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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 31, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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but very rarely do you see it connected with overall the regular market or the energy sector. that's where our charts are coming in. thank you very much. thank you. connell didn't want me to show you the chart. i felt like i owed it to you, charts and me like, me and napoleons, like, trish regan now. trish: thanks so much, neil. we have a lot breaking as i speak. a team of people in this building everyone and in washington are pouring through the houses of hillary clinton emails just released about 30 minutes ago by the state department. also breaking right now, hillary clinton is releasing a 1 1/2 page letter from her doctor saying she is quote, in excellent physical condition. and fit to serve as president of the united states. they're also saying they will be releasing her tax information coming up. it could potentially hit within the next hour. so stay tuned for all of that. interesting timing i should add that the campaign is choosing to release health and tax information on her, most likely
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in an attempt to deflect attention away from what the big story is, those thousands of emails now released which we are looking at right now for you. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." i'm trish regan. the concern here is did hillary clinton as secretary of state email sensitive, classified information on her private server? we have team coverage for you of clinton emails with a republican strategist and radio talk show host, leslie marshall and our own peter barnes coming threw emails in the there is 30 minutes. what have you found? >> trish, this batch of email, about 1300 ever them, cover principally hillary clinton's first year as secretary of state in 2009. they do not cover anything on benghazi. some of those emails were previously released. and they cover mainly routine, looks like office issues so far. for example there is one that, headline, congrats on u.s.,
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subject line, congrats on usaid. another one from a staffer, in staff office if you need me. another on holiday lunch for coming up in decent of 2009. i did see at least one of these emails as i've been looking through them that have redacted information in them. that clearly was sensitive or secret or classified in some way and required some blacking out. so we have found at least one of those, but again, we have 1300 emails that we're going through one by one. as we get news we'll get back to you. trish: we know the inspectors general, rich, that this was big enough deal to refer this to the fbi. as we comb through the emails here at this moment, what is it that reporters need to be looking for? >> well i think reporters need to be -- there is a couple of points here, trish.
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one, it was unclear from all of the corrections and annotations that "the new york times" did on that referral what the ig, the inspectors general were asking to be referred and under what circumstances. whether it was criminal referral, security referral, whatever that was. so that is still up in the air. the second thing is reporters are looking for anything that would indicate a lack of, a lack of continuity, where there is something, email from 2:00 in the afternoon, about a subject, and then we, no other things went on and another email about the same subject at 6:30 that night and obviously something missing in the morning. what may well be not what is in the emails but what is missing from emails that disturb as pattern. trish: let's not forget she is one who decided effectively which emails would turn over. that is part of the whole problem here, rich. >> and also it is not likely that the state department released anything that it
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considers to be classified or sensitive or much less secret or top secret. so we don't know, we don't know what was not released because they didn't release it. trish: let me go over to leslie for a moment. let me share with you, leslie, what the clinton team is saying. they said in a statement on twitter, as has been reported on multiple occasions any emails classified bit ad administration were done after the fact, not at time of submission. if you find anything classified it, wasn't classified when she actually sent it, leslie? >> well, technically they are accurate in the sense it wasn't marked as classified. even i think it is five emails now that they say out of have some sensitive or secret classification nature, they were not marked as such. so it does come down to semantics but that semantic could be key.
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we also have to keep in mind, quite frankly, if you look historically it is pretty common to have an investigation and a referral to the inspector general and it usually doesn't go anywhere. so i think a lot of people hear investigation, into emails. at first "new york times" falsely reporting into hillary clinton and not the state department and the handling of those emails and i think people go right to number 10 and we're a long way from that. >> that is not the -- trish: president will decide whether or not this really has investigation or not? rick. >> no that, that doesn't belong to the president. that belongs to the attorney general, that decision. >> well, but it is political decision. >> exactly. >> will not be done in vacuum. let me correct, partially correct something. this was not, the activity last week was not referral to the inspector generals. it was a referral from inspectors general to the justice department.
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we assume, so it is already at step two or three. it is not at step one. trish: let me share with you from the previous facts we saw, going back and forth with her confidante, sid blumenthal, and state department colleagues and things that were certainly questionable i say have no business being emailed on personal server, included things of location of french jets approaching libya. the location of no-fly zones over libya. and the location of ambassador stevens in libya. rick, this is sensitive information. >> well, if it came from sidney though, sidney was a private citizen and he didn't have anymore access to that than any reporter would have had. now whether you choose to put that into an email or not, that's decision a reporter in his or her news organization -- trish: but she is the secretary of state. if she is going back and forth engaging in that conversation, that in of itself a real problem.
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>> it is hard for me to get that far. sidney is a private individual. they have known each other forever, obviously. if she chose to use his information, that happens a lot whether newt gingrich or mitt romney, barack obama they have friends who are not in the government and they have a perfect right to engage them with their ideas and thoughts. trish: leslie, let me ask you this. just the fact she is out there, emailing sensitive, potentially very sensitive information, doing business as a boost official on your personal account, i mean -- >> that is different issue. trish: that is itself bizarre, leslie, absolutely bizarre. >> well first of all i'm not going to disagree it is hurts her right now although i don't put much stock in the polls and we're a lifetime away. certainly it was reckless and in hindsight wasn't the best move and however they do, even though she is secretary of state and
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even though people will say she was sending all of this classified information, where is this secret and classified information? is it marked as such? who was it sent to? we also have all of the information obviously that can be on attend on the state department server. to the earlier point about sydney her buddy i agree with rich on that, he is private citizen. she, as we know from the emails didn't put any stock in the information that he was giving her -- trish: let me ask you about something else then. this swiss banking deal. allegations now, fresh allegations of this murky land between her doing favors for a swiss bank and then all of a sudden, the swiss bank giving her organization the clinton foundation $600,000 and 1 1/2 million dollars in speaking fees to her husband. now, this is the being viewed, rich, as a quid pro quo. in other words, she does a favor for them. she helps reduce the number of
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accounts that they have to provide information on, for potential tax evasion, and they in turn give her money for the foundation and for her husband's speeches? do you think we'll see anything in these emails about that. >> i don't know whether, if these are the emails we would like to see about that like to see the u emails, we did this, better do that. my guess is we never will. trish: would she be smart enough to make sure emails are in the included of tens of thousands. >> not her emails. emails internal to the bank to see if their discussion assured, by the secretary's office -- trish: we would need investigation for that, right, rich? >> separate thing. let me talk about this for a second. leslie might agree. details of all this stuff, we pay attention to it. we live with it, emersed in it. for most people, somebody in
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kansas or illinois or whatever, not details of all these things. it is not whether there was a pro to the quid in a swiss bank deal. the fact that on networks and newspapers regular voterss especially voters, moderate independents and republicans not committed it keeps piling up and piling up. i think that, leslie is what is being reflected not head-to-head polls but in the polls about trustworthiness around that sort of stuff. i think that is in fact having, taking a toll on mrs. clinton. trish: leslie, we are getting reports that democrats are starting to get nervous, understandably so when you look headway bernie sanders is making against hillary clinton. they're starting to wonder whether or not they need another person in the ring. there is talk of joe biden. do you think it is going to happen? >> no. i don't know what democrats you're talk to, i and my otherdemocrats we're very confident hillary will be
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standing on platform. people i know senator sanders who i like personally and have great respect for, it is not a fear. he is certainly a democrat. he represents more left side of the democrats. if you look at poll numbers, even though trump is going to town, i mean she has trumped trump in the polls. looks like one she has most to worry about is jeb bush. we're a long way away. i do agree with rich on this, which is, it is not -- american people, honestly i don't even think they care what is in the emails. people already think of her as guilty aren't going to volt for her. people aren't going to listen whether or not she is guilty are going to vote for her. the people in the middle. trish: she needs them. she needs the independents. >> she does. trish: she needs women. she needs young women. i wonder if she has them. >> no. trish: well-noted feminist had a piece on this recently. she said you know what?
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a lot of young women, they don't respect hillary. they don't respect hillary for one reason. she stayed by her man despite the despicable stuff that he did. and there is something just, not okay about all of that, leslie. i don't know how a woman say, yeah i like her, know, knowing she was willing to put up with everything that she has put up with. >> but, trish, can i speak to that? as a woman i honestly think that is women being sexist. and i say that because, look, if my husband cheated on me, i would kick him to the curb. love you honey. but, at the end of the day, if i'm running for office, my personal life, with my husband, and i believe this about candidates, male or female, left or right, their spouses, their children, their personal life or illegal, that shouldn't way in. trish: i think personal life says something about who you are, rich.
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and i think that you know, in the back after lot of young women's heads, is the fact that this woman was willing to put up with this guy and they say to themselves, why. >> well, i'm not a woman much less a young woman but let me just talk about why i think there may be some lack of enthusiasm amongst younger women that we see amongst women of more seasoning shall we say. i think part of that is when mrs. clinton was first, forget about being first lady of arkansas. they weren't alive yet. but when she was first lady of the country, and i thought she was a pretty good first lady or early days in the senate, millenials were pretty young. they were in high school. maybe just getting out of high school. as far as they're concerned, who knows who the secretary of state is, again unless you're us, i think for most young people, women being among them, mrs. clinton is just a woman running for office. she is not the woman running for office.
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trish: yeah. i would also. >> just add to that. >> not mystery attaches to mrs. clinton. trish: i would add to that. i think you hit on something, a lot of young women say, yeah, what is the big deal? women today know that they can be anything they want to be. and that is a message that is reinforces over and over. i certainly reinforce it with my little ones. i think as such, you don't have the same sense i have to break through, i have to break through you have seen in previous generations. as secretary clinton has much we have more information on the emails. peter barnes is combing through the examples. what do you see? >> we have example of classifying these emails after the fact, as classified, as a classified secret document. and it was done by the justice department according to this email that we have in our hands. just yesterday. example of classified material
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in this latest batch of 1300 emails from, went through hillary clinton's private server was on her private email, and it covers some information about the united arab emirates. it just, is the topic, from her assistant to her, not from mrs. clinton to her assistant but from the assistant to her, dated september 10th, 2009. it's a note from rick sole son who had been the ambassador to the united arab emirates for a bilateral meeting. madam secretary, ambassador holbrooke ask me to convey to you the gist of the conversation he and i had with -- rest of the email is redacted out. trish: wow. >> so clearly the state department decided that that material, that gist of the conversation should have been secret at, classified as secret at the time it was sent. it went through her personal server. trish: it went through her personal server.
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this goes back to what i was saying leslie, you called it reckless. i complete agree, why would our secretary of state using a personal email account, even if she does not send classified information? people can send her class fight information. as better was just reporting we learned, everyone, one of those emails contained classified information that her assistant was sending to her. what do you think, rich, might happen out of this? i mean do we need, you know, people have talked about the potentially being a criminal investigation? will it get to that stage? >> that is a long way from here to there. i think security referral is much more likely. justice department may well decide that for, not for political purposes but for the purposes of national security that they need to get their hands on that, on that server. and have a forensic team go through the server. but the part of what peter was just talking about i don't
2:17 pm
understand, is why would, i don't understand, maybe i see, it was from her assistant. trish: we'll take a quick break. i will be back more with this, we have learned everyone, breaking news these emails out, looks like one contains classified information. we'll have more details on the story when we're back after this.
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trish: welcome back everyone, we're continuing to pour through the 1300 emails released just about 40 minutes ago by the state department. hillary clinton being questioned about just exactly what kind of information was she sending back and forth on her own server. we have learned our own peter barnes was just on reporting about one email in particular. now again there are 1300 to go through but this one email indicates that her assistant
2:21 pm
would emailing her and it went through her private server, her own personal server. this was information recently deemed classified. the state department redacted that information, blacked it out, so you can see it. it seems some of this information may have been considered sensitive. we'll continue looking through all of it. we'll continue bringing you the information as it comes forward. i want to get to another breaking story. the winged fragment found on an indian ocean island ready to be loaded as we speak on to a cargo flight. it will head to france where experts are hoping to learn if it is in fact part of the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. fox news's greg palkot is on that island. he joins us by telephone with the very latest. he joins us live on camera, even better with the very latest. >> absolutely, trish. trish: what do we know, greg, about that, what may have happened to that flight?
2:22 pm
>> well, to that point, trish, the wing fragment or the wing flap found here wednesday was just shipped out at this airport behind me in island nation of reunion in the middle of the ocean. it is being sent up to france for analysis to find out for sure what it really is. officials from both australia and malaysia today have said they're pretty sure it is a part of a boeing 777 and they could be sure that it is part of mh370. the ill-fated malaysia airplane that went down 16 months ago. it will be analyzed over next several days by french officials. there could be a clear fix on that in the next couple of days. this, trish, as the searching goes on for anymore possibilities on the coast, on the beach, in the sea, even in the air. although an erupting volcano at the moment is keeping that search down. some bottles were found today,
2:23 pm
coming from apparently asia but shows what the currents are like. also a suitcase was found. it is not believed to have anything to do with that, with that ill-fated flight but the search continues for anymore leads in this real big mystery, trish. trish: greg, everyone is hungry for answers. thank you very much. greg palkot joining from the indian ocean. we want to remind everyone we're going through emails that just cam forth from the state department. there is at least one that shows there may have been classified information that went through hillary clinton's server. meanwhile we are getting word her health information has been released by her campaign. her doctor has issued a 1 1/2 page letter detailing her health. we'll be going to that momentarily with our own adam shapiro who is pouring through that. and her tax records may be coming forward this afternoon as well. meanwhile we've got another story we're tracking for you. kentucky man shoots down a drone flying over his property.
2:24 pm
he is going to be joining us to tell us why he did it. big privacy concerns here.
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trish: 1000 e-mails from or to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state have been he released by the state department. team in washington and new york going through all the emails. we her one that is considered sensitive. apparently her assistant, sent through r one to her server and some of the information was classified. there are releasing health records from her campaign. what is she saying. >> this is from her doctor. this is familiar to many americans. she had physical in march of 2015. from the letter, this is what it says.
2:28 pm
mrs. clinton is healthy 67-year-old female which medical conditions include hyper thyroidism and allergies. in 2012, mrs. clinton fainted and sustain ad concussion. she had a clot, blood clot. she was put on anti-coagulation therapy to dissolve that clot. she had double vision for a period of time of. this cleared up in about two months. follow-up tests in 2013 which revealed complete resolution from effects of the concussion. mrs. clinton us take medication for hyper thyroidism. by the way, 10 million americans suffer from this or live with this condition. 10% of women who have some degree of thyroid hormone deficiency. this is not uncommon among women especially women who are 67 years old like mrs. clinton. she takes as antihistamines and vitamin b 12 and coumadin which
2:29 pm
is blood thinner. according to the doctor, a quote from the letter, she does not smoke and drinks alcohol occasionally. she does not use illicit drugs or tobacco products. she eat as diet rich in lean protein and vegetables and fruit. she does yoga, swimming, weight training. give you the close central numbers. 195. not at 200. most doctors say over 200 is pretty high or at least borderline risk. ldl, bad cholesterol, 118. well within the parameters. she is under 130. good cholesterol, well over 50. she is at 64. triglycerides are 69. appears to be in good health. trish: thanks very much, adam shapiro. let's get to another story we're covering right now. we'll continue monitoring emails. we'll go back to them as we get more information. a kentucky man saw a drone flying over his home, so he shot it. he shot it right out of the sky. guess what?
2:30 pm
he was arrested and he was charged with criminal mischief. moan while the owner of that -- drone is demanding $1800 in damages. this gets to the heart of what many people fear will become an issue, if companies like amazon are allowed to one day deliver packages to all of us via drones. joining me on the phone is william meredith the man who shot down the drone. william, i have to say, good for you. if i saw something suspicious flying over high home i would be a little worried. take me through what happened when you saw this thing flying over your property? >> yes, ma'am. it is not first time it happened unfortunately. the kids, my girls were on the back porch and came in, said, dad, there is a drone flying around out here. i went out and looked, sure enough the drone was flying around. again, it happened before. and, i came in. i got my, retrieved my shotgun, i walked back outside and waited
2:31 pm
just watched and neighbors were like, what are you going to do? i'm not going to do anything unless it comes to hover over my property for any length of time. sure enough within just a short time, here he came was hovering over my property and -- [inaudible] trish: you got kids. you're concerned about your children, your family, and you said this wasn't the first time it had happened. what did you think was in there? did you worry there might be cameras? >> we knew there was a camera. we could see it. not, what are these guys doing? are they peeping toms? is it voyeurism. are they looking to take kids from somewhere? are they looking to something to steal or a weapon like we've seen on social media? you know -- trish: so you said, i don't want this thing. i'm going to get rid of it. you shot it down. all of sudden the police are on your doorstep? >> yes, ma'am. four owners of drone approached me, weren't too happy and, as they started my way i informed
2:32 pm
them that i was armed, that i would defend my property at all costs. and including my property and my life and my life of family. they turned other way and police came. and there were words came there. eventually at end of the day i was arrested for criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. trish: what happened to the drone? they want you to pay for the drone, flying drone over your property and somehow you're the one who they are holding responsible? >> yes, ma'am. i was in my home, they came to me. i didn't go to them. and, i'm holding documents in my hand right now that state that legislation, legislators established the public easement in the airspace above 500 feet in order to prevent claims from trespassing. from 500 feet to the ground we own as landowners, that is our property. trish: so you were, i would imagine arguing within your rights then. william, thank you very much for joining us here on "the intelligence report" today. good to talk to you.
2:33 pm
>> thank you, ma'am. trish: all right. we're continuing everyone to watch these emails. to comb through them. looks through them. we have a team here in new york city and another one in washington, d.c. that is examining this. we will bring you more information. we know of at least one that was classified. more on the hillary emails right after this. eat burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use,
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can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? trish: breaking news, everyone, of 4 problems here to talk about in the hillary clinton emails.
2:37 pm
-- 64. we have learned that national security secrets had to be protected 64 times. this is of course the state department's release of more than 2200 pages of emails. there are these redactions, censored passages, 64 times. so,. kind of a big deal, the idea that hillary clinton was having all this classified information being exchanged on her own personal server as secretary of state. joining me fox business's peter barnes. radio talk show host, leslie marshall. let me go to peter if he can hear me, peter barnes. 64 times the government had to censor passages from her e-mails because this was sensitive information. >> i'm trying to look and confirm that personally, trish.
2:38 pm
i can tell you i have counted at least 41 emails in these 1300 that have been marked classified. i am looking at one from september of, another one from september of 2009 in which the issue of embassy security comes up. and that entire part is redacted. it says at the top, sensitive but unclassified. so it appears in hindsight that should not have been described as sensitive but unclassified and in fact it appears that the state department has retroactively classified that information. again it is from her assistant to her through her personal server. trish: look, i think bottom line here, leslie, marshall, she has a real problem. she has a real problem and will come out and say, i didn't know, i didn't know this was classified. you go back to the statement her team released on twitter saying
2:39 pm
july 2th as reported on many occasions any emails deemed classified were done so after the fact not at time they were transmitted. i didn't know at the time it was classified. leslie marshall, most people don't even email company business from a personal account. here she was as secretary of state emailing back and forth from a personal server. we know, given all the hacking that's happened as of late, how vulnerable certain servers can be. yet, she was, as you described it, absolutely reckless to do this? >> but, reckless is not necessarily criminal. one, two, these are now being labeled as classified and they were not at that time. trish: no no,. hang on. hang on. you know that is what she is going to say, you know what? you're secretary of state. you're secretary of state. face it. your calendar is confidential.
2:40 pm
and may be considered to some classified. i basically everything you're doing there is secretary of state needs to state in a secure environment. i mean this is, this is basic stuff that anyone should know, leslie. >> but, if something is not classified, or deemed secret and classified, she is supposed to assume that it is and be clairvoyant. trish: okay. hillary has no idea what is classified and what's not. she is secretary of state. >> i didn't say that. i didn't say. trish: government information from her home server, rich. >> it would not, leslie, have mattered, this discussion would be moot if she had used the government's, state department's server and had a separate, separate blackberry, whatever she was using for private emails. none of this would matter. trish: right. >> not only that, there are a lot of cables that go back and forth between embassies and main state or embassy to embassy. they're not necessarily secret. they're not certainly not top
2:41 pm
secret but they are sensitive. you just assume that vladmir putin didn't have it as his tea time reading. whether or not it is absolutely classically secret or not is really beyond the point. even more beyond the point the argument whether it is criminal or not means nothing. it's a matter of whether or not mrs. clinton and her people showed bad judgment in deciding to protect her emails. trish: you know what, rich? you talk about bad judgment. i think that, bottom line what underscores all of this. throughout. just bad judgment. and you know we were talking earlier about the bad judgment she had say staving with the man who repeatedly cheated on her. that is one. >> you were. nobody else was. trish: bad judgment in that she was engaging in conversations with a swiss bank, that then, somehow was donating to her foundation. then was paying her husband for speeches. i mean that is just bad judgment.
2:42 pm
and then of course, emailing stuff on your personal server, again, a case of bad judgment. leslie marshall, a lot of americans they want to know that their president has good judgment, very good judgment. i really question how much this is going to hurt her now? >> i don't think it will. like i said, because, it comes down to, the middle. it comes down to the independents. it comes down to the centrists this is not going to be an issue at that would make-or-break her. and when we talk about, for example, the swiss bank, it is very common for secretary of states to cut deals as she did, look, we're in a quandary. we don't want to be pulled in and charged by the united states. but we have our own laws in switzerland. so can we cut a deal and can we and hanover some of the private american bank account information that you're seeking and -- trish: i can't believe you're trying to defend that if i honestly can not believe you would try to defend that.
2:43 pm
here you got a woman who is the champion for the 99%. that just really dislikes the 1%. yet the 1% is the one that is contributing to her campaign and the 1% are the ones that may have had their tax accountants or their accounts in jeopardy because of the favorable tax environment they were getting from switzerland. and let's not forget, i mean ubs was supposed to have to release 50,000, upwards of 50,000 accounts. >> correct. trish: and she manage toed get them down to about 4,000. that was the deal between the irs and the swiss bank, negotiated by none other than than hillary clinton. you know, you say that is normal for secretaries of states to do that but you know most secretary of states don't have a spouse that is then being paid a million 1/2 dollars by that very same bank. i would just say, once again, comes down to judgment. unfortunately we're out of time. guys, we have to take a quick break. we'll be back as we continue looking through all the emails just released from the state department.
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trish: okay, everyone, we'll take a quick check on these markets for you. investors dig through another round of earnings reports. you can see the nasdaq barely eking out a gain. the dow is off 53 points and s&p down three. wages an benefits are growing at the slowest pace in 33 years. just when you thought wage growth couldn't get any worse, guess what? it is.
2:46 pm
the labor department saying that wages and salaries, they only rose a quarter of a percent this spring. the smallest quarterly gains we have seen since 1982. this is what the fed is worried about, folks. this is why janet yellen is not going to be able to raise rates as she would like to come september. the private sector benefits, they were unchanged. this is data we've seen since 1980. we'll have more on those hillary clinton emails that have just been released. i'm back with more of "the intelligence report" right after this.
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starting at $1/month all at godaddy. trish: welcome back, everyone. we're going through all emails just released by the state department that may have gone through hillary clinton's private server. classified information that may have gone through hillary clinton's private server. looks as though information has been redacted in 64 separate cases here according to reports. so we, are continuing to pour through this. joining me right now fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry who is traveling with the clinton campaign there in miami, florida. there seems a little bit of damage control may be happening as we look through all the information, ed, that she is giving us right now. >> trish, there is some damage control. there is also some thunderstorms rolling through miami here. if you hear loud noises behind me, nothing to do with this
2:49 pm
email controversy, i assure you. in all seriousness what is happening is two things. one, clinton campaign dealing with fact, there are at least a couple dozen more cases where there was classified information in the latest batch of emails being put out by the state department. give you one quick example. huma abedin, one of the top aides, giving information to prepare for bilateral meeting with officials from the united arab emirates, passing along the information the state department says has been marked classified after the fact. that is the past clinton's campaign defense that they didn't know in real time this information was classified. it is just being classified now many months and years later. of course these two different inspectors general said two weeks ago, not so fast. it was classified in real time and want the justice department to investigate it. will that lead to any criminal charges? we'll see. we're a long way from that. the other big thing happening on defense on emails, the clinton campaign decide to go on offense another bit of transparency.
2:50 pm
they just revealed some of her health records. put out a letter from hillary clinton's doctor, saying she is fit to be president of the united states. what is significant about that? she is first candidate of either party to come out with any sort of medical records saying that. the other thing they just informed us later tonight we'll get some of the clinton tax returns. obviously weil be combing through that as well to see what you have from speaking income, book income, any connections to the clinton foundation. the bottom line point, trish, there is one shiny ball on emails. look at this other shiny ball hire. trish: all of us journalists will have a very busy weekend for sure. ed henry live in miami. thank you so much. we'll be back with more on these emails, 64 difficult situations in which the -- different situations, which the government had to redact information, security issues being the concern. we're back right after this. what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one
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that's it. you have to stay focused on that. that is yetfs are taking in so much money. voice dom tree raised $20 billion. only two companies raised more than wrist dom tree. vanguard and i-shares. trish: incredible. how much is stronger u.s. dollar contributing to your success. >> we have pioneered type of hedging. so a strong dollar looks, has really helped us a lot. we have fund takes out currency, euro on european equities. that is best asset gatherer. trish: people look at exotic places to invest, say greece, something like that.
2:57 pm
go find an etf that would mimic what the greek stock market is doing. get your thoughts. talking about hillary clinton, given all these emails are coming out. she was recently on the campaign trail, outlining her platform and her plans for capital-gains taxes. listen to this, jonathan. >> the taxpayers in the top bracket, families earning more than 4$5,000 a year, any gains from selling stock in the first two years would be taxed just like ordinary income. trish: okay. so her plan basically, is to make everyone hold on to their investments for six years. if you don't hold it or all six, guess what? you will get slapped with a higher tax rate. what does that do to investment and people's ability to invest? >> i think people will invest less. so in fact, since the financial crisis the flow of money into investing, all structures has been very muted.
2:58 pm
people are not investing with enthusiasm. there is just a lack of trust. if you were to do this and take away one of the element of trading which is the tradability, short-term nature of some of your investments if you take that away you will see substantial decrease of money coming into investing. i think it would be terrible. trish: you think it would be terrible. a lot of people would ahe agree with you. which need capital coming into the markets right now. >> absolutely. trish: we need investment. if you don't have that you ultimately hurt the economy? >> yes. trish: 2.3% gdp growth, not great. wages are not going anywhere and they haven't been going anywhere for quite some time. is this a product of washington? >> this is definitely the populist, you know, movement but you have to remember, something like 90 to 100 million households are invested investee stock market through pensions, company 401(k) plans, all of that. it is really not just the very wealthy. this is really everybody working with be punished by this. trish: everybody would be
2:59 pm
affected. finally before you go, get your thoughts on something bill gross just said yesterday. he communicated to me really thought that the fed is actually at this point on the verge of creating a new kind of asset bubble. in other words, the fed being at zero for six plus years, at this point is doing more harm than good. your thoughts? >> you do want to see free markets. so you can't really price anything if you don't have a sense of what true value is in, a lot of true value is based on 10-year treasurys and it is being suppressed. you would like to see the markets become much more free again. so ending some of the qe, stimulus would probably be a positive or raising rates. letting them find a true floor or true market level would be constructive for all investors. trish: jonathan, great to see you again. >> thank you. trish: great to have you here. congrats on the quarter. i want to go to liz claman right now? liz, you're also looking through
3:00 pm
all of the emails just come out? liz: indeed. of course in the final hour of trade we're watching markets because it is the last trading day of the entire month. it is a mixed picture right now. here where there is no confusion at this hour. we are very close to d-day for president obama's trans-pacific trade deal. this matters to any u.s. company that trades overseas, sells overseas or buys anything globally. leaders meeting at this hour on the island of maui, hawaii, have less than five hours to complete negotiations on so-called trans-pacific partnership. congress granted president obama unique fast track authority to negotiate on behalf of the nation. that of course happened last month. the united states and 11 other nations on your screen could either announce a historic legacy defining deal tonight or a deal which would cover 40% of the global economy. or walk away from a deal that may never get done. a final news conference scheduled for 7:30 p.m. er


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