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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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to point something out. you are fantastic. thanks for watching the show. a shoutout to elizabeth macdonald, did an amazing job filling in for me, i appreciate it. speaking of amazing, lou dobbs is live for the next two hours. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. stock markets today again plunging, ending investor hopes that last week's volatility subsided. not hardly. an economic report out of china rekindling fears that the second largest economy is slowing much more than expected. far more than the chinese government has acknowledged in its reports. add to that investor anxiety driven by speculation, the federal reserve might ignore global economic and market weakness and raise interest rates on the view that the united states he and actually strengthening. result, a huge sell-off on wall street.
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following global markets. the dow jones industrials plunged 470 points today, a bruising month of august setting the stage for what is the first day of trading in this new month. we'll have expert analysis on the market sell-off. why now and what tomorrow? what should anyone do in these volatile, uncertain markets? all of that coming up here tonight. and the obama white house and attorney general mute tonight, not a word said in washington about another senseless act of violence against our police. local and federal law enforcement officials and fox lake, illinois are searching for two suspects after they allegedly shot and killed a police officer this morning. days after a texas deputy sheriff was gunned down at a gasoline station. we'll take up the liberal war against law enforcement and its disturbing repercussions tonight.
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we'll be talking with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke in moments. we're five months from the first in the nation presidential primary in new hampshire. but many of the republican candidates are throwing big punches at one another, and they're landing those hits. who's winning? who's losing? why can't bush and trump just get along? would we really want them to? republican presidential candidate governor jeb bush, obviously feeling the pressure of his flailing campaign. he's now aggressively attacking trump and donald trump, as you would expect, not letting those attacks go without reply. our top story, illinois police are engaged in a massive manhunt after a police officer was shot and killed north of chicago. local and federal authorities are searching for three suspects described as two white males, one black male,
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considered armed and dangerous. investigators say officer joseph was chasing those three suspects on foot in the far north chicago suburb of fox lake. the officer called for backup, but when cops arrived they found the officer shot and was gravely injure. his killers apparently stole the officer's gun and pepper spray before the officer died. authorities are using every tool at their disposal to catch these suspects. >> at this point, this is a two-pronged investigation. so we have our -- we're looking into the apprehension of the three subjects at large, utilizing multiple resources for that. we have numerous k-9s on the ground checking for scent. numerous helicopters and aircrafts in the air. we have a large number of officers on foot, conducting searches of the area.
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lou: today's shooting just days after a gunman shot and killed a deputy sheriff in texas as he was pumping gas. it marked the fourth police officer murdered or critically injured over just the past week. the "new york times" today awakening to something we've been reporting here for months. a nationwide crime wave. according to the "new york times," at least 35 industries reported a spike in murders and violent crime after years of declines. murders in new orleans up 22%, and washington, d.c., 44% higher. in baltimore, up 56%. in st. louis, up 60%. and murders in milwaukee up 76% over the last year. some law enforcement experts blame the crime surge on the liberal war against law enforcement, which has made officer less aggressive and embolden criminals. joining us tonight milwaukee county sheriff david clarke.
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we have just witnessed another law enforcement officer shot down. this is becoming so critical, it's a crisis, is it not? >> without a doubt. i've been through city of fox lake. one of fox lake's finest gunned down, engaged in self-initiative policing. the best policing there is. kind you're seeing less of in major cities where crime has spiked. there is a correlation, you'd have to be in denial tong there is not. look, there's a climate in this country now and it's been created by the constant bashing from a number of anarchist groups. i called this group war in it was in december. i said war had been declared on the american police officer and it was made possible by very high-profile people who had breathed life into the group. they were able to come out from the shadows and operate above board, and now it's like, in this environment, these criminals, crooks, are not
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afraid to assault the police, resist the police, and no longer a matter of fleeing the police, they don't think twice of shooting at police as they run, that's what happened today unfortunately. but the only way this is going to change is to stop this black lives matter rhetoric. this ugly, filthy gutter rhetoric coming from the group. kill the pigs, kill the police, f the police, on and on and on, there's a climate that exists out there, and it's not going to go away overnight until responsible people, starting at the white house, they started the anti-police rhetoric and need a narrative of respect for police, respect for law and order, respect for rule of law, and it's going to take time to turn this tide, unfortunately. lou: you're obviously not surprised that the attorney general loretta lynch has not said a word about the deputy sheriff shot down, that there
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has been no justice department team dispatched to houston. not surprised, i presume, either than the president of the united states can take time to rename a mountain, but not deal with what is obviously a crisis in our -- particularly our major cities. >> i think it's disgusting, too. the attorney general's a law enforcement officer, we have a new one now, loretta lynch, she replaced the race hustler in eric holder. she's not gotten off to a good start in terms of supporting the police. she had in the early hours of the police shooting, dispatching d.o.j. investigators to assist in the investigation, that was the right thing to do, but it was also the right thing to do early on to dispatch d.o.j. investigators down to harris county, and now to fox lake illinois to do the same thing, because actions speak louder than words but her silence on
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this, i think it's deafening, and the same with the president of the united states. they've paid lip service. i heard the president call the family the other day of deputy goforth, but three days later, had to be darned near pushed out there to do something. i think that says a lot about the general disdainment that he has for law enforcement of the united states. he tried to transform us, said we need to de-escalate. that officer in fox lake didn't have a chance to de-escalate. the harris county sheriffs deputy didn't have a chance to de-escalate, they were gunned down in cold-blooded murder. lou: what is the left playing out here? there is a reluctance, you have said it clearly, these are not black activists in the black lives protests and demonstrations, you call them slime. >> exactly. lou: we are listening to black
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leaders all over the country rather than trying to tamp down the rhetoric or to change the way in which they engage. instead, they seem to be afraid of the black lives matter organization, if you can call it that. are they afraid? and if so, what can be done? >> they are very afraid. this thing got away, out of control. they didn't plan it to get this large and this vicious and violent, but it, did they can't create the beast, the beast has now turned on them. you saw o'malley back down from saying all lives matter to saying he apologized for that. what it's going to take right now is in unison for all the presidential candidates, the governors of every state and the political leaders all throughout the united states to again get behind the american police officer, lift them up, talk about the need for respecting of law and order. this is a threat, lou, to our
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american way of life. because the law enforcement officer protects the rule of law. the rule of law is the bedrock of american democracy. without the rule of law, we don't have american democracy and don't have america anymore, that's why every law-abiding citizen in the country should be alarmed with the war on police. lou: sheriff david clarke, thank you, sir? >> thank you, lou. lou: turning to the intensifying war of words between donald trump and governor jeb bush. both candidates now are ignoring ronald reagan's 11th commandment. they're in fact smashing it. fox news political correspondent carl cameron has the report. >> reporter: the next debate is two weeks from tomorrow, and cnn changed rules announcing it will only use an average of national polls taken after the last debate to determine who will be in the top ten of the primetime debate next time around. that is good news for the only woman in the field, carly
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fiorina hovering around 7th and will qualify. those who slipped, chris christie, mike huckabee or rand paul could be facing a downgrade. in the meantime, donald trump launched the first tough web attacks of the 2016 campaign. >> yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony. it's an act of love. >> reporter: over menacing music, mug shots follow of illegal immigrants arrested for murder, and the words appear, love, forget love it's time to get tough. bush blames illegal immigration problems on president obama. >> for six years now under this administration, there hasn't been the kind of xhim to the border we need to have. we have sanctuary cities, serious problems. my candidacy is about solving problems rather than brash rhetoric that's not grounded in reality. >> reporter: trump's video says it's time to get tough and bush did accusing trump of gross
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distortions. >> that led to mischaracterization of my thinking, almost as if donald trump is acting as a washington politician, he believes in the single payer system, he's not only pro-choice but believes in partial-birth abortion. those are his word, not mine. >> reporter: he launched a video attack ad, too. >> you'd be shocked if i said that in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> who would you like representing the united states in a deal with iran with, this regime there. >> i think hillary would do a good job. >> reporter: trump praising clinton at an awards ceremony. >> somebody who devoted her life to public service, thank you to secretary clinton and president clinton. >> reporter: scott walker jumped in on the iran deal noting when it was initially unveiled, bush said before tearing it up republicans
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should examine the details. walker insists the next remark is not just an attack but a contrast in styles. >> if you want someone who knows today, it's a bad deal and is not going to wait until the folks of washington tell you it's right, who are going to do what's right in the very first day in office, i'm the candidate. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie could get knocked off the primetime debate stage, he warned on "the tonight show," if he's overlooked, he'll react. >> 15 questions in a row. count them at home. 15 in a row? he's going to go nuclear now. >> that's what i'm talking about! >> reporter: carly fiorina is celebrating when the prospect of cnn's rules change make it likely she'll be debating in primetime. and somebody on the big stage is headed for a downgrade. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. and someone has to explain what's happening to the markets. why? and what has happened to the great and good friends of u.s. multinationals. the communist chinese.
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what are they playing at? we're coming right back with thoses and answers. stay with us. stock trading on the first day of the new month ends in a bloodbath on wall street. stocks hammered another volatile session. is this a connection or the death of the bull market? what should investors do now? all of that coming up. and when a volcano erupts, the last place you want to be is where this guy is. we'll have his story and the incredible video here next. stay with us.
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. lou: president obama has come up with a way apparently to counter vladimir putin's aggression. he wants to build more ice breakers. the president asking congress to speed up construction of new ice breaker ships to protect american interests and resources in the arctic. the united states now has only two, think of this. this is the world's only superpower, we have only two fully functional ice breakers. russia meanwhile has 40 ice breakers. we are revealing tonight the ice breaker gap between russia and the united states. the administration is playing
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catch-up, obviously, with russia. last month submitting a claim to the united nations for nearly a half million square miles of the arctic sea shelf, that would be part of mother russia. defense secretary ash carter in baltimore addressed the need to counter russia. >> we do not seek to make russia an enemy, but make no mistake, while vladimir putin may be intent on turning the clock back in russia, he cannot turn the clock back in europe. we will defend our allies -- [ applause ] . lou: finally a word or two about our allies. the united states, russia, canada, denmark and norway all trying to assert claims in the arctic. believed to hold up to 25% of the world's untapped oil, gas and minerals. on wall street today, a massive sell-off as i said, the dow
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plunged 470 points, the s&p down 58. the nasdaq plunging 140 points on the day. volume on the big board, 4.3 billion shares. the wilshire 5,000 measuring today's losses at almost $700 billion. the dow, the s&p and nasdaq have all returned to correction territory down more than 10% from recent highs. crude oil today tumbling 8% settling above $45 a barrel. joining me now, dana peterson. dana, good to have you with us. and forbes contributor gordon chang, good to have you with us. let's start with these markets first. is this an indication of investor concerns about our economy, the global economy, china or some combination of all? >> we think that these are mainly investor concerns about what's going on in china. market volatility notwithstanding, the u.s.
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economy is actually doing quite well. real gdp was up revised early second quarter. third quarter data has been quite positive. car sales up 17.8 million units in august, which is actually quite strong. lou: i can remember quite vividly when some of the carmakers did not think they would return to 15 million units, let alone 17. gordon, the relationship to china, as dana says, investor anxiety, fear over what is happening in china, yet all the wags from u.s. multinationals say there is no problem with china because it won't influence our markets, our economy. what's going on? >> i'd like to know the name of the genius who said we should tie our economy to china's? today we had the release of two indicators for the chinese manufacturing sector, they were unexceptional and not surprising, yet we had more
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than 500-point drop intra-day because of. this imagine when we get really bad news at china. it is coming, they're not growing at 7.0. they're probably growing 1 or 2. in a quarter, they'll be below 0. lou: what influence did the devaluation of the rmb by china, two weeks ago, devaluing the yuan as it is popularly called in some places and we have seen what looks to be to me the beginnings of a currency war, if not already an undeclared one, and certainly rural markets have been roiled and there is no comment about this. >> we have been commenting about the strength of the u.s. dollar, we saw the dollar over a short period of time over the course of a year, it is quite significant. but nonetheless, we note u.s. exposure to china is more of in
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terms of imports. we import a lot more than we export. lou: $300 billion a year in trade deficit with china, and we ask the question is it sustainable, and the answer, dana, it is not, what do you think? >> exports to china are about 7% total exports. with the stronger u.s. dollar, consumers can consume a lot more items from abroad including china. we have to worry about exports, growth and the implications from the stronger currency. lou: dana has outlined for everyone is in the case of china, there is no such thing as free trade. that is always used to describe the trade relationship. 7% of exports to china, the largest arguably, the largest economy in the world? >> we've had trouble exporting to china recently because of the downturn in chinese consumer sentiment.
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people say china's trying to move from an industrial economy to a consumer base. lou: dana was mentioning it. >> they're having problems doing. this we can see this in all kinds of indicators including imports. u.s. exporters who thought china was the bonanza, it's not working out that way. we are a problem because of the predatory trade policies of beijing and that also hurts as well. lou: investors, as they look at what's happening here, the chinese influence, the global sell-off, emerging markets collapsing in point of fact, and currencies, we are -- let me ask you, what is your outlook on currencies? does this not look to be, well, if not a currency war, the onset of one? >> well, indeed we do expect the u.s. dollar to continue to appreciate given the fact there are the differentials between growth in the u.s. as well as interest rates.
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bur nonetheless. lou: if that happens, it will have a terrible influence on our exports, will it not? >> yes, it will affect exports. lou: we can say thank you to china for costing us more jobs, the loss of more jobs in this country. >> actually the jobs outlook is quite positive. we've already added. lou: no, i'm not suggesting it's not. i'm saying as a result of this currency war and the impact on the dollar, china is directly affecting our jobs? >> well, it's i think much broader issue than that. lou: i'm not suggesting this is the whole of the matter, i'm simply suggesting that within the context of the devaluation of the rmb and the strengthening of the dollar, we're looking at the prospect of job cuts in this economy? >> there could be some, but nonetheless, the economy is going very strong, looking for growth in the 2 1/2 to 3% range, that should continue to
7:26 pm
drive unemployment growth. lou: and market volatility is over. [ laughter ] >>, is that right? . >> not necessarily. lou: dana thanks for being with us, gordon chang, thank you. much more on today's sell-off live with a special edition of "lou dobbs tonight," focusing exclusively on the market sell-off and the causes of what has been three weeks of extraordinary volatility in global markets. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. a mesmerizing river of lava in hawaii, take a look at large breakout of lava flowing from the kilauea volcano on hawaii's big island. kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and been erupting for 32 years. the volcano only three miles from residential communities,
7:27 pm
but officials swear it does not pose a threat. we certainly hope not. donald trump v. jeb bush. they're up next, their war of words rising to a new level. how will the republican candidates and the voters react to these new attack ads? whatever happened to that ronald reagan 11th commandment? it's on the floor in taters. we take it up next. stay with us. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.? and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas.
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to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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. lou: the main news at this hour, stocks slammed today, another brutal sell-off on wall street. the major averages down nearly 3% on the day. one of the biggest declines of the year. the worst start to september in 13 years. and is it a coincidence the global markets are selling off after china devalued its currency three weeks ago? we'll have complete coverage of these markets, the sell-off and what to expect tomorrow, the
7:32 pm
days and weeks ahead. a massive manhunt in illinois for the killers of a police officer, local, state and federal agents are combing the area looking for at least three suspects. the murdered officer was a 30 years veteran of the fox lake police department located about an hour north of chicago. the latest release of hillary clinton's e-mails showing clinton and her aides at the state department were fully aware of the need to protect sensitive information. clinton and her team knew the risks of discussing international affairs over e-mail and other forms of unsecure electronic communication. joining us now, co-host of outnumbered on the fox news channel, jedidiah bila and host of the gavin show on, gavin mccas. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> first, let's talk about this
7:33 pm
-- this is a knockdown battle between bush and trump. >> i'm loving it. i'm absolutely loving it. first of all, it's entertaining, secondly the campaign ads are so boring people don't pay attention to them. for the first time they're good ads. they're funny, target each other. i think that donald trump has done something in this race that is fantastic, he hafs everyone on their toes. jeb bush is realizing if i want this job, i have to fight for it. and other candidates are, too. i think this topic of immigration and border security is something that republicans often get away with easy and say we've got to secure the border first, donald trump made you explain what to do with the people that are here and be bold what you are saying and what you have said in the past. it's nice we see candidates forcing each other to be accountable for past statements, past actions and for putting some money behind their magic. lou: so you think gavin that
7:34 pm
trump is driving bush to succinct specific pithy responses on policy and illegal immigration? >> yes, i think he's forcing the entire republican party to defend themselves after years of telling us that diversity is our strength, and that mexicans are making us better and we need to open more borders. this is a george w. problem, it's a jeb problem and it's a myth! and donald trump was the first to say who are these people we're bringing, in other than the cute families that want to scrub your shelves and fix your bathroom as kelly osbourne said. lou: who is kelly osbourne? >> she got in trouble for implying that illegal aliens do crappy jobs, which they do. they do them cheaper. lou: george w. bush framed it more eloquently, he said they do the jobs that americans won't do? >> yes, for $4 an hour. it's ironic we're getting this from such a rich guy.
7:35 pm
i always said the rich only see nannies and landscapers and say they are angels. rest of us have to live with them. donald trump is around them because they clean his hotels? i don't know. lou: has this issue become an ugly issue? and is it because people have been skirting the realities of border security and actually enforcing laws and having rules in this country and seem so frustrated? >> it's a hideous issue. look at the number of young girls who are raped crossing the border. it's a crime issue. you want to talk to prison guards? you'll hear about illegal immigration, and to fluff it up with this hard working landscaper crap is a lie, and the beauty of donald trump is he stirred up the muck, and the gop has gone, wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa, you guys agree with him and american is going yeahs he's right. >> isn't every issue an ugly issue, if you delve into it.
7:36 pm
look at abortion, the economy and the joblessness, every issue is meant to get ugly if you figure out a solution for it. lou: i think that is a great point, jedidiah. this is not a nation of adults. we did not want to take a look at the issues in the hard glare of rational analysis with empirical judgeans being made, whether it's abortion, whether it's illegal immigration, think about the mantra that bush created, george w. bush saying they do the jobs americans won't do. well, raise the prices. see what the result is. meanwhile we have 30 million people unemployed or underemployed. seems so simple. >> when you castrate the american male and say you may not be machismo, someone else is going to move in and take over, and you're not going to enjoy their masculinity as much as a enjoyed the 400 years of our masculinity.
7:37 pm
lou: is there a possibility here that donald trump is setting a new standard for all of the gop candidates, perhaps for the democratic as well. depending who wins the nomination. >> i think so. i think he's forcing them off their talk points and i think bernie sanders is forcing or trying to force hillary off her talking point. i'm in favor of anyone who can force the politicians to take a stand on the issue, speak from the heart and not be afraid to take a bold position because they're afraid of offending the establishlet or the voting base, the bottom line is the problems have to be solved. someone needs to get to the nitty-gritty of solving thing, i'm ready for whoever that is going to be. lou: is it mitt romney? some of his donors purporting wanting him to jump in. >> mitt romney sketched out people with his religion, whether that's valid, i don't care. i've said this a million times,
7:38 pm
donald trump is clearing the way, like a bouncer. you know when a boxer comes out to the ring, he's the guy going illegal immigration isn't the utopia you think it is, and at the last second he's going to bow out. ted cruz is going to jump in the ring and just -- >> you almost knocked me out there. you didn't see that. >> that was a metaphorical opponent. he's not going to hit jedidiah. lou: no extra charge for the visual. thank you. >> thank you. lou: in california, a whale suspecting paddleboarders you can see the humpback whale next to the women paddleboarding off the coast of halfmoon bay. the whale giving a show before diving into the water, that was spectacular and rare, that sight. we're coming right back. stay with us. kate steinle's family suing the feds and the city of san francisco over the murder of
7:39 pm
their daughter at the hands of an illegal immigrant. >> nobody is taking responsibility, accountability, and nothing has changed. >> reporter: we take up the case and sanctuary cities with our legal panel tonight. jonna and wendy join us. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine, stop taking spiriva respimat
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rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me. get a domain, website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy. . lou: the family of kate steinle, the young woman killed
7:43 pm
on san francisco's pier 14 two months ago is suing city and federal officials. the suspect in the case illegal immigrant, juan francisco lopez sanchez had been released from jail despite request from immigration to detain him. her murder set off a national debate about sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. steinle's brother today spoke out. >> nobody has taken responsibility, accountability and nothing has changed. no amount of money will ever bring kate back, but i hope that us standing here today making a statement will start the process of change, so people will feel safe when they come to this city. lou: joining us tonight, criminal defense attorney jonna spilbor, career trial attorney wendy patrick. thank you, both for being here. jonna, start with you, this is a -- seeking obviously, the
7:44 pm
family, some sense of justice, holding accountable the city and the federal officials. what are the prospects? >> all right, if you look historically, the prospects are not good. other people have tried the same type of lawsuit and california judges have struck it down, but i am hopeful because this attorney is doing things a little bit differently. in the past, attorneys have basically attacked the sanctuary statute and said the statute itself is the reason why the harm was caused to plaintiff. judges said no, no, the statute itself is not designed to protect the public from violence or harm. statute itself is designed to assist with the enforcement of immigration. lou: whoa, whoa, whoa! >> the definition to the statute. lou: that's absolutely on its face pure absurdity. >> absolutely agree. that's what the judges were hanging their hats on. this lawsuit is saying we're going to point our fingers at the sheriff who thumbed his
7:45 pm
nose at a request from i.c.e. for this particular man. and i think that might assist in getting the judges to agree with this plaintiff as opposed to prior plaintiffs. lou: sheriff ross letting this illegal immigrant, one assumes he knew full well his record and his danger to the public, why would he not have an obligation not to have released that person. >> that's a great question, lou, everyone is asking the question. way the laws are written with regard to sanctuary cities, the policies in place, you get a sheriff that thinks their hands are tied. people don't want to offend due process rights by going around the policies that they have in place. and sadly, the lawsuit is litigation, but oftentimes litigation leads to legislation. lou: but immigration, ice ice, immigration and customs enforcement asked that sheriff's office to detain this
7:46 pm
-- and he said no, we've got a statute against it. that's crazy. federal law overwhelms on at least, on its face, local law or state law. >> yes, it does, that's the sanctuary city dilemma. lou: the hell with sanctuary cities. >> that's what everybody is saying right about now. >> they know, the sheriff knows that historically courts come down on the side of the cities. because that's what they've done. lou: let me ask you this way. this sheriff, being sued, acting absolutely irresponsibly. it just is a matter of law he should be held accountable because his actions and that of the city council that has a sanctuary law in place, that's in violation much the federal -- why aren't groups, organizations going after those sanctuary statutes? >> they are, and that's what we're seeing a lot of right about now. many people have never heard the term sanctuary city, much less realized they lived in
7:47 pm
one. when you have a scenario like, this shining a spotlight on the reality of recidivism in cities like this where the officials don't know what discretion they have. lou: and jonna, what's this going to be -- what will be the impact? do you think there will be change here as her brother said, your heart goes out to the family. >> absolutely. if the judge has the guts to say, yes, the city and i.c.e. and everybody else involved had a duty to protect us from people like this defendant, we're going to open a whole can of worms and attack the government when it happens. that might force the change we need, precedent setting for sure. lou: the judge had the guts to interpret the statute of sanctuary cities and say its purpose was to enforce immigration law. that's about all the guts can you stand from a federal courthouse. jonna, thank you so much. appreciate it. wendy, thank you. >> thank you. lou: folks finding creative ways to use their drones.
7:48 pm
we were hoping they would. take a look as this british man hovers above ground. you see him there. in a homemade 54 propeller superdrone. aircraft can fly for about 10 minutes, carry weight up to 350 pounds. you know, it's quite remarkable. i mean that's worth 10 minutes. could have brought a friend. 350 pounds? are you kidding me? advanced technology, a lawn chair and 54 propellers and engines, of course. up next, nearing a decision on deflategate, and what will be the impact of the federal judge's decision? tom prayedy, roger goodell, we take it up with former giant linebacker harry carson here next. stay with us.
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7:53 pm
>> the patriots season opener is next thursday. we're delighted to have joining us new york giants legend harry carson. i have to ask you, how interested are you in this decision? >> no. not really, i think it is really been blown out of proportion. as i mentioned to you off air, it is just two pounds of after i, it -- of air, it has gotten to this point, where it is so important that two pounds of air. you still have to run the ball, throw the but, catch the ball. i understand people are talking about staying with -- you know that rules of integrity and blah, blah, blah but still, it is boiled down to 2 pounds of air. i'm just wondering, you know
7:54 pm
what will the legal expense be for these two parties to sort this out. and could this money be forwarded to main of these retired players are and probably down and out and need assistance. lou: that would have been nice. >> it would have been very nice. lou: rodger goodell. you name it, he has been slapped around. >> yep. lou: what is about his job, that he thinks he has this imperial right to not only make the judgment, and but also be the voice that will speak on the appeal. >> i'm not going to speak on what rodger can and cannot do, he is the commissio commissione. he is the grand pubba. if you air on sentencing or putting someone kind of a punishment there.
7:55 pm
you error with two many gains as opposed to last year, with ray rice. they give him 2 games there was an uproar. personaly, i am they cut it to two, perhaps one. because i really don't see two pounds of air as being all that important. i understand about rules, and so forth. but still that is just two pounds of air. lou: with that two pounds richard berman the judge said, in his courtroom, you know, the fact of the mar master is -- mat ser the report that ted wells report that nfl spend millions of dollars to have put together. he said it does not make sense. he said that in court. pointing out tom brady was
7:56 pm
throwing better with a fully inflated ball in the second half. >> he could have probably play better in the first half if the balls were fully inflated. lou: can you imagine what his stats would look like, harry, which way do you think it will go? >> one game. lou: all right, one game. >> i'll come back and talk to you about "concussion." lou: we've talked about it over the years. >> i was talking about the movie,. lou: oh, thank you. lou: we'll have a lot more on market sell-off, on next hour of "lou dobbs tonight."
7:57 pm
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lou: i'm lou dobbs welcome to our coverage of today's market sell-off, stocks closing down sharply after bleak manufacturing reports from united states and china, reigniting the investor fear about the health of a slowing global economy. and speculation that fed might ignore market weakness and raise interest rates on view that united states economy is actually string ending. -- strengthening, all 3 indexes today falling nearly 3%. dow in correct territory, s&p 500 lower than may record hi


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