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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 28, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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discussing. maria: we will do that there appeared great to have you on the show. we will be watching your journey. i hope you'll come back soon. maria: you are going to be an outnumbered on the fox news channel. see you then. thank you dagen mcdowell. thank you keith mccall and mike huckabee. >> we tried hard to come up with something positive to open the show. i think they found it. dare i say it, the gas price slide has begun. good morning, everyone. maybe i'm grasping at straws but overnight we've seen a solid job at the price of regular. everyone outside california has a shot at a much cheaper spinoff. more on this at the moment. hillary clinton laid out a very green agenda. climate change is a real threat and we must fight it with wind and sun powered every hole.
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prison reform from president obama includes $5000 taxpayer-funded grant for college for prison inmates. and don't create weapons systems that think for themselves. elon musk and others say it is an arms race we don't need. stocks up oil flat, gas down. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ here we go. breaking news just crossing the wire now. the case shiller report all about the state of the real estate market. measuring home price movements. ashley here we go . ashley: i do. up from april, 1.3%. so, okay not great, but okay. on an annualized base sus up 4.9%. and coming in under estimates,
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but it could have been worse. and it's frustratingly slow which we've seen in the market. year on year in the 20 cities the prices went up 4.9. ashley: 4.9% it's okay. stuart: right. ashley: it's in the right direction, but frustratingly slow progress. stuart: that's the real estate market as we speak. the other markets which are moving, i might add. dow futures are about to open up 58 57 points higher, but the dow is now back to 17,400. the real news is probably more like an oil and gas. start with oil. 47.43 at the moment. 4 cents, 5 cents, we had been down at the $46 per barrel level and keeps edging lower. the price of gasoline is down look at this maybe it's not the plunge that i have been talking about, but it's certainly a solid decline and grasping at straws i know. 2.69 is where we are on a
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national average basis. we tell you this every day. don't buy gas in california if you can avoid it their average for regular is $1.12 above the national averages. green policies 3.81 be warned. gasoline. mark cuban doesn't get along well with donald trump, however the dallas mavericks owner says this about the run for the presidency. i have to honestly say he is probably the best thing to happen in politics in a long time. i don't care what his actual positions are, i don't care if he says the wrong thing. he says what's on his mind and gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. guess who is here? katherine from the national review here. any comments on what mr. cuban has to say about mr. trump? >> the best thing that happened in a long time is generous i
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would say. just live hillary, he's flip flopped a lot, not acknowledged hey, i used to give tons of money to democrats and now i'm a radical conservative. and i also just don't see why speaking whatever comes to your mind is good if you're supposed to be a politician. you're going to be representing the country. >> and he's being honest and he addresses issues hot button issues with some sort of plain speak that seem to resonate with people. >> i appreciate that with anybody, but i think he's getting a lot of credit for being impulsive. stuart: there you go. ashley: he's known as honest a clear speaker, goes right at it. >> he's turning the election into a reality tv show and people lighting their phones on fire. stuart: what's that? >> lindsey graham. stuart: got that. >> he does have a new number didn't have to do that. stuart: and from donald trump
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let's go to hillary clinton. please look at this. this is hillary clinton boarding a private jet just hours after making a campaign promise to cut carbon. it's a rather large private jet she's stepping onto it. ashley: a 19-seat french private jet, not u.s. made. 47 4700 gallons of fuel per hour. and if you're just making a speech, rue knewables are everything and climate change is a problem. you get on your private jet. let's be realistic. ashley: how else can she get there. stuart: hillary clinton can't fly on public jets am i too soft?
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>> giving that speech and then trying to be everyday american. ashley: to go on a speaking junket and make half a million dollars on speaking fees using the same plane. >> this is typical of here, she's bragging in the '90s about the money her husband got for the prisons and coming out and saying there's too many people in prison. and same thing traditional marriage is the foundation of the country and saying can't believe anybody doesn't support gay marriage. hypocritical. stuart: we've dealt with donald trump and hillary clinton. there's more. the ex-finance minister of greece told about a conversation he had with president obama two months ago this past spring reportedly the president said i know austerity sucks, direct quote from the former finance minister of greece. again, the president really really doesn't want spending cuts either here or in europe because that's what he's talking about, ashley.
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ashley: that's exactly what he's talking about. stuart: that's austerity and the president doesn't like it. ashley: and we see the opposite in the spending in the federal government here. he must think that austerity sucks because he's spending on programs. he's telling this to the ex-prime minister of thegreece. ashley: he's riding around on a motorcycle and the former finance minister. stuart: he doesn't like cutting here or there. >> austerity sucks, very eloquent argument. stuart: is that unpresidential? >> it's not a party that he says it so it's inappropriate. if you're in a situation of greece, time to start thinking about austerity. stuart: i think so. >> that's terrifying if obama thinks he can take it that far. stuart: i think he wants them to keep doling out money to
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greece. not stop spending and-- >> 65 that sucks. stuart: how about this one, a majority of americans want congress to reject the iran deal. according to a new cnn-orc poll, 66% want congress to reject it 44 approve it. and a republican from florida, congressman you oppose the nuke deal, but president obama says you, as an opponent of the nuke deal you have no factual basis to oppose it. what's your response to that? >> i agree, first of all, with the american public as the greek leader says something sucks, in this case the iran deal. not eloquent, but right to the point. first of all one of our biggest objections is the sanctions release that iran is getting immediately, 100 to 150 billion dollars, quite a range,
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sanctions released that means money they will be using to it into fund terrorist groups like hamas and hezbollah. and also one of the issues that hasn't discussed much is almost 15 pages of the deal actually lift the people who will then be delisted from sanctions, either are sanctions or eu sanctions and they are people like-- i'll give two quick examples the current commander who has american blood on his hands, planned a lot of attacks against our guys and gallons in iraq, he will be delisted from the eu. another one is the former commander wanted by interpol for his role in the bombing in argentina in the jewish community center. why should they be delisted by us or by the eu. 15 pages of delistings. ashley: congresswoman, a lot of people say it's a done deal.
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stuart: it goes to the united nations the europeans, chinese and russians take the sarpgs sanctions with iran and do the deal. and even if you say no you can't have it override the veto, we stand alone, it's a done deal? >> there's no doubt that they have cooked the books on this one. going to the u.n. first and undoing six very strong u.n. security council resolutions before even coming to congress and then going through the charade of secretary kerry and others will be appearing before us in a matter of minutes. saying no let's hear your thoughts how we can make this better. you're right, it's cooked it's done, but i think that we need to show our disapproval and say to the administration, get a better deal. you said that we could get a better deal. why didn't you come up with this? this is dangerous for our u.s. national security interests and our interests in the region.
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stuart: and thank you for joining us we'll see you. >> thank you, appreciate it. stuart: president obama wants to give convicts convicted felons in prison wants to give them money for college credit. nearly $6,000 a year taxpayer moan per year. i'll pose this request he-- question to the judge, what's wrong with that? here he comes. ♪ ♪ when i was just a baby my mama told me son, always be a good boy don't ever play with guns ♪ ♪ i shot a man in reno just watch him die ♪ ♪
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or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> this video of planned parenthood executive talking about harvesting body parts
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from aborted fetuses, it's clearly raised eyebrows. now, another bombshell. a new documentary, human capital planned parenthood black marketing baby parts, it features a former planned parenthood employee who says she was asked to harvest body parts. we'll show you the new video in the next hour fox news's shannon bream has a news report for us the top of the hour. check this out from miami. a model poses for a photo shoot that's the foreground. that's her you see. behind her, that's a group of nine people i think about nine, believed to be illegal immigrants not docking the boat, but they're running on shore and away they go. . >> welcome to america. >> yeah welcome to america. there's your green card. not funny, but that's what happened on july the 10th. we thought we'd show you that
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one. moving on, president obama plans to restore federal funding for prison inmates to take college courses. this ends a 20-year band on the pell grants for prison and judge napolitano is here that's not illegal, nothing illegal-- he's laughing. there's nothing illegal about extending taxpayer money as a grant to prison for them to go to college and learn something and get out of prison and not go back again. >> there would be nothing illegal if the local or state government to do it, but for the federal government to do it, it's a violation of the constitution. i'm in favor of shrinking prison, 60% because of drug use or nonviolent crime and it costs a fortune to run the prisons and lives in prison often make people worse, but the concept of spending money in order to give these people a
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college education, i can think of better things that can be done with the people's money, like let them keep their own money and tax us less. stuart: you say unconstitutional, on the grounds the federal government has no right to take your money and give it to somebody else. >> and i'm going to have a firestorm the pell grants are unconstitutional. the idea of federal tax dollars transferred to individuals so they can go to college is not in the constitution. it would be far better in the hands of private people or banks to lend them money. stuart: who could be -- how many times have we had this discussion about the constitutionality of the federal income tax or pell grants. >> you have such a hard head nothing gets through to you. [laughter] i saw that with the deepest of eye if he cans. stuart: everything is unconstitutional for you. everything under the sun. >> if we can bore down on this and ashley and i were talking about. stuart: ignore me go to ashley. >> no, no before the
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presidency of woodrow wilson james madison prevailed, the federal government can only do the 16 specific enumerated powers expressly in the document. after the presidency of woodrow wilson, the federal government request do whatever it wants and whatever the government needs there are, excessive prohibitions in the documents. are you going to be with the progressives who brought us world war i, the federal reserve the draft,en expression of free speech or be with james madison? >> i'm going to be a full member of the 21st century reporting on fox news and fox business of the afathers of-- affairs of the day. you don't like george madison because he waged a war on george iii. [laughter] >> we've got a hard rap and you're coming back in hour
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number two? >> i am i have know idea what-- 90% of what the fed does is unconstitutional. stuart: can i still be an american? next case the greenies at it again. the latest example, a so-called environmental specialist issues a warning to a man in america for barbecuing in his own yard. >> do you see this smoke over there? >> why are you arguing? >> your neighbors have to-- >> the neighbor is right there. >> they're not calling you, she's calling you. she's right across the street. >> why don't you leave the property. >> you couldn't see any smoke over there. >> why don't you leave the property line.
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>> a man in florida was issued a warning for smelling the smoke of his barbecue was violating the air quality law. all right, ashley let's flesh this out. ashley: the guy had the barbecue in the back yard. stuart: the neighbor complained and says that's against the lawment you can't put smoke onto my property.
9:24 am
ashley: immediately the environmental officer comes out and says it's okay to have the smoke on the property and once it's on the street that's a problem. study the wind patterns. he says i can't control the wind, god does. stuart: check the wind. ashley: the wind pattern. >> by the way, this is a commercial grade grill. did you pick up on that portion of it? this is an enormous amount of smoke. ashley: you look at the video, it wasn't massively bad. >> anyway he up loads this video to facebook and 4 million views and obviously, a few people feel passionately about this. stuart: whose side are you on? >> i think the guy should be able to grill all he wants and deal with it. ashley: in my house was exdoor encased in smoke, i'd have a problem with that. sandra: you work it out with your neighbor. stuart: it's a legal ground because the law says you can't do that.
9:25 am
if he wants to complain he can. . ashley: even smelling the smoke within your property lines. stuart: have we dealt with this sufficiently? the judge will deal with it in about an hour. technology, the stocks that matter. facebook, amazon apple, what we've been seeing on "varney & company" for months. they're on a terrific rally. can it last. >> as of friday of last week on the new york stock exchange 645 stocks are up for the week. 2600 stock were down for the week. 245 stocks made new highs, over 600 we're in a raging bear market at the moment and why the money that's active goes to the names that people are familiar with.
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
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a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> well i agree, first of all with the american public as the greek leader said something's got to, in this case-- >> that was interesting. a member of congress interesting language there. you've got to tune in at 9 a.m. sharp to catch it all. that's the time when "varney & company" kicks off 9:00 sharp. all right, in 23 seconds, the stock market will open. right now they're just applauding as they do at the
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nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. they clap and clap and clap and clap and in a few seconds, the bill rings and they start trading. in the news background we've got the case-shiller report. home prices upper nearly 5% in the past year we'll call that a so-so report. the dow is expected to be up not much. 50 points or-- >> up 27 as we speak in the 30 seconds of trading. here to analyze the stock market open and where we're going from here. ashley webster is here and so is sandra smith. kathy woods and let's start with amazon. kathy welcome to the show first appearance be careful. amazon is up $3 in the early going today. it's close to its all-time record high and that's gone to the moon. you buy and sell stocks would you buy amazon at this.
9:31 am
>> we own it in our arcade fund and all of our funds because of the big data play that it is. we think this could be the first trillion dollar stock out there. maybe apple-- >> apple? >> maybe apple beats it, but we think that amazon is best. stuart: wait a minute how high would amazon have to go to make it worth a trillion dollars. >> four times where it is now. so-- >> we believe that it's going be to bigger than the retail division, but it's fours times more profitable now and at maturity, it will be incredibly profitable. stuart: a headline to die for. welcome to the show. thank you, kathy. stay right there. let's look at facebook this could be the tech stock of the week. i saw that because tomorrow afternoon wednesday afternoon, it reports its latest profits. it's got a way to go on the upside. say some analysts and it's close to $100 a share.
9:32 am
come back in kathy, how high is facebook going to go? >> again, these are very big platform companies and you think that facebook is going a lot higher. they've been able to gauge, or engagement, they've been able to measure engagement and keep it very high. instagram has ten times out there. stuart: when you say engagement. >> people like or respond ten pictures along interacting with the medium. stuart: so you think that facebook should soon blow past $100 a share and you own it you love it not selling it. >> not selling it. stuart: that's great. sandra: the analyst community is so overwhelmingly bullish on this this stock, referencing facebook. raymond james came out and raised their private target on facebook from 90 to $110 a share. so a lot who believe it's going to blow through $100. stuart: moments ago we had twitter on $34 a share way down
9:33 am
from the high. kathy come back in againment do you own twitter. >> yes. stuart: do you like twitter? >> we like twitter. stuart: what's wrong with it? >> they're having growing pains. and all companies go through growth pains. they're going through management changes and making the property more attractive. easier to use. they own real time news. >> now you're sounding desperate. ashley: how they can monetize. >> how confident we are, we use it as arc. a lot more businesses are going to start using it. if you look on twitter from a business to business point of view, it's punching way above its weight. we are getting superior information because of our penetration into the twitter and the geonomic resolution and
9:34 am
they're a different community. robotics. >> so you own it and you use it? >> we own it and use it and we see the power in it. it's very very powerful tool. >> who is going to lead the company, that's the big question. >> that's the question. >> they'll found somebody a company worth that much money. >> find the right one. >> shall we ignore stocks for a second and bring in larry levin in chicago? i'm looking at that-- >> and the trumpets we're going to sound the trumpets. larry come in. we've got 47 on crude oil and gasoline falling today down to $2.69 national average. i say we're on the verge of right on the cusp of a decline in gas prices tell me am i right or wrong? >> oil has moved a lot quicker than gas. and talking about that overlaps several weeks, it's certainly a situation where gas is going to
9:35 am
fall. obviously there's an arbitrage in the contracts. and they pull back together and i think that lower gas prices are certainly coming up right now. oil prices are falling like a rock. $60 is the level they come from, $13 from there. stuart: it was at 46 earlier today and now above 47. sandra, this is a very sharp decline in all commodity prices. sandra: i remember talking to you about oil a year ago, $100 triple digits was the new form. nobody was predicting it would go this low and goldman sachs was calling for it to go to $200 a barrel. listen, there's a global oil glut right now. the middle east is producing a record amount and we've become a player in the united states and we're using less because of the global economic slowdown. it's an unbelievable story. ashley: all the stars aligned for oil. stuart: i think that gas would be $2.50 by labor day, a rash
9:36 am
prediction, but i'd like to see it. >> there's another reason this is happening and underappreciated. the electric vehicle is a tiny part of the market. they consume, each car, a quarter of the energy of traditional cars. sandra: really? and do you think that's having enough impact? >> the margins and-- no, no no. that's an impact as well. commodities are priced at the margin and you watch, history will-- >> desperate when you get this. all right. let me get away to individual stocks and dupont i've been talking about dupont and nobody buys it $53 a share and down $3, and they've got the forecast. 52.79. look at this solid profits at jetblue. obviously, helped by higher demand and lower fuel prices not enough to impress wall
9:37 am
street. down 3%. big name you know it ups is making money, what is going on nicole? >> higher net profit that means good news and that means 4 1/2% to the upside for ups. there's breaking news in the last few minutes, they are in fact expanding and that will go to 8,000 ups locations in u.s. 22,000 globally. the big picture here very well straight up arrows. and then you have drub hub and that's they're ordering their food. the stock is up 15% a moment ago. and now it's in half. about 7 1/2%. and the shorts are involved in this one. so there's some short covering going on and there are some concerns about the active growth slowing, but you can see it had a big move and pulling off the highs quickly. pretty volatile. we've got it nicole, thanks indeed. tune in every weekday morning
9:38 am
at 5:00 a.m. lauren, sandra nicole they kick off the day's festivities and it's a great show. a good show. >> got to watch it and tell you all you need to know. you've got to watch this as well. look at ford. record profit in north america last quarter and believe it or not, they're rolling out a 60,000 dollar pickup. ashley, is that the f-150? >> the f-150 that's massively popular. with trim massaging chairs and the roof. for the blue collar entrepreneur. what's interesting, the market the $50,000 plus pickups have doubled over the last five years. there's a demand for this. that f-150 starting at 60 grand is more expensive than the porch porch-- porsche porsche suv. sandra: i'm in the market for a
9:39 am
new vehicle. stuart: one out of every five pickup truck in america has a $50,000 price tag. sandra: they're pricey oh yeah. >> and i can argue against myself on this one. sandra: gas guzzler, right? >> a gas guzzler, a little offset to the eb's an impact on oil prices. stuart: and look at the parent company of burger king. burger king sales are, we're told, booming, because we've got the chicken fries. what have they got over the chicken fries? >> burger king is kicking mcdonald's where it hurts, in the nuggets. sandra: oh my gosh. ashley: they are competing on price point. they're competing simple menu and dogged and winning market share from mcdonald's. mcdonald's has been slapping around trying to raise the
9:40 am
level of the food whereas burger king has come in with good food simple and cheaper. sandra: it's working. >> and better. stuart: i'm going to wager that kathy on the first time today, would not put money in mcdonald's. >> we're focusing on disruption, and they are being disrupted. stuart: and talking about for six months, the four innovative stocks that rule the world. you can come back if you're not careful in your electric car. >> yes, i'll bring mine. stuart: try this one, ladies and gentlemen, bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms says that gun production is up 140% during president obama's presidency. what's the story there, ash? >> well, buy the gun makers i believe is the story here. why are the sales going up? that's the big question that makes you wonder.
9:41 am
and smith & wesson and-- >> people fear their rights are being taken away in gun control. >> and that's right. it hasn't happened. >> it hasn't happened. >> and production up 140%. the same as the price is down. >> i bet you don't invest in gun makers? >> they're not innovative. >> arc investigation is about innovation, disruptive innovation. stuart: let's check the big board we're up 35 points, but we're still down there at 17-4 on the dow industrials. now this. a family in florida uncovers a million dollars worth of sunken treasure in 15 feet of water. full details next. and the world's scientists issue a warning, some of them issue a warning, don't make weapons with artificial intelligence. robot war machines a big threat to human it i says elon musk.
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>> all right. now we're up 42 points on the dow industrials. look at dupont. it's cut its forecast and it's way down 4% maybe 5%. it's a dow stock. and it's having a negative impact on the dow which is nonetheless up 44. where is the price of gold this morning. i tell you right now, it's at a five-year low. we're down just 50 cents after 1,000 at 97 an ounce. the price of oil, down 16 cents. talk about hitting the jackpot, a family discovered about a million dollars worth of spanish coins and jewels off the florida coast, it's sunk for long long time. fill me in on the details. >> this family they're
9:46 am
contracted by jewelers not like they were suddenly diving out and found this. they've been on the trail of this and they found 51 gold coins 40 feet of gold chain, i don't think the coins was a rare one, it's called a royal made for the king of spain 1715, phillip v at the time at half a million. it was a fleet of spanish ships sailing from cuba to spain, 1715, got hit by a hurricane and the fleet was sunk and they reckon there's still 400 million dollars worth of treasure out there. so the hunt goes on and wouldn't it be great to do this for a living. >> it would be great as long as you hit the jackpot. ashley: apparently they have. stuart: now this presidential candidate mike huckabee defending his comments about the threat to jews and israel relating to obama's decision about the nuke deal with iran. roll that tape please. >> you know what's ridiculous and sad the president went to
9:47 am
the iranians and thought he could make a deal with people for 36 years threatening to wipe israel off the face of the map and all this time chanted death to america even as they're sitting at the negotiating table. that's ridiculous. >> governor huckabee has not backed off his comments. the reverend joins the show. what are you-- were you offended by governor huckabee linking the holocaust with the iran nuke deal? >> no, i wasn't. you know i think perhaps the comments were that his language, his language a bit extreme and overheated, but he was simply quoting what the iranians said i wasn't offended by him. >> do you agree with him that the deal is a bad deal? >> oh yeah i agree that it's a bat teal.
9:48 am
i think it gives iran the extensionment and look at the range of public opinion in israel. israelis agree on very little, but agree that this is a horrible deal. and you know governor huckabee was simply quoting what the iran leadership had said while the negotiations were going on they want to wipe israel off the map. while i think you have to be very careful with using these kind of analsies sysy syanalogyiesanalogies, he's been a supporter and visited a few times. >> if there was a vote in the state how much would be for the nuke deal and against the nuke deal. can you give me a rough idea? >> i would say this current deal would be overwhelmingly opposed. maybe not overwhelmingly, but maybe 60-40. i would think most jewish-americans would want a
9:49 am
deal, i don't think that anyone wants to go to war, but the current deal is just so insufficient that i think most knowledgeable american jews would oppose it. stuart: if this is an insufficient deal as you put it, can we look forward to the election 2016. which side will the jewish vote be on. i ask for a reason. in previous elections, jewish votes 70% plus to democrats. in 2016 will the jewish vote be 70% plus to democrats? >> that's an interesting question. i think it's going to change. i've never seen the jewish community be so united. there are some outlier groups that support the deal, but in general i've never seen people in my synagogue and other jewish leaders so supportive of the deal. i think that hillary clinton in some ways might be the best candidate for the democrats in
9:50 am
terms of generating a higher jewish vote, but i definitely think it's going to be less than the past. you know the for president reagan 47 or 48% i think that could reach that again. >> okay we appreciate you being on the program this morning and an important subject and you've gone right at it. thank you so much. >> thank you, stuart. >> up next a group of scientists and researchers warning of artificial intelligence, it's artificial intelligence arms race that's what they're warning about. robot weaponry the new warfare that's what we're going to talk about and explain in a moment.
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>> oh watch out. look at baidu. down $27. that's 13% and its shares are obviously down big. apparently its advertising revenue is not quite what was expected and the business is not making as much money as they wanted it to. down big this morning. beware of terminator. elon musk and steven hawking and steve wozniack are calling for a ban on robot weapons. joining us is a professor ever -- at mit. we're talking thinking
9:55 am
machines, machines that can make decisions for themselves and turn into weapons of war. i know you signed this letter and you're opposed to it. tell our viewers, please, how far are we away from anybody developing this kind of weapon? >> great questionment-- question. a lot of this in the past year has been advanced stuff, but this is down to earth, on the verge of existing now. we simply have weapons that aren't very smart you couldn't have a conversation with them, but they're very good at doing, flying around on their own autonomously, looking at people, and deciding this is a friend or this is an enemy and then the machine itself decides to go and do the kill. and this is what we now have a bunch of artificial intelligence researchers saying they don't want any part of. stuart: this is fascinating professor. you don't want to see this
9:56 am
development, but i put it to you, if we don't do it somebody else will. and i'd rather we do it first and run that business than have the bad guys own it and run it from the get-go. what do you say? >> of course. all of these researchers agree fully with you. either nobody is going to build it or everybody is going to build it that's really the choice we face with some weapons like for example, with space-based nuclear weapons or biological weapons or chemical weapons, the world community of military leaders and others have gone hey, let's not go there. most recently it was a ban on laser weapons. military said good riddance. right now there are discussions going on in geneva and united nations, and military leaders should we do this or should we not? what the big news today, for the first time the world experts are actually the ones
9:57 am
that can make this stuff, over a thousand of the world's leading artificial intelligence researchers say we shouldn't do this because if we do we're just going to start an arms race that's going to cause everybody to lose all the state's powered in the world, u.s., russia, china, are shouldly going to have problems with boca haram, isis and who doesn't have the intelligence to do this they would get this on the black market just like today. stuart: very interesting subject. i wish we had more time. will you come back again? this is worthy of discussion. the mit professor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: new planned parenthood video apparently more disturbing than the first two, we have it for you. and hillary clinton, a debate does that mean she's in
9:58 am
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>> here are the top stories. an explosive new video from planned parenthood. an official was caught talking on tape about the sale of body parts. this new evidence released even more shocking and we have it for you. hillary clinton shoring up the base, talking up green energy big time and taxing the rich. maybe she's in trouble because of her e-mail problem? a stark warning in steven hawking and elon musk robots. and talk about that. governor huckabee causing a firestorm about his remarks on israel and iran. he's refusing to say sorry. the second hour of "varney & company" starts now. ♪
10:01 am
i got news on consumer confidence and it's just broken of the the reading came in 90.9. i understand that the all-knowing analysts were expecting it to slip to around 100, but if we're down to 90.9 liz can you interpret that? >> that's not good. that's a bad reading. it's worse than the may reading as well. the may reading came after we had the bad winter forecast you know, hitting earnings and all of that. $2 a gas would help boost consumer confidence. stuart: consumer confidence is the state of thinking about the economy and their own finances going forward. ashley: i think the polls have showed us there's still a lot of doubt out there liz: and hiring too. stuart: and just before 10:00 eastern time the dow was up 60 points and now it's up 54. i don't see any significance from this. it doesn't look to me like the consumer confidence number it was 90.9 that was june.
10:02 am
it was 99 in june july 90.9 and june 99. consumer confidence down liz: you wants rising confidence for consumer spending to increase. stuart: no impact on the market, at this point, i would say no immediate impact. ashley: no. stuart: as for the nasdaq barely positive on a 5,000 index. if it goes down in the end of trading, it would be the sixth day in a row that the nasdaq along with technology stocks have come down. and dupont put the forecast and it's the biggest loser of the dow industrials. >> how about facebook? tomorrow afternoon it reports the profit highly anticipated, it has come off its highs when it was very close to 100 a share. and this tuesday it's at 94. watch that stock this week. as for the price of oil, we're at a four-month low of 47.25.
10:03 am
we had dropped to 46 earlier. the price of gas is coming down a little bit more rapidly, down penny overnight at 2.69. your national average for regular. secretary kerry is testifying on capitol hill about the iran deal. one of the lawmakers who will be questioning had this to say. >> going to the u.n. first and undoing six strong u.n. security changes before coming to congress and, the secretary will appear in a charade, should have come to say, no let's see how to make this better. you're right, this is cooked it's done. stuart: and strong stuff. monica has the latest from capitol hill. and the latest cnn report show that 52% believe that congress
10:04 am
should reject the deal. and 44%, okay approve it. and mark cuban says about donald trump. the best i think this for politics, i don't care with his positions are, he says what's on his mind gives answers rather than prepared answers. trump with 24% of the vote and bush 12%. and so governor kay sick with 7%. who did that poll? the university poll have not seen that one before. i think we're fresh out and w out li the ones. i thought people thought it was refreshing when he said to that reporter, you're finish, enough with you, it's rare for a politician to upbraid the
10:05 am
media, the self-important media. he's giving a refreshing take of the issues and it's certainly going to up end the g.o.p. debates. stuart: i'd like to know when that poll showing trump-- when was it taken? was it taken before he made the comments about john mccain off after? that's going to be very very important and at this point i don't know when that poll was taken, but we'll find out for you. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina, with hillary clinton and the record on women's rights. roll that tape. >> it is the height of hypocrisy for mrs. clinton to run for president as a champion of women's rights when her record as secretary of state is so dismal. . >> everybody all right. what's coming up on the best selling author ann coulter reacting to that in our next hour. what do you say about that liz? >> i tell you something, carly fiorina is taking on hillary
10:06 am
clinton on human rights and dug out a little remarked upon thing that mrs. clinton said when she made her maiden voyage in february of 2009 to asia. hillary clinton said that human rights must take a back seat to her pressing issues including things like climate change and talking to chinese leaders. stuart: so carliey fiorina picked up on that. >> yes, and we saw international blasted hillary clinton for saying human rights must take a back seat to other pressing issues such as north korea and things like climate change. stuart: i think that hillary clinton's record as secretary of state were examined i don't think she'd look real good as a presidential candidate. remember the reset with russia. ashley: look what she originally said. stuart: as of this moment hillary clinton is the democratic nominee? >> i don't doubt it. wait and see.
10:07 am
forget roberts taking your job. should we be more worried about the fact that they might kill us? more than a thousand experts, including elon musk steven hawking and apple co-founder steve wozniak, they think that robots getting involved in war is a dangerous thing. they say it will only be a matter of time when they appear on the black market in the hands of terrorists dictators wishing to control their populous and war lords wishing ep cleansing. ic cleansing. and joining us is bin laden shooter. do you think that a robot could have replaced you on the night you went after bin laden. >> thanks for having me. at this time i don't think that a robot could do what we do.
10:08 am
i think there's a lot of stuff in place as far as artificial intelligence that's a force multiplier on the battlefield and mainly used in defensive modes as in the robots that disarm the improvised explosive devices or guns that are in place that can, you know they don't go to sleep, they're sensing what happens on a protective perimeter, but there's always a human oversight when we just them which we have right now. stuart: i can't imagine a robot or artificial intelligence machine taking your place when you were creeping up the stairway there, you had to decide when to shoot, what to shoot how to shoot. and a robot couldn't make that decision for you, it's simply out of the question isn't it? >> it is right now, yeah, but it was a decade ago, impossible to think of a machine all we have to do is ask it the question and tell it the answer. and everybody knows what a google search it. i don't know what's going to happen with the future of technology, but the chances for
10:09 am
bad things happening increase when you fail to think about what could potentially happen. so, are we there yet? no, will we? maybe. google is inventing a driverless car, the hardest part is the fourway stop sign. so let's think of a weapon in a perfect combat environment where there are enemies, there are friendies and civilians. what decision is that machine going to make? yeah, i mean when people like elon musk steven hawking and steve wozniack they might be listened do but i don't know if a ban is going to work. how much computing power is on you guys when you go into unfriendly territory. you're the guy who killed bin laden in that raid. what kind of computing power is strapped on you, what can he do? >> we've got a tendency the
10:10 am
more high-tech we get, the more it's weighted down. and i used to call the weapons weight guns and weapons and white light and trust the tactics of your fellow operators. the more technical you get, the more stuff you bring, the more it's going to break. we have an acronym kiss keep it simple stupid. >> keep the human element, yeah, we hear that one. >> robert, thank you for coming back. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: new this hour and i mean new. another planned parenthood video has surfaced and shannon bream has details. we've got to warn our viewers upfront this newest video contains graphic images of aborted fetal body parts. some of our viewers are going to find it disturbing we'll let you know upfront. the buyer is inside a clinic
10:11 am
talking to a doctor about pricing for parts and organs for a fetus just over 11 weeks into a pregnancy. >> that was yeah i mean there was like three or four samples we could have taken out of the 11, but, you know if we were doing, like 50 to 75%, and that would be like 300-- and it's stuff like this we don't want to be just like a hundred and-- >> no and i think the it works better how much can we get out of this. >> it's a crime under federal law for any person to acquire or transfer any human fetal tissue for consideration. they say planned parenthood does nothing illegal and receive reimbursement for
10:12 am
preparing and the cost of transferring fetal tissue, but never made a profit off of it. >> the company that provides fetal material for purchase planned parenthood affiliated doctors, 30 to $100 per spes enm. if you go to the on-line ordering system stem express, that apparently does business a fetal liver in one case over $24,000 for that single item. the new video also contains the testimonial of a woman hired by stem express to work inside a planned parenthood clinic procuring fetal body parts. she wasn't told before she arrived on site what she would be doing. she fainted the very first day. they pride 0 themselves on complying with all laws. stuart: thank you, shannon bream. father onjonathan morris will be
10:13 am
on an hour from now commenting on what you saw now. the two florida teens, they're expanding the search. millennials having being portrayed as lazy and entitled. we don't accept that. we're going to talk to several young people who make a difference around the world next. ♪♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> the latest on the two florida teens missing from the fishing trip on friday. the coast guard expanded the search as far north as savannah and as far south. they were seen purchasing gas for the boat they believe going
10:17 am
to the bahamas. the boat was 180 miles north. the parents think they may have used the cooler as a floattation device and the parents, of course live in hope. what day is it? tuesday. breck nas in california brunch in new york we're up 28 points on the dow. 17-4 is where we are. record profit in america, and rolling out a $60,000 ford f-150 pickup truck. $60,000. higher profit in ubs, and the s&p 500, it's up 3 1/2, maybe 4%. we hear people like me in my generation, attacking millennials, 20-somethings. they attack them all the time even on this network, they call them lazy or entitled. my next guest sees them
10:18 am
differently. new book 2 million under 20 they bring together 75 stories from ambitious and successful young people. welcome stacy, welcome. good to have you with us. 2 billion under 20. that's the size of this group? >> yeah there are 2 billion people on earth today. or 20 years old or younger. >> that's you say, this particular generation and that's not millennials, is it? it's a big bulge in the population. it's a big bulge and encompasses some of the millennials. are they lazy entitled? what do you think? >> if you go to google and you get the suggestion dropped down, lazy narcissistic we think with the stories we've brought into the book we'll inspire young people to act on their passions in life and help older generations know how millennials tick whether
10:19 am
you're selling to them and-- >> are you both millennials? >> late. >> i'm 19 i'm 22. stuart: know he no they're late 20's. >> the boomers, the on defining generation millennials have a different definition. we say 16 to 35. and then generation z is the one after that. stuart: so you are millennials. >> yes. stuart: all right. and you've got 75 examples to choose from. give me one example of a fine young millennial. >> definitely. so we have a millennial in our book, page mckenzie she started her own youtube channel at 16 years old. called the haunting of sunshine girl and page is one of those examples of someone gone out and created her own life. she forewent college and said i'm going to start the youtube channel. stuart: is she wealthy? >> making enough money to
10:20 am
support herself and her mom. stuart: in my generation you were considered greedy. she is making money and you're not interesting bad. she's great. >> not at all. the perfect example of someone who learned her passion into a life style. jared an example from the 75 of a good millennial? >> yeah i think that sam is another great example. an olympian he competed in the 2012 games, and then also gone on to raise over $40,000 on kick starter for a new company and taken the drive for the olympics and gymnastics into the entrepreneurial world. stuart: liz macdonald you're not one who says that the millennials are lazy or entitled liz: i never said they were lazy. i found a study from a san diego university done the survey since 1976. the millennials 39% say they don't want to work hard versus 25% of the boomers who said that at that time. so they don't want to work hard at what you do.
10:21 am
you can do a youtube channel easily from your bedroom and make a lot of money if it's hit. >> i would argue against that. doing the youtube channel is hard work you're on camera every day, coming up with a script for yourself. you're the one going out and promoting those making sure you're getting fans and followers to make sure you're getting enough ad revenue liz: you don't have to get dressed up and leave the house, right? >> it's still hard work. stuart: you're cranky you really are liz: i'm a realistic pragmatic boomer. stuart: i'm a boomer too. how long did it take to assembly the book? >> two years in the works of compiling the stories and working with st. maarten's press or publishers to actually get it out. stuart: and you saw this at 17 19? >> it's inspired by peter teal a controversial education initiative and took the inspiration that he gave us through his fellowship and the
10:22 am
events that they do and wanted to bring together a book that not only inspired young people with their passions and corporate america, to retain. >> i'm inspired i don't think that liz is exactly-- i'll buy the book liz: yeah sure. stuart: two billion under 20. thank you so much. the danger of speaking out and speaking your mind. trump did it huckabee did it and the media are grilling them for it. brett baier with his thoughts on that coming up. >> i'm begging you to apologize and-- >> i will not apologize or recant, the word holocaust was invoked by the iranian government.
10:23 am
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>> blackberry gets an upgrade from morgan stanley and up it goes. do you remember when we put the stock on death watch? it was at $9 a share then and 7 now with an upgrade. listen to this almost a billion android devices can be hacked with just a single text. we'll tell you what you need to know about this one later this hour. another day and another hearing puts the irs in the hot seat there are calls for the head of the irs to resign. it's called shore up the base. i have not forgotten the principles on which this campaign is based. i remember our mission. so it is with hillary clinton. pressure to come clean over her scandalous e-mails. she responds by appealing to the democrat base. yesterday, it was the greens who received a shot in the arm. one third of all our energy must come from renewables by
10:27 am
2027, she decreed. every private home should have a renewable energy source. 500 million solar panels will be installed in a first clinton term. oh, i'm not going to comment on the building of a keystone pipeline. this is the green side of hillary that the base demands. a vague and lofty goal for the future. solar power and wind mills for all paid for by the taxpayers. none of it's going to happen. hillary clinton is looking for applause, she hopes it will deflect the doubters. not sure it's going to work this time. but washington post today called her a wounded queen and she is taking a big gamble. are we all happy when the true cost of going green becomes apparent? will we be happy when that happens? i think that hillary clinton is in trouble and that's why she's so aggressively shoring up the base. in december the climate change industry holds its convention in paris, that's what they're
10:28 am
gearing up for. hillary shoring up the base because she's getting worried.
10:29 am
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>> 10:00 eastern time out came rather downside move on consumer confidence and that took the wind out of a rally we're up just 20 points as of now. oil o four months low. 4740 as we speak it had been 46 earlier if gas $2.69 down a penny overnight keep that going please. twitter, reports at profits later on today, it is struggling at 34 dollars a share down a little in advance with that earn ings report. china dropples for a third day. heavy wave of selling does that affect, tell me does that really affect us? >> it does affect certain stocks for companies that do business certainly in china. we watched apple taking a wobble
10:32 am
there. there's another thing of foot, though talked to wall street shops this is what they're telling fox business you can watch the -- chinese currency weak withen, why? the talk is that the government itself would start to take out of the market all of the leverage that is punched up the market and put it only the government's books and in turn print its own currency and that events the dollar strengthens which means that companies report their profits and a u.s. dollars overseas. that really will take a hit to their earnings. >> okay, so china down equals dollar up bad for xans trying export that's the question. >> that's the story. worth watching. congressman to the head of the irs, get it out of here. that in a nutshell is the latest in the irs scandal. jerry willis government from day one has the very latest on it. go. >> so jason is calling for president to fire john is in the head of theist and let me read
10:33 am
you why -- >> i can tell you approve. to approve the irs failed to comply with a congressional subpoena failed we will pursue all constitutional remedies at our disposal including content proceedings or impeachment as part of that hay released last night, they have a time line because you know that story is played out over about four years. you can't keep up with two said what to whom so 2011 day camp sends a first letter to the irs asking for information eight days later, learn hard drive crashes that takes two years for irs to say, don't destroy any evidence.l of thiee years later, we're told by john that her information has been
10:34 am
destroyed in a normal processes. >> you can't keep up with because they destroy all of the e-mails that is why you can't follow the trail. >> the real -- real hot but button point is that he lied to congress. hard drives are not recoverable. 700,000 backup tapes were not erased they were recoverable. so -- big hero in the story is i treasury inspector general came and found this information and a ftion able to bring it into the public spotlight. >> but -- again the congressman he has no power to fire the irs chief. that can only be done -- with the president. >> what he wants to do is can we try to get this guy out of office by bringing contempt proceedings and impeachment at his level it is very, very rare. >> i like to get to the truth in or out. tnches this is the fair chapter to close it out really that he's
10:35 am
held in contempt that's all they're going to get. >> we haven't gotten very far so far as you've reported. staying with that one. jerry keep on covering this. [laughter] my gosh. you heard my take maybe on hillary aggressive green agenda i gave you my take a moment ago. a little hypocrisy new video of hillary clinton boarding a gas guses ling private jet just after she made her -- there she is -- the umbrella over her just on the private jet after she made the big green speech. private jet -- look, cozy here she is 347 gallons it burns an hour. [inaudible] [laughter] i feel so at home. thank you. >> now look i think hillary is
10:36 am
going out on a blim limb with this green stuff. 5 million solar powers to be installed in my first term renewable energy in a home. renewables by 2027. i am dekreeg that this shall be the case. shocking that a primary candidate would play to the base. >> because of the e-mail problem. wait a minute look at that in a moment boy if you like. but hillary clinton is a -- been called everything from a markist in terms of political views why surprising she would take a liberal position and she's repealing to a base and primary campaign that's what you do in the primary campaign. >> hard to retreat from that. climate change is not that big an issue and will not be a big issue into 2016 especially when people realize how much climate change costs to pings >>.
10:37 am
>> it cost less to have to use renewable energy an continued on that path we would be in better shape today. i'm glad she's doing this, it is going to help her get the nomination. >> back in jiminy carter day he was pushing solar power. >> he was after a 100 billion dollars worth of subsidies. for solar and wind job just in the last 7 years from president obama 100 billion dollars qort of subsidies, we still have two and a half percent of our electricity generated by solar and wind that's it. >> over time that is going to change as new technology becomes available a very good direction for us to go. >> prepared to spend that kind of money? keep on spending when we don't have it. : investing in energy -- they stopped reagan's fault. >> he stopped with jimmy carter started an now with a democratic president hopefully this will continue and continue with president clinton. >> markets too, really the
10:38 am
government is going to decided solar is going to win not markets. markets telling you what works and what doesn't. >> market is subject to big oil -- [inaudible] >> and so got the government money. do you agree that they have a lot of money? so just undercut everything. >> a talking point when how many were invested like tesla they did very, very well? >> disregard how much money the solar industry has got about the government. >> 100 -- [inaudible] >> that's what you got? >> you're welcome. [laughter] >> you are very welcome and the oil company this is a direction. >> reagan's fault. >> when was the last time by the way? >> been a put years. over a few years. >> should go soon. >> you know why, because water is great --
10:39 am
[laughter] >> no gasoline sb $1.12 per gallon mother expensive. >> by the way, wasn't iraq supposed to bring oil price down? isn't a duel with iran going to bring oil price down? isn't that a good for the oil prices to have this iran deal? >> i think you're changing the subject -- >> you're talking about the price of oil i'm telling you why this administration has been good in terms of the long-term availability of that price. >> when our good viewers and voters of america realize how much this climate change nonsense really cost each and every of us they won't be voting for hillary. >> disagreeing and so are scientologist. >> not all of them. >> climate scientists 71% agree. >> and i read a breakdown of that. 71%. as a completely created statistic. not valid at all. [inaudible]
10:40 am
>> oil companies -- we're out of time. >> i'm shocked. thank you. first thing in the morning. [laughter] >> alan thank you very much. thank you for being with us. time for the seckertor report is cheryl there? >> of course i'm here be nice alan combs iftion going to show you oil company now i wanted to show you technology instead. microsoft is right now down 41 cents. tomorrow stuart i know this is important that company that is important to you coming out and not charging. a lot of question remarks about what is microsoft going to do next? apps, games they have to get digital they have to get millennials that's one of the tech spots i'm watching also twitter is releasing results after the bell and made money. they need to grow an they need to show that they have a leadership plan in place.
10:41 am
stuart so two companies i want to show you that. >> we'll take it thank you very much indeed charl. a record-breaking jump at an evel knievel event that nearly found itself flying into the side of a building. wait -- >> l oh. >> that video. >> l oh. >> it missed been 25 years since americans with disabilities act was passed, but is it really helping as much as question think? >> the whole american with disabilities act locks people into the old technology of the wheelchair. what about the people we've had on this program who use computerized limbs or -- a jacket that fits on your limb it is it is computerized so you can walk. we don't need a wheelchair.
10:42 am
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four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief stocks are higher today after down five days in a roe dow jones industrial up 62 points. better than expected earnings for ups and ford today here's something your leaders mostly green today. exxon intel leading the way on the dow jones industrial average oil is bouncing back now but still hovering around 47.50 at the moment. a new low of 46.58. hub, wild today. it is up 15% per the downside hit a new low. all over this one. this is at and did raise their outlook right now up
10:44 am
a wild day there. americans lifting its outlaw it is that is a real winner that's up 3.3%. make sure you keep it right here on fox business every day at 5 a.m. we kick it off -- sandra smith, me, lauren simonetti and i will give yougot updates throughout the day. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the
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whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ ♪
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>> well here's some bad news for android phone users, 950 million android phone hacked with a simple text. let's bring in social radar to explain this one. as i understand it, if i have an android phone and i simply receive this rogue tex i don't have to ohm the they think it comes on to my phone, i can be hacked, is that it? >> you've got it, it is a as simple as receiving a picture message. the person doesn't even need to know who's behind the phone number they're sengdzing the message to by simply sending this message that android workings it processes the message, and then infects the phone with the virus that can take over your camera or wipe your entire phone. >> nothing you can do about it because you don't know when this text is going to arrive. it can happen once you're asleep for heavens safe no way of rejecting once it is received by your phone you can't do anything
10:47 am
about this can you? >> correct, now google acknowledged it and working on a fix and android put the fix out in the market but the problem with android is unlike apple where they can push updates directly to your phone, google has a layer of service providers carriers and manufactures enbetween them and user so they push it to carrier and manufactures, but there's no guarantee that it is getting to your phone any time soon. >> fascinating a huge potential hack 950 million phones. i want to move on to twitter. huge social network company, obviously. that reports but that stock has been lagging. i suspect it has bnl lagging because twitter lags facebook and other social media company ies in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness. what is -- twitter doing wrong, do you think? >> well i think that, you know for better force twitter going to to be compared with the man
10:48 am
of facebook. facebook has 1.4 billion users, so what you're seeing is your twitter being compared to facebook that is easier and twitter is harder to figure out for a new yeaser. i think what people want to see are new user numbers in twitter to increase and then engagement on the app only the site to increase and twitter is working on that with some design project to get you more engaged in their app and you know site. but they are lagging behind with you know, being typically measure which is facebook engagement that people are doing every day on facebook. >> engagement that's what it is all about. thank you appreciate it. >> the americans with disabilities act turned 25 yesterday. it was a law passed with the best intentions. i say the real benefactor is this law, and trial laws
10:49 am
favorite target of mine. not a trial lawyer we're making a first appearance on varney & company. >> prosecutor an like you don't like trialers of course they're going to benefit when a law is passed that actually helps people and when employers discriminate against people with disabilities trial lawyers bring attention to the public and jury. what is wrong with that? [laughter] >> there are trial lawyers in new york city. who employ people in wheelchairs and those people go to all of these restaurants, and they knock on the door, and if they have to if they can't see themselves in the mirror, in the bathroom, they sue. class action. >> you should be able to see yourself in the mirror when you go to the bathroom. one out of five are disabled and most accumulations don't really require anything. if a business make a little path qai so people can move in or out. redo a minor thing the trialers get focused in when they're really causes of action where people don't get hired for example or not allowed into a
10:50 am
restaurant on no ramp they can't get into. can't get into a court or a church which you really want that to happen stuart would you really want that? >> would i want to lock everybody into yesterday's technology which is the wheelchair what about the new technology that is computer assisted -- [inaudible] nothing to do with -- >> everybody can afford that stuart. >> no, everybody has to check all of these operations across the country they have to all change to accommodate a wheelchair. >> trial lawyers can move those wheelchairs or o move that new accommodation that technology that's a good thing what we want trial lawyers to do. yeah they have to make money on it but help people as well. >> do you think it was worth it? >> i do. i do. don't forget passed by elder bush, a republican 25 years ago that have been modifications all along and most think it is a really darn good thing, stuart. >> so there. >> you have a heart. i'm just worried when a law is used by the trial lawyers -- [inaudible] so civil rights law.
10:51 am
exactly. is this the american way? >> the american way, trial lawyers will profit while people are protected. [laughter] >> okay. all right. >> take that. >> first and last. [laughter] >> input. bye guys. >> been fun. [laughter] presidential candidate mike huckabee still taking heat for remark lirnging holocaust with the iran nuke deal not backing down at all. you'll hear why in a moment.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
>> republican presidential candidate mike huckabee facing backlash after comparing iran deal to the holocaust blake burman is in d.c. with the story. blake. >> hi there ashley good morning to you mike huckabee is not apologizing for comparing president 's iran nuclear deal to the holocaust saying it would lead israel quote, to the door of the oven. huckabee joined maria earlier this morning and said iran has been very clear with its intentions. listen here. >> well you know what's ridiculous and sad is that the president went to the iranians and thought he could make a deal after a 36 years threatening to wipe israel off a the face of the map and for all of this time
10:56 am
has chanted death to america even as they're sitting at the negotiating table that's what's ridiculous. >> that last part there was a direct response to president obama. the president was asked about huckabee's holocaust analogy and said it would be ridiculous if it country so sad. now the iran deal is center stage on capitol hill right now. secretary of state john kerry, the treasury secretary jack lew, and head of the energy department are trying to convince skeptical lawmakers to vote for the president's deal some point later this year. ashley. >> very good blake burman alice and varney three minutes away. stay with with us.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> one thing you can definitely say about donald trump is he's not a politically correct person. pc the donald is not this guy uses his freedom of speech aggressively an he doesn't seem to worry about the fallout, in fact he relishes his opponent
11:00 am
outrage reaction isn't that his appeal and laughs at them pc groveling is candidate martin o'malley he's a democrat he said black and white lies matter, o'oh horror if he stopped at blake lives matter he would be okay. but to say all lives matter that was beyond pail for some in the audience he was booed off the stage and then he found it necessary to apologize. what would donald have done one shutters to think. a grumbling apology i don't think so. that's why he's popular left doesn't like free speech but trump dishes it out 24/7 which brings us to the first debate which is what nine days away? what will donald trump say and do i don't know but millions will watch just to see him stick it to the pc police. ♪ ♪
11:01 am
>> and yet we will go deal with what i just said there many a moment but first explosive and graphic new video just released. showing planned parenthood employees discussing pricing and actual image of aborted fetal body parts we have altered this video to avoid graphic images added to fire storm around planned parenthood. going to talk about this with father jonathon morris 15 minutes from now. also following the latest hearing on the iran deal. set to gley john kerry testifying right now, things getting heated from time to time. >> iran has agreed to refrain from producing or acquiring highly enriched uranium and for nuclear weapons forever. what happens after 15 years, what happens is, forever. we'll bring you more when it happens rietle from the hearing
11:02 am
room. check parking lot big board now we're u up. 383 -- 83 points up high that is 17005 a that's what weave retched dow going up by due. the chinese version of google going down, it is ad business disappointing apparently down nearly 16%. going up is grub hub that stock is up what about nearly close on 6 to 7%. price of oil a four month low it is actually up 50 cents this morning but had been at 46. gasoline where's the price? the average is $2.69. let's get to the race for the white house. the latest poll from mammoth university shows donald trump with 24% of the vote in new hampshire. jeb bush in second place with just 12%. remember please that first republican debate is about what -- mine days away. that's it. fox news bret baier will be
11:03 am
moderating that debate.te wha a saying in a "time" magazine article you didn't know if i was going to do this but i am. here's what you said. i've been lying to you if i didn't say i have woken up in cold sweats wondering u how i'm going to deal with a donald trump who is not listening. get nervous nine days in advance, are you? >> what i was talking about really is trying to work out how we're going to deal with the donald. you know, with all of these buzzers that kind of tell candidates when the time is up. i just have had a few nightmares, and i'll be admitting that istles staring at the ceiling a few times 3 a.m. going what exactly would we do? [laughter] and so that was an honest quote and "time" did accurately. >> i don't know if he'll steal the show but that's what people
11:04 am
are tuning in to see if he does steal the show. what is he going to do and say? >> here's an unconventional thing, he could actually follow the rules and he could try to move to kind of a presidential tone. he could do that. he's suggested that in a few interviews, one with cnn anderson cooper saying his tone will change. but you know, that is who he is. as you know stuart, he's saying it like it is. he says what's on his mind sometimes it's not politically correct. a lot of times, and that is some of the allure to him that he's the anti-politician. and he's tapped into this anger about washington, about the gop, about the leadership, and a it is real. it is -- powerful. >> i think he's tapped into this feeling that in america that you have to be politically correct. you can't say dramatically, i think this. you can't really say that. you have to couch it in a
11:05 am
moderate term. an avoid certain issues speaking about them in a certain way he cuts right through that. that's the source of the popularity he doesn't like the pc police nor does the country that's where i'm coming from with with trump. >> it is attracted to a segment of the gop base. it is very attractive to some independents who are sick of politicians that are usual politicians. that said, we have not heard a ton of policy details, and i think that substance will be interesting to hear out of o donald trump. >> that's probably what you'll go for in the debate. what -- >> not going to tell you, stuart. >> no, but i'm sure you'll ask that question. what is your tax policy? >> sure. >> energy policy. not suggesting questions that you might ask. but i'm sure that's what you're going to ask. >> bret baier you're anchoring that discussion and america will be tuning in i'm convinced of
11:06 am
it. >> excited about it by the way facebook teams with them, and people can -- have their own suggestion, questions post theming on the fox facebook page and do videos that we may use during the debate. >> we shall see brett thank you we'll be watching special report tonight. >> thank you. >> president obama pushing to reenstate pell grants for prisoners. grants could cover up to $570,000 every year you don't need trough pay them. adam shapiro is here so taxpayers money going to people in prison. : yes. >> to attend the college course and do better when they get out of prison. >> yes. >> taxpayers money being the critical point. >> yes because we have hundreds of thousands of college-aged people as well as their parents, and all age its with 1.23 million that are not getting grants but
11:07 am
this was a program that was eliminated and federal government used to provide funding to do this kind of thing. we have a call into the department of education, to find out if any inmates were excluded for instance if you were a sex offender or you committed some kind of particular crime, would you be excluded from taig part in a program like this. and i got off the phone with steven stuart, he's director of the correctional association here in the united states, he says that in the past and he expect when is they announce friday this will be a multistate program, similar to what we used to do in which all of the states had different restriction on who could apply and who could not. he told me, though it needs to put people back to work when you get out of jail. i would expect to goift crime cycle and be productive. part of president obama prison reform concept. >> that is taking place this would be taste program according to "the wall street journal" that broke this story perhaps three to five years, but the key here is how do you sell this to the public? again 1.3 trillion in student
11:08 am
loan debt you can't discharge it except under incredible circumstances. you can't declare bankruptcy people are drowning in debt. and yet we have 1.6 million inmate who is might be eligible for these grants and the studies say that people who take these kiengdz of course when is they get out have a lower rate of repeating a crime. so there's a lot of discussion about this at the end of the day boils down to you as a taxpayer do you want your money going to this or o students who are drowning in debt right now. >> fair question. >> adam good stuff thank you very much. an update on the search for those who missing teens lost at sea off the florida koation. cheryl the headline. >> new detail u.s. navy called off now eight and searching for two 14-year-olds. perry and austin missing since friday boat found capsized on sunday 80 miles from the coast. families say they may have used a cool or as a nation device.
11:09 am
but coast guard searching reward of $100,000 offered. a neighbor of boys is also pledging his support. but this is rough news guys. joyce mitchell admitted to prisoners speaking of prisoners escape from upstate prison in june. she just accepted a plea deal mitchell was instructor at the prison and she provided blades, chisel l for richard matt and promoted contraband fourth disagreeing solicitation and face a prison sentence two and one-third to seven years she'll be sentenced to september and finally, i love this one, of course, i do the nfl has gotten the first female coach stuart. i assumed this would happen before. never until today. arizona cardinals hired jen welter that is her. amazing, boy he's played. that is her. >> she played she's working with them during the intership and at
11:10 am
least for the preseason. but she's making history today and having a press conference on this stuart today. by the way she is played female football in the female football alliance 14 years played rugby for boston college. >> you play rugby you're tough. >> but cardinals say their credit are coming out and saying she's our lady and going to have a press conference today in arizona. you know i'm a cardinals fan by the way? >> no. tmpletion i have to remind you two teams cardinalses and cowboys. was she's a hands on coach for an nfl team period. >> not top coach, not -- not that. >> but cooking the inside linebackers part of the coaching staff but she's a -- they're describing her already as critical part of the team and where you'll honestly cardinals my team needs help. so hopefully she can go in and you know -- >> a fair statement. >> but doesn't like football but there you have it. trust me. >> here's what's next father
11:11 am
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>> blackberry has been given an upgrade by morgan stanley and stock is up 6%. still only $7 a share we put it on death watch when it was $9 a share. so we were pretty far off the mark but could have balanced today. try this. jon stewart welcome was invited into the oaflt office not once but twice. so that the president could try to sell his strategy to the comedy show host. blake burman live in washington with the latest on this secret meetings were they? >> not necessarily secret because it's on the log, they're just kind of coming out now stuart depends on how you look at it. headline in politico is this aids president obama took what they call unusual steps to cultivate jon stewart of course the pop "daily show" host.
11:15 am
now that article says top aids obama aids made sure to take calls and e-mails from stuart age his staff. now they point to two trips that you just referenced that stuart made to the white house. one in october during the budget fight a second a few years later in february 2014 as the ukraine russia con flebt was escalating now white house post who visits and when on their website we checked john stewart does appear on that log, however a -- former senior administration official i spok with pushing back on article says he's met with ideological strikes and done so regularly. >> haven't had a quiet tape with with bill o'reilly has he? >> guaranteed -- >> thanks so much blake we appreciate you being with us. to the latest planned parenthood video even more shocking than the previous two. showing a tissue procurement buyer inside a clinic talking to@ a doctor about pricing for parts
11:16 am
and organs from a fetus. listen to this. [inaudible] but i think stuff like this, we don't want a flat fee of $200 -- [laughter] >> all right saw the back father jonathan morris back with us on this issue. it was a distinction there between prices for individual parts of an aborted fetus and pricing with a whole baby. did i hear that right? >> i heard laughing at the end of that video. >> dear lord. >> you cant get more disturbing from the fact itself of abortion. doesn't mean there aren't wonderful people who end up having abortion. but -- the fact itself and we're seeing it played out that here there's a dehumanization of the fact itself. and when we start getting into
11:17 am
selling those fetus tissues let's be honest a fetus is a human being. and the heart beat a hand and peats to start talking about well we can get more money if we do it, if we have the abortion in this way. how planned parenthood can say we're not involved in selling of abortive hearts as they call them. i don't understand. >> what makes the big difference is the fact that you can see these people, you can hear these people. and you know what they're saying. and a you know what they're talking about. it is not rooter in a newspaper. this is you see it. >> that's right. >> it is like cameras everywhere recording what maybe police brutality when you can see it makes enormous difference. when you can see the ultra sound pictures of a baby in the womb makes an enormous difference and so too would these latest videos whole ball game changes because you can see and hear what's really going on. >> that's different --
11:18 am
>> it is a game changer you know what i love stuart is it is easy to make abortion as being oh that's for religious people to get caught up in that. but you know, sec layer people or rational people are for pro choice because we're for choice but actually nothing to do with religion but has to do with human reason. recognizing that that is a human being and when you start ill canning it and start selling its parts it goes against our human soul against our being. it is not good for society or us. >> you have a book out in front of you let me read the title light in the darkness. does that book if if i read it does it shed any light on what we just been talking about? >> what i've tried to do in this book is give people prabt call ways to be addle candle in a dark world you think if you're into a big add a tore yum and dark and put a candle up there.
11:19 am
it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. we can sit here to talk about the terrible things in society there are especially this story right now, but if we were all to make a difference to make a choice in our own world to try to make a difference to be light. we would start acting more in accordance with our human nature and reasoning more start respecting other people for who they are. i try to make it or very practical light in the darkness. >> go back to something we've said about this issue. i don't think it is about abortion but the way that we treat human life. you cannot callusly discuss carving up a child you can't do that. you lose your humanity if you do that. and if you don't react to. not abortion but humanity we're talking about. >> stuart as soon as question start i think we have the experience we do one thing, with
11:20 am
next time we do that bad thing it has easier, and that's the reality and that's where we've come in society. i hope this shakes up up and a recognizes that we have to do serious soul searching all of fuss me included. ferlg well said light in the darkness is the title author is father jonathon many times in the future i hope. thank you very much, sir check the big board right now we have a rally up 83 point above 175. here's a question for you. you looking for a cheap place to stay next time you come to new york city? charl watches real estate. when we come back she'll tell you about a van that you can sleep in. [laughter] for a price in new york --
11:21 am
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right visiting new york yes very expensive so science like air berk and b tries to cut costs one taking it to the extreme. with 39 dollars day we have a room. here's the catch. the room is actually a taxi cab. cheryl. this one is new for me. >> we have this this breakses down this guy jonathan he decides making i'll fix it up.
11:25 am
he said maybe i'll rent it out $39 he put up a listing on air b&b and now has a fleet of minivan this one is a taxi cab van. and mostly it is international folks coming in a lot of times from like malaysia where they're looking for like into new york city request not a lot of money looking for a smoking deal. picks them up and mr. i love new york and something else. >> and then they pay up to 69 depending on the season. one he got 99 parked in manhattan. >> along the river a lot because he gis river tours. >> down by the river in a van. but yeah he's got a taxi cab minivan gotten a lot of attention for it. and driving around does he give you keying? >> that's what he did not tell us. we interview interview interviewed
11:26 am
him but i don't think he -- not like he's driving hmm around because she's showing the town. >> if someone breaks the van and you get hurt what's his liability? >> i would hope he would have insurance for this but air b&b stuart rules are fast to lose. stay in my apartment that is it. person to person. so i mean that's like i said good for him. good for him. [laughter] he was like i said selling christmas trees when is they decided to fix up this van. maybe -- >> you say what van? [inaudible] person to person. what was that guy on "saturday night live"? >> must have seen that show. >> 39 becomes in manhattan. >> charl that was a good one. >> i try. >> next, the food police. and getting political but founder of a all natural food
11:27 am
company tells presidential candidate our food system is broken and they need it fix it before it is too late.
11:28 am
can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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11:31 am
stuart: well, look here two hours into the trading session, and we have the rally progressing nicely, thank you. we're up 109 points right now. i'm not aware of any specific item of news that has pushed us to a gain of 100 points, but nonetheless that's where we are, 109 points higher. love it. check the share price of dupont cutting its forecast, down it goes but not by much. it's only down 50 cents. now take a look at facebook, it reports its profits or whatever tomorrow afternoon. not too far from $100 a share, moving a bit lower today. a lot of people say this could be the stock that pops just like amazon and/or google. we shall see tomorrow afternoon. all right, now look at ford. made a record profit in north america last quarter, and look at this. they are now going to roll out a $60,000 f-150 pickup truck.
11:32 am
what do you say to that, ash? >> i think it's just an indication of where this market is going. a number of these $50,000 and up pickup trucks has doubled in just the last five years, the number being sold. that market is hot, and the ford f-150 is the king of the hill. so for $60,000 if you wanted all the options, it's going to cost you $70,000 for one of these things. >> remember i took you there on a tour of one of those new trucks from the super bowl the nfl experience, remember? when we were inside of that thing it looks like a spaceship, it's got every single piece of technology you can imagine. stuart: one this five of all pickup trucks in america has a price tag of $50,000 or more. this is a pickup truck. >> but it's more than a push truck -- >> not your grandfather's pickup truck. it's got massaging seats and wood trim and panoramic moon roofs. >> i drive around listening to country music with my elbow out
11:33 am
the window -- >> i'm having a hard time picturing that, stuart. stuart: $14,000 out the door six years ago okay? i take that truck all over, through the forest, up and down dale. you will never take a $60,000 ford f-150 off the road -- >> where are they saying? >> they're making fun of you. stuart: look -- okay. [laughter] >> that's what producers do. stuart: okay. let me point something out. i bought my pickup truck six or seven years ago. i paid $14,000 for it out the door. it is a bare bones pickup truck. you roll up the windows. there is no power seats, there's no power steering. everything is bare bones and simple. >> and you drive it to walmart but that's you and that's different than a lot of people. they want fancy. >> always cost conscious. >> he loves walmart. stuart: can we move on? >> ec. stuart: listen to what mark cuban is saying about donald trump. i have to say he's probably the
11:34 am
best thing to happen to politics in a listening time. i don't care what his positions are, if he says the wrong thing. he gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. cheryl? >> well, mark cuban just described himself, not really donald trump. identify actually interviewed -- i've actually interviewed both gentlemen, they're very similar this that regard. mark cuban has certainly had his issues with the nba and getting fined for his bad temper but these are men, these are businessmen who, you know, took a lot of chances they made a lot of money, and they're not apologizing for it except now donald trump has jumped -- >> he's also been critical of trump in the past, called him a paper tiger and all of these things but he says he's a breath of fresh air on the political scene. stuart: the man says what he thinks, and he doesn't care about the consequences. it works. moving on, hampton creek, that's a small food company. it makes eggless mayo and cookie dough, amongst other things. it's taken out -- or did on
11:35 am
sunday -- took out a full-page ad in "the new york times" telling the presidential candidates that we have some big problems because of our food chain. he says we need to fix the problems. the company's founder had this to say about it on the program yesterday. >> an issue that doesn't show up in polling because it's an underlying issue is this issue of food. whether we're talking about racial relations -- stuart: okay, hold on a second -- >> type for -- type ii diabetes or supporting farmers, it impacts the economy. i hope one of those republicans, one of those dems steps up and does something about it. stuart: i was trying to get a word in edgewise there. the man's basic point is that the food supply chain is the biggest problem that we face in america, and it's creating all of these other problems. let's bring in a nutritionist who has something to say about this. is he right or what? >> i think he's definitely oversimplifying things. stuart: okay. >> it's much more complicated than that.
11:36 am
stuart: i suspect he is either a vegetarian or a vegan, because he only deals in plant-based food. >> right. stuart: so he's got i think the man has an agenda. he wouldn't admit to it on the show yesterday, but i think he's got an agenda. >> he possibly could. i can't say for sure. what i can say is if we look at our obesity epidemic you can't pinpoint one thing, and i think that's what he appears to be doing and i can't get onboard with that way of thinking. stuart: according to "the new york times" the obesity epidemic, whatever you want to call it, peaked in 2003 -- >> yes. stuart: -- and we've all started to reduce our calorie intake and our beastie level since then. >> that was an article i recently read as well, and that was quite promising. wow, we are actually maybe, getting somewhere and people are actually eating less. and that's what that article pointed out, was that people were maybe drinking less soda okay? somebody said that her child was having less dessert. so they were cutting back. they weren't necessarily
11:37 am
eliminating, but they were reducing and that's a step in the right direction. stuart: what is your prescription for a good and healthy diet? >> ah it's very complicated. stuart: can you give it to me in 20 seconds? is. [laughter] >> you know what? plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy lean protein. it's portion control, and i think that's what the average american has not understood -- stuart: no, they understand it, they just -- >> don't do it. >> they don't -- stuart: i i'll understand it, i just can't do it. >> but can't? i mean that's a big word. um why? [laughter] stuart: i don't have the will power. >> you know what? i think that's when we're talking about overeating. there's a lot more that goes into it psychologically. a lot of people do overeat for various reasons, and you can tell them exactly what they need to do, and they won't listen. >> yeah. stuart: you tried it i take it. [laughter] >> i've tried -- my husband doesn't listen to me. [laughter] this is what i do for a living and my own husband doesn't
11:38 am
listen. stuart: wait a second -- >> probably watching now. stuart: i'm not, i don't want to take this off on to a tangent, do you charge? you must charge? >> for people to listen? yes. i do. stuart: can they put your fee on insurance? >> some, not all. and that's a whole other conversation okay? [laughter] that's a whole other segment about how our health care doesn't necessarily pay for prevention. stuart: okay. let's suppose -- [laughter] and i'm on delicate territory. [laughter] if i came to you to your -- do you run a clinic? >> no it's a private practice. stuart: if i came to your office and said, you know doctor i'm 20 pounds overweight, what can you do for me? you would put me on a course, i take it? >> what i would teach you about is yes we'd have scheduled meetings, but it would be about teaching you small changes. i wouldn't say to you okay, right now you these to eliminate the burger and fries, you need to eliminate this you need to eliminate that. forget the negative talk.
11:39 am
we need to talk more positively. first of all i'd have to find out more about you. what do you like to eat? stuart: i go on tv and wear makeup -- [laughter] i do the same thing every day. >> and then i would say okay, where are you getting your food from? what are your choices? let's help you make better choices. there's not one prescription for everyone. stuart: okay. now, this is a financial program so i'll ask a financial question. >> there you go. stuart: at the end of this long course of meetings and advice and all the rest of it, how much? >> oh, it varies. stuart: give me a range. >> it varies. it really ranges from nutritionist to nutritionist where you're located, what state, what city -- stuart: wait, wait wait if i give you $1,000 and i agree to do whatever you tell me to do -- >> right. stuart: -- would that be about right? >> no. it would be more than that. stuart: more than? $2,000? >> everyone is different. it depends how quickly you learn and take my advice. stuart: oh, i'll take your advice immediately.
11:40 am
>> then it's $1,000 for you, okay? [laughter] if you took my advice immediately and really started listening to what i said -- and people do, don't get me wrong. a lot of people make these changes. stuart: bargain hunting nutritionist carrie ganz -- [laughter] thank you very much for being with us. >> you're welcome. stuart: you've got to lose me 20 pounds. >> that's the deal. stuart: watch out, sports fans. conan -- thank you, doctor. [laughter] thank you very much. conan o'brien slapped with a lawsuit for stealing someone else's jokes. get this, he took them from twitter. the judge is coming back with this one, just a moment.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
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get a domain website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy. stuart: how about this update from the national transportation safety board the virgin galactic spaceship crash was triggered after the co-pilot unlocked the braking system early. human error? >> fatal mistake. this was ten months ago over the
11:45 am
mojave desert, caused catastrophic failure and, of course, killed the co-pilot and seriously injured the pilot and pushed back this program but it was human error, it wasn't the fault of the spacecraft itself. stuart: not a structural problem with the whole program. >> exactly. stuart: we have this from george washington university, dropping the s.a.t. and a.c.t. requirements for students. students no longer need to take them to get in. what's this all about? >> basically, what they're saying is that just taking this one big exam doesn't fairly or doesn't always accurately portray the future success of the student in university. in other words they don't test well, they fail. their overall high school records and high school gpa is a more rounded and better look into the academic prowess of the potential university -- stuart: that's not the whole story, is it? >> no, no, it's not. stuart: why are they really doing this? >> well they just, they don't believe that some people can
11:46 am
test better than others when they take the -- stuart: so not all groups test equally. >> no, they don't. >> they used the word "intimidated," oh, they're intimidated by the big, bad test. i mean, i said that, but they did use the word intimidated -- >> you can have a bad day and blow the test. >> grow up. stuart: we're forgetting racial and ethnic groups. if everybody doesn't all perform equally on a standardized test then throw out the test. that's the thinking. >> that's exactly what it is. stuart: isn't that what this is all about? >> yes. stuart: come on, don't beat about the bush. [laughter] >> you're in some mood. stuart: i haven't introduced you yet. you may not speak until i introduce you. >> yes sir, sire. -- yes, sire. >> a san diego man is suing conan o'brien saying o'brien stole four of his jokes off twitter. all rise, the afore mentioned judge andrew napolitano is here. [laughter] if i put a joke on twitter not
11:47 am
that i ever do but if i ever did, do i -- don't i end own that joke? >> no. no, you don't. i mean, there is what is known as fair use so a phrase, even a phrase associated with a particular person or in this case a joke, obviously, is in the public domain and fairly be used. stuart: remind me -- >> if this guy if conan went out of his way to say i originated it and he published it it would be a different story. but on a late night tv show to tell a joke that he read on twitter? come on. or do you want the lawyers -- [laughter] to have more -- [laughter] stuart: moving swiftly along. this is a good one for you. a man in florida was issued a warning for allowing the smell and the smoke from his barbecue to leave his property. environmentalists said, hey, you're violating the air quality law. look at this for a second.
11:48 am
>> did you see smoke over there? >> i saw smoke leaving your property. >> did you see it over there? >> don't even argue, just don't argue with him. >> there's a neighbor right there. >> they're not calling you. she's calling you. she's way across the street. >> once you leave a property -- >> you didn't see any smoke over there. >> once you leave a property line you're not allowed to do that. stuart: this my opinion, the the barbecue guy is in the wrong and the environmentalist in the right, strictly speaking about the law, ain't that right judge? >> yes strictly speaking about the law. but the law is enforced by human beings who have to exercise some judgment. is this a proper function of government? to go on his property and get in a shouting match with him like that do we really, really want to nitpick people to death because they don't like the smell of beef? stuart: i agree. is this not a constitutionally-passed law, and you're playing fast and loose with it? sometimes we should ignore it, sometimes we'll accept be it. that's not like you judge. >> you know there's a very famous case in brooklyn, new
11:49 am
york, of a lady who used an exhaust fan to send the odor of lasagna into our neighbor's kitchen. we're talking about apartment buildings that are that far apart. [laughter] this case dates back to pre-world war ii. stuart: i was there. [laughter] >> right. so was i. and the lady that used the exhaust fan lost the case but that was intentional and spiteful. >> right. >> how could this guy possibly be expected to control the movement of the wind? stuart: when you create a law like these clean air quality laws which say you can't let your smoke go from here to there because your neighbor will be aggrieved, that is the law. >> you know, technically, it is a form of assault. but when it is a product of the movement of wind, of natural forces, how could one be held liable? stop barbecues for god's sake? >> he was told by the officer that you should study the wind patterns before you fire up the grill. [laughter] stuart: quite right. >> that is not a proper function for the police to be --
11:50 am
stuart: a proper function of the law judge. do i have to preach this to you? >> all laws are good, all laws are valid, all laws must be enforced to the hilt? stuart: don't put words in my mouth. good lord, man. [laughter] you're assaulting my pallette. [laughter] stuart: i know that story, and you're going to hear it on the air one day. all right, judge, great to have you back. a business owner in florida decides he will not allow muslims in his gun shop. this is america. should he be allowed to ban certain is customers? we'll be back with that.
11:51 am
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medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: hillary clinton at a town hall event this new hampshire right now. asked about keystone pipeline, she deflects. watch this. >> this is president obama's decision and i am not going to second guess him, because i was in a position to set this in motion, and i do not think that would be the right thing to do. so i want to wait and see what he and secretary kerry decide. if it's undecided when i become president, i will answer your question. stuart: how about a dodge? cheryl? >> honestly, we've all read the fact that potentially that relationship with the white house right now between the clintons and the obamas is a
11:55 am
little bit chilly. i think she said that not to deflect the question but i think more important she's worried about will she have the backing of president obama, or is he going to back joe bind. that's the bigger -- joe biden. that's the bigger story. >> o'malley and sanders are very vocal opponents but she said, oh, yeah? they were never secretary of state. that's how they're dodging it. stuart: i don't know maybe she'll turn around. a florida gunshop owner has declared her business a quote muslim-free zone. this is in response to last week's shooting rampage in tennessee that left five service people dead. intelligence report host trish regan joins me now. it was in florida, right? >> actually, in arkansas. stuart: arkansas, okay. >> but there was another gun range owner in florida who did a similar thing just recently this response -- stuart: is it legal? >> well, you know, this is the big issue. now, she would argue jen morgan who runs the sun cave in arkansas, would say it is legal
11:56 am
because she has the ability to use her discretion to decide who should actually be using firearms. she would also make the point that as a fire squad there, she is running a private club. and, therefore, is held to a different set of standards and that the civil rights act doesn't then apply to her. stuart: it's very interesting though, whether or not you can refuse service to a given class of customers. in most of the country i would have said no, you cannot do that. >> yeah. she's making the point and you can understand, she feels as though people are in a vulnerable place right now -- stuart: she was on your show yesterday. >> yes yes, she talked about this. we got a tremendous response on facebook. i mean within hours 20,000 people were viewing -- stuart: pro or -- for or against -- >> primarily for and in favor of what she is doing, because they say they sympathize with her they recognize that she is seeing extremists as a threat
11:57 am
and she's trying to protect her customers. but, you know, it is a big gray legal area. the question is, is she really a private club, or is she not? two hindu people were very upset because they were recently turned away from her shop. stuart: fascinating story. i know you're going to cover it more, and i know you've got a new facebook page and we'll get you back on tomorrow and talk about facebook is that okay? >> excellent. stuart: we will have more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> you know here's a unconventional thing, he could actual follow the rules, and he could try to move to, you know kind of a presidential tone. he's, he could do that. he's suggested that in a few interviews, one with cnn's anderson cooper saying his tone will change. but, you know, that is who he is as you know, stuart. he says it like it is. stuart: that was bret baier on donald trump one of the
12:00 pm
moderators of the forthcoming debate nine days away. all right, neil, my time's up, it's yours. neil: can you imagine praying for that debate? holy cow. this is the house's turn to grill john kerry who just told them seconds ago that if you really are looking at a better deal than this, you've got a unicorn fantasy his words. he is saying that really the only alternative to this would be war, and he is stressing that this is better than anything else out there, even going so far as to echo the president's comments that people have been mentioning trumped-up charges about this deal that aren't based on fact. we're going to have more on that in just a second. blake burman with the latest on this back and forth, this time on the house side. >> reporter: good afternoon, neil. this has been going on for the better portion, just about approaching two hours now. this is the house's turn the senate got its crack last week. i'll tell you this much neil we've been watching and you can


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