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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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david: not an accountant. another slew of irs emails, which lois lerner says, i'm quoting, that the gop is dishonest and evil. melissa: helping hand or holding people down? presidential candidate ben carson raises the question what is really behind social welfare programs in our country. charles payne weighs in. [closing bell ringing] david: closing bells sound on wall street, up and down day. the dow is up. other indices are down. nasdaq is down about .21%. oil is the biggest loser today. into the $42 range, down another buck 09. 2 1/2% fall for oil. there is big questions whether the world is going to continue to grow or whether it is going to slow down along with china. melissa: while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know now. americans are now spending more -- sending more money to washington than ever before in history. federal tax revenues this year hitting a record high.
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$2.6 trillion. that equals nearly $18,000s for every worker, everyone with a job. washington is still managing to outspend that! make it stop. with me, scott martin of united advisors. katie pavlich, they're fox news contributors. john tamny, forbes political economy editor and real clear markets editor. thanks to all three of you for joining us. john, it is so amazing to me. they're taking more money than ever in history even adjust it for inflation however you look at numbers and still spending more than history. all of this money, where is it coming from? half of it is from the regular ordinary taxpayer, you and me. what is impact of that? >> this is good news because it signals to economic growth. melissa: let me stop you right there. there is no good news in there about the government spending more money than they're taking in. incurring more debt. let you start again. let you start again, john, go
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ahead. >> the obvious bad news is when government spends, we have john boehner and nancy pelosi allocating the economy's capital rather than warren buffett and jeff bezos. even worse, the programs they devise never end. they last forever. it's a luge weight on economic growth. >> ended well there. good job. katie, the deficit, they ended up spending a half a trillion dollars more than they brought in and where you look where the money goes it is mostly redistribution. social security, medicare, government programs, food stamps unemployment. it is transfer payments. does that make sense? >> it is transfer payments, administration and obama administration and administrations prior say we cut deficit by x-amount. that doesn't mean still good thing we're spending more than we're taking in. one of the things talking about the grandiose idea of bost spending more tax money than ever who is paying money than
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ever that the government is spending. top 2% pay 68% of the all taxes. those are same people, politicians, those running for public office, want to take even more money from. you have to ask the question, what are we getting from our money when it goes to washington? also on the idea of social security and medicare and medicaid, look those are programs that need to be reformed but no one wants to touch them. melissa: no one wants to do it because it is too dangerous. a lot of people out there, your head is spinning. you're frustrated about these numbers. you don't want to hear anymore because it is disconcerting. the reason it matters we're borrowing money from china order to continue payments going. in order to spend more than we're taking in. look at china, it is slowing down, is there danger ahead, scott? >> well china is not only one. i read the story today about tax collections, okay, no wonder the u.s. economy is slowing down because guess what, sports fans, it is. you have to just back in history to look at reagan's term, even,
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gosh, bill clinton's term to see what tax cuts actually do for the economy, john. they promote economic growth. the reason that tax receipts are up, guys because taxes have gone up both on state, local and federal level. that is not good. so you have to change that. learn from history to get economic growth going. melissa: john is that true? do you agree with that? >> i would just make the point, in fact when reagan cut taxes revenues actually rose. the bigger point, to me, all government spending is deficit spending. government has no resources. it can only spend what it he can tracks from the real economy first. melissa: right. >> so i i don't, like to focus on deficits. i like to focus on how much government is spending on annual basis. it represents all the microsoft, intels, heart disease cures, all the things we're not achieving because of size of government. melissa: amen, my brother. finished very strong there. i liked that. thanks to all three of you. david. david: here is what might happen if we don't fix things here. protesters again taking to
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streets in greece. look at live shots of athens. the crowds are protesting an emergency parliament meeting on new austerity measures to secure a third, yes a third bailout. as you see, this is not live. this is little bit earlier again. seven hours ahead of us. greece's parliament expected to vote next hour on terms of a bailout package worth $93 billion. greece and lenders agreed on in principle. the deal will help athens avert bankruptcy and keep it in the eurozone for the moment. meanwhile officials are still looking for the cause the deadly explosions in a port city in china. these dramatic pictures from yesterday, rescue workers continue to dig through rubble looking for survivors. wow. the chinese officials which at first were kind of down playing the thing say at least 50 people were killed, hundreds hospitalized after explosions ripped through the warehouse in the city of tianjin. the warehouse contained
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extremely flammable chemicals. there is concern for serious air contamination and groundwater pollution. this is a look at some of today's biggest stock movers. shares of yahoo! following six 1/2% following upgrade. sanford bernstein raising it is rating to outperform citing significant up side potential. go pro-getting a boost up 6%, when cohen began stock with outperform rating, $76 price target. that is 36% up side from the current price. shares of kohl's going in opposite direction. they reported second lower same-store sales for second straight quarter. tax-free holidays delayed led to later back to school shopping. melissa: hillary clinton's email server she used while secretary of state we learned the contents
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of the server are quote, blank. blake best of your memory manner, what is the latest. >> according to hillary clinton's attorney. clinton's private server was happened over to the department of justice yesterday. the attorney representing plat river networks, i.t. firm that housed server since 2013, that attorney told "the washington post," that the server was quote, blank. fbi investigation centers around security of email system clinton used while secretary of state. clinton handed over some 30,000 emails to the state department. but she also says she erased emails she deemed as private and not government property. one expert we spoke with said, should the fbi want to fully examine that server to see what possibly what information could be retrieved, they could, but assertion according to this expert it is currently blank, well that just makes it tougher. >> it would make it more difficult. it would make it more timely process. again you physically shred or
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physically incinerate the server there will be some investigative value. >> as for the emails, disagreements between part of the intelligence community, clinton and state department continue regarding four specific emails that passed through that server. the intelligence community inspector general says they were classified at the time. two of which were top secret. now despite the ig being an independent watchdog, the state department and the clinton campaign continue to claim, clinton did not email material that was classified at the time. melissa. melissa: yeah. blake, of course not. thank you so much. i can't believe that server wasn't run over by a truck or semi or bottom of the lake. i never thought we would see the physical server. david: we have an nsa official who knows secrets better than anybody coming up later this hour telling us what exactly could have been in some of those emails and whether it is illegal to send them out over private server.
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meanwhile did the epa, get this, intentionally spill 3 million gallons of toxic sludge, to get superfund money. melissa: what? david: we will ask former epa general counsel about this. you won't believe this. melissa: candidates visiting the iowa state fair. 10 days, a million people. one big giant soapbox. david: i'll say. a lot of good food. los angeles, california, trying to succeed where boston could not. ♪ ♪
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melissa: the water crisis that the environmental protection agency caused could pose a long term public health risk. that is from the secretary of new mexico's environment department. three million gallons of toxic sludge dumped into the animas river, turning it mustard yellow. you've seen those disgusting pictures. the river water is largely clear again, thank goodness as scientists say lead, arsenic,
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other heavy metals settled at bottom. fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in l.a. jonathan the head of epa is touring the area again today. to what effect? >> reporter: essentially an apology tour, melissa. gina mccarthy is the head of the epa she says everybody at the agency is deeply upset. everybody is deeply sorry. everybody is heartbroken. she said those things in colorado yesterday and today she was saying them again in new mexico. listen here. >> nobody being wants to do this the right way better than we do. no agency could be more upset about the happening. i can not tell you how heartbreaking it is a good word, i think that this actually occurred. >> reporter: ms. mccarthy said an epa investigation is already underway. she said there will also be an independent investigation. she herself will brief the
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president on what the epa is doing when she returns to washington tomorrow. meantime those who make their livelihoods on or around the animas river are counting the cost. millions of dollars in economic damages to rafting companies for instance, but also perhaps most of all to many native-american farmers who farm a large amount of land alongside the animas river. now gina mccarthy at the epa says the quality of the water is returning to what she called, pre--event levels. state officials though are clearly more skeptical. listen here. >> damage sometimes doesn't show up for months or even years. and when it comes to heavy metals in water, like copper and lead, arsenic and mercury, those metals settle into the sediment along a river. >> reporter: and as well as the economic costs to businesses,
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melissa, there is also the small matter the $100 million, estimated so far in cleanup costs. a very, very expensive mistake by the epa. melissa? melissa: terrible, jonathan, thank you so much for that report. david. david: the epa and obama administration are claiming that the contaminant levels in the animas river actually dropped to pre-spill levels after epa contractors unleashed millions of gallons of poisonous wastewater into the river over weekend. is the epa underplaying long-term damage to ward off long-term damage to their own future? joining, me larkin, former epa special agent in charge. paul, there is a theory out there, and it has been given widespread attention today, that the release of the by the epa was a ploy to get superfund money. this comes from a geologist who lives in silver ton, colorado, where the mine was and the mine is. he wrote a letter to a local
4:16 pm
paper a week before the accident happened. let's just read that letter. within seven days, he says, all of the flow will return to cement creek. contamination may actually increase. the grand experiment in my opinion will fail. then the epa will say, gee, plan a didn't work. i guess we'll have to build a treatment plant at a cost to taxpayers of 100 to $500 million. what he is suggesting a spill would do two things. one, it would release a lot of superfund money and two, shut down gold mines in colorado which is something the obama administration wanted to do for a long time. what do you think? >> i don't think that that is likely to be the case. that is a serious allegation, the allegation that the epa intentionally polluted river. david: that sure is. >> i would like to know what evidence is that the person has. david: excuse my for interrupting, paul, but it is interesting it happened, just a week before the spill. so i mean it did seem to predict
4:17 pm
the spill was coming. >> there are millions of each day of predictions that people make. the fact that one of them turns out to be true doesn't mean it is factually justified. david: all right. i just, i have to get to the epa, whether or not they're down playing risks or not. they say contaminant levels have dropped to pre-spill levels. you heard locals saying look, with arsenic and mercury you can't be sure it hasn't sunk into the sediment and will cause problems later on. what do you think? >> i think latter is more likely to be the case. what the epa is probably talking about the level of pollution at the upper levels of the stream are now the same or loyer than what they were before the incident. but the pollution in the river, if there is anything that has settled out, is clearly going to be much greater than it was before. david: so long term what is the responsibility of the epa? are the various lawsuits which we know are coming, are they going to sick to the epa or not?
4:18 pm
>> well, we'll find out based on whatever investigations turn out. the interesting question however, is whether any of these investigations will be criminal. the epa has brought criminal visions against private patients for negligent activity. and it seems to me unless the epa bringing one here, it will show favoritism towards its own employees. david: very interesting stuff. paul larkin, thanks for being with us. melissa. melissa: oil prices ending at a six-year low tumbling below $42 a barrel for the first time since march of 2009. phil flynn, price futures group and fox business contributor is standing by at cme in chicago. phil, my friend, this is amazing breakdown. we did go below 42. it is interesting to note that we didn't close below there. what do you think the story is going forward? >> i think that is a very interesting point. listen, the bulls are losing the war but they won a small battle
4:19 pm
today by closing above 42 because that was the number we hit earlier in the year of the we rallied off that number over $20 a barrel and now we're retesting it. there is a small battle, a lot going on. the big concern is concerns about demand right now. earlier in the year we rallied because demand expectations were being blown away. we're using more oil than anybody thought possible. but now there is a concern with the concerns about a slowdown in china, you know, problems again in europe. and increasings supplies from iran. we'll have a never ending glut. so we really have a battle going on. right now market looks weak. melissa: let me ask you about gas prices. as we see oil going down we're seeing gas prices surge in the midwest. what is going on with that? >> bp refinery is going down. it is one of the big units in the country. it is really hampering bp's output. we're losing anywhere from seven
4:20 pm
million to eight million gallons of gasoline a day in the midwest while the refinery is being shut down. we're hearing it could be shut down more than a month. melissa: wow. phil flynn, thank you so much for that report. appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: brand new he details about the woman at the head of the irs targeting scandal. next we'll tell you who she is calling evil and what is next for lois lerner. plus the most anticipated movie of the weekend, "straight outta compton," attracting most unlikely fans, all thanks to brilliant marketing campaign taking over social media. heck, we even decided to get in on the fun. more coming up straight outta the bell. david: i like it. ♪ hi.
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david: new developments in the irs targeting scandal. congressional investigators release emails from lois lerner, former director of the tax-exempt division. fox news's james rosen joins with us he details. this gives us insight into what she was thinking, lois lerner, right? >> reporter: absolutely, david. good afternoon from the bottomless well of lois lerner's email archive come fresh indications hostility that the former irs firm harbored towards conservatives. you will recall that from emails related a year ago we already learned that lerner, formerly head of irs division that reviews organizations applications for tax except status regarded republican as crazies and used expletive ending in holes to describe them. in latest batch released by senate investigators, lerner can be assailing gop house members as quote, evil and dishonest. she complains to a friend shortly before resigning from irs, the tea party decided this is a wonderful fund-raising
4:25 pm
event for them so they keep trying to keep it arrive thousand nothing corroborating their version of the house asked for my home emails, according to their letter they now believe i was breaking federal records act doing government business from a private computer. not so, lerner said. all record i worked on were from irs computer around sent back again. the senate finance committee concluded more conservative than liberal groups received undue scrutiny by learn ear es division, but committee republican and democratic staff party lines were split whether targeting was politically motivated. david: there are conflicting accounts what actually happened at irs, right? >> reporter: indeed the senate report offers another example of that. irs officials claimed to destroy a large volume of records in this case. precise certainly what happens eludes investigators. committee concluded lerner became aware of tea party applications for tax-exempt status in early 2010. that finding undercuts lerner's insistence.
4:26 pm
in draft documents including in the appendix of the senate report she didn't become aware activity until june 2011. david: thank you very much, james rosen. >> reporter: thank you, david. melissa: attorneys general from 15 states filing a petition to stop epa rules for power plants. requires power plants to cut car been emissions by2% by 2030. these 15 states want to push back deadline for submitting compliance plans to epa. stay tuned to that one. few other stories on the our radar, officials look into the cause of a ceiling collapse in a minneapolis nightclub last night that sent three people to the hospital. a 30 by 30-foot section of the ceiling fell during the concert by a canadian band, theory of a dead man. a truck bomb rips through a popular baghdad market killing
4:27 pm
at least 67 people in predominantly shiite neighborhood. it is one of the the the deadlit blasts in the iraqi capital in years. isis of course claiming responsibility and vowed more attacks. boston may have said no way but los angeles is the grewing the 2024 summer olympics with open arms. the olympic committee says it is quote, very, very optimistic about naming l.a. as an official candidate in the next few weeks. good luck to them. there you go. david: go for it. they don't worry about the expense. just go for it. melissa: who cares about traffic. it will be great. no one cares. david: get ready to keep slow jamming the news. jimmy fallon is sticking with the network that made him famous. melissa: plus the state of dependency, presidential candidate ben carson, on how social welfare programs are doing more harm than good. charles payne is here to sound off as well. that is coming up next. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good?
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everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. visit today. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. >> i believe being compassionate to the poor where they can climb the ladder of society not patting them on the head not keeping them in subjection. trish: i think he was saying subrogation. those are strong words there from ben carson. charging the social welfare is far from the hand, is actually a lot more nefarious. here now is charles payne, that was a great interview on your show. >> thank you very much.
4:32 pm
>> . trish: caught my attention, that's why i wanted you to be here today. i'm frightened to get near it because people talk about this, you get yourself in real trouble. talking about the difference between when you have social welfare programs, food stamps, on the extreme left, they would say this is a helping hand, a safety net for people who are down on their luck. that's what they believe. people in the middle, you hear bill o'reilly saying it, you're buying boats. and then there's something even more nefarious rumble people like ben carson saying this is about keeping people down. >> right. trish: that they get used to taking a handout so that they don't pull themself up and it's a plot to keep people subject gated, do you believe that. >> let me give you an example. when i grew up fill harlem, you have people in your building, let's say two people
4:33 pm
in your building, both have two kids, one gets the kids up for ready, gets them ford school, gets them clothed, out of the house, and works at a very minimal job, let's say slightly below minimum wage, gets home and gets them home from school. and the other one doesn't do that, doesn't work, they live in the same clothes, in the same building, and who is going to be motivated to make a move. trish: do you think it's a plot for people in the left in power to keep low income and enlargement minority people down. >> i take it a step. trish: what were you evidence? >> because it's worked. you get to a tipping point in everything where even people with their own children have a point where they say "no" because they know if they keep saying "yes," they're going to be spoiled, unmotivated, have an entitlement mentality. you get to a point where you say "no." you start to dial back and you say, you know, chicago, they
4:34 pm
have a new program, you have low-income people a bicycle for $5 a year. if you keep giving me stuff for $5, i will never get outfit sofa and at some point you are intelligent enough to know that. why don't i don't think you're naïve. i think there are people who believe it's a good thing but ultimately those who control the power, those who have the power, make these kinds of decisions. but here's the thing. and i talk about this all the time. a lot of this goes back to fdr, you know, when this all kind of came to life. he had four freedoms, worship, freedom of, you know, security, those kinds of things. he had four famous freedoms. one was called freedom for. and ther there is a belief that somehow government is supposed to take away our freedom of what? like, we should not want anything as people. now, that's not necessarily designed to keep us down. there are people who believe that's the government's job. but what motivates us? when you want that dress, you work for that dress. trish: yeah.
4:35 pm
so how do we turn this around in our country right now? does it take someone like ben carson who is of color and saying, look, you're being held down. because when people on the right say you have to keep these programs and they say you don't care about people. >> i gave a speech a little bit after the last election and when i went to the podium, i had a chocolate bar that was left on my pillow, and i said, hey, did anybody get one of these chocolate bars? and everyone said, yeah, and i was, like, it's funny because these rooms cost $500 a night and these chocolates cost a buck so when you tell people they're moochers and you write off $30,000 a year on your mortgage deduction, it's a bad look. survivor to be able to articulate to people and ultimately what you're saying to people i know you can be better. i know you can do better and god gave you gifts.
4:36 pm
how about if you bring those out, it might be tough but bring those out and live a life so much better than a $5 bicycle. trish: yeah. charles, thank you so much. >> you've got it. thanks. trish: be sure to watch making money, 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight right here on fox business. thank you. >> not only does he make money we makes a lot of commence. meanwhile a parade of presidential candidates are eating their way through the iowa state fracture getting up to thousands of crucial iowa voters. carl cameron is at the fair, you've been doing your own amount of eating; right? >> gorging sank better way to put it. i've had breakfast, like, three times, lunch a couple of times and we'll do dinner probably until 1:00 in the morning. there's a lot of food here, an awful lot of politics and a lot of people, it's a ten-day fair, and there will be 18 presidential want to bees, and
4:37 pm
here in iowa the latest poll shows that it's not even close. mike huckabee was the first guy to get here today. he walked the way on east grand avenue as it goes up the hill there, about halfway up the hill is what's called the soapbox. every candidate goes there, they get on a bail of hay and talk politics for 20 minutes and take questions from the crowds. this is no republican rally, it's a state fair so there's always hecklers. huckabee makes the argument that you've got to reach out and talk to people where there will only be about 120,000 people who will take part. that's about a day's attendance here in the fair. he wants to reach all of them. >> there is a place where people build on relationships and, you know, they don't suffer fools well. so if you come in and you try to pretend something you're not, people see right through it. they know who is authentic and who's a phony.
4:38 pm
>> aught enadvertisity versus phony, the polls show that donald trump, who has run for president before on the reform party years ago been thinking about it since '88 is dominant in new hampshire -- excuse me in iowa, even in 20s in the polls, no other candidate is. the only candidate in the teens now is ben carson, the only candidate in the teens and scott walker has been bumped out of first place. he's now down in the single digits, effectively in a statistical tie with the entire field, a 4% margin of error, so that's really four points plus or minus and they are all bunched together. carly fiorina has been surged into a tie with mike huckabee here in iowa, he's the man who won in 2008, he skipped the 2012 race, though, he did come to the fair then. this is his third time. he's already munched and headed on to shake more hands.
4:39 pm
we'll send it back to you in new york. >> somehow i can't see donald trump eating a corn dog. trish: i bet we will. somewhere along the way he's going to have to do it. with the hair and the suit and the whole thing. >> we'll wait and see. trish: all right. it's not just bernie sanders catching up to hillary, the e-mail fall out is quote a blank computer receiver. and lefties on the right are saying four of the past five presidents have in common and why they're celebrating today we live in a world of mobile technology,
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trish: breaking news right now. more on the story that we brought you earlier. states having their say against president obama's clean power plan. here with more is fox business ashley webster, ashley. >> yeah. 15 states now, melissa, filing in a dc court, essentially block the epa's emissions plans saying we need more time and we need that deadline to file a compliance plan, push back. this is one way of trying to
4:43 pm
delay this plan. let's not forget that our house speaker john boehner called this plan an expensive insult to americans who are struggling to make ends meet. now, the plan calls for 32% emissions cut by the year 2030 as compared to the levels from 2005. states say it's simply not possible and bottom line is the electronic bills for many people across the country will go up as a result of this cut back in carbon emissions and of course another death nail for the industry. so states hitting back where you expect more suits to be filed, melissa, and david, in the coming days and weeks. >> ashley, thank you so much for that report. >> meanwhile back to politics. hillary clinton's e-mail server is in the hands of authorities and now we are learning the top secret mar markings on some of those e-mails may have been altered. counterintelligence officer and democratic strategist julian epstein. good to see you all.
4:44 pm
john, first to you, you're the expert in secrets. so i want to ask you specifically about whether classified information actually passed through hillary's server, do you know if it did? >> that's the report three days ago sent to congress that there were several e-mails with highly classified information which we now know went through hillary's server . >> if, in fact, the destination of top secret was changed, the question is did state -- does the state department have any authority to change that classification on its own? >> absolutely unambiguously not. the secretary of state may downgrade or declassify state department investigation but no one has authority coming from the intelligence committee does. >> and this involves hillary clinton. is there any way that a competent secretary of state could not have known that the material passing through her private server was classified?
4:45 pm
>> it's hard to see how. i think what is most likely is one of her staffers definitely knew it was highly classified and passed it on unclassified anyway. >> so, julie, putting the best face on all of this, nothing was done intentionally, nothing was wiped, which is a possibility, but doesn't all of this show a lack of judgment or competence in setting a foreign policy from the secretary of state? >> i think it was very bad judgment to use the private e-mail and the private server exclusively for her official business. i think she has even admitted that. but i think just to put some more facts on the table here, all of the facts as we know it would indicate that she never herself sent any classified information. that the information, the e-mails that she received didn't have any markings of classification at that time. they may have -- consequently designated as classified and at least in terms of the legal
4:46 pm
issue, the legal issue requires that she would have intentionally moved classified information to a unsecured area. >> yes. but, the whole question gets to her competence and -- we don't have much time, forgive me. noel, what does at us about secretary of state who doesn't recognize counterintelligence information when she sees it? >> well, you know, in march she bragged that she understood the policy about class -- you know, classified information. and, you know, it's a law to not have -- you cannot have classified information a nondisclosed place just and general about what happens when you do that. but you know what i love about the clintons is they always say there's nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see, no wrongdoing. >> the question is again, we have to move on, but we will see the intel officials now telling the state department they want to see every one of
4:47 pm
those 30,000 e-mails, down the you think they will eventually? >> eventually they will, and i have no doubt about that. let me clarify one issue. anyone who removed proper classification marking from this committed a felony. second of all anyone who has received top secret clearances has a legal obligation to report to appropriate authorities when they're aware that there has been spillage into an unclassified network. someone clearly did not do that here. who was that person? >> thank you very much. that question probably will be answered at some point. john, nick, julia, good to see you all. >> thank you. >> traveling just got a little bit longer in a good way though. the flight that's making waves around the world. and mainstream, the anticipation for one of the hottest movies of the year. we're going inside the big dollars behind straight out of compton. next you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges.
4:48 pm
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go long™. ♪ . >> whether it's on wall street ore main street, here's who is making money today. jimmy fallon, nbc gave a six-year contract extension keeping him the star of the tonight show through the fall of 2021. emirates, the airline announced today they're going to begin daily round trip flights between due bay and panama city. the 17 hour, flight is going to be the longest flight anywhere in the world and also emirates first destination in central america. and beer becoming the breakfast of champions. that's right. wheaties has come up with a beer called wheaties.
4:52 pm
there's no word yet on if there will be any athletes on the wheaties. >> from straight out of touch to straight out of compton to the mainstream. intouch weekly and scott is back as well. bruce, i'm going to start with you. this is pretty funny. i mean i thought i was one of the only people that still remembered it was into nwa, this thing is taking over all over the place, and the campaign right now is what? 4million people have sent the blanket straight out of something, marketing genius? >> melissa, please, it rinds me of seven words you can't say on toxicology he. no one will say what the n in nwa is and the f in f cops is. this is perfectly timed marketing genius. >> it's f the police, by the way. kim, let me ask you. i am how big of a hit is this movie going to be?
4:53 pm
it's not a true movie. it is about, you know, a rap gang band from when i was in high school you know what i mean? it's -- i'm not old but, you know. not exactly right about now. how popular is this going to be? >> yeah. just looking at the memes that are on instagram and twitter, if you've been on social media in the past week, you've seen this everywhere, and not think people harp alive in the '80s, i've seen people posting pictures of their pets with straight out of hashtag, there lots of dogs and cats will. and celebrities are doing it and it's going past the demographic that you think would be for this, but i think it's appealing to a lot of people really wide, wide audience. people interested in music. >> and we're tuning right there on the screen. we just instantly made the whole marketing campaign wildly uncool. scott martin, let me ask you. do you think this has mass market appeal?
4:54 pm
are you going to see this movie and are you surprised that they spent the most on television advertising this movie versus any other movie this week? more than "fantastic four," straight out of compton spent $5.2 million this week on ads on tv. >> yeah. just think about it. you probably saw it in the last month or two. they advertised way out of school. they're talented, don't let the suit fool you, melissa, i even listened to those buys go back in the day. but the problem is i can't name any favorite songs because you can't say the words on tv. >> that's what made them cool, i was the blond girl in the car with the gangster rap blaring. kim, are these guys still cool? are people responding -- you're our cool l.a. enstyle, intouch person, what's the deal? still cool?
4:55 pm
>> yeah. i think they are. and there's a new audience of people who are being introduced to it, and obviously there's the issue that it's relevant to what's going on in the world today. so even these people who weren't suburban teenagers listening to this group in the '80s and the '90s are learning about the microscope, learning about the relevance, learning who they are, and then when you have ice could you be have his son play himself, and also dr. dre and beats, no matter what age you are, you know about this. >> we'll see you at the movie theater. thanks, guys. >> i'm going to have to ask me daughter. i don't know. i've lost touch with coolness. >> he's too young. >> coming up next. oprah, obama, and bill gates all have something in common. what could it possibly be? here's a hint (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour.
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
. >> okay, here it is, it's a little spooky. today is international left-hander's day.
4:59 pm
>> who knew? >> we celebrate the 10% that is left-handed. however, you may not have known, half of the past 12 presidents since world war ii have been lefties. >> what? >> they're all over. >> and folks like oprah winfrey, bill gates, scott martin and brewster kel are lefties, they are back with us. scott, some are calling this a left-handed conspiracy. i think you guys are just from mars, that's what it is, right? >> i think we deserve it after being oppressed and grossly inconvenienced by the right-hand stickers, can openers, the note books, i'm going to enjoy it. >> six of the past 12 presidents since world war ii have been left-handers, it's only 10% of the population, what's going on? >> the world domination left-handers breakfast. i'm worried now the word is out. we're keeping it subrosa.
5:00 pm
>> left-handed people are supposed to be more creative. you are creative people. >> i like them even more new. >> get a hold of yourself there. >> we may have given you, too much. have you today. >> it's about time. >> happy lefties day to both of you. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: there are reports that the death toll from china's tianjin warehouse explosion is rising to 50 people. more than 700 people have been injured. two massive explosions ripping through one of the world's busiest port cities. residents posting photos on a local media site similar to twitter. users are finding posts relating to the disaster have disappeared. others note the number of


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