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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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on to nice rally with energy in the close up over 200 points, with headlines out of federal reserve making hint that rate hike delay is likely. let me get that right. david: oil riding rally as well. despite saudis pumping like crazy and big supply glut, highest level in 80 years. [closing bell ringing] gerri: the iran nuke deal is nearly a done deal as one senator throws her support to the agreement, giving president veto power over congressional critics look at nasdaq. nyse is cheering. everybody is happy about what happened to the market today. hoping that it won't be one shot or even two-shot deal. that this will be a sustained rally. let's hope for the best, where it was earlier in the day. it was shootings up early in the morning. it came down to about 100 points, even a little below 100 points. almost 300-point rally.
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gerri: let's go. i love this. the first green on the screen, dow up over 270 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq in positive territory too. nasdaq on fire as closing bell sounds on wall street. david: here is a look where we're ending the day. as you can see all the green except for gold, gold taking it on the chin. but even oil, healthy rise in oil despite what we heard from the saudis suggesting they will continue to pump. phil strebo in the pits of cme in chicago watching oil's wild ride. first adam shapiro on floor of the new york stock exchange. adam, looks like we ended the day just about the high. >> just about the highs, that would be accurate and there was concern at some point, david, we were actually falling back down not into negativer to but headed that way. we were up barely above 100 points on the dow. s&p 500, i want to come back to that. we'll settle around 1948, 1949.
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what we saw today, steven guilfoyle, 1926 support level. we broke below that. you saw the market fight back and well above the 1926. steven will tell you that is really a good indication that perhaps we have seen the bottom, this back and forth up and down, up and down, that there is really momentum to the upside for stocks. talking about stocks that have done well past couple days. american airlines, they closed up again today, that was after they got analyst goes to a buy from a hold on american airlines. oil closed up but the airlines are still ben at this timing from cheap oil because we'll see cheaper jet fuel costs for them going forward. other stocks that are up, that outperformed, general electric was up today, facebook was up today. intel was up today on news they are going to look at one of their key processing chips that will help them, they believe, spark some sales in, are you
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ready for this, the pc market. david: right. >> investors bought it. intel was up. david: i'm glad you mentioned intel. we should mention we're focused on dow. nasdaq is up greater percentage wise. the dow was up 1.83%. the nasdaq was up almost 2 1/2%. look at this rally on nasdaq. intel of course a part of that adam shapiro thank you very much. >> yep. gerri: no market was nor confusing than oil. a roller coaster ride for oil dropping on news of a surprise build in inventors, highest in 80 years. but crude reversed course to end up nearly 2%. phil, what happened? >> similar action to the s&p. we came down. we broke yesterday's low. that was key level of support. it was on the oil inventory data. we were all expecting that small build. we ended up getting a little larger than expected. you have oil inventor remembers.
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we're sitting at 454 million barrels. we're 95 million barrels above the five-year moving average. so considerable amount of oil there. prices should be a lot lower. the fact that they're not and the fact they're rebounding tells you it was outside market like s&p and dow jones bringing it back up here or it was some of that talk about china, they started moving some of their naval ships. that got geopolitical guys calling in buying a little bit of oil. other concerns with the iran deal. just, we're coming into the end, the end of the driving season here. will there be ramp upcoming to the end of the week? are people looking at big draw down on oil inventories. there is a lost positioning. at 3 1/2 dollars day, that tells you something big is going on here. gerri: something big going on. hard for me to understand if you have a glut why this happens to prices. tell us more about the supply issue. >> if you look at supplies here,
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i mean again we're 95 million barrels above that five-year average. if you look at gasoline, it's more in line with the five-year average but it is still considerably higher so we've got plenty of gasoline out there. we have tons of oil out there. prices should be selling off. i would anticipate that this rally we're seeing right now, most likely fails come monday or tuesday. and we start to come back down. i really think we're going down closer to $40. gerri: who. this has been good news for drivers of course. what is your outlook for rest of the year for oil? >> i say at best we get closer to 50, $55. that is at best of the problem you have headwinds. which go north of $50 you will all of sudden see the baker hughes data come out, they will put more and more rigs and wells back online. it has got that. u.s. will start ramping up
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production as well. the saudis are working with several other opec members. they're trying to get price up but i think that is about as high as we get is 50, $55. gerri: 50, 55 that is our out look for the year. thank you for that. we appreciate your time, phil. david: joining me now, sam stovall, managing director at s&p capital iq. scott martin, united advisors chief market strategist, fox news contributor. joan tobacco, analyst at thanks for coming in. scott, nice to see some conviction at the end of the day, right? >> nice to see, david. but unfortunately this market feels like it has an elephant sitting on it. on down day, volume comes in pretty hard. a lot of traders are on vacation this week and late-day rallies i don't buy into them. on some down days, there is hard
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conviction in the morning and pressure things and send high beta stocks, tech stocks really hard in some of the down swoons that continues. that still tells me we'll see lower prices. david: sam, look at nasdaq. nasdaq was up 2 1/2%. >> the technology stocks, as other guest just said, they're going through awful lot of volatility. i think because it took us this long, 44 months to finally break down below the 10% level we have to look to history to get an idea this decline probably has to go a little bit deeper before it is all done. david: john tabacco, a man who lived in china would be behind bars right now because he is short seller, kind of thing being found illegal now in china. is there any room for a short seller to be happy on day like today when the market did so well? >> i can tell you this, i'm not a short seller as you know. david: but you've done it before. >> we do support short sellers who legally short sell. and we have some really
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transparency analytics to what people look at. we're talk about elephant on the market, what i'm hearing on that side of the street there is elephant in the room nobody is really talking about, and that is china, put really china, largest holders of u.s. debt. if they get in more trouble start asking us for money back we have major, major props. david: they have already done that to the tune of hundreds of billions, 100 billions. they sold about 100 billions of treasurys. >> they limited their buying, cut back their buying. but i don't think they showed up as net seller. >> look what is happening, rates have gone down. isn't that interesting? david: why is that, scott? >> i have been on record that the fed will not raise in december. they can't do it. i think number two there is still tons of deflationary pressure not just in the u.s. economy but overseas economies experiencing lackluster growth. therefore in that environment you want to own bonds. david: sam, is there concern about what china is doing with our treasurys? >> sure there is always that concern because as you said or as you just heard they could be
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putting pressure on looking to sell additional bonds and let's face it, when we look to 're not getting it here. we're not getting it overseas. if the fed decides not to do anything in september or december, it is not because of the employment picture. it is not because of the fed beige book, et cetera. it is because inflation remains stubbornly low. david: john, what about the economy? we've seen several economies in really bad shape. we talked about china. canada is now in recession according to some people's figures. australia -- that has a lot to do with china because they sell their goods to china for manufacturing. is there concern we may go into a contraction here in the u.s.? >> i think there is global crisis of confidence going on right now. there has really been, central bankers have been like madoff on steroids. a conglomeration of loans to countries to banks which is all coming to fruition. david: is there a danger that the united states will go into recession? >> i think it already has begun. david: you think it is
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happening? yikes! >> i think it is creeping in. inflation in all other places except statistics. >> he may have a point though, david because the commodity markets have crashed. copper, silver, steel, aluminum. pick your favorite commodity that is in a major bear market that doesn't happen especially all in concert without major economic destruction. if it is last one to go down it will be u.s. david: sam, kind of a chicken or egg sort of things. does the fall in commodities, dramatic fall in commodities press sage a recession or or perhaps dog wagging the tail here. >> i've gone back over 60 years and i found we never slipped into recession with inflation below 2% and yield curve the way it is today. i don't think that the fed's overaggressiveness is masking inverted yield curve. i think that what they're going to be basically doing trying to keep as stimulative as possible because of these concerns that we don't want to then get
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dragged into. david: sam, what more can they do? we already have zero interest rates. we had them for six years. >> sure. they could keep it at these levels. even if they raised it by 25 basis points i think the market would rejoice. now uncertainty is over and would end up issuing implementation note, hey, this is how going to be doing it. market will not react to highers rates. the market reacts to china and what is happening to china and also why oil prices were going up despite increase in supply. david: wow. john, i'm sorry, i think the market always reacts to interest rates. in 30, 40 years, covering these markets i've always seen a reaction, either positive or negative to rates. >> i think right now individual investors should stay, it's a relaxed period. where we're headed in the near term, there is a lot of pressure on market. we see 12 five a place for major wash out and flight to safety in the u.s. individual investors could probably find real value. david: what about that flight to
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safety to the u.s.? we hear so often there is no place to put money except in u.s. equities. do you buy that? >> to some degree, equities, yes i definitely do, versus all the other equity markets around the world you bet your bottom dollar if i may say that on television. look a u.s. treasurys and u.s. dollar. i get what sam is saying commodity prices presaging a recession. this is bizarro world. crazy quantitative easing fed from our fed and feds around the world. kanye west announcing for president. you tell me everything is -- david: i don't want to get completely bogged down in fed talk here but we have european monetary union saying they will probably ease up even more than they already have. that means the u.s. dollar would become stronger. doesn't that put pressure on the fed not to raise rates this month or perhaps even before the end of the year? >> who was that to? david: that is to you, sam. >> i will take it then.
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i think, yeah, it adds pressure but also adds pressure to commodities because the u.s. is the best house on a bad block where it's the stocks, it is our bonds, it's our dollar that people are flocking to. that is adding to pressure that oversupply, lower demand scenario indicates. david: sam, scott, john, thank you, guys. appreciate it. gerry, over to you. gerri: now to another big story we're watching. a big win for the president today, that members of congress has them up in arms. president obama gaining a 34th vote in support of his nuclear deal with iran. he now has enough votes to top lawmakers from blocking it all together. fox news's kevin corke with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: good day to you. i know there may be some celebrating in a few circles here in the white house. quite frankly it should not be. it is not a big deal, if you as president can only get 34 out of 46 senators to back a deal you've been harping on for quite some time.
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imagine if he wasn't able to get 34, that would be a huge failure. but instead the finally is over the goal line, thanks to maryland senator barbara mikulski. she did vote or said she would back the deal. i want to share some of what she had to say announcing she will in fact back the iran nuclear agreement. she said, look, no deal is perfect especially negotiating with the iranian regime. but i concluded this joint comprehensive plan of action is best option available to block iran from having a nuclear bomb. meanwhile in philadelphia secretary of state john kerry was talking about the high-stakes of not aproving the iran deal saying that the u.s. would suffer irreparable harm diplomatically were congress to torpedo that deal. to say nothing of immediate danger to allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. >> because if this agreement is rejected, every possible reason for worry in the future would have to be confronted now, immediately, in the months ahead
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>> reporter: of course as expected gop lawmakers have been weighing in on this deal throughout the day. keep in mind, keep applying pressure on red state democrats who might still be voting against the deal, thinking of doing that lindsey graham from the campaign trail saying this. the only reason the ayatollah and his henchman are not dancing in the streets of tehran they don't believe in dancing. got to love lindsey graham. always good quotes from lindsey graham's office. last thing real quick, the white house is trying to get seven more. if they can get seven out of the remaining 12 democrats who yet to weigh in, that would give them 41. that would give them a chance to filibuster a gop vote on the floor. guys? gerri: kevin, back to you. i have to ask this quickly. any way the republicans can block this dial at this point? >> it does not look likely. here's the only thing i would keep in mind. this is just for you and also for the people listening. even though the white house knows it has a veto-proof
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majority now, they got the 34, it is going to happen. republicans can if keep it from going to filibuster 41 votes, they can have lots of discussion. they can vote to oppose the deal. if that drama as it drags out will really impact the 2016 election because then other lawmakers have to weigh in, including candidates have to get on record. while they can't stop the deal, they can make life difficult for the white house and would-be presidential candidates. gerri: thank you for that. david: kevin makes a good point of the not a great victory it he lose majority of votes. stocks ending up nearly 300 points. connell mr. shane standing by at the stock exchange. you have a trader seen every kind of market move on the floor. >> not any trader. teddy weisberg, from seaport securities. we were calling it the cavuto
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rally that held into the close. >> exactly. >> you almost get numb to huge swings people around here talk about boring day. boring day? it was up 300 points. >> we never get numb on the up days. we only get numb to the down days. they are actually painful. >> there is place down the street that helps that. >> that's true but not enough booze sometimes to help the numbness go away. >> what happened today. >> i don't know what changed between yesterday and today. connell, don't forget we're still down from over 2,000 point from the trading highs. >> right. >> it is still pretty healthy correction. i'm not sure anything changed in the backdrop. maybe good news china apparently on vacation for couple days. >> that's right. get rid of them. >> just like when congress goes on say ages, we don't have problems -- vacation. >> you are comparing chinese to congress. >> no no. >> only because it is true we've been playing off the market in china. that didn't really happen until couple weeks ago.
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now everybody says, what did china do overnight. now that will happen. how will that affect things? what will you look at next couple days? >> let's not forget we looked at greece for five years every day. >> i know. >> greece solved their problems at least in the short term and we shifted to china. >> yeah. >> i would say greece, china. china is probably more important but it is all important and i think the message is unfortunately, i think what the market selling it us, there is a lot of uncertainty out there, a lot of no growth, slow growth in the world economies. the market is going through this adjustment period. i suspect looking for sea legs to reflect these changes. >> we'll see if another triple-digit gain, almost 300 points today. thanks a lot, teddy. you're always great. volatility will hang around, don't you think? world we live in, whether cavuto rally or anything else. teddy weisberg on the floor. back to you guys. david: connell, if you're able to have a drink with teddy after all this craziness, having a
4:19 pm
great day. just having a drink with teddy is having a good day. teddy, thank you very much. gerri. gerri: could there be a cover-up at the state department? new details from a whistle-blower that could deal a big blow to hillary clinton and her campaign. and drones coming in handy for all sorts of hobbies like, fishing? very exciting. you will want to see this stay with us. ♪ through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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gerri: massive manhunt for suspects in the fatal shooting of a an illinois police officer is growing. officials widening their search in the fox lake area for the she suspects in the shooting that killed lieutenant charles gliniewicz on tuesday. fox news's mike tobin has latest on the developments in the
4:23 pm
search. >> reporter: gerri, police are not releasing a great deal of information. it really appears as though they do not have a lot to give. for all the resources invested in that massive manhunt yesterday, the only result they really were able to take, they're able to rule out the area that they were searching. the perimeter was released about 10:30 p.m. last night, determining that the suspects were not in that particular area. now police say the manhunt taken form of what they call saturation patrols and attention being paid to nearby towns. >> we have investigators out canvasing again, following up on leads. knocking on doors that we can get to yesterday evening near that perimeter area. >> reporter: an autopsy was done on the body of lieutenant joe gliniewicz. no details on evidence that was gleaned from that. it is part of the investigation. police say they have been able
4:24 pm
to gather security video from some businesses somewhat near the crime scene. investigators are just starting to pour through that video. it is too early to say if anything valuable will be learned or seen in that video. today we do have some details about why the suspects were confronted in the first place. it was early in the morning. they were in an industrial area, largely abandoned industrial area. and lieutenant glen whiz saw these three individuals. they looked suspicious. according to the police out here, a good cop would stop and ask questions. gerri, back to you. gerri: mike, what a sad story. thanks for coming on and sharing it with us. >> reporter: you got it. david: back to politics. at least four classified hillary clinton emails had their markings to a category that shielded them from public scrutiny. according to state department whistle-blowers that reported to fox news's catherine herridge. how badly will this story affect hillary's campaign.
4:25 pm
joining me judy miller, adjunct professor at and fox news contributor and nomiki kunz, president of the accountability project. ladies good to see you both. judy, most important thing about this story was the source, whistle-blowers in the state department. when you have whistle-blowers, great for reporter to have whistle-blowers anywhere. that shows that people in the state department don't like the story being announced from up on high. >> absolutely because these, more than 20,000 foreign service officers had to live by one set of rules and it was don't ever put anything classified on personal email. be very careful what you do. don't leave your computer on at night. people were taken down for these offenses but somehow all of a sudden their boss operates under a totally different set of rules and that's a real vulnerability, as much as whatever legal exposure she may have. david: to change the classification, if this is true, if it is borne out by the
4:26 pm
evidence, something, obviously the state departments can never avoid politics entirely but it became so political with hillary clinton using, sharing this experience as state department head with this political future as opposed to other state department heads, this really bothered a lot of bureaucracy there. >> a lot of people that operate in the state department as judy said operating under a set of rules they have been trained on. when suddenly they have to communicate in different way, imagine reinventing our entire life and all rules and procedure is do everyday life, adhere to new set of ruse, your boss's set of rules but not the institution of the united states government. that is very conflicting. david: judy, there weren't even sets of rules but hillary ad-libbing her way through this with sharing emails on one server, with a state department server some which were classified and on one hand
4:27 pm
sharing emails with sid blumenthal for latest political theory. >> she said this is interesting. i will pass it along. i will send it to x, y, z, how these were not given to the committee is a very interesting question. you know, does this really affect her? i think the effect so far is political more than legal. it affects trust people have in her. she lost 1/3 of her support -- david: even if proven some of the classifications on emails were changed to make it look like think weren't classified in the beginning. that is a pretty serious charge. >> that is a pretty serious charge. we don't know who did it and what she knew about what was done. david: all right. >> you can never get inside of an investigation when it is ongoing. it is trick -- david: nomiki we see hillary's numbers go down but how much will this new information affect her? >> as democrats continue to
4:28 pm
mistrust her as iowa numbers dropped 30 points in iowa alone that is astronomical that is unheard of. as the benghazi investigation start this is fall, different members of her team like cheryl mills go to testify before the committee, that number will continue to drop. david: what are you hearing about biden? is he more anxious to come in now that her numbers are going down even further? >> he is testing waters, in florida talking to different people. talking to donors. pulling donors from hillary's team. we'll have to see. david: it is not too late for him to jump in, judy? >> everyone knows, even though 427 days whatever we are now seems like a long time, he has no organization, he has no money. he has no ground game. he is the vice president of the united states. i think he is going to wait and see the damage that's done to her and then make a decision. david: judy, nomiki appreciate it very much. gerri? gerri: turning to advances in technology, the smart revolution heading to a doctor near you. according to eko device, a new
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smart medical device startup, they will transform normal stethoscopes into intelligent ones. the product has just been cleared by the fda. now doctors can take digital recordings of patient heartbeats using bluetooth technology. recordings are wirelessly transmitted to a compliant smartphone app, then to a web portal. the company, which raised $2.8 million in funding says this is just the beginning of its cardiovascular innovations. david: wow. extraordinarily stuff happening. whiplash on wall street as we close up nearly 300 points today. coming up the numbers you need to know. gerri: plus, ladies first. how one gop hopeful may have secured her spot on the next debate main stage. ♪ [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers.
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david: really the best news about what happened today, we rallied strongly into the close. the dow climbing up nearly 300 points in the final minutes of trading. of course look at nasdaq. nasdaq was up percentage wise much greater than all other indices. take a look how today's rally of the dow, compares to where it has closed every day since the wild volatility began about two weeks ago. you have to be wary of these bumps on the upside because it has been followed in the past couple weeks with some serious downside movement as well.
4:34 pm
so let's hope for the best but prepare for anything. gerri. gerri: that is absolutely right. i think we've got eight days in that chart, calendar of 100-point plus-down days. moving on, few things roil the markets but yellen and company. several clues that might provide insight whether the central bank will tighten interest rates or stand pat. joining me, steve moore, heritage foundation chief economist. scott martin, united visors chief market strategist. both fox news contributors. jim frischling, new oak capital president. welcome to you all. i want to get one question in here on the markets. should we be that excited about a 3-hundred point day given what we've seen? tell me this, what are we trading on now? is it the fed? is it oil prices? is it china? what are we looking at? >> every day it is something different. on excitement, i like to get excited everyone knows. i'm excited about today. we'll leave it there.
4:35 pm
here's the thing. you put up the calendar if red is your favorite color. there is more downward pressure on market, there it is, than upward pressure. that scares me a little bit. there is clearly in this market, bias to the downside. i get point about nasdaq stocks, we made century club on nasdaq, up over 100 points but on down days nasdaq stocks get smoked. gerri: steve, i want to turn to you to go to the economy for a second. we had, i hate to say this phrase, the beige book out today and traders combing these things, you know, trying to read through this report which is essentially anecdotal story about what is going on in the economy across the country market by market. what did you pull away from that because i didn't see a real clear theme and i saw very little about china? >> there was a theme in the report about 2% growth. we're stuck in this rut, gerri, you and you i have been talking
4:36 pm
about last four, five, six years. gerri: okay. >> we can't seem to get out of it. 2% growth is treading water. population grows about 2% a year. it is fundamental reason, gerri, why races are not rising. we're not generating enough of growth of investment and consumption to justify higher wages out there. i do think there is overspeculation about what the fed is going to do, because quite frankly i don't think it matters that much. gerri: what does speculation mean? >> i mean, sorry, that was the wrong term. too much obsession with what the fed is going to do. gerri: yes. >> whether they raise rates by quarter percentage point which i favor or not, it will not make a whole lot of difference. i think that, one last thing, you know, if you're in the market as most people watching this show for five years, 10 years, 20 years, your retirement account, hell yes you want to be in the market. the reason is stocks are cheap. stocks are cheap. gerri: that is exactly where i'm going next because my big question has been, given the calendar we just showed
4:37 pm
everybody are individual investors selling out? what are we doing? we have numbers to show you there has been $27 billion worth of telling in mutual fund over the past week. so this is only through the 26th but it includes that big 1000 point down day. let me tell you, these folks have some $13 trillion in investments in stock and bond funds. jim, to you, how patient should individual investors people like me be here? how long do you sit and watch this nasty red ink flowing? >> actually think retail investor held in there and been very patient and i think they will be rewarded for it. the fact is i don't see a catalyst that sparked 2008 -- gerri: tooth fairy is coming. >> china is issue but smaller issue than people believe. oil is volatile. energy sector is problem but u.s. housing, strong. banking sim, devery much lettered, well -- delevered, well-capitalized. we would like strong growth but we're seeing good numbers.
4:38 pm
we're not getting growth we want. we're getting good growth. buy u.s. companies. gerri: i love hearing a bull. that is one of my favorite -- scott, here is the thing though, for individual investors, it is super volatile. people are tweeting me, sending me emails, gerri what should i do, i don't like this back and forth? what are we trading on? >> it is tough. the market is not sleepy market. gone are the days we whistle by the graveyard, dow is up 30 down 50, no big deal. this where you earn your stripes. gerri: i don't want stripes. i want money. >> what you earn money you need onions to go on down day, get out shopping list, boys and girls, get stuff way down. gerri: now, now? >> you have to buy stuff when it has the crap kicked out of it. when you look at big down days some of stocks rallied up nicely. you have to have long-term view. gerri: one more question for steve.
4:39 pm
the real kahuna here in my view isn't market so much but economy. >> i agree. gerri: problem for me as individual investor, human being, voter, are jobs going to come back and are we going to be making money? that beige book did not sound so upbeat, my friend. >> no it didn't. i'm a bull too. the reason is there is so much upside potential for the economy. it has been underperforming for six or seven years. the primary problem has been washington. washington has been albatross around the neck. look, if you get an administration, regime change in 2016 election, that is pro-energy development, is pro-corporate tax cut, is for easing these regulations, you could unleash quite a furry of growth. you will see markets really -- >> what about -- >> you're right. gerri: got a ways to go. >> if you don't, anything is improvement over the administration we have now quite frankly. gerri: that is a big jump. steve, scott, jim, thank you so much. david: who cares about president. i want steve moore as secretary of treasury. what do you say?
4:40 pm
let's do that. president obama's iran nuclear deal squeaking by despite majority of congress is against it. what happens next? our panel weighs in on that. if you're planning to travel this labor day weekend. you want to stay tuned for this story. we'll tell you which airport is the busiest, the one you don't want to get caught in. that's coming up. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture,
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david: the obama administration getting what it wants in the iran deal, nailing down enough votes to keep congress from overriding an expected veto. secretary of state john kerry spoke out today about the deal disputing what he called, quote, false information circulating bit. take a listen. >> the key elements of the agreement will last not for 10 or 15 years as some are trying to assert, or, for for 20 or 25.
4:44 pm
but they will last for the lifetime of iran's nuclear program. david: joining me kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst, ric grenell, former spokesman to the united stations and fox news contributor and know meekky is back as well -- nomiki. of the listening to the john kerry iranians will never get a nuclear bomb and this deal is the reason why to which you say? >> that's crazy. the administration is banking on two things, that one, iran will not cheat and by the time iran gets nuclear weapons probably within the decade that they will change their evil ways. they won't be sponsors of terrorism, they won't be chanting death to america or annihilating israel. if that bet is wrong, that is a huge bet and if they're wrong, iran does cheat and doesn't change, they have created a frankenstein monster in the middle east. powerful, wealthy iran that has nuclear weapons. david: nomiki, they're saying
4:45 pm
some different things about it. supreme leader of irir-- iran saying he will not inspections in. we will not let foreigners inspect any military center. john kerry says a different story. frankly concerning iran i believe the ayatollah. >> devil is in the deal here. david: ayatollah speaks for the country more than any other political leader in iran. >> he is speaking to his country. not speaking to leaders. he is speaking to his leaders. just as our lawmakers are doing the same thing to their base. they're playing politics but deal is the deal. the reality is in the deal if they don't abide by the deal, there are snapback provisions. guess what, sanctions are back. david: for the u.s., ric grenell but not for other nations beginning to start up trade with iran. rick? >> sorry i didn't know that was
4:46 pm
for me. we had problem with other nations not abiding by rules all along. this administration gave oil wafers, oil sanctions were the key to having sanctions regime that worked. this administration, the first 18 months of being in office, they gave oil sanctions to south korea, japan, china, india, a whole list of people. and then they complain later that the sanctions weren't working. look, the fact of the matter is, they undercut these sanctions by doing nothing. david: right. >> and giving oil, giving oil wafers for the first 18 months. they can't be surprised then the sanctions aren't totally doing what they were supposed to do. david: so, kt, what happens if in fact the supreme leader is right and iran follows his word rather than the guys who went to negotiate with john kerry and don't allow inspectors in, what happens then? what do we do? what do the europeans do? >> well, the sanctions regime is crumbling. here is what i think we should do.
4:47 pm
okay, if the iran deal passes congress by the time the bad stuff happens there is a nuclear arms race in the middle east, iran gets nuclear weapons, iran starts pushing its way around the region, kerry is long gone. obama is long gone. harry reid is long gone. who will be running for re-election, all the senators an congressman who voted for iran deal. here is my proposal. remember that deck of cards we had during the iraq war with all the saddam hussein buddies. not saying we should take these people out but to remember who they are and remember that they should be targeted when they go to face the voters because it will be on their heads. david: guess who doesn't have to run for re-election? that is the ayatollah, the supreme leader of iran. he doesn't have to worry about an election. he is one who will say, he is one who says inspectors will not be allowed in. guys, thank you very much. gerri, over to you. gerri: david, a good point. battle of smartwatches, lenovo, owner of motorola, announced last hour the release date of
4:48 pm
the next generation moto 360 smart watch, one day before apple's big event. how do they stack up against the apple watch? lori rothman in for deirdre bolton. she joins us now. hi, lori. >> it's a cutthroat world of technology especially when it comes to the smartphones or smartwatches too. really we're talking about when lenovo, owner of motorola. announcing that it will reveal its new moto 360 smartwatch the day before we know apple scheduled its latest event. so these two are going head-to-head. we're expecting two versions, two models, 360-l and 360 sport. there are supposed to be gold involved as well. so all eyes focused on next tuesday and wednesday. first motorola, followed by apple. gerri: they're mighty pretty. lori, thank you for that. see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." david: i like my old-fashioned watch. making the next debate stage.
4:49 pm
how carly fee may have earned a spot on the big stage at the next gop debate. details next. ♪
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
debate stage?! >> all this pressure -- >> that is so exciting. gerri: that is now news gets broken these days. back with me kt mcfarland, nomiki konst. i have to start with you. you wrote the piece, calling on rans priebus who runs republican party man up, get carli into this thing and into the debate at least. why did you say that? what was so unfair in your view? >> the way they were choosing who to the invited to this debate is totally excused. like putting a finger and thumb on the scale. what it did it favored establishment candidates. carli is not a establishment candidate. she surged in the polls on basis of her superior debate performance. none of that was included in the way the others. reince priebus, republicans, cnn, man up, you guys. if you think they are bad rules, face it and change it.
4:54 pm
don't hide behind a lame excuse, well we agreed to this months ago. look, republican party has been declaring a war on woman. get with it. man up. no excuses. stop whining. let the woman in the room. gerri: you make a very good point about the whole silly war on women argument. on to the republicans that it doesn't exist and it doesn't in the real world. nomi, we turn to you, there is dearth of national polling since august 6. only three new polls. that makes it unfair, doesn't it? aren't polls changing all the time? it is all measured who is ahead, right? >> the rules of politics two years ago, four years ago, are very different today. the rise in social media, makes it so that a story can change in a pulse, in an instant. gerri: right. >> suddenly you have to react to the next story. donald trump is taking advantage of this. with carly fiorina, did extremely well in the minor league debate, she, that has been a month since then at this
4:55 pm
point. who knows how well she is going to grow in next few weeks. we'll see as time goes on. gerri: let me move to judy here, i'm sitting here, trying to imagine what will the debate look like? we'll have 11 people on the stage. chris christie is saying i will bring the heat. sound like it will be a big fight. what are you expecting? >> well, first of all i do hope she is going to be there because it's still not clear it is. we think she is. gerri: right. >> but they're not going to decide until later in september. but it will be a relief to see at least one woman who portrays herself as the anti-hillary candidate to be up there on the stage. that has been her persona, her argument from the very beginning. the republican party is not just a bunch of guys in suits. here i am. and if they don't have that, lord, help them. >> the she is the anti-hillary. just a little bit. so interesting. i can't wait to see this. i'm so excited about it. kt, nomiki, judy, great stuff.
4:56 pm
appreciate your time. be sure to tune into "lou dobbs tonight" at 7:00 p.m. he will be speaking with 2016 presidential candidate rick perry. you won't want to miss that. david: you will not want to miss this either. coming up you will see a drone do something you can never imagine a drone being able to do. stay tuned. ♪
4:57 pm
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david: keeps on growing, taking fishing into the twenty-first century, using a drone to make a catch. this kansas farmer, youtube sensation attached a hook, line and float to his drone, flew it out all over a lake. as you're about to, look at this, there it is. there is the fish. >> i watched the whole video. it is fantastic. once you get the fish out of the water, you have to figure out a way to get your hand on it and
5:00 pm
pull it down to pull hook out. david: you have to clean it. standing up for the old sty of fishing there is something to be said for standing there, you fly fish. >> that's fabulous. let's do it right now. david: very different thing. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts now. >> the engines firing up at maximum thrust. and liftoff for the 500th time from gergarian, a rocket roaring into the air. lori: there you have it. stocks rocketing back up today after an almost 500 point selloff yesterday. the dow closes up almost 3 pun points, breaking the three-day selloff. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm lori rothman filling in for deirdre bolton. to adam shapiro on the floor of new york stock exchange. what a turn of events. >> yes it was but we haven't recovered all the stocks.


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