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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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certain stocks like netflix where the ceo himself says can't figure out, actually dumfounded as to price of the stock but the markets are in plus category as bells ring. [closing bell ringing]. only thing pointing down is oil and gold right now. again, a great day for the markets. but while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. some breaking news. we've been reporting it for the past several hours. it is now being called an act of domestic terrorism. a gunman going on a rampage in two separate locations including a naval reserve center in chattanooga, tennessee, that left four marines dead. one police officer is wounded along with two others. fox news also learned the lone gunman was shot and killed. >> as a city, we will respond to this with every available resource that we have. david: we have late-breaking details.
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we will bring you on the gunman in just a couple of minutes. melissa. over to you. melissa: back to the markets. wall street gearing up for google's second quarter results expected any minute. with what which can expect charles payne, host of "making money" on fox business. and we have the senior managing director and chief investment officer at tigris financial partners. chars, let me start with you. what are you looking for? >> here is the interesting thing, last four quart gearing gel missed every time so -- melissa: interesting to you. probably not to them. >> as long as their stock is where it is, google is one of these names we have on the board, street looking for $6.73. 17.5 billion in revenue. the ability for google to articulate their vision to wall street has been the magical thing. we've seen that with amazon. we've seen that with some of these major growth stories that don't have a lot of competition. as long as they can probably do that without any kind of
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disaster they should be okay. melissa: ivan, the stock is on fire. look at chart. can they continue momentum and or is it build up to earnings and inevitable disappoint on the news? >> it is very cheap. undervalued. trades discount multiple to the market. has a lot of upside. melissa: cheap and undervalued? >> i think what ivan just sort of proves what i said. they're able to articulate to professionals like ivan. listen this is what we are and can be. we can dominate the world. only thing google has to worry about is anti-trust issues on both sides of the atlantic. i don't know about you but that's what i'm concerned about. this juggernaut they are they have honed it in a little bit and be more disciplined. they have told the street we're not going to waste a lot of money on a lot of things. we don't want to cure -- they go sometimes way out of their wheelhouse. they have been able to do that and gotten away with it and i think they will show disciplines. melissa: one of the criticisms they are called one of the older
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tech companies which is funny to us. everybody is looking around for the hot new thing. how do they grapple with that, ivan? >> they have 60 plus billion dollars to invest in the next big thing. they have to make bigger acquisitions focused in their key areas of social, mobile, big data, search, advertising. >> so the elephant in the room would be of course twitter. everyone is like when will google take over twitter? google that rumor, it goes back four years. to ivan's point you can buy your way into hot areas. ibm was up two bucks. you talk about old tech that needs to buy its way to relevance. google doesn't have to buy its way to relevance but to stay ahead of the pack they probably will have to make acquisitions. >> one of the big questions people were talking about ahead of earnings are they able to win over mobile traffic? hang on. we have earnings report. it is crossing. lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange. what are the numbers. >> forecast, revenue though was a little bit soft,
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17.73 billion. 17.75 is the forecast. that is only gain of 11%. this has been a big concern among people who follow google, investors analysts because of search ads. the question whether search ads are loose steam. first quarter saw 12% gain. now we have revenue only gain of 11%. precipitous fall in revenue. first quarter 2014 revenue was up as much as 19%. that said, paid clicks are up 18%. and i would point my finger to that reason, the reason that google's stock as you can see in the after-hours is up about 5%. back over to you. melissa: i'm watching the stock pop as we talk about. obviously investors like what they see. charles, what did you like out of that? >> the beat. not too worried about the top line revenue. that is a huge beat. i like the clicks to lori's point. i would be interested to see if they said anything so far about guidance. from technical point of view 600 has been huge.
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went there february 2014 pulled back. went there july of 2014 pulled back. if this holds up you're looking massive major breakout will bring more buyers to the stock. a lot of people will chase it tomorrow. melissa: chase it tomorrow, look we're seeing 5% pop. do you agree with that. >> abs soughtly. i think stock will go lot higher. i think it is very cheap. i think it's been held back for a while. now it is their day in the sun. melissa: why are paid clicks most important? >> that is one of their main businesses. that is where google makes their money. melissa: we're looking 634, 635, what do you think? >> i would do both. if you don't have a position, buy some here and add more on pullbacks but i do believe over all and over time stock going a lot higher. >> you don't care about the miss in revenue? >> no by such minuscule amount. at some point for wall street that will matter. a year these companies continue to miss on the top line but bottom line beat, so far, we still got to go through it.
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but on surface this bottom line beat was huge. melissa: we'll keep eye on it. david, over to you. david: we have more breaking news. a verdict has been reached in the aurora, colorado, movie massacre trial nearly three years after james holmes walked into the crowded theater, began shooting unsuspecting movie-goers. in the end 12 people were killed. more than 70 others were wounded. fox news's alicia acuna joining us from outside of the courthouse in centennial, colorado. alicia. >> reporter: david, yes, took the jury 12 1/2 hours between yesterday and today to reach a verdict. now you have to know that this is something that is going to take quite some time for judge carlos to read this verdict because the verdict form is 658 pages. there are 165 counts that have been charged against homes homes. 24 for first-degree murder. two counts for each people killed and 70 people injured. two counts for each of those.
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in addition to that there was explosive charge as well. we will hear the verdict at 6:15 eastern time. the families of the victims and some of the victims themselves, some injured who had to testify themselves against james holmes are now gathering at the courthouse. we have a producer who is in the courthouse here at the arapahoe county courthouse in centennial, colorado. she sees the family members in the lobby. they're waiting to enter the courtroom. when that happens they look very serious and very nervous. david: alicia acuna thank you very much. melissa. melissa: back to the breaking news out of chattanooga where a gunman went on a 20-minute rampage this two separate locations at a naval reserve center. four marines are reportedly dead. one police officer was wounded. fox news has learned the gunman is also dead. peter barnes is following the latest developments for us on this one. peter. >> reporter: hey, melissa. the pentagon and the marine corps confirming those military personnel killed in this attack
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were ma lines. they were marines. officials say said that hundreds of fbi agents will be on the ground in chattanooga by tonight to help other federal, state and local authorities to investigate this incident. at a press conference earlier local and federal officials confirmed the broad details of the shootings this morning that you just covered but little more but they would not rule out some connection to terrorism. that is the big scare here. if the shooter was working for some group or a lone or was a lone wolf inspired by one. >> we are conducting this as a, an act of domestic terrorism. >> reporter: now officials also said this could be a criminal act. for example, by a disgruntled former employee taking action against an old employer. we don't have the details yet. this investigation has just started but a congressional source tells fox news that investigators are paying close attention to the timingses of the shootings.
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it is the last days of the muslim holy month of ramadan. the director of the fbi and the chairman of the house homeland security committee said just in the last week that the terrorist threat around the 4th of july had not passed after the holiday weekend. sources point out that isis has called for attacking law enforcement and military targets during ramadan here in, in the u.s. during ramadan. melissa, back to you. melissa: oh, peter, thank you for that report. david. david: today is the last day of ramadan. when you see what devastation hit the marine corps today i immediately thought of lieutenant colonel oliver north. he of course is the embodiment of a marine in body spirit and soul. also host of war stories with oliver north. colonel, very sad day for the marin corps today. the armed forces center was first place that was hit. fortunately no unwas killed there although a individual was shot. it was navy reserves ops center
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where the four marines were killed about seven 1/2 miles away from the first shooting. this shooter specifically, we still don't know whether it was terrorism of an isis-inspired variety but this shooter was targeting the military, does he not? >> certainly looks that way. we don't know what his motive is next. i'm sure we'll find out next few days once all investigators get on the scene. here is what we do know, peter reported on some of this, isis consistently called every month for attacks on law enforcement and military globally. we know those threats included names and faces, addresses and phone numbers of people taken off the internet. lord knows how many more of those. we also know that military personnel do not have firearms out simply doing administrative activities and undoubtedly this is kind of thing, if you case the joint beforehand, that this terrorist or this criminal would have known. the worst part of this whole thing, david, is, as you say for the marine families, undoubtedly some of these young marines at
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that reserve center were veterans of this long war. there is no doubt hose families are incredible grief right now and every marine family. you're one of them, knows the terrible anguish of that chaplain making phone call or walking up the front lawn. that is happening right now in chattanooga. that's why we don't have the names. you know those families are absolutely devastated whats that taken place. i told my daughter. her answer was, oh, dear god. david: the marine corps confirmed four deaths. they're withholding the names until the families are told about it. the recruiting center, thank god nobody was killed there. recruiters are such a vital part of our military. we're still 15 years after my son joined the marines we're still inviting recruiters, we're still in touch with them. that's the kind of act that we have seen overseas in iraq. all the attacks on the recruiting bases in iraq for the
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military there. it seems to follow a pattern, an m-o, does it not. >> certainly does. radical islam has been going after military for better part of 15 years. we know they targeted recruiting stations in united states before. one in arkansas shot up. david: also here in new york city. >> exactly. so this is a pattern of behavior that al-baghdadi called for. ramadan doesn't end tomorrow depending what time zone you're in. david: we're still within the ramadan period. >> exactly. what you're looking at i think, certainly ace pattern that was well-established by what he called for. and so isis is now proclaiming as a consequence of this so-called deal with iran, that they, isis, are the only help that sunni islam has from the persians and the shiites. and of course if you can go after the country that is backing iran, and in our case with this nuclear deal, backing the shiite government in baghdad
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this is no-brainer as far as i'm concerned. lord knows what they will find out in the investigation. we'll know more but pray for the families. david: very sad day for the marine corps. we will fight back and we will come back. later on this hour we'll talk to an iraqi, sunni iraqi politician who is fighting isis on the ground. he will tell us how. colonel north, wonderful to see you. thanks for coming in. >> david. david: a massive manhunt is underway for "el chapo" as investigators learn more about the drug lord's daring escape. geraldo is on the scene in mexico at a very sophisticated tunnel this guy used to break out. melissa: money talks. the new 2016 numbers that may be telling a different story than the polls. rock star, donald trump's good friend gene simmons joins us straight ahead. ♪ david: breaks on innovation a judge in california wants to shut down uber. just wait until you hear why. ♪ these two oil rigs look the same.
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david: earnings results coming in fast and furious on wall street. lori rothman covering it all from the new york stock exchange. mattel is in and shares are popping even though there is bad news on barbie, right? >> barbie sales are down 11%. that is hurting mattel's business. adjusted profit of one penny a share. wall street looking for loss of fourth cents a share. we don't have exact number but this is the seventh straight quarterly decline in sales for mattel. strengthening dollar leads to overall flat sales picture for barbie in particular. down 7% around the world. crossing the tape second quarter, in line a loss of 17 cents per share on revenue of $950 million. reports of amt ahead of report. this should appease investor concerns.
4:18 pm
intel beat the street expectations. intel shares were higher in reaction to that report. -- amd. declining pc sales and a lot of chip companies have been adjusting downward their forecasts. so in many cases with amd in particular, they are meeting lowered forecasts. quickly want to remind everybody about google which we heard right after the close this afternoon. it was beat on eps. 6.99 adjustment versus 6.70 estimate. revenue came down a little bit. doesn't concern a lot of people because google shares are popping up in the after-hours session up 7%. 646 bucks a pop. wow, that will set you back for one share. revenue fading over last couple of quarters. despite the fact that google reported strong paid click ads which were up 18% overall, search ad dollars have been losing steam. we'll keep eye on your stocks. david: losing steam but that stock just keeps going to ceiling.
4:19 pm
our analyst says it is cheap at half the price so who knows. melissa. melissa: a few other stories on our radar right now. president george h.w. bush is in fair condition following a fall at his home. in kennebunkport, maine. the 41st president remains hospitalized after breaking a bone in his neck. he will have to wear a neck brace but is expected to be fine. this is according to a spokesman. president bush who turned 91 last month is the oldest living former president. meanwhile president obama's in oklahoma city today as part after week-long focus on the inequalities of the u.s. justice system. he visited the federal prison in el reno to highlight what he calls, overly harsh prison sentences. the u.s. prison population has doubled in the past 20 years. president obama's first sitting president to visit a federal prison. and a judge is putting the brakes on uber after the company failed to properly log passenger data.
4:20 pm
california's fining the ride-sharing company $7.3 million and recommending it be suspended from operating in the state. uber spokeswoman says the company is appealing the decision. i bet. david. david: that is a little like overregulation there. meanwhile very latest developments on those deadly shootings in chattanooga, tennessee, an act of domestic violence after isis called for attacks on u.s. military bases. a sunni solution in the fight against isis? we'll talk to a former member of the iraqi parliament how to beat, yes, he says it can be done, beat the terror group isis. that's coming next. ♪ but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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leaving four marines dead in chattanooga. now we're learning the identity of the shooter. fox news confirming his name as mohammed yousef abdul yasis. question whether this was inspired by isis. a lost speck because of this gentleman's name, perhaps isis or foreign terrorist group may have been involved. we don't know. as we get more breaking news we'll bring it to you live. meanwhile how do we defeat isis particularly over there before it becomes a problem or another problem over here? a member of the iraqi parliament says he knows how to beat the terror group. joining me is a sunni leader. he is founder of the national salvation front, dedicated to defeating isis. and, doctor, i know it is early moments. we just found out the identity of the shooter. we don't know his particular background, whether he was a u.s. citizen or came here from abroad, but, this is exactly the
4:25 pm
kind of act that isis has been calling for for months now. do you think that isis was involved? >> i don't know if isis was involved but you know, i'm sure that if it was not involved, those guys are inspired by isis. the problem here today is when general dempsey and in his testimony says it will take us 20 years to defeat isis, well, this is very, very concerning to everybody because by then we will have 30, 40, million jihadists roaming around the world doing much more than what we've seen just now. david: something that is very concerning to a lot of americans is the fact that the administration still has problems enunciating who it is that behind these acts of terrorism, specifically calling it, calling it islamic extremism or islamic terrorism. they hesitate to put those two words together in the same sentence. they call the fort hood
4:26 pm
shooting, for example, an example of workplace violence. what do you make of that? >> i think all islamic terrorism should be fought and we all have to basically be together to fight them. i think the thought of islamic terrorism in itself should not be acceptable in any country, whether arab or not. david: now you are from iraq. you take seriously the possibility, in fact you have dedicated your life to the possibility of defeating islamic terrorism, specifically isis. how can it be done? in what way is isis vulnerable? >> well i know that what is being done now is not, enough or correct. i think washington can not depend on the iran dominated government of abadi to defeat isis. i think they need to reach out to the sunnis and reach out to the kurds and tehran will never
4:27 pm
allow baghdad, if we continue to just arm baghdad on the hope that they will arm the kurds, and which they haven't up till now, then iran will never allow baghdad to arm the kurds and sunnis because they want to have baghdad and all iraq basically, as its backyard and their territory to have that corridor they have open between tehran and beirut continue to be open. david: let me just say specifically the government in iraq is heavily influenced by the shia. a lot of sunni politicians in iraq think too much so. if there was a sunni government would you be saying the same thing? >> i would be saying the same thing, except the sunni government would never be influenced by iran for instance. the sunni government would be more influenced by western allies. in any case that is the not
4:28 pm
issue, that is not the subject. what we want to do here is basically discuss an alternative idea of what is being done now. the alternative idea is to create sealing r sunni regional government similar to kurdistan. we can arm them now. they have around 10,000 people. we can arm them tomorrow and we can send them and liberate mosul for us to have sunni regional government of which we can convince the people to fight isis with us and in order to turn on isis. david: doctor, i'm sorry to have to cut you off in mid thought here but we have all this breaking news. we have to leave it there but we thank you very much for coming in and fighting the hard fight in iraq. doctor, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: melissa? melissa: stock alert. pepsico announcing a quarterly
4:29 pm
dividend of 70 cents a share. the beverage company says it expects to return 8.5 to $9 billion to shareholders this year. you can see the stock moving higher on the news. david. david: we have another breaking bit of news, update out of greece. dow jones reporting that greek banks are going to reopen on monday. this according to the deputy finance minister speaking on state tv. a lot of people in greece will be happy about that. melissa. melissa: all right. scroll up a little for me there. wall street managing to end the day with small gains but that is not stopping notable names from hitting new highs. we told you earlier about netflix blockbuster quarter but check out some other widely-held stocks like disney and starbucks. financial institutions were particularly strong with jpmorgan and wells fargo just two of the names hitting new highs. everything from drugstores like cvs and walgreens to casey's general store at record levels. david?
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david: coming up he is the 10 billion-dollar man, or is he? whether he is or he isn't, the point is he is not ashamed of it. he is proud of it. will that help or hurt him in the polls? ♪ ♪
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4:34 pm
issuing a statement now on the shootings in chattanooga where a gunman went on a rampage at a naval center killing four marines and wounding a police officer before he himself was shot. peter barns has the latest. >> yeah. that's right this statement from secretary johnson just being released in which he says the department of homeland security is closely monitoring developments in chattanooga and supporting the fbi led investigation. he says we caution that at this time there are many unconfirmed and possibly false reports, false reports about events. department officials are actively supporting the local response to this incident. the department is also enhancing the security posture at certain federal facilities out of an abundance of caution. and we express our condolences to the families of those members of the united states marine corp. who were killed. >> all right. thank you. let's bring in retired fbi agent jeff for more on this. jeff, one thing that we have just learned in the past few
4:35 pm
minutes is the identity of the gunman fox news can confirm that his name is muhammad youssef abdulazeez. with a name like that, there are going to be a lot of suspicions. this was more than just homegrown terrorism. there might have been foreign connection. >> right. and the i think the fbi has been talking in the last several months that there's some threat and that's one of the things that they have been on the lookout for. so yet to be determined, though, that this guy was included in what they might consider this a threat. so that will require a background on this person, to look at his commuters, his communications, his associates. and that's going to take a little bit of time. but initially, you know, you can't make any kind of conclusions. but certainly like you said you don't want to profile anybody. but it may fall into what they described and have been describing as a possible threat against these military . >> well, you don't want to profile anyone unfairly. on the other hand profiling is something that's done all the
4:36 pm
time by crime investigates. of course its gotten a bad reputation because you don't want racial profiling. on the other hand you need to profile suspects in order to get an idea why and how something was done. >> that's exactly right. but, you know, the profile is -- without any information it is just that. an empty profile. so now you get the information. now you figure out where he came from. what country did he come from? how long did he spent here. look at his computer, who has he been communicating with? those are the types of things that the fbi and other agencies work on this are going to figure out to make a determination of what the cause was, what the motivation was. >> it is early time to be baking any kind of conclusions. but we can conclude this. the guy first hit the armed forces career center, the recruitment center. and then he hit the naval reserve ops center. it was about seven and a half miles away. it was a difficult route to do in the time spain. there's a seven and a half
4:37 pm
mile distance between those two spots. clearly this guy knew what he was doing, he knew where he was going, and he knew how to get there. this was planned in detail before it happened, no? >> well, it sure looks like it was planned out a little bit. unless, you know -- unless he was chased away from the first location. i mean maybe he was going to go in there and then something happened and scared him payoff. but if he made it to the second location in a timely manner, which he did, the minimal amount of travel time, he knew the location. so those indicate some planning as to their locations in general. >> former fbi special agent jeff, thank you very much. melissa. >> all right. google earnings out just a moment ago. topping analyst expectation, solid growth and revenue and profits for the world's largest internet search provider. tech engine is at a all-time high in late trading. jumping more than 3% to 646 and now 653. and after hours with tigress
4:38 pm
financial partners, andrew, ceo of pure funds, and we also have dan shafer asset management. let me start with you because you have a very large holding in this. are you temperated when you see that pop to take the earnings off the table? >> that's not the strategies of our fund, so we just track the index and this launched today so we're very happy of the fund. >> what did you think of the earnings? >> it looked very strong and from a data perspective, it seems very positive for the industry as a whole. >> yeah., dan, what's your reaction? >> my reaction is the opposite of that. forgive me. the earnings growth is slowing down. the bottom line is good, but the earnings growth is only over 6%. so quarter to quarter growth is starting to slow down on the top end, and the net earnings here did pop up a little bit because the new cfo was cross cutting. but i'm concerned at a a lot of the revenues are from overseas and they're going to see top line revenue drop even further.
4:39 pm
>> so do you own it right now? >> no, i do not own it. >> you wouldn't get into it obviously. >> absolutely not. >> i don't think you agree with that. >> i disagree. i think the stock is cheap. we don't look at earnings per share, we look at long-term economic profit growth. and they continue to increase by increasing return on capital. i think it's positive. i think the stock is cheap, and it will go higher. >> dan, what's wrong with that? >> nothing wrong with that. if you get the moment of the market, that's fine. my only concern as an institutional investor someone who is looking at growth companies, this company is stalled. the growth is stalled quarter to quarter with the increases year over year from these quarters and, you know, there's so much -- i look at it from a possibility game. there's so many other stocks and companies that are doing much better quarter to quarter growth. i'm looking at it from a technical point of view. it just wouldn't be in my policy. >> that's the common complaint with this dock. how do you respond to that? >> right now i'm looking at big data, but the company trying to make a bigger print
4:40 pm
in the big data area, and i think that's going to be an area of huge menace growth for them. you're looking at enhancement doing with youtube and the programmatic search and they're doing with afterwards. i think that's going to be a big driver going forward and all the data that have made taking on every single day. >> we'll leave it there. thank you to all three of you guys. david. >> nbc may have done the firing, but the donald might end up on top once again. and to higher celebrity apprentice gene simmons speaking out against donald trump and is desired to quote make more money. gene simmons, you don't want to miss it
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the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. special olympics is really about celebrating differences, to create a world where we can accept and appreciate the gifts that we all bring to our communities. technology is the tool to make an impact. it is the tool to make a difference. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time we can invest in our athletes, our work, and changing the world. >> want to make money all night and party every day? legendary rockstar gene simmons expanding his business and speaking out on his former boss donald trump pick up
4:44 pm
might have remembered him on the seventh season of apprentice. thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure nice to see you. >> i was surprised to see -- i don't know if you were surprised to see donald trump topping a national poll for the first time. you look at the usa poll. he had 17% among republican voters beating out jeb bush. does that surprise you? >> nothing surprises me in primary. he's a private citizen, i don't want to come off as a political -- because really i'm sitting in the peanut gallery. but it's many months away before people go to the voting booth and vote their conscious. if you take a look at the iowa primary, hillary clinton was way ahead and third place was president obama who then rushed ahead and just became the president and destroyed the polls. we will see what we will see. but clearly donald trump, who i have to say for the record is a good family man.
4:45 pm
your kids are a reflection of what kind of parent you are. whether you're single or divorced or married, how you are with your children is a good indication of who you are as a person. whether you hate his politics or not is not even the point. let's say you despise his politics. vote your consideration in the voting block. don't demonize stuff. just a quick preamble here to my constitution. you see what i did there? i used big words like gymnasium. as far as i'm concerned citizens of the united states of america, everybody is demonizing everybody else. it's name-calling, the republicans hate the democrat. >> do you think he's doing name-calling? you're an immigrant, your family came to this country from israel when you were young, were you offended by his comments? >> i wanted to take a moment to kind of digest that because we're legal immigrants. america is a nation of immigrants. all of us came to the united states and went through the process of law.
4:46 pm
and i understand the anger and fear that americans feel through generations to 10 to 20, who knows what the number is of illegal agreements, fear breeds anger, fear breeds all kinds of stuff. so i get it. let's be honest with each other on the other hand if you're poor and making $50 a week on the average in mexico and that's what the numbers i'm telling you is, what i'm hearing is. america offers, just like every other country we've heard about, offers a chance for a better life. so they're coming here in the millions, i understand that. so somewhere between running for president and getting the message across of shoring up our borders, there has to be a kinder, gentler way of doing that. i think donald trump is a smart man. >> do you think he's sincere in the president. you knowing him in the
4:47 pm
capacity of a showman. >> he's in it to win it. what you see on the apprentice and the donald trump that i know and the donald trump that perhaps you see is a real guy. he doesn't act. politicians get up there and act. i think people are reacting to his brazen, unapologietic, it's donald trump talking. there's no one there writing his speech. and you can hate the guy, but you don't think for a second there's a guy sitting here. he's his own man, he doesn't care what privates or anyone else has to say. he's saying this is what i believe it in. so this is the system that we all love and respect. let's get all the different points of view up there because we, the people, are the first three words of the american constitution. we're in charge. we're going to be the power to that somebody that is in the government. and let's not demonize that.
4:48 pm
i like trump, we're going to vote for that, i like hillary, let's vote for her. >> is that what you're saying? you're going to like hillary? >> all the parties must hate me because i like all the aspects. the social issues, i'm all for it. you want to get married to the same sex, you have to have crosses in your backyard or not, i don't care. so i'm very liberal on social causes and foreign policy and fiscal issues, i'm very conservative. so what does that make me? an american. what you know party i'm a member of? i'm a member of american part. >> i wish we had more time. thank you so much. >> go to rock end >> on me oklahoma we will, gene, we will. and i've got to tell you. trump's family about trump, by the way, he doesn't share he claims he's worth $10 billion and even if that's not accurate, he's not afraid to boast about it. is that a good strategy?
4:49 pm
fox news contributor matt and steve a browed billionaire. i love the fact that he won the american dream, and he doesn't shy away from it. >> yeah, look, i think americans respect people who make wealth and this idea of demonizing people who are successful in this country or, you know, treating people who have made it in the private sector. is counterproductive and, you know, we -- one of the things that i think most attractive about donald trump, and i'm not for him. is the fact that he has run a business. he does know how to run a payroll. he has been he's not running as a rapport democrat, he's running as a businessman. >> he speaks his mind as gene simmons just said. he doesn't rely on the speechwriters, and that's why he gets in trouble because he talks off the top of my head. but i'm also what this means for democrats because bernie sanders is giving him a run
4:50 pm
for his money. and this might allow bernie sanders to lump trump and hillary in the same basket. >> well, certainly from the standpoint of raising the money. certainly hillary doesn't have the money coming into it, but who does. bernie sanders also is unedit, and that's one of the things that people are drawing to him for. yes, on a progressive side he's getting thousands and thousands of people to come out. but he just did a rally in alabama recently and had a lot of conservativists come out, and whether you believed him on issues or didn't,. >> people apt. >> it wasn't speechwriters, it was him. >> and it's also nice to see unfettered capitalism defended by someone; right? >> well, i mean let's be honest here. donald trump didn't create his wealth. he herniated it, and then he used it as ways to go after
4:51 pm
people using eminent domain. he has been been -- >> yeah. >> no. no. yeah. >> yes. yeah. he also has trumped on his name, and his abilities as a real estate man to win in real fashions. but, yes, you're right. he used some -- >> gene simmons is an american hero who has created lasting value in a way that donald trump has not. >> well, gene simons admires donald trump. team, we've got to leave it at that. >> and new developments of the prison break of el chapo. fox news rodger is on the scene. we'll be right back can a business have a mind?
4:52 pm
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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new concerns about corruption in mexico as hunt for
4:55 pm
"el chapo" does man continue -- guzman continues, the drug lord spend millions of dollars to dig that tunnel. geraldo rivera with more. >> reporter: it is incredible to see the extent of this construct, a mayor infrastructure project they estimate 2000 tons of dirt that had to be dugout in this tunnel. they estimate that would have taken 4 men, working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week at least a year, you should son pictures, air-conditioned. it is lighted. there is rail transportation there. now, mexico is all pointing fingers, they are wondering, people of mexico every front page of every mexican new paper yesterday and today is asking the question, who knew what, and when about "el chapo" grandees scape.
4:56 pm
i tell you they joke here, "el chapo" should be hired to finish mexico city subway line they have so much trouble with. i am he should come on new york to finish the second avenue line, to come up precisely, not in his cell, in that prison, but precisely in the one corner of the cell, by the toilet and shower area, the 2 foot by 2 foot area, where surveillance cameras would not see to give privacy. imagine three-stories down come up hit that shower area of his prison, that requires, equipment, knowledge, expertise some say conspiracy. lighting and air-conditioning, her although river -- geraldo rivera, a
4:57 pm
appreciate hannity tonight. >> a great story, we have a lot more breaking news coming up stay with us. we are beginning a journey, and at this moment,
4:58 pm
we are bound by nothing. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. to keep track of almost five million athletes, in 170 countries, you need a lot of data. up 'til now we've been tracking a lot of data manually. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. special olympics is really about celebrating differences, to create a world where we can accept and appreciate the gifts that we all bring to our communities. technology is the tool to make an impact. it is the tool to make a difference. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time we can invest in our athletes, our work,
4:59 pm
and changing the world.
5:00 pm
i'm still thinking about geraldo piece, deidre bolton is news for us. deidre: picking up where you liftoff, shooter that killed 4 marines hours ago, in chattanooga, tennessee has been identified, an attack at naval recruiting center there, risk and reward starts now. >> it is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. as far as we know, a lone gunman opened fire at two military facilities in chattanooga, tennessee, peter barnes is with me fro


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