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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 31, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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business with $2,000. this year his company american sign craft on pace to do 30 million dollars in revenue. this is what we love. the american dream. thanks a lot for watching, thanks a lot for your support. every night, 6:00 p.m. we're here. right now lou dobbs, the man, next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the state department today released a third round of some of the 55,000 hillary clinton e-mails from her private server. today's document dump contains 37 e-mails that were retroactively classified. that's raised concerns that clinton has jeopardized national security when she use the private server for e-mails. she insists that's not the case but the state department apparently concerned there is so much classified information on her personal computer they've fallen behind in the
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scheduled release of her e-mails. we'll take up whether it's time for hillary clinton to face legal consequences for her e-mail scandal. we'll be talking with judge alex and attorney rebecca rose woodland. also here tonight, republican presidential candidates preparing for next week's high-stakes fox news debate, that will be much ado about donald trump. the presidential front-runner is absolutely dominating headlines and mid tier candidates find that the only way to grab headlines themselves is to bash trump. we'll have a full report on the most anticipated event of this very early 2016 race for the white house. and a scathing new report tonight finds that despite billions of dollars spent, and more than 10,000 radical islamists killed, the islamic state is no weaker than when the u.s.-led coalition started bombing them a year ago. we'll talk about the president's foreign policy folly in the middle east with former u.n. ambassador john
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bolton here tonight. our top story -- the hillary clinton e-mail release ordered by a federal judge, and the disclosure today, mrs. clinton put national security at risk when she used her private server. today's release of 2200, heavily redacted documents means the public now has access to just about 12% of the 55,000 pages that clinton turned over to the state department, but that's short of the 15% that a court ruled had to be released by now. the state department is excusing itself and blaming the delay on extra scrutiny by u.s. intelligence agencies concerned about clinton's possible compromise of classified information. to give you a sense of just how redacted some of these e-mails are, you're looking at an e-mail with a former clinton press secretary. it has the entire body of the
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e-mail itself obscured. only thing that we could read is the sign-off which says, as you see there, hope this helps. i assure you it doesn't, not in the least. the clinton campaign hopes to take focus off the disclosures by releasing eight years of mrs. clinton's tax returns and a letter from her doctor that attests she is fit to serve as president. critics questioning whether there is a double standard in the obama administration's treatment of the former secretary of state, compared to the treatment of former cia director david petraeus. petraeus was prosecuted for mishandling classified information. fbi even raid his home. there's no such raid on mrs. clinton or her home. fox news chief news correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: classified e-mails on mrs. clinton's person server
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contained information from as many as five intelligence agencies. her lawyer david kendall has a backup copy of the e-mails on the thumb drive. on its face, this appears to be a violation of 18 u.s. code 1924, defines the unlawful removal and storage of classified information. >> in most situations like this, you expect a warrant would be issued and the marshalls and the feds, fbi would get the thumb drive and take it somewhere where it would be considered safe by the government. >> reporter: according to the statute an individual who, quote, knowingly removed such documents and materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials in unauthorized location shall be filed under the title or imprisoned for not more than one year. asked if the fbi would secure the server and recover the thumb drive, the attorney general was noncommittal. >> the inspectors general for the state department and one other ig are reviewing how material was handle.
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we will review it as we review all referrals to us and take whatever steps are appropriate if any at the appropriate time. >> reporter: the court documents file in the prosecution of former cia director david petraeus strongly suggests a double standard in the application of the law is at play. retired general was prosecuted for removing classified information in his personal note books, sharing it with his biographer who had security clearance, and storing the note books at home rather than a secure facility known as a skiff, quote -- . >> the crime of improperly storing classified information is actually a misdemeanor. what we don't know is who was she e-mailing the information to? >> reporter: the white house and state department spokesman insisted no similarities between the cases. even though petraeus and clinton held classified information at home in an unsecured way.
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>> not going to speak to general petraeus's case, it's apples and oranges. >> about enforcing the law by the department of justice. >> reporter: a source close to the intelligence community's inspectors general are increasingly confident based on conversations with senior fbi executives that the server and thumb drive will be physically secured or recovered. lou? lou: catherine herridge. the biggest event in the 2016 race six days away now. fox news hosting the first republican presidential debate in cleveland. a major test for the candidates who have to find a way to break out of the crowded field and confront a large unknown among them. front-runner donald trump himself. fox news political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: hillary clinton told the national urban league conference in florida that race is too often the root of america's inequality problems.
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republicans are organizing against them for 2016. >> political operatives are trying every trick in the book to prevent african-americans from voting. >> reporter: amid scare tactics and pandering for an event, she singled out jeb bush elevating him to chief rival status and tried to turn his campaign slogan against him. >> you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. >> reporter: bush touted reform record in florida in contrast to clinton and two democratic rivals who addressed the conference and former maryland governor martin o'malley. bush will close the opportunity gap with innovation while clinton and the left will waste more money, time and human potential on social programs that have failed. >> for half a century this nation pursued a war on poverty, and massive government
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programs. funded with trillions of taxpayer dollars. this decades long effort, while well intentioned has been a losing one. >> reporter: the only black candidate and only republican to address the urban league, ben carson said there will always be racism and urge minorities to reject victimhood and force creation for themselves. >> we have the ability within the black community to do enormous things on our own. reporter: ohio governor john kasich was in new hampshire suggesting minorities do need help particularly education. >> that's why we need choice, why we need vouchers, we need accountability. i don't care who you are, if you get the tools, you're lebron james. >> reporter: in iowa scott walker down played first presidential appearance saying he sees little difference for what he faced in wisconsin and lumped 16 gop rivals into two categories of inadequacy. >> others are good winners but yet to take on the fights of
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late. >> reporter: no doubt plenty of fighting in next week's debate. bush hailed the fact that carson would be on stage. >> i'm glad he'll make it into the top ten for next week's debate. before that week's over, we might need a doctor. >> reporter: a frenzied and crucial six more days ahead and counting, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much carl cameron. we're coming right back, lot more ahead. stay with us. what she doesn't want to you see. clinton's document dump. a third release of clinton's server e-mail. and california drought worsens and as it worsens, wildfires are raging. we'll be right back with that video from california.
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these days, she's still as busy as ever. just the way she likes it. innovation and you. philips lifeline. lifeline is america's #1 medical alert service. visit today or call this number for your free brochure and ask about free activation. . lou: breaking news now, the federal judge that is handling deflategate in tom brady's attempt to overturn four-game suspension, setting a date for brady and roger goodell to show up in court, august 12 and 19 are the dates. the judge also asking the parties to engage in what he called comprehensive good faith discussions for settlement before august 12. we'll be talking with sports marketing legend tony ponturo
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about the deflategate scandal and the court developments here tonight. attorneys representing six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray making stunning allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby accused of intentionally withholding evidence favorable to the defense, including a report that gray tried to injure himself during a previous arrest. gray died after suffering a spinal injury and a police van that led to rioting and looting across the city. the new defense motion also claims, quote, multiple witness statements from individuals who stated that mr. gray was banging and shaking the van at various points after his arrests on april 12 as well as police reports, court records and witness statements indicating on previous occasions mr. gray fled from police and attempted to discard drugs.
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the six police officers face charges ranging from misconduct to second-degree murder. joining us tonight, defense attorney rebecca rose woodland former police officer, trial attorney and criminal court judge, alex herrer. good to have you both with us. >> great to be with you. lou: start with hillary clinton and the e-mails. this is getting increasingly outrageous. redacted e-mails now behind on a federal court order to release these e-mails and she just acts as if there's nothing going on here. is she right? >> no, she's not right. federal judge is up in arms saying where is the information i'm asking? you have a private server containing personal e-mails as well as high security e-mails that should have been through federal servers. we were explained this and understand this fully by technical people who say there are five degrees of securitization to reach the
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level of security that a federal server has. she's claimed well, when bill clinton was president, we had the system. well that wasn't recently. she needs to work on a secure system because foreign governments can hack the system and get the information! that's the fear! >> we're learning that is the fear on a number of intelligence agencies right now. you're exactly right. judge, it goes beyond her server. a thumb drive, her private attorney in possession of it, with classified information on it. what is going on here? >> that's where we're getting the claims of disparate treatment. we saw petraeus who had documents in his house. it was the documents were found, he was criminally charged. no one is saying she should be criminally charged, we don't know crime has been committed but enough fbi is looking into this and seeking a warrant. we know she had documents on the server and given them to the lawyer to keep in the safe
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which is not a skiff, the proper means for keeping classified information in his office. so the documents that have been identified as classified by the inspector general are in the possession of her lawyer on a thumb drive like all of us carry in a safe which who knows how many people have a combination for. we know that's a violation of the law. the u.s. code and executive order issued by president obama. where is the fbi going to get the documents? why aren't they serving a warrant like they did on petraeus? why is she getting a pass. lou: does the fbi need an order from the attorney general to do so? they have evidence on them every night, particularly on this broadcast. >> the d.o.j. would expect them to do it, there is nothing to prevent them to do it other than someone telling them not to do it. lou: turning to freddie gray, fascinating what we're going to see happen here one way or the other with hillary clinton.
7:18 pm
freddie gray, marilyn mosby, the prosecutor withholding evidence here? your thoughts. >> i think we have to take this in context not out of context. that's what the defense is claiming today. we have to understand what information do they have? they're saying she hasn't turned things over. this happens in discovery. you turn things that are requested, then at some point you find out, if these are other cases, previous arrests or statements made. lou: you're saying the defense attorneys already have access to all of this? >> the defense attorneys claim they have access but didn't get it from the prosecution, they got it through other means, which happens. was the prosecution required to turn it over if it is relevant. >> it is relevant. the question is it true? >> that's what i'm saying. >> they have an obligation under brady they're supposed to turn everything that is exculpatory. such as they're claiming about mr. gray having faked injuries in the past or tried to cause
7:19 pm
himself injuries in custody in order to try to create a lawsuit against the police department. that's some of what they're claiming. now the problem is mosby's office should be turning that over. if it's true, this is a huge violation, and could be the death nell for the case, it's already in bad light. you already have the autopsy report talking about well, he might have died in the noncriminal way but likely he died otherwise in this criminal way. that's not the language that helps the prosecution. that's the language that creates reasonable doubt. lou: as rebecca talk about in the context right now. >> it's all in the context. lou: baltimore is such a mess in terms of local government. >> exactly. lou: always good to have you with us. judge, thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote at in california right now
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more than 8,000 firefighters are battling 13 large wildfires that are raging across the drought-stricken state. in lake county, the fast moving rocky fire has expanded again. growing to more than 15,000 acres, 5%, only 5% contained. over 95% of the state of california is suffering through severe drought conditions, and you're looking at part of the result. if you think california is hot however, the heat index in the city in southwest iran hit 165 degrees. this is the second highest heat index reading in history. up next, a few thoughts on the republican presidential field jockeying for position ahead of next week's highly anticipated debate. we'll have that for you. and we'll be telling you, we'll be doing better. we'll show you this mysterious fireball streaking across the sky last night.
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we'll tell you what caused the strange, strange occurrence. stay with us, much more straight ahead.
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. lou: a few thoughts now going into the last weekend before the first 2016 presidential debate. these are the likely top 10 republicans who will make the cut for next thursday's primetime fox news debate. we won't know officially until fox news announces the participants tuesday. we know who's on top, though. donald trump, the clear front-runner followed by walker and bush, the only candidates above 6%. republicans looking to get out of trump's shadow however they can. senator rand paul, the latest to jump on the target trump bandwagon. finally going after him, blaming the media for trump's rise in the polls! >> if you would give some other candidates time from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night all day long every day for
7:26 pm
three weeks, i'm guessing some of the other candidates might rise as well. this is a temporary sort of loss of sanity but we're going to come back to our senses and look for somebody to lead the country at some point. lou: wolf didn't look persuaded there, did he? paul trying to generate headlines ahead of the debate, chris christie, john kasich, willing to ridicule trump do, anything, just get a sliver of his media attention, perry challenged trump to a pullup contest after firing barbs at the front-runner for weeks! weeks! so far no luck. kasich's campaign came up with this on twitter. imagine the campaign said a nascar driver mentally preparing for a race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk? that's what prepping for this debate is like. oh! very tough stuff there. chris christie in a media blitz
7:27 pm
this week more than half of his interviews on fox news since launching his campaign taking place this week and the donald flew his big old plane to scotland to host an lpga golf tournament, saying he's not preparing for the tournament, he's a doer, not a debater and plans to be himself. and so far that's a pretty effective approach. we'll see. now the quotation of the evening, this one from, as the gop hopefuls get ready for the big day and the rest of us try to figure out who will come out of it best. it was mark twain who said -- i like that quote for just about every competitive event. stay with us, we are coming back with much, much more that you don't want to miss. president obama said he would degrade and destroy the islamic state. a new assessment, it may not surprise you, concludes he's
7:28 pm
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. >> the main news this hour, the state department released a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails from her server. her private server. dozens of the documents were heavily redacted and are labeled confidential.
7:32 pm
secretary of state john kerry off to the middle east to try again to sell the iran nuclear deal. kerry won't be going to israel america's foremost ally in the region. also the biggest critic of the deal. and the president's mission to degrade and destroy the islamic state is a failure after billions of dollars on a yearlong bombing campaign led by the united states. intelligence agencies have concluded that the islamic state is no weaker today than a year ago. joining us former ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton and fox news contributor. ambassador, great to have you with us. isn't there something vaguely preposterous about a conclusion that after all of this, the islamic state is stronger when we have really learned that over the course of a year watching television news. >> i think that conclusion by the intelligence agencies is probably understated. i think it's stronger.
7:33 pm
i think it suffered reverses when we applied our airpower seriously working with the kurds and others. but by and large expanded territory controls consolidating hold over the territory, and our plan of operation simply isn't serious. if the president wants to destroy isis, this is not the way to do it. lou: i find it laughable to be honest with you, john. this is a president who said he wanted to have a serious person in his job when he leaves it in 18 months, but he's not serious at all. said he he was going to degrade and destroy. he has, at the very least promoted a status quo for the united states. >> this is a very important point. that is i think that barack obama doesn't give national security the kind of priority that he should. unlike a long line of american presidents. lou: maybe you mean american national security.
7:34 pm
>> that's what i had in mind, that's another good point. he doesn't take the trouble to learn what you need to do to protect our interest against the threat like isis. let alone iran. and this pattern repeats itself over and over. this is not accidental. lou: let's turn to the islamic state, as the officials tell the associated press it's no weaker. what is the prescription here? the united states is doing nothing. turkey has had sort of an intermittent flutter of activity in the initial days. but there is no organized strategy, it seems, unfolding in the middle east. >> i think that's clear, and we're not even really degrading isis, let alone ultimately destroying it. every day that goes by that isis can continue to consolidate control, more supporters, get more recruits from europe and the united states gain the allegiance of other islamic terrorists around the world is going to make it
7:35 pm
that much harder and that much costlier in blood and treasure to get rid of. this is not a failure that affects us today, it will affect us for a long time. lou: is this president simply contemptuous of israel? >> i think that's clear. i don't think there's been a worse leadership at the head of every level, the president sees israel the same way he sees the united states, too pushy, too assertive, too successful. seeing everybody taken down a peg in the alice in wonderland view of the world will make the world more peaceful. it's exactly backwards but that's how he sees it. lou: ambassador john bolton, thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at a malaysian daredevil and friends evading security in order to scale dubai's tallest residential sky scraper and took cameras with them. and we have the video.
7:36 pm
the breathtaking video shows 26-year-old daredevil standing 1,000 feet above the ground. my gosh! i hate these. and so confident in his abilities and skills he simply dangles his legs in the air. building marina 101 is still under construction but once completed it will stand 1400 feet tall, be the second largest residential building. i mean that's just crazy what he's doing there. but he didn't ask. speculation running rampant in argentina where something streaked through the sky. capturing a bright fireball sparking the sky green sparking talk of ufos and mysterious other possibilities. experts say it was the result of a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere, there are no reports of damage on the ground.
7:37 pm
stargazers all across the country be on the lookout for a rare celestial event. a blue moon. you know what they say, once in a blue moon. well, this blue moon occurring because there are two full moons in the very same month. the second of this month and tonight. it has nothing to do with color by the way. this one is going to happen about every on average 2 1/2 years. up next, high stakes in next thursday's republican presidential debate and the 500 day mystery of what happened to mh flight 370 may be, may be nearing an end. we'll have that story straight ahead. stay with us.
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. lou: breaking news, puerto rico. puerto rico announcing it will not make a debt payment on debt due tomorrow. the u.s. commonwealth will now enter default. it's trying to restructure $72 billion of debt. the governor's office there tonight also saying they will be running out of money in november. tomorrow's missed payment will be the first missed fiement bond holders since the governor of puerto rico said the
7:42 pm
island's debts were unsustainable. he is turning out to be quite correct. republican presidential candidates preparing for that first debate now less than a week away, candidates are mostly concerned with donald trump. politico reporting that more than half of the top strategists believe jeb bush needs to absolutely ignore the billionaire populist at all costs and if that fails to laugh him off. easier said than done, fellas. trump leading the field in recent polls and a reuters survey a double-digit advantage over governor bush. the debate will be next thursday, august 6th on the fox news channel. outspoken cardinal dolan decided to join in the trump bashes and got bashed himself for doing so, timothy dolan writing a scathing hit piece on the "new york daily news," he went after trump calling trump's anti-illegal
7:43 pm
immigration position, quote, nativist rhetoric. donald trump's anti-immigration rhetoric is a sad return to a terrible american tradition. not everyone in the catholic church agrees with cardinal dolan, author said as a catholic priest i can say it is embarrassing to have a cardinal so blatantly and embarrassingly trying to associate trump with the worst kinds of racism imaginable. joining us now jessica tarlov and washington examiner investigative reporter sarah westwood. good to have you both here. >> thanks for having us. lou: first your thoughts on dolan stepping into this and deciding he's a political operative? >> right, well, i think it's a
7:44 pm
little surprising he used such strong language to talk about donald trump. he's accusing donald trump of basically being akin to the kkk with his language about immigration. that was a little harsh. the other was equally harsh when he apologized to america on behalf of the catholic church. lou: he also said that dolan isn't very smart and he's more than a little arrogant. >> yeah, there's a whole thing obviously going on in the catholic church they can't comment on. i'm only here to comment on donald trump. lou: that's the only thing you're going to comment on? >> i'm going to tell you a lot of things, but insofar as cardinal dolan and donald trump, i think what's really going on here people are not picking up is the more you insult him the stronger he gets. lou: you would have thought they figured that out. >> gives him more time to not have any policy position, to run around insulting people, waiving off reporters he doesn't like. he is an equal and he's in the
7:45 pm
lead right now. going to be in that debate. lou: are you out of your mind? >> am i? lou: an equal? >> potentially i've been called out of my mind, for sure. >> the idea that trump does not think of anyone as equal. that's not criticizing him, he just has a very good opinion. >> i wish i had a little more donald trump in me. lou: you got to pick the right parts. hillary, do you want any hillary parts? this is a woman who is -- i can't believe what she's doing. she says the e-mails, no problem, it's her server, it's her deal. what's going? >> right, it's very obvious that her defense that she never sent or received classified information on her server, it was untrue. now seeing dozens of e-mails today classified in the batch that fell short of what the state department was supposed to publish. so burned by redacting out the
7:46 pm
classified and sensitive information from the e-mails from the server that they violated a court order because they failed to produce the e-mails. >> they were retroactively classified. i want to make that clear. when hillary clinton received the e-mails. we don't know what's to come. every last friday seems it's going to be hillary clinton e-mail dump day, which is not a great day for democrats but seems these were retroactively classified so she didn't knowingly send classified information over the private server. it's a massive faux pas, i don't understand it whatever. and to keep making mistakes that her lawyer has a thumbnail drive with the information -- >> let me, we were only going to talk about donald trump, now we moved to hillary. the truth of the matter is the woman is so entitled and much of that entitlement is sustained by the obama administration. do you think there's a double standard as between petraeus and hillary clinton? >> a lot of people have drawn
7:47 pm
that comparison. it's similar -- >> cia director, state department. >> right, in the sense that classified information was clearly mishandle. it might not have been marked classified at the time. it existed totally off the government server. if the government was aware of it, it might have been classified at that time. it's important to keep in mind petraeus had classified information sitting in his drawer. >> an unlocked drawer. >> josh earnest says it's apples to oranges, i'm not sure if it's that different. it wasn't his fanciest footwork, but -- >> let's talk about the debate we have about 30 seconds. who's going to win it? >> i'm hoping for jeb bush. lou: jeb bush? >> i think so. >> i think donald trump will win in no matter who says what. i think he's automatically a winner. lou: there you have it. thank you very much. appreciate it. on wall street, stocks
7:48 pm
closing lower, the dow down 56 points, the nasdaq down a fraction. volume 3.6 billion shares and for the month the dow up a fraction, the s&p up 2%, the nasdaq up only 3%. markets in china not doing as well. the shanghai composite suffering worst month since 2009. lower crude oil prices taking a toll on the energy sector. chevron and exxonmobil posting sharp declines and bad news for american workers. wages in the second quarter rising in the slowest rate in more than three decades. and a reminder listen to my reports on the salem radio network. officials finding more possible clues as to what happened to malaysia flight mh370. a chinese water bottle, indonesian cleaning product, the latest of debris to have washed ashore, the biggest break, a wing flap belonging to a boeing 777.
7:49 pm
same aircraft as the malaysian flight. the plane part will be in france by tomorrow. it will undergo analysis next week to confirm if it's from mh370. up next the nfl and the players union haven't agreed on much lately when it comes to tom brady but agree on one thing, we'll tell you about that as we take up deflategate here next. stay with us.
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>> breaking news, out of colorado, as we reported these wildfires are out of control and parts of california we have just learned governor jerry brown has just declared a state of emergency in california. 14 large fires now are burning. there had been 13 most of them in the scorched northern half of california where bone dry vegetation, triple digit temperatures gusting winds and drought are making matters as you would expect far worse. 7,000 firefighters continue to battle the rocky fire alone it is a wildfire burning in leak lake county that spread to 15,000 acres only 5% contained. also, breaking tonight, new york federal judge handling deflate-gate set for the 19th after the 9/11 and players union jointly asked the judge for a expedited schedule to resolve
7:54 pm
the issue of tom brady four game suspension. the two sides filing a joint letter, in u.s. district court requesting a final resolution of the case by september 4th that would be just a little less six days before the patriots open against the steelers joining us now tony former vice president global media and sports marketing for anheuser-busch of management group a marketing ailing legend if there ever were one. nice to have you here. >> great to be here. >> l that nfl is a brand and about $10 billion at stake. >> you would think so. they're really abusing the shield as they loudly talk about protecting, this has been sort of a circus that hopefully comes to an end. >> you've been following this route we've been talking about this case, the judge everybody as a wisdom that the judge was going to turn it over to the nfl and first words were enough scorched zip your limbs get in
7:55 pm
here let's get this resolved and settled if possible. saying that status quo is not acceptable to him. what do you think? >> well, clearly besides by themselves can't put together and will not resolve anything and won't compromise. he has to compromise, he's not going to keep status quo as you said but an easy compromise maybe an obvious compromise. not going to be zero i don't think. so i think it is. >> two games and everybody wants to go in the mayor with this thing. leaving it what it is, you know, rouge tear goodell has made it clear to have a level playing field integrity of the game but here's the man, the nfl ran insneerment entrapment no matter how you put it together junk science part of it finance, 45 million dollars. ted wells firms makes two investigations he has a great business going here, and then -- the commissioners a direct
7:56 pm
report is the one who suspended brady and the commissioner then hears appeal and upholding nfl. nfl, nfl, and the nfl. if that is not inequitable before a federal court, what would be? >> well, it is, and it starts with they gave the players. >> it is inequitable. >> yeah. it gave the quarterbacks some control of the game ball that started to -- unroll the ball, yard if you will. so they lost quality control right there. to spend really our dollars, we as fans are supporting the league. >> the advertisers. the cable television. they're spend our dollars against, you know, pretty ridiculous things. >> is there in -- in nor judgment any way in which the cba could be more if you -- put it that way at risk right now because of goodell's decision making? people forget.
7:57 pm
if this judge makes certain decisions that cba, in large measure is weakened considerably, and for period of some ten years could be devastating to the nfl in certain respect. could it not? >> i don't think it is good that the nflpa is always in an argumentative state if they don't find a way to cooperate. they see nfl and owners as a enemies these should be two very distinct groups that are working together to the good of the billions of dollars that they're all sharing. >> put the blame on players association or a goodell who instead of telling folks to cool it as he could have with the colts and patriots said we're going to have -- going to measure the footballs don't get stupid, and this is a big business we're rung here and we're really smart people at the nfl executive office. >> a two wing sir us i think they're both to blame and
7:58 pm
neither one is being responsible here to do just smart things, it is just -- >> owners saying enough with your nonsense instead of allowing them to conduct themselves basically recklessly. >> one of the things that has bothered me and i respect robert kraft and i know him is -- >> you say that because i think he's handled himself with absolute dignity. >> only piece that bothers me is he keeps talking about the nfl as if it is a party. he's part of the nfl and i think some other owners may not like that. you know, he's sort of condemning as a board member he's condemning his own corporation in a way. >> i think that he condemned very strongly. and frankly, i thought with considerable constraint, i think third parties about the nicest thing he could have called -- [laughter] must have been ranging because of what's happened. his franchise, his players, and
7:59 pm
his star quarterback. delivered four championships. >> yes, with i do think he thought i'm going to accept the fine, loss of draft picks and hope that would deflect a little bit from his player and so far it has not happened opinion >> let's hope reason and equity prevail. >> let's hope so. great to have you here. >> tony. time now for our online poll results our question should polling preeftionly elected office be a requirement or disqualification? or the republican presidential nominee. 71% said disqualification. that leave it is carly fiorina and trump i believe. 20% requirement. time for a few of your comments michael tweeted up to say in response to rand paul's attributing trump's rise to a rise of sanity if it has anything to do with election and popularity would obama be president? and penny posted on facebook trump has all of the d.c. elite shaking in their boots, and that's a good thing, and that's
8:00 pm
it for us tonight, we thank you for being with us here tonight congressman mark meadows among our guests here monday. join us in the meenl time have a great weekend. good night from new york. >> this politician lies -- >> if you like your doctor you'll be able to keep your doctor, period. period, period -- >> they're bringing drugs. >> is donald trump the liar? >> they're rapist. let's just say bill o'reilly lies here. >> if you raise minimum wage then jobs are go down. templeg these conserveties lie. >> global warming a hoax. >> what is a lie? and what's just partisan politics? >> down and dirty world when you decide chopping down government and hurting the economy is the smart move. >> and when is a lie just ignorant? >> women will do the same job as a man and only get 77 cents on the dollar. >> outrage.


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