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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 26, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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argument in this new book. he suggests selective civil disobedience when brewer karats rule oppress us. we need to resist. since government always last we would here of this. that is it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. lieutenant colonel ralph peters and political analyst ed rollins among our guests tomorrow. for now good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: hello there. joe biden still on watch inching closer to a white house run with the president's reported blessing. thank you, lord, but not the president's endorsement and joe has a pocket full of intrigue and frustrated donors still feeling quite fussy about horses on the track. still confused tongues are
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wagging. we all no they are the real donkey clean after her weekend sit down. joe invited liz to the naval observatory which she thought would be an economic confab, butconfab, but it turned out he just wanted her to stare at his belly button. it sends aa message to the queen bee that everyone is talking behind her back and i think she is aa total has been loser. here is some footage. >> i'm not mad. i'm worried. i think someone nominated her as a joke . >> she's going to have a total meltdown. >> it is so true. other than symbolic kingmaker stroking her professorial beard. perhaps they made a secret a secret deal so he will
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simultaneously announced the candidacy with her and as vp it completely usurped hillary's leftward swoop and up in the blue side of the already strained race. the ticket would be bold and uniting,uniting, so it destroys the late-summer excitement that usually comes a year from now. and now that elizabeth warren is as exciting as my coffeemaker instruction manual. could be a huge asset as the country inches toward progressive populism. so she was amused to be pill to swallow, but not with joe he can capitalize on his regularity. he is like political metamucil, and he is not hillary which is almost reason enough to give him the nod. i can see the bumper sticker now. go for joe 2016, at least he's not hillary. join to talk about the volatile stock market and his son's chances.
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plus, to go of hunters are here ready to investigate the haunting distillery. can people tell the difference between real politician posts fake ones? we will see. hello. let us get serious and substantial. leaning more toward that run for the white house. we will he throw his sombrero in the ring? let's discuss. bonnie mcfarlane joined by jamie weinstein and political editor of townhall lots to talk about.
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i we will go to you first. what was the contents of that meeting? >> i think he was begging her not to come into the race herself. it is not impossible to imagine someone like joe biden is considering jumping in. get the momentum this late in the game. just checking the temperature making sure she does not want to get in herself. >> not running for president. she does not want to be president, but i think it makes sense. he only serves one term because is going to be 74 when he assumes office. he goes ahead and gets her on the ticket. >> i would not say they are unstoppable. hillary still has a giant lead over everyone, but it would cause a lot of progressives to give a very serious look at joe biden because a lot of the excitement is really just a
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proxy excitement about elizabeth warren. >> you are absolutely right. >> they would jump ship. >> and they won't do that for biden on his own. no way progressives, joe biden excites in the way bernie sanders does. >> now part of the reason issue does not want to cross the clintons. what she could plausibly argue his say,that say, look, i did not sign up for this. i was asked by a sitting vice president. this was thrust upon me command i am willing to serve. she can get away with aa little bit more. she would still be on the bad list forever. >> but it won't matter anymore. this is her last whack at the piñata. she isshe is going to run for president. they won't hold the same political clout when there is a looming presidency in their near future. i assume hillary clinton
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already made his side deal with elizabeth warned keep her out of the race to promise or the vp ship. >> first of all, i did not no they would be this much talk about politics. i agree with both of these guys. i think thati think that i do -- this is the thing. joe biden is old. howhow are these politicians sold? what is the secret to being this old. >> and still going after. >> that's a great point. you lose your your veracity with age, but clearly these people well into their 80s all of them. >> the answer is it is not really worked to be in the senator politics. >> that's true. >> you are saying they have already vacation the whole time. >> that's all they have been doing.
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>> if your going to come after the clean, you better take her down. irrelevant down. irrelevant if she loses again. if she does not lose that's a problem. >> like angelina jolie. it is an apt analogy. the fbi and other agencies pile on the hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state. can her candidacy survive the probe? i don't think it can. >> i don't thinki don't think it can. she is still slightly the favorite to win the general election that we have seen a significant erosion in her numbers. the all-important empathy quotient which is an important appeal of barack obama. more shoes are going to drop because she has been verifiably lying every step
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of the way. >> i think she has her job out of the race. she does not have the excitement, the track record we forget that his troubles came in his 2nd term when things were on an upswing. and that was a lot of his recoverability. >> people like them. >> she does not have the likability. the more it becomes in a political story and criminal story the worse it is. >> if she is indicted or there is a plea bargain it seems hard to imagine. is going tois going to sit they're and watch there. >> i think the clintons would let the bus back up after they threw. >> that's probably true. in the unlikely event she is indicted and sent to jail there is precedent for people running for office from prison.
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ran for office while in federal prison. >> my question has always been a tried and convicted can she part in herself? >> absolutely. thank you for inviting me to the show because i have a lot to offer. i would give both these gentlemen arose. >> your performance. >> are both doing well. between the two. >> these are our two choices. >> i'm glad you said it. >> i would love to elect a buddhist you. how great would that the? someone who makes his religion. nevermind mixed-race. >> how about just someone of any shape, size, color who
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wants to limit the power and scope of government. >> and grow the economy. >> my panel triumphantly returns. his son's chances in
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kennedy: yesterday in early trading the dow dropped over a thousand points. failing in the aftershock from a common stock market or a prelude of crashes to come like earthquakes. dr. ron paul former congressman from texas and host of the ron paul liberty report. >> thank you, kennedy. >> yesterday ii was tweeting as i was watching the stock market open and shut off that buttery goodness that i blamed the fed. do you for yesterday stock market issues and volatility? >> no. i blamed the fed for the bubbles. the market causes the collapse of the bubbles.
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the fed is responsible. you cannot have distortion and financial bubbles. this bubbles. this is a bad message. it pretends there is a lot of savings. they manipulate interest rates and people do dumb things like overbuild are over invest. it is contagious and the market says is really out of whack. you cannot sustain this that it eventually eats away at production and you have to correct things. nobody likes that because politically that is not acceptable and you can't get anything through like that and congress. besides, not too many people in washington understand the business cycle. >> and i'm glad you do. you do. you can speak some sense to this is obviously in places like china they are essentially doing the same thing. what are they doing is having an effect on us and global markets? >> they are closely related because we help create the problem in china.
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we were able to export inflation. we do get a free ride even though distortions occur, they last longer because we have the privilege of creating credit and then we have excessive money and buy goods from china. it is true. we buy goods from china and not here. standard of living goes up because the prices go down. we export dollars but then they monetize dollars and have an inflationary bubble. it is secondary to our bubble. they do us a great service by loading this money back. to say china caused all this is misleading. it goes back to the issuer of the reserve currency of the world. >> should we end the fed?
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>> absolutely,absolutely, the sooner the better. it will not happen by about. too many powerful interests need a bailout, but it will end because it will self-destruct. they lost a lot in the late no nine and then a sudden the problems around the world today central banking we will have to hand and then we will have to think about what is that money all about? had he run an economy without giving his power to people to print money endlessly? the market will do the challenging. >> economic protectionism. crony capitalism is certainly time to exactly what you were talking about. your son who was running for president says he has a lot of solutions. it seemsit seems as though he lost a little bit of traction after the debate. did you give him any advice after that 1st debate? >> i took advantage of giving him advice when he was in grade school and high he was the most interested
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in the family to read and study, knows the business cycle. i notice the article yesterday describing interviews with the presidential candidates. it'scandidates. it's all china's fault. i didn't see any comments with him because i think he has a good understanding. >> i can be quite dangerous. do you think that you ayn rand waited too long to combine forces in the selection? >> i never knew we were not working together. there were somethere were some separation, but i am not one to interfere. this is what were going to do. everything was totally voluntary, like libertarianism. some of them did. that is the way it is. there was never an intentional separation.
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he was finding his ways. you have events to deal with. >> we're running out of time will your son be the next president? >> he is certainly taking that risk. there is a chance he will. to say i we will know, i'm not quite sure. he is better qualified and understands economics much better than any of the other individuals >> a disgraced politician and whether they should resign. a little later will hit the a little later will hit the streets.
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kennedy: that hair. welcome back. that poor bastard. admitted that he signed up on ashley madison and his mea culpa news conference. >> i was curious about the website and use my personal credit card to sign up for the site. as embarrassed as i am about what i did, i did not commit a crime. >> no, but he also did not do a good job of getting that casey anthony conviction.
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well, the next family picnic might be awkward. he didhe did not violate any laws whether or not he ultimately resigns, should we care what politicians do? i am more curious as i read more, did anyone actually get lucky? >> no. is this my camera? no. at least hillary didn't sign up on the government server. >> that guy, his only crime is his hair. i hold ai hold a news conference? to me have released a memo?
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>> because he's a politician. all purses good press the end of the day. >> i guess so. would you hold a press conference a few were that guy? >> no. written statement. this is why you hire spokespeople, for days like this. >> it's gross. i am trying to decide who i am most disgusted with. very little sympathy for the people who run this website and the people who partake in his services. the entire
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mission of it is come cheat on your spouse which is revolting. it is a lot of them is being spread around to many people who deserve it on some level, but are still against the crime. >> but that group, i guess that is what bums me out. and if you paid the extra 1995 to have your information scrubbed, i think those people have a claim i think those people have a claim. >> the number one rule or job is to make sure none of the information gets out. this guy was curious. he should have owned it. when her sign up on ashley madison, losers don't. >> and i'm running for president. >> right. by the way, if you sue them for services not rendered or data not protected by how much of if you when the judgment goes to the alimony? >> that's a fine question. divorce lawyers are proactively calling people. hi. my name is steve albertson. your husband's name is on the site. >> i could find it for you. >> my husband put my name and last night all my email accounts to see if he could
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find out. >> did he find anything? >> thank god know. >> it was smart of you to use that alias. >> unlike all the others to use there own names and regular email accounts. >> the government accounts. the pentagon does not going not going after people who use their military account. >> the best way to avoid having your name searched
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kennedy: when august is blazing like a blast furnace a blast furnace outside let me drop ice cream in your trousers and push you into a refreshing kiddie pool of news. in toledo, ohio and art exhibit escaped its perch
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when wind dislodged it from beneath two buildings. buildings. that is one way to spice up in our exhibit. a red ball going rogue. fortunately no one was hurt in the museum has reinstalled the ball with better restraints. i wonder if they made a blue and explained to it that running away from his problems is not going to solve a thing. not the 1st time art as gone awol. here is footage. you never know. topic number two. hold on your hotpants. it will restore your faith matriculation. just a sweet freshman at ball state university in indiana.
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at a pep rally he got a chance to make a half quart basket. [applause] >> he loses his mind and the crowd goes wild. dropout. is not going to have that topic number three not one lady who managed to support her favorite team even after she died. barbara shippy who recently died at the age of 74 had included in her obituary in
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lieu of flowers please make memorial contributions to tom brady's deflate a defense as he was the home of the ultimate patriots fan team dedication. but his wife made 53 million. the bradys and their deflated balls are just fine first there were soap operas. and there were mexican soap operas. now there is live tweeting of a couple breakup on the delayed plane flight. she captured the conflagration and dying embers of the couples fight on her recent travel. this guy just broke up with his girlfriend, and she is
12:33 am
something. it's just so mean. do i deserve this? where you bringing this up. i'm going to ask charlotte the minute we get home, and we will see if your stories match lots of snuffling. we took off. immediately ordered immediately ordered 65 bloody mary mix for the flight and check them all in silence. between make outs. i'm so confused. they broke up before making out, getting drunk. in the future may be divorce attorneys can give discounts to their clients if they are allowed to life with proceedings. topic number five of the westboro baptist church is the devil them and they love protesting not only military funerals of gayness but they like to show up and scream. they were having none of this. they gave them what
12:34 am
they desperately need the salvation in the form of a recall. i love him. the westboro baptists were left the photos shaking there heads wondering, does god hate rick asleep? if you have any weird stories feel free to tweet me. as always use #topical storm and follow me on insta graham. two professional ghost hunters join me. first, a new study of things you should not do on a 1st date.
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>> that is a fantastic song. you are just my type. you have a pulse in your breathing. it can be tough to distinguish between legitimate politicians on bites and fun film quotes. earlier i hit the streets to see who could sort the actors from the phony baloney's. did a real politician orphic politician say you are just a bunch of low income nobodies. >> real politician. >> that was fake. >> thirty years the country has been baited with that
12:39 am
all the way back to when ronald reagan signed a piece of legislation. >> all the way back when ronald reagan signed a piece of legislation. >> real piece is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice. >> real. >> that is harrison ford as president james marshall on air force one . >> the presence of justice. >> all those who seek to squash individual rights and freedoms, your time is past. >> real. >> it sounds like a real politician. >> pres. fitzgerald grant from scandal. the president can do anything, anything he wants, just like a king.
12:40 am
>> that was deftly done. >> this is how liberty dies with thunderous applause. >> real. >> fake. i promise you, the president has a big stick. >> fake. >> fake. >> fake. >> real. that was joe biden. >> you got to be kidding me. >> i promise you, the president has a big stick. >> and that is why he will be our next president. which fake politician would make the best president? the panel is back. i we will start with you. >> i like the president played by willem devane 24. he offers to be drone for america. there were many different presidents. i believe there were like 17
12:41 am
over the course of that. >> but they all had one really bad day. >> terrible. >> and he has been so spot on with all the gold stuff as well. he would be my vote. >> he really wants you to invest in gold and to beef up your portfolio. >> portfolio. >> yesterday he was just sitting there like, i told you. >> is pres. whitlock is his name from independence day. i still read it every july 4 instead of the declaration of independence i read the speech he gave to rally the world to fight off the aliens. brings a tear to my eye. >> i see you crying right now. we will get you a tissue. >> i chose john adams. >> i did. i signed it indirectly. from hbo's john adams. >> very good. >> apparently that guy was real. >> the actor.
12:42 am
make a fine politician. i chose duane, the president from a theocracy. >> that's a good movie. >> and that is where we are headed now. now for the answer to tonight's trivia question, which of these should a guy not order? truffles, a salad, heavy garlic dishes or video? the answer is b, never order a salad. 2,000 people on the do's and don'ts of dating. the survey says three quarters of men would turn sex down on the 1st date and a quarter of ladies want the guy to pay for the whole meal. how many was that? it was a lot. >> i really -- 1st of all, i don't like any kind of eating date. i go straight to the alcohol
12:43 am
and a little bit of math. >> if you have wine which is a greata great for a chocolate martini which has some dairy which is protein, i think you actually fine. >> i would not care what a man -- this is a british thing i think. always fighting. >> and the guys say they want women the ribs and messy burgers. >> i have never heard that. if your going to a study for dating advice you probably in the bad place to begin with. if you go to a bar your more likely to get a kiss at the end of the night. what do they serve a bars to hack it's called alcohol. >> you get even more. >> and you get an all nighter. >> all right. very quickly everyone wants men to pay for the date. >> i don't think so actually. i we will say that the most embarrassing get experience
12:44 am
forgot my wallet. >> you had to go back. >> had to drive over. >> have seen that one. >> did you get a 2nd date? >> yes. >> she wanted to get her money back. >> old dominion university suspended after making provocative banners to greet incoming fresh ladies. rowdy and fun. hope your baby girl is ready for a good time. freshman daughter drop-off. go ahead and drop off mom to i these guys being blockheads? part of an assault on culture? you read a book about it. >> i would say that my little sister is going off to college.
12:45 am
>> it does pull at my heartstrings. i'm proud of you. god bless. i can handle any kind of real emotional. >> am so sorry for doing that. it makes me queasy and is gross. kennedy: i thought it was sweet that they said drop-off mom too. >> so inclusive. >> that is inclusive. >> they are sophomores. if your daughter is so thin skin thatthin-skinned that she can handle a couple of crude signs they will be
12:46 am
worse things to deal with. the outreach culture in overdrive. >> i can't believe they have sheets. obviously they were not using them to sleep and where they were covered and scabies. >> thank you so much. >> thismuch. >> this was delightful. we should do this again.
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>> don't look in the window.
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the duo and there team of professionals. >> talkers. kicking off the show's 10th season season by investigating the wild turkey whiskey distillery. which is allegedly haunted. in aa way there will be spirits. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you for having us back. >> stokes that you are here. thermal imaging, hearing device, a giant copper, exterior. >> ii think will avoid the copper cone. they teamed up. they set us up to field test equipment. that equipment really came in handy. and just of course some newer audio recording equipment.
12:51 am
>> and lessthat stuff i have to tell you has revolutionized the industry. to be fair, it is your ability to capture things like that that will convince skeptics that there are things we can't explain. the most surprising place you found a ghost. >> recently we are actually an armory. i tell you, the things the things that we caught the season, very crisp and clear, definitely one of our best seasons for evidence. >> because. >> we caught some incredible evidence there. even the distillery river just at my great investigation, able to document incredible activity that helps back up the
12:52 am
claims. that place have been passed on. walking the home. >> and we weren't put together to make a show we existed prior to the show and were tested. >> going into my keeping it real, juvenile we always did everyone we can help out in the process. >> only by the homeowners. you never know who social working into you never no who's on the other side of the door. you always have to be prepared. most people are great. under medicated, overmedicated, self medicated. if you chance you take. >> crowbars pull guns on this.
12:53 am
>> living. >> they asked us. >> speaking of supernatural, have you ever had aa ghost follow you home and felt personally haunted? >> i have not. if somethingif something wants to follow me home, got blessed. it will be easier. i have never had anything follow me home. >> and probably should've told my wife before the episode aired. >> or hospitals haunted because so many people die? >> only had a couple. the trauma and turmoil and death and despair, grizzly and sad. places like hospitals
12:54 am
encounter a lot of that. that energy is more likely to be trapped there are returned. >> what you say to skeptics? >> we are not here to argue with the skeptics. we existed for 15 years prior to the show. they are good skeptics and that skeptics. the good ones are the ones who are really looking for the explanation and then there are the ones who believe none of this is possible the matter what. they are too close minded. we we manipulated energy. it would be naïve. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> that was awesome.
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coming up, a novel experiment. which is which
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kennedy: hey. tonight's night is all about honesty. i honesty. i'm a big tea drinker from way back. i will even slurped down some chamomile and the pinch.bench. the beverage company that specializes in healthier t with a message had an interesting experiment testing the honesty of americans 27 cities. whenever i see a roadside a roadside vendor someone selling snacks it makes my heart swell. i no you will be the buck and we will see deal my stuff.
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atlanta had 100%100 percent honesty. no one stole money. the biggest percentage of critics, washington dc,, washington dc, the place with a constant hand in your cookie jar. the sticky fingered bandits think they are entitled to take anything not nailed down and would not know on our if it pins and down and give them a big french kiss. the only city were for people took the money. i blend lois lerner. they learned that brunettes tends to be more honest. obviously we are trying to hide anything. balls people are the least honest. strangely enough i think they all live in dc. thank youthank you for
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