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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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you fight out that battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. thank you for being with us, good night from new york city. ♪ kennedy: well hello to you, and welcome from a political circus to a probably criminal probe. i watch, i marvel at hillary clinton out standing ability to marry after bis am -- am bishtis good at playing victim but sympathy runs low when you chopped off your own arm, justice department has an opportunity to take this case away from political circus, to
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see if wore on the verge of elections a felon to lead free world. don't get me wrong, i love the hair cut but staged question, and outrage are dc version of red noses and floppy shoes, there are more important fish to fry than hillerry's floundering campaign, fbi needs to probe all people who interfaced with that server, they need to figure out how and why clinton's attorney, had been tooling around with classified information. moving probe from political to criminal. gives her less cover to money and whine about being railroaded by big mean republicans, with eroding trust, a surging sanders, a interesting republican field there is plenty of fallout that could derail her coronation, sanders sat down his socialism chalise long enough to
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make a case to his worshippers about hillary's secrecy fetish, and why have hillary and trump been so quiet about each other? when are people going to realize that call kateed -- calculated adds up to more than a political witch-hunt, the process will take longer than 15 months until election day, if her ca can ca y survives a legal barrage her presidency may not. >> on show, judge napolitano digs into legal end of hillary clinton's e-mail mess, did she break the law, greg gotfeld is here, and are pc colleges turning kids to blus blubbering.
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>> you are here, we're together. i am kennedy. kennedy: fbi will go through hillary clinton's e-mails, and america is finally getting suspicious. will this hurt her politically? we ask the panel. super star. gerard small. hosting race wars. >> boom. kennedy: marry katherine hamm. she is hot air editor at large, and a fox news contributor. mk, wher why did she turnover te server. >> i thought it was garage under wooded by -- frank underwooded by now, i am amazed it was turned over.
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partly because she has to. or partly because she hopes it might stench the bleeding. that will be trouble for her. and it feels like primary parties should be emot emote co. >> i don't know any more. kennedy: there is a lot more on the server than yoga routines and top-secret information it was also used by bill. how much is he sweating. >> he is out of the white house already. why does it take so long for hillary to turnover the server. what is she jared fogle. kennedy: a lot of political weight was holding her down, she turns it over, is she so incompetents she done see this coming from the -- she did not see this coming from the
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beginning. >> it is not incompetent but stonewall, stonewall. kennedy: is it controlling? >> they are not give -- she will not give an inch with handing over any information, that mayor may not hurt her, she learn that from whitewater investigation, you see that box that opened with bill cosby. so that -- bill clinton, but she said in march, there is nothing on this server. kennedy: i did not send or receive any classified information. >> get off my lawn. kennedy: this is not just political. not just chuck grassley saying, i bet there top-secret stuff on there. there is reason that inspector general september this to fbi -- sent this to the fbi, does this mean she is guilty, not in a court i of law, but in my eyes. >> when you go from g.o.p., to
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ig, and fbi they get you in trouble. but clintons have learned we don't play by the rules, we don't give things up, we don't get punished for it. >> top-secret is not a bootleg coffee of that delicious movie we were talking about. >> everyone wanted to date val kilmer. >> if i knew it was an old movie you said delicious and val kilmer in the same sentence, you have seen pictures of him lately, he is looking rough. kennedy: a marlon brando comparison. >>s or so -- orson wels is thin compared to val. kennedy: he feels the need for a nap. >> did not age well. kennedy: you know who has aged well. is that delightful bernie sanders, a new poll gives him a 7. lead over hillary clinton,
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and state known as new hampshire. and by the way that next door to his home state of vermont. and several hundred miles from common sense. america's favorite socialist went striking distance. now david, this is not the new she needs this week, last thing she needs to hear that bernie sanders has cat -- catapulted past her in lead in new hampshire. >> this is why hillary clinton must fear bernie sanders, his first name can be a verb. burn. burn baby burn. just think of opportunities with chants theme songs. >> people are confused, people in massachusets think that bernie sanders splayed center feel for the yankees. >> that man it move. kennedy: he retired.
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>> bernie sanders bless his bones, he promising so much that sounds so great like more entitlements and free college, what would he promise you to get his vote. >> to be quiet, shut his mouth, then i'll listen to him, shut up when you are talking to me. kennedy: that is hard to do, i would like to see it. >> if any president can deliver that. kennedy: speaking of president, we watch the candidates, who do you think obama wants to see in white house next in hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> i think he probably want to say himself, then elizabeth warren. i don't think hillary clinton is a preferred candidate. he is getting this term that would be channeled. kennedy: i thought juicey joe. >> come on, ripe for pickings.
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i think joe is watching this. >> he could pull it off. kennedy: i think gee is waiting -- joe is waiting for her to drop off, this might swallow hillary clinton whole. >> joe might know what is on the server. kennedy: joe is so nasty issue he probably put on the server. >> no is a mastermind. kennedy: he knows once that is made public. >> he can pull out in front. kennedy: she is as good as done. >> you think so? kennedy: i never would have said that but we have socialist, we have a reality star, and they both have an outstanding shot at being our next president. >> just one thing, 2000 these this time that year -- joe liker man was leading -- lieberman was leading in the poll.
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kennedy: he may get in the race, why not. >> we have donald trump on deck where a plan are in middle east that involves a lot of bombing and a lot of oil. go light oil on fire. we get to mind of pc college students and the judge, napolitano breaking down legal side of hillary's e-mail scandal and the server, state right here please, thank you.
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kennedy: welcome back. donald trump provided more clarity to his foreign policy. >> i say, i did not want to go there. but now, we take the oil, we should have kept the oil, we go in knock the hell out of them, take oil and take their wealth. they have so much money. kennedy: easy, why done anyone think of that? there are your specifics. my panel is back. >> wor we're doing it! kennedy: this just got real, take the oil keep it? >> i will give him this is more specific than some of his other
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plans. his first foray to subject with bill o'reilly. where he just said no one is bigger and better than military than i am. i think there is some merit to say, this is where they get their money, this is how we could take it. but there is a "south park" problem with step 1, step 2 question mark, step 3 success. kennedy: he is saying something that a lot of people believe. i never heard a presidential candidate echo what may late great grandmother used to say from her arm chair, saying why not take the oil, and kick theis at the same time.
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>> i am mad about it i'm going to take it. kennedy: do you think a person who is running for president should have a basic understanding of how government works. >> yep, in general, yes. but, this is the -- this is buford pesser for president, you try to have conversations with people who are fans of donald trump about it i end up making this face, whatever he said, it is big picture, not a lot of detail, china i'm cracking down, isis i'm going to bust some skulls take the oil, that easy. >> we deserve trump. kennedy: and say, kindly, if you go over you put a bunch of boots on the ground, you might not know where it ends. a lot of people will die, ours and theirs, and after that you
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still might not get oil, you don't really get to root problem of what creates islamic radical islam, and you don't get rid of that, even if you kill operating members of isis. >> we didn't appreciate the presidents we had, we deserve trump as a nation, i think so. kennedy: a man who has given up. >> we need to quit spanking it, we need to do better, not just president or vice president all of us! all of us. >> i am more hawkish than some, there are no easy answer, trump-style is easy and gratifying in bernie sanders style of -- >> i will take money from billionaires and build brings and put you through schools. >> free college, fix roads everyone -- you know, single payer healthcare for everyone. it is simple, right now it is
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working. >> you are right. i think that you know have you a gross over sim simplification wt is it that similar about these guys, there is a lot more their. >> this is a nation of dips or buy in like pregnancy nausea medicine from kim kardashian. >> i got some of that it worked. kennedy: if it balances on post earior there is no risk to the baby. >> we can work on that. >> see that is my line. kennedy: we'll discuss greatest political ad in history of mankind. >> i'm an independent candidate, and i'm here to fight for cana canada. kennedy: is college making
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students to whiney weaklings, stay tuned for that.
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kennedy: an article in the atlantic argues that college turns students to path lodgal thinkerring not a good thing who use, emotions rather than logic. embraces thinking, if i feel it, it must be true. greg went to college, and host of his show, and 5 all on the fox news channel. greg, one thing that article points out. is infantilization of young
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adults, they are helicopter parented, you go to a place where you are told to think, and you are told what to think in a horrible manner. >> a lot of college students are not prepared for this truth, it was good old days, that was it can't hurt, if it hurts it can't be true. kennedy: and it means have you aggressively used it in a way to itoinflict main on me. >> truth is now a hate crime, if i tell you a fact that hurts your feelings, you might be able to sue me. you have two children under the age of 10. kennedy: i do. >> this is good news for them,
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their competition later in life they will roll right over them. could think about how college used to prepare kids for life, it is opposite, that long word they are turning them into babies, if your children are not put through this process, they will crush them. they will be so successful, they go to job interviews they don't have to worry about competition, none of these people will go to a job interview because a job interview is scary, everything is scary anding cause pain. kennedy: everything has been tailored. it all sanitized with aid of a lot of parents, not all, there is a free range kids movement. >> thank god. >> they are tasty. kennedyyes.>> you mean kids. kennedy: yes. >> i went to ucla, ucla is turning into uc berkeley, in
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their microaggression guide it is microaggression on use the term color blind. >> how do you think i feel using word microaggression being a short person that is a microaggression. i personally. kennedy: a micro-micro agrekdz. aggression. >> this glass table is doing me no favors. kennedy: i can see your legs. >> problem with emotional reasoning, i got a debris in philosophy we learned about logic, and different fill pos philosophers, the way they
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interact with each other, my worry is, that so much of this fallacy is based on emotion and feeling we're getting rid of reason and rationality and logic, and even intuition. >> you know that is interesting. there used to be discourse that is someone with contrary belief or a set of facts that made your argument stronger. but now discourse is replaced with demand, people demand that you agree with them, if you don't, you are not allowed to talk back, you see this on right, you used to see on left, black lives matter for example, they storm bernie sanders, they demand to be heard. but they don't want a response. because that would be a discourse, they demand, you see that on the right, with a lot of trump fans, who are like, i don't care about any kind of factins or anything, i feel, on
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both sides, if you ari -- if you are a kro conservative you shoud condemn all emotion and argument. kennedy: you are better off as a society run biological people that use principles. >> stoc spock not kirk that is y motto and i don't even watch star trek. kennedy: i painted you as a paint ball fan. >> that made light of a serious topic. kennedy: my the schwartz be with you. >> coming up, if it gets too hot for you, don't get an air-conditioning unit, get a dog with a keen sense of problem solving. >> food and drug administration
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. kennedy: when dog days much summer make you sweat, cool down in a soft rain shower of news, topic one. >> college opportunities try not to go binge drinking before a paper is due, do not write to your professor, mr. martin, just letting you know -- you a -- and sorry that you are bald lol .
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>> also, i need too ask you for an extension on my paper, i'm really -- and will be sick tomorrow. love you. see you monday. good yard. patrick david son. teacher responded i appreciate your concern for my bald head, my wife likes it, i don't get paid enough to get hair implants on a side note what were you drinking last night, next time you e-mail me i would like a bottle of whatever you had so i don't have to remember what you said, good yard mr. martin. if you keep writing nonsense, like that, instead of actual work, you may have to run for congress. >> topic two. august and sweltering, but you don't have to move to alaska. one canine has come up with a great solution for the heat. check it out.
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smart dog. you will never see a cat fill up its own pool to swim in. at least not with water, maybe blood, i am teaching my dog to use a backhoe to dig up a pool for our yard. i still have a lot of faith in schnauzers. you should know that. topic three. to say kim kardashian is a huge an door knob, and dumb as a post is a insult to knobs and post. endorsing a morning sickness drug, food and drug administration sent kim's letter about not revealing potentially dangerous side affects of the drug, she posted my doctor
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prescribed me -- i felt a lot better, most personally it has been studied there is no increased risk to the baby. yeah. if you can get your medical advice from instragram, kim kardashian? you may want to think more about things like, decides to have children. why not get a dog to fill up your pool instead? it is better. topic 4. >> just when you thought it was safe to go on family vacation to australia go swimming in a seal costume, i know you love to do. aussies caught an 18 foot shark off their coast, 18 feet, a winnebago with teeth. >> we have not confirmed they are real, matthew said he caught the shark while trying to snag a six-foot long hammerhead but then bigger tiger shark appeared and ate the teeny hammerhead.
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it is a big shark when you use other hark sharks at bait, sharks are quite rare, sharks are more afraid of you know that you are of them, if you see one play dead, it will loosen rest, maybe swim away like this video from fish and wildlife service. >> you son of a [ bleep ] -- kennedy: funny love that one. i play it for my girls before bed it great, topic 5. here you go. we have note been able to step figurative foot in jenniffer jes wedding, no one was allowed to take pictures, no one is talking about it except for chattiest kato earth, who is the most honest so what do we learn from stern about the wedding the millennium. it was so miserable no one could
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use their cell phone listen. >> they took away my cell phone when i came, i was outraged, i said i want to call the driver to get the bloo bloo bleep blooe [ bleep ] out of here. >> he despised being crammed on to a tiny chair. >> his body, his abs his [ bleep ] i said look at him. i said, oh, my goodness. kennedy: there a direct correlation with happiness of marriage and termness of the groom's rump, may they enjoy many years. if you have any weird stories you would like to see on topical storm let me know. >> coming up. panel returns, donald trump was asked what super power he would
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want, and his answer is fantastic. later, the drip, drip, drip of hillary's e-mail scandals could be turning into a ocean of trouble. judge napolitano breaks down her legal mess, stay right here.
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kennedy: hey there, welcome back, welcome to you. sometimes politician make vague promises, and toss out stale platitudes, sometimes if we're lucky they appear to go on sci-fi acid trips like this guy running for office in canada. >> i am an independent candidate, i am here to fight for canada. >> university is too damn expensive. services like healthcare and social programs should be expanded not cut.
8:40 pm
the people are not protect by their own government. change is coming to canada, i am here to lead that charge, are you ready for the shift? i am. i am quit wyatt scott and i'm rg for parliament! 992 that is pure gold. this guy fights a dragon, melts an alien, and grows a beard. >> canadian right,. kennedy: right. >> what was that whole thing about. kennedy: i don't know, we say parliament, in canada they say -
8:41 pm
par-lee-ia-ment. >> i can hear crickets. why don't more politician in u.s. use cg it would be great. >> i would love to be entertained. i like the beard sound effect, and everyone thinks they are running their own campaign, but the internet is running yours. this guy will get more press. kennedy: stabbing the dragon in the head. at least someone is fighting for canada. >> am i allowed to vote for him. >> i didn't know they had drab dragons in canada. kennedy: i think you can get duel citizenship on-line. put that in your cart at flew be >> you would vote for that dude but not trump. >> it is getting tense here.
8:42 pm
>> i want to know the issues! kennedy: she is not going to be affected for his policies and lawmaker. >> unlike star wars "game of thrones" he was covering his bases. >> he is wearing an awful shirt. >> it is canada not italy. kennedy: a rapi rapid fire qaa h facebook are you ready. miley cyrus or taylor swift, taylor swift. what historical figure would you most like to have dinner with, reagan, pet peeve, my hair. watergate or deflate gate. >> -- well we'll go with tom brady, if you could have one
8:43 pm
super power what would be it in keep my own brain. kennedy: one button there is goes. keep my own brain. as in marvels super hero, keep your own brain man. you have two choices give me super power you would like to have or one you think that donald trump should have. >> speaking of being entertained, donald trump is doing that. he is a mast irnegotiator, i am hearing from him, is that his brain is already a super power, that it was message we got, he has left a super power on the table. which is inexcusable for a master negotiator, i think teleport. kennedy: that would be fantastic. did you see "fantastic 4". >> i have not. kennedy: it is horrible but all about teleportation. having said that, what super
8:44 pm
power would you choose for yourself or the donald. >> i am a good debater, i would say a master debater. kennedy: that sounds about right for you. >> camera 2! >> right there. >> my soup -- this i can't even begin to understand what donald trump was talking about. would be what everyone's ability to eat anything and never gain a pound, fried chicken and coconut cake or drink bourbon and not barf . kennedy: problem is if you follow-up the chicken and coconut cake with bauer bu but e setting yourself up.
8:45 pm
>> that is why i have long hair, something for my friends to hold on to. >> that is how you should judge a presidential candidate, will they hold your hair for you. >> i am more of a hair puller than holder. >> we figured that out. kennedy: i would -- keep donald trump's hairspray on my desk. >> why would they think they would' to take his brain. kennedy: it is such a super power he would keep it, just saying. >> a cape on my brain. un. >> unless me knows about a foreign policy threat we don't know about they would steal his train. kennedy: you have to trust him then he will reveal it. i love it. >> very -- nancy pelosi -- pelosean .
8:46 pm
>> what is she up to? >> i don't know. maybe she will throw her hat in the ring. >> a girl can dream. >> after this what is lurking in hillary clinton's government e-mails, what does that mean for hear legally? judge napolitano will appear through the fire wall to tell what is going on, next. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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kennedy: welcome back, hillary clinton agreed to turnover her e-mail server to fbi. grassley deemed two of her e-mail contained top-secret content, judge andrew napolitano said that general petraeus was kin vick for far less --
8:50 pm
convicted for far less, and things are far from over mr. mrs. clinton, here is the judge, there is a lot of new information, that could affect not only election but you know her future. >> she has 85,000 e-mails she said she destroyed 33,000, and turned remainder over to state department, first group of 40 out of 85 thousand to inspector general, to look at before public, he randomly sampled 40, found 4 that had classified information two of those four were top-secret. kennedy: what does this mean? >> it means that there is material in those e-mails which if revealed to the public, could gravely harm the national security. i am quoting the statute. kennedy: a tiny sampling.
8:51 pm
>> general petraeus' information of confidential. kennedy: that is lowest. >> he was indicted and convicted, hers is top-secret that is most serious, highest level of security. kennedy: is her lawyer been carrying top-secret information in a thumb drive? >> in three. state department told him he could because he told them how he was ser curing it fbi say said, the custodian of this, lawyer and person who runs safe, none of them have a national security clearance, fbi went to place he said he was storying it said give it to us. he did. thens same thing with her server. kennedy: why did she turn it over. >> if she had resisted, it would have been politically humiliating, wouldn't it was clear that information was top-secret no lawful
8:52 pm
justification for her to have kept it. kennedy: she did that to save face, is it more serious than you previously thought. >> yes, i would describe her legal situation now as grave. that is how serious this is. the idea that a prosecutor appointed by a democratic president is a democrat, and will not indict another democrat, holds water in some areas, i don't think it holes hs water with top-secret national security clearance, we now have reached a points, why this will be investigated, by most serious, political team a -- apolitical team that fbi has. justice department has people in the justice department who are impervious to politics when you get to something this serious.
8:53 pm
kennedy: that is how the law should work. >> justice department for most part is devoted to rule of law not rule of political wim of -- >> that is why we took it out of political circus, take us through timeline, how long would this take in relation to the election and. >> i am smiling there is no timeline. i don't think that fbi would release a report or send a recommendation to justice department with eye on new hampshire primary or iowa caucus. that would be wrong. they will do it in prudence and efficient fashion, they do not know who else is involved, they do not know gravity of the national security rhetts -- secrets this she failed to keep secure, they have to lack at that, recommend to justice department, if they should be indicted or they can't prove a criminal case.
8:54 pm
could she be indicted? absolutely. when? no one knows. statute of limitation is 5 years, started to run from day he is left offers. >> okay. >> there is another 2 1/2 years too. >> kennedy: interesting how it unraveling thank you so much. >> you're welcome. kennedy: thank you. >> coming up, your love mail, your hate mail ! your bizarre opinion. your mail is next, stay here.
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kennedy: like opening a fortune cook to find a handful of your darket secrets.
8:58 pm
>> landers, someone once told me a libertarian is nothing more than a republican who smokes weed and supports gay marriage, is that true. i support anyone who does not vote democrat. much more fun to do that supportive work. at a gay wedding when you arey high, michael likes hard hitting news, i am glad you taken rift in this campaign. versus yours usual videos of dogs bumping into walls. >> in the dog's defense he was cute. >> carl, your statement about hillary countering bern we powerful easy listening music cracked me up, you are the best satirist on the planet, now, some folks touch on the days of ken dalia past. >> i remember you from mtv days, you are still quirky have not changed in my opinion have you the best political commentary. >> that is right, baby.
8:59 pm
>> steph, i have not seep you since i was a kid, mtv plays music, love the show keep up good work. >> thank you. >> ashley hall with a slightly different opinion. she wrotes, kennedy, you are not talking to a bunch of mt-v freaks we're a bunch of educated people that see politics view. so go away. all right sweetness, i'll go away when you learn -- you go to college. >> lastly, when you became a libertarian, why didn't you change your name to hitler? well guess what, the night is young. don't forget, you can watch all new episode of kennedy or is it italhitler next week you have to wait and see. on fox business network.
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you can e-mail any time. thank you for watching the show, really, thank you. good night. now now. >> a farmer with a unusual hobby, a huge collection. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors, buzz that make youic centric? >> he spent a lifetime and a pretty penny amassing it. jamie: a treasure trove of valuable americana or a heard of white elephants. >> dad, you are running out of room. where are you going to put them all


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