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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an email or go to our website. "strange you can't watch the show dvr it now lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, intelligence expert flagging more than 300 -- excuse me. 300 e-mails from hillary clinton's personal e-mail account as potentially containing classified information. the new figures suggestion by the time officials finish scouring through roughly 30,000 e-mails, mrs. clinton turned into the state department last year, some 1500 of them will contain national security rhetts, yet hillary clinton trying to deliver jokes on campaign trail. about the scandal that is crushing her campaign. even as bob woodward draws comparisons to watergate. we'll take that up with
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republican strategist karl rove here in moments, also, new polls show donald trump continues to dominate, the republican presidential field. while establishment favorites like governor jeb bush, and scott walker and mark struck eling -- marco rubio are struggling tstruggle gain tract. >> and obama administration sending a warning to china over its use of secret agents on u.s. soil, is there any sign this administration might do more than talk? or will the president follow his usual pattern? two leading national security experts take up the issue. >> top story, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, intelligence expert raise the number of e-mails that contain classified information to more than 300, she tries to make light of her
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violation of federal laws on campaign trail. >> by the way, you may have seen that i launched a snapchat account. i love it, those messages disappear all by themselves. >> not only was that awkward, and tasteless, but veteran reporter bob woodward now says that scan bal reminds him -- scandal reminds him of watergate and president nixon's atermed cover-up that led to his down fall. >> nixon would say, eyeah, it was fine, it looked good, he didn't remember the bad stuff. and that is human nature, we don't remember the bad stuff. and 60,000 e-mails. >> if things have been erased there is a way to go back to who
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originated these e-mails or received them from hillary clinton. you have a massive aim of data, in a way reminds me of nixon tapes. lou: one of the big questions tonight circumstance whether the former secretary of state, is receiving very special treatment from the obama justice department, some critics say there is no doubt this dodge administration is applying dub ale standard to mrs. clinton's conduct. catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: when former cia director david petraeus was prosecuted for shares classified information with his biography, the damage to national security was limited there was no evidence that the notes went beyond paula broad reall broadwy both had security clearances, a universe of individuals from her lawyer to her personal aides,
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had access to or used the account. >> we see no indication of negligence or wrong doing at-this-point, so just have to keep working through it. >> reporter: transmitting national security data over a unclassified e-mail account using an ipad not certified by state department, may be violation of 18 u.s. code 793-f . information we lates to national defense. harder case to make. >> fact that something is not marked or that person may or may not know it was classified would not be relevant, in a ross cusion under the espionage act. >> reporter: critics point to case of a highly decorated marine who faced discharge from military from sending classified respecreport from his yahoo! ac. >> the fa therefor father said e laws for the elite and laws for every else. >> i lost my son, i will never
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be able to hold my son again. but now they turn and take this young man, and ruining his career. >> reporter: in new letter republican senator chuck grassley wants to know when mrs. clinton, got his security clear answer -- clearance. that covered unauthorized removal of classified information and retention as well. lou: katherine, just astounding >> >> carl great to see you here in new york. clinton seems to be given the worst shape every week how long can this go one? >> it is hurting her deeply but it can go one for a while we have heard explanation after
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explanation after explanation. one howdah of every 20 females that sheet -- emails she turned over to the state department had some form of classified or confidential secret information and this is a woman who is supposedly trained in what was confidential and secret and intelligent she had such a cavalier attitude one at a 20 violated the security protocols of the security department and a lot of the united states. no one has ever asked a question of hillary clinton and. what advice did you seek of any before you put your e-mail on a personal server located in the basement of your house in new york? i bet she's never bothered to ask one person at the state department who had the right or the authority.
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>> every person sending her classified information would have had to understand they are served -- sending it to the and secure address. >> and some parties strip the documents the classification notification which is a violation of the loss. >> of former secretary of state would create the and secure a network is beyond imagining. >> she told us initially no classified information, not initially but then she said i didn't get anything that was classified at that time. but she is the person responsible to help classified that information.
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>> she is not the only candidate with problems hers are the largest but those in the republican party are showing up in the polls but we will bring that up later. the administration delivered a sharp warning to china about the agents who were operating in this country. they reported the using strong arm tactics with the expatriates suspected of economic crimes. the china official news agency called it a regrettable move. the chinese president is scheduled to make his first visit to the united states next month. a major victory tonight for a college sports establishment the nlrb unanimously voting to overturn a historic ruling giving football players at northwestern permission to
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unionize that that could give them a competitive bid vantage over non unionized teams therefore it will only apply to private schools such as northwestern. we will be right back. >> the critics ask trompe for details on his immigration policy and today he delivered. we will find out what former bush adviser karl rove thinks about it. to $150 billion deal and the price tag is rising. what a view these spectacular images are next. ♪ ♪
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lou: political outsiders are surging in the first national pull following the debate showing tromp leading the field by a wide margin. 25%. dr. carson in second place 12 percent followed by a cruz and bush and if you're really getting a bump. the latest fox poll showing trouble for hillary clinton. to republicans' top the front runner in a hypothetical matchup bush leading clinton 44 from 42%
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in rubio is leading by two points from clinton. back with us is karl rove. much of the country is fascinated by what fascinates us. but this is an amazing performance by donald trump and amazing performance. what in the world will these candidates do to break through? >> they have plenty of time. rick perry led by a bigger margin than donald trump today. take a look at rudy giuliani in 2007. a very big lead. in iowa at this point mitt romney lead with 34 percent.
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the guy who had 35 percent had a 3% so what type of message your organization or resources can they bring and how durable is trump? does he have a floor and ceiling or a big ceiling? lou: the two candidates you are talking about pays the price. rubio and bush are the strongest. >> and we have three of them. having a 6.drop in scott walker had a bigger drop in iowa where she was the front runner but it is the summer we ought to be looking at two things why is trompe doing as well as the is? >> there is a bunch of people in our party better deeply concerned about the direction of the country they want somebody to take a brick to throw it through
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the window and he is doing that right now but over time can he go from the voice of that concern and deep anger to see him sitting behind the desk of the oval office? and we both know some of his friends and they have been saying you are making a big waste -- mistake to be as rough as you are on your competitors it is diminishing you and you really need to do something of disavowing any chance of a third party because it is hurting you and today he made noises he would get rid of the third party option. hopefully he is listening to his friends. lou: i know the excitement of the republican and establishment would be
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palatable at the same time to extend his lead further but they're having a fit they cannot stand it but what tromping is doing right now is under ring. >> by vendor stand because today he put up the immigration plan and remember he was critical of mitt romney after 2012 to say his call for selfie deportation was the utter disaster and trump was highly critical and what did he do? he calls borer deportation to take the people to arrest them and run them out even if kids were born in the united states. the cost will be enormous we did a thought experiment and back then that would cost
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$84 billion but he labeled the party did say some kid who was born here who is a u.s. citizen we will throw them out of the country with their parents and sell that to the country? that is write-up there with self deportation. lou: him talking about deportation that enter illegally. >> he was asked explicitly he said they have to leave with their family. alito there are better ways to deal with the people that are here. lou: your boss in 2006 had an opportunity to do positive things he chose to perpetuate. >> he did not. i am talking about the legislation. lou: i am not. that was mccain and kennedy but he had the choice to have a compromise to lead a set of continuing
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to talk about the guest worker program. there has been so much unintentional i am sure. >> you are right we did have a guest worker programs and they worked but he wanted to put those in one big package charles: but it was to secure the borders to read that is why we tripled the size of border control and we ended catch and release bush puts enormous amounts of resources to secure the border because he thought it was a violation of the al law. lou: one thing that resulted was the result. how much was illegal immigration cut? >> i'll get you the numbers
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dramatically cut plus we had a significant increase of deportation and we would prioritize this is what sickens me about the obama administration, . lou: we will go too far. but this is the fact the only thing that would reverse the flow of illegal immigration was the recession. >> to prioritize criminals and working with local law enforcement to prioritize. lou: why should we even be talking about this? both parties have been composite with the business roundtable and this has to end. initial bargaining positions from this point whether they're republicans or the democrats. >> i disagree. lou: that is why we get
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along. [laughter] lou: and vote tonight is donald trump's saying anything in response to our illegal immigration crisis that is not rational and effective? lou astronaut kelly posting images he captured aboard the international space station on started night as it orbited over the aurora borealis. a beautiful view. we have a technical problem and i had such beautiful words to bring you with that picture. we will try again later. one of the most active volcanoes in central america. we will be rig
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lou: here is that amazing video. you're looking at the spectacular view from the aura of borealis from the space station nasa relies on russia for urd transportation that charges $70 million per flight. and at adds up after a zero while and it is shaping to think what has happened to their proud american space program. beautiful pictures now some thoughts on the trump immigration policy. declaims it will be an issue in 2016 if not for him and i believe he is right speaking about illegal immigration bringing a freer and that alone is up sending of lot from the national media and elsewhere. with the 1900 word plan and
11:27 pm
trump insist mexico help pay for a wall of the southern border to suggested, from higher fees from border crossings and interest payments and the mexican nationals to make to send money home. those said $25 billion a year to mexico. trump would end katchis release and stop granting citizenship to kids born illegally. >> to have a country or we don't eatery have a country look at what we have right now. >> how? >> is there a tremendous cost for the illegals? >> of course. >> tremendous. deal think there's tremendous crime committed by illegals? >> it is still not clear.
11:28 pm
>> the wall will work out in four years you will be interviewing me saying what a great job you have done president trump. lou: most importantly i have never heard him ask obama why he is doing as he is with illegal immigration. maybe i just missed that but trump says he would put american workers first by prioritizing americans ahead of the hi-b visa holders and instead replace the j program and replace with inner-city youth. imagine a president is talking, a presidential candidate is talking about creating jobs for the inner-city youth. this is extraordinary that it comes from donald trump
11:29 pm
and not president obama. jeff sessions says it is exactly the plan america needs. this plan reestablished is the principle that americans immigration law should serve the interest of its own citizens. for too long reform plans in washington have served the special interests at the expense of working americans. >> with most now making a 13% of the population, we need a plan to put the national interest of american workers and families and middle class and all who would aspire first. in my opinion the trump immigration policy is beginning to meet those requisites and trump was correct nothing resembled his plan with the g.o.p. presidential campaign if not
11:30 pm
for his candidacy. not only the front runner of the 2016 poll but beginning to set the policy agenda for all candidates and their campaigns. it just might be that those two realities are related. now the quotation of the evening as the g.o.p. front runner has already collided with the establishment you beats in this country. so why is he so popular at this point? as president wilson said the year of the of feeder bus ring with the voices of the people. i believe that has something to do with it. >> the obama lighthouse admits chinese spies are operating in america and finally the obama warehouse is talking about chinese aggression what will obama do about it?
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lou: the top news of classified emails of the clinton server keeps growing. this state department has 300 emails from secret information with trumpet
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giving specific details on his plan for immigration reform among the measures he proposes deportation of illegal immigrants and an end to birthright citizenship. day obama administration and warns china over covert operations coming amid rising tensions between beijing and washington weeks before the chinese president is to visit with the president in washington. joining us now gore dean chang and also the research fellow on asian studies from the heritage foundation, a good to have you with us. of all the warnings and although world, why should the chinese president even for a moment think this is valid? >> he wanted and will continue because it is the existential life-and-death
11:36 pm
struggle to capture his enemies. the calls that the anti-corruption but it is a political purge and intel president obama en it would give as cost he will continue to do this. lou: in your thoughts on the president would white -- likely be the response? >> what finally prompted a the president to a name china 32 million records lost in the administration insists but we really don't know what happened but what is going on is three have the upcoming summit that would be to cancel the summit but it seems they go from a typical beating from behind approach. lou: and this is the first time that the administration acknowledges that has spies
11:37 pm
operating in the united states space for decades at least 3500 companies in the country that the spies are operating in to steal everything vacation whether military secrets or technology but this is the first time we have seen the. >> agents working on u.s. soil while beijing sovereignty knowing that their survey of bank nationals especially on college campuses or organizing demonstrations and even china hates the dali lama. they are doing it on american soil. we have known this but yet we have not done anything. so they continue course of conduct because there is no cost. lou: what has changed with the u.s. perspective?
11:38 pm
the business roundtable, the academic elites are driving china tied anti-neck and though we see something of the rupture as a result of what? >> the chinese really have gone too far. the way they describe it is a small country to talk about respecting the sovereignty of what the chinese are doing is the grossest violation of the sovereignty. at some point they did cross the red light and perhaps the administration has recognized that. >> and the president became the ruler in 2012 and took on everybody including the ford business community so they have less of an interest to support china and the economy is not doing very well so they are becoming much less important
11:39 pm
for american companies. put that together with this change. lou: and these conclusions conclusions, what you say is the u.s. commitments and is increasingly at risk of a political dynamic than the relationship between the two countries? >> garett addition you have the reality that chinese economy, the recent devalues rations cent shockwaves through our stock market as well. lou: small countries should learn who they are. if indeed they want to be part of the international community. >> absolutely.
11:40 pm
lou: thanks for being with us. >> the difference between life and death could be measured in split seconds especially in the next video. cyclists riding along on a road and two trucks collided front of them they walk away unscathed the driver is not seriously hurt a close call for all and a reminder how delicate timing can be and a volcano and mexico spewing out ash into the sky warning that nearby areas could be affected but so far no evacuation is were ordered it is one of the most active in central america erecting 30 times over the past 500 years. there are now 43 active volcanoes around the world.
11:41 pm
the every and supreme leader tells the united states what it will receive in return for a nuclear deal. firefighters struggling to contain the wildfires in the western states we will have a full report of their promised tax
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lou: enjoy yesternight to our national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. i want to get your feeling of but we are now witnessing in a changing relationship with china. >> absolutely i concur. to say back in a third world country developing as a modern country they look at themselves to say we have been around 3,000 years so they have a chip off their shoulder they don't pretend to disguise it so to be self indulgent. lou: that is the conclusion in the views and the expression of the americans right now.
11:46 pm
most believe don't believe their children will have better lives then themselves the first time the dream is written off for a generation of american. >> the mainstream media like it in 1980. the economy is in bad shape to be pushed around all over the world and the majority of americans thought that was over. >> to be in the primary campaign to do a takeover to demonstrate how feeble the american political class was at that time in his views said truly turned the nation around as let carter called a malaise that reagan turned
11:47 pm
into a bright shining morning that is now with least the lights are flickering a bed. >> donald trump talking about china we have not heard that's from a person seeking political office in i don't know how long. looking at what donald trump has said in different words maybe with some more reading i have said the same thing for years. lou. [laughter] he said scott walker immigration plan was like his. >> with the g.o.p. primary candidates to talk about illegal immigration tourney prospects for middle-class around and people wonder why
11:48 pm
he is doing so well but to pay attention his comments on saudi arabia. >> that make sense when we had support to the past but some members of the royal family are supporting al qaeda and isis make sure it doesn't happen again or you will be in the bull's-eye saudi arabia is caught in a tug of war and thereby raise the group will claim that caliphate. lou: it is a shave. that trump has to say something like that but it they have had successive presidents you are not willing to be straightforward or direct the saudis have been more
11:49 pm
forceful than the united states is my judgment. and often in the cooperative to have oil and oil production and. >> maybe? >> stocks close higher the nasdaq of 43. don't forget to listen to my report three times a day, coast to coast, on the salem radio network. now to though weekend box office. straight outta compton this is about the rap group of police and $56 million. mission impossible 70 million. number three the man from all goal with a disappointing 13.$5 million.
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wildfires in alberta across the western states forcing hundreds of people to evacuate from california to washington and facing a triple threat of heat and drought and wind. one of the largest buyers have raised more than 20,000 acres there are 19 fires burning all the for service spending $100 million a week to contain the fires hillary clinton tries to joke away the emails scandal is that something to do joke about? and donald trump fills his civic duty as quietly as possible you have to admire the way he shies away from publicity.
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lou: he is running for president but also a humble citizen like the rest of us in doing his civil duty, donald trump reports for jury duty in new york, followed by hordes of media. trump not chosen to hear a case, now having done his civic duty, in the manhattan courthouse. he will not be asked for another 6 years, joining us now, elizabeth harrington. and will ron.
11:55 pm
donald trump is dominating. the folks in that town i understand are discomfited by it all. what do you think in. >> well i think it is unset e8inunsettlingto some people, he thinks he is serious about this. about this campaign, he issued an immigration po see proposal -- policy proposal it does resonate with a lot of g.o.p. voters and republican ideas. i think some parts are unworkable. how is he going to get mexico to pay for it. lou: he told you, you may not believe it. >> the remittance payments, that is all countries that is wrong.
11:56 pm
>> which figure. >> remittance fees $22 billion. lou: it is actually $25 million, they are going to mexico. >> that figure he cited in this news article, was from all nations not just u.s., that figures is a lot lower. lou: you know. -- >> let's keep in mind what we have to do to keep track of owes remittances. lou: it is all a court challenge, but for first time, we have a candidate who is talking about doing something with some specificity. suggestions we do hard things. i realize we have a group of people here modestly called elites who think that people should not have to do hard things like hard work when they are sent out by the federal government to enforce laws. those people are looking at
11:57 pm
different prospects as a result of donald trump's candidacy, right? >> yes, i think that is correct. and like you said, he is resonating with people, people' our nation to be a nation of laws, you know this is a popular idea of really byron york had an interesting article today about not just republicans and democrats but most people take a harder line on immigration than you know political class, in thinking this comprehensive immigration reform is the way to go, he may be resonating with a lot more voters, because this is what they think, they. a tougher stance, they want a country to enforce their laws. lou: we have a candidate who actually -- actually wants to reflect the voice of the american people, how yesterday that concept, what do you make of it. >> you talk about hard things, then there is impossible things, like building a huge wall
11:58 pm
between u.s. and mexico. lou: how do you know? we put a man on the moon in 12 years. >> we paid for it. we didn't get mexico to pay for apollo 11. lou: he could have taken a few folks from mexico, but -- >> best part of trump's candidacy are his bizarre hypotheticals. lou: this administration is not infersing immigration laws in anyway, we have a president who is righting executive fiats, we have in point in fact a congress who have been bought and paid for, by the way, members of both parties, spent on lobbies our congress by far largest aim of money on any issue, does that disturb anything in washington? elizabeth?
11:59 pm
you have number of remittance from u.s. to central america but no one pays attention to how much -- is spending to buy votes. >> yes, i mean that is why trump is resonating, i think because he does not talk like a politician, he is already a billionaire he can't be bought, people like that idea. lou: that makes him unpredictable. >> yes, with you i think that will is right, some of these are not practical, they would not actually happen if he does ever find his way to the white house. lou: liz said that trump might be a candidate who would not be able to accomplish everything he promised, giv. >> anyone who gets it makes promises they cannot deliver on, trump makes outlandish ones. >> they are bigger. >> i would say building that wall, getting mexico to pay for
12:00 am
it, i am not an expert but i don't think we -- lou: we have to leave it with he is not an expert, thank you. >> thank you. lou: good night from newk. ♪ kennedy: double wave, hi, welcome! watching a president contest this far out like watching iowa corn grow, but this corn is angry, and has plenty of movement, so let's work the polls shall we, first debate altered candidate perception there have been clear inners and losers over last 11 days, have been a surge particularly for outsider who are not tainted with unwashable stink of politics, donald trump is holding steady. and carly fiorini and carson a postdebate boost, they are not


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