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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  August 9, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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i also like visa in this space as well. >> we like credit cards. i know that. my family does, unfortunately. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. thanks for watching. see it right number one business block with aaron and cashin in. >> i built up a network of more than $10 billion. i have a great, great company. i employ thousands of people, and i'm very proud of the job i did. >> that was donald trump touting his business record during the big gop debate. is that what america needs? hi, everyone. i'm eric. welcome to "cashin in." america overwhelmingly believes job and the economy is the most important issues selecting the next president. trump says it must be a businessman. governor scott walker, who stood next to trump may have another idea. i sat down with the gop presidential hopeful a short time ago. >> governor walker, poll after poll shows the american people are very concerned about the economy and there is concern
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about jobs. now, donald trump has been polling very high, and he says he is the businessman. he is the one in america. >> we did things to actually mrr things in a blue state like wisconsin without compromising our principles. we had an unemployment rate of 8%, and it's down to 4.6%. we made up all the jobs we lost during the recession. our labor participation rate is almost five points higher than it is nationally. i think those are the kind of proven results even in a blue state like wisconsin that are applicable to the rest of the country. >> there was another governor on the stage in the debate stage on thursday night, governor kasich from ohio, who has similar successful records as far as creating jobs and turning budgets around.
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is that your competition? a governor with a successful track record. >> well, i think the key there -- he has done a good job in ohio. i appreciate it. i'm glad to be here in ohio. what makes us unique is we have fought and won and actually gotern accomplishments done, and we did it without compromising our principles. those are -- i have a pension system that's fully funded. i actually took on the big union bosses and won those battles. we didn't just take them out. we fwul won those battles and were elected three times because of it. those are the things that make us unique even amongst the other governors that were on the stage last night. >> interesting, the medicaid -- you are pointing towards kasich's expansion of medicaid. a couple of topics to run down the line. i have a question. something that happened at the debate as well. on immigration there are those that say you switch your position. railroad where are you on immigration? is there a path to citizenship, ie, amnesty?
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>> as i noted yesterday, i actually said on chris wallace's show about eight months ago that i had indeed change, and that's because i listen to the american people. people told me all across this country their concerns. it was a position i hadn't been involved with much as a governor before, but i listened to the american people. i have now been to the border and seen the challenges. we need to secure the border. we need to enforce the laws of this country. i do not believe in amnesty and going forward i'm fairly unique in this. i believe we need to give priority when it comes to illegal immigration systems and give priority to american working families and their wages in a way that i think will improve the american economy. >> governor, on the big debate thursday and on the stage there was a question asked to the gentlemen to the other side of donald trump, jeb bush, former governor jeb bush of florida. he has been a big proponent of common core. the question was do you support common core, and jeb bush answered that he was against any national curriculum for education. yet, governor, help me out here. isn't that what common core is,
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and do you support common core? >> well, i don't support common core. i actually signed a budget that eliminated the requirement for school districts to use it. i got rid of the funding for what's called spartaner balance, which is a common core based test out there. part of the challenge in this is it's not in the federal statutes, but ultimately the department of education, the federal level ties it in to funding, and it's all the more reason i have made the argument we should take money and power out of washington and send it back not just to our states, but when it comes to education back to our local school districts where school boards that we elect locally can make the decision. >> did jeb bush misunderstand or did he just misspeak on what common core really is? >> on. >> it does -- that the states and in the case of education
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right back to the schools where it's more effective, more efficient, and definitely more accountable to the american people. >> i was just talking about the curriculum part of it. let's move on. also during that debate, there was a big mono-y-monday wroe. on one side chris christie in favor of nsa data mining americans. on the other side rand paul pushing back saying it's unconstitutional. it's a very clear -- it's one side or the other. governor, which side of that fence are you on? >> well, i want to defend people's children and grandchildren. i want to keep it safer out there, and i believe our national security intelligence agency needs to have access to information to go after terrorists out there. away we're talking about is metadata that's helped. you don't get to go into it and eavesdrop. that's why i supported reauthorization of the patriot act because we need to have access to the information. then if there's a reasonable suspicion, they need to use that, and you still have to go through the normal legal process that's legal and constitutional to tap into that. if you don't have the
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information set aside, when you believe there's a reasonable suspicion to believe that someone has tied into the terrorist act, you are not going to have the data. i'm going to err on the side of safety. chattanooga and other places, we need more information to go after terrorists. >> the individual companies, the verizons, the at&t's. they're holding the data anyway. >> we need to clamp down on the nsa and any other agency under this administration. part of the problem is we can't trust the obama strais in many regards. when it comes to the use of this information, if we don't have providings like the patriot act, the private companies eventually aren't going to have to hold that data for an extended period. that's the essence of why the patriotic act is importance, and that's why places mrooik like france and other places around the world have been looking at going more aggressively than what we have done in the united
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states because they've seen the threats in their own home countries, and they want to avoid that from happening again just like we should do the same here and there. >> governor, really quick. i know you have to go. i want to play a little soundbyte from thursday night's debate. i think it was your best line. take a listen. i want you to wait weigh in. >> sad to think right now, but probably the russian and chinese government know more about hillary clinton's e-mail server than do members of the united states congress. >> that was a great line. you're right. that's scary. >> well, it is. think about it. when you think about hillary clinton's emails, she said that there wasn't classified information. we found out that there indeed was. we're going to find out even more here in the future, and it's not just about pointing out that russian and chinese governments are more. it actually potentially is what our national security at risk. i think hillary clinton could be the deceiver in chief, but i don't think we can trust her to be the commander in chief, and i think that's what we should be spending our time foxing on as the difference between what we offer and what hillary clinton offers.
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it would not be good for america. want just republicans but for americans if hillary clinton were president of the united states. i think i can offer the best contrast to win the election next fall. sflo governor scott walker, thank you for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> coming up, our cashin in crew is here, and ready to roll. two candidates taking on entitlement reform during the big debate. who has the right message to reign in social security? we debate, you decide. >> you'll say some of the candidates here on the stage are lying. governor huckabee says he can save social security and medicare without doing any of that. is he lying? >> no, he is not lying. he is just wrong.
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do you see this at thursday's debate? a big smackdown over entitlements in social security. it was christie versus huckabee. protecting america from the ticking time bomb. >> we raised the retirement age two years. we raised it one month a year for 25 years when we're all living longer and living better lives. secondly, we would need -- >> nobody in this country is on social security because they made the decision when they were starting work at 14 that they wanted to trust some of their money with the government. whose fault is it that the system is screwed up? is it the recipients or is it the government? the fair tax transforms the
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process by which we fund social security and medicare because the money paid at consumption is paid by everybody, including illegals, prostitutes, pim approximates, drug dealers, all the people freeloading off the system now. >> all right. cashin in crew is back. michelle, receipts start with you. which plan is right? christie wants to raise the age and means test. huckabee wants to have a fair tax pay for it. >> i usually don't agree with chris christie, but i'm with christie on this one. however, i don't think that he goes far enough. this is probably going to be unpopular with juan and many of our fox viewers. they're taking money from young people that are poor. it's a bad investment. the rate of return is terrible. i think that we should give money to people who need it, who are in need, but we shouldn't just give money to people simply because they're old. >> look, i feel like i'm speaking for the fox audience
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here and saying you can't take away something that is not a welfare plan. this is something that people pay into over a lifetime with the expectation that it will protect them against the worst extreme of poverty in old age. remember, initially this was for widows, for women who oftentimes in old age were exposed to the worst kinds of poverty in need. that's all it is, michelle. >> i understand that, juan, but, you know, liberals talk about this issue of fairness. what about the issue of fairness for young people? i'm speaking about young people right now. i think it's unfair that you are taking money from us to give to people who don't need it. >> let me give john here. >> i'm not going to get that money when i'm old. that's the problem. >> when michelle said maybe we should just eliminate social security completely. go ahead. >> well, eric, the gop in my opinion needs radicals. i mean, it needs capitalists. not so much conservatives. what are these gop hopefuls arguing about how to save and preserve entitlement programs. aren't they supposed to be the
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ones against intelligence programs? yes, we have to save and preserve social security. we just need to tweak it. you know, a better excel spreadsheet, fair tax and that's the basis for the expansion of all these medicare and medicaid programs. just look at obama care. what is the call from the gop these days? not replace. not repeal, but repeal and replace with yet another big government program. this is what the gop continues to lose. >> now, chris christie said what's in the past, let's start over. they've already spent these trust funds that are already bankrupt anyway. a bunch of iou's. he makes a fairly decent point. would you agree with christie. >> i wouldn't agree with him. i think we need to talk about numbers. people earning more than $200,000 and have significant savings could opt out of taking their social security benefits. i think he is speaking to a really important issue that democrats and republicans are both talking about the simpson bolles plan.
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they say they want to raise the retarmt age as well and everyone completely ignored that plan. i'm not sure why. i think that he is making a lot of really smart points. wron about the exact numbers, but this isn't just like a give-away. this is something that people have been paying into their whole lives. it doesn't mean that americans for the sake of our physician kwal security going forward might not opt out of social security if they don't need it. i think we should give them that option wrfsh. >> i don't know why you can't do both. a flat tax is a separate thing. social security was -- it's a lifetime. you have to adjust it. >>. >> you are an investor and former actor. or an actor.
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i don't know. should you be collecting social security? >>. >> i think a lot of wealthy americans would do that. they understand we're going off the fiscal cliff, and this is one place where we can make genuine savings. >>. >> cable news show on saturday and sunday any day any show, any network. that's amazing for a 30 minute show mid saturday morning. media and hawkish website. check that out. thank you all fortuning in and engaging the debate here. here on social media. $70,000 minimum wage a we're. >> what you see as inequality, like in seattle where i live, you have -- and for me that's the sign of familiure that we
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. after one ceo said all workers got a $75,000 minimum wage, some haut it would backfire, but washed up comic like russell brand made fun of us for pointing that outs.
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it is backfiring now that the ceo is saying things are so tough, he is renting out his house to make ends meet. jonathan, does this prove that regardless of merit, this doesn't work. >> it doesn't work, eric. this is altruism. self-sacrifice is good, but it's dangerous. this has demonstrated that. he cut his own salary. great. now he is renting out his own room and struggling with money, and his business, which is, you know, providing all this prosperity has been hurt, as a result. his best employees, they resent him because ever since everyone else is making money that they haven't actually earned, and he is overrun with applications with new employees that he will never be able to hire anyway. self-sacrifice always ends up as a loser. >> we saw that coming.
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>> go to get a higher level of pay, and he should get a higher level of pay. when it comes to jobs, jobs are like product in the sense that the free market operates that way such that somebody gets paid what they're worth. >> socialism just doesn't work. >> we don't know exactly why it's a struggle, but it's not because employees are leaving. unless it's the very -- >> yes, it is. >> the high level of employees think they can make more elsewhere, which in this case they're free to go. the question is this a bad idea to try to reward the employees instead of the big ceo taking all the money, and that's a -- >> >> it's a bad idea. >> look, mr. price learned a valuable economic lesson. unfortunately, he spent a lot of money to test his backwards economic they're yes when really he could have gone to an econ
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101 book to say artificially high wages. morale in the company was really low because -- >> well, yeah. people are being paid the same for different work. >> coming up saying
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i want to say thanks to aur cashin in crew. you can head over to fox in to see wayne and johnson's stock picks. >> this week we said going to a special frenemy of cashin in. not the big good-bye. just to see it let don't let the door smack ow your back side good-bye. john stewart stepped down from the host desk of the daily show thursday night. no more highly edited clips of us at fox for stewart and his team to write ridiculous commentary around, no more lame backstopping the administration's false claims. no more liberal ideas to support like the administration's stated plan to kill fossil fuels industry and the jobs that go with it. no more agreeing with the massive food stamp program suggesting that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent were for the needy. johnny boy, we introduced you to surfer dude who schooled you on that one. remember?
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>> old school. >> guess what, stewart. the latest government report shows more than 45 million americans have been on food stamps for 48 months in a row, but i get it. i know what you were up to. you had the younger crowd listening to your b.s., and it turns out that's all it ever was was b.s. i guess you can even argue you were important to the political discourse because if it weren't for you people under 25 wouldn't know which clowns were running the circus, but, john, you could never admit when you were wrong. maybe that's because you had a good role model. another guy who can never admit he is wrong. why did you tell us you were a regular visitor at the white house over the years? well, it all makes sense now. in life, you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them. even kermit and miss piggy figure thad out this week. sometimes it's time to move on and say good-bye. good-bye, john stewart.
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see the rest of you folks next week. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the food lovers fat loss system, brought to you by provida life sciences-- practical solutions for better living. >> i'm annette, i'm from studio city, california. i'm a mother of three, i weight 155-1/2 pounds. this is the heaviest i've ever been. i'm a size 10. ...and this is me now! i lost 25 pounds and went from that size 10 to this size 2 in just 12 weeks. how did i do it? i became a food lover. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 36 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i've lost 50 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 60 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 82 pounds in eight months.


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