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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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. >> do you have a story you would like to share with us? we'd love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go to our web site. e'll leave you with the man himself, lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton tonight facing possible scrutiny by the justice department after allegations she sent classified information in e-mails while heading the state department. government watchdogs for both the state department and the intelligence community discovered mrs. clinton sent at least four e-mails that contained classified information. they've now asked for investigations. also tonight the obama administration lecturing israel over its opposition to the nuclear deal with iran. secretary of state kerry responding saying it would be a huge mistake as he put it for
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israel to take military action against iran, and kerry said further that should congress kill this deal the international community will blame israel. we take up the administration's hard sell on iran tonight with former cia director ambassador james woolsey. and congressman mike pompeo. donald trump once again leading the republican candidates for the 2016 nomination. this time in name recognition. so should the republican establishment begin to treat him better? after all, he has unlimited funds a populist message resonating with the public, and a complete disregard for conventional wisdom logic and politics. we take it all up here tonight. but first, the top story, the ever worsening clinton e-mail scandal. two inspector generals at the state department and the intelligence community asking
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the justice department specifically the fbi, to open an investigation into her use of a personal e-mail account while she was secretary of state. that after an internal government review has found that mrs. clinton sent at least four e-mails from her personal account that contained classified information. the government watchdogs making the discovery after reviewing just 40 e-mails in clinton's inbox meaning that many more of the clinton e-mails, some 30,000 of them may contain potentially confidential secret or top secret information. the state department does not believe any of the e-mails she sent contained classified material, and mrs. clinton herself insisting exactly that back in march. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail.
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there is no classified material. so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements, and did not send classified material. lou: but, of course, she destroyed those e-mails and so we at this point have only her word. the "new york times" first broke the story in today's paper, and then significantly altered their report online after the clinton campaign complained about their article. i'll have a lot more to say about that in my commentary here tonight. the obama administration continuing its aggressive defense of its nuclear deal with iran. secretary of state kerry today pushing back against criticism from israeli prime minister netanyahu who says the deal is a historic mistake. kerry going so far as to warn israel that its opposition could backfire. >> i fear that what could happen is if congress were to
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overturn it our friends in israel could wind up being more isolated, and more blamed. lou: the president also lobbying for the deal in an interview with the bbc. president obama brushed off concerns that iran will use the billions of dollars from sanctions relief to boost funding to terrorist organizations across the middle east. >> does the irgc or the quds force have more power? probably as the economy improves. but the challenge when it comes to hezbollah, aiming rockets into israel, is not a shortage of resources. lou: congressional critics not convinced in any way. some lawmakers led by democratic senator bob menendez threatening to reauthorize sanctions against iran which are set to expire next year. the administration calls his move premature.
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president obama became the first sitting american president to visit the african nation of kenya, his ancestral home. much of his schedule, official business with talks on trade investment and counterterrorism but it is also of course a highly personal visit as well. kenyans view him as a native son and many put up signs reading welcome home. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke traveling with the president with our report tonight. >> reporter: president obama made history becoming the first sitting american president to visit kenya. while it was not his first trip to the homeland of his father, it was the first as the leader of the free world. certainly not free of responsibility. the trip comes as the specter of terrorism continues to spread throughout east africa from somali and uganda with al-shabaab reaching the collective.
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the bbc was told the u.s. is doing all it can to help fight back. >> the cooperation of counterterrorism between united states and kenya and countries in east africa is very strong, and part of the subject of the visit is to continue to strengthen those ties to make them more effective. >> reporter: kenya is desperate for help. al-shabaab ravaged the country with devastating attacks when more than 60 were killed at a kenyan mall, and in april 2015 when more than 140 more were killed at a university. the terror war isn't simply waged on the african subcontinent. in syria turkish warplanes bombed isis for the first time who are close to completing a deal to allow u.s. and coalition forces to use airbases to launch attacks against isis. >> this is the decision turkey made for its own national defense. the opening of related
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negotiations are subject to a different negotiations and process. >> i don't want to speak to, there was some lightning bolt of revelation here, we have been talking about deeper cooperation with turkey for some time. >> reporter: if completed, the deal would create a significant advantage for coalition forces and the fight against isis. >> this is about 60 miles northwest of syria so it's not much time to get into the actual operating zone, so from a military perspective it's a big plus. >> reporter: while i have a moment, i'm going draw your attention to the famed israeli spy will soon be released from custody. we've been talking to senior administration officials and pushing back forcefully against the reporting telling us there is no such relief imminent lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke reporting from kenya. and with the latest on the
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jonathan pollard story and as always, thank you, kevin corke. the issue of mental illness in this country at the forefront after a lone gunman opened fire on a lafayette, louisiana movie theater last night. two patrons killed nine others injured before he turned the gun on himself. police say 59-year-old john russel houser had a history of mental health issues. fox news correspondent will carr is in lafayette, louisiana tonight with the report. >> reporter: a fun thursday night turned horrific in a matter of seconds as an innocent group was gunned down as they were watching a movie. authorities say this man john russel houser bought a ticket to the new comedy train wreck at the grand theatre in lafayette, and stood up pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and shot two people in front of them. he fired at the audience reloading at least once.
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>> how does the happiest place produce somebody full of hate and eville to stand up in a movie theater and shoot people. >> reporter: witnesses say at first they thought the shots were part of the movie. >> we saw a lady with blood all over her leg, i grabbed my child and all ran. >> reporter: houser ultimately shot jillian johnson her family said their hearts are shattered. mayci breaux was also killed. authorities believe houser tried to blend in with the crowd and saw police officers and went back inside. >> we know he had at least additional magazine which he dropped in the lobby. he reinserted reloaded and returned back into the theater at which point he fired one additional round and that was into himself. >> reporter: local and federal investigators are digging into houser's past. they say the 59-year-old was a
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drifter, born in phoenix city, alabama and living in a molt6. inside his room investigators found wigs and glasses. they're investigating his blogging s. fox news has discovered documents that show houser's wife filed for protective order in 2008 alleging houser committed, quote, acts of domestic violence which ordered him to remove all guns from the house. >> i see in 8 and 9 he was treated for mental illness. >> reporter: authorities are moving methodically with the investigation they're honoring two teachers both of whom were shot. without a doubt she helped save lives. lou? lou: will thank you very much, will carr from lafayette, louisiana. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. . the obama administration on an all-out pr blitz trying to
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sell an iran nuclear deal that just about everybody says is terrible. and israel has a stern warning for the obama administration. and tonight every driver's nightmare a big rig truck on a narrow stretch of road. it loses control and it's coming ♪
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. lou: breaking news now, a u.s. official telling fox news that two russian military helicopters overflew a u.s. navy warship off the coast in the baltic sea over the past 48 hours. the official noting these types of actions by the russian military are become more frequent. on the 4th of july two russian bombers flew within tens of miles of the california coast and delivered a message to the u.s. fighter jets that intercepted them. their message was direct and simple, good morning american pilots. we are here to greet you on your 4th of july independence day. we do not have a record of the reply by those fighter pilots. the united states gaining an important ally in the war against the islamic state. turkey finally joining the
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fight. the reluctant ally agreeing to allow u.s. aircraft to use its bases now to shift in strategy following a number of islamic state linked attacks in turkey over recent days. joining us james woolsey former director of the central intelligence agency now chairman of the foundation for the defense of democracies and it is great to have you here. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: start with the development in turkey. this is something we've been looking toward through two administrations and now it's at hand. your judgment. >> it's big and important. tilting so hard to the islamists that i never thought he'd do something like this, but i think the election a couple of months ago braced him, and he's a politician and he started to look toward getting along, also, they've got a problem on the flank. so not only letting us use
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incirlik which is big but to take action himself with military force. i don't think it will be him, but i would welcome turkey back into a full bore allegiance to the alliance. they were great colleagues on all the public jobs i had, and i was sorry to see them drift in the direction a few months ago. lou: it seems turkey is changing the center of gravity in the region and perhaps at the same time signals on the part of the administration that once bragged, proclaimed and declared they would degrade and destroy the islamic state but have since withdrawn. >> right. they were degrading and destroying by launching two four, five six sorties a day. when we were serious like we were in kosovo in '99, we launched hundreds of sorties a day. and as a result of that, after
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80 days we won basically and in the kosovo capital there is bill clinton avenue. we fought. we didn't fiddle around. lou: and we're not fiddling around right now, it appears with iran. this president absolutely committed to the agreement that has been now approved by the very institution he took it to for approval, that is the united states instead of the u.s. senate. what is the -- in your judgment what is the fate of this deal? will it become a treaty level agreement between two nations or something else? >> well i hope congress votes it down because i think it's a very bad agreement. and i think it weakens us by turning over this $150 billion to iran, you know, 150 billion here, 150 billion there it adds up, and they'll use it for
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terrorism as well as other purposes. i think that it's getting out from under the sanctions was front and center on the iranian st and they succeeded phenomenally in that. they wanted to protect as much as nuclear weapons efforts as they could and successfully did that, too. so we had a reasonable position in these talks two years ago, but two years of concession after concession after concession after concession has put us in a situation where this deal is i think worse than worthless. lou: the military has made clear its position on the exposure, the risk to the region and to ourselves as a result of deal as it's constructed, as you point out. the intelligence community had to have their views known here. is there any part of the federal government that is driving this other than the
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president and the oval office and his political office? >> i think this is mainly coming out of the white house. they had a conviction. the way i think of it is that the international affairs were sort of like being on a city council somewhere. the countries are members of the council and you and i are on the council, and we disagree on some substantive matters but i do a favor for you, and a few months later, you will help me out on something, it's the way our political system works. it's not the way international affairs work when you have countries with rulers like iran that are theocratic genocidal. you can't deal with them the way you can fellow city council members. lou: and israel today, secretary kerry saying israel will be blamed by the international community should the deal be blocked, when the argument is about what is in the national interest of the
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united states? . >> it is a very bad thing for him to say. this is an existential issue in the midterm even for the united states because the iranians could move into having electromagnetic pulse weapon that could knock out the electric grid for example. it's right now an existential issue for israel, and to put that onus on israel when they have to decide how to keep from having another holocaust with a nuclear weapon from iran or wherever, i think is really very unfairly stated. lou: james woolsey, great to have you here. >> great to be with you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at a driver's dash cam captured a frightening moment when a semi truck driver lost
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control of his big rig. the accident occurred in russia. an oncoming truck, the tire blew out. the truck flipping sideways, charge straight towards the camera, just missing a car. no injuries amazingly as a result. a few thoughts on hillary clinton's contempt for a transparency and somewhat convincing detachment from reality. and a delta 4 rocket puts on a spectacular sunset show. we'll have the images and details on the mission next. stay with us. much more ahead. we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the ever protective liberal mainstream media and hillary clinton's ever changing story about the classified information on her private e-mail server. the "new york times" today
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reported that two inspectors general referred the matter to the justice department for a criminal investigation. the times later dialed that back saying the referral only addressed the potential compromise of classified information even changing the headline of its story from criminal inquiry sought in hillary clinton's use of e-mail. they dialed that back to criminal inquiry sought in e-mail account. there is merely a question about an e-mail account that happens to belong to hillary clinton. raising the possibility that some unknown agency of some sort had used her account either without her knowledge or permission, and a great personal inconvenience to the secretary of state, which she was at the time. one of the reporters on the story is michael schmidt, saying that the changes were
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made in response to complaints received from the clinton campaign. the "new york times" apparently quick to acquiesce to the woman they found fawned over in 2008 as brilliant. that was they're word, and abiding powerful intellect. what do we know? we know there are far too many unanswered questions for example about hillary's e-mail server and use of the server to handle e-mails that may contain classified information. the independent inspector general for the intelligence community revealed that there are at least four e-mails with classified information on that server and potentially hundreds more. clinton for her part doing nothing to clear up the story today never acknowledging responsibility for any of it, and never directly answering whether she sent classified information. >> we all have a responsibility
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to get this right. i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails. i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. lou: encouraging, yes? well, actually mrs. clinton has a far higher standard than that even if it is a standard she may not want to meet. our quotation of the evening from the great american novelist mark twain, who had to say the least a great sense of humor. . lou: we're coming right back. stay with us. those political elites in washington say donald trump is peaked. how do they know?
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is that just wishful thinking? surely not. we'll take it up here next. and extreme surfing so blase these days, so how did the folks at red bull kick it up a notch or two or so? we'll show you next
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. lou: the main news at this hour, president obama beginning his two day visit to his ancestral home of kenya. the president greeted with signs saying welcome home and new calls for hillary clinton
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to hand over private e-mail server. two new inspector general reports from the intelligence community and the state department saying clinton sent hundreds of potentially classified e-mails. donald trump backing away slightly from the possibility of running as an independent. trump said as long as the republican party treats him fairly he'll stay in the party. joining us political reporter caitlyn huey burns and the fox news contributor fred barnes, good to have you with us tonight. let me begin caitlyn with you, hillary clinton, the e-mails are not going away two inspector generals. this looks like somebody within the administration may have decided to go after her, what do you think? >> it comes the day she is announcing part of her economic policy, and it was largely overshadowed by the e-mail controversy and she
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acknowledged. that she addressed it in. beginning. there were still questions about whether she knew at the time she was sharing classified information or whether the information was classified. those questions remain. this comes at a time hillary clinton's poll numbers are dropping compared to republicans in three key states. lou: she's getting beat. >> right, and the republicans don't exactly trust her. a majority don't. whether follows the trail of the e-mail sxnsds how this is all working and the process, it all gets boggled down together. lou: but the smell the smell you don't have to analyze too deeply, it seems to be rising from the issue. fred, your thoughts on this? >> i agree with you, it's smell. people don't need to know exactly about the e-mails but know there is s about it and the notion that
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hillary clinton didn't know these things were classified or were information that should have been sent out on an open e-mail system look, when i was a private in the army i worked with a secret information, and it's pretty easy to tell what's secret and what's not. and if there's doubt don't send the secret information, that should be stamped secret and classified don't send that over your open e-mail system, and look the good news about hillary's economic announcement today we're going to double the capital gains rate is it was overshadowed by the e-mail thing. lou: perhaps to her advantage. >> it was so preposterous. lou: and also donald trump today giving the republican party some good news. he's going to stay in the republican party as long as he's treated with kindness and
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gentlity. >> and not saying he won't run as a third-party candidate either, he's keeping all the options open. the problem for republicans is he's overshadowing the candidates especially at a time when you have several candidates trying to break through. you also have a lot of the candidates wanting to spend this time talking about hillary clinton, and today was an opportunity for them to do so. so the more that trump is take over the news i think the republicans are saying wait a minute, we're getting off message here. lou: but actually fred seems isn't that the purpose of the process? we shouldn't be doing reparations or redistribution on the republican primary process so everyone gets equal treatment irrespective of their message or their communications skills, should we? >> i think that's right. look, they need to treat donald trump as a legitimate candidate. he is a legitimate candidate. a lot of republicans don't agree with what he's been saying. i don't agree with all of it. he certainly is legitimate and
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don't want to do anything that will goad him into running as a third-party candidate. they put clinton, bush and trump as a third-party candidate, and trump dragged bush's -- dragged votes away from bush, and hillary came out ahead by 16 points. so the republican there one of their first things, priorities has to be to keep donald trump from running as a third party. lou: and i would think also to prevent perhaps senator graham from calling him a jackass again. >> that didn't help either. >> the important thing about trump his constituency. the people registering in the polls agreeing with what he's saying, they cannot be underestimated. lou: you mean the people that senator mccain called crazy? >> this is the base of the republican party that is frustrated with the way things are going, and quite frankly quite frustrated with the republican party right now. the things that trump is saying
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about issues and the republican party they agree with. i can't be underestimated. lou: one thing, it's getting more interesting by the day and week. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you think there is much difference in the policies of hillary clinton and jeb bush. just a hypothetical, a speculative question for a friday evening. we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at another successful rocket launch from cape canaveral, the delta 4 equipped with one of the air force's new military communications satellites. we can't tell you a lot about it because they didn't tell us much about it. seems to be one of the classified things that perhaps it would elude hillary clinton but not us. we're not divulging anything. it will travel over 900 million miles in orbit over those years. and a professional surfer
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taking on one of the world's largest waves in tahiti and did it in the most unusual way. check this out, jamie o'brien teamed up with red bull to help execute his little idea. lighting himself on fire! why would you not think of that sooner? equipped with a wet and thermal suit for protection o'brien took off creating stunning visuals as you see here. all you have to do is set yourself afire apparently. look at that wave. it's extraordinary. the flames did manage to take away a quarter of his eyebrows but he successfully rode the waves without further incident. o'brien said, quote, i caught the best wave of my life today, who needs eyebrows when you got a wave like that? i just added that. up next, we talked to the congressman who helped expose the secret side deals in the iranian nuclear agreement. and teamwork can accomplish incredible things, amazing
3:41 am
rescue caught on video. we'll have that for you here next. stay with us we're coming right back.
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. lou: quickly breaking news concerning the gunman in the lafayette louisiana theater shooting.
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we have seen court documents that reveal as early as 1989 officials had concerns about the mental health of the shooter, john houser. a georgia judge ordered a mental evaluation following charges he had hired someone to set a lawyer's office on fire. the court files don't say what the conclusion of the mental health evaluation was. they're going to be taking that up with the legal panel shortly. our next guest helped expose the two side agreements to the iranian nuclear deal made between iran and the international atomic energy agency, deals that were not shared with other nations with the congress or the public. joining us is congressman mike pompeo who serves on the house select committee also on the house select committee on benghazi. congressman good to have you with us. we're in your debt for exposing the side agreements. we are also now more than
3:46 am
curious about why there would be side agreements that the secretary of state says he has not read? >> lou it's pretty remarkable when senator tom cotton from arkansas and i learned directly from the iaea negotiators that there were the secret side deals and asked the simple question, are we going to be able to see them? oh goodness no, and asked if secretary kerry had seen them? he said no. i find this stunning. we have a historic agreement that has the risk of greating a nuclear state from the largest state sponsor of terror and congress is asked to vote on the deal without having seen the terms of the agreements. >> and has there been a response from the administration to and you to senator cotton does your intelligence committee, the select committee have you read the deal? do you know the terms
3:47 am
specifically and exactly in this so-called agreement? >> so we've all had the chance to read the 159 page agreement, and the annexes. the secret side deals we don't have. the law requires it. the law says you will turn over all the agreements in the deal. now we know there are the two secret side deals and we're told we're not going to get access to them. the president said we're not going to trust we're going to verify. and the secret side deals go to verification of the military development programs inside of iran for the nuclear weapons. lou: and he also said there would be 24-7 inspections and then denied having said it. he did say it. he also said that there was never ever, as a primary premise to the negotiations ending the nuclear program, he said precisely that, and other
3:48 am
members of the administration, two years ago. what are we to make of a secretary of state and the lead negotiator and the president frankly who are saying things that are both, a, not true, and b, not within the range of their memory? >> lou, i think what you described makes every member of congress struggle to figure out how they're going to vote to approve these deals. we have a chance to reject the deal with the iranians and ought to do that. not only did they not stop the enrichment programs, not only did they not contain the ballistic missile development programs, they forget who we're dealing with. this isn't canada this is iran. and these are folks who intend to do the west harm, and in the course of the negotiations secretary kerry was so wrapped up in getting a deal done he lost sight what's in the best interest of the national
3:49 am
security. lou: the president said he will veto anything that resembles a rejection of the deal by the congress. what happens then? >> well, we'll try to override the veto. and i'm more and more confident we can do so. this isn't partisan. this is about american national security. we've seen senator menendez be very clear about the deal he had. i had half a dozen democrats walk up to me and ask me about these secret side deals and they were confounded how they were going to be asked to vote for a deal they couldn't see. i'm confident as time wears on and we learn what's in the deal, the american people will reject the deals and the representatives will do the same. lou: not to mention the deep concerns expressed in the public as well as by members of congress in the senate that a president would take a treaty a deal that should rise to the level of the treaty to the united nations rather than to the congress of the united states. congressman we thanks for being with us, and again our
3:50 am
appreciation. >> thank you lou. lou: congressman, mike pompeo. on wall street stock prices today plunged. dow lost is 63 points. the nasdaq down 22. volume 3.8 billion shares for the week. the dow falling nearly 3%, the biggest weekly loss since january. the s&p and nasdaq down 2%. a reminder listen to my reports coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. incredible moment of heroism to share with you tonight. surveillance cameras capture a dallas woman riding her motorcycle when she collided with a vehicle her body dragged beneath the car once it came to a screeching halt. witnesses in the dallas police immediately rushed to her aid. they tried to use a jack to lift the car, that failed and the woman was gasping for breath. then everyone banded together they lifted the car and pulled
3:51 am
the woman from beneath it. remarkably, she sustained no major injuries from the crash. extraordinary extraordinary heroism. up next the justice department asking to investigate hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. and the infamous butt dial. it's happened to all of us. we've all done it. but now it's more dangerous than ever. and we will tell you why, well by the book, here next.
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. lou: here to talk about whether there should be a reasonable reasonable expectation of privacy and butt dialing, the question arises because a federal appellate court judge has ruled somebody who accidentally called somebody else after a so-called pocket dial i'll use the more elegant expression, is not protected by right to privacy. joining us criminal defense attorney emily and here in new york with me fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin. good to have you here. emily start with you, we are now all liable for our pocket dials. do you like the way i made that a little more presentable? >> i appreciate that, and i disagree with the logic that the court handed down. in addition to being surprised by the fact this came out of 6th circuit it's a stretch to
3:56 am
classify operate and having it in the pocket, and traditionally courts have mandated that you need to go through an affirmative act to assure your right to privacy. you have to take your garbage to the curb for pickup. so the fact that the judge said merely having the cell phone on your person necessarily extinguishes your right to privacy in the conversation was very surprising to me. lou: and you mercedes? >> like pulling apart your curtain and letting everyone peer into your home. you don't have the privacy right. if you don't take the proper precautions shame you on. that's what the court held. lou: hillary clinton let's turn to her, what are the expectations there, this is a woman serving as secretary of state with a private e-mail server sending e-mails on her server and seems aghast that anyone would question her judgment or whether there was classified material on it? >> there's at least one e-mail
3:57 am
classified information on there. what about the other 30,000 e-mails that we don't have access to yet. what about the -- lou: she said she destroyed? >> she destroyed and wasn't able to produce. there are so many questions and thankfully the d.o.j. is going to look through this as they should have done at the inception of this controversy. lou: emily are you surprised that two inspector generals are stepping up to say we need a thorough investigation? >> i'm not surprised. as a federal attorney, i conducted the referrals all the time, and referring things to the office of -- to the office of general counsel, and here what they're saying is stepping up to the role and admitting this is part of the procedure. this is a domino effect. when they see the red flag classified e-mails being transmitted, they need to refer the matter to the appropriate component or agency that has the independent resources to conduct a thorough investigation. lou: that wouldn't happen if somebody in this administration
3:58 am
didn't say sickem. this isn't something that spontaneously combusted in the state department and the intelligence community. somebody on high said go get 'em right? >> if that's true unfortunate breakdown of procedure. the culpability is for the person who sees this, has it land on the desk and says we need to go forward with the referral. >> there wouldn't be this long delay hadn't there have been that person that made the call as you intimated. have to be. why else now months and months later after the controversy has gone by that now there's action. lou: well, it's interesting that just when it looked like this was dying down, someone, and i would personally suspect and it is purely speculation on my part, i acknowledge that but it's based on considerable experience with these things had to say systems are go.
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here's the green light. go get 'em. emily good to have you with us mercedes good to have you with us. >> thanks. >> we asked can the republicans win the presidency in 2016 if donald trump runs as a third-party candidate? 18% of you said yes. 82% said no way. time for a few of your comments. george posted on facebook. and skip wrote in. you know what? that's very flattering. i think. i think! we love hearing from you, and we appreciate it e-mail me at
4:00 am follow us on twitter or go to our facebook page links to everything at join us monday, ann coulter and general jack keane as well, and senator mike lee. good night. >> objection. >> overruled. john: america's legal system is a mess. politicians pass too many laws. >> they can cite me or arrest me. john: also because prosecutors want to look tough on crime. >> big bad john. john: innocent people go to jail. >> they lie saying that all this evidence. john: some cops bully people into confessing crimes they didn't commit. >> the system failed us. john: their friends try to help them. >> it's over. >> i'm never getting out of here. john: and sometime they succeed. >> i'm now a free mess. john: the legal mess. that's our show tonight.


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