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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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a huge move on that commodity. gerri: huge move. while markets wait for tomorrow. [closing bell ringing]. here is everything you need to know right now. david: all right. look as though the dow is settling below triple digits, below 100, varied between 113. looks like it will stay in the teens, 114, 115 to the downside. [closing bell ringing]. nasdaq is down by larger amount percentage wise. but not a good day to start the week although nothing like what we were expecting in the beginning of the day when we were thinking or at least some folks were thinking we would repeat some of the huge losses last week. but it didn't happen. a down day but could have been a lot worse. gerri: a lot of volatility out there but with the presidential race in full swing candidates have a tough crowd to appeal to. listen to this. according to a new "quinnepiac poll" 71% of americans say they are dissatisfied with how things are
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shaping up in the united states. joining me dan henninger with "the wall street journal," and chris kofinis, democratic strategist and former chief of staff to senator joe manchin. welcome to you both. chris, start with you. these are bad numbers. 71% of folks unhappy. doesn't this reflect on the administration in washington? >> i think it reflect as general dissatisfaction with political leaders of both parties. if you look at numbers in "quinnepiac poll" neither side does really well. republicans do worse. job aproblem of republicans in congress is 12%. 81% dissatisfaction. democrats, 27% job approval. when you're talking about numbers like that you can't sit back and brag about it. gerri: look at headline number here. look at that for a second. 71% don't like the direction the country is headed in. dan, what do you ascribe that to? >> chris may have a point, they're dissatisfied with their political leadership. then you have to ask the
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question why are they dissatisfied as political leaders? they are not simply angry with individuals. there is one big reason, the state of the american economy over the entire course of the obama presidency. it has been a weak economy, growing a point below postwar average for united states. what that meant, there is a lot of underemployment in the united states. it is in the federal data every single month, gerri. people are discouraged work years economic news over last six, seven years, that's for sure but, chris, to you, 25% of the folks, they're not just sis satisfied, they're angry. why is that? why is that? why are folks so emotional? >> i think this has been growing for years. what people have seen, even though i would economy significantly turned around where it was during the depths of the financial crisis a lot of average americans don't feel it. a lot are deeply concerned where it is head.
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even if they do have a job, it's a low-paying job. there is a lot of frustration and anger at political leaders across the board. gerri: seems like people are mad at everybody these days. dan, to you, i wonder if it is the sentiment that is behind trump's rise in the polls? >> i think it is sentiment behind trumps rise to great extent. gerri, explains the rise of bernie sanders. how is it possible after six 1/2 years of a democratic, progressive president, you have so many angry people on the left? i think this anger, this 70% is the function of a huge bipartisan sense of dissatisfaction with what they have been through the last six 1/2 years. gerri: you know, when you back up a few steps, you look at some of the numbers in the bottom of the release, they say 34% of folks hardly evertrust the government. 22% are angry with the government. i sort of get the feeling that it is all, just everybody is being blamed here.
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chris, what do you say? >> i don't think there with one party or one elected lead they're escapes it. what you see in the country, building for some eight plus years, explains how president obama was able to win the white house, he was able to tap a certain degree of dissatisfaction with politics as usual. now you have seen that grow and almost splinter to the extremes and seeing trump on the right and sanders on the left. danger here is -- just real quick, i would say the danger. gerri: go ahead. >> i'm sorry. i was going to sate dangers here i think it is not good for the country to have this many people not only disliking the government but not trusting it. putting politics aside that is not a good thing for country. gerri: dan, what would it take for people's sentiment to turn around? would it be expanding economy, and economy really growing 4, 5%, more than it is today? >> that would be a big part of it.
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gerri, look back, during reagan presidency or clinton presidency, people were not complaining about the state of the country as they are now. that would be a huge place to begin. the issue donald trump tapped into it, people feel disassociated from governing institutions of country, congress, the courts. they feel they have lost control over them. they're on their own and looking for a life raft, at the moment people like trump and bernie sanders are affording them that little ray of hope, kind of a life raft. gerri: washington seems very, very far away. dan and chris, thanks for coming on the show. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: what did reagan say, government is not the solution, it is the problem? gerri: the problem, that's right. david: back to the markets, a major spike in crude oil prices up nearly 9%. the highest close in over a month helping stocks pare loss as bit. crude jumping as opec is signaling it is ready to talk to other producers to achieve
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something they call quote, fair prices. not sure what that is yet. the market taking it as a signal they might pull back from production. today's gains make it a three-day win streak for oil and wipe out all of august's losses. let's bring in matt smith, director of commodity research at clipper data. let's start with opec, dan. is opec going to pull back on production a little? >> i don't necessarily think so, to be honest. just this monthly report that came out today is bulletin gave a glimpse there may be cracks appearing within opec. the market really jumped on to that. that could be a sign they may try to balance this market. reality, everything we've heard out of saudi and out of these other gulf states they are trying to really keep their production strong, keep their market share strong so i think theres being too much emphasis placed on the news today. david: do you think the market has it wrong? are we in for another drop?
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>> potentially, so, yes, we have rallied close to 30% the last three days. it seems a little bit excessive, you know. we were stretched so far a couple days ago in terms of short positions. the market was facing in one direction. it was a one-way street. everyone was bearish saying we're going to $30 and going to $20, suddenly as we saw selling spurring on selling, we're seeing buying spurring on buying to cover the short-covering. once that run the course, markets will focus once more on fundamentals. fundamentals dictate that the market is oversupplied by two million barrels a day. david: dan, we're a buck 50 a way from $50 a barrel. are we more likely to hit 509 or go back to 40 or below? >> i think we're likely to get to the $509 mark, considering -- $50 mark, but considering momentum behind it and rally
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last few days you need a pullback on that to be honest. david: matt, one more question. not just supply and demand. fed very often affects the price of oil. fed indicates it might not hike the rates in september. that would mean a stronger dollar and, that would mean a weaker dollar, forgive me. when you have a weaker dollar you have higher price of oil. how much is that affecting things? >> not too much at the moment. i think, as you mentioned if we get a rate hike that lends support to the dollar. that puts downward pressure on crude. at the same time that could be interpreted as stronger economy and therefore stronger for crude. i think at the moment it is too difficult to say. david: matt smith, thank you very much. we appreciate night thank you. david: as we saw the dow ending down triple digits, dropping nearly 115 points let's head to the stock exchange. ashley webster more where we close today, beginning sentiment
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today was boy, we may be in for repeat of the previous monday when we went down 1000 points at one point that never came close to happening. >> thank goodness it never did. at lowest point dow was up 199 points this morning. there wasn't the same feel about the markets. we didn't have the china situation. yes we know there are problems in china. we have the waffle going on from the fed keeping uncertainty in the market but we also saw volume compared to what we saw last week down a bit today. yes, it is august. london markets were closed. i think some of that factored in. we're all waiting to see what the jobs report will do on friday. the outcome of that jobs report, will it be final decider what the fed decides to do on september 17th. we finished a ho-hum kind of day. it wasn't for oil and energy stocks i think we would have seen bigger losses but those oil stocks managed to pop up the markets overall, david. david: we have labor day coming
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up in a week. >> yes. david: i'm wondering if today's lack of activity had to do with that? >> i think so. that this will be a quiet week despite all the turmoil. waist and see what happens by indof the week. i don't think we'll get a lot more out of china this week. they have a big military parade wednesday. they will try to keep everything quiet through that. they don't want to be embarrassed by anything that could distract from that. markets are churning along, waiting to see what happens at the end of the week. what that may do to the fed's decision. david: you never know what happens in china. you think they have things in control then they get out of control. ashley, thank you very much. >> sure. david: appreciate it. gerri: with today in the books august end turbulent month of august. the dow finishing down over 6%, the worst monthly drop since may of 2012, driven lower by disney, dropping 15%, pfizer and walmart. and take a look at nasdaq. falling over 6% in august with
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viacom, wynn and keurig green mountain all at the bottom. take a look at that they're down over 20%. but there are bright spots, hallelujah. chipmaker n video and activision blizzard, so good news in there as well. david: you see the pop back up. of course today was down but volume is very low. so we're never sure what will happen in the week before labor day. gerri: hold your breath. anything could happen. david: friday we get job numbers, that will be very important time. all right, coming up other stocks we're watching today. warren buffett's berkshire hathaway investing in the country's largest refiner. buffett disclosing $4.5 billion stake in phillips 66. shares popping as the investor rebuild as bid he made in the -- bet he made in the energy industry before the oil prices went down. that investment makes berkshire the company's biggest shareholder. jcpenney shares popping nicely following the upgrade from deutsche bank from buy to hold. the firm citing progress from
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new ceo marvin ellison and an improved merchandise mix. the target price also getting a lift to $12 a share from 10. netflix shares dropping on word it is about to lose key movies like "the hunger games," "wolf of wall street" and transformers. because it decided not to renew its five-year movie licensing deal with epics, which expires at end of the december. netflix wants to focus on its own original content instead it will pay its own money for that. tropical storm erika still slamming the south with heavy rains, causing flash floods along the east coast. we're live at the fox weather center with an update where the storm is heading next. gerri: you never know. president obama on his way to alaska with a historic three-day trip with a controversial renaming after national landmark, push for climate change and starring role in reality tv show? i kid you not. david: unbelievable.
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. david: tal evident mountain in north america is getting a name change but not without controversy. mount mckinley originally named after the 25th president is now being named dennally, the high one. white house is being slammed for the change. a lot of people grew up with the name. they're familiar wit. they don't want to change it. kevin. >> if you think about the history books, mount mckinley we know that, 2,003,320 feet. not anymore. will be known as denali. -- 20,300. white house says this is the reflection of the wishes of alaskan people. with the president making trip
4:17 pm
to the arctic this week, it is perfect time especially with him going to the 49th state. to give folks at home a tiny little bit of history lesson, alaskans have been calling it in their government denali since 1975. they have been pressing federal government to get on board. it was named mount mckinley in 1896 by a gold prospector who was exploring region that ohian william mckinley was a fan of gold standard and that is how the change of the name came about. ohio's john boehner said there is reason president mckinley served atop highest peak in north america for 100 years. that is because it is a testament to his get legacy. i'm deeply disappointed in this decision. as you imagine we'll hear a lot about this, david, this week as the president makes his way to alaska to talk climate change. david: john kasich another one.
4:18 pm
of course he is from ohio which is where mckinley is from. there are reports that the obama administration is considering sanctions against china over cyber thefts. this is as china's president is coming for a big holiday here. he will get a fet at the white house, a state dinner. will have a 21-gun salute. what are you being told about all this? >> reporter: he will get all that and an earful from the president because they take cyber spying and cyberterrorism very seriously. among the tools i'm told by the white house that are still at the disposal of the president including economic tools, sanctions on the table, even law enforcement. i just want to share this very quickly. that means that the white house is officially now stating, publicly, perhaps for the first time in this strong language, that they will come after china if something isn't done. you can expect that will be a major topic of discussion when the president comes here to the u.s. david: yeah. i bet they're pretty polite about it all.
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>> reporter: yeah, you're right. my friend. david: kev verier thank you. gerri: denali, who knew. david: yeah. gerri: a few other stories on our radar. hillary clinton private server troubles about to get a whole lot worse in what is expected to be the largest batch of emails released yet, the state department will post more than 6,000 pages of her emails today. the release was expected around 6:00 p.m. eastern time. they're delaying it. it is pushed back 9:00 p.m. blue bell is back on shelves five mounts after listeria outbreak stopped production. the company is distributing ice cream to select stores in texas and alabama. whoo-hoo. vacation goers in san diego are warned to stay out of the water after a second shark sighting in two days. a hammerhead shark is caught on pictures circling a group of kayakers. that would be so scary. yesterday, another hammerhead was spotted by fishermen off the shoreline.
4:20 pm
after a your fir in the central coast of california narrowly escape ad potentially deadly attack. scary stuff. david: god, if the shark can do that to a surfboard, imagine what happens to your leg. gerri: i know. david: no dial. tom brady and nfl failing to reach a settlement in "deflategate." now all up to the judge. how it all went down in court today. our next guest was actually there. gerri: looks like somebody has been practicing. the courtroom sketch artist that got so much grief for drawings of new england quarterback, she is redeemed today. get rid of that one. there is a better one. we'll show you. ♪
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tom brady and roger goodell were both in court earlier today in an attempt to reach some kind of settlement. they didn't succeed. our very own adam shapiro was there. he joins us with details. adam? >> reporter: that's right. took all of five minutes for judge richard berman to say there is no settlement. he is urging both sides to reach a settlement. he said he will issue his decision on tuesday or wednesday. tomorrow or wednesday. the goal is to have this decision out by friday the 4th. because tom brady would like to play football on september 10th, thursday the season opener, pittsburgh steelers versus patriots. what happens at this point? well, first we have to get a decision. both sides can appeal. it isn't guarranty no matter what the out come is that brady will get to play or not. we'll see what happens with that there was big effort to get a settlement and avoid the judge getting involved. here's what union rep had to say about it. >> we tried our best to reach a settlement which we did not
4:25 pm
reach but i think it, for us it reinforces the desire and need for an independent arbitrator in these matters of personal conduct but we understand tom's position, and i think the pros he is will work itself out. >> reporter: back to you, david. we're waiting for that decision. we'll be here wednesday. david: adam shapiro. i can hear the sirens coming right now. thank you very much. gerri? gerri: let's bring in our panel for reaction to latest in "deflategate." joining from us las vegas is j.t. "the brick" and dan kaplan who was actually in the courthouse, in the courtroom with both parties not being able to come to an agreement, i will put this first question to you, dan, tell us what you see happening. what was interesting in that courtroom today? who is going to win this thing? >> well the parties went into the judge's robing room as they call it about an hour before the judge came out. they were in there over an hour.
4:26 pm
the judge clearly wants a settlement. both sides are obstinant about this. brady won't back down. nfl won't back down. the judge ripped apart the ntl positions. he came out, said there was no settlement. that is end of it. he will make a decision as your reporter said. i believe the judge will vacate and overturn the decision. gerri: why? why? >> because i don't believe he thinks process was fair that the general counsel of the nfl as well as an author of the wells report was not allowed to be interviewed during the arbitration hearing. >> let's give j.t. "the brick" a chance to get in here. do you agree this thing will be thrown out? what do you see happening? we're right on top of the football season here, j.t. >> i don't think it will get thrown out. i think brady will miss games. should be obvious to everyone
4:27 pm
this would never be settled. tom brady would never give in. if the nfl loose this is this is black eye for roger goodell and his legacy. imagine with tom brady with four super bowl rings and beats roger goodell in new york federal court. it will be on appeal no matter who loses. brady looks like hero fighting all the way to the end. y this what you will of tom brady i think he will miss games, even if he plays first game, on appeal he will definitely miss games later in the season. he is great fighting to clear his name, he understands this is legacy play. he can not have this on his legacy if he wants to be considered one of the all-time great hall of famers. he has to have this wiped out. gerri: two giants shooting it out, obviously. a shot at redemption. the courtroom sketch artist hoping for that. infamous for her first courtroom switch of tom brady. rosenberg was back in action.
4:28 pm
looks like somebody has been prportrait of the new england patriots quarterback is much improved. what do you think, guys, quickly? start with you, dan? >> much improved. brady is handsome man. i'm not sure that is better. gerri: j.t. [. >> she should be under suspension. she was able at the job. she should be under suspension until september or october. gerri: you make a good point. david: i don't know what she was thinking when she drew the first picture. race for 2016 is in full swing. we'll look at some new polls that show bernie sanders gaining quite a bit on hillary clinton in iowa. what is that about, gerri? gerri: apple's big bite out of your next paycheck. details on their pricey new products uh-oh, coming right up. ♪
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david: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton losing steam amid her growing email scandal. in a new "des moines register" poll, hillary clinton slipped to 37%, versus the 57% she had in may. bernie sanders is surging, now seven points away from clinton. with me is guy benson, editor and fox news contributor. democratic strategist chris comean necessary, former democratic senator and massachusetts, scott brown.
4:33 pm
if she loses anymore she will be in second place. what does she do to stop the bleeding? >> well, i think bernie sanders is kind of tapping a chord that is pervading the country. dissatisfaction with the establishment. a lot of disfaction with the political elite so to speak. i think that is where he has been really effective. i think secretary clinton has to come out with a much clearer direction in terms of her message and her vision. i think they have been distracted unfortunately bit email issue. and they need to get back to kind of bread and butter issues that helped define these caucuses. i've done races in iowa. that is very unique electorate. much as it is in new hampshire you have to be careful with any assumption you're prom sieve front rain -- presumptive front-runner. voters in these two states have tendency to prove you wrong.
4:34 pm
i don't think it is alarm bell but something definitely to be concerned about. david: on republican side, top three contenders, carson, trump, fiorina who are not politicians. saying same thing on republican side to some extent of dissatisfaction with the establishment we see in democrats, guys. >> no question about it. we've seen it over and over again. trump and carson at the top of the heap. carly fiorina gaining in polls not just in iowa, but around the country. what is she? a businesswoman, a ceo. ben carson, physician. donald trump celebrity billionaire and real estate guru. these are not professional politicians. whether or not the three end up with the noll nation, the republican electorate have made it clear they do not like what the political class is doing. david: the problem with jeb bush has, he is so closely united with the political class, the establishment, if you will, not just his last name, but obviously the guy the
4:35 pm
establishment prefers in many ways, that is kind of an albatross around him, isn't it? >> i spoke to jeb this morning heading into new york. he is in it for the long haul. he recognizes this probably won't be resolved until california. i tend to agree with him. i don't disagree with the other panelists. right now there is anti-washington fervor out there. people don't like washington, they don't trust it so who speaks more of washington than hillary clinton? they don't trust her. the first word you come to polling, liar. with all due respect, i want somebody, american people and people of new hampshire want somebody trustworthy and honest to tell them how it is with no bs. i think that is happening now. david: since you just talked to jeb this morning, scott what is he doing, his plans to stem the bleeding? >> i'm having everyone of my candidates at my house, with meet-and-greet with 100 people. christie on monday and kasich tuesday and many others. they're meeting undecided voters
4:36 pm
of new hampshire going one-on-one. it will be between one and seven, first and 7th place a couple hundred votes because there are limited amount of votes in new hampshire. taking one at a time, looking people in the eye, going into their homes and businesses asking them for their vote. this is not over by any chance. david: scott, you're our fly on the wall at those meetings. let us know what happens. >> absolutely. david: scott, guy, chris, coming back at end of this segment this hour. we look forward to that. gerri? gerri: first time in history, listen to this, three major hurricanes formed over the pacific at the same time. over in the atlantic, remnants of tropical storm erika are moving up the east coast with torrential downpours causing flash floods in florida, georgia and south carolina. fox meteorologist janice dean watching it from the weather center. janice? >> gerri, we're in peak season. we're watching the atlantic. we had tropical storm erika. that dissipated.
4:37 pm
we're seeing moisture streaming into florida as well as southeast coast and mid-atlantic. in some areas we could receive three to five inches of rainfall. in the tampa area they had record rainfall over last couple weeks. they're not looking forward to anymore rainfall. looking at future radar, for the next several days a chance of rain in the forecast across the sunshine state. again potential for three to five inches and in some isolated spots. flash flood watches and warnings are posted in those concerned areas in the green. hurricane fred, watching this, this is historic. a hurricane has never formed this far east in the atlantic. first time we have ever seen hurricane warnings for the cape verde island watching this storm. good news, once it gets out of the islands here it will be what we call a fish storm. not affecting anymore land mass. it will start to dissipate and weaken next couple days. you also mentioned our triple hurricanes of the at one point category 3 or higher in the pacific.
4:38 pm
still hurricanes this one is category 4 right now. very impressive on satellite presentation. not affecting land. this one though,ing naccio, that is the big island. outer band could bring rainfall and gusty winds. surfers are probably happy. good news, gerri, not a big deal. some of these hurricanes will not affect land. that is what we like to hear in the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. gerri: that's right. we don't want any part of that. janice dean, thank you for that. >> being. david: we like fish storms, but nothing that hits land. i like that expression. roller coaster month for stocks. volatility is not over yet. a jobs report that could prevent a rate hike but unlikely to insure one coming next. finder's keepers, especially the lucky find that made one guy a millionaire. a story you will love to hear coming up. ♪ hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good.
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does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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gerri: u.s. stocks ending the
4:42 pm
month on adown beat note. no surprise here with more questions than answers on fed rate hike and persistent fears of china's economic slow down. oh, by way the did we mention the all-important jobs report this friday? let's bring in our panel. john lonski, moody's. lance roberts is a market strategist at fca wealth management. welcome all. good to have you here. john, i will start with you. let's go to comments by stanley fischer, vice chairman of the fed. he said rate hike could be in the cards, should be in the cards, what do you make of his comments? >> the fed very much wants to hike rates in september if the financial market gives it room to do so. if we have more financial market volatility if we have weaker industrial commodity prices, chances are the fed will wait. gerri: leif, to you, inflation not at 2% here, my friend. >> right. gerri: i thought that was one of the precursors that had to be in place. what is going on here?
4:43 pm
>> i agree with you. i don't think inflation really gives them the opportunity to raise rates right away. i think inflation and i don't think the jobs numbers will be significant either. unless we have blowout numbers that the fed will step in and raise rates in september anyway. of course the fed always like to put out conflicting communication. you have dudley saying there is really less compelling case to raise rates anyway. gerri: looking at numbers right here. expectations for 5.2% unemployment rate. 220,000 jobs created. that is the expectation. lance, get in there. i'm sorry two people sound very much alike, leif and lance. what do you make of jobs report? what role does it play? they same to say it is all about single report. why should it be all about one report? >> it really isn't. if we look at job growth in the economy the last three or four years in particular, we've been
4:44 pm
getting jobs, just a function of population growth, not much more than that we still have 94 million people outside of the labor force. one in four on some type of social benefit or welfare. it is not job requirement that the fed wants to raise rates into. the problem for the fed now they are so far past the period in normal economic cycle that they should have been raising rates, they're now trapped in a position of having to raise rates now or potentially face a threat of recession at zero interest rates. that is a worst-case scenario for the fed. gerri: worst case scenario but we got a bang up number on gdp, john, 3.7%. what do you make of that? >> it is not going to last. early indications for the third quarter will be closer to 2% than to 3%. for the year perhaps we grow by 2.4%. that means that 10 years have elapsed since gdp grew by 3%. that was in 2005. a long time ago. gerri: we haven't had that great of a track record.
4:45 pm
guys, john, leif, lance, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> thank you. david: apple is adding a few extra dollar signs to the latest verse of their apple tv the new version available in october could cost as much as 200 bucks. that is twice the current price. why the steep price hike? deirdre bolton joins us now. it better have a lot of bells and whistles. >> it better have a lot of bells and whistles. it takes on nintendo wii. when we face off in videogame challenge we can do it with the new apple tv this is hardware play. it has microphone where siri is more easily accessible. app developers can work directly for the new apple tv product. really the news is what happens this time next year because that's really when apple's streaming product is rumored. supposed to be announced. we know from cbs's les moonves, his comments a few months ago,
4:46 pm
yeah, cbs, that content will be on the new apple streaming product. that will be a year away. short-term, a new hardware product. just designed to get us all the more hooked into this apple halo. david: i am happy with version i have. it is a lot cheaper than the one coming out. thanks, deirdre. stay tuned at top of the hour for "risk & reward" and deirdre's interview with former apple ceo john sculley. gerri: we'll want to hear that. whether on wall street or main street here is what it making money. u.s. open, the tennis tournament is sold out and all eyes on serena williams first woman to complete the calendar grand slam since steffi graf in 1988. good luck to you, serena. uber has new employees. who you may remember are the duo behind spectacular hack earlier this year, taking remote control of a jeep cherokee.
4:47 pm
cashing in on the titanic. a menu from the ship is now expected to sell between 50 and $70,000. this is the third anniversary of wreckage discovered at bottom of the atlantic ocean. people love those stories. tough talk on both sides of the iran nuclear deal as we approach a crucial vote. americans feel according to a new poll will that it will make our country less safe. irs coming under fire from a federal judge. the latest details in the tea party targeting scandal coming up. ♪ fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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david: the dnc met this past weekend but failed to pass a resolution in support of the iran nuclear deal. congress is set to vote on deal next week. many voices coming out recording
4:51 pm
it but do most americans care about it? back with me is guy benson, chris kofinis, scott brown. scott, one thing americans always cared about with regard to iran is hostages. going back to 1979 with jimmy carter and iran still has four american hostages. donald trump has made a big point of it. that was no part of this negotiation. i understand why but that's something that makes americans mad they do care about, correct? >> of course they care about it. we have american citizens in iran's control. iran is the number one exporter of terrorism around the region and potentially around the world and we'll give them what, $150 billion of assets to go out and wreak more and more havoc with no guaranties they will protect and respect the right of israel to survive and live? it is unbelievable this deal. david: even susan rice has admitted that, chris, that the money they will get, windfall of at least 100 billion some of that will go to terrorism. you still have the spiritual leader of iran saying openly
4:52 pm
we're not going to allow foreigners to come into our military bases for inspection, sort of negating the whole purpose of the deal. you don't feel comfortable with that, do you? >> listen i think this unfortunately the best deal you could get given the parties involved. think there are serious issues and concerns people have raised. but at the same time, the alternative is, realistically it military action. i'm not sure there is anyone right now that believes that is the right path or course for us to take. unfortunately i think what the hope is, it may be a false hope, but the hope is that enough international pressure will come to bear. that iran will decide to do the right thing as this deal is simply minted. but if that doesn't happen -- david: forgive me, chris, we have three people and a little bit of time. guy, there is another alternative, that is to keep sanctions going on. the sanctions that seem to be having some effect on helping people of iran as opposed to
4:53 pm
government of iran. 55% of americans, by the way are against this deal. shouldn't that weigh into the decision of lawmakers? >> yeah, it should. the president doesn't care at all. that has been abundantly clear throughout the process. about two to one opposition from the american people. not just in the "quinnepiac poll" you just referenced but a whole host of other polls including our own here at fox news. that is not only thing. david, there are deep and concerning flaws with the deal. this is not a regime whose leaders are chanting death to america. they put their money where their mouth is. they are responsible for hundreds of american deaths in iraq. this inspection regime, 24-day period where they challenge before people go in. not allowed access to military sites. david: let me end with scott here, the question whether hillary said she is for the deal and will speak about it on september 9th, is this going
4:54 pm
to be an albatross around letter neck? she already has emails to worry about. is her support of this deal going to bring her down even further in the polls? >> i think certainly something that will hurt her dramatically. this is bad deal not only for america but the entire world. to think we will allow iran to have nuclear device. continue to enrich uranium and get assets to export terrorism around region of the world. i pray every day for israel. i hope leaders in congress get their heads you know from where. david: guys, appreciate it. thank you. wish we had moore time. guy, chris and scott. thank you. gerri: irs under fire from a federal judge, again, for failing to fulfill a freedom of information request. this time the tax agency is being pressured to reveal emails it sent to and received from the white house. by federal judge amy berman jackson. cause of action, government accountability group seeking information is following a trail
4:55 pm
explored by treasury inspector general. now some say these emails may reveal important details about the government's policy of holding up tea party applications for tax-exempt status. cause of action executive director daniel epstein said this about the story. no administration he said is above the law. we are pleased that the court has sided with us on this important point. david, i got to tell you, you look at this story. what you realize it has been a policy of stonewalling by the irs. and this could be explosive when we get email. david: no agency above the law? the irs is above the law. according to them you're guilty until proven innocent. goes against the whole concept of what american law is supposed to stand for. gerri: well, you're absolutely right and they have been in the cross-hairs. this isn't the first judge who said you must, you must comply. there are two now saying you have got to provide this information. i tell you, when you read the actual statements from the judges, they are hot under the collar. david: adding more fuel to fire to get rid of the irs, perhaps in the political race we'll hear
4:56 pm
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david: turning to $20 into a million. that would be nice. a one lucky guy in san francisco found 20 bucks on street, decided to put it to work to buy lottery scratch off tickets. >> i don't play these things. this is really just lucky chance really. >> lucky chance. herbert had not bottom lottery ticket in 10 years. it worked out big time. he works as bartender. plans to save the money for now. will leave 20-dollar bills on the street to. david: one time i was really short on cash, 30 years ago. i had a new family. i looked down $80.
5:00 pm
sometimes you find it when you need it. leaving some behind for a guy like me. >> that is nice thinking. i like it. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deidre: former ceo strikes back. week before apple releases its new iphone 6 as former apple ceo john sculley launching two new smartphones from his company. see if it measures up. he is with us shortly. first to a huge move in the energy market. oil settled higher by nearly 9%. price per barrel up above $49. today is the third session of the best three-session winning streak since 1990. phil flynn is with me now. phil, how much did the u.s. department of energy report play in today's move? >> i think very big part, deirdre. because what we are doing, is we're breaking bearish argument. no matter what oil prices did, u.s. production would continue to rise.


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