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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 22, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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you think it outrageous that president welcome went to unites first, taking his nuclear deal with iran before going to congress. that is it for us tonight. senator james long ford tomorrow, good night from new york. kennedy: you. i am realizing this election is not just about social media, who can put out most awkward facebook video. that prize would have gone to louisiana governor bobby jindal. this is the tinner election, loaded with suters who hope their meaningless slogans make you want to hook up. what do you do on tender if you like someone in you swipe right, that is what these elephants are hoping for, let's see how field
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stacks up against my swipe. jeb bush. been considered favorite but too many presidents in his family, i aiswiping left, carly fiorina, i am keeping her, swipes right. there he is, bonni bond bobby j. fun slogan, still not enough, left. how about that rick perry, fake glasses, he is good on criminal justice reform, he had a shot last time, no. left. rick santorum, no ♪ chris christie, hell no. how about marco rubio, he speaks spanish and has nice lips, swipes right for now. look at that ted cruz, a bon ona
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fide bomb thrower, he will be fun in debate. he is in. huckabee, bad mouth women on fox he never had a shot with me, out. left. ben carson, the good doctor, spent too much time around brains, and has eaten them and most likely a zombie, i am swiping left, governor pataki, semi retired, put him out to pasture, governor walker, great on unions bad on corporate welfare, and too boring. john kasich. his buckeyes run climb football national championship, don't let the door hit you where the lord split you. he is out. rand paul, he will give free eye exams to lovers of liberty, and haters of cataracts, he is in. right.
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and inlan-- lindsey graham, can. the donald? i, agree with almost nothing he stands for, but he makes hillary clinton really nervous employee will give him a contingent swipe right but only if he faces bernie sanders. i am not feeling a love match, i need someone well versed in the law, who will up hold the constitution, and sexy. do have you my match? yes. president andrew napolitano. i love the ring of it, that is just right. on show, hillary clinton, tries to look cool on small cap chat. -- on snap chat, and fails. >> and a restaurant owner erupts on a crying child to shut her up, she is catching grief for it, what would the panel have done? >> this is 85 anniversary of the twinkie.
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i have a try the for you, twinkie sushi. yum, yum, so much more coming up, i am glad you are here. this kennedy. kennedy: hello, good evening, ohio governor john kasich jumps into the race today, rounding out g.o.p. sweet 16. never has republican party seen so many candidates in recent history, but who really has best chance of winning? let me welcome our panel. joanne, co-host of red eye. and joe devito in a very classy plaid, and jamie weinstein at the daily caller, panel, i am asking you this question, who makes your presidential podium. you saw my swipes?
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>> to win, i think no question bush, and george h.w. bush has one more year of eligiblability left, jeb bush has raised a lot of money, he has a good record in florida, rubeo is a lot of people's second choice that turns out what you need to be. i think scott walker, seems to be a compromise pick. he has a strong record in wisconsin. kennedy: you are a political expert, you just -- >> i am not an expert but somebody looked at my top 3,. kennedy: paper and notes, looking? >> not fair. >> jeb bush first. because know he is a bush. some good brands there. kennedy: great branding. >> second is my love, marco rubio. i don't know what it is about him, but when you feel it, trust it.
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kennedy: tingle. >> and a tie for third. kennedy: no way. >> scott walker and trump. kennedy: what! >> what public wants they have a lot of that going on, we'll see more. kennedy: like a jennifer aniston -- you can't decide, joe? >> sweet 16. instead of march madness it is november sadness. i would say bush, because he is a legacy. that is about all. ted cruz, i think combines that coveted presidential g.o.p. characteristics of experience. dullness and ina billty to win, and trump because america is realizing we're ready for a dictatorship. kennedy: no one soured on trump yet. i keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. but as long as donald doubles
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down he is my triple d . >> we want him in first debate. that will be entertainment. >> as a journalist, there is no question, we want a trump presidency that would be never ending fun. but as an american probably not. kennedy: i know a lot of -- michael malice was first to float this idea this would make more narcocapitallisms if we had president trump or sanders, it would show flaws in the empire. >> you get to read prison dispatches from jonah goldberg, and. from the trump presidency. kennedy: they would be rounded up. and also put in prison. hillary's latest attempt to be cool, she release a snap chat video to let us know, what she was up to this week in cedar rapids, watch. >> i'm just chillen in she'd
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arashied arapin cedarrapids. kennedy: would this push you over the edge. >> they give you a free bottle of hillary urine to take home with you. >> it is very dark. >> she is -- there is no role she plays worse than hillary clinton, where she is sohiel kabirobotic, iam just chillingif earth. but not as bad as some other, one this ted cruz, with him dressed as a leather daddy, said i'm cruzzing. kennedy: i would vote. i would throw off my independence mantle, jamie, how cool is she? would you mille melt her with yr
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fiery lines. >> i don't understand what idea that we have to have a cool president came about. reagan tried to be cool, he was cool because he didn't try to be cool, you look pathetic, what do you think putin thinks,. kennedy: bring it, i will reset your button. joanne, you were disappointed with her grammar. >> there is a g at the end of chilling, we do not need this womans if a role model for our children who are already suffering in or education, we need to promote good grammar. kennedy: you are right, they are suffering, dumb and hungry, thanks to michelle obama. >> mitch mcconnell and hillary got into ative abou tiff about s playing the gender card.
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during a q qhillary responded there is a gend arer card playen this campaign. -- refuse to let women -- so, you know, my god. you say that hillary clinton is much more than a woman. >> yes, also a grandma, a wife. candidates play to their strengths. she is one of only women who are running for president. but, i think playing gender card, i think americans want to see a woman, it is time that there is. but her other card is one of dishonesty, not very personallable that car trumps -- >> the trump card, the one she
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is most terrified of, who is hillary more scared of seeing in white house? donald trump or bill clinton. i think she would have to decide, now, she talks about equal pay. responding to mcconnell, this woman did not pay men and women equality when she was a senator. is shiad the midding she is a -- admitting she is a republican man? >> i think so. the thing is, kind of a gender pay equity gap is always exaggerated. but mcconnell is right, she -- what inspires her supporters? not her record or great success in libya, it is fact that she is a woman, would be first woman president. other is that some democrats think of house days of her husband, they think they get bill. not a stellar background for someone running for president that reason people vote for you is symbolic or your husband.
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kennedy: rod, am i right? >> conditio can't live with them. >> mcconnell, chose a g.o.p. does not know how to address this issue, this plays right into her hands. >> she is strokes the hairless cat. >> and can portray herself as a victim. i would like to think that someone's gender is irrelevant. we're not heady for that female -- ready for that female president, i think that gender gap in her own office is part of her plan to phase out to get not any white house interns,. if she is elected president there will be no interns. kennedy: no, do you think bill is a predator? >> he -- >> like a sci-fi? >> if you are a republican you
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would say that is inappropriate for the workplace but we don't hear that because everyone loved bubba. kennedy: that might be a entertaining story line to follow, coming up next more with panel, a presidential candidate blames the rice of isis on climate change.
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kennedy: oh, that billy cogger an makes this litter -- little, what harp in my heart sing. good news, we know reason for rise of isis, democratic presidential hopeful, martin o'malley has the answer. >> one thing that preceded failure of nation state of syria the rise of isis was the climate change and mega-drought. kennedy: that is it, now we know. when you mix a lack of a rise in temperature with lack of water you get a call fit. saying same as man-made climate change? >> no, this gets dangerous.
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it not. i think reason why, a lot of people on left are searching for the other reasons to justify the radical terrorism, is because it is easy, so easy to say it is global warming that caused or climate change, because climate change can't get offended. kennedy: i am so sick of it. i have to ask you, does o'malley have a side hustle in who is he gaining. >> i think that there are two option one oh, male i o'malley n or playing a moran to get tom steyer money, but, he is factualy wrong. every study that i read, that terrorist are smarter and more educated than their demographic
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tears. kennedy: there -- peers. >> there is a part that places blame on western united states, interesting thing 'this quote, he talks about drought and client at change causing terrorism, that is such a stretch. he have to create a global middle class, that when you strengthen and lengthen those in place like china and india, you create classes of people who consume more fossil fuel, and that logic they are worsens man-made global climate change. he is full of all starts of o'malley malarkey. >> if you watch that clip, he was doing all right until he said for example, then he gave the most idiotic example. it is interesting how far back do we go for because o terroris, back to global warming.
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i think -- i wonder if isis hears these lames correlationing and thinks, hay, islamic first word in our name. if you look for why? that is what the i is for 92 come on. >> don't you get it. kennedy: notice, in moderate climates you never see islamic radicalism. lou: radical. >> not in hawaii. kennedy: you are not blowing people up, maybe o'malley is on to something. changing my vote, i am never changes my vote for best panel ever they will be back, we'll talk about a diner owner getting nutty, and berated on social media for telling a screaming child to such the hell up. -- to shuts the hell up. >> and new twinkie recipes that
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involve bacon. >> and which one of these hit movies did not feature twinkies?
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kennedy: an issue has gained spotlight is crackdown on sanctuary cities. largely refuse to cooperate with federal immigration policies, san francisco authority released a man despite a request from federal officials to keep him in custody, today her father testified in front of a suspect at hearing. >> he was released from jail, allowed to stay here freely because of those legal loopholes, it is unbelievable to
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see so many innocent americans killed by undocumented il immigt felons in recent years. >> this situation is horrific. what can the cities do to better cooperate with federal authority so this stuff does not happen. >> cities like san francisco are not trying to cooperate, not as it they were trying and something got lost in the cracks, this is part of the divide over immigration, city like san francisco, and there are others say, we're don't top cooperate with you, because we think you will have us put innocent people in jail, and run policing run a muck. they are wrong, the system is broken. of course, we need a system with better teeth, and more reins so we can make city like this, who don't want to cooperate,
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cooperate, and give up felons like the person who shot missteinle, but, we -- miss steinle, but we don't want to go crazy, right policy somewhere between what trump is falling for, and san francisco sheriff who is saying, i am not cooperate at all. there is a difference between cooperating about known criminal or asking people in hospitals and parent teacher association meetings what their status is. there is something in between, feds, you know. law is in a reasonable track, whether we feds call you up, and want you to hole someone to deport -- hold someone, so we can deport them, i do not see how a city can say no. kennedy: i agree. if i was a residents of san francisco, i would be up in arms, they are responsible for keeping people safe, but known
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bad people should be boot the out. or detained. >> right, you know, just a subtle, the demagoguery is getting to the cresting here, so, you , of course, bad guys like, that get rid of them, and cities have to cooperate. and immigrants rights idea there should be no cooperation with local cops and feds, they are 100% wrong. but, cops don't want to be in position of you know asking people in hospitals, so, you -- just you know does not sound like an issue there should be balance but the answer has on be right answer for problem. >> and answer is not calling if for more bureaucracy. it not let's throw more government at it, thank you tamera. kennedy: this man is accused of being drunk on the job, possibly last job on the planet where a person should be drinking.
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start guessing what he does in a living. >> a wedding dance goes wrong, when brides maid are getting
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kennedy: go ahead always good to look your best. for topical storm. she was not wearing a skirt, but a dress, a brides maid's dress, fellow grooms man thought he would pull bart connor, a epic wedding dance fail. that is my favorite par part, rt
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there. no, he tries to help her up she falls over. i have to say, she is a real knock out. >> topic two, there are some jobs that just don't mix with alcohol. arair traffic control achieve among them -- chief among them, philip, ap an air traffic controller in spring dale arkansas tried to fill up his belly with hooch while a pilot was trying to get his attention to land his damn plane, a coworker was september to check on the drunk bastard, found shirt less irk sleeping in his chair, they call a cop, they
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found him in a small fridge, drinking out of a bottle of water, denying he was drunk. i think i might be able to save them time, and money, the guy was hammered. from drinking too much alcohol, the end. topic three. 100 points. daniel radcliffe starred in harry potter. but last movie came out in 2011. what has danny been doing with his free time? ♪ clearly harry was absent the day they taught dope rhyming sasha
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salama at hogwart -- slang at hogwarts. you are not the real slim shady, do you not deserve to stand up, here is shootage of what eminem did when he hear the fail. kennedy: eminem looks so young and blond. topic 4. one stage. rumor of backstreet boys, n'sync don'ty western mash up movie -- zombie western mash up movie is in the works. they have all signed up in a futuristic western about a group of zombie killers, brought to
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you by folks of swrar "sharknad" justin timberlake will not be part of the film. >> topic 5. >> kim kardashian breaks the internet now she wants her daughter to break a sweat. northwest, only two has been given, a personal trainer. since no one in kardashian blood line has achieved fame through any shred of talent, help the poor child from following in too many of more of mommy's big butted footsteps, kim, not wasting time with getting her next child in shape, turns her womb into a personal gym, and hired a tiny fetus trainer, that so gross, but you know it is
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true. if you would like to see stories on topical storm, you know i will see it. >> coming up, a symbol of american junk food, the twechgye celebrating 85 years, famous tv chef is here to show you what you can do with your twinkie. >> and a diaper getting backlash
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kennedy: it is the killers, welcome back, owner of marci's diner in maine faces backlash for refusing to acol jie apologr yelling at a crying 22year --
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2-year-old. >> i turned around, slam both hands on the counter, and said, this has got to stop. >> well the child's parents let mercry loudly for over further -- let her cry loudly, for over 40 minutes because they ordered three pancakes and did not let the child have any. what would you do? >> why do you take kids too restaurants. i spend many years as a server, if you get the table with kids, you say i don't really want to do this, you give child food to shut them up, kids are kids, you are asking them to sit for over an hour. the parents came back said, we didn't get pancakes for 40 minutes, there is a tit-for-tat,
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i would not have handled it this way, i would pay for their meal, ask them to leave. kennedy: i don't think it is worse thing in the world, when you have a crying child, you have to shock them into silence, but it rude to take a kid to a place, where they are uncomfortable that puts everyone in a bad situation, joanne, you are right, you take snacks, erny person of a preschooler knows that. it takes a little box of cheerios. so kid has something to do with, play and eat, and you don't withhold pancakes, you do the math. >> my initial react, part of what makes america great we love children we suffer through crying, that is what you are supposed to do, it worked, i think that parents would have thanked her saying thank you for this new strategy to get my kid
12:41 am
to stop skying crying they shoud have left a bigger tip. kennedy: you say yell at parents? >> i think they misunderstood this restaurant with pancakes they give you something to cry about. >> don't yell at the child, but yell at parents, there are someplaces that are not appropriate. kennedy: i think she was doing whatever she could because there are a lot of others. >> you don't ruin people's meals like that. kennedy: when you are on a plane, it is different, you are trapped, but you are in a restaurant, you can walk outside, go to a restaurant, a play ground. speaking of physics, stephen hawking and uri millner have teamed up to search for etra test rally life.
12:42 am
>> it is time to commit to searching for the cancer o the e beyond earth. kennedy: i love he is sticking with the speak and spell voice, even though it is 2015. he is so retro. is it enough to fight them, when we find them? >> no, i think he is changed his earlier position, which was, if there is intelligent life we might want to keep a low profile, looka. kennedy: that is what you say with many decades out of you. >> i guess, he was paid off with some of that money. >> not a bad idea. >> what is this project asking for trouble? look at human history, they did from one location to another we treat each other horribly, we didn't think we arrived in new island. kennedy: you know it ends badly,
12:43 am
but they will be sweet, maybe we can talk to people. it is -- it is called breakthrough listen, that was not writ' by an english speaker. >> i agree with you, i am worried, that we'll upset the aliens, they will get us, deputy he go to russian oligarch school? you don't help see int science,s supposed to buy fo another yach. kennedy: what do you do with that money, you can pretty much do whatever you want with your money. >> that is thing, people have most money, they spend it on weirdest stuff because they can, they are not interested in finding a cure for cancer, they are like someone will put their money to, that i'm putting my money to fun stuff, then you want to know, is it out there?
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what about when you get a yes,? then what? why do we want to know so much about this extra tessic -- extr. kennedy: it makes me so sleeping thinking about it spanish mayor is first in country to create an official after nap for the city. mayor of adore declared from 2 to 5 :00, official time that residents should take off for afternoon siestas, don't let children play too loud outside, just give them pancakes. >> this is, i can't believe this is not official already in spain, siesta is common thing in spain for these hours, no one does anything, in unrelated news, one of the least pr producktive countries -- least up productive countries.
12:45 am
kennedy: i would nap for 3 hours a day if i were a russian billionaire. >> 3 thundershowe hour nap are . sleep is great for your health, we should look at you know comparing health of our country to spain. you know, we're not a very healthy nation. kennedy: more sleep, more red wine what else? >> i am a big fan of naps, what makes a nap better than sleep, while you nap you have a satisfaction of knowing that other people are out doing things, you are just dead in the middle of the day. kennedy: i aflawe applaud spains be the productive country. >> the germans are not taking
12:46 am
any naps. kennedy: do you want them in charge in. >> i would like to thank you for being here, jamie, welcome back, kotter. and joe devito, and joanna, we'll see you later, coming up. twinkies are delicious by themselves but they taste better wrapped in bacon, tv chef george durant shares his twink
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kennedy: twinkies are an american classic, several hollywood blockbuster future the snack cakes in their plot, we asked you which of these movies
12:50 am
does in the show love to the tw, in ghost busters egone uses it, and in die hard, and deer hunt hunter. in sand lot, ham and small snack on a different street. >> you want -- s'more. >> we all remember dark days of years back whe twinkies were yam shelves, they are back, and better. in cookbook celebrating 85 app versery of the twinkie, all
12:51 am
shorts o strange and delightful recipes, a recipe to cookbook, here is here, george welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: a lot of creativity went to the cookbook. >> twinkies 85 years old, they asked all of america to send in recipes, that chose some of the best, they blendly asked me, i say the they'd this one, i -- i said take this one, i created for them, twinkie by pies. kennedy: and a wedding cake. you nida need almost 8 pounds, t you can make a twinkie wedding cake, but you combined several elements. >> i have takens twinkie, one of my favorite ingree ingredients .
12:52 am
if you wrap it on a frozen twinkie. we're going to deep fry it. 1 i -- now brown, crunchy grab your bacon fried twinkie dip inside of chocolate let's cover it in chocolate. kennedy: get on my twinkie. >> that means a lot of different things. look at that. kennedy: it is covered in goo. >> beautiful. kennedy: i've got. >> you put sprinkles, you get a gorgeous -- that looks fantastic. who is going to lick those fingers. kennedy: i have a staff eager, jared litter.
12:53 am
>> all of the nice sprinkles on it, covered -- >> a plate of chocolates twinkies reminds me of my prom night. >> cookbook has my recipe, i was like okay, i was honored, i made sushi twinkie, hello? kennedy: what? >> if i didn't have dreaded silliac disease, i would gobble it up, how do you make twinkie sushi. >> you take fruit leather, you wrap it, put gummy things on topping i like sweet and savory, i am grabbing a bacon covered fried. >> tell me about it. people need to eat, gluten-rich items then tell us how yummy it is.
12:54 am
>> one bite is not enough. kennedy: take more. how about one of those? gobble. >> the sushi one, sure. there is no bacon on this one. kennedy: if you mix it with that bite. >> i don't know, man. kennedy: tv chefs they know how to eat on camera. i would be covered in a puddle of my own sick. i want to dive into your kitchen, and i want to make history. >> as long as there is no gluten. >> fine, i'll eat this, and tons of other recipes. kennedy: you can enjoy it twinkie strawberry short cake, and corn dogs in here. coming up, we have reached that time of week, your love or hate or mail.
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kennedy: all right, time for that time, welcome to view are mail -- viewer mail. let's get cracking, janelle, quote, my old fart huby and i love watching you, i love you standing up for breastfeeding momsi. keep it up for telling it like it. >> you said you were an independent but i heard you before saying you are a libertarian, which party is for you? i am a registered independent, a small libertarian, a philosophical libertarian. but thank you. >> enough about me, rob wants to talk did the donald, trump does not have a pc won't in his body -- bone in his body, it is
12:59 am
awesome, defended a drug lord, good, liberals have been trashing whic conservative amers for ever. >> this week we talked about general electric offering unlimited vacation to their employees, bob thinks unless you are young and have an interest, vacations are boring about after two weeks, i don't know about that, i can do fun stuff for three. >> jennie said, unlimited vacation sounds break but coming back to triple work stacked up blows away any left over fluffy vacation feelings, so true, lastly, i was left with fashion advice from jimmy price, quote, kennedy, yellow is your color, followed up with, pink is your color. it is good to know i have options. at easter. i am drunk on your delight, thank you for watching, the show, my bacon wrappe wrap twin.
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