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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 27, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> a quick look at u.s. futures. dow futures up 119 points. the shanghai composite within a percent in overnight trading it looks like weakness. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart: sandra, thank you are a match. he declared three weeks ago and dominated ever since. today, donald trump is out front. good morning everyone. he is surging everywhere, top of the pole in new hampshire. the first debate is just 10 days away. hillary puts out a video and marches further to the left. she wants a new expanded bush for green energy. how about half a billion solar panels installed in her first term. who pays? stocks follow. and china.
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and many crash overnight. maybe they're bursting bubble is hurting us. one last one. food police joined the presidential debate. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ don't look now but it looks like we are in for triple digit selloff at the opening bell. we should be down 120 points. china's stock market was down 2.5% overnight. the worries over there will affect their money over here. full story coming up. oil also down on the china selloff now $47 per barrel. is that good for the economy? good debate later. it is getting fairly close to $100 a share.
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very much in focus this week they report earnings on wednesday. some talk maybe they will have this urge we saw for amazon and google last week. we shall see. president obama in ethiopia this morning defending the administration deal with iran specifically citing mike huckabee's criticism of the administration. >> if you're asking me how the arguments are going, it's great. if you're asking me how the arguments are going, it's great. if you ask me about the politics of washington and the roderick that takes place there, that doesn't always go gray. the particular comments of mr. huckabee are parted just a a general path we've seen that would be considered ridiculous.
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stuart: ridiculous if it weren't so sad. "the wall street journal" editorial board. seems like he is still campaigning against republicans. spin that governor huckabee's comments were unfortunate because it allowed to turn the conversation away from the deal the white house is no longer calling a deal. stuart: backtrack, what did governor huckabee say? >> is a reference to the holocaust, that the iranian deal with the new holocaust for israel. even just this morning, "the wall street journal" put out a story that said we are not going to get any historical information about iran's nuclear program. this is the key part of the deal. how do we know if they are trading if we don't know what they've done before and what they have now. governor huckabee's comments about the president to change
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the conversation away from the story this morning. stuart: it seemed like a campaign against the republicans. i think people are crossing the line. it takes away the real conversation about what the deal is a reason. >> the president should concentrate on the democrats. they've got to commence this is a good deal. >> they will band together ultimately. >> i think you are right. we shall see. speaking of where we are going, nbc news yesterday has donald trump in first place and new hampshire primary. 21%, jeb bush behind at 14%. in iowa trump trail scott walker by two percentage points. joining us by phone, welcome back. good to see you again.
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stuart: how many people were pulled and we're just republican voters? >> in new hampshire we interviewed 37 and of course new hampshire independents in the republican primary are included in that because you can do that on the day of the primary with republican leaning independents including those numbers. it's a little different that the comments about mccain, trump would be even better before the comments about mccain and the numbers after the comments created a little bit of a dustup. stuart: i got to hold on one second. the poll in new hampshire when was that taken in today's
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featured trump's comments about mccain? >> yes the poll was done from the 14th to the 21st of july so we did have not quite half the sample after. stuart: the sample you took after his comments his comments, did that show a noticeable drop? in new hampshire 14% after the comment you're 26% before the comment. there is a noticeable change in new hampshire. they call on him. everything for that if it became popular. stuart: and iowa there's only two percentage points in the margin of error. >> no doubt about it job has been doing well in national polls and now he is critical of the first nominating states of
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iowa and new hampshire that's a big change. >> you did the pole in a very good pull up last year thanks for joining us as always. declined to comment the other side of the coin going all in and climate change pledging to install a half a billion solar if elected president. watch this. >> i'm a grandmother with two eyes and a brain. hard to believe people run for president who still refuse to accept the climate change. they would rather listen to those who are. you don't have to be a scientist to take on this urgent challenge that threatens us all. stuart: allin on green energy. half a billion solar panels.
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>> at the end of her first term. stuart: that indicates an enormous increase. >> remembers selling drug. haven't we learned this lesson already. that cost $530 million. i am all for any kind of energy that makes economic sense. witchcraft, solar panel, you name iar panel you name it. vegetable oil. we've been hearing about the dawn of the solar rage that jimmy carter. epic becomes economically efficient, great. i don't want government make it a bad and backing it with taxpayer money. if they are economically efficient let them take it. stuart: but they get a tax break. everybody does. the government is paying part of the bill for the solar panels at her birth. how much will it cost the taxpayer? an incredible amount of money.
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>> government picking winners and losers. what happened to the revolution we had. pretty much all of the job so that the last six years, the bulk of the jobs have come from the revolution. now hillary wants to say but spend taxpayer money on something else. ashley: basic global warming -- is effective. stuart: the company that makes eggless mayonnaise and so-called healthy food took out a full-page ad in "the new york times" and they've addressed it to the presidential candidates. talking about the importance of good food. this is what i thought was a relatively small company. we need to fix that we feed ourselves. our outdated food system is the
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thread running through uttermost and important problems from diabetes to food desert deserts to the decline of our family farms. they are really putting the vegetarian vegan agenda into the presidential council. ashley: they don't know what is good for us, but we do. it is about individual choice. people overeat and become obese and put a burden on the health care system. i understand all of that. it comes down to don't tell me what i should and should need. >> by the way josh patrick is the ceo and founder. he's on the program. very interesting guy actually. stuart: he sends us lots of samples. if "the wall street journal" watching "varney & company." only six stocks matter right now and for them at the big names
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box that we talk about every single day and have done for the last year. you guys at "the wall street journal" taking cues from "varney & company," is that it? >> this one. one of the most lightly regulated industries in the country just like crack. these are the only parts of the economy allowed to innovate in this crushing area and higher taxes. you have a conversation with a cab driver today. not backing series or dupont. that is where the money is going. so you admit you are watching us. i know it. judge andrew napolitano's return
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to "varney & company" after three very long -- is that a suntan? yes it is. see you in a minute, judge. ♪
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stuart: she concealed government records from the government while she was a government employee, something she fully admits. if she failed to return whatever records were in her possession at the time she laughed, that is a federal crime and she's admitted to that. dallas march the 11th.
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what is judge andrew napolitano's consideration of hillary's legal position now in the end of july. he's back from vacation and sitting right next to me in new york city. welcome back. >> i didn't realize it was march march 11th. stuart: bring us up today. talk last week of a criminal investigation. the two of the weeds, please. >> the inspector general at the intelligence community the person who looks at the documents and behavior of the head of the cia head of the national intelligence and state department examined numerous e-mails to mrs. clinton and from mrs. clinton and found several of them contained classified information. it was routed through her husband's server. this directly contradicts what she's repeatedly said she never said i never received e-mails. they were classified.
9:17 am
so concerned with the inspector general that he made a referral to the fbi. what is a referral to the fbi? he said the information i don't know if this is a crime for a breach of national security. you decide what it is. this is the initial intake of raw data from a government official required by law to send it over when it appears not to be profit. stuart: some of the e-mails are said to have been classified. you see these e-mails. but is classified about them? >> they are clearly sensitive information. i don't have special access. these are public or the ones i've seen talk about location of jets over libya and location of ambassador stephen the one who was assassinated in benghazi and libya. how mrs. clinton or anybody on
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her behalf could say this is not classified him and not sensitive and can be routed through her husband's router is inconceivable. stuart: she says it is not classified at the time she sent it. it wasn't labeled classified. you would know it is a classified piece of information whether labeled such or not. >> you're exactly correct. it doesn't have to say classified or top secret for it to be classified or top secret. she at the time as secretary of state. if she doesn't know what cannot be published to the world, what cannot go through a non-stickier server, she shouldn't be in that job. to put a little perspective on this, what she now obviously did is what general petraeus was indicted for in pleaded guilty to. failure to secure classified information by placing it in a non-classified setting.
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stuart: failure to secure. >> if he wants to prosecute it, she will be prosecuted. stuart: is set to the discussion of the president by the she's prosecuted. >> of course not. they couldn't prosecute general petraeus without the consent. she won't be prosecuted no whatever it has. if the president does want to prosecute you you can know. stuart: it's great to have you back, judge. we have a tendency to get wrapped up in the weeds of the story and not to understand input from different directions. >> i don't want her to be president of the united states president of the united states. in trying to look at this passionately under the laws and constitution and in my opinion
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she's in that order. stuart: thank you, judge. nfl legend joe namath. i once served him in a restaurant. when i first came to america. a british accent you could make a fortune. joe namath put in a $100000 reward out there for the two boys missing off the florida coast. more coming up in the moment.
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can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. stuart: joe namath offering a $100,000 reward for the search of two missing teenagers lost at sea. >> the love is fair. we are all praying. they've got a lot of people out on the water and look in. those families have been hard at work at this. so let's just stay safe and we will keep on looking till they find it. stuart: ashley that is his neighbor. >> wrote the boys 15 years old. feeling up about last friday to got to go fishing didn't tell their parents.
9:25 am
the bow was done cap size 17 miles off the florida atlantic coast. the search area is 26000 square miles. it's a needle in a haystack. stuart: that was a remarkable thing. we'll pray for those young boys. they are getting moscow sees. >> they love fishing. they've been around those. stuart: thanks, ashley. the six stocks that matter. u.s. leading the way. google, amazon facebook make it a ton of money. that's brought the money is going. we'll bring those to you.
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stuart: how mrs. clinton or anybody on her behalf could say that this is not classified not sensitive and can be routed through her husband's router is inconceivable. >> that is why they like judge andrew napolitano and has returned from a three-week vacation. joins us every weekday morning to get the really good stuff. the judge will be back at the 11:00 hour.
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9:29 a.m., 43 seconds the opening bell over ring. the shanghai index up 8.9%. looks like a selloff will have some kind of them parked on most in three seconds. we are looking at a decline of 100 from the 130 160 points from the get-go. up 23 points. watch it go down 20 points. we will go lower. you can tell that did three digit loss. they'll make a liar out of me. joining us ashley webster is with us. mike murphy here. the selloff in china hurts a series that will put theme. mike murphy, tell me why does the selloff hurt us? >> the market dropped 8.5% overnight.
9:31 am
the five biggest drops in the chinese market occurred in 2007 prior to a way. two of them have occurred in 2015. traders here come investors here watch what's going on. the government jumped in and try to support the market and it worked for a week. what is really the next stop? when did the 1500 stocks began trading in china how much lower did the market go? stuart: why are we down because they are down? >> china is such a huge economy and has an impact globally. china is now greece. you can draw similarities but china is much larger. it would affect her markings. down 100 points. scott shellady spell it out as well. a big drop over there. explain it please. >> a big drop over equities means that companies are not doing well.
9:32 am
that means they don't want to buy as much oil iron ore, copper all of those things. commodities are the common thread because they've been trending lower already. if you've got the economy going lower, commodities will go lower. that will affect us and everybody else. everybody's got their hands in china. >> it's about stability in the market because of a one-party system. if things get rocky people start questioning whether the market economy their version will work. then you have a larger existential crisis on your they've definitely affects the relationship with china. stuart: we are down triple digits this monday morning. let's go to individual stocks. one look at facebook is fairly close to $100 a share. this week we get the latest earnings report. a lot of talk that facebook
9:33 am
could have the kind of run that amazon and google have had recently. would you make of this? >> that concerns me. i don't facebook, one of our largest holdings. to see- i don't facebook, one of our largest holdings. to see a move like google at 20% those are normal news for companies were 300 $400 billion. for me i just want to see monthly active users are engaged and able to continue to add dollars coming in. if they can do that -- ashley: they've done a good job of monetizing. stuart: they will rip right through $100 a share. >> absolutely. in sue graham will be a big part of it. >> absolutely. that's exactly what i was going
9:34 am
to say. we like to facebook for social media stocks. stuart: you got that right. thanks. amazon by the way has now worth more than wal-mart. you buy amazon huge run-up last week or $50 a share $4 a day. are you buying at 534? >> no. stuart: other areas too. >> we can't forget storage could cloud storage is a huge driver. plus the fact we had a support last week. a surprise profit. time to beat amazon right now. but there's caveats. >> it really comes down to a value situation. if you are looking for value you would've never invested in amazon to begin with. they put up a great quarter but
9:35 am
over time they've told you they'll spend money. they are not looking to generate profit. i don't think it's going to change. why would you change it? he's been so successful created the massive retail company. stuart: you are saying that stopped. >> i would say a lot of companies like facebook where i can see more growth from a $96 mark then i would buy in amazon. stuart: we've got to get to commodities. the price of oil right now is $47 per barrel. energy companies getting hit again today. here's the question. is cheap oil good or bad for the economy? >> we thought it was going to be good for the economy for 100 to $50 a barrel. it is just not showing up in the
9:36 am
economy as far as retail sales. we are not doing well when it comes to the numbers of combat. if you look at whatever study you want to look at over the past five or six years, 20% to 30% came out of the energy producers. the saudi's thumping all-time record highs. these things are going to see lower prices around $40 a barrel before we see a turnaround. stuart: i just want to make a point. 50,000 energy jobs lost in addition to the 100,000 since last fall. a lot of blue-collar jobs are being laid off. it's a broad-based layoffs across the industry. >> if you ask why don't consumers spend more money with cheaper gas and lower oil
9:37 am
prices. i do want to digress too much, but the deductibles you've got to pay. >> there's so much supply and demand us go off it doesn't match the sweet spot in there for the price keeps dropping. >> this is a theme for our program. all american tech stocks talk about it all the time. that is going to start selling the apple watch. i almost bought one just yesterday. i walked into an apple store and eighth avenue to get this fixed for something in the guide by $434 out the door. showed me how overt. but i didn't buy one. 122 this morning i didn't riot. look at google, please. $655 per share.
9:38 am
now look at netflix going through the big four big five. the stocks have gone to the moon in the past six months. netflix at 107 as of right now. mike, you agree with my premise that these big-name american stocks that is where the money is going. >> absolutely. people are looking for growth. we are not seeing a big bump and growth. large companies where people can look for growth and invest in growth and see a lot of mutual funds chasing growth and putting money towards the divergence between the top earners in the rest of the market. these four are just pulling away like you wouldn't believe. >> you could point to it at a worry or say we are in a fast-changing type knowledge environment and the companies
9:39 am
have figured out. >> to use them every single day. the warren buffet type of approach. stuart: i've got is dory here on teva by allergan's generic drug unit. $40 billion. >> it turns out a huge amount. teva is up 10.5% and a new high for allergan. this is the largest corporate deal in history with teva by allergan. allergan is botox for anyone who didn't know that. second is teva actually is now going to have some competition. this is another reason to move forward with this deal. they are both hitting highs and it's a record day. stuart: allergan is botox.
9:40 am
either way, tune in every weekday morn either way, tune in every weekday morning at 5:00 a.m. eastern time and you'll see lauren sam or in the pulpit on a terrific show. a great introduction for the money today. stay on the drug dealer. the latest example of the health care merger. i say the result of oberger. i say the result of obamacare. health insurers getting together. not many big ones. bigger is better because it gets more leverage. less choice means more cost to the consumer ultimately. >> it is interesting both companies are moving up. in this case both are moving higher. interesting to expand the story of little bay. mylan labs is trading down $10 this morning. a bit on the table to buy my lan. they have not canceled by because they by allergan. they are no longer required by
9:41 am
teva will go after pair go another generic company. the main theme here is you have a say in the last of it. >> sounds like the telecom industry in airline and we have to be vigilant for the health of the consumer. stuart: hampton creek. the eggless mayo people. they bought a full-page ad in the new york times and addressed it to the presidential candidates. all about the importance of good food. this is from a full-page ad. we need to fix that we feed ourselves are outdated food system is the threat running through our most important problems for diabetes and obesity to food desert -- is that deserves or deserts. to the decline of our family
9:42 am
farms. scott shellady, your thoughts on this dire threat to the food system posed by established farmers like you. >> i think it is a very noble thought stuart. as long as we continue to have the gap between the rich and poor in the states in the cheaper food not been as good we will struggle to get any real foot in there. although we have seen the whole foods come down those are more expensive. the cheaper food is the food bad for you. until we get income disparity down we will have a food problem. stuart: i'm a tree farmer saying completely outside of the debate. check the big artist who suggested we are down triple digits. we are actually down 150 points as we speak. hillary clinton going after wall street. tax in a transaction's big times. sheila bair former fdic chair backs. -- next.
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stuart: 15 minutes into the trading session this monday morning and we are down 157 points the low for the day thus far. look at the grub hub, a food delivery app got a downgrade. it is down 7%. one downgrade gumshoe goes. hillary clinton going after capital gains. >> any kids from selling stock in the first two years would be taxed at ordinary income. then the rate would decrease each year until it returns to the current reputed this means from the moment investors buy into a comp to me they will be more focused on the future growth strategies and immediate profits. stuart: joining us is former fdic chair sheila bair.
9:47 am
welcome to the program. good to have unit tests. >> thank you for having me. train to you heard what hillary clinton had to say. i like your interpretation. she wants also it seems to make you hold your investment for a longer period of time so you read longer-term investor. do you think raising the capital gains tax rate will do that? >> i am not sure that the tax rate -- look i agree with it your objective is telling capitalism. the markets are far too focused on quarterly returns are not long-term growth. i would like to see change but they need to figure that out by themselves. i don't think tax policy drives it. i think this adds to a lot more complexity because it's already highly complex and i don't think it will attack the behavior she wants to change.
9:48 am
stuart: i am sure you have worked with hillary clinton when you were an administration. do you regard her as basically anti-wall street? you are laughing. why? >> i don't think she is anti-wall street. i think what she is suggesting is incremental. she wants to get rid of carried interests. i think her proposals have been quite not just an incremental. two tags as is anti-wall street is not accurate. more fundamental changes like much higher capital requirements would have a truly stabilizing impact. this is working around the edges and giving a speech that has the appearance of being anti-wall street but i don't think really is. stuart: back in the day 2007 2008 at the time i thought the best thing to do would be break up the big banks or in back last to go.
9:49 am
i think bill in the mount was the expedient thing to do. maybe didn't have that much choice. in hindsight i would like to see it brought down to size. the risk should be borne by the shareholders and not the taxpayer. are we in agreement on this? >> well i think so. if you significantly raise capital requirements the market will force the breakup. you will make them internalize the external risk and it goes on the rest of us. it will be difficult to make your return on capital for the capital requirement which is about double what the requirement is now. but probably have mutual objectives. i would be fine with restoring glass-steagall. they didn't get any political attraction. another way to do it is to require the banks to
9:50 am
subsidiaries, firewalls between their investment banks and the ceiling which is much higher risk. let them have insured deposit in keep that to lend name. it's a well understood risk and the contribution to the economy is clear and have all of this stuff fire walled off from the safety net. stuart: here is where we agree. wall street is still wildly unpopular. >> i absolutely agree with that. and they don't seem to care. that's what i worry about. stuart: they are shrinking. a good story the other day is the world's largest trading floor because they are shrinking rapidly. i wish we had more time. you know what you're talking about in this area and would welcome that. come back at some point. >> i would be happy to do that. stuart: sheila bair thank you very much. microsoft will another operating software this week called windows time. did you know the new software
9:51 am
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stuart: microsoft released a brand-new version of windows that comes out this week. kurt knutson is here. i want to note in logical order what is new and good about microsoft windows because i'm a shareholder. >> ironically, logic wasn't anything we want to talk about. not that we were doing made any sense to me. this time the operating system does make sense. a huge breakthrough for the company. on the consumer level we will say this is an operating system had to have as good a anything apple has made. stuart: and order what's good. >> extremely easy to update. once you gather, have overcome tablets and desktops in your laptop. it's a smarter way to operate in the pop or intuitive. even something better than theory. you have court time. turn off my bluetooth enabled be
9:56 am
turned off inside of your computer. finally somebody will listen to you. stuart: i've got every cap. i want to see what is going on in stock too. number one -- easy to install. on my desktop it is easy to install windows time, just download it like that. >> it depends what you have now. there's always been a master it. this may be the easiest upgrade but if you don't have windows eight or seven or 8.1, it is not free so you have to shell out the $119. stuart: i've got eight. i get this stuff for free downloaded easily. not tablet or phone.
9:57 am
i can say to the computer what is the capital of mauritania. "-end-quotes helen may. you've not been watching this program. >> i've always needed to know. consumers have been out testing the market last month and a half. this releases in two days the little drawbacks. people talking about glitches. it means some computers are going dark. microsoft is going to fix these things. don't expect it clips free. i love it. stuart: donald trump. i did not expect to see their spirits though going very strong in the polls. he's got traction. hillary wants to install path of billions dollar panels in her first term. who pays. the second hour "varney & company" in two minutes.
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stuart: in the energy sector. is he your here to explain it. and president obama defending his nuclear deal with iran while its supreme leader is tweeting this graphic depicting the president with a gun to his head. he's even talking about war with america. hour two of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ ♪ .
10:01 am
stuart: still down triple digits. that would be 125 points lower. remember, please china stock market the shanghai index dropped 8.5% overnight. that's a mini-crash. worries over is beginning to affect our money here. down 126. also the china stock market selloff. down to $47 a barrel. our question on this one is that cheap oil good for the economy? we're on it. and take a look at facebook stock. getting close to $100 a share. that is the big name tech that's in focus this week. they report earnings on wednesday. president obama finalizing a plan for bay. he wants to transfer dozens of u.s. inmates to prisons before closing the facility for good. that means criminals too dangerous to release, they would be moved to super maximum facilities. the president's also looking to step up the transfer for 52
10:02 am
detained52 detaneys. >> and nothing isis has more than noting that isis has more than 20,000 english language twitter followers. they've also told abc this week that preventing loan wolf attacks has become an elusive test for ages. now the race for the white house. nothing stopping trump not yet at least. he leads the latest nbc poll. 21% of the vote in second place is jeb. 14%. what is donald trump's plan for the economy? he's been speaking about all kinds of issues, but what's the economic plan? steve moore. i want to know has donald trump talked to you about his economic plan and if not what do you know about his economic
10:03 am
plan if anything. >> hi, stuart well, good morning. and, by the way tump is a great way to describe him as. the more tough things he does, the highest he climbs in the polls. i've been watching him of all the things he's said until the economy and the proposals he's put together. he's all over the map right now. it's hard to figure out. for example, he said a few years ago and he would favor a big wealth tax on rich people like himself to raise money for the government. on the other hand a couple of weeks ago he said he would like to get rid of the estate tax. i don't know where he's at on this stuff. what appeals to the american people they don't think he needs an economic plan because his life is one. he's made billions of dollars they want someone who is confident, in charge, can meet a payroll . stuart: but you have spoken to at least half of the announced republican candidates. >> yeah.
10:04 am
stuart: and you advice them and tell them straight on the economy. >> and donald trump is not one of them. our group that i do with larryy and steve, we have trying to get a meeting with donald trump to find out exactly the answer to your question. where does this guy stand on the big issues? regulation, we know where he stands with immigration, is he going to come up with the simple flat-rate plan, if he does, i think his appeal will rise even faster . stuart: we shall see. only time will tell, as they told us never to say that in journaling school. now, did you hear about hillary clinton's plan. >> yeah. stuart: to install half a billion -- >> did you say billion or million? . stuart: it's a i half billion. i believe she wants to install 500 million. >> five for every household in america. stuart: basically. >> look, we have had about $100 billion in subsidies over the last seven or eight years.
10:05 am
$100billion. and what has that bought for us stuart? when you think about that. when is solar and wind and power today after $100 billion of subsidies? you know a percentage comes from our solar today . stuart: 4%, is it? >> you're way too high. closer to 2.5% . stuart: wind and solar combine? >> so is she serious? what are we going to do? have 100 new cylinders? we have lost so much money in this investment, i'm writing a whole book on this energy phenomenon 10, 15, 20 years ago solar might be the energy of the future, but it's not here yet. and you know what we're going to need right now? coal natural gas nuclear power. and she's against all those . stuart: let me go back to the solar panels for a second. >> yeah. stuart: if i'm a homeowner and i install the solar panels, i get a tax credit from the government.
10:06 am
>> yeah. stuart: cash given to me virtually. >> you've got it, yeah. stuart: so you're if you're going to install half billion panels in a four-year period, you're talking tens of billions of subsidies. surely it's got to be that high. >> and, by the way the subsidies are already out there. i mean when you see somebody who is installing a solar panel on their roof, you know who is paying that? . stuart: you and i. >> you and i are paying for it. amazing. you can actually make money. you know, you can make money by putting a solar panel on your house because the government is going to pay for all of the cost of it and then they're going to subsidies the electricity that you get for it. it's amazing. we've been all of this subsidies, nobody is using it because it's not an effective and efficient way unless you live in phoenix arizona where the sun always shines. stuart: it's different in jersey. see you next week. thank you. to the markets please. stocks down here after a big tumble in china. apparently the two aconnected
10:07 am
but gerri willis is going to explain it all aren't you. >> good morning, stuart, how are you? yeah, so the stock down 8.5%, the biggest drop since 2007 and why should we care? because china is our number two trading pattern partner and we want that economy to be healthy. that's the big scare factor here. now, keep in mind, though, that that market is propped up held up by the chinese government put in something like $483 billion to stabilize what are has a free fall for stocks. the if a you can say who own stocks there largely small time investors. you know, here in the states it's 14% of individual investors who own individual stocks. there is a much . stuart: 80%. regarding as a gambling whole as most chinese investors. that's like that way it is looked at in china. so when it comes down like this. you've deign a lot of money off the table out of the pockets of individuals not big institutions. it's individuals. >> and now american
10:08 am
institutions black rock being one is saying we're not ga play anymore we're going to pull back, we're thinking about pulling back because you don't recall know what's going on there; right? stuart: yeah. and look where we are now. i think this is the low of the do you. down 158 points now. close to 17.4. so by my click calculation we're about 1,000 points away if r there where we reached earlier this year. >> we've been in this range for how long now? . stuart: happened a while. 1,000-point range six seven months is it? >> yeah. stuart: maybe we'll break out of it now because we're at 17,414. >> i like one big puke. stuart: oh stop. you've got the next segment. fox business network is learning that new york's attorney generals office is preparing a civil on the air
10:09 am
okay? allegedly giving an unfair advantage to high frequency traders. here's the guy who trades by the freight. >> and remember one reason why we had a flash crash is because we just don't have one stock market or two. we have many stock markets called these dark pools. and what it has been doing is looking at these inproper or questionable trading practices within those and owns one of the biggest what i understand the attorney generals office in the final stages of preparing a case against freddie. and what i understand it's the same case they brought against barklies a year ago, and they were given an unfairly -- the hft firms had an unfair advantage over those smaller players. and at least that's what he's looking at . stuart: schneider wants to bring down the banks. have made a cash cow to help him on the road to government.
10:10 am
>> i used to believe that . stuart: now you don't? >> here's what i'm going to say. feral wanted to jump on the bandwagon on this high frequency trading stuff, he would have went after the high frequency trading firms. he's going after the pools out there giving the hft guys an unfair advantage. it's a level headed approach to the problem. and it's something that the fcc should have done. we have all these dark pools the wild west of wall street and no one has any rules . stuart: so wait a succeed he. in these dark pools, you can create an enormous amount of risk which if a bubble is burst. >> yes. stuart: it brings down the pool. >> yeah. and a lot of people don't know what's going on there because it's the wild west . stuart: because you can't tell. >> and he's looking at the wild west aspect of it. and i've gone after him in the past. he brought a case against barclay about a year ago. it's not that he's bringing a
10:11 am
case against spitzer he every 35 seconds. he's measured about his approach. and i should point all this out that i ran this by solese last night. i went through point by point with him. and i would say. it's much more measured than spitzer would have been. and i think if he's got the case, got the facts, this is a good thing to bring. you want to reign these things in . stuart: thank you very much, charl. complicated issue but very dark pool. >> very, but i've got news for the average investor. very important to them. you don't want to know where the flash crash . stuart: no, you don't want it. and question from watch dog. are they finally covering hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and taking a view on her? we're talking mainstream media now. have they started the term? that's next
10:12 am
10:13 am
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stuart: if you're just joining us you're watching a triple digit decline. and remember, please, that china's stock market dropped 8.5% overnight. what happened over there is beginning affect us over here. price of oil is down as well. and that's bringing down the oil companies or energy-related companies. many of them touching 25-week lows because of the drop in oil. exxon mobile, chevron, all of them way down today. china lists its ban on the consoles, they've had the ban for 25 years. experts do say that china could be their most promising
10:16 am
market. not today, however. the founder of hampton creek that's the company that makes eggless mayonnaise. they're saying, hey, you need to address the problem without food supply chain. >> yeah. this is a small company paying a lot of money to take that ad out. it says things like historical opportunities are missed request we fixate on what folks say they want, and what folks say they want in politics and business is limbed by what they believe is possible. what does that mean? it just says we should be eating better and look beyond what they say yote unquote the crappy food that we eat now . stuart: so are they vegetarians? >> i never trust a company that takes eggs out of my mayo. all it is is eggs, lemon and oil. and that's all it is.
10:17 am
stuart: yeah. >> so there's no reason to change that . stuart: i wonder if he's jumping onto the food police bandwagon and injecting it into the campaign. >> for diabetes all the way to obesity and so on because we don't know any better . stuart: his name, by the way the person who we're referring to his name is josh tetric, he's joining us around 11:15 this morning on this program. for the first time last week, we heard the words hillary clinton, criminal, and investigation used in the same sentence. media watch brent come back in again please. mainstream media beginning to turn away from hillary. what do you think? >> no. . stuart: no. [laughter] >> you know, here we go again. when the story broke on thursday when the friday reports were there they all covered it. all the morning shows covered it, all the three evening
10:18 am
broadcast shows covered it. so there's no question that one day day two they were already leaving it. only cbs that night did a story on it, which to me is amazing. sunday, it was back in the news. neither abc nor cbs covered it. now, if you look at the importance of this story general david petraeus was found guilty and sentenced to two years probation and $100,000 fine for miss handling class filed information. this report looked at 40 e-mails and found four of them one out of ten to be irresponsibly sent from her private server when the chinese were hacking everything. well, this is a woman who sent tens of thousands of e-mails god only knows how many were
10:19 am
irresponsibly sent on private servers. this is a big big deal. total coverage, 26 minutes, 30 seconds . stuart: do you think that maybe the silence on the part of the media and at the same time they're going more in favor bernie sanders. do you think the beginnings of a tilt to the left? >> well, i think they're seeing they're seeing some rumblings. there's no question about that. they are seeing some rumblings, but they're in damage control mode. look at the coverage of trump which is ten times higher. not only are they covering it, but analyzing it. and what's the analysis? the analysis is he's a cowboy who is reckless who can never win and hurting the party. now look at a couple of examples i've giving you from cbs news. if you recall going back to the first administration with bill clinton with all the problems we got, it was move on, move on, that's where we got
10:20 am
this is what he said. this particular upper back shouldn't have impact on the clint. the issue for the e-mails has been out there for a long time. this is not a criminal matter. in fact, it's far from it. so here they go with the move on. here's another one. and this is the other excuse they use with the first clint administration. do you remember they always said that republicans are going to over play their hand and this is going to hurt republicans? listen to this from cbs news this weekend. it's not necessarily a foregob conclusion for secretary clinton that this is scrutiny that it will hurt her if they over play the hand. now they're talking about republicans over playing the hand . stuart: you and i have been doing this for years and i've always said there's going to be geocome a time when the media turns a little bit, and that's how i opened it up today and you said, no, they're not turning at all. you've been right, i've been
10:21 am
wrong. thank you very much. >> thank you sir, . stuart: good luck. all right. and then the mayor of new york city. he's getting schooled on the speed of technology and there i say it. the power of uber. and this story too. having a hard time cashing in on their inheritance because their late father is still controlling his millions from the grave. you've got to hear this story >> tonight on kennedy. brilliant thinker pen gillette. we'll see you at 8:00 p.m. eastern 5:00 pacific
10:22 am
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10:24 am
stuart: president obama defending his nuclear deal with iran today. meanwhile its supreme leader is tweeting this. that's a picture of the president with a go up to his head. and layoffs in the oil industry that's as crude goes to $47 a barrel. still very
10:25 am
good news for the economy here's here after the break to explain why. new york's mayor doesn't know what hit him. he thought he could just wave a magic wand and make uber go away. well, he's getting schooled on the speed and power of tomorrow. the mayor wants to preserves the yellow cab monopoly, but then all of a sudden came uber. new york city had been doing a very nice business selling those medallions that allow yellow cabs to operate. but in less than a year the value of a medallion has dropped $400,000. cabs are taking in far less money. well, new york had been hit. that's what happened. it had been hit by a serge. uber hired thousands of drivers. walk around the streets of new york and you'll see them all over the place. the mayor waved his wand. he decreed, there should be fewer uber cars lowder on the streets of new york. he uber started running adds
10:26 am
featuring minority drivers who simply wanted to make a living and serve all areas of the city. movie stars weighed in supporting uber. uber won. the point is technology and america move very very quickly. he's old school. slow moving government, that's what he wants that's supposed to dominate everything. well, move over. there's a new economy just arriving, and it's based on individuals and free markets. the left just doesn't get it. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for the best first impression. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended.
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♪ ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for those breathless moments. hug loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended.
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stuart: still down triple digits. market overnight dropped 8.5%, their problems coming here to some degree. and down to $47 a barrel this
10:30 am
morning in oil. because of the china selloff. and the price of gasoline, not trumping by any means. we're down to 2.71 on the national average that's down a nickel from the month ago. and california where at 3.82, that's the average in california. more than a dollar, way more than a dollar above the national average. you lucky people. donald trump's poll numbers unaffected by his about barrage controversial comments. 21% of the vote for trump 14% for jeb. and come on in, a man we haven't seen much recently. his name is doug, and highs a former advisor. do you think that donald trump is the best thing to happen to democrats? >> absolutely. he's appealing to a small segment of very conservative voters. but with 16 candidates having a fight, 15 against one one
10:31 am
being trump, this is good news for hillary clinton, who has as we're talk about has her own problems . stuart: but you still -- this is a democrat -- this is good for democrats? >> any time you have this kind of fighting in one person who is taking on -- making the kind of comments trump is, very good news for the opposition . stuart: but it's sucking a lot of attention on the republicans. there's a debate coming up in ten days from now. >> yeah. stuart: you know. >> i do . stuart: just ten days away. trump's going to dominate that thing. the number of people watching it will be astronomical. >> right. stuart: and the republicans get all the attention. and it's not all negative attention just because they're fighting each other. how much attention is hillary actually getting these days. >> should she be getting attention given the stuff she's dealing with? i think this is good news considering hillary . stuart: i will concede. do you think hillary is the nominee. >> i think she's almost
10:32 am
certain to be but not certain. the revelations about the e-mails, the two inspector generals, stuart it raises for the first time in my mind an inquiry, a slight question but still a question nonetheless. stuart: well a criminal investigation going on in the background. >> right now it's a security investigation. there's been no criminal referral, and it remains to be seen whether it will be a criminal referral. but this is not good news for her . stuart: allegely she did the same thing as general petraeus did who was found guilty and paid a very large fine. she did exactly the safely. at the discretion of president obama whether he wishes to go forward to a washington prosecution of hillary. >> my understanding what general petraeus did was lie to . stuart: it was the miss handling of classified information. >> well, we have a report that
10:33 am
four authority e-mails according to two inspector generals involved classified information. she to this day denies it. let's let the justice process play itself out . stuart: yes. but it's bad new for hillary. >> certainly . stuart: you can't just dismiss. >> i didn't . stuart: no, you didn't. >> no. and i wouldn't urge the viewers not to take it seriously. but we're not quite at a criminal prosecution level yet. stuart: joe biden looking on thoughtfully. >> oh, i think he's looking on. i think john kerry is looking on and i'm told even al gore is looking -- stuart: who. >> yeah. stuart: you are told by people who know him. >> yes. that he is looking i dare say lustfully at the possibility . stuart: and what do you think the odds, the possibility of him reappearing. >> here's what i think. if hillary worst case were to really really fall. i think you would see each of those three plus elizabeth
10:34 am
warren give a serious look . stuart: when you say fall, you mean primary. >> she could lose two primaries. she could lose to bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire . stuart: would that kick her out of the race. >> i don't know if it could kick her out but raise questions. stuart: some viable candidates. >> yeah, like mccarthy in '68 . stuart: do you think this is likely to happen? >> i'm saying it is possible to happen. but the poll numbers from iowa and new hampshire sanders is right on her heels. >> and her poll numbers about her trustworthiness and honest -- >> way down. >> the damage has already been done on these e-mails regardless whether there's prosecution. >> absolutely true. look, we have a horse race for the democratic nomination evolving that two, three weeks ago a month ago just didn't exist that happen. that's for sure . stuart: you've seen all kinds of politicians on the stump. >> i have . stuart: how would you rate
10:35 am
hillary clinton. >> i would say bill clinton is the best i've ever seen. hillary clinton has yet to develop her own spontaneous style. at the end of the campaign, she appeared to, but this being the peekaboo defense stuart, i don't think it works for her. i would urge her to use a different approach for the reason ashley's question against it . stuart: if she is a nominee does she win? >> i think she's got at least a 50% chance of winning because with all the candidates having negative ratings, she will be in good company. >> are you being called upon to advise her? >> i will be called upon to come back to this show. i don't expect this phone to ring from hillary clinton . stuart: thank you. finally got it out. thank you very much, sir. >> always . stuart: president obama took a few minutes to address the iranian nuclear deal during a press conference in ethiopia this mork. listen to this. >> i have not yet heard a
10:36 am
factual argument on the other side that holds up to scrutiny. there's a reason why 99% of the world think so this is a good deal. because it's a good deal . stuart: that's what he had to say in ethiopia this morning in a press conference. meanwhile iran has taken a message to twitter posting an image yesterday that appears to have president obama holding a gun to his head. ashley what about do you think of that? >> these are the people we're getting into bed with. this particular tweet who likes to put these out, by the way, he did one similar to this without the silhouette of the president with the gun on july 17th. this says basically with he welcome no war nor do we initiate any war. but if any war happens the one who will emerge loser will be the aggressive and criminal u.s. stuart: okay. and we're in bed with them. >> and we're in bed with them. >> who needs enemies; right? >> exactly. >> and of course it's not that long ago that he appeared the leader in front of a big crowd
10:37 am
that was chanting death to america . stuart: okay. take it from there. the wall street journal must have been watching "varney & company" last week. [laughter] because they agree with us. there's really only six stocks that matter right now. they're on your screen. we always look at four of them amazon, google, facebook, and netflix. but they've thrown in apple and gilead sciences exactly. fair enough. but the bottom line is the very small number very big name tech stock companies. so jason come on in. what do you make of this? >> you know, i think the concerns if there are any, and it seems that there are are a little bit over blown, and i have a case here, stuart. one main reason i think the concerns are over blown is that it's almost a function of the nature of technology to expand exponentially. in other words the major thing that's fueling, you know this six-company dominance is nna. you have facebook buying
10:38 am
what's app buying instagram they're not just a social media company, they have control. ten years ago apple was just selling personal computers. now apple is involved in a much broader array of businesses. you have music they may build a car. so it's really not that big of a deal. i think there's other bigger fish to fry so to speak if you're looking at concerns for the market such as china and this week's fed meeting . stuart: well, we're more looking at where money is flowing throughout this year it has flowed to those stocks and quoting them on a daily basis and the money has poured into them. i've got got a question about facebook. >> sure. stuart: their earnings come out wednesday afternoon. facebook is around 95, $96 a share. we've had some people on the program that is facebook could have another huge run up like amazon like google. what say you jason? >> absolutely, stuart, well, the thing is i've been coming on this fine fox business
10:39 am
channel for months now and been literally saying i think facebook is going to be at $100 by the end of 2015. i'm a bigger believer than ever at this point since i'm only $5 a away. i think facebook is even at this point a phenomenal investment for the before mentioned reasons. they have so many phenomenal acquisitions that they haven't even started to monetize yet . stuart: now, you're in touch with a lot of investors. how many have come to you and say buy some shares in general motors or du pont or the names in the past. are they attractive any tiny sliver of individual investors these days? >> that's an interesting question. obviously i do deal with different types of personalities, and you do have kind of the old school investors that look for these you know, classic blue chip large cap dividend payers. they're happy with two, three four percent. so you do still have that world of investors that are very happy with those companies. however the
10:40 am
overall trends of whether to call it the millennial trend or the salvier investor trend you know they are looking to the future, and they are interested in companies like netflix and facebook to take their portfolios into the next decade . stuart: all right. we'll take that. jason, thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure . stuart: let's take a look at the big board because the market is coming back a by the. we're now down 74 points. the loss has been cut in half and we're almost to 17,500. and word of news developments, we have come back significantly. time for that sector report. today it's the big drug deal. botox maker is selling its drug unit, generic drug unit for $40 billion. more and more consolidation in this industry. both stocks are up on this deal. the botox people up 20 points a share.
10:41 am
>> you like that, don't you? . stuart: comes alive when you figure out oh, they're the botox people. it then has some meaning huh? and then mylan on the deal, so mylan is out, they say they've got other plans and looks forward to merging with another drug maker perrigo. so because of the deal they're up and down. >> i've got my scorecard . stuart: well look is who is the next. eric balling cheap oil good for the economy. butbut 150,000 people already lost their jobs because of the chal cheap oil. we'll have that in a moment that's where at&t can help. at&t has the tools and the network
10:42 am
you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different
10:43 am
things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole with your fox business brief. the dow industrial average has been down close to 170 points now. down just 82. we are seeing selling across the board. we took it from china the shanghai disintegration had its worst day in 8 years. and that's waking on oil oil right now 56.67 and moves to 20. so it is weighing on commodities and you can put exxon in that category. jp morgan, goldman sachs with up about 10%. and, hey qsr that's the burger king take over of the
10:44 am
two together did really well, better profit in sales. you can see that up # 7.3%. and that's a lot of good news and arrows we're seeing here. make sure you kick your day off on fox business network.mantic lauren simonetti will give you all the news you need and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical
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help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information.
10:46 am
stuart: talk about a strange inheritance. one dad getting like that last say from even beyond the grave. he left $20 million to his two daughters but only collect on his strict terms and you can't renegotiate the terms because the gentleman past away last year. >> he did . stuart: all right, ashley, what special strict terms are we talking about? >> many given incentives, for instance, he has two daughters, 21 and 17 years old. she's going to get half a million for tying the not but only the husband signs a sworn statement promising to keep his hands off the cash. $750,000 to this young lady if she graduates from an accredited university and writes a 100 word or less essay on what she's going to do with the money and then a trusty will decide whether the explanation of what she's going to do with the money is good enough in order for her to get it. it goes on and on. if they have kids but don't work outside of the house the trustees will give them each 3% of the value of their trust every year.
10:47 am
but there's one catch. the money only flows for children born in wet lock . stuart: so there's all kinds of. by the way the wife gets nothing. they're in the middle of a divorce. >> which means the whole thing is going to blow up in court. >> basically. >> but if my dad had said you have to work inside the home, you don't work outside of the home. >> uh-huh. >> i would have said you can take your money, and you can just go away. stuart: would you? you would have said that. >> yeah. stuart: you would not allowed a parent to rule from the grave. >> not like that. not every twist and turn of what you do . stuart: right. >> because if you have kids, have them in wedlock absolutely go to a accredited university study well, work hard have kids. >> but dangling the crash in front of you the whole time . stuart: what do you think of that? >> too much. too much. too many control freak from the grave . stuart: i'm with ashley.
10:48 am
okay. not that i'm trying to run that. all right. let's get a tattoo. stuart: you get a tattoo, and you're out of the will. i've made that clear to my six children and nine grandchildren. got that? they believe me. take a look at this. energy stocks leading the selloff today 21 of the 40 s&p inspiring stocks have touched # 52-week lows. ouch. now, this as we're hearing that energy companies are planning more layoffs. by the way last fall they've dropped 150,000 workers. and eric here, he's going to make the can a i say that cheap oil is good for the economy. by the way i'm very much on your side. >> what's with that tease? he likes lower oil prices and 150,000 people were laid off. stuart: fair. >> for the record i come from the oil industry, i love the oil industry, i think they're wonderful worker. i want to see as many of them employed as possible. but it's a free market, stuart, so when prices of oil go down and there's some
10:49 am
people who put on a lot of extra workers drilling, fracking whatever, and they can't afford to pay those people, they're going to get laid off. and the upside is gasoline a year ago wab and don't forget was a year better than the prior year, and gasoline is down 80 cents a gallon. if 376-gallon gallons we use a year, you come up with $275,000 a year alone. and those prices will come down too. that's a lot of extra spending in a home . stuart: when prices really, really came down into the early part of the spring. >> yeah. stuart: they didn't spend that extra money. >> because we're not sure. we keep hearing prices go back up. you watch enough business television, 80% of the people will tell you by the end of the year it has a better
10:50 am
chance of being $35 a barrel than $70 a barrel . stuart: you're a trader. >> the reason why there's a lot of oil. there's a big overhang of oil. that eventually has to make sure its way to the refinery, all of that expensive oil that heave used, they've stored, worked its way through the refinery, prices will come down stuart, cash is king in america. when you put more cash in a household, they spend it, and that goes directly to earnings. stuart: because they'll turn around and say now is the time to increase the gas tax to fund the highways and you won't notice it because gasoline is coming down. they will say that. >> and they may and that will be a mistake . stuart: so where we are in agreement. >> we are in agreement . stuart: 100% like this? >> i'm in the fathers camp . stuart: are you really? oh no. >> yeah. stuart: rule from the grave? >> yeah. hurdles. kids hand it over. because if you didn't have them, they would get $20 million for nothing and
10:51 am
who knows how you end up. >> you could be like buffett and give them nothing . stuart: no, he's going to give them a billion each. but if you don't care, come back early morning. >> i would love to. stuart: get out of here. joining us next hour. next hour that is. josh tetrick. he makes eggless mayo, he wants to change the way you think of food and getting political about it. very interesting guy
10:52 am
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> hillary clinton continues to face more e-mail troubles. listen to what judge napolitano had to say last hour. >> how mrs. clinton or anybody on her behalf could say that this is not classified, not sensitive and can be routed through her husband's router is inconceivable. >> well, there is talk of a criminal investigation. peter barns has more from washington. peter, good morning. >> good morning, ashley. more possible e-mail problems coming from hillary clinton this week. the state department set to release a third big batch of e-mails despite warnings from government watch dogs that they could include hundreds of potentially classified e-mails. last week the inspector general for the intelligence
10:56 am
community referred the matter to the justice department, which will decide whether the handling of those classified e-mails may have violated federal secrecy laws. this weekend clinton insisted again that she did nothing wrong. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> on saturday, clinton spokesperson said she plans to testify in october before the republican benghazi committee and her personal e-mails are sure to come up at that hearing. ashley. >> peter barns, thank you so much. hour three of varney just three minutes away. stay with us can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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10:59 am
tree into two weeks ago i said i think donald trump standing in the polls has p. he made comments about john mccain's war record over the previous week in a monday morning i thought his popularity
11:00 am
was about to head out. i was wrong. as of this monday morning donald trump is number one in new hampshire and running neck and neck with governor scott walker in iowa. is gaining traction not losing it. where did i go wrong? i underestimated the power of plain talk and a nonpolitician. leaders today shy away from the begin playing me about the issues. along comes trump and files that the debate. he grabs attention. is obviously not a politician. so now who's winning. i got it wrong. where to from here? donald trump will be the leading republican candidate when the first debate is held 10 days away. like everyone else i can't wait to see what he does. what will he say, who will he attack? i risk of making myself unpopular, donald trump is firing up politics.
11:01 am
i don't think is the right guy for the white house. ♪ i think i just her things that. i don't think he's the right guy for the white house. it's out there now. i did miss the call on donald trump and i don't think he's quite the right guy for the white house. look at this. i got it wrong. nbc post is donald trump is in first place in new hampshire. jeb bush 14%. trump closing the gap clearly with scout walker two percentage points behind running neck and neck i would say. brit hume is with us. as he got a smile on his face? almost. you can say i don't think donald
11:02 am
trump is the right day for the white house and you say what? >> i'm glad i'm not the president that has to go through your e-mails. not sure i want to look at your twitter feed either. you may have underestimated the depth and strength of the disillusionment and disaffection and republican voters feel with the current republican leadership on the campaign trail. jeb hersh and others and in the congress. one index of that is what happened over the weekend. i would say donald trump's rise in the polls is mostly at the expense of people like ted cruz. and possibly rand paul is well. ted cruz is a guy who's the big fighter against the establishment and willing to risk shutting down the government to make things happen any time at loggerheads with the leaders in washington for a long
11:03 am
time. suddenly that role that standing was eclipsed by someone even blunter and even more straightforward to put it mildly then cruz has been. what happens over the weekend? cruise gets into a controversy with mitch mcconnell who is of course a republican and calls him a liar on the senate floor. something you almost never hear especially in light of the fact clues as recently as last thursday said he would not attack any candidate and went on to say when someone does you easily return it with kindness. so much for that. smashes you ted cruz is looking at the disaffected republican and saying he is second on my oxygen. i've got to get it back.
11:04 am
tree into the republican leadership with rank-and-file republicans in donald trump and other people, too. mitch mcconnell's leadership is standing out as the thing hammer down here. >> certainly with cruz attacking. in people's minds leading republicans and well-known republicans stand out as being linked. jeb bush in particular mitch mcconnell john boehner and others. to the people who are as angry as they seem to be they are angry these guys got control of congress and nothing happened. nothing changed they say. there's a whole bunch of reasons why that isn't necessarily true but that is what they ate. the parliamentary niceties and the power of the presidential veto those things are lost on these people.
11:05 am
we've got the congress the power of the person we had to stop anything and we ought to work our will. they say that hasn't happened. >> isn't the same on the other side of the aisle? >> obviously to some extent it is and that is manifest in the rise of bernie sanders and the crowd is turning out. what we have in today's politics is a growing far right and the growing fire last and may exercise a certain magnetic pole on the rest of the party on both sides. it makes it harder and harder to get any compromises to get anything done because members of congress on both parties are afraid of primaries depending what party they are in the politics are more deeply polarized than ever.
11:06 am
tree into the e-mails are indeed piling up. brit hume, everyone. thank you for joining us. resident to bomb and africa and ethiopia, taken a few minutes to address the iran nuclear deal criticizing about the entire presidential gop field. >> if you ask me how the argument is going it is going great. if you're asking about the politics of washington and the writer rick that takes place there, that doesn't always go gray. you know the particular comments of mr. huckabee are a thing part is just a general pattern of being seen that is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad.
11:07 am
stuart: a flat out call on governor huckabee governor huckabee has responded. reporter: he has said he is not backing down at all. not one bit. mike huckabee was criticizing the president's iran deal. he said he would leave israel and i'm quoting here to the doors of the oven. that of course is a controversial analogy to the holocaust. the president is in ethiopia said it would be ridiculous if it weren't so sad at the huckabee campaign put out a statement. i'll read you part of it. what is ridiculous and sad as president obama does not take iran's repeated threats seriously. they go on to say i will stand with our ally israel to prevent terrorists in tehran from achieving their stated goal of another cost. the president used the question earlier today to pin it to donald trump.
11:08 am
gop rhetoric as he sees it so in this race. stuart: we are waiting for a response from donald trump which will be forthcoming. check the big word. remember please that had a mini crash overnight in china. a drop of 8.5% in one effect team to some degree down 82 points. the government slaps the chrysler with a record $105 million worth of fines with lapses and safety recalls involving an 11 million vehicles. by the way, more to the story. chrysler is now required by government order to buy back a half million of those vehicles. get out there and buy them back. chrysler cannot get to grips with how much that is going to cost them. the price of oil down just like our stock market. in part because of the china is the selloff.
11:09 am
the price of gasoline every day to 71 is your national average. only down 5 cents for one month ago. "the wall street journal" watching sales. headline says the only six fax that care. five of them are big tech stock that we talk about here every single day of the week. so i think all the money from every individual investor pouring it into those dates on transfixed stocks. the big-name american technology stocks. when was the last time somebody wanted to buy dupont for general motors. >> nobody ever wants to buy dupont or general motors. never maybe 50/50 in the 1970s not just individual investors. i see portfolio reviews and they
11:10 am
have six different times. they had these great names. the dynamic correspondent domestic e-mail fun and the overseas fund. they all in the same thing. that all of apple. these managers are afraid of not keeping up with the market. as each year goes on, fewer and fewer keep up the market and they are cheating. individual investors want the action. it can be a double-edged sword of course and when these things pull down you have a lot of the same drivers that these things. it wouldn't be uncommon for all of them to be down a lot together and not as i would talk about a balanced portfolio not only the hotspot at the moment. train to watch out a little bit. >> last week we took profits on amazon facebook and netflix.
11:11 am
apple is too cheap for me on any kind of metric i use. from time to time you have to bring the register and be cool. disney, nike, chipotle names that want to diversify. >> talk to me about facebook because of the 95 $96 per share. i've had a nice run. up 50 60 bucks. it's down 2%. >> i love facebook. i just think if you are sitting on huge profits right now you can watch the market at the end of the session. it doesn't mean we are ready for a panic but it's been a long time. you don't have to write it down if you don't want. stuart: have in six dominant stocks, is it a real picture? >> this is what everybody misunderstand. we are in a stealth bear market right now.
11:12 am
a lot of stocks have been crushed. as of friday of last week and the new york stock exchange, 600.5 stocks of the week. 2600 down for the week. 245 and 626 made new lows last week. we are in a bear market at the moment and that is why the money that is active goes to the names of the people promoting it. the indices have mass this for the last four months. >> i should pay more attention to the stocks. all right charles. we appreciate it. the founder of a food company that makes an egg free male has a message for the presidential candidate. we need to fix our outdated system before it's too late. he is here to make his case in just one moment. ♪
11:13 am
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11:16 am
trained to check the big board down triple digits. we just had news that china will continue the stock market rescue measures. it's going to increase their buying of stocks whether that's a good thing or bad thing for the chinese market are not quite sure. they are putting their money and according to a spokesman for china's top securities regulator. i know you're just reading this coming in. >> 80% of small investors are investing in the stock market. >> 80% of the people who invest in chinese stocks are small investors. it's the little guy. the casino.
11:17 am
>> absolutely right. stuart: they are trying to support it. we are still down 100 points for the dow industrial. a new ad for froot loops not targeting children are the millennial. they are going after gen x who want to relive their glory days. watch this. >> let's do this. >> bring back the awesome. stuart: may be a tad over-the-top. i gen x his mid-40s to mid 50s? >> about in there. i think it is genius by kellogg. they then having the trouble with sales of breakfast foods because it is more like a snack more like a sugary dessert then it is breakfast. makes sense. stuart: why doesn't it make sense to advertise sugary snacks are brought to us? >> because mom and dad don't buy that for kids.
11:18 am
stuart: that is true actually. obesity peaked in 2003 when the calorie count is going down the most is with children. mom and dad don't want their kids to eat their sugary snacks. >> i will happily eat them. stuart: still on the subject of food. the company that makes eggless mail and other healthy fruit products have taken out a full-page ad in "the new york times." heaven knows how much they pay for it but it was a better presidential candidates. i'll give you a quote. we need to fix that we feed ourselves. our outdated food system is run and her most important problems from diabetes to obesity to food deserts to the decline of family farms. josh patrick is back. founder and ceo who joins us right now. you've been on the program
11:19 am
before. >> i was miss you stuart. stuart: i suspect you are either vegetarian or vegan and that is the agenda you are pushing and paying money to "the new york times" to advertise your company. >> you were just talking about the parents feeding their kids/sugary stuff. that is a mission we are bond to make food that are forever one and i hope one of the presidential candidates that said whether republican or democrat and realize this is a big issue. we do take the path of using a lot of crops out there that other folks have forgotten about. meanwhile farmers in the midwest. stuart: we know you from your no egg mayonnaise. are you begin? >> personally i choose a
11:20 am
plant-based way of eating not because of any political reason but my family has a history of heart and is best for me. from a perspective of making the country better, you've gotten samples at the mayo, stuart. i hope you put it on a juicy hamburger, too. whether you are immediate or not. stuart: you are very good. you are a genius at marketing. how much did you pay for "the new york times" ad? 50 or 60,000? >> thankfully we got a deal because we are focused on a deeper story. newspapers figure out how to connect better with people. thankfully our friends at "the new york times" and others give us an opportunity to tell the story. you're missing the important thing. i watch her show all the time and i hear you guys talk about the issues from immigration to health care to education to the economy to sugary snacks but the underlying issue is the
11:21 am
issue of food. racer relations. type-2 diabetes or supporting it impacts the economy and it's an issue we should shine a light on. i hope one of the republicans step up and do something about it. stuart: why did you just tired cat and sebelius? >> wrister publications -- we tried is around our folks and other stuff. stuart: kathleen sebelius was in charge of the obamacare rollout. i don't think she did a terribly great job. >> just like the the republicans read the chance to sit down on that ag committee on capitol hill we surround ourselves with people who know policy on all sides of the issue. that is the thing about good
11:22 am
food. everyone agrees. chris christie donald trump or hillary clinton. food is healthier, more sustainable should always taste better and be cheap as. we surround ourselves with people who can empower that in that is what we'll run into as we can. stuart: may i go on record as saying i think you are a genius marketer. when asked a question you don't answer it in your answer just goes on and on forever in a canada breath. >> let me try to be more precise. thanks, just like folks on the right understand policy. whether you disagree or not she is a deep understanding of health care policy. that's the way we do things. our partners include folks all across the place and that is what will fill our mind.
11:23 am
stuart: if you want a different opinion you got to hire me. josh tetrick come out of time, but i know you'll be back. by the way, i like the mayo. planned parenthood officials were caught on tape talking about buying and selling fetal tissue. half a billion dollars of your money hangs in the balance.
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
11:27 am
stuart: planned parenthood could lose a half billion dollars in federal funding after the shocking takes with executives discussing the sale of fetal body parts. sharon green in washington with the latest. >> their efforts by lawmakers in the house and senate but don't expect democrats to get on board. grandpa leading the charge in the senate and after seeing the videos showing planned parenthood affiliated that there is discussing the transfer of fetal body parts and organs all americans should be asking questions. >> two people want taxpayer dollars going through this procedure? >> planned parenthood president said her organization has done nothing illegal and she wants the group behind the video to set up medical progress to be
11:28 am
investigated. >> the folks behind this are part of the most militant wing that has been behind the bombing of clinics murder of doctors in their homes and churches and that is why it -- >> over the past 10 years planned parenthood has received more than $4 billion in federal and state government funding. here's a look at what you the taxpayer have contributed raised on income level. a more specific look at tax dollars going to planned parenthood the last decade. go to fox and click on the taxpayer calculator. at the state level and number of agencies have launched investigations into planned parenthood but in california did attorney general look into the videos to see whether it violated any state law there. >> shannon, thank you. much. judge napolitano is back to talk
11:29 am
about the americans with disabilities act. it is meant to help the disabled. i say the lawyers are the big winners in this one and it could be stifling, life-changing technology for the disabled like this. >> eileen. stuart: yes, you do.
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
stuart: overnight there is a mini crash in china print stock market went down 8.5%. they are going to step in, step back and to prop up their markets. the mini crash of the bears have been ineffective or hear down 132 on the dow. the price of oil down in part because of the china selloff. 47 bucks a barrel. gasoline moving ever so slowly. 271 is your national average. bisons below a month ago. fiat chrysler must buy back a half a million random pickup trucks and other vehicles part of a very costly settlement. jerry willis has been following this. i never heard before of a car
11:34 am
company or they say you must buy back a half million vehicles. >> this is the real failure to handle these issues, these problems in a way that makes sense. have been accompanied by the mac is ridiculous. they are way out of bounds here. stuart: they force them to do it. stuart: plus another element. the owner jeep cherokee in the 1990s. chrysler has to make them an offer to buy those vehicles. they don't have to accept the offer. >> the location is dangerous but it seems a better way to handle this. they are out of control. either asleep at the wheel are going too far. stuart: another story for you. new york magazine making news with this weeks cover shows 35 of the 46 women who accuse bill
11:35 am
cosby of assaulting them. they got their faces out there in public or is it the end of bill cosby? >> what else can he do from here? those stories frankly have been anonymous. you heard them on tv. there they are together, pointing a finger. stuart: this position came out in 2005 where he admitted to using quaaludes and that has now been leaked or heard. they come forward and have their picture taken. stuart: the americans with disability act turns 25 years old. meant to level the playing field. but i say it has given rise to so many lawsuits if a charter for lawyers to make a ton of money. is he a former lawyer?
11:36 am
>> i must reluctantly agree with you because tried living in a wheelchair. my heart goes out to be blunt how they can get around without some assistance. the way the law as written, the ambiguity of terms the power given to judges to redefine disability is obesity in disability or just somebody who can't use their legs and is stuck in a wheelchair. all of this is extraordinarily expensive. far more expensive than george h.w. bush ever thought it would be when he signed it into law. do you know what part of the government done for the act? military executive branch white house west wing. anything in the executive branch of the federal government is exempt. the deal they cut you can't make
11:37 am
this stuff up. one other thing that strikes me. they made a fortune. >> they have. some of the well intended and some trying to make the law broader than today's. stuart: lawyers in new york city employed people in wheelchairs to go into restaurants and go to the bathroom and if they can see themselves in the mirror they sue. >> the file class actions because one person against one restaurant isn't worth much to the lawyers. a lawsuit in which they represent all similarly situated people again all similarly situated bathrooms is where it is for the lawyers. stuart: all americans with disabilities act locks people into the intention of the wheelchair. the people on this program use computerized limbs or a jacket that fits under the names.
11:38 am
we don't need a wheelchair. the ada just didn't take account of progress and technology. look at that. there is a guy who cannot walk but he is walking with a computer-assisted machinery. that is not a wheelchair. >> the psychological benefits of standing up always been in a wheelchair changes in self perception and ability to enjoy life. but should the federal government be prodding us towards this or should private industry be brought in us towards this? stuart: there is significant competition. >> that is a new field of medicine. he couldn't walk before that. tell me this. do you think the americans with disabilities act should be repealed or reviewed?
11:39 am
stuart: i think all federal legislation should be repealed and it would take me a couple days to list all of those. stuart: is it unconstitutional to demand access? the mac it's unconstitutional to tell restaurants how to build their bathrooms. stuart: why is this law on the books? >> my former colleagues in the judiciary have expanded the federal power that knows no limit. i resisted a kicking and screaming and you know that. [laughter] stuart: i have missed you so. now you are back after three weeks rested with a suntan. america is not a country ruled by law. it is ruled as voyeurs.
11:40 am
>> the country is ruled by whoever runs the white house regrettably. the president has so much power. stuart: i think you are defending it too much. >> i like that. more than you pay for it. stuart: president obama pushing back against everyone criticizing the air brand nuclear deal saying he's not heard any evidence that the deal is back. colonel ross peters says it is is -- a popular guest is with us next. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about
11:41 am
the very thing we do best. ♪ ♪ super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck. and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud. live loud. super poligrip. seals out more food. ♪ ♪ super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place. so you never have to hold back. laugh loud. live loud. super poligrip. get strong all day hold.
11:42 am
>> ram nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average with a loss of 125 points. s&p down 10 not back from asia where we saw the shanghai composite with a move in a ears hurt a .5% to hit in oils and commodity overall. this saturday we saw it was able. marathon resources all selling off the sector of the day down almost 3%. allergan and teva. teva by an allergan for $40 billion. stocks both hitting as high as.
11:43 am
the other record of $105 million of fiat chrysler. start your day right here on fox business at 5:00 a.m. different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with certain diabetes medicines. do not take if allergic to farxiga or its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you have any of these symptoms stop taking farxiga and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga
11:44 am
if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. stuart: president obama took a few minutes to defend the iran nuclear deer during a press conference this morning. >> i have not yet heard a factual argument on the other side that holds up to scrutiny.
11:45 am
there's a reason why 99% of the world rank good deal stuart: colonel ralph peters in washington d.c. i -- b. macri said it's tricky for america and the president on out guys no respect for the fact there is no shame. so product that contains a great start could endanger his nuclear. not that big. obviously we don't know the
11:46 am
future. electricity argument, the critic as democrats we have. the statement of every is to indulge in wishful and a span of about how it might be. huckabee made a comment about this is the same influences the first method is is absolutely correct. as stuart: here is what gets me about the deal. i would like to ask the question does anybody doubt that they want to use it? >> many people do doubt they would use it.
11:47 am
that is the big sticking point because you introduce risk into her future. incalculable risk is there. that is where i'ml absolutely guarantee will not do that. that's a problem. >> let's play the satanic advocate here. even the mere possession of nuclear weapons on the part of iran makes them to hedge a minute the persian gulf. still said of the world's gas supplies increase in their major financial have been in dubai and elsewhere. so the one thing this deal does guarantee is that i have new persian empire which will be good not only for israel and
11:48 am
middle east client that the american economy. the premise that they will use is correct. it will be aware had never seen such trade to day one of the next presidency january 2017 i would suggest the iranians start testing the new cracker. it is long and drawnout. this is my point of view. >> i agree. i'm talking about an opinion right now and i think you share it. >> i do. ukrainians will be on the wrist olds. by the way, the new president, god help us let them be a strong visionary men or women of integrity because he or she is going to be tested immediately
11:49 am
not just buy a brand, but vladimir. the first new field test is prudent screwing around with the provocation in the baltics to see still is weak. stuart: you heard it first. colonel thank you. the interest in upcoming guest this afternoon. kurdish popstar hallie love has been called the lady dog on iraq releasing an anti-isis song. don't miss this one of 4:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network today. hillary clinton going green in a new campaign video to install half a billion dollar panels in her first surname. listen to this. >> i'm a grandmother with two eyes in the brain. hard to believe there are people
11:50 am
running for president who refused to accept the subtle change of climate change who would rather mind as they are not scientists and listen to those who are. you don't have to be a scientist to take on the challenge that threatens us all. true do you just have to pay for half a billion. so who does pay? >> uni, the taxpayers. 245 different initiatives dealing with solar power an average of $39 billion every year with the grandson initiatives and taxpayers. 0.6% had generated to solar power. should choose your point is that. and now we want another half billion. patootie is tell you what to
11:51 am
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mom has always been one of those people who needs to keep busy. if she's not working in her garden, she's probably on one of her long walks with bailey. she was recently diagnosed with a heart condition.
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i know she's okay, but it concerned me she's alone so often. so i encouraged her to get a medical alert button. philips lifeline offers the best options to keep her doing the things she loves in the home she loves. if she ever falls, or needs help, i know we can get to her quickly and with her condition that can be critical. and even though she doesn't typically go far from home, the button always goes with her. these days, she's still as busy as ever. just the way she likes it. innovation and you. philips lifeline. lifeline is america's #1 medical alert service. visit today or call this number for your free brochure and ask about free activation. >> look at this. video recorded from a camera mounted to a virginia firefighter's helmet.
11:55 am
here's what happened. neighbor reports the fire nobody at home but three dogs trapped in the burning house. firefighters enter the home. you can see as they're going in they manage to get two of the three dogs out of the house. the house was completely destroyed. nobody injured but only one of the two rescued dogs survived. but that's what it's like if you're a firefighter going into a burning house that's what it looks like. can't say what it feels like, but that's what it looks like because that camera was mounted on the man's helmet. that's extraordinary. nfl legend joe namath offering $100,000 reward for two teenagers lost at sea. fox news phil joins us from florida. the latest please >> the latest is that the family remain very hopeful that, in fact, the boys still missing since friday are still alive and somehow managed to find a way to float after their boat capsized out in the
11:56 am
atlantic. they were last seen friday as they filled up their boat here at a marina here and the boat went out into the ocean where the 14-year-olds were planning a fun day of fishing. according to families, both of these 14-year-olds are very experienced and skilled boaters and fisherman, and they know and respect the ocean and the power of mother nature. but a bad side yesterday the boat was found overturned, capsized 70 miles offshore. now, ever since friday afternoon, the coast guard has been searching high and low for these kids with airplanes and helicopters and boats and they do believe that the search area is now about the size of the state of indiana and joe namath, neighbor and friends of the family is kicking in money a road to help solve this mystery at 100 grand. >> the love is there we're all praying. we've got a lot of people out on the water and in the air
11:57 am
looking. both families have been hard at work at this and pray and so let's just stay safe and we'll keep on looking until we find them. >> and brand-new flier there is the morning detailing the details of the missing boys suggest by the family members that perhaps there was a cooler onboard so hopefully they managed to float on that out on the atlantic. stuart. >> all right. in jupiter florida. thanks so much, phil. we'll have more varney for you in just a moment
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> friday last week in the new york stock exchange, 645 ups, 276 stocks down, 245 made new highs, 626 stocks may new lows new 52 week lows last week. we're at a raging stealth market right now and that's why the names that are active goes there. >> and the guy that we know,
12:00 pm
charles payne the numbers we're seeing from the big tech companies he's saying watch out. the overall indicators, the indexers, they do not tell the whole story. well said, charles. neil cavuto, it's yours. take it, sir >> thank you very much, stuart, and we're focusing this hour on what to make of donald trump. because remember how he was supposed to be after his comments on mexicans and they're going to build the wall he survived it. and then he went after john mccain to question whether he was a real hero, and that would be his undoing. and he survived it. and now come along some polls and he's not only surviving it, he is prospering from it. growing from it. the latest poll shows he's the number one pick nationally. the number one pick in new hampshire. the number one pick in iowa. and now the number one pick in. it is early i grant you but for those who thought a stake in his


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