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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 20, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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between three and 6:00 p.m. eastern. goodnight from new york. kennedy: two nights apologies to shed apologizing and who should not who was a sorry very soon? we will start with trompe -- donald trump. >> a war hero. >> a war hero. >> a war hero. >> i like people that were not captured. >> the moral failing it was not hard for mccain to re-emerge as a victor. >> does donald trump's zero
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you an apology? >> i don't think so but he may owe an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed. kennedy: yes. that will stay a little bit but donald trump wanted an apology from senator mccain after he had rally from talking about his immigration policies. now not only did he not apologize and obvious war hero who spent more than five years and a vietnamese prison camp he continued the attack. donald trump doesn't like losers but it that may save his battleship. martin o'malley desperately trying to get out of the democratic dungeon. he tried to be fair and
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racially agnostic. >> plaque and white lives matter. all lives matter. kennedy: for some reason he felt he needed to apologize civic that was a mistake on my part i meant no disrespect i did not mean that to be insensitive. kennedy: what on earth is wrong to value all life? the term black lives matter could be divisive but then they put the screws to you don't apologize -- and he should have, with double horn screaming all lives matter. he will they to go on the apology tour very soon with those 37 million astigmatic said users.
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we learned it has ben hecht life fish or have an affair now they changed it to it is about to get all lot shorter if you have been using our site maybe he can kraft a portly worded apology for the ashley madison users. to know the answer to the tennessee shooting? more guns. a server attacked by a shark live on television. and amy schumer hops into bed with c3pl. -- cepo we will break it down. glad you are here. kennedy: said donald feels the heat to from of everyone
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on it john mccain. is is this the final nail or does that killed the road to the presidency? molly hemingway and matt welch. you wrote the book literally you spend a lot of time researching the senator. is a a war hero? >> he is. there is a round of these critiques before 2008 liberals were throwing around but he is captured that is the allegation but once he was one of the worst injuries everybody the shoulder was broken and said he was mangled he suffered more than he was tortured because his dad was prosecuting at the time then defiance among his comrades
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tapping coated to build up morale and the chaplain during the christmas services he was a leader of men while he was then that hanoi hilton not just he was trump is wrong on the fact in addition to being a tacky group. kennedy: he differed from the draft during vietnam. >> four times. >> because the hanoi hilton only had four stars. [laughter] i feel bad for the republicans this is what the mitt -- the campaign is that kid of us softball game. the al does not count just back to play the real gave.
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but now he's taking too many pitches. we want to start the real game. a lot of people are falling over themselves to discount the candidacy but what do you think? >> pundits are political reporters are completely misunderstanding what is going on and he is a blowhard tsa steve then for those you are really frustrated with politicians. they promised they go to washington d.c. to do things but then they are scared of the media the more you yell at him the more he doubles down and people like that. >> there is the category the super grouper outsider. ben carson is like that. people say he make stuff up about christians not allowed
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to come into this country. it doesn't matter when they are attacked that these people say that so pour dawdle. >> we don't want to hear from the press because they already misled us so why does there opinion matter now? i think it is pretty fantastic. running his campaign on billions and buffoonery. i am so sorry it is the new slogan. martin o'malley apologizing after telling protesters all lives matter. the audacity. the endemic of apologies what is the difference?
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>> he messed up the shows he is not ready for prime time. how to run for office and not to say that all lives matter will cause trouble. but also the democratic party is owned -- is in trouble if does not resonate with the general population and makes no sense that the democratic party was like the red brigade that is what it looks like to the outsider. >> that is why i said i think that phrase is divisive unless you are a black activist that is not a rallying cry but for that reason alone whether or not you think is right that schatz people of. budget which shows a bigger flock? >> o'malley is more important and.
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if there is any attempt to speak more than 30 seconds he is a dime and a bad person. kennedy: you will move to iowa and new hampshire. [laughter] >> o'malley is silly but he is the most deserving he made his name by boosting or cracking down the war on crime. disproportionate racial impact than he deserves a lot his criminal-justice record but people tried to use black lives matter much more than people's actual record and bernie sanders has said he's a record. >>. >> so what is the worst part? >> probably those that said
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who is martin o'malley? >> i really did see him open up. >> one but then i vomited. lie with the obama administration tried to compile a secret data base to organize by race? and tom brady deflated balls. and the "topical storm". stay here.
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♪ kennedy: according to a new report of the ndp oppose the administration is collecting large amounts of data to separate by race or a database for racial and economic justice including information to document disparities between minorities and whites with
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individual credit scores to employment records. by panel joins us back. molly you have done a they knelt job but it explain disparate impact. >> is a hotly contested issue but the supreme court gave the government more authority to try cases on the basis of people not being fair so they need more data. but just to see what they're doing wrong. kennedy: the census is very passive it basically says who is latino hr caucasian or pacific now they're taking a much more active
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role aggressively pursuing ways that stadium institution is whether banking or education and then to sellout more than one box. [laughter] kennedy: i did not know that. >> we have the database we all have to be white or black or asian or latino i a defy them to go to the gallery that even to assign those four categories. you cannot do that. kennedy: what happens if you are mixed-race? how do they put people into categories? >> if you have read drop of black blood or x lead.
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[laughter] the administration has a record of lead size airshed not be any problem. >> did you see health care? it will crash. your data is saved. these and the same people that will impact ashley madison. kennedy: we're not talking about that tonight but i wish that we were. i fear that a couple weeks ago i brought a baby charles manchin -- charles manson is winning the race war. because i feel like every site possible ties to separate people and it is horrible is an awful feeling to think society is ripping apart at the seams along racial lines stick back have
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been easily predicted eight years ago there is a piece written for reason to say the election of barack obama shows a watershed moment the way we talk about race which is way beyond black-and-white but that turned out to be dead wrong. that has regressed we do have maurer testimonials in communities that are under cover. that is a great thing but the way we have reacted. kennedy: his team said it will force more segregation even though that is the opposite. >> let's not forget the government has a horrible track record to manage information it accidently hit over 40 million records records, a personal information to the chinese they were not even hacked that they gave access. i am so worried about that
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but the idea to be of bigger and better database? >> they shed getting out of that computer business. >> our government is a grandparent. we need to stop them. with the unlimited expense account normally you can isolate the problem. >> bet that nigerian boy. we have zero or a full - - waterfall correspondence going. i have not seen any correspondence. [laughter] one part of the solution and then a surfer fights off the attack being shark by punching it under water. kelly slater will join me in a few minutes. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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kennedy: the shooter killed for raisin fatally wounding a sailor. details have emerged on the shooter including the disturbing diary in here to discuss it is a national security analyst, welcome back. talk about muhamed he is one of those people that, lot of law enforcement agencies are worried about the self radicalized we don't know when he was radicalized you say the lone wolf is not alone. >> they are in contact with someone else he is not just hanging out in a basement and it happens.
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they take a trip overseas right now his friends say he went to jordan then came back very different and started to buy assault rifles and complained about u.s. policy in the middle east that is the point you should go to law enforcement kennedy: talk about that because he went to jordan his plate -- the parents said he is not right he is hanging out man smoking weed and drinking too much very non muslim thing so we will send him to jordan who is he going to hang out with? he comes back radicalize which i think is much worse than smoking pot but then looked into the background of bader is investigated to have ties to the foreign terrorist group to a broader point that they also found out he was writing his back
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as far back as 2013 radical stuff. but that just on isis it does not work. kennedy: that process happens very quickly. there are plenty of places to find it there is no shortage of the people of the same age group but he happens to be -- homicidal and depressed i think the gun free zone i cannot imagine why on earth they're worrying as you were not alarmed. >> it defies common sense anybody in favor of gun-control once intense regulation and the servicemen would pass that. so they can be alarmed at places especially if they
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are a number one target. kennedy: look at canada have deal assume they're not the target? that these facilities are doing that to people but then to get as simple death wish it is much easier to target people. >> so if you go after someone to get these rewards if you go after the military that is more glory than civilians which are the easy target and other groups would say to go after civilians is not right but the military? kennedy: that is the double dash i've been have been. they need to communicate to say knocked off. how do we make that happen?
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>> that is the only thing that would actually work on people with such a deeply rooted irrational beliefs. >> but when i says radicalizes people there so attractive because there success is the endorsement that is the main argument what does that mean? now it means they do not endorse them any more so what happened for to meet -- allah to abandon me. they were talking on line and tell the accounts were shut down left and right. kennedy: thank you for being here the deflated balls has a heavy price tag.
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carlton is next.
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kennedy: if i were a watering can i would point stowe raison you all day long. this is the "topical storm". coming courtesy of twitter. if you had taken million you would name it laura and shower her with bubbles and reptiles go together.
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if you love the video why was it meowing? i am so confused of the order to have manhandling the voice. number two. get the groupon tom brady's balls as much as they tried to put it behind them and keeps popping up at the auction house they sold off one of the allegedly decided balls from the game when the patriots beat the colts in in january. how much? $44,000. publisher if they intentionally did -- to bid
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indians there is way more than and a gulf clap in response. [cheers and applause] number four. this nascar driver with the flaming front tire shooting of flames. the change one but there is still burning tires left inside he had to get out he was so upset the race was interrupted. look at that.
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they have their own fire suppression system and built-in. number five. growing up together in africa and inviting me to the u.s. to show how a seattle life party he thought he would show the a good time and tell he introduced him to the roller coaster. kennedy: the cross between childbirth and excitement. if you have weird stories you know, what to do. #"topical storm".
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up next jaime schumer is catching heat who does not like that a photo shoot? and i will tell you what happened when i ran in any your triathlon. stay tuned the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good. iran keeps their nuclear facilities.
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military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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kennedy: the satirical french newspaper known for cartoons that satirizes privileges including islam that will no longer bird drop cartoons of the profit muhamed.
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saying the decision had nothing to do with a terror attack. our panel is back. matt is a free-speech expert who lived in france. why are they say never again? that they will never again drawn the cartoon? limit a were blown up a couple times and people were killed. after the world called them racist after they were killed it is an exercise to be the free speech champion the bravest newspaper out there to do things other people will not do that after words they were hailed to be brave but they were also targeted by those that they respected to be those that were obsessed with
8:40 pm
muhammed in ways that they were not it is absolutely true in this case the terrorists have won. >> but runs counter to all of ways to have responded to a claims. >> that is understandable. one of the main cartoonist to said i.m. done. i am surprised they are publishing. >> they also have not been publishing the cartoons and after words they said the chicken thousand times violence wins. i think that is part of a process to read knowledge they have won the reason you're not publishing them issue are too scared.
8:41 pm
but every did it publish stories and images. >> there is hypocrisy all the way around. but you say there is the understandable fear obviously. and the vast majority of publications even if they are a free speech organization will not publish these types of cartoons. >> after they have been attacked all is forgiven with muhammed on the cover most news organizations did when dash did reproduce that cover but "the new york times" was the exception to not even publish a final photo of mohammed used to be on the courthouse they are so freaked out but it there are so few other publications willing to do
8:42 pm
this in general cemetery is strength in numbers. then who'd do you draw? then that will be held there to say cannot believe day one. - - day one. kennedy: coming under fire with the "star wars" theme photo shoot it is brilliant on the cover amy schumer is in the bikini she also poses topless with c3po they are all smoking cigarettes. the producers said they did
8:43 pm
not participate or condone the use of our characters live in this manner. >> i feel exceptionally qualified to discuss this because they open for her behalf bonding grab to visit disney world they're trying to preserve their little wholesome they can charge $22 for acorn dog. if you have not been to disney world it is just that people on scooters eating turkey legs. they do not even have rides in the more. >>, a conversation as we have had if you could have that many turkeys? >> where are they getting this? >> have a new shield your kids from this level of
8:44 pm
pornography? >> my kids can only watch me diver reruns' until they are 18th birthday. >> you are a aroused all this question mark not on national television. >> entry be sensitive right now with comic-con coming back in october. kennedy: thank you so much june the panel. -- to the panel. inaccuracy in the unbelievable video of the shark attack i will talk to kelly slater who witnessed the whole even. turns romantic,
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♪ kennedy: of a professional surfer escapes the jaws of a shark one and finn was circling then he punched in the back and listen to how kelly described what happened. >> then it just popped up. i thought he is coming under and i could not get there quickly enough. kennedy: 11 time world surfing champion also there during the attack and embraced fanning after the
8:49 pm
incident. >> hello kennedy. kennedy: we were watching all of the computer and i saw the head by a dead restarted to watch the event and i know how big that was but it looks huge. where were you? >> i was actually serving. i've lost in the 78 -- the semifinal heat i was surfing for another half an hour right where the attack happened i was there three minutes before that then they started the key to i came upon the beach right as it happened. kennedy: what did you see with all the votes going out? >> we have to jansky's and
8:50 pm
the boat with water patrol and a film camera hand water safety. the only time they would ever interfere is if somebody is injured and there is only one wave that was a couple minutes before them all the votes with its bright blue dash straight into the lineup. i could not hear what was happening but i knew the only reason is if somebody was hurt the only way to be hurt with no way this is a shark. >> there are tons of sharks. kennedy: have you see them when you are out surfing regardless of a contest? >> yes. one time when i took you surfing i saw one that i did
8:51 pm
not tell you. that was in florida. [laughter] i am just joking. i have seen lots of them. but i am sure they were sniffing around. >> could was more shaken up? >> i'd think julienne was just too emotional because he felt hopeless but or helpless but fanning is pretty rattled. he cried a bit yesterday and this morning. he was just crying. imagine that happening to you it is hard to relate.
8:52 pm
i still laugh when i think about it because i am uncomfortable but it is so unbelievable it happened during an event. i am not even caught off guard that could have been out here for bi have seen a shark out here at the i was bitten in half a couple years ago literally just a bit in half. so that's what makes me take i am not that worried but obviously it was very scary at the moment and he was shaken up but i really believe it was after of beit he got that sometimes they will those up with their interested in.
8:53 pm
bay check -- check them out as they are curious so if they are attacked they will play into that. it did not breach on him. i think it got caught in his leash not headed is that long but it is the destruction that is how they sense their prey when they roll their eyes back a sense i feel something must have stock because the job is cut the leash. maybe it was coming up for a double but somehow it just missed him and his board. kennedy: area surprised he punched him? >> no. what would you do? that is an instinct to fight
8:54 pm
for your life. >> that seems like a man the reaction. >> you never know what you do and tell that situation i have met survivors and friends that have been there when others have lost their lake. the only injury he has the tidy bit of skill in missing off his knuckle where he punched the shark. kennedy: that is amazing i know you lost a lot of friends but did something like this makes you rethink your profession? >> no. not at all. i was surfing half an hour of cater. jim maya -- two of my friends were in the water within hour.
8:55 pm
kennedy: i hope they never find you delicious. thanks for talking to me. i competed in the new york triathlon over though began to. next.
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then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. kennedy: it is the nightcap. yesterday was the swim cap biotech, and the new york city triathlon it was fresh and hot and delicious started with 1 mile swim down the hudson with a favorable current as we were lined up is that a dead fish? a recently deceased carp that is a sign of good luck.
8:59 pm
then they closed off the parkway for the 40-kilometer bike -- i cried that was here earlier a than i anticipated. but the run was a doozy i snapped a picture run into central park by farha hardest -- hottest triathlon have never dead i have done in three and hawaii in december the rate with that humidity was slightly less comfortable to put the treadmill into a sauna. fox business sponsor the event. they said don't sock -- suck. the answer for watching.
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. a menagerie of exquisite specimens. >> leopards, lions. >> skinned stuffed by a master. >> not everyone can take something that's dead and make it look alive. >> elk, moose, deer, goats. >> walking into someone's life long obsession, commitment, passion. >> antelope, water bucks, dikers, these lines are from night at the museum. >> that was a big get. >> can his sons get this legacy to pay off? or did they inherit a dying business? >> nobody has an inhet


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