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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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family put him in a sheller, and by scanning his microchip, the shelter found his original owner, a very happy dog. thank you for joining us on "risk & reward." "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: paging donald trump, to china, declare a trading war with u.s. or did it devalue its currency to save its own economy, either way to crushed stock market. some say forget china. i am separating fact from myth. >> and higher minimum wage is already destroying jobs, the faulty of the left. >> making money starts right n now.
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charles: china's big currency move, has been waging for years it could go nuclear, the slowdown of the chinese economy is what they call a hard landing, they are giving up their plans. remember they wanted to replace the u.s. dollar, that is removed. that is what they said we'll let this come in against the dollar, since then the yuan has gotten 33% better against the dollar. however government officials are saying that what they did last night with respect to this move was a one-off not the beginning of greater intervention. but does anyone believe them? is this the beginning of a new brace on bottom. steve moore joining us, and ross
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gerber. and kpmg's chief economist, steve moore, china has been in the news a lot lately. it does peak to fact they are having a tough time initialing their economy. they don't really totally get free market thing, they don't get capitalism, this idea that you can you know flick this level or -- lever or push this button and beijing and make the economy better it a fantasy, they have moved in the way of direct in capital implement i will -- end with this, you know you made that point about yuan we coming world currentsy you can take that off of table is not happening.
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charles: you know we've been talking about china's demise for over a decade, they had problem with stock market. they are trying to spark something domestically, then overnight they say they really are not a dommest ir domestic j. we take it as hostility over here there i don't know. >> i don't know if we trachi tr- take it as hostility. you can't just jigger an economy and make it work the way you want it to work. the free markets do what you want it to do, their market went down to show that is not the way
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you do this. there is a lot going on. but this is not like a deal breaker for the stock market. charles: it break it today. here is the thing, in part donald trump been saying that china is better than us, he said this would be devastate they are crushing us. but with manipulating currency, we all do it, some would argue that the great race to bottom was sparked when we start doing things like qe . >> there is a difference. charles: like robbing a bank with a mask on or without a mask. >> china's currency is pegged.
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it has impact on interest rates and dollar, that is market determined. charles: is that just fancy economist talk. >> because we're so fancy. charles: they are cutting because they can. we know they are centralling planning it. there are advantages saying we don't have fiddle with the qe and that. we'll take it where we want to. >> china has been lowering their interest rates. as it was said before, they are pegged to the euro and to the yen by their peg to the dollar. they were normalizing, thatly will question, 2% is nothing, it is not going to kill or economy. not much impact. charles: i tell you what stock market acting like it is. >> because they don't know if it long-term or short term.
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charles: let's talk really here, donald trump made a lot about clean our clocks out, this is what a lot of people who of look at this as a hostile move, donald trump will stoke the fears. i want to ask you, i am asking average american, tweet me, are we willing to pay a lot more money for tvs, a lot more junk that makes us regular people, feel like we're wealthier. >> this could not come at a worse time. charles: do you think that american public will say, donald take it, to you think they will do it or to they realize, when they do, that tv at walmart might double in price. >> you know because of what china did that tv at walmart
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will be cheaper than it used to be. i never saw the advantage of any economy to devalue their currency, that means that currency that all chinese hold in their pocket, the middle class is less, it buys less in we have breaking news right now. charles: inspector general, notified senior members of congress 2 of 4 classified e-mails discovered on hillary clinton's server, maintained at her new york home contained material deemd to be in one of the highest security classifications, more sensitive than previously known. let's switch topics for a moment. hillary clinton is sort of avoided this, this is really -- is a shot across the bow. >> i just heard that that is terrible news for hillary, now with this, saying there is a national security breach, this is very serious.
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charles: ross? >> i, agree. my company if i sent an e-mail not through our approved server, i could lose my job, she is secretary of state? this is a inexcusable breach. charles: i think it is so crazy on her part she did this first place, let's is a she got willy-nilly, comfortable whatever it was, not to come clean, we see it a lot, it is the cover-up or denial that gets people in trouble. this is something akin to a smoking gun. >> it is the cover-up and denial, if i did this i would get fired, i have to send our e-mails through our protected server with our client information to keep 100% secure. and she did not know, she did not do this, i think it really damning for her. >> e-- maybe she did know.
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>> she knew he was sending e-mails. charles: and again you know she has been caught, several occasions but now we're getting this at higher echelon of government from security apparatus in united states, and congress, being notified press being notified. this will be on front page of all newspapers. you look at bernie sanders. people laugh him off but when you draw 27,000 people that is rock star stuff. that is similar to what this some by some first term senator out of illinois was doing in 2007. >> well, that is true, you know, all of these gaffes and scandalings by hillary clinton made bernie sanders a more applause able candidate, i think this news, makes it all more likely joe biden in next 6 weeks will get in the race.
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>> very possible. >> i agree. i agree, i don't think that bernie sanders is a real candidate. i think that joed by ep is a legitimate competitor. charles: there is no doubt about this, even yesterday, toward end of one of her press conferences she got very testy on this. and i don't know if they notified her they were getting close, but there is no doubt it has been needling her or bothering her this is amazing stuff. here is the thing, the obama administration has not been hillary clinton's friend. they have pushed more than a lot of people thought they would, i am not sure because she did things they asked her not to to or some thins that lingered in past with the obamas and clinton. >> i think she has to do a bill clinton, only way she survived -- >> fall on the sword.
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>> yeah. charles: is she capable of that? tto -- if she lied to this poin, could she fall on the sword that american public would believe her. >> it seems implausible if might happen. >> bill clinton got elected after his i do not inhale moment. charles: but this is different than that. >> there is worse. >> it is, but more -- it a major issue she needs to step up, and apologize, and take responsibility for it. and hopefully safe her campaign. charles: i don't know if it will or not, steve? aapology or more denial? >> i don't know what the e-mails say, but if they are top
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security e-mails this is a very serious violation, i am not sure that an apology does this justice, i think it would disqualify her as a presidential candidate, if this is top-secret information and maybe american lives in jeffer did that is a -- jeopardy, that is a big deal. charles: from headline we have so far, this breaking news, to your point, this might disqualify her hear the white house -- her for the white house, back to politics with donald trump. talking about china's evaluation, and saying devastating for united states, and other policies, donald trump wants less government, a simpler tax code, incentives to invest in inner-cities. we've heard some of those in the past, some work, some don't, we'll talk about it we'll be right back.
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charles: all right, donald trump, has been warning us about china, now today he said this move by them, will be quote, devastating for the united states, they are quote, destroying us. that is why we need to change our trading relation. and trump said he shared same trading policies as bernie sanders. which means that you know, we might have a war -- is that answer, trump wants less federal government, i am cool with, simpler tax code, please, yes. and innocenttives to invest in inner-cities, i am not hip on empowerment zones. we need to rip up education and
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start from scratch there. talk about it all. tamera holder, sherri jacobis, and steve moore, tamera, the donald coming out with some -- something on the economy. >> he is qualified to talk about international relationships, and the economy. he is a moneymaker. he had the trade relationships with country, that said, i don't think that china is out to destroy the united states i think they are out to increase their economy. they have about what -- a 7% from the target. the reason why they are devaluing i don't think is to get exports out of trouble. charles: tomorrow when people see news, it makes its way, a lot of people saying this is what donald trump is talking
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about. our markets were down 200 to the news. >> problem is some promises he has been making and hyperbole, he has not come up with specifics, he just says i am a freight negotiator, springing back 5 million jobs, they are not in china and more they are in poorer country, he said had his signature issue. but i have not heard specifics. i'm afraid for mr. trump his mouth might be writing pretty big checks. if he is what they say, i think he has to come 23-r forward with something specific. charles: before or after being elected. >> is the question, yesterday hillary came out with her education plan, she was gets blasted for it, is it safe to avoid it have talking points. >> for him and this particular
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issue, since he has been talking about it. he is freight at laying out what he sees as a problem. he said he is better at this hand anyone. now that this is happened, now that this big news, i think time for him to come out with specifics. you can't say wait until i am elected. >> you know, catchy slogans can get you in the white house. steve moore, what would donald trump do? if we entered into a protectionist war against mexico and china, and any other trading partner, people need to understand that consequences will be tough, i don't know if general american public is willing to live a more expensive life. what else did donald trump do? there is no doubt, he is right they are running circles around that with trade policy.
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>> do you know who the last trade protectist president was in united states? charles: you will not tell me it was ftr . >> it was herbert hoover that did not turn out so well, so a trade war would be a catastrophy, if you have a level playing field there is no question that united states wins. i have seen, an advance copy -- >> one second sorry. now we get additional news on breaking news. reporting from a source inspector general notified senior members of congress two of four classified e-mails discovered on a server that hillary clinton maintains contained material that deemed to be in one of the highest security clas classification, me
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senssensitive than previously k, i think this is devastating for her campaign. >> i don't like the whole thing at all, i am not defending her on that, this is shady, that said two out of four e-mails it would easy for her legally to say this was an inadvertent mistake, thousands of e-mails a day, two, oops. charles: in court of public opinion i don't think that best lawyer in the world could get people too believe -- at this stage, she had so many opportunities to say oops, she chose not to. why she put this through, is beyond me, right now a lot of people think she is a liar. >> she is hoping she could get by, believing what tamera is saying, i see your point as a lawyer, but i don't think it will work for her with her trust issues. but this is highest level of nation security that is what is
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really going to hurt her, it might show she is not capable of this much responsibility. charles: steve, this is what she said about the matter. >> that is not what it is. charles: that was yesterday. first time even comment on this, worth criminal might have scared her a little bit. but, stief, doe steve, the poins that court in popular opinion this is seems like you are guilty, guilty, i don't know how she is going to talk herself out of it. >> i did not want to use word criminal, but this could be a criminal violation. and you can't run for president with a criminal charge. this is a serious breach of national security, to say this was an oversight, had is one of 5 most important positions in
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american government, how can she be president if she can't handle responsibility. charles: we got word, confirming that breaking news. tamera you are the lawyer. >> criminal defense lawyer. charles: you may get a call from upstate new york. could it become a criminal issue? >> i believe, hard to keep up with it. from what i last read it was never going to be a criminal investigation. or at least they determined it was not, just because congress has been notified does not mean it is going to be. not defending her but a lot of material are high national security labels and they really are not that serious. charles: you went to law school, what is what they taught you ignorance of the law -- >> is not a defense. charles: and arrogance of the law is not.
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>> here is what is going to be a problem for hillary clinton. democratic senators will have to agree this is a problem. >> i agree this affects public opinion. totally separate issue. >> hope -- >> we have to leave it there we'll continue this, we'll bring you more breaking news on this as soon as we come back. into my business...
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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charles: welcome back, mcclassy reports from a source, inspector general from intelligence community notified members of congress two of four classified e-mails, that hillary clinton, contain material that deemed one of the highest security classifications, more
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sensitive than previously known. michael is joining us now. walk us through history of this. >> this felt like it lingered for a while. but it never went away. >> right there has been a constant steady drip, drip of information, you know when this came out, people found out that wait, hillary clinton had a private server? she was not using state department e-mail? this was dismissed as republicans because, this was leaked to "new york times," reported by "new york times" but from information gotten from benghazi committee. as that drip has come we learn more and more, and find out that ig's requested an investigation into this. this is like above board, and you know she is provided all that is necessary. states providing all necessary. that is all proven not to be
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that true. charles: all right, sherri, and tamera, they are still with us. this you know, we're getting it, just pieces and bits. but it looks more like there is something really this is devastating stuff tamera. >> her poll numbers have gone down, i think women -- we were sorry to change subject, but we were talking about women and their approval ratings of hillary have gone down, educated women, but now we're looking at facts we see there is news just today that fbi is looking into platt river networks a place in denver, into her private e-mail account were they saving her e-mails on a separate server, there is an investigation going on that has in the country not just her home but denver, and dc . charles: hearing inspector
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general and fbi. a lot of people were taken aback when she decided to give a certain amount of them some were destroyed some were missing. this is stuff, a guy name general david petraeus got in a lot of hot water for something less egregious to this, there has been a double standard to this point. >> to this point, i believe that will come to an end, more sensitive than previously known. which means she probably knew, she knew it was coming, but also, all this other activity, at-this-point, is like, you know a game of whack amole, she does not know where they are, and looking into, how much can she and the clinton machine contain this. charles: she has always known what was septembe september on , she -- stent sent on the e-maile
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not each specific e-mail but she knows she spent things she probably should not. >> here is what i don't get. if you were any other person in america, you had a private server. charles: beside secretary of state? >> beside a clinton, you would have a search warrant, they would investigate it. charles: that is part of the clinton i don't know, you call it mystique. this is a arrogance they do what they want, when they want, always gotten away with it maybe it has caught up to them. >> i was going to make that point, not just this latest you know revelation, this is a sounds really devastating, but this a drip, drip, drip much all it has been for 3 months is one kind of mini scandal after the other, you know what happened
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with whole clinton foundation, and we are not to bottom of that, this is undermined her as a candidate, i'm not saying she can't recover, this is a tough woman, like a cat alway cattal , always lands on her feet. this time she might not be a half step ahead of the law. charles: joining us now jillian melcher. the story is in twow in 2007, at ordained she has the spot, she will run and win, and everyone next in line will get a shot, then david axelrod saw her negatives, said they are so high she could never win, they are high arhigher now. >> this is perils of establishment politics, democratic machine pushing people up through the system, you know i was talking with my
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friends in the new york, even democrat friend, who admit hillary clinton is not an ideal candidate, they have some dis comfort with her ethical practices. charles: i guess, good news could be for democrats maybe this happened early enough in election cycle they can clean it up, there was a lot of speculation maybe joe biden, this might be what springboards him into the race. >> joe biden could be their knight in shining armor but it shows how weak and shallow the democratic bern is. this -- bench is that is almost a coronation for hillary clinton, then we talk about who else can step in. it was supposed to be hill hit the nominee and -- hillary clinton to be nominee and president, this is a very bad position, bernanke is doing well -- and bernie sanders is doing
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well but he is not electic in a general elect sense. >> hole on -- -- hold on, a got diverted to big house. we have a comment from senator grassley. i appreciate the intelligence community inspector general providing more information in response to questions that many members of congress have public have in regarding classifies e-mail on the former secretary of state clinton a private server, a thumb drive with her private attorney this information revealed makes it more important that the fbi, and state department secure these documents to date, two agency most critical and securing this information have failed to assure the american people, that they are taking the necessary steps to protect america's national security interest. that is deep sherri, that is what it boils down to, a powerful position, some people already wondering if she misused
6:35 pm
it in different ways. particular with the found dpaig. >> anfoundation.>> it has to tol security issues, women voters care about, that does, is that if hillary clinton is a democratic nominee she cannot win a majority of the vote. charles: okay. i think there could be 4 candidates, trump, hillary, bernie somebody else. >> you said that, you want to chime in. >> i want to make a quick point about biden. looking at polls yesterday, that asked voters would you want a third barack obama term, the numbers were amazing like 20% said yes, and 68% no. something like that. the problem for joe biden, candidacy he is a third barack obama term, i don't think that
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is what the american people want after last 6 years. charles: i don't know why, i want to stick with hillary clinton, we brute up bernie sanders a couple times he has been dismissed, he is drawing rock star crowds, i don't know why people dismiss fact that american public so fed up what knows who they will elect. >> that is a good point, i also think that further out you get to fringe or e -- enthuse enthuc voters are but with hillary clinton in particular. someone become in. charles: how dawmin damning wast state. >> he is a republican, no offense. it seems partisan. charles: if you were an independent -- >> but when a republican makes a statement, it all of a sudden seems partisan, what would be
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better if a democrat like you brought up earlier, brought up a, -- made a statement, and said, this is not the way that our party is run. charles: let me re-ask, could a democrat go against what grassley said? could they say what this senator said, i don't think you could poke any holes in it. >> this is what i don't like about what is going on, there are rushes to judgment on both sides that is the problem. charles: these rushes to judgments have been building up over a period of time. >> leading to this point, when we heard today is serious, highest national security levels more higher than -- >> we don't even know what it is. >> you know as head of an agency under federal law hillary clinton of tasked to protecting and preserving those records, we're not confident she did
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that, we're not confident we know the know story. >> i don't need a lecture on hillary clinton and her record, and i am not defending her, i try to make that clear, but, i don't think -- i think that issue a republican should stay out of it, hopefully a democrat will step up. >> they have to. >> they are dividing party. >> they are all home now, having town hall meetings, they cannot ignore this, they will have to respond to this right away, then you be before they get their talking points, dnc capacity even sep out -- can't even sent out talking points on this. i can't see anybody who feels so beholden to hillary clinton they will stand out there and defend her. maybe debbie wassermann schultz but no wobbles well. no one else will. >> this is bernanke's opportunity to -- bernie
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sanders' opportunity to go to grassroot voters and say this is why you don't want her. charles: we have more on top-secret e-mail found in hillary clinton private e-mail server, a lot of news coming out, we'll go over it. don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.
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charles: breaking news, top-secret e-mails have been found on hillary clinton's private server more to come. bloo come making enough to survive, but not enough to get out of poverty. so kickstart designs low cost irrigation pumps enabling them to grow high value crops throughout the year so you can make a lot of money. it's all very well to have a whole lot of small innovations,
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but unless we can scale it up enough to where we are talking about millions of farmers, we're not going to solve their biggest challenge. this is precisely where the kind of finance that citi is giving us, is enabling us to scale up on a much more rapid pace. when we talk to the farmers and ask them what's the most important thing. first of all they say we can feed our families. secondly, we can send our children to school. it's really that first step that allows them to get out of poverty and most importantly have money left over to plan for the future they want. charles: just been confirmed two top-secret e-mails have been found on hillary clinton's private e-mail server, the one she kept up state, ask other information coming out, we'll have it for you, but i want to get back to the panel. sherri, there are a lot of
6:43 pm
people on republican side who would not let it go away. but also by same taken it felt mainstream media felt their best to ignore this, never on page one of new york times. >> it better, have you a lot of reporters a wit of people been writing about it, they are googling this. they are trying to find out who said what to call them now. again, the interesting group that i think i'll look for are democratic senators and house members. charles: you know washington well, who would step up? on democratic side, who would say this and you not sound -- >> that is what is hard, if hillary clinton were democratic nominee for president they would all have to fall in line, but she is not, just yet they are calling each other, they might call joe biden, i don't think you will find a lot of democrats. i think they have a hard time finding one, maybe someone with
6:44 pm
not up for reelection it safe there is nothing to lose, they will go out fall on their sword, say she is innocent. charles: you know in aftermath of the debates thursday. carly fiorina, by many people judged to be number one winner, one thing she was suss -- succinct about was calling hillary clinton a liar, she was pretty firm about this, a lot of people say this carly fiorina not afraid to say it, it looks like she was right. >> i think it will go well for her, we have a former secretary of state, a potential candidate who is lying and best case have you someone playing fast and loose with rules, who is doing things they should not do. i think that -- >> hold on, we have fox news
6:45 pm
mike emmanuel with more details. >> good evening fox news confirmed they have told congress, that two of four classified e-mails on hillary clinton's personal server, were classified as top-secret. that is more sensitive than previously known. in addition the two other e-mails are reviewed by state department, to determine when the relevant classification should be. tonight chuck grassley chairman of senate judiciary committee said, this information reveal by inspector general makes it more important that fbi and state department secure the documents, to tate the two agencies most critical have failed to assure the american people that they are taking the necessary steps to protect america's national security interest, on the stump in new hampshire, clinton was asked to comment about it, being a criminal investigation, she shot back, that it is not that. but, she said previously she did not distribute classified
6:46 pm
information from her personal server, and so this raises questions, both on capitol hill and throughout the up teligent community about -- intelligence community about nature of the information on the thumb drive and her personal server. charles: i want to ask before you go, top-secret material, could we ever know, or are there rules against divulging when it was? is there and way we could know what risk the rest of nation might have been put at for her putting this on her server. >> excellent question, and considering that it is top-secret, i think that the state department spokesman, will have to talk in vary broad terms about what it could be. but, it is classified that sensitively for a reason, so, it may not ever be released what it was because, it is that
6:47 pm
sensitive and perhaps that critical to the national security. charles: mike emanuel thank you very much. >> yes, sir. charles: back to you steve moore. steve, you know, a lot of people are going to hopefully maybe see there there is some way to connect dots or find out what was happening with benghazi, this say stretch to wonder if they had going to to with that, we'll are curious to what th is, that will lead to a lot of peak speculating -- a lot of people speculating. >> that is a big problem for her, but one thing that is attractive for her is her resume but now it looks like her continue oucontinue tenure at sf state has been tainted by this. people saying there is one scandal after another while serving at secretary of state, now you may have compromised
6:48 pm
national security. charles: real quick, i know you are not an apologist for hillary clinton but secretary of state was a qualification, and i guess on white house, scene, a lawyer all these she has accomplished, to point that, it is going to be hard to forget legal criminality to get around this in a court of public opinion. >> i don't necessarily think so. it is hillary clinton, she does it all the time. charles: hillary being hillary. >> yes, it is two e-mails and not talk about criminal aspect, but if there is a way we find out it was not a criminal investigation she could scoot by, you have to attack her on other things. charles: sherri hold on, remember, we have breaking news, two top-secret e-mails have been found in hillary clinton's private server, we'll be right
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charles: we're back with more on breaking news, two top-secret e-mails have been found in hillary clinton's private e-mail server and a thumbnail drive in question. you want to respond that perhaps hillary clinton says it was a honest mistake, brushes it off and keeps moving. >> that means we have to decide if she is unethical and lying or if she is not up to the job, if you are that incompetent, you cannot handle high security e-mails that come in, and say oops, that is not going to cut it, not with women voters or
6:53 pm
male voter or former colleagues in the senate. charles: mike is back with us, you had a moment to look into this, think about what is going on maybe assessment to what degree, do you think this damage, it is just two, it was an accident, what happens then in. >> i predict this clinton spin will be something we already knew about this is old news, that is old style clinton tactic, nobody cares about this. fact is, that we knew that kendle had these two e-mails but we did not know the level of classification, top-secret is the key issue here, that is, this is not you know, just some run of the milker a lot of -- mill. a lot of thing are classified in government, this is just below most secret of in information,
6:54 pm
she misrepresents what she knew she had in the e-mails, and the thing to remember in all this, i think thing that will trickle down to voters, even blow their mind, none would happen this hillary clinton had simply followed protocol, and not done this home brew server, i think that is what is going to -- end up sticking in people's mind that will be a problem for her, that is something that everyone is understand and relate to. charles: jillian? may it be arrogant clintons more so than a questionable job? >> i think that top-secret material is just one part of the problem, this could hurt not only hillary clinton but i think democratic party as a whole, have you these things happening under obama administration. all of the time not just hillary clinton but lois lerner.
6:55 pm
this is something that become a pattern, i think there could below back on biden, there could below back on democratic party as a whole. charles: steve moore, every time someone from obama administration has been called to talk about this. in front of members of congress they have -- disdain for process on their sleeve, not been forth coming, and they, it has been asia raidcharade, it is frustrao see one person after another deny it, dismiss it out of hand or show a disdain for the process, i think that the catch up. >> what is hillary clinton going to do when called before congress, take the fifth amendment as lois learne lerner did. >> i think one thin you were talking about, i don't think she ever answered the question why? why was she doing this? charles: don't you think that
6:56 pm
was part of arrogant clinton mystique. >> i think so but she needs to, the other point there were thousands of these e-mails, we don't know first of all we don't know whether inspector general has been through all of these, is this just the tip of the iceberg. charles: they have to make a decision, democratic leaders, hillary clinton, to your point maybe she goes down the route no big deal, you and mike made it clear, it is old news. we thought you knew that it was an accident, yada yada, let's move for the, what difference does it make, or to steve's point, a lot more e-mail, they are floating around they never go away, if they come up this is crazy, we blow it 6 months from thousand wnow we have really bl. >> republicans have to lok at lt this, and say to we hedge our bet of a bombshell.
6:57 pm
charles: why republicans? >> we're talking about it, this is affecting her, negatively, which is working, a working talking point. but, if it does not work in long run, and it was an mistake, not defending her or whatever, and it passes away, it is not working as a way to spring her down, on other hand, maybe it is just chipping at iceberg, and you are slowly affecting her and you -- >> do you agree. >> not if she is hauled in front of congress, if this was a closed hearings, where they question her, and no one knows what it is that is scary for people, i think that this lets democratic senator say this summer, at home, i am not saying anything until i get a classified briefing they can hold off going on shows but the moment they get that briefing, i would love to see their faces.
6:58 pm
but that is where i think we'll know how serious it is,y this and they will know if they can defend her, again she is not the . charles: there was scuttlebutt that this could go further than hillary was letting on, jillian. i come back to the idea where does president obama come down on this? does he have enough animosity toward hillary clinton he's hanging her out there? >> he might. i think it's critical to remember this is his legacy, too. this is his secretary of state. charles: who went against his wishes. her arrogance, you don't tell me who to staff or talk, to she more or less ran him over as well. >> hillary clinton and the democrats have two problems. the first is what we know, suggests unethical behavior, possible lies. the second problem is what don't know at this point is eroding trust in the government
6:59 pm
and the democratic party. >> i think we have the technological issues as well, that is another reason she can escape this. she's going to say. i thought there was an explanation she thought that she was doing this to protect herself from hackers and that's her defense. >> i don't think they're going to buy that. i struggle with technology, too. i'm not secretary of state. and if she does try that, and if people buy it, makes it look she is too stupid to work in government at any level. >> that gets back to the incompetence issue too, you can look at the opm breaches, the national security interests damaged then. >> that's not congress' responsibility. >> it's going to be hard for democrats to talk themselves out of this. no matter which way they turn -- >> big, big news, two of the e-mails from hillary clinton have been deemed top secret,
7:00 pm
and more to come. this is certainly damning information, damning news, we'll talk more about it. at home, say thanks a lot and don't miss our show. tomorrow night we have a special guest, republican candidate dr. ben carson who actually said he didn't think she would be the nominee. who knew? lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. ferguson, missouri racked by heightened tensions between law enforcement and demonstrators and activists and racial unrest in the community. more protests and more demonstrations and more violence overnight. at least 23 people were arrested. protesters threw rocks and frozen water bottles in police in the latest round of clashes and attacks against law enforcement. president obama himself remains silent. tonight we try to answer why, and we tally up what the federal government has actually done for the community of ferguson. it's been a y


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