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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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you can't take it with you. ♪ ♪ you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would like to hearnext. we're talking lou dobbs and talking fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we're learning more each day about the obama iranian nuclear deal, and the more we learn, the more it appears this administration has thrown our national interests to the wind in favor of a strange gift to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. congressional republicans have been utterly helpless and bubbling in their rolesa the loyal opposition to the deal. but two republican lawmakers are now accusing iran and the international atomic energy agency, a u.n. agency of constructing secret side deals with iran on its nuclear program.
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the tales of which neither that agency or the white house intend to share with congress or the american people. the obama administration has now acknowledged iran and the iaea have, quote, reached an understanding, end quote. but we've also learned now there are no documents. only agreements, and that those agreements incredibly are not in writing. but that's just what the ayatollah khamenei demanded and publicly proclaimed would be the case weeks ago. we take up all of this and more with senator james langford, former ambassador to the united states john bolton, former national security council staffer gillian turner. what has president obama done and why are the republicans seemingly doing nothing? also tonight -- president obama insists the irs scandal is not real, and even
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if it were, he says, it would be the fault of the gop. mr. obama, incredibly, blaming republicans for not providing enough money to the irs to allow it to do its job, and a stunning new poll shows big trouble, big trouble for hillary clinton in key swing states. we have all of those numbers that should be raising concern within the democratic party and her campaign, and again, incredibly, all of this is not picture perfect for even the 16 person field of republican candidates either. and two of the republican candidates who insist donald trump, well, be somewhat cautious, tone it down, they are the ones who should be afraid tonight. it appears mr. trump has discovered twitter. we'll have more on the 2016 campaign, reagan white house director ed rollins joins us. and our top story tonight, the shocking lack of
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transparency by the obama administration on the nuclear deal with iran. two republican lawmakers claim iran struck secret side deals with the u.n. nuclear team, deals that the obama administration is aware of, of course, but not trying to reveal to either congress or the american people. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with our report. >> reporter: two republican lawmakers senator tom cotton of arkansas and mark pompeo of los angeles say the iaea informed them in vienna that the u.n. nuclear watchdog reached two quote, unquote side deals with iran, one governing access to the suspected site of clandestine experiments with high explosives, the other surrounding the nuclear program's possible military dimension. secretary of state john kerry briefing lawmakers on the deal
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today acknowledged he himself had not seen the text of the iaa's separate deals with iran. >> i can't imagine any member of congress returning to the district and telling constituents they're going to vote for an agreement of this historic importance when they haven't seen all of the documents. >> reporter: top obama aides denied hiding any of the agreements with iran. >> that we drafted or were part of drafting, and all documents that have been shared with us by the iaea. >> reporter: in early july, iaea chief quietly traveled to tehran to finalize the terms of agency inspections, the documents memorializing are held by the two parties and the substance is no mystery to washington. >> we have been briefed on the documents, we know their contents, we're satisfied with them, and we will share the contents of the briefings in full in classified session with
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the congress. >> reporter: appearing "the daily show" late tuesday, president obama invoked a republican with a reputation for hawkishness on national security. >> typically they're vague and fall back on, well, if you beat your chest a little bit more. >> if you had done it in 2011. they'd give you the country. >> or brought dick cheney to the negotiations. >> let's not get crazy. >> everything would be fine. >> i'm not sure why the president was so fixated on my dad there. certainly, it would be hard to have gotten a worse deal. >> reporter: today marks the one-year anniversary of "washington post" reporter being held captive against his will in iran. his fate was not tied to the nuclear talks and the post has signed urgent petition to the u.n. human rights council asking that body to work for his release. lou? lou: james, thank you very much, james rosen reporting from the white house.
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turning to the irs scandal. the president last night outright denied that the irs had targeted conservative groups that the event ever happened. and the president also claimed the scandal was congress' fault. listen, if you will, to his remarks which left even "the daily show" host stewart shocked. >> look, you got this back office, and they're going after the tea party. no, congress has passed a crummy law that didn't give people guidance in terms of what they were trying to do. they did it poorly and stupidly, but that becomes -- [ laughter ] >> but -- >> you really do only have a year left. that's unbelievable. throwing it out there. >> this is important. but the truth of the matter is that there was not some big conspiracy here. they were trying to sort out these conflicting demands. you don't want all this money
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pouring through not for profits, but want to make sure everyone is treated fairly. lou: which is why the president and his administration obviously have turn over all of the e-mails, not in any way destroyed evidence, and have been totally forthcoming, especially the political employees who manage the agency. incredible. absolutely incredible. the president making those remarks despite the fact that the treasury inspector general concluded that the internal revenue service did give tea party and other conservative groups and their donors extra scrutiny, to put it kindly. and mr. obama's own justice department is still conducting a criminal investigation into the targeting. the house is on track to vote as early as tomorrow on legislation that would cut off federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities. cities that simply refuse to enforce immigration laws. the issue brought to the
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forefront in a national debate now, after the murder of san francisco's kate steinle, at the hands of mexican illegal immigrant juan francisco sanchez lopez. never should have been in the country in the first place. a five-time deporty and seven-time convicted felon. today, the judge set a date for him to return next tuesday. his appearance in court comes a day after steinle's father appeared before the senate judiciary committee, to pass tough new laws targeting illegal immigrants. president candidate donald trump, trying to bring attention to the issue of border security. he is visiting the u.s.-mexico border tomorrow. he will be in laredo, texas for a tour with border patrol agents. growing calls for the sheriff of waller county in texas to resign following the controversial death of a black driver in her jail cell.
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28-year-old sandra bland was in the local sheriff's custody and control when she died last week, in what a medical examiner called suicide by hanging. family and friends dispute the finding. the waller county district court says the investigation into her death is being treated like a murder investigation. she was found dead three days after she had been arrested during a traffic stop. a texas state trooper pulled her over for not signaling a lane change. the roadside encounter quickly escalated into a shouting matchesa the officer tried to pull her from her vehicle. >> mind putting out your cigarette, please? >> i'm in my car, why do i have to put out my cigarette. >> i'm giving you a lawful order. i'm going to drag you out of here. >> you're going to drag me out of the car? . lou: that video criticized for
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having technical gaps and glitches. texas officials say the video was not edited or manipulated, and claimed the glitches were created when it was uploaded for public viewing, which would be an extraordinary occurrence. we're coming right back. stay with us. much more straight ahead. planned parenthood engulfed in scandal, shocking undercover video, and calls now for a full federal investigation of the abortion provider. that story coming up. and new concerns about the internet of things. hackers driving one of the most new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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. lou: our guests now, one of 11 senators asking attorney general loretta lynch and hhs secretary sylvia burwell to investigate allegations at planned parenthood is selling fetal organs. two undercover videos have now been released by the center for medical progress showing planned parenthood senior executives talking about price per specimen of fetal organs. employees of a federally funded
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organization violating federal law. joining us now senator james langford a senator of the intelligence and homeland security committee, he's introduced legislation to defund planned parenthood while investigating it for illegal practices. senator, good to have you with us. let's get right to it. first, i think a lot of people would be shocked to know that federal money to the tune of more than half a million dollars is going to planned parenthood. >> it is, half a billion dollars a year going to planned parenthood and they separate that funding off and it doesn't go towards abortion, it goes to women's health, they don't provide health services, they provide screenings. the things like community health centers, there are other places we could direct that money towards. planned parenthood is taking it and we're seeing some of the results what they do with the money. lou: and what can be done about it?
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i have not heard so many people, so shocked about anything as the idea that people are selling -- planned parenthood is talking about selling the organs, the tissue of fetuses that have been aborted. >> it is shocking, the way they portray it, and what they're doing. you hear in one of the videos a negotiation on price, trying to figure out how much they can get for it. they don't ask for too much so it doesn't look like a lot. they're taking a child and talking about crushing its head to preserve organs to sell the organs and the hard part for me is not only hearing that but to hear the callous discussion about crushing the head of children where they don't think it's a human being in the womb but selling the organs. i would say it was a human in the womb. and to hear the conversation this is for medical research to protect other children, my first question is what about the child that they crushed in
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the womb and harvested its organs and sold the organs? let's start with that child. there's an easy way to protect that child, not to kill them in the womb like that. lou: we, as a nation, have become so desensitized. >> incredibly numb. lou: about the issue of pro-life pro-choice, which are to me, extraordinary labels for the issue. we're talking about it being either pro-abortion or antiabortion. >> right. lou: but for 60 million people estimates as high as 60 million fetuses have been aborted in this country since roe v. wade. we're talking about a federal law that prohibits the sale of human organs and we have video evidence of precisely that happening within an organization that receives, i think in the minds of many people inexplicably over half a billion dollars in federal funding.
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and carly fiorina asked the right question, what kind of nation have we become? >> yeah, the question they ask the people last thursday was have we become so numb to this? i was in an appropriations hearing and we spent almost an hour talking about humane treatment of orca whales at seaworld and talked about humane horse slaughter techniques and we don't want horse slaughter in the united states. at the same time, we have children killed in the womb where head is crushed and organs are harvested and people don't have a problem with that. that is incredibly numb society to the problem going on. for the child that is five months in the womb, we're not talking about this infant that's barely there at that point in pregnancy. we're talking about a child five months in the woom to be harvested is very, very sad. lou: does your leadership have the guts to hold hearings to do something? frankly, senator, i think the american people are as disgusted with the ineptitude
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of the loyal opposition as they are with the administration that is carrying out these policies and ignoring these, these acts. >> i don't hear anyone standing up right now and defending planned parenthood in what they've done. i hear people say they were taken out of context, the entire video is released. you can watch the whole hour, it's not out of context, it's really what's happening. i dropped a bit. i have a bill to defund planned parenthood entirely. no surprise to anyone that knows me to say i don't think we need to send half a billion dollars every year to that if we take women's health issues. let's give it to women who deal with women's health. let's defund them during the investigation, let's not be funding them during the process. lou: let me be plain, will senator mcconnell, will speaker boehner, will the majority of republican presidential
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candidates for 2016 stand up on this issue and insist upon a public dialogue and debate? >> i know speaker boehner has stepped up publicly and called for the hearings, organizing the hearings in the house. i don't know who's coordinating it in the senate. we will have votes this week on the floor of the senate. yes, this is moving and the letters -- i have two different letters, one to the department of justice and one to hhs as well to make sure they protect documents that they don't destroy all documents or send the documents to a server in chappaqua, new york and try to protect them. lou: we're out of time, i have to ask you this because this is a developing and breaking story. the idea that this administration does not have, nor has it revealed to the congress of the united states what is in those site agreements which people didn't know about until today, between the iaea, a u.n. agency, and
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the iranians on inspections. what in the world is a loyal opposition doing here? what are you all going to do? >> we're in the process of -- lou: were you aware of it, first of all? >> i was not aware of it until yesterday. yesterday was the first day i was made aware of it. we started pushing the documents to get it. and found out the administration can't turn it over to us because they don't have it. we're pushing on the administration to say how can there be a site agreement, we want to get the document. we are in the process of walking through. that had an hour and a half meeting with john kerry that we walked through great details on this and had a lot of questions about it. there's a tremendous amount of skepticism. i'm in the middle of that to say how in the world could we have made an agreement that turns over billions to the iranian government and says we're going to trust them and make sure that occurs? i can tell you their behavior does not warrant trust.
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lou: senator lankford, always good to have you here. >> thanks, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you. and a warning to all jeep drivers. hackers can take, absolutely take control of your vehicle! wired magazine publishing this demonstration of two professional hackers who take control and crash a jeep cherokee. remotely. the magazine shared the information with fiat chrysler the maker of the jeep cherokee they issued an urgent software update to protect all drivers, but there is much more to the story and we'll follow it throughout. up next here, a few thoughts on a president who has certainly succeeded in one respect. fundamental transformation.
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and energies who have been trying to build a flying car for a century now, well, one of them just succeeded. watch this, here next.
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. lou: the justice department has filed federal hate crime charges against dylann roof, the gunman who killed nine people in a charleston, south carolina church. roof already charged with nine counts of first-degree murder. legal experts tell us the murder charges are enough for the death penalty or enough to keep roof behind bars for life. the justice department could be attempting to add additional pressure for unknown reasons. attorney general loretta lynch suggests the hate crime charges because she says the shooting was racially motivated, without speaking to his state of mind, whether he is insane.
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few thoughts now, if i may on a president who has chosen to stop at nothing to fulfill one and only one of his many promises, as he prepared to take office in 009 to fundamentally transform america. it was an outrageous promise, most assumed it was the rhetoric of a president-elect's euphoria in his historic moment. our president, however, has delivered on his promise negotiated away any american advantage, negotiated great jeopardy for regional allies and in so doing, made a mochrie of what should have been constructed by all nations involved as a treaty. but mr. obama made even this negotiation styled as a p5+1, the culmination of his unilateralism and dismissed our congress, our constitution, our citizenry, our sovereignty as a nation, as irrelevancies.
11:29 pm
president obama carried his grand hist to the ayatollah and iran to affirmation before even considering putting before congress. speaker boehner and majority leader mcconnell look the part of irrelevancies as they bluster rather than lead, but are proved to be incapable of measuring up to the president's intellect and ambition. they just watched helplessly as mr. obama dispatched his defense secretary to the middle east, where the hapless secretary carter yesterday further insulted our israeli allies, and today did the same to our saudi allies. but the saudis understand the betrayal and prince bandar even speaks of military action in the face of the now far greater iranian threat. the israelis have held their tongues, but silence has spoken loudly over the past months of this obama madness. and now we learn that mr. obama
11:30 pm
not only has hidden the terms of his agreement, but has also deferred the national, the national interests to the united nations international atomic energy agency. side deals. secret deals. permitting secret side deals between the agency and iran which are not memorialized in writing nor in documents that should be in full view of the american people as a treaty. >> there is no secret deals, but between iran and the iaea, that the p5+1 has not been briefed on in detail. these kinds of technical arrangements with the iaea are not standard practice. >> we have been briefed on the documents, we know their contents, we're satisfied with them, and will share the contents of the briefings in full in classified session with the congress. lou: not to suggest to you that
11:31 pm
i am, well, powerfully angry at the actions of this administration, and its disrespect for our constitution and our public, but i have to tell you i think it's damn big of mr. obama and his administration to even think of us. it must be a terrible strain for authoritarians of their striped to acknowledge that the nation and our people have an interest in the consequences of his grand fiats and proclamations. we are in the midst of a sorry sorry state that we have only ourselves and our votes to blame. now our quotation of the evening by one of the most important advocates of modern globalism who said -- the words of david rockefeller american banker, the oldest living heir to the family fortune and globalist.
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we're coming right back. hillary clinton just can't get it going, and people are starting to notice. new polls show big trouble for the anointed one. that story here tonight. and what could possibly go wrong when you strap yourself to the hood of a jeep cherokee
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. lou: the main news of this
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hour, the white house has admitted the existence of side deals between the international atomic energy agency, a u.n. agency, and iran, that do not include the united states or the so-called p5+1. which is one of the most ridiculous terms. national security adviser susan rice said the deals aren't secret, that she refused to disclose details. imagine that. earlier this week, the obama administration sidelined congress going to the united nations first. the gop doesn't seem particularly upset. more on that in just a moment. it's long been a part of new immigrants gaining american citizenship that they take the oath to defend the united states of america. not anymore. the obama administration says incoming citizens can now skip that part, if they so choose. it gets messy sometimes. we're posting a link to the story on my facebook and twitter pages. please go there and let us know
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what you think. the citizenship and immigration services asking for a new rule. we put up that link so you can tell us what you think and we'll let them know what you think. please go there. on facebook and twitter. lou dobbs news and facebook page is lou dobbs tonight. joining me former united nations ambassador, senior fellow, john bolton. also with us former white house national security council staffer under president's bush and obama jillian turner. the national security apparatus of this administration seems to be operating with an independent view of what is the national interest and it is one that s inexplicable to most americans, what do you think? >> i think the short-term objectives for the administration are that this deal creates a thaw in the
11:38 pm
u.s.-iran bilateral relationship, and that it translates into a completely normalized relationship which, as you know, is a very dangerous -- >> downing it's anthetical to u.s. interests? do you think it's extraordinary dangerous to the united states and our allies in the region? >> i do. as we speak, the iranian raem continues to sponsor their proxies and egregious human rights violations against its own people and continues to insight sectarian violence across the region. lou: where is the republican party, john bolton? where are the presidential candidates? my god, we got 16 of them! they are silent on the issue. we're saying there are side deals between the iaea and the united nations agency, and the iranians and our national security apparatus and our president and our state department has no idea of what those details are?
11:39 pm
>> i think this issue ought to be at the center of the presidential debate. this goes to threats to the united states. threats to our closest allies like israel, and, you know, it turns out the first job of the president of the united states is to protect the country. that's what ought to be the focus of debate because barack obama and his two secretaries of state, john kerry and hillary clinton, have punted on this one. lou: gillian, i mean, we -- those following this negotiation for two years, talked about the desperation of the obama administration have a deal any, deal, a bad deal, a horrible deal. talk and reporting capitulation by this administration to iran on nearly every level, whether it's inspection, whether it is retainment of centrifuges and fissionable material, and now there's no mention of capitulation to the united nations which the president of the united states shows to send this deal for affirmation rather than the congress of the
11:40 pm
united states. where in the hell is the outrage? >> there's been some outrage, you know, on the part of concerned citizens, as you mentioned, but none from the government. you know, now the administration has taken this sort of iran deal show on the road, right? and yesterday's meeting between prime minister netanyahu, secretary carter was opening night abroad. now by all -- lou: and an insult to the israelis, and an insult to the israelis. he went there with nothing, john? >> nothing. lou: and goes to saudi arabia where prince bandar al-sultan, former ambassador to the united states says we're going to take action ourselves. >> never in the history of the state of israel has it been closer to saudi arabia, that in their mutual rejection of obama's deal. they both see the consequences of a mount st. helens iran, and that's why this latest story about these two iaea deals with iran is so important.
11:41 pm
both agreements are mentioned in the deal, it's just our secretary of state hasn't been shown what they say. lou: nor the national security adviser nor anyone else. the specificity is so annoying. >> exactly. lou: but they're critical to the implementing a of the deal. >> but the iaea can't say we find no military dimension. lou: do the republicans, either the republican candidates or the leaders of the house, speaker boehner or leader mcconnell, do they have the guts or the inclination to stop this? or the ability? >> look, i think congress should not be focusing on the highway bill. i think they ought to be talking about the direct threat to american national security. >> they're not. >> that's what the people should demand. lou: that's a hell of a note, as they say. . >> that's what i would have campaigned on. lou: not too late.
11:42 pm
john bolton, gillian turner, thank you very much, gillian. thank you, john. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, we'd like to hear what you think about that. cast your vote at tonight. well, a stunt goes terribly, horribly wrong and it's all caught as it so often is these days on video. a stuntman at greenville pickens speedway in south carolina clutching the hood of a jeep, as it smashes through a burning wall, but things -- geez! that is horrific. but things, it's fair to say did not go well. he is up and running, as i hope he would. he was run over several times as you see there before the jeep stops. the stunt men gets up. he runs off the track and incredibly, nothing broken, only minor injuries.
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it's marred to imagine, but there it is. our lying eyes surely wouldn't lead us wrong. incredible. up next, hillary crumbling in the polls and an american astronaut heading to space for the first time, thank you vladimir putin, thank you, russia. we are so deeply in your debt. why are we so unkind to him? he takes our astronauts and puts them in space. we're coming right back with are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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. lou: joining us now for the latest in the 2016 race and it's a beauty as you can tell, former reagan political director, fox news political analyst, ed rollins. let's turn to hillary clinton, we've been looking at everything else. she's getting killed in these polls. is she in desperate trouble? >> getting close. the polls came out where she's got the terrible marks, and we have three candidates that aren't the nominee beating her in iowa, colorado and virginia. if we win iowa colorado and virginia and florida and ohio, we win the presidency. she's down under both those. but the biggest issue she has
11:48 pm
is people don't trust here. lou: how about biden, will he come in and save the day? o'malley -- he apologized for saying all lives matter. what the heck is going on with that party? >> they're drinking the kool-aid. i think at the end of the day, she'll be the nominee because she has the coalitions that matter, the african-american community, the women and certainly the labor unions, but she's going to be a very weak candidate and never live up to the expectations and certainly doesn't have the skills of her husband. lou: trump. my goodness gracious. >> he's gone from being a distractor to being a destructive force. you can't be out knocking everybody in the own party. lou: why the hell not? wait, wait, i want to ask you. we have never seen this situation. there will be 17 candidates. he says that they're basically all milquetoast pablum, he has people talking about illegal immigration, the deficiency of
11:49 pm
leadership in this country. the idea of a billionaire populist is kind of absurd. >> i work for billionaire populist called ross perot 24, 26 years ago. lou: how did that work out? >> it didn't work out. lou: actually it did. you are being modest. you got 17%? >> 19%. if he stayed in the race instead of dropping out. he made bill clinton president. my fear is trump along the line will drop out and run as independent. if he does, clearly hillary clinton will be the next president. lou: the republican leadership calling him up and telling him to tone it down. it's one thing. >> i applaud perry, perry slugged back today. >> i like perry. >> he's a much better candidate than he was four years ago. he has a great story to tell. we have good candidates, they have to break through the maze we have going on now. >> i love the way you put it.
11:50 pm
>> or whatever it is. and fortunately for us it's a long way away. lou: it's choice! republicans and conservatives are supposed to love choice, they got choice. >> more choice than we wanted. like a game of two headed poker. your pair of twos may not look like one of a kind but hillary is one of a kind. lou: all eyes on trump, he's the only one talking straight. plain talk, i don't care who, i don't have a dog in this hunt. man he's doing one big favor for the republican party. he's got people talking a little straighter. jeb bush even used the word disruptor the other day. that's a big word for him. >> he could be a more meaningful force if he would talk about other issues beside what he started with. lou: i'm thrilled he's talking about trade. he's the only one talking about what an idiotic deal, not idiotic deal, one of the few, the iranian deal. >> the truth of the matter is
11:51 pm
the target is hillary and what you do every single night, we beat up on president obama and his follies to a certain extent. lou: we speak truth, sir. ed rollins, as always, we speak truth and great insight. >> nice to be with you. lou: move over jetsons a massachusetts company made a flying car. fold out wings, two propellers. top speed, 200 miles an hour. look at that thing! i love that. the flying car won't be in show rooms for another 8 1/2 -- what? 8-12 years? what are we doing here? and they've even projected the cost of $400,000? aw! don't tell me! 8-12 years. let's talk 8-12 months, get money on this and let's get it moving! speak of moving, thank goodness for the russians, we're moving to space.
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a russian soyuz capsule fired out of the star city in kazakhstan, the international space station, the destination thank you, russia, one of our astronaut, japanese astronaut, russian cosmonaut for good measure, they sent them up to a five-month mission to the iss, we're paying russia $76 million a pop, or perhaps a seat, to take our astronauts up into space. boy, we've come a long way. up next, donald trump gives out lindsey graham's phone number. the senator responds with a golf club and lighter fluid! look out, this thing is heating up. red eye co-hosts andy levy and can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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can a business be...alive?
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lou: joining us now co-host of red eye. joanne, and fellow co-host of red eye, on fox news, not mr. new york, andy levy. good to have you here. let's start with donald trump, insult generate or, brought to you by the desperate folks at "time" magazine. >> i am surprised this was not an invention of trump himself, i feel as a businessman he would get on top of this capitalize on his own, outrageous things he says, i love it, it is great
11:57 pm
but it shows that public thinks of him for entertainment. more than a politician. lou: you do -- it is already i know andy you love trump. >> a huge trump. lou: as much as you love our polls here. what do you make of it. >> donald trump is established. you know he now establishment, i don't like him because i am antiestablishment. lou: did not take him long there no. >> donald trump is a establishment rhino, we need an outsider to take him down. lou: strong talk, jo? >> i will not be that strong person, i am weak. i don't know, i think this first of many apps that will be developed throughout next, 15 or 16 months. lou: is there like a lindsey
11:58 pm
graham ap app that says jackass jackjackass of all things that don trump has done. that is the worst. he generated a lot of insulted of trump, calling him a barking carnival act, a toxic mix are demagoguery, ford were modern day incarnation of the new nothing movement, et cetera. >> that et cetera is loaded. lou: how about ashley madison. 37 million people, they are hacked, this is a cheater site they have 37 million people. >> karma is a funny thing. >> woe. >> listen they say cheaters never win. >> they do?
11:59 pm
>> they get caught. this appears -- i want to feel bad. lou: first guy got exposed today. >> yeah. lou: do you the math. >> that is it as a collective sigh of relief. >> this is a real threat, you talk about somebody exposing themselves to blackmail that is great. >> it is great? >> great for us. lou: the pope losing ground in the polls, getting hit hard. how badly do you feel. >> popularity is cousin of vanity. a holy man like the pope should not be concerned with superficial things like that, he is fine. >> not like he has an election to worry about. i don't think he cares about
12:00 am
polls. lou: a lesson in that. why does it feel like a morality play here tonight, thank you. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, be with us tomorrow, congressman don collins, good night from new york. kennedy: what are you watching out for, i am giggley and giddy, i am watching president fabricate function of government, he is an unapologetic state estimateest, last night he had this to say. >> government works better now than it has ever given what we asked it to do. kennedy: all right, let's parse his arse, given what we ask it


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