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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to cher wi share with us. send me an e-mail or go to our website. actually said he didn't think she would be the nominee. who knew? lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. ferguson, missouri racked by heightened tensions between law enforcement and demonstrators and activists and racial unrest in the community. more protests and more demonstrations and more violence overnight. at least 23 people were arrested. protesters threw rocks and frozen water bottles in police in the latest round of clashes and attacks against law enforcement. president obama himself remains silent. tonight we try to answer why, and we tally up what the federal government has actually done for the community of ferguson. it's been a year since michael brown robbed a convenience store, strong-armed a clerk
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half his size, tried to wrest a weapon from a police officer and was shot dead. a year later exactly what has the obama administration done for the community of ferguson? and among the crowd in ferguson overnight, a handful of heavily armed members of an organization called the ult keepers. police chief in charge described presence as unnecessary and inflammatory, he didn't say as inflammatories at activists who insighted crowds in the streets of ferguson. we'll take this up with niger innis tonight. also the obama administration's secret nuclear attacks with iran's regime, four years ago, and a promise to the iranians, the administration saying effectively to the iranians can you keep your nuclear program, if you like it. only mr. obama kept that promise. the white house now being fully honest about talks about iran. is anything they say true?
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not an encouraging revolution as congress prepares to vote on the obama-iranian deal. with us tonight, the president of the heritage foundation, former senator jim demint. and on wall street today, a sell-off, stocks fell sharply after china's surprise move to devalue its currency. a surprise to those who believe the chinese government when it said a few months ago there would be no devaluation. the white house not commenting. it won't call the chinese action blatantly manipulation of currency, nor admit it's another blow to american workers. but on this broadcast, we can tell you, it is both. how will all this affect the president's push for a massive new trade agreement, and why are the republicans who don't trust obama at all trusting him on the issue of trade? we'll explore that as well here tonight. and the final congressional report is in, lois lerner and the internal revenue service
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granted exactly one conservative group nonprofit status over a three-year period. one in three years. so despite what the obama administration and the president himself have insisted, there is clear evidence of a coordinated bias against tea party and strangulation of conservative voices by the obama irs. a fourth night of protests in ferguson sparking more arrests and confrontations. nearly two dozen people arrested in ferguson overnight as protesters marked one year since the death of michael brown. police say some of those demonstrators threw bottles and rocks at officers but no shootings or loath reported. st. louis county officials declared a state of emergency for ferguson after protests turned violent sunday. st. louis county police condemn the presence of a handful of armed oathkeepers.
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the group which describes itself as soldiers and servers there to protect the constitution are there to protect a media institution called info wars. police call the comments inflammatory. in colorado, governor john hickenlooper toured the animas river area after the environmental protection agency dumped more than three million gallons of toxic water into the water way. epa administrator gina mccarthy today apologized for the spill. she called it a tragic and unfortunate accident. but new mexico's governor susana martinez has directed her administration to prepare legal action against the epa. >> we cannot have different standards for private industry, and for the federal government. and we were going hold accountable the long-term damage and the short-term damage is, is unpredictable,
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but we know it's devastating. lou: and the crisis comes just days after president obama unveiled a new series of unilateral epa rules to limit carbon emissions. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: even as the epa was feverishly attempting to manage the nightmare in colorado, chief administrator was in washington touting the obama administration's green agenda. >> it is our responsibility to act. that responsibility right now is crystal clear, and that is why we have taken action. >> reporter: that action is the epa's clean power plant. president's signature environmental policy initiative designed to change the way americans get power. critics say it's a massive overreach by an agency that struggled to clean up its own messes. bureaucratic as well as environmental and will likely lead to a lengthy court battle. >> we've seen the
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administration move aggressively to assert executive power. >> i think as people get their arms around the final rule, they'll see that it's, it's quite legally solid. >> reporter: how solid remains to seen. last month the supreme court ruled against the epa's costly mercury regulations after three years of federal enforcement, an advantage for the white house. >> the ink on the opinion wasn't even dry yet before epa decided to move forward and actually said in the press release responding to the supreme court decision that, hey, you know what? we don't care. >> reporter: the administration says the clean power plan is central to preventing early deaths caused by pollution. away from fossil fuels. renders climate justice for communities that have been disproportionately impacted by poor air and offers a chance to lead the world on the major
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environmental challenge facing the planet. on capitol hill, lawmakers say the plan injects the force of law into an agency the way it was never intended. orrin hatch saying, quote -- a trio of colorado lawmakers including senators corey gardner and michael bennett pend a letter asking her to come to the centennial state to come look at spill site. she will do that on wednesday. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke. donald trump tonight still leading the republican presidential field in a number of key primary states after the debate. a new poll shows trump leading among iowa voters followed by governor scott walker and senator marco rubio. but the numbers much closer among people who watched the debate, trump tied with governor walker. trump leading in new hampshire
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according to a franklin pierce university-boston herald poll, the front-runner saying he will spend all his liquid assets on a presidential bid if these he's doing well as he put it. another republican candidate facing a cash crisis. governor rick perry no longer paying staff at national headquarters in austin as well as staffers in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. the former governor fail to break into the top ten for last week's debates. and more trouble for the former secretary of state hillary clinton, the inspector general investigating personal computer records tonight revealing two e-mails on the server are top secret, and that is a major problem for her candidacy. we'll have a lot more on that and explain further here next. republican candidates taking aim at china tonight after the world's second largest economy devalued its currency, the yuan. the biggest one day
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depreegziation in over two decades, the surprise move from china sent stock prices tumbling. obama administration scrambling. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with our report. >> reporter: from the people's bank of china came the surprise overnight announcement, the chinese government is lowering guidance rate for currency, the yuan. the largest one day devaluation in two decades and the shockwaves caused contractions at all major european and asian stock markets. japan japan's nikkei and the dow jones plunged 225 points. >> we have pressed china to continue financial reforms and while we want to see additional economic reforms, believe that are needed, but we have seen
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progress. >> reporter: china's move came after release this weekend of data showing that exports from the world's second largest economy fell by 8.3% in july. these figures affect huge numbers of americans. generally when china devalues currency, it makes chinese exports cheaper to sell abroad and products from foreign countries like america more expensive to purchase over in china. with the u.s. federal reserve poised to increase short-term interest rates later this year, economists worry the surging value of the dollar could further damage the ability of u.s. exporters to compete overseas. >> i believe china learned a lot of the wrong lessons from the united states over the last six years. when you talk about countries that devalued currencies, what about america? we printed trillions of dollars to prop up the u.s. economy. hasn't worked well in the u.s. >> reporter: some say it could produce inflationary pressures that could enhance the
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prospects for growth. >> that would imply the chinese economy might end up being slightly more stimulated and as a result could help overall global gdp growth. >> reporter: last month china's stock market shed one-third of its value. the latest moves underscore the fragility of beijing's centrally planned economy. lou? lou: james, thank you very much. james rosen. more on the chinese devaluation and the role of our federal reserve, our treasury department and our white house. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. the obama white house and secret nuclear talks with iran four years ago. and giving a guarantee to the death to america hard-liners that they could be a nuclear state. that's what our president has been doing, and not telling the american people. we take it up with the president of the heritage foundation, former senator jim
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. . lou: breaking news tonight, the inspector general for the
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intelligence community investigating hillary clinton's personal computer server says that two of the emiles that servers in clinton's home in new york are classified top secret. those e-mails also on a thumb drive in the possession of clinton's personal attorney. clinton has repeatedly insisted that none of the e-mails on the private server were classified. clinton is struggling to explain her official use of personal e-mail while serving as secretary of state. this latest development only complicates her response. a new senate report on the irs targeting of conservative groups clearly shows the agency approved only one tax-exempt status between february of 2009 and may of 2012. one approval in three years. many conservative groups had to wait several years before the applications were ultimately denied, and it shows clear
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targeting of those conservative groups, something president obama has denied. senate report also says those applications were put under extreme scrutiny while groups favorable to obama policies were quickly and routinely approved. joining us tonight, the past the heritage foundation, former senator from south carolina, jim demint. good to have you here. let's start with first, the outrageous finding that top secret e-mails by the inspector general of the intelligence community found on the clinton server. >> lou, keep in mind, that the e-mails we're looking at now are the ones that hillary wanted us to see. i mean, she screened those, deleted a lot of them and turned these over, i think hoping it would distract us. you know, i'm sorry she has been doing this but obviously hasn't told truth, but i think the truth is probably much, much worse than we're going to be able to find out. lou: the truth is elusive for
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the obama administration for past members of it, in particular, today we learned lois lerner for a period of three years while she was in charge at the irs, in terms of tax-exempt status, one approval in a three-year period for conservative groups while liberal groups, groups favoring the president's policies were routinely and frequently approved. >> the more you find out about the obama administration, lou, the more, the worse it gets in effect. and we know from just anecdotal evidence from around the country, groups we work with all the time that many of them have been through this kind of harassment and worse. we've known for years, the irs has targeted folks with audits but this nonprofit status that they held back from conservative groups, it's clear they lied about it, it's clear they did it, and nothing could
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be worse than to have government that's targeting different groups. lou: well, as you say, the character of this administration is revealed including members in foreign policy and specifically here, the iranian nuclear deal. we find out that the obama administration began nuclear talks with iran in 2011, including iran's right to a nuclear program which the administration effectively guaranteed. all of this going on while mahmoud ahmadinejad was president of iran because the new and accommodative regime had been put in place, effectively a four year lie. your reaction, jim? >> it was, this was a time, lou, we didn't negotiate with terrorists. no diplomatic relations with iran, and the administration was lying to us. we see the result of that now.
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a very destructive and potentially dangerous treaty which they won't call a treaty because it couldn't go through the normal process, but it will put americans at risk, if not this generation, certainly our children, and it's going spark as you and i talked about a nuclear arms race in the middle east and likely much broader than that as well. lou: jim demint, we thanks for being with us here. the heritage foundation. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you. in colorado, heavy rains leading to flash flooding, the powerful floodwaters sweeping away parked cars, flooding basements. they've been prone to flash flooding following a 2012 wildfire that left a scarred
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channeling runoff from a nearby mountain. up next, a few thoughts on the obama administration. officials missing in action, on a day that the world's biggest global competitor shocked the world by devaluing its currency. and folks all around los angeles are used to high-speed police pursuit, but this one, this one was a little different. we'll tell you all about it. we'll show you ball it. here next. stay with us.
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. lou: breaking news tonight, and more on hillary clinton. fox news confirming just moments ago that hillary clinton tonight has directed her campaign team and legal team to turn her personal e-mail server over to the justice department. this follows by just a matter of hours the revelation that the inspector general for the
11:26 pm
intelligence community had declared two of the four e-mails on that personal computer at her home in new york to be top secret. clinton has also directed her attorney to hand over the thumb drive that also contains those two now declared top secret classified e-mails. clinton has resisted handing over her computer, her e-mails for months. she has stonewalled outrageously many would say federal authorities for months. again, fox news has confirmed hillary clinton tonight has directed her legal team and campaign team to give her personal e-mail server over to the justice department. it may well be a mark of just how much trouble she now believes she's in. both legal and political. a few thoughts now, if i may, on the latest from china. china today announced that it was devaluing its currency causing the yuan's biggest one
11:27 pm
day loss in two decades a devaluation of 1.9%. global markets plunged on the news. wall street caught flat-footed. most traders accepted the expressed view of the people's bank of china, that there was no plan on the part of china to devalue of yuan, but if wall street was surprised, the obama administration was simply shocked, and the white house could only squeak out a tepid, almost trembling response to the china move. the treasury department released a statement some 16 hours after the development saying it's far too early to judge the implications of the chinese devaluation. i can tell you here tonight. poppycock! we know exactly what most of those implications are. the state department response equally tepid and inseppid. two words i hardly use
11:28 pm
together. >> i'm going to refer to the treasury, i'm not going to speak to the brothers here. lou: to help the boys and girls that stayed in the treasury department, a devaluation is by definition intervention and government intervention in a market, as in this instance, the currency market is in the least favorable connotation manipulative. china's move comes weeks before president obama will be meeting with chinese president chi xen ping in washington. there is no response by this government, this administration. but china's leaders are aneured to decades long prfrts about the currency manipulation, to support its manufacturing industry and mercantilist trade
11:29 pm
policies at the expense of american jobs and our middle class. the obama administration blocked efforts has done so several times to punish china for the manipulation preferring to ignore it altogether. earlier this year they threatened to veto fast-track trade against the chinese. morgan stanley warning a weaker yuan and stronger dollar could cause profits to rise and the margins of trading partners to drop. that's us. all of this comes as president obama pushes his massive trade deal, the so-called trans-pacific partnership, a deal that already threatens to hurt american jobs and lower wages, but which obviously china fears as well, and that china, the chinese, as a result, felt no need to give notice to us or any of our european trading partners. our even entertain the idea of
11:30 pm
preserving anything resembling a free market in the yuan. where is treasury secretary jack lew when you need him? no public events scheduled as they say in washington. fed chair janet yellen? don't know. they are monitoring the situation and telling our president all about it. we know where he is, thank goodness. he's back in martha's vineyard. now our quotation of the evening. this one from scott adams, the creator of the cartoon strip dilbert. there is no one outside our reach for wisdom. and tonight it's scott adams, he said -- which appears to be the option chosen by the entire obama administration when it comes to china or for that matter russia, or the islamic state or iran, or you get the idea. we're coming right back with
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lou: the main news at this time, hillary clinton has directed her legal team to get her personal e-mail server over to the justice department. clinton telling her attorney to hand over the thumb drive that also contains classified now top-secret e-mails, at least two of them now being top-secret. a lot more coming up here. a huge investment for the obama administration after its own environmental protection agency released millions of gallons of toxic chemicals into a tributary of the colorado river. the epa says the spill is not a danger to people although people are being told to stay away from contaminated areas. donald trump leading into new polls after the fox debate. he is ahead in iowa and new hampshire and will be in new hampshire on my end donald trump will be our special guest here tomorrow night. joining us now is the cohost of
11:36 pm
outnumbered, jedediah bila and rich lowry, national review editor. as they say at long last, hillary clinton says she hopes she has a responsibility to the united states government. >> she had to do this. with all the information coming out there's no way that she was going to run a successful candidacy if she didn't appear to be a little bit ahead of the story and before they mandated that she handed us over, she had to be the one to say here it is. whether it has the information or not remains to be seen. if that is still a part of it, she's going to have a lot of explaining to do and i won't be able to know if she can dig your way out of that. >> here is a soundbite. this is former secretary clinton back in march saying this.
11:37 pm
>> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. lou: two inspectors general disagreed. >> that statement was completely ridiculous. anyone who has worked at a government at any high level knew it was ridiculous at the time and now we know that there is top-secret material in her e-mails and the reason why she is giving up the servers because the fbi was going to go get it. it was unsustainable. lou: which is what david petraeus was suggesting it to. >> at least there is a tissue of an appearance of being forthcoming i giving it up. lou: you know, is it possible that this really does include
11:38 pm
this? >> i don't know if it's about 10 because i don't know where the democrat voters go. that the polling consistently doesn't trust her on questions of trust and transparency and they have a big problem. and it's not because they want to vote for a socialist. this is a woman who doesn't stand for anything, she is not trustworthy and they don't want to put her in office. it's definitely a roadblock. if someone like joe biden comes forth and challenges her, that's a big challenge at this point. >> this has been hollowing her out from within. starting with the numbers on honesty and trustworthiness and now we see her numbers generally where she's losing to a number of republicans in iowa and other battleground states. the problem is they don't have any good options. they are not going to include
11:39 pm
the socialist. lou: a difference between hillary and bernie sanders. not everyone would say that. governor rick perry turning to the republicans and it looks like he's running out of money. has he run out of time? >> i think so. if you look at his performance, it was not strong. those kind of performances are going to inspire to give him money and that's not what he does best. he is someone who has done a good job as governor. and it's just very hard for him to get over that big debate. >> a fellow with a lot of money.
11:40 pm
>> he has put it down a little bit, he is dropping like a stone. and you do see that people are concerned about the debate performance. but would anyone be able to trade hold positions within? absolutely. >> talk about jeb bush and all of them, it's not happening. lou: thank you both for being here. los angeles police got more than they expected 18 midair chase
11:41 pm
ensued, 62-year-old paraglider was seen flying over a nearby jail raising some concerns within that he had dropped contraband over the detention center. and he was unable to hear because of the loud motor on his paraglider when he finally landed, the police detained him and he was later released without a citation. the first biker slammed into a car when he took a downhill turn with way too much speed. that's not what pleasant. the scene became even more chaotic, two more cyclists slow down at the event. and everyone came away in stable condition. and up next, ferguson mystery
11:42 pm
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lou: joining us tonight is the international spokesperson for the congress of racial equality. it's good to have you with us. the violence over the course of the past three days and ferguson over what? talk about senseless. there seems to be no way in which the american people can now watch this violence to make any sense of it. whatsoever. what are your thoughts? >> i think it's very important for the american people to look at the situation from two perspectives. one is what they are seeing on their tv, which is a violent situation, which is very disheartening.
11:47 pm
and then for those of us that have actually traveled to ferguson, like myself. meeting with republican officeholders and democratic officeholders, it's a much different situation. you have an artists that are funded by george soros, that are coming from new york and california, detroit, all across the country, coming into ferguson like locusts. >> why is there not national attention on this reality, and why is there no one asking. what has the obama administration done? eric holder talking about solidarity with the community a year ago. meanwhile the unemployment rate, the creation of small business and the restoration of small business in ferguson. it's a pathetic nonevent, the entire past year when it comes to actually doing something as
11:48 pm
one would've expected from such promises by this administration. are you surprised? are you surprised about that? >> no, i am not. i think this administration has no record to run on. when it comes to urban centers across this country. you have a situation where places like ferguson, will tomorrow, the president's home of chicago is safer for a young black man to walk down the streets of kabul, afghanistan or iraq. then it is and this is in regards to economic opportunity and really providing hope and consequently, with a racial fire burning out of control, they are fire arsonists and they are often adding more fuel to the fire than solving the problem. >> solving the problem here is far more complex, i would judge,
11:49 pm
than then most of the people in ferguson anticipating a year ago upon hearing those promises. what needs to be done now, we have seen changes in the police force and the local community but these are, these are really transitory, if you will, transitory moves that don't mean much in the long run. >> i actually disagree a little bit. i think that it means very little for those in darkness that have an agenda that has nothing to do with the people of ferguson and nothing to do with black folks and much more to do with getting national attention so that black lives matter campaign and intimidating the democratic party to the degree that they had done. but the fact is that the civic engagement has gone up dramatically. giving you one silver lining and one ray of hope. that is a gallup poll that came out this week asking black folks a question, are there too many
11:50 pm
police in your community, not enough police in your community or just enough. when you combine the numbers that say that the number of police and the community is fine where it is or that they want more police in the community, that number is 89%. >> unlike what many of the activists you are talking about have said. 30% actually want more police involvement. and it is a critically important view from the community itself. so it's always good to have you with us. we appreciate it and hopefully things will get better there and frankly across the country. and no one should be waiting on this administration for that improvement. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> on wall street stocks plummeting on the currency devaluation, the s&p down 20,
11:51 pm
the nasdaq fell 65, volume on the big order 3.7 billion shares and a reminder to listen to reports three times a day on the salem radio network. the police camera video capturing a moment that a car crashed into a home with a terrifying assault and it all happened in lansing, michigan. the car was rear-ended and forced off the road, rupturing the house's gas main in both the car and the house exploding. luckily the family inside got out in time and so did the driver of the car and no one, incredibly, was injured in this explosion. coming up next we have hillary clinton to hand over her personal e-mail server that only took five months from the time that she said that she didn't have anything on it. two of those e-mails now classified as top secret. fox news legal analysts lis wiehl and friends are here next. wiehl and friends are here next. we are coming right
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lou: joining us now is lis wiehl and jonna spilbor. let me say first of all, thank you for being here. clinton finally decides to turn over her e-mail containing all those e-mails to the government. >> yes, i know. originally i was on her side that she has even new meaning to
11:56 pm
work from home. to top secret e-mails have turned up on her server. my question is about this. how much danger are we in? lou: it takes five months to get classified and top-secret information. that she unilaterally decides is hers and not the property of the government. >> i am afraid. >> i'm afraid of how much danger she has put the country in. >> i'm afraid of how much damage this is doing. you know, she says i don't know. we are looking at the cases. >> she is going to say that i didn't know. i and she says that she went through all of that. >> these are also going out to
11:57 pm
former aides and people like that. talking to them about what were you told. >> the prosecutors have the sense to do that. >> the fbi is involved in the investigation and she's telling reporters that it's not a criminal investigation. >> i will never confirm that there is an investigation going on until they come down with something. >> they have admitted this one because they are denying this. the reality is what it is. you have to inspector generals demanding an investigation. >> and evidence as well. >> let's turn to this other issue. is her candidacy part of this? >> she probably won't go to jail but i don't think she will be a
11:58 pm
candidate. lou: what you think is going to happen? >> it's difficult to have any tribunal reversed itself. it rarely ever happens. i don't think it's going to happen here and that it's going to change the entire phase of unions now in college athletics. which i'm not sure is a bad thing, it just adds more law and layers to it. these students made a case for why they should be able to be unionized. but only in private institutions and if you have a scholarship. >> the football conferences are made up of public universities and not private. and so that is a big deal. >> speaking of football, it was supposed to get a settlement talk tomorrow. >> yes, looking for a settlement
11:59 pm
known to push parties into settlements. >> we don't know for sure. in the fact that he is insinuating this which is really unusual for a judge to do. and you figure something out. hopefully that will work and less tom brady says that i am not going to do this. >> why should the settlement be predicated on him admitting guilt? >> it can't not be. that's why. >> you have to have both sides compromised. >> the compromise being this it's really a cell phone. >> it happens all the time.
12:00 am
lou: roger goodell reaching over again. thank you for being with us here tonight. my guest tomorrow is trump and others. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ kennedy: if this was a normal election i would be so disappointed. hillary clinton being pushed aside just slightly more than matt damon. bordering on adorable. it's like when you see a child smoking. it's so wrong it's so cute. bernie sanders political firestorm is just like th


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