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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> this is an above the boys become there is much as it is people who are here. everyone is struggling. charles: close off the borders and get our house in order before we start inviting other people. >> we still have to fix this problem. lou dobbs is next. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody i'm lou dobbs. congress has caved into pres. obama. pres. obama has secured enough democratic votes in the senate to assure that the deal survives despite opposition from republicans, republicans, some democrats, and a number of allies, including israel. law enforcement officer say they are combing through surveillance video,
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following up on dozens of tips and leads as they search for the three suspects who gunned down a veteran police officer. his death march 26 time a police officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty this year. we will discuss who and what is to blame. and why the pres. has refused to help stop the madness. and jeb bush donald trump for words getting even nastier. trump called jeb bush low energy and warned bush that his insults against trump may sink his campaign. a insults he hurled in spanish. who is the strongest best candidate on the issues of immigration enforcement and border
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security? among the feel of 17 gop candidates bush, trump are the original. we take that up with a special guest. republican presidential candidate former texas governor rick perry and how his campaign plans to break out from the field. president obama clenching enough democratic votes in the senate. that despite opposition from republican lawmakers and presidential candidates including donald trump. >> everything we negotiate is bad including the iran deal, one of the worst negotiated transactions i have ever witnessed. it is negotiated by people that are either stupid, stupid, incompetent, there is something wrong with them. it's absolutely insane .
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>> fox news white house correspondent with our report on mr. obama's most significant foreign-policy victory of his presidency. >> i'm telling you across-the-board economically, politically, militarily, and even morally. we would pay an immeasurable price. >> sounds ominous, but a bit of a bluff. he did a bit of a bluff. he did so knowing the deal would survive. minutes before the speech the pivotal 34th senate vote came through. the retiring lawmakers say no deal is perfect,perfect, especially when negotiated with the iranian regime. this joint comprehensive plan of action is the best option available to block around for having a nuclear bomb. her decision bailed out the president who has struggled mightily to convince just enough democrats to back the deal. the move allows the white house to set its sights on a bigger prize, filibuster.
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thirty-four sen. supporting the plan the white house in seven out of the remaining 12 democrats to back the deal allowing for a filibuster. why should iran be trusted to do its own nuclear inspections? meanwhile anti-american sentiment continues to fester. the sign said to carry a list of condemnations of america uttered by the late ayatollah. this is the head of iran's islamic revolutionary guard says america remains the great satan not to be confused with the mediocre satan. it is thatit is that rhetoric we have been seeing a pattern of and also bashing the iran nuclear deal while behind the scenes they have their hands out and are not walking away from it .
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lou: well put, and let me ask you, is there any sign within the staff of the white house that they may have just done a deal with the devil and that repercussions may loom large and relatively quick and unfolding? >> i can be blocked because i have lots of conversations. it is not something they will say publicly because the public face of the deal is the best chance to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. privately they are concerned about the fact that whether or not iran lives up to the deal,deal, is the deal truly enforceable and don't forget the waiting peerco. we
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simply don't know how long an inspection upset might take especially between state inspectors saying i see something and by that time the iranian say you can come and take another look. i can only say this, they are privately concerned, publicly you will here them speak of one accord. this is the best deal possible. lou: as always, thank you. the pentagon says it is watching closely five chinese navy ships operating now in the bering sea off the coast of alaska. three chinese combat ships, replenishment, replenishment vessel and an amphibious ship have been cited moving toward the elusive license split between us and russian control. the presence of the ships marks the 1st time that the chinese navy has operated of the coast of alaska for pres. obama is
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right now marking -- wrapping up a three-day visit. china said to hold a massive military parade, the purpose to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. 12,000 chinese troops, 200 fighter jets, 500 pieces of military hardware on display during what is expected to be a 90 minute long spectacle in the nation's capitol of beijing. atty. spectacle in the nation's capitol of beijing. attorney general loretta lynch finally weighed in. the atty. gen. condemned those deaths at a housing conference in washington. >> we have seen the brutal police killings that are seeing an increase in violence .
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this violence against all of us regardless of what uniform any of us where hast and. lou: or comments come as illinois police are spending a 2nd a searching for three suspects who gunned down and killed more than 30 year veteran of the fox like illinois police department. fox news correspondent with our report . >> authorities appeared to hold back nothing. aircraft, dogs, and hundreds of personnel. the best description they had of what they were searching for was to white males and one black male. all the effort and intensity only ruled out the search area. >> after a 14 hour intensive manhunt for these individuals the perimeter was pulled last night at approximately 1030 is the individuals were not located within the perimeter after being extensively checked. >> confronting the suspects on tuesday morning because it was early, in an industrial area and look suspicious.
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>> it would be a fundamental police procedure. >> the next communication came from the officer. >> send everyone you possibly can. officer down. a lot of perimeter. >> some efforts turn to healing. i'm from a police department a veteran police officer. the kind of cop who bridged the tension between police and public, the latest to be gunned down in the line of duty. >> a tough guy. i don't understand how this could happen. >> just a pillar in the community call really well respected.
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>> nationwide 28 officers killed in line of duty. some beaten to death. that is down from 32. 2014 showed a nearly 90% increase in the number of officers killed in line of duty from the year before. in the line of duty from the year before. back to you. lou: mike tobin reporting. in baltimore six police officers will face trial in the case of freddy gray. baltimore state court judge today denied to defense motions, a motion to dismiss the case for alleged prosecutorial misconduct and a 2nd motion to recuse the state prosecutor from the case. attorneys for the police officers argued the comments make a fair trial impossible in baltimore and that her announcement of the charges against the police officers amounted to a pep rally. today's pretrial hearing comes almost five months after gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while being transported in a police van. a chargesthe charges range from assaults of vehicular manslaughter. all six of pled not guilty.
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days of unrest, writing command looting. protests today mostly peaceful. one person was arrested, 2nd hearing will be held next thursday to determine whether the trial goes forward in baltimore or will be moved outside the city. the actual trial is scheduled to begin in october. we are coming right back with much more. donald trump and jeb bush getting all of the attention for exchanging insults, but which of the 17 gop presidential candidates do you believe would actually deliver on immigration enforcement and border security? we take that up with a special guest tonight, former governor rick perry. perry. this rocket blasted off heading to the international space station. it will be quite a crowd. a story and much more straight ahead. stay with us. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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the report for the center for immigration studies comes as republicans are attacking one another's positions on immigration. this is a video by a fellow by the name of trump attacking another fellow by the name of bush. >> yes, they broke the law, but it is not a felony. it is an act of love. teesix donald trump and jeb bush not the only republican candidates trading bars on the issue. our 1st guest says trump's proposed border wall is nothing more than rhetoric. for more than how he would handle this crisis and economy conjoined austin texas by the former governor of the great state and republican presidential candidate rick perry.
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good to have you with us. jeb bush says it is an act of love. donald trump wants to report illegal immigrants. where do you stand at this very moment on the issue of illegal immigration and border security? >> i think we need to flesh everyone out from the standpoint of just the rhetoric. when somebody says let's build a wall i think it is appropriate to say it is good to have this conversation, it is good that we are having a conversation that for 30 years this border has not been secure. lou: would you be surprised if i told you i did not believe a single one of these candidates about anything? we have heard it all before. >> good for you. the fact is until the media digs in on this issue and says explained to me exactly what
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your talking about when it comes to securing the border because everything goes back to that whether it's this issue about people on welfare, the cost of the states in the comes to the schools, all of the cost of this border that is not secure has been mounting up and costing billions and billions of dollars. the issue all goes back to securing the border. if you secure the border. this whole conversation goes away. we know how to secure the border. the issue is we have not had the we will and the white house to do that. we have not had the willing congress. washington is corrupt when it comes to this issue. lou: this issue and many others. there is a reason the american public holds. lou: is it that high? >> i did not say it was deserved. gov., if we look at this issue what would you
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do? what would be the 1st steps to secure the border? we built a consensus that we have to secure the border assuming that any of this rhetoric and pandering amounts to a real policy and real action. >> let's talk about reality. 1933 miles from tijuana right there by san diego all the way to el paso and then el paso the brownsville. you must understand the size and scope. then you must believe that manpower and boots on the ground of the real key issue here. whether you build a wall this 20 feet high and 1933 miles and asked the question how long is not going to take to build, but there is a better way, and it's having the personnel in the right places, boots on the ground in the right places, the strategic fencing and the type of wall and the metropolitan and the
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aviation access. if you don't have the aviation assets looking down making the analysis of what is going on, identifying where the problems are and quick response teams the go they're to interdict that is when you secure the border. lou: at you think they will talk about treating mexico like a mature, responsible democratic subornation and talk straightforwardly to their leadership and say and illegal immigration and you and it now. >> and i think that is one of the things that has been missing along , the we will
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of the white house, the we will from washington to clearly send a message. mexico is the number one trading partner for a state like texas, major importance from a trade standpoint. the other side of it as mexico has there fair share of foreign aid that flows in the country. a real negotiator, a president that is committed to securing the border will get mexico's attention, and i we will suggest that attention, and i will suggest that having 14 years of being a neighbor in the governor knows how to do that. we know how to give mexico's attention. most importantly we will send the message that the border is going to be secure. boots on the ground, aviation assets. the border will be secure, and mexico will salute that. >> i would suggest that they make good partners in that effort, and if they wanted to be a principal trading partner of this to be a principal trading partner of this country that they make every effort to be certain. >> indeed they will and we can also be of assistance on the southern border with mexico because that is where these challenges come from. central american kids were coming after showing up on our border. it was not mexicans .
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lou: you and i keep suggesting solutions and will get this solved. >> it's really pretty simple. >> it truly is. part of the simplicity is a business roundtable, us chamber of commerce spending 1,000,000,000 and a half dollars lobbying on this issue and turning most if not -- well, i better not say most, at least half of congress, weak spine folks on the issue. let's turn to the campaign. you on the issue. let's turn to the campaign. you have lost your staffer in new hampshire. is not working for you any longer. the same thing happened in iowa. you have a strong super pac supporting you come aboard as your campaign go? how do you break out from the back. >> whether was just a dryland cotton farmer to my have been broke as the governor of the state of
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texas. we had a $10 billion shortfall. cut shortfall. cut back, make corrections that you need to make. this is going to be about who has the record. of the 17 republicans who is it that has been at the core of issues that are truly conservative, and those issues , nobody has done that like we have in the state of texas. if results matter i'm going to be breaking out. nobody else on the stage has the record that we have to offer the people of this country. lou: good to have you with us. >> thank you toyou think will win the war of words?
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trump or bush? cast your vote. an atlas five rocket successfully launched florida's cape canaveral. one of the next-generation satellites into orbit as part of the navy's knew seven nap billion dollars system designed to improve communications. three new crewmembers blasting off to space their addition brings the iss crew capacity to nine, something that has not happened since 2013. they have room for one more. by donald trump's rivals should avoid picking a fight with them and the european union gearing up for emergency talks on illegal immigration. they have a problem similar to our own. anown.
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an update and much more. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: struggling to deal with the worsening immigration and refugee crisis. some nations simply cannot cope with what has become a flood of immigrants. several countries countries are beginning to enforce the borders to stop illegal immigration. where do most of them go? it is not europe. 70%europe. 70 percent of united nations refugees are settling in the united states , and guess
7:30 pm
where they go? to texas. if houston were country houston would ranked 4th in the world for un refugee resettlement. and a few thoughts now on the exchange of insults between the renegade outsider and the ultimate establishment candidate. making it clear they don't like each other. the surprise is that bush obliged him. back in april declaring he would not be among those throwing punches. a positive hopeful message because i believei believe it. tearing down others won't help at all. lou: that was then, this is now. a little bit different. >> partial-birth abortion. >> pro-choice in every respect.
7:31 pm
>> it works in canada command currently well in scotland. >> 25 percent. >> look at his record of what he believes it is up with democrats. this is not a guy who is a conservative. a conservative. lou: he could not take it anymore. the latest clear politics shows him handily leading the republican field in the latest poll out of iowa bush garners only 5% support. today trump returned fire. >> i think he had no choice. is very low energy kind of guy. let's see what happens. so let's see what happens. so far everyone that has
7:32 pm
attacked me has gone down. >> trump happens to be right. so for the attacks have not helped a single one of these candidates, but there is a lesson in all of this. one candidate has steered clear of explicit or implicit insults, and that candidate is dr. ben carson who just happens to be tied with trump and the latest iowa polling. it turns out governor bush had it right in the 1st place. our quotation of the evening from former secretary of state henry kissinger the democrats have aa serious hillary clinton problem, and it's getting a lot worse.
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lou: top headlines, president obama has enough votes in congress for his nuclear deal with iran. republican simply don't have the votes. wanted in the fatal police shooting. the manhunt has
7:37 pm
been hampered by a vague description of the wanted men. a knew poll gives hillary clinton more negative than positive. the highest negatives joining us now fox news political analyst, republican strategist, national review editor, fox news contributor. >> it's the trump eagle. >> my guess is he will come up with a bigger one. >> more impressive. >> it's good to have you both here. let's start with the iran deal support. retiring the 34th vote. >> will republicans needall republicans need to do is stand up and do a filibuster demand within this document. being passed over their objections and the injections above houses of congress.
7:38 pm
at this time i just wanti just want to see them tattoo it across the presence face. a bad deal. what happened here is impossible. once they reversed the usual standard for the senate approving treaties. usually needs two thirds and approve it. it is because -- lou: and let's be clear, the leadership knew what they were doing and put themselves in this position.
7:39 pm
this is a scam on the american people by the republican party. >> the problem is if we are going to consider it as a treaty president obama will say so what. i will unwind sanctions. lou: salivating at the political consequences. >> it would have at least denied legitimacy to the deal which it gets through this arrangement. lou: you keep saying the alternative is more which is bs. lou: we understand. >> i apologize. secondly, the only alternative is a war. we cannot hold sanctions ourselves. we put the sanctions in. very powerful nation, very significant banking system. they came to the table because of the sanctions. >> pres. obama was in desperation to have this
7:40 pm
deal as a legacy project. signaled his intention to do talks with every dictator in the world and it was not kidding. lou: the national security of the united states in jeopardy and that of our closest ally . >> the presidency. take the prize. jeb bush and donald trump going after each other, both not enjoying it. certainly trump is. he does not seem to be rich. >> he feels as though he needs to fire back.
7:41 pm
hitting at him for weeks now. it's impossible to have a tit-for-tat war with donald trump because he always goes thermonuclear. it may hurt trump but it's not going to help bush. i am delighted that jeb bush is the one of always donald trump. lou: the republican party have hillary clinton to limited effect. the national media does not seem to be focused on this. it is clear, over 100 e-mails. it's crazy. >> we failed. this isfailed. this is a case of integrity. being dishonest and misusing classified documents. chairman of the judiciary committee, tough, feel strongly about the issue and basically will let them off the hook. >> she is paying a price and it is evident every single day. it remains to be seen whether they have the institutional integrity to recommend charges.
7:42 pm
>> i would not be surprised if they do. i'm not sure she will be indicted. that would be a catastrophic event. >> that does leave the possibility that they won't as well. thanks. if you can't find a way to surf at the beach decided to attach a rope line of the back of a check. finding a puddle big enough. believebelieve it or not that's the way i learned to surf he was a. up next wall street stages a rebound. fox like illinois on lockdown. i manhunt underway.
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joining us to now. good to have you with us. this rhetoric emanating from the left primarily in nearly every instance is so deeply disturbing to everyone, but loretto lynch saying that this was violence against all of us. why does she not just simply keep the focus on the fact that is violence against law enforcement officers and has to stop. >> that is bizarre. i do not understand why. the only way i can explain it is an ideologically blindness. i don't no her politics.politics. i worked with her as an agent in the new york office and found her to be quite pleasant. when i noted leftist, former governor martin o'malley of maryland said all lives matter.
7:48 pm
everyone booed him. this is dangerous politics that is being played with the lives of dedicated men and women wearing a badge. lou: we talk about police officers pulling back, law enforcement officers. this is going at some point to create a problem of its own making. we are lookingwe are looking at lawlessness on the part of the federal government right now, not following laws, not enforcing them. right now as a country we are at a juncture, an inflection.and either we we will be a nation of laws and law and order or something very, very much ugly and distasteful in the years ahead. >> think about where we are. we have a mainstream group command not all of them.
7:49 pm
i'm sure there are a lot of people with very good intentions, but you have aa significant portion on videotape come on camera screaming pigs in a blanket, frying like bacon. what. what do we want, desktops, when do we want them, now. lou: why isn't loretto it standing up and saying this nonsense has to hand. >> i gave up on the president a long time ago. it painsit pains me to say that because i have defended the president personally and taken a beating being a conservative from a number of people. i'm done doing that. lou: republican candidates for the presidency, why aren't they saying point-blank this is nonsense. so destructive of society. >> because the president one he instilled a division politics agenda in the country. this regard. the far left left one with the
7:50 pm
president was just a vehicle to do it. the republican candidates are terrified to speak out because what is going to happen? it will be declared racist, xena photo. you can't say anything whether is based in principle or not without being declared some -ism. >> good to have you with us. i wish i could argue with you. stocks rebounded. the s&p up 35, nasdaq of 114 , 293 points., 293 points. volume on the big board 3.7 million shares. up next, busy week for the president. were coming right back.
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>> i feel better with this five chinese navy ships in the bearing sea off the coast of alaska knowing that they're there protecting our president who is there this week on a alaska adventure. he renamed mountain mckinley and learned from outdoorsman bear grills but jimmy kimmel
7:55 pm
poked a little fun at the president surviving in the wilderness. >> i don't know if you've seen this, celebrities eat myself and squirrels and drink body fluids. and this one, the president teaches us how to survive alone in the wilderness surrounded by 14 secret service agents. they will trek through the forest, which is basically what his wife makes him eat already, so it should be okay. >> and joining me now cohost on the fox news channel and former mrs. new york usa and fellow red eye cohost, his name is much shorter. what do you think of this? the president? on survival. >> yeah. i know that golf is played outdoors, but i never considered obama to be an outdoorsman. so this should be interesting. i know some people are outraged that our president is doing this.
7:56 pm
but he has set the precedence for future presidents and it's a good thing. it all comes together. >> it's very manly of him, don't you think, andy to do this. >> lou, this is literally all i know about this and i'm not making this up. there's a petition at white to quote make president obama drink his own you're inwhile running wild in alaska. if there's one thing we know is that it involves that drink his own you're inand asked president obama to drink his own you're info science. what a good day to be alive. >> it is. and a trip to alaska for our president. >> the petition only has 566 signatures, so your viewers need to get on this. >> well, i think probably going to only be a scant number who can be you up on that invitation. >> you have never know. >> the president renaming
7:57 pm
mount mckinley, that took a electricity moment. >> yeah. because the president is okay with doing this, i think in the future when buildings and streets are named after him and people want to go back to calling it what it of us originally called, he can't have a problem with that. >> yeah. i -- that does put him -- as joann says, he's going to be vulnerable here about what? 16 months. >> you're assuming things are going to be named after him, though,. >> well,. >> i don't know. >> somebody somewhere would find a street. >> this is -- this is a local story. alaskans want the name to b denali and ohioans want mckinley. and also it is i important, lou, the mountain doesn't care. >> you know, that's a point i haven't heard anyone else make. >> no one's thinking about the mountain. >> yeah. it is -- >> in the language of the mountain -- >> that's shortsighted.
7:58 pm
>> they used genderless pronouns to speak of each other. >> that's new age. >> yes. >> progressive i think. >> yes. it's very earthy. >> well, putin pumping iron and you thought we wouldn't bring the russians into this conversation. putin pumping iron. he's pretty -- talk about manual, macho. there he is. i just thought of this. we haven't seen a picture of obama pumping iron since everyone laughed at him on his european pumping exertion. >> yes. which is why we shouldn't shame people for their wardrobe habits because working out is great for you and we need to adopt here in america is that putin then shared a cup of tee and i think american men should as well. >> a cup of tea. i think joann has something there. >> it looks a little -- i don't know. staged. >> no. come on. please. >> maybe slightly. >> yeah. also remember we all
7:59 pm
made fun of president obama because he was only -- he was using little weights. >> yes. putin wasn't lifting a hell of a lot. i think only one plate was coming up. >> yeah. >> so that's not much there. there also could be a very valid reason why he's been hitting the. >> yes, i am. gym. he could be dating a former undefeated boxing champion whose name is sledgehammer and six foot saul at all. so you might need to see why he's hitting the gym. >> i don't know if there's enough iron to pump on that one. but anyway, good to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you both so much. >> time now to look at a online poll results. we asked what do you believe is the better use of the president's time? 48% said confronting global terror. 44% said dealing with the economy. 8% thought highly of the idea of renaming mount mckinley. i've already renamed it. mount mckinley soon to be
8:00 pm
denali apparently. and thank you for being with us. bradford and naomi wolf join us here tomorrow. we hope you will too. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . lisa: well, hello what a fine evening it is now that you're here. i'm watching a filthy female secret eat hillary clinton alive. now, americans love our obligations certainly especially when it allows us to flex our exceptionalism all over europe's face. but why are we obligated to vote for hillary clinton just because she has lady parts? that doesn't make you high-minded, that just makes you high. now, when a sisterrian slacks might back that white booty into the white house, they're having obvious doubts for hillary for president. the only thing they can't make for public stoning are their feelings.


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