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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 29, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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to pledge their loyalty to the republican party. now party loyalists with long-term aspirations like walker and bush will sign on dotted line. trump does not have to walk back his third party aspirations, he is soaring, can enjoy spoils of his quest. but, if he does run as a popular independent, he will have successfully turned establishment. party politics and republic on its head. is it good for country? no a trump administration could be a disaster. system needs chaos, the nonsense call two parties have morphed to twins, but why stop at one extra party animal. >> donald trump could run as an independent, rand paul a
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libertarian, bernie sanders green, george clooney on handsome ticket, and carly the cyber unicorn party. it has to end as it began. only way to do that to let the wild horses run, in every direction, as though our lives depend on it, if that is too much chaos, president obama has promised high could begin if he ran a third time, he is not going to do that because he is banned t to -- leave us alone,e will live a long time, when you have a happy divisive liberal in white house. who needs democracy? on show judge andrew napolitano, telling us in hillary clinton a e-mail scandal was a lawbreaking affair.
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and why was jon stewart having secret meetings at white house. i am kennedy. glad you are here. hello, could obama win a third term? he is convinced, here he is during a speech. to african union in ethiopia. >> i actually think i'm a pretty good president, i think if i ran i could win. but i can't. kennedy: oh, let's talk else this, with our -- tackle this with our party panel shall we? it is 1984. also we have red eye co-host, andy levy, i start with you. i think that the president, find with him having a third
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term, only caveat he has to repeal obamacare. >> this is actually not a bad deal, come on now. >> it is a bad deal for the brown people he insists on killing with drones but not for americans. kennedy: you are down with brown? >> always. >> these make me hate media, he was joking, he was joking. but now, the headline is president obama said he could win if he ran for a third term. he has no interest in a third term, he does not want to be president now. kennedy: i think, we is getting a little wispy. >> yeah. kennedy: i don't think that is the right word. >> no, but i will pretended to agree with you. i think he would leave office now, every president feels midway point of their second term, that is it. he might not be wrong he could win. and i do think it was probably
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an unintentional shot at hillary clinton. kennedy: you are right, didn't think of it that way, but i could beat donald trump, and hillary clinton, and joe biden, he wants the power, he hates burden. but you said he was running for president of something else. >> speech over african-american he is running for president of kenya, his homeland. kennedy: his birthplace. >> i agree with andy, he could win, sadly, does not say much about crop he would face, it was a dig against hillary, not just he said, you know, it could be any of you. he said later on, i don't understand why people want to stay so long, especially when they have a lot of money, you look at hillary clinton it is just her naked luft for power that she wants to be president.
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kennedy: you have done such a bad job you created -- >> bloomberg. >> that is it talking about let's not let this happen in banana republics and what bloomberg did. >> mayor bloomberg, governor of new york or mayor of new york? you know, i think he is addicted to the spotlight, i think he just wants to be -- ♪ kennedy: jazz hands. >> and become a stand up comedian, a late night talk show host, he likes being in spotlight, maybe it could run in the family, maybe mrs. obama would like to run for president. kennedy: according to one of clinton-bashing books bill said that president obama, hillary is going to make a great president, and obama said, yeah, we know michelle well too, he was all -- meanwhile, in trumpville, he is surging in early primary like real
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surging, a poll in new hampshire shows trump at 24%, doubling jeb bush with 12%. mark cuban, giving trump a high 5, and high praise, saying, he is probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long time, he says what is on his mind, and gives honest answers, this is more important than anything that any candidate had been in years, joe. is cuban right? >> two out of two billionaires agree. you can't argue with that, maybe they could share the ticket, billionaire's boys club. kennedy: that is my next question, would cuban be a good vp . >> he made a good point, trump is plugged into something that people are responding to, it is lasting much longer than i thought, i thought he would be bored by now, i don't think he will make it to end or third party run. kennedy: he is going to tweet
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you tonight that you are a loser. >> donald, wait, hear me out. people will realize he is not a republican. but, i think his endorsement shockingly will be important it the end. kennedy: but mark cuban never been to cuba. i don't know -- judge is that true? >> i don't know. >> he can go now. >> he can. kennedy: thank you to this president. who loves commies. >> thanks obama. >> this is a standard defense of trump, he says what is on his mind, do you know who else says what is on his mind? ron paul. kennedy: you are right. >> trump is not honest, the things on his mind are nutty, he says, isis is building a hotel in syria, they are not. he said -- >> but they would if they could. if they have a real estate developing architect. >> that creates jobs. >> he said real unemployment is
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18%. kennedy: bernie sanders agrees with him. >> okay. kennedy: who is every economist in america. >> trump is republican, when it suits him to be a republican, he was a democrat when it suited him, now styled himself as a conservative warrior, he has used imminent domain time after time to kick private homeowners and land owners out so he can muscle in, he has no problem using the power of government to help his business, he is in no way a conservative. kennedy: he is not, you talk about eminent domain you talk about a fence on southern border, there are a lot of imminent domain issues, you have one place have you no difficulty, backing up his tough talk. all right, so, janice, do you agree with mark cuban? >> i -- mark, is shark tank guy?
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kennedy: he is. owner of dallas mavericks. >> that is how i knew him. kennedy: he also has a character based on him in second season of silicon valley. >> i really love him, i like donald trump, i don't know if i would vote for him as president, you know my theory, i think he is shooting a reality tv show, celebrity president that would be great. kennedy: still going is that yours he is shooting a real show, which i buy. >> he is getting people interested. you know, when we go to pollin and vote. i mean we'll have to vote for the right person, but for now, that debate is going to be watched. because he is going to have to answer tough questions, hopefully from all people that are going to be you know doing this debate. kennedy: he -- >> people say he is different from people in politics, he is
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not, he is a pompous blow hard. >> he bobs and weaves better than anyone else, no one has asked him hard questions. kennedy: one last thing about donald trump. is, debate style will be confining for him, he is used to having long speeches, no script stripts, you know he is onstage sharing with other people i think he will be surprised as his lack of ability to response to people he is going to get defensive and frustrated, but he will try to play the states man. >> coming up more with panel, a report that claims daily show host,io jon stewart, twice, secretly visited president obama in the white house, were they writing jokes about republicans? >> and later on, judge napolitano will break down how much trouble hillary clinton's e-mails can get her into, what
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can she do to get out?
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according to codaily show host, jon stewart made 2 trips to white house to meet with president obama, once in 2011, and then in 2014 during the ukraine crisis, the meetings were requested by the president, what is going on? he is summoning juan stewart to
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the casa blanco? my party panel is back, joe, you can go ahead, and just use that fantastic imagination to dream up a scenario, what were they discussing in the white house? >> you know, you think to when clinton was ha president, theyy markey post was spending the night there. kennedy: and sharon stone. >> i can guess what they were doing. um-- >> or she was doing. >> i think it shows weird relationship this president has with the press. i am not a fan of presidents on late night talk shows, it demeans the office. kennedy: i think it is annoy i. don't have a problem with presidents saying, i am real, but something about grandstanding it turns comics to partisan hacks.
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what were they talking about? >> we sort of know,. kennedy: why keep it secret. >> that is my point, i don't care they met, does anyone think their political agendas don't have a huge overlap, it seems odd for a guy to have secret meetings, in corridors of power, he should have disclosed the meetings, i don't care that stewart is a liberal, but, he has done this one thing i don't like that stewart has done with his career, as other people described it, clown nose on, clown nose off, one day i am a comb -- comedian, next day he is giving america's lecture about one thing or other. he just should have told viewers. kennedy: it is how did he get
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that information out. knowing that he has a powerful pulpit, and are they crafting this message to shellac it to make it more palatable. >> was meeting taking place when jon stewart decided high was stepping down, maybe obama wants to step in and take the place of john -- jon stewart on the daily show. maybe they are discussing a role reversal thing. with lindsay lohan and that movie with her mom. kennedy: freaky friday. i thought natural choice would have been jon stewart and brian williams. so i figured they just would switch jobs, who knew jon stewart had presidential aspirations. >> brian williams could have been at white house ar every d,
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we should ask him. >> he will tell you. >> he built it with his bare hands. >> he was secretary of commer e commerce. kennedy: oh. well, you know, enough about markey post. we'll have more with panel later, we'll talk about a man, who loves to give his steak but feels guilty about it, this is reverse sexism, it is going to make you about after but you will -- barf but you will love the story. >> judge andrew napolitano will
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♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. sent nor received anyt i never information that was classified
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at the time it was sent and received. kennedy: at the time? inspector general, does not quite see it the way hillary does, they told justice department, secrets government information may have been compromised in unsecured system that hillary clinton was using. if that the case, what if going happens to hillary? judge napolitano is joining me. judge you have seen some of the e-mails with your own eyes. how do you judge them? >> a little bit of background. she had 60,000 e-mails, destroyed 33,000, turned rest over to the state department. we don't know what was in e-mails. they are destroyed, god knows where the server is. the inspector general of intelligence community, federal government, one, another one for state department, working independently, not collaborating, looking at same e-mails, each found 4 in which
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they said there is serious information here that was compromised because it was routed through a server not controlled by the federal government. and so serious they fell duty bound under statutes to submit it to fbi. fbi does not investigate for civil wrong doing, or for ethical lapses, they investigate for serious criminal problem or serious violations of the nation's security. the fbi will examine this, they will recommend to their boss and justice department, should someone be indict or this be handled through a nonprosecutorrial route, i have not seen the 4 e-mails that they each identified, and sent to fbi. but i have seen public e-mails that you can get on internet, with between mrs. clinton and her confidant cid bloo blument,
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they were released 6 months ago through efforts of our fox colleague katherin catherine h. one of them talks about location of french fighter jets as they were approaching libya, one talks about the borders of no-fly zone over libya, one them talked about location of ambassador stevens while in libya. how could this not be considered classified? classified means three things, either top secret. violation would cause over damage, secret, violation would cause serious damage, cone fe -- confidential. kennedy: if that is threshold,
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and within confines of that classification, then, it seems easy that information could be reclassified at some point, secretary of state, she knows it can be reclassified burden is on her to make sure she is using a secure system to transmit information regardless of what the classification. >> a brilliant argument, one that i join, here is what mrs. clinton will probably argue. she will say that because the word top-secret, secrets or confidential was not on e-mail it was not classified, guess who rejects that, both inspectors general, they determined that it is content of e-mail and gravity of harm that contents are made known to the public. not a magic word in subject line that characterizes e-mail as confidential or classified. kennedy: and we have 10 seconds left. very briefly, how important is the ig's sending this referring
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to fbi? >> up to president. no matter what she says, she will not be prosecuted if he does not want her prosecuted, in my view this is a step in the right direct. kennedy: thank you, judge napolitano, my favorite subject from my favorite guy. >> coming up could rise of military robot lead to a situation like terminator, prospect of war robots, is all too real, he will explain, take a look at this picture of katie per we president's bush and clinton, what do you think is going on here.
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falling from heaven, let the strange news stories blossom in your brain, topical storm, sometimes in life you have to make choices, when you are a single gal in a wedding you
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want to be one who snatch the bridal bouquet but, what if you are holding a baby? and -- bouquet sales over your face? do you choose the bouquet or the baby? to be honest, flower are beautiful. and babies are made of rubber for first 3 years, come , they bounce. i don't know if it was anger responsible preteen or a bad mother, i have a filing her string of bad choices make her husband repellent. >> topic two, katy perry was running for president, not really. she was dressed as a hoagie, she read, 42, 43, 46?
12:31 am
since president obama is number 44, she is not declaring her candidacy until 2024. when asked about comment about her presidential future, president clinton smiled said, i really like her boobs. >> topic 3. jimmy fallen at it again, lip-synch battles have a spinoff shown their own, he is still mouth duking it off, tom cruise was a guest last night, he served up a steamy helping of man loaf. >> ♪ will you love me forever ♪ let me sleep on it ♪ kennedy: i thought he was really singing, it is that good, it is sciencetology, cruise, who got his lip-synching debut, while
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wearing underwear in risky business has not lost his love and feeling he joined fallen for a recreation of lip-synch scene. ♪ baby. i beg you please ♪ i need your lov ♪ kennedy: yeah! topic 4, have you ever wondered what your household appliances do when you are not at home. they sprout a head, and limbs and they go for a run. take a look. >> they are off. oh, he back up. oh, down goes the dryer. come back, this way. oh. oh [ laughter ] what a play. oh. oh. >> the stove is down. >> they are not actual appliances they are children,
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they are dressed up for a minor league baseball game, quite cute. must be hard to run in those outfits, or someone set dry or tumble. -- there is a hot water heetz heater, topic 5. you know expression don't chase your own tail. but what if you are a contrarian, and a natural tail chaser, better yet, what if you can catch it like this hot dog? they have longer bendable bodies look at that. he has torso, he can do this all day long. there he goes to other room, spinning around and a round, no harm, no foul, all tail, he is better than this dog, who was attacked by its own foot, he bit back.
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then he is like, someone is beating my foot, this sucks. if you have any weird stories or angry dogs you want to see on topical storm tweet me, you can also find me on inis a gram, coming up, panel chiming in on huge news of tom brady's suspicion upheld by goodell. >> and later, one of the wildest examples of stupid spending i have ever heard, which one of these is not a real government spending program? saying farmers not to farm? training chinese prostituted to
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drink more responsibly? answer coming up
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♪ kennedy: always room fo rancidm i right? a self identified male feminist wrote a piece for how much he hates that he loves to grill, he is uncomfortable with pleasure he takes with something so masculine. panel is back, janice, joe, and andy. this is one of my favorite stories of all-time. because, here is a guy who is so self loathing, he can't even disconnect himself from his over thinking lady brain to
12:39 am
enjoy the simple art of grilling, what the hell happened in this? >> i am a 9th wave feminist. kennedy: i love it. >> and i like to grill, i grill sausages it is an obvious way of showing my contempt for pay thpatriarchy. >> you poke weiners, you sere them good and hot. >> you burn and destro destroy. kennedy: there is nothing wrong with being a man, it is great to be manly, when did world turn on its head being a man is now vilified. >> this is why when men see word feminist, they are like, i don't want to her about it, this guy, he talks about how manly this is, he talks about how he is finicky. words to describe felix hunger and morris the cat. just, be who you are, you don't ask permission, do i have
12:40 am
permission to turn the pork chop offer on the grill? can i touch it with my tongue, what kind of a man or a human being that. kennedy: he talks about homo social context, when i am grilling with other men, i am excluding other women, plenty of women are capable of drilling it is fun. >> do you grill. >> i grill with the best of them, i lather myself with all sorts of -- oils. >> he shoves my head in a bun that is how much he loves to grill. what -- your husband grills? >> i called him when i read this, i almost fell asleep, i was like what is wrong. i said, is there something about the grill, he said oh, my god yeah! hig he is a fireman,t
12:41 am
is a disclaimer, he said there is something about the grill, like hunting and gathering i slathering up my meat,. kennedy: i am more excited about grilling now than i have been in 14 months thank you, you wuss face. >> and rodger go -- goodell has -- suspensioname is the on tom brady, he worked that mother worse than lindsey graham did, when he put his in a blender. mercy, this is exciting news, if you despite tom brady. >> all of new york is woohoo !
12:42 am
>> kudos to rodger goodell for bravely upholding his own decision. if tom brady sought to with hole evidence in an investigation, he should not be suspended for 4 games, he should be banned for life, and every achievement he has accomplished on feel should be thrown out. congratulation to seattle seahawks for winning two straight super bowls, end of story. kennedy: what did watergate teach us? not crime but cover-up. >> yeah that cell phone thing is first i heard about that, that is bad. my temptation to say, now we can focus on nfl real problem which is horrible domestic abuse, and dramatic brain injury, but it is good they are upholding this, the suspensions were getting ridiculous, a 30 game. kennedy: i thought may would knock it down to one, i assumed
12:43 am
that was a bargaining chip. but it did not. >> it is giving jets fans false hope. >> and shows what a moron tom brady is, destroying your phone does not destroy your text-message. >> i don't think he is one of the brightest bulbs in the shed. kennedy: he sent over 10,000. >> they should be on a server somewhere, they are not on the phone. kennedy: perhaps they have their own private server. >> his handsomeness did not safe him this time -- save him, they sometimes win but not this time tom brady ! kennedy: i know i am getting a slew of text-messages, from people who are upset i am targeting their beloved hero. >> he was a cheater, cheater, whitercheater, whiters. cheater. >> these are rules of game, he
12:44 am
a-- >> there of no accidental anything. >> this is worse than anything that ucla could have done. >> because ucla is a fine school, and tom brady did not go there. >> go trojans. >> you are so racist that is a macro aggression. >> a professor of journalism, made a shocking claim, kumar took to twitter said, yes is is is brutal but u.s. is more so. janice, she used term imperial feminism as if people in u.s. claim to want to help women in places like afghanistan and protect them from patriarchial -- mutilations because all we want to do is take their land
12:45 am
and oil. >> she can say whatever she wants, because we have free speech, i don't like is that she led fight against condoleezza rice speaking at rutgers, she can say horrible things about u.s. and isis but yet she does not want to hear condoleezza rice speak at a commencement so i say hypocrite. kennedy: you were in green room earlier, you thought isis was good. >> they are doing good stuff,. kennedy: a good dental plan. >> this shows difference with extreme left on right oright you are called crazy, and on left they call you a professor, no one else would listen to this nonsense. kennedy: i am sure her classes are filled. >> if you think that u.s. is worst place in the world, you would have left, and gone somewhere better. you want to talk about worst place on earth, aside from north korea, hard to find a worse place than isis controlled territory, where, i am sure someone like her, an
12:46 am
outspoken educated woman would be raped, sold to safely, and murdered and shown off at a trophy, that is not a metaphor that is really what they would do. kennedy: i can think of one place worse that is rutger social o -- department. >> they are getting so predictable, there is a clone factory somewhere making college professors, if they don't come out right they just make them is ao salon columnists, say something original. kennedy: i love you so much, they are sweet, expar spark elg they all deserve fdny husbands. >> coming up, dangers of a robot arms race, ralph peters
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is here next, does that make
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to my show, thank you forcome welcoming me to yours, hundreds of artificial intelligence researchers including elan musk and steve kno stephen hawking a worldwide ban on intelligent weapons. of course they acknowledge that ai war machines could benefit humans by replacing them in combat, to help me break it down, welcome back lieutenant colonel ralph peters, he wrote
12:51 am
a novel on this topic, "the war after armageddon " >> back in the days before the printing press. kennedy: in high re. >hieroglyphics, a fascinating story. ralph, if i may, let's talk about this this is scary, i love technology, i think it will benefit us all, i don't fear ai over archingly but i worry too much power concentrated in the hands of government in terms of self-aware killing machines that scares me. >> i don't worry so much about power in hands of government as i do power in hands of the machines themselves. kennedy: the government is run by machines. >> okay you can get there. problem with artificial intelligence, it will -- when you endow a machine with life or death decision making power,
12:52 am
you better hope it makes the right descrigz. decision, in short to midterm that is not going to to be a problem, they actual saving american lives, but the most important take away to this, you need to go after is safeguards, how to make sure they do what they are supposed to do, not what they want to do, there is snow way, kennedy, there is no way on earth to prevent the rise of the intelligent machines. kennedy: we're moving in that direct we're closer than we think we are, at some level we have to be okay with it, but my fear is self-awareness joined with the knowledge of and desire to kill. >> you know, american philosopher, william james,
12:53 am
wrote hist radio is history if blood, unfortunate, one them that humans are brilliant about is devising ways to kill other humans by hundreds. early renaissance the cross-bow, and pope tried to ban it, he said anybody using a cross bow would burn in hell forever that upset the social order, but you know that crossbow spread, and widely, then we moved on to gunpowder and so on. kennedy: and machine guns in world war i, our technology has blossomed. i like that we can sit buy, and sip our tea as robot armies kill each other then it like is chess, where there is no blood spilled but --
12:54 am
>> we won't get there, humanity is much too great an appetite for spilling blood. a reason i wanted to be a soldier was not to fight wars, the best -- you know army war college moto, in peace prepare for war. and you know, stronger you are, innately. the less likely people are to take you on, but human beings will be in warfare for a very long time to come, some humans broken from the peoplee factory and just like to kill, sometimes those people who like to kill, get to become heads of state as we have seen. making sure they are in right hands, eventually they will get in wrong hands, longer fans we share that fear of the intelligence machines making bad decisions. kennedy: spinning out of control, and it is our
12:55 am
responsibility to figure out answers for that, before it is too late, colonel peters thank you very much. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: appreciate the thoughtful discussion. the athe answer to tonight's ta question, which one is not real? it is c. believe is or not uncle sam has paid for all of the others. you are welcome ladies. i tell but a federal spending i tell but a federal spending program on a beer [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪
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report in today's night cap.o how do i know this. >> nih is no longer funding
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project, where much needed research is required they give university of iowa -- grant to study effects of beer goggles, they say study has a purpose too limit quote male initiated sexual aggression toward female a-- acquaintanceses. let's be honest they are giving men booze to see how attracted they are on women. we have to get to the bottom of it, let's go to college campus in midwest where they grow a lot of grains an drink beer, he will get them hammered and show them pictures of ugly brode broads, and when they are hammered we'll show them the same picture, and she will thing she is better than a 12
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pack. finding out if and why beer goggles work is not the fun function of government, it is this kind of spending that will a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. (male vocalist #1) ♪ at the hop ♪ well, you can rock it, you can roll it, do the stomp and even stroll it at the hop ♪ ♪ when the record starts a-spinnin', you chalypso and you chicken at the hop ♪ ♪ do the dance sensations that are sweeping the nation at the hop ♪ hi, i'm little anthony from little anthony and the imperials. you know, in the late '50s and early '60s, it didn't matter where you went to high school. east coast, west coast, middle of the country, you shared a common experience. during the year, on a friday or saturday night, you went to your school dance.


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