind-the-scenes gloating that three months ago they outwitted the republicans to defeat any real power they may have had to approve or disapprove a disagreement? it should be a treaty. >> it should be a aren't you
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will not hear them privately gloat make no mistake they have felt for some time they have been able to game the system to work give very carefully to study the law to europe get just enough over the edge for the touchdown so they can advance their agenda. there were successful with obamacare to go down the list where this administration is within the framework of the law has been able to of finance their agenda of very carefully. lou: and very clumsy. >> i agree. lou: behalf of lot more on this deal that should be a treaty. by turning to the debates of illegal immigration and there are 206 century cities
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that include san francisco whose policies allow violent criminals to be released onto streets they led to the brutal murder. last night her brother fought back tears as he spoke of the century city in which his sister was murdered by the illegal immigrant. >> there is no person that could tell me that that individual dessert to be walking around san francisco with the ability to obtain a gun to shoot and murder the most beautiful person he defied walking around. the brother should feel like i field with a loss of their sister and best friend and no mother should bury her child. lou: a the murder by the
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illegal immigrant as second the nation and. assembled a baldheaded is missing with the era reckless disregard for the safety of citizens whole man security secretary johnson appeared today to not even be aware of who she is this exchange at the judiciary committee hearing today. >> has the administration reach out to a the family to your knowledge? >> who? through the woman that was brutally bird by the individual who had committed seven different felonies and four different and stayed san was deported and kept coming back? >> i'm sorry i do not know the answer to that question. >> as with so many of their questions it seems it is
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troubling for 81 who cares about our borders james rose and has the latest. >> a former federal prosecutor told lawmakers today he could offer no legal judgment if sanctuary cities are in violation of those lot. that answer cater en a hearing where mr. johnson recalled various reforms enacted and argued against the federal government imposing its will of local law-enforcement authorities. little love that registered with those for'' -- focused on the 32 year-old woman shot to death in a century city two weeks ago by an illegal immigrant from mexico that was deported five times.
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>> he was in custody serving his last sentence then transferred to the san francisco sheriff we put another trader on him and he was released. my hope is that jurisdictions like san francisco will cooperate with the new program. >> here is exhibit a. we must not have functional control over the border where he would not have re-entered so many times. >> lawmakers have noted they have not called the steinle family this as contrast to collins or the athletes or the plaintiff in the same-sex marriage case and a three mom's this past mother's day. >> i wish somebody would reach out to us. there is talks about a new
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law and daddies to be prevented from doing this again. >> with that exchange when secretary johnson said to the aids to tell the of course, he knows the zero she is the has been speaking out if he also mentioned her in his opening statement. lou: but has not called the family. you have covered lots of issues and people in that government over time. is it your sense this is a an issue now to seize the capital to enter into a national dialogue? democrats would like to say when you have a tragedy of this magnitude a family so devastated that it will
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galvanize action on the official level. i regret to say we're heading into an election end season if we didn't see movement of the debates in the past couple of years with marco rubio trying to lead his party to forge legislation, i doubt i regret to say in the current climate and tell the have a new president. lou: thank you very much. you heard steinle brother talk about kate's law now has been introduced in response to the shooting. bill o'reilly is collecting signatures for a petition in support on bill o' we will have much more of the debate of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities tonight. mexico's government tonight offering almost $4 million
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in reward to the capture of a fugitive drug lord and authorities also fire top prison officials amid suspicions that the war did an official knows what dash gulf officials helped el chapo escape saturday night. the head of the drug cartel disappeared into a sophisticated mile long tunnel despite the fact he was wearing a monitoring bracelet and cameras were on his firm 24 hours a day. the investigation continues. and also to warn the government authorities 16 months ago about plots to break el chapo out of prison. but el chapo has significantly is the last time he broke out of a maximum-security prison is
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in 2001. he spent $2 million to facilitate that escape not a lot if you're on the billionaires' list and then to refuse to extradite their richest and most powerful drug trafficker in of the world to the united states. we will look at how the obama administration should have responded to make those request when two of the best attorneys in the business to win us here. turning to another issue of national security china tries to abide a for most technology company. the chinese company is willing to pay $23 billion to make it the biggest takeover of the u.s. company by a chinese government-owned company.
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they want access to the computer chips used in numerous electronic devices and military parts where. the deal must pass with a committee of foreign investment in the united states to examine the national-security implications. before you take a breath of relief we cannot find of a record of that effort turning down a company buying a u.s. technology company. turning to the crisis increase for the prime minister tries to sell his country a bailout deal, prime minister tsipras today he said he doesn't believe in the deal that he signed but will try to implement it and take responsibility for it. you think our politics are complicated? it will come up for a vote tomorrow and is expected to pass but it isn't known if
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he can maintain the backing of his own party or if he will remain in office long enough to see the agreement finalized for of course, if it becomes desperate for cash it can sell off the islands that it owns. that is what they are doing right now going for as little as 3.$3 million. that is a bargain for an island. we will have more. stay with us. >> spending and a nuclear deal with iran. prime minister did audion who said. >> won a historic mistake. >> amazing technology give us a perspective of a tornado we never thought hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people?
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lou: my first guest says the nuclear deal enriches the regime to make the world safe is the executive director for the foundation of a defensive democracies. good to have you here. the republicans have forfeited there right and any opportunity to review this deal question mark they
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will review the deal but they have the right to review the president there is then opportunity for a no-confidence in the deal. lou: a parliamentary government? to brag that they refused the deal and it turns out now they have diverted to get two-thirds vote to override the veto rather than make the treaty that the president would have to have. >> this is the most national security agree they have cited as a travesty it is not the treaty and that is the reality that has given what we are dealing with so now we have to dry for 67 votes in the u.s. senate to overturn the deal and the
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president's veto. i would be happy with this 60 percent vote as non confidence that is the predicate for the next president to deal with this deal to the international community with a leading sponsor of terrorism. lou: with the republican side of the issue and our allies so to conclude this is a terrible deal there is no quid pro quo there are the leading state sponsor of terrorism to have billions of new dollars and access to the market's. what's in the world is carry thinking?
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>> because of this deal there are key restrictions that begin to disappear over time. so they began to re-emerge with the program with breakout capability and a much easier sneak out capability and this is based on a the restrictions as setting -- sun setting look at a nuclear in a terrorist some perspective to enrich a state sponsor of terrorism this deal fails on all accounts at on a was secretary was thinking or as cheaply as he should have. lou: take you for being with us tonight. boat tonight do you believe in the agreement as important as the iranian deal should be put in treaty
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form subject to ratification by the senate? folks in kansas captured as dramatic stovepipe tornado a video that from a drone the twister destroyed at least one home and downed trees and power lines fortunately no injuries were reported and the drone did its job. fatah and her zero wins or who loses with the 3 billion-mile journey resolved with a historic encounter complete with imagery. we will show you. we will be right back.
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lou: pope francis recanting his exorbitant criticism of capitalism just days after the
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pontiff last of capitalism saying that humans are being sacrificed on the altar of money. in his latest acknowledgment that he really doesn't understand economics and he went on to say that he himself has neglected the world's middle-class, stunning admissions from someone who has attacked the free market after visiting the western hemisphere. a few thoughts now on the iranian nuclear deal which is an absolute capitulation to iran in my opinion. billions of dollars sent to began flowing into the iranian coffers. first, the regime is going to receive as much as $150 billion in assets frozen overseas am obama has bragged about the economic impact of western sanctions against iran, but the truth is despite the sanctions iran's economy is actually growing by 1.5% last year. that is not much worse than a
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growth rate of 2.4% last year. iran is the 29th largest economy in the world from a population of some 80 million people and iran's economy will be growing by a percent each year once this deal is in effect. today's deal is set to remove sanctions on iranian crude oil export the oil revenue likely to be as high as $25 billion per year over the next couple of years. these vast sums of money, no requirement that they abandon their call for the destruction of israel were ending its support of terrorism and radical islam, palestinian territories in the middle east. mr. obama has just elevated the status of the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism, and he without a doubt has capitulated. he has recklessly promoted and
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not stop the path to a nuclear weapon. even those that may one day deliver those weapons to targets anywhere in the region but the world. and it's quite a deal. a quotation of the evening. we have will rogers. he said this about partisan politics. this deal that should be a treaty is all about politics. he said that each is worse than the other. we are coming right back. hillary clinton doesn't like donald trump. >> i have one word for mr. trump. enough. lou: do you think that donald trump makes the race interesting? we will have the story next. and call them biblical and
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lou: big stories tonight israel blasting the nuclear deal struck with iran. prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that they have a certain path to a nuclear weapon. in the mexican government putting a bounty on the head of the state drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman, there is now a worldwide manhunt for joaquin "el chapo" guzman. in a new usa today poll put donald trump on top nationwide,
11:36 pm
leading presidential candidate for the gop nomination 17% followed by jeb bush 14%, scott walker is a percent. joining us now is serving a consultant lisa. and fox news channel contributor rich lowry. it's good to have you both with us. and it seems the big news is the nuclear deal. the president says that it will keep iran's ambitions in check and others say that it was certain path as a result. what is your take? >> i think it's concerning and that it's also going to be a big issue heading into 2016. many have divided candidate in the republican contenders on this issue. hillary clinton has amount in support of the deal and i think that this is a dangerous that for her to be making and i think ultimately it's going to come back hurt her. poll after poll you can see
11:37 pm
that americans view president obama is incredibly weak and unformed as pollack you. >> i agree with that. and i don't think anyone can put it any better than you did in your editorial. this deal is cataclysm. the idea that we would hand the sworn enemy of the united states billions of dollars in economic windfall, it really doesn't have to tear up the nuclear infrastructure which is supposed to be the subject of the entire negotiation was so. so really does to the shrewdness will of the iranian regime and the iranian negotiators who started this negotiation years ago as to whether they would have a nuclear program and then they built it up during the negotiation and then they are going to keep a good part of it and become a threshold nuclear state while they get an economic windfall. lou: turning over to the republicans who had a chance three months ago to push this
11:38 pm
towards a treaty and they are going to review this and they don't have much power to do very much of anything. let's turn to the candidates right now, this is jeb bush. >> i don't want to be associated with the kind of vitriolic statements going out these days. lou: what are your thoughts? lou: he is at the top of the polls. >> he has incredibly high negatives. this is incredibly important for
11:39 pm
the republicans to talk about. >> i appreciate donald trump for bringing immigration to the forefront. but you have huge negatives. >> what are your thoughts reign. >> well, i don't think that bush should be engaging with donald trump. there's nothing anyone can say about him at the moment that is going to hurt him. it is all benefiting him. it's been a true in this benefit to him the last two and half weeks of our political conversation has been dominated i donald trump. the fact is what people like about him i believe but anything that he is saying it's important that he's talking about immigration and american greatness, the fact that he's getting criticized by the entire media and political and business establishment. he is saying that i'm not going to back down.
11:40 pm
and i'm going to keep saying it louder. people really like it. that doesn't mean that he will be the nominee. but that really accounts for the spike. lou: everyone is going to deal with that, i think that we can agree on one thing. and you know, at the same time as the saying goes it bears some watching. >> we also have to be part of this as well. lou: are we going to be honest for every record . lou: it's good to have you with us. >> thank you.
11:41 pm
lou: give my best to you and your mother. lou: nasa releasing this image of the so-called what planet before the spacecraft went over pluto at 749 am eastern. it will have traveled just under 8000 miles above the surface of pluto during the flyby. nasa will not be able to confirm that until 9:00 o'clock tonight when the spacecraft beams back more information about the mission and hopefully more imagery. up next, the congressional efforts to put a stop to think jury cities.
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lou: our next guest asking about voting on legislation that would
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prohibit money from going to a sanctuary city. more than 200 cities refusing to cooperate with authorities of federal immigration. joining us today is senator david better. he's the deputy of the subcommittee. it's good to have you with us. >> unfortunately based on all of the details that i have been in is that it's a really bad deal. i fear that we were moving this way for months and now it is unfortunate, i think it's bad for the u.s., bad for israel. it will allow them to get a new weapon and number two i think that there so many loopholes
11:47 pm
that are going to do this sooner rather than later. and this is now a major national issue as it should be. >> they are crowding federal law, they are ignoring federal law in an actual policy that says that we will not follow this with immigration enforcement. lou: both republican and democratic presidents have permitted this, as you say is flouting the federal law and so how have we in the world
11:48 pm
tolerated that under two presidents and congress and senate? >> i think that we should all come together around common sense and oarsmen, and certainly that has to include all of the local and state law enforcement cooperating with immigration enforcement. that is what the federal law says. that is straightforward and reasonable and certainly everyone should cooperate and not take over that urban have unfunded mandate but reasonably cooperated things. sanctuary cities do not. and in significant numbers it leads to horrible results. we saw the most horrible in that tragic murder in san francisco recently. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson today before the house judiciary committee, behaving as if he had never heard this name before. >> it is absolutely mind boggling to me.
11:49 pm
i saw the proceedings and it's literally like he had never heard the name, like he had no idea what it was about, when this is a major and a major issue in incident right in the middle of his responsibility. lou: he says that he does not want to make a detainer mandatory because it would create a problem for dhs and its ability to work with state and local law-enforcement. >> plastered is between january and august, 8000 felons who were illegal aliens were released by century cities without selling them anything or warning them to start deportation proceedings. amount included some alter dangerous criminals.
11:50 pm
lou: senator it's always good to have you here. and when you're curious it's always a good idea to keep your eye out for a camera. a german tourist had a go-pro camera snatched by an unlikely suspect. the siegal grabbing the camera and taking flight and in the process captured some great aerial video. a birds eye view, yes we have been working on that line, dropping the camera with just enough time for a quick selfie and flew away. coming up next whether at the joaquin "el chapo" guzman prison break could have been prevented. and eric garner's family reaching a settlement with new york city we're coming r
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stay with joining a smile is rebekah arose would lend and we have our guest with us right now. let's talk about the most powerful drug king in the world joaquin "el chapo" guzman. >> he escaped, he was escorted. lou: yes he was escorted.
11:55 pm
enact it makes absolutely no sense. we have to be stronger. saying that you give these treaties to us so we can process them. there are so many violations of fair dealing with, extradite him now. >> he posted this saying that all of the people who thought that i was part of this just to be sure. here i am, flying high. i . [inaudible] lou: you know, i don't get it.
11:56 pm
this corruption has to be on both sides of the border. this is not just on the mexican side. lou: we are talking about both sides. there is american corruption north of the border south of the border. >> there is evidence that the obama administration requested strongly. lou: are you kidding me? [inaudible] >> that is what i was saying. >> if you extradited him, i know personally from attorneys they are now behind bars in federal prison because colombia extradited them. mexico is not so much. >> it is a haven. you have tens of thousands of
11:57 pm
mexican citizens being killed every year than most of that is cartel violence. and we are seeing why in the world this justice department local law enforcement -- >> because they are not making it a priority. the department of justice. and they have said that we have watched him. >> and you know my gosh. >> that is a shaky legal situation. [laughter] >> let's do that together.
11:58 pm
[laughter] >> it's very shaky. [laughter] >> you know, absolutely. >> he's going to give away with it. >> and live in a 22 billion-dollar mansion. >> you don't suppose that the federal judge is corrupt. >> no you know he did just filed a petition. >> i'm not suggesting that it was corrupted it was a shaky situation like this. >> is basically moving things around. and the thing that i need protection.
11:59 pm
lou: this is an outrage. in the american people have to put up with as. >> of the court would rule that the federal government has constitutional right to all immigration reform sanctuary cities would be unconstitutional and a court would have ruled that they could do that and that is the way to get around the immunity that they have now. >> the breaking of federal law. >> that is shaky. there is no doubt about that. >> you have an overlap and that's why you have these decisions. lou: it's time for the online poll result. do you think that capitalism has
12:00 am
lifted the quality of life for billions of people around the world? by the way, the pope acknowledging that he knows very little about economics. it was really kind of an apology. it for us. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee will be with us next. ♪ ♪ >> tuesday is always an interesting day. i am watching the simmering situation between donald trump and joaquin "el chapo" guzman. coming to a full boil. he has escaped from prison again. i know, shocking. how could those guards have missed the mile-long tunnel that he built under the shower and under their noses. donald trump wasted no time lasting him on twitter, turning this to political fodder and


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