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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 19, 2015 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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that america is the most tolerant country in the world. these days being liked is so much more important than being safe. he's now dead. terrorist anwar al alack can i was killed in yemen in a justin cia military operation. two predator drones launched missiles traveling outside of sanaa. he was made in america and is a top recruiter for a worldwide terrorist operation. >> he's like a rock star to jihadists in the west. >> the protector of human rights in the world. >> demonstrates he does not honor his u.s. citizenship. >> with the command of english, arab and the internet, he was linked to terror plots like the time square bombing, the underwear bomber the thwarted
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attacks of the fort dix and what's in the e-mail. >> they have not been made available to us. >> how would you characterize his believes? >> he's a goodman. >> you will see how the married imam with children led a twisted life. >> he was picked up for soliciting prostitutes in san diego. >> it's not far from the mosque. >> violence people do strange things. >> then they blame the west for it. >> the more crimes america commits, the more mujahideen will be recruited to fight against it. >> and we ask was he part of the attacks launched against america? >> that opens up a whole bunch of questions, about the people that were helping him, about the way the u.s. government analyzed them and handled them.
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>> the timing issue is too much. >> i don't know if he's quick enough. it's possible. >> here in new mexico's land of enchantment, the city of the crosses, lass crusis lies at the foot of the oregon mountain range. hello, i'm bill hemmer fox news reporting. april 21st 1971 anwar al alacki the first u.s. citizen on the cia's capture or kill list was born here and so began his american journey. as you will see, there is new information that suggests that alacki was an overlooked player in the 9/11 tragedy. his parents were studying here. after graduating in 1972 his father nasar continued his studies bringing his wife and young son first to the university of know prasfof nebraska
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then to yemen. 27 years later he would come back to america and embark on a path of worldwide terror. our national correspondent kathryn herridge begins. we begin with craig palcott on the streets of yemen. >> reporter: yemen, it's a country like no other. smell the spices incense perfume. you realize you're in a different world. on the southern plank of the arabian peninsula where an intense disregard for the islam faith is strong sharp, shiny, mostly ornamental daggers are must wears, and where the addictive cotton leaf is chewed by individuals for hours. one look at the mountain side rugged baron, corrupt failing state. they've said their job is like quote, dancing on the heads of
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snakes. yemen is the ancestral home of al qaeda founder osama bin laden. after the war ranks of foreign fighters were welcome back to yemen. the bombing of the "u.s.s. cole" in 2008 killed 17 crew members and was the sign of an anti-u.s. threat of al qaeda. early last year they formed up to formal kade da in the arabian peninsula. then there are the tribes in yemen, maybe more important than the government itself. >> in fact the tribes are strong enough when they decide this or that deserves protection. >> the trial of alacki protects them. he has degrees from new mexico state and nebraska in 1978 returned to the u.s. with his
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grandmother. >> it's very big. >> our freelance report er reporter speaks to people. as well as becoming a figure of the ruling party and confidante to president zala. >> is he well respected in yemen? >>. >> translator: yes, very kind. >> author. >> he's in with them. >> and anwar's father groomed his son for the west and the best. the secular high school he attended when he was back here in sana'a yemen, among his classmates. the children of top government officials and business men. after graduating high school alacki decided to return to the land of his birth. >> he returns to america to get
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a college education, but instead it's a journey that will set him on a path to treason. kathryn herridge picks up the story. >> in 1990 he walks into the u.s. embassy in yemen to apply for a j 1 visitor's visa. >> j 1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa. >> ray fournier looks into his past. >> why if he's a u.s. citizen did he get a visa? >> he gets two scholarships before it's said and done. >> he received full funding for two scholarships totaling $20,000 to study in the u.s. >> he has the american passport he has the yemeni passport and when it suits him, he uses the yemeni passport? >> right. exactly. >> he would not have qualified for those scholarships if he had been an american?
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>> no he's absolutely forbidden to have it. >> whose money was it? >> the taxpayers. >> he enters the united states through chicago in june 5th of 1990. on june 6th he goes out to the social security administration and he applies for a social security number. >> he lies about his place of birth. >> paul spery is the author of the book "infiltration and muslim mafia." >> he says he's born in yemen instead of lass crusis new mexico. >> he provides the passport as proof of his identity. >> they issue a social security number to him on june 8th 1990. >> now joining with his education paid for and new social security number he continues on. >> coming up next alacki begins
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. by the early 1990s anwar al awlaki was already adept at gaming the system. now enrolled at colorado state university in the department of civil engineering, he has already lied twice to civil authorities. he says he was born in yemen, not new mexico to get at least $20,000 in scholarship money and
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he lies a second time when he applies for a social security card. that fraud will continue three years later when he applies for his american passport. >> which he does on or about november 18th 1993. he puts down that he was born in lass crusis new mexico and he provides his accurate birth certificate but the social security number he provides is the social security number which he had secured by fraud three years earlier. so it's a continuation of the fraud. >> one of the big issues especially dealing with the middle east is the concept. >> he worked 24 years in the fbi and served as supervisor of the arabian peninsula squad. >> it's a good thing to lie to the enemy if it will advance the cause you're fighting for. >> after advancing with his former colorado state rams in the class of 1994 he leaves for college and moves an hour south
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to denver. he lands in this apartment complex and gives the denver islamic society. >> he's preaching the word of islam at that point. >> the 25-year-old is ambitious and wants to be the imam of his mosque. in southern california al awlaki becomes the imam of a mosque in a seedy part of town. >> the mosque is 10 miles east of downtown san diego. >> he also continues his studies as a graduate student at san diego state university. one man who knows awlaki asked us to conceal his identity. >> what did he look like in those days? >> this guy was small and scrawny. >> on a driving tour we see awlaki's neighborhood firsthand. >> this is san diego. this is like the ghetto. >> was it a ghetto then? >> oh, yeah. >> we go to the mosque on s
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saranac street to learn about his time between 1996 and 2000. >> it was a residential neighborhood with non-muslim neighbors. >> so did you like having the mosque on the block here? >> you know i don't mind it. >> nick chiarelli has lived on this block for 25 years. >> you don't remember this imam awlaki from when he was here, do you? >> dark hair glasses, stands small. >> you know what that probably would describe over half of the people that go there. >> okay. where is the points in your mind where he makes this transition to a radical thinker? >> charlie allen spends 47 years in the cia. he was the first to identify awlaki as a threat to the u.s. >> i believe he became radicalized and realized he had a certain power that he could develop followers with his way
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of presenting his brand of extremism to young people here in the united states. >> when he preached in the mosque did he have a commanding personality? >> i hate to use played out words, but, yeah. yes, he was carries matic. >> and every person among them will have two wives. >> his specialty is painting a very eelaborateelaborate, grachk picture of the carnal pleasures that await the martyrs in their parra dies. >> two wives may be a paradise but for those here on earth he preaches a different story. >> disgusting prophets. the whole thing is disgusting. >> so where are we right now? >> we're about to hit el cajon boulevard which apparently somebody found very entertaining. >> what awlaki finds entertaining were the local hookers. the imam is married with
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children but the 9/11 commission shows he was arrested twice in san diego, 1996 and 1997 for soliciting prostitutes. and there's more. >> he was picked up for loitering around a school. >> i do know that those were charges, yes, ma'am. >> so what was this strip like, you know, '96-2000. >> it was prostitute prostitute prostitute prostitute. >> do you know where he was picked up for soliciting prostitutes in san diego. >> not far from the mosque. >> this holy man, apparently he was getting lathered up by his own sermons. >> you saw the mug shot? >> correct. >> he has a healthy beard, got his glasses on. >> traditional islam is significantly sexually repressive. they cannot have sex, cannot think about it cannot look at a woman. were are you going to have abhorrent behavior. >> author of the book leaderless jihad, he's a leading
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psychiatrist and counter terrorist. >> they blame the west for it. the west is the temptation. >> aside from the hookers his other friends include the 9/11 hijackers. on january 15th 2000 tussauds did i arabians arrive in southern california. >> that's where they settle this. >> the executive director of the 9/11 commission. >> why would he send two hijackers who speak no english to southern california unless there's someone there to help them? >> well this got our attention, too. we noticed that the two men kind of get their footing and then very quickly they make a bunch of goals by getting to awlaki. >> they're getting help establishing housing, things of this nature. awlaki is in the middle of it. >> they move into this complex
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near mount ader road. they travel across town to awlaki's mosque over 30 minutes away. >> the two terrorists had a special relationship with the imam where they met frequently on private meetings after friday prayers at the mosque in a small ante room off of the main floor. >> this was regular contact with the two hijackers? >> right, frequent. >> it's the first step on the two hijackers' american journey to 9/11. >> that mosque at that time is hiding in plain sight. that's not a place you'd go looking for people. >> you hit the nail on the head. when america is hit, awlaki this
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there is always this association between islam and terrorism. >> that is day there's always this recognition. >> after preaching in a small mosque awlaki expands his reach and preaches to thousands. >> you find that people with very limited knowledge to islam. >> the 30-year-old moved to northern virginia. the mosque is one of the largest on the east coast and thousands attend prayers and services each week. >> noted islamic scholar. he doesn't have high credentials, but it doesn't seem to matter because of his personality, his aggressiveness his charisma. >> this is where i first saw
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anwar. it was the spring of 2001 when the funeral of a yemeni woman was brought to the mosque and he was the person who presided over the funeral. everybody recognized him in the room. >> aliahmed is in washington d.c. >> in muslim there weren't enough leaders to be capable of speaking both perfect classical arabic with almost accent free american english. >> awlaki lived close to the mosque here in falls church and when he isn't preaching, he is pursuing a ph.d. in human resource development at george washington university. >> he was the -- a muslim chaplain on campus. >> he also attends classes on arabic sciences in america in fairfax, virginia.
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>> the institute which was a saudi organization university, it was staffed by saudi diplomats, it was part of the saudi embassy. >> it was originally set up in 1998 by the ambassador to the united states. >> it was the most effective organization in getting younger americans in college to teach them about islam, that is osama bin laden's way of thinking. >> those that graduated received degrees in jihadism. they were said to have taught 75 members of the military. >> radical views were being taught at a school by the saudis within eye shot of the capitol? >> yes. >> a radical brand of islam is being taught at this school. four years later, with the help of fbi agents including brian
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wiedner, homeland security and the irs, the school was shut down by u.s. and saudi governments. in april of 2001 two of the 9/11 hijackers attend awlaki's mosque. hosni is joined by another saudi national. >> were these casual connections? >> i tend to believe they were not. i believe the hijackers is a more serious and purposeful meeting. they surely wanted to wreak violence on our society. >> in some sense he was facilitating the 9/11 attacks. >> a month later a 31-year-old army officer named nadal hasan attends his mother's funeral at awlaki's mosque. the alleged fort hood shooter is in medical school in bethesda maryland. from time to time he goes to services but it's unknown if he
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ever met awlaki in person. on that fateful morning in september, they destroy the lives of 3,000 people. in new york city the pentagon in washington, d.c. and in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania and of those five terrorists aboard flight 77 from washington dulles three of them all know awlaki from either california or virginia. in the days following 9/11 awlaki is the media's go-to guy offering himself up for interviews with the washington post national geographic news and pbs. >> when you see the carnage of new york city and washington d.c. >> he sends confusing messages about the attack. >> people are distanceing themselves. when you get away from a llah
1:26 am
this is what happens. >> people would celebrate when 3,000 people died and this is the truth. >> do you think it emboldened him? >> 9/11 opened the horizon of what's possible what's permissible. >> this recently declassified 9/11 document showed the fbi interviewed awlaki four times between september 15th and september 19th 2001. although he admitted to meeting with hosmi, he denied knowing what they discussed. >> he knew them for sure. >> the imam continues to live a double life. >> the feds were investigating. they had him under surveillance. they found atm video surveillance of awlaki with a prostitute from the district of columbia. he had taken her across into virginia and they were considering charging him under the mann act which prohibits
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them from transporting prostitutes. >> he was a tier one person. >> the feds tighten their investigation on the american born cleric but hear how he always manages to mysteriously slip away.
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it estimates my taxes,so i know how much stays in my pocket. and that's how i own it. [announcer]stay in the flow with quickbooks self-employed. start your free,thirty-day trial today at join-self-employed-dot-com. in the weeks after 9/11 the american cleric anw al awlaki born in new mexico is interviewed four times by the fbi. >> really what the u.s. is doing is questioning a whole nation. >> but he soon leaves the country traveling first to london then on to his ancestral home of yemen. >> now is the time to investigate and put together whatever violations of law that might apply to anwar al awlaki since he's not there anyway.
1:31 am
>> ray fournier does the investigation. >> we were working with the fbi. >> in 2002 he was on the radar of customs agent david kane. >> everyone was concerned about a possible second wave. >> u.s. authorities are aggressively investigating al awlaki because of his connection to the hijackers. >> the belief was that anwar al awlaki was a yemen national. >> did you go to new mexico? >> i went to new mexico. i went to the bureau of vital statistics records and secured his birth certificate. it was clear that this person was born in las crusis new mexico and was actually a u.s. citizen. >> fournier uncovers more. >> in 1990 he's issued a j 1 exchange visa. u.s. citizens do not apply for
1:32 am
vees sass. >> that nets him 20,000 u.s. taxpayer dollars. he filed for a passport in colorado. >> he gave the state department his true and valid birth certificate from new mexico. from a surface cursory look at the application, there's nothing wrong with the application. >> but the d.s. agent keeps digging. remember the social security number al awlaki obtained just one day after arriving in colorado in 1990? to get it he claims he was born in yemen, not new mexico. >> the social security was derived by false statements. >> if he committed fraud there, then it transfers under the law to the passport application. >> so you're looking at this paperwork and you're saying i think i've got him? >> absolutely. there was no doubt that we had him. >> and when you went to your supervisor at the jttf what was their reaction? >> they were ecstatic. i mean there was a jubilation that a valid fellow any charge would apply to anwar al awlaki.
1:33 am
>> that's where in june of 2002 then they issued the warrant for his arrest. >> issued by the u.s. attorney's office in denver the warrant states al awlaki knowingly and unlawfully made a false statement in an application for passport. with al awlaki still out of the country, they asked david kane for help. >> i was askedrequested to assist their investigation by putting a record in our computer database for al awlaki. >> what can you tell us about that record system or the database? i think you're referring to the text system. >> text serves a lot of different purposes. in this case it was just subject record that was put in for awlaki awlaki. they asked us to put the record in simply because they had a warrant for his arrest and they wanted to make sure upon arrival to the united states they would be notified and he would be arrested. >> so the clock was ticking? >> right.
1:34 am
>> but in early october 2002 fournier is astonished to learn that they plan to pull the warrant on awlaki. >> on or about the 6th of december is when i flew up to colorado. >> they meet with reps from the u.s. attorney's office which includes then u.s. assistant attorney david gawett. >> he mentioned there was problems keeping this warrant active. he said it should be reskinned. >> the u.s. attorney didn't want to talk to us on camera but the justice department did provide us with a lengthy statement. the bottom line is they thought there was not enough evidence to prosecute the case because the social security administration would say he corrected his place of birth. this eliminated the crucial piece of evidence to obtain his conviction. >> i certainly argued vigorously that this warrant needed to be maintained until mr. awlaki returns to the united states. >> it was clear mr. gowett and
1:35 am
the u.s. attorney's office in colorado were unwilling to listen to the arguments being brought forth. >> when you left that meeting how did you feel? >> deflated. i had arrested over 3,000 felony arrests for passport fraud. i have never had a case where the warrant was reskinned. >> in your entire 18 years you never had a warrant rescinded except this one? >> except this one. >> even stranger still is what fournier doesn't know. within days of his meeting in denver an fbi intelligent report shows that an e.c. is filed on awlaki. one day later the paperwork to pull the warrant is submitted in colorado. that very same day awlaki safely out of the country in months boards a plane in saudi arabia bound for the united states.
1:36 am
>> he comes back to the united states in october of 2002 at j.f.k. airport in new york and is taken into custody by customs. >> these text documents show the incident log when awlaki renters on october 10th 2002. >> not only does he show up on the terrorist watch list. >> he was shown up as being wanted taken to a secondary location. the agents attempted to verify validate that the warrant was still good. they had trouble reaching the fbi agent. >> i received a notification from customs inspectors there. >> when the fbi agent in the case file cannot be reached, border agents call kane. >> i in turn contacted the fbi to notify them that he was here and ask for further instructions to communicate to the inspectors. at that point i was notified that the warrant had been rescinded rescinded. >> but the agent, wade ammer
1:37 am
man, knew that it had been rescinded, yes. >> in this case the agent was in virginia and this u.s. attorney was in colorado so can you conclude that they were working together in terms of the case? >> he was involved in discussions with the u.s. attorney to have this document pulled. obviously he was aware. >> at 7:40 a.m. kane called customs back at j.f.k. >> i relayed the information back at j.f.k. that he was allowed to enter the country. >> they thanked awlaki and his family and sent them on their way. >> on october 8th an e.c. is written by the fbi. on october 9th the paperwork goes to the court. on october 10th the judge deals with the request. also on the 10th awlaki comes back to the u.s. and on october 11th it's filed by the clerk. >> certainly a lot of coincidences there. >> are they coincidences or more than that? >> the question is was awlaki
1:38 am
flipped? >> does awlaki turn and start cooperating with the fbi? that's next.
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>> reporter: on october 10th on october 10th 2002 awlaki is back in the u.s. the motion to dismiss the warrant for his arrest is filed one day before his return. >> is it possible the warrant was pulled because awlaki told the fbi he was willing to cooperate with them? >> it's possible. >> is that a high likelihood? >> i couldn't speculate. it certainly is a viable explanation. >> or did the feds want to follow him? >> you have to be very careful about being double crossed. >> absolutely. >> awlaki travels to his home in virginia. >> when he returned he came to sell his automobile and to settle some personal effects. >> after he's released from
1:42 am
custody he went and met with another american by the name of ali al tamimi. >> he was brought to this house who was a government witness. >> in 2002 this man, al tamimi lives in fairfax, virginia. he was convicted in 2005 he was serving a life sentence in prison. his defense attorney said at the time tamimi had no idea who his visitor was. >> what was written in the pleadings, awlaki tried to get him to recruit young americans to join the jihad and tamimi sent him out of the house and sent him away. >> fbi agent wade ammerman what role did he play? >> he was the number two guy in the tamimi case. >> the very same wade ammerman
1:43 am
that was first called when he arrived at j.f.k. >> there are a lot of things once again, that seem like a very strange coincidence. >> whether there was ever an operational relationship with people like awlaki i think are questions that others in the government can answer. i just don't know. good questions. >> let me ask, what does this guy -- how did this guy get to ali's house? who brought him there? did you tape? the idea that he's going to be allowed into the united states travel around maybe they're shopping is preposterous to me. >> does this look like he is flipped? it's possible. >> we filed freedom of information act requests with the state department to get ray fournier's passport file and with the 2002 electronic communication. it is cited as footnote 33 on page 517 from the 9/11 commission report. we wanted to see if it is
1:44 am
connected. >> the fbi lawyers told us is that they couldn't find it and then when we pushed them on this particular document they then said well sometimes the commission report the footnotes are not always accurate. have you had a lot of problems with the footnotes in the commission report? >> no. we had a cite checking team that actually pulled all the documents referenced in our footnotes and made sure that they connected to the assertions that were in the text. >> fbi special agent wade ammerman declined to speak with us. in a series of conversations with fox news the fbi's foia attorneys over a four-week cited herculean efforts to cite the document. they were hitting, quote, brick walls. we're trying to follow up on leads. on may 17th they told us they found it but we can't have it pending review because other agencies may be involved. then sometime in late 2002 awlaki mysteriously slips out of the country once again, this time to england.
1:45 am
>> anwar awlaki made one of his first public appearances here at the east london mosque in 2003. >> he was really greeted in an almost unprecedented way by a number of islamist organizations. >> and a year later he's on the move again back to his other home in sana'a, yemen. >> welcome to the neighborhood. >> neighbor showed me around al robot, a middle class area where he lived. >> his house is down there with a gate. >> they move into a house separate from his father's a guard building is nearby. we're told this mosque is where he preparedached. >> this is part of his religious grounding. >> they say in the news. >> awlaki lectured at al amam
1:46 am
university in zana. they say this is a breeding ground for extremists. among them john walker lynn its founder is a red bearded cleric who lectures on women's brain power and claims to have cured aids. he was also once the spiritual adviser to osama bin laden and declared by washington as a specially elected global terrorist. he was associated with a charity that raised funds for terrorists. in 2006 awlaki is arrested and thrown into a high security prison. after his release in 2007 he felt he was on in sana'a and he left and headed south to the
1:47 am
rugged mountains. tough terrain is no problem for him using the internet. one of the other ways he gets his word out is through this man, abdullah heider shea. he's brother-in-law of zindani. i sat down with shea. he sticks hard to the line despite mounting evidence to the contrary that awlaki simply provides inspiration for terrorists not direction. >> you deny that flatly? >> translator: yes, this is not true. it is not true. >> especially regarding the two recent terror incidents awlaki has been most clearly associated with the failed bombing attempt on christmas day 2009 and on november 9th the killing spree.
1:48 am
it's reported that hasan communicated with awlaki via e-mail. we asked his attorney about them. >> we have made request for the e-mails that i've read about in the press that allegedly went on between awlaki and major hasan. they have not been made available to us. >> the army psychiatrist considered himself a devout muslim but he enjoyed going to this strip club for lap dances. this is the run down apartment found among the belongings with the business card soa, soldier of allah. >> i was told by a yemeni source he uses the acronym soa, soldier of allah. >> even if i knew i would not be able to comment on that. i have not seen all of them. if you send 21 e-mails, awlaki answered two of them. >> they say one of the e-mails
1:49 am
contains this bizarre request. >> hasan wanted to have fundraising and wanted awlaki to present prizes and awlaki said i'm not traveling to the u.s. >> translator: if you saw the e-mails you wouldn't find anything that would suggest he was directly involved. >> can you see them? >> translator: you can pay to see them. >> fox news declined. coming up next was awlaki more involved with the 9/11 hijackers than previously reported? and he becomes the first u.s. citizen to be targeted on the cia's capture or kill list. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older
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>> reporter: months after 9/11 just months after 9/11 it showed that he had links to the
1:53 am
bombers. this e-mail obtained exclusively by fox news it shows he attended a lunch in a pentagon room on february 5th 2002. more than 70 people whose names were redacted on the defense department were copied. the d.o.d. lawyer who vetted the imam wrote, particularly like how he addressed how the average middle eastern person perceives the united states. besides the connection to the attackers, he had an arrest and he loitered around schools. >> was this shocking to you? >> it was another example of what the department of defense was aware of what the department of justice and fbi knew about awlaki. >> in a virtual world the message is far from muzzled. >> the administration is refusing to release the e-mails exchanged between myself and
1:54 am
others. >> with the upcoming trial of 9/11 cali sheik mohamud, questions remain about awlaki. >> you have two theories. all of those contacts that he had with the 9/11 plotters back then in 2000 2001 were innocent but he gets radicalized into al qaeda guy later. theory two is he's with al qaeda all along and the coincidences are not coincidences. >> does it look like ksm tried to protect information? >> ksm was asked many times about whether there were contacts in the united states and he always from the reports we could read of those interrogations he always seemed to blow smoke in answering questions like that. >> after our report first aired, virginia congressman frank wolf wrote fbi director robert muller asking for more information about awlaki's return. >> the timing issue just -- just
1:55 am
is too much of a coincidence to be reality. >> mr. director why was it in october of 2002 an fbi told customs to allow anwar al awlaki into the u.s.? >> i'm not aware of the facts. we'll have to get back to you. that does not ring true to me but, again, i'd have to look into the factual scenario that you're positing. >> we sent a letter to your office. >> we'll have to get back to you. >> thank you. a former senior investigator with the 9/11 commission said he believed al awlaki's arrest warrant was never issued to them. >> i want to see everything in this time frame. >> that's what congress could do? >> yes. >> ray fournier has worked over 28 years in public service. he says he is proud of the work he and other agents did pursuing the american terrorist.
1:56 am
>> i had a privilege to serve with great people in the bureau of diplomatic security and in the state department at large and jttf to be fair. we did a lot of great cases, but certainly anwar al awlaki is a sour note on all of that. i want to be done with this person. he's a black spot on my memory.
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memory. >> from washington, president obama talked about anwar from washington president obama talks about his death. >> the death of awe can i marks a significant step in defeating al qaeda and its affiliates. >> there are questions that remain unanswered. was he a key part of the plot? did the fbi manage to turn him into an informant? and what's been his role in recent terror attacks around the world? one thing is clear, he turned on
2:00 am
the country of his birth and called for jihad against his fellow americans. in the end, it was the joint cia military operation that caught up with him. >> for fox news reporting,orrow -- tomorrow national ice cream day. >> bye, everybody. security beefed up across the nation. after a deadly attack in the heartland rattles the nation. this lone wolf not only delivering a terrible emotional cost to the victims' families and their community. someone here says these hits could have a widespread impact on our economy. hi everyone. this is "bulls & bears." and the "bulls & bears" this week gary b. smith, jonas max faris, john mayfield with lisa booth and chuck rocha. we see lone wolves across the country. you say that could have a huge economic impact on the


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