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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 6, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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about it without steve jobs. >> that's ru. steve is no longer there. that's it for "forbes on fox. thank you for watching, everybody. have a great holiday weekend. keep it right here. the income one business block continues with eric and cashin in. >> sure looks like a war on cops is eripting in america. another officer murdered on the job this week. this time in illinois. in pennsylvania a female officer assaulted and then thrown over an embankment, and if it's not violence, it's violent rhetoric, and social media messages suggesting cops might deserve it. this in ferguson, missouri, a picture of a roasted pig wearing a top hat and officer darren wilson's name on it. how can the brave men and women we pray to protect us do their job if they're under attack? hi, everyone.
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i'm eric. welcome to "cashin in. our crew this week wayne rogers, swron than, militia fields. also joining us juan williams and jessica. welcome, everybody. surprise, surprise, a new report this week says police recruitment numbers are down big in some big cities. now, michelle, are we starting to see the affect of the war on cops? >> we have a war going on here in our streets against the very people who risk their lives to protect us, and what's happening is a lot of these police officers feel as though they can't do their jobs. they're not thinking about the issue and situation at hand. instead they're thinking, billion wl, how will this look on twitter or the news? that's how it's become. they can't do their jobs without people constantly criticizing them for the way they handle it. it's also bad in terms of their danger. we're seeing there's a war on these people. people do t respect them. we have to remember these are people who are risking her lives and making a sacrifice for them and their families. >> i will throw up a graphic. throw up that map of some of the
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big cities there. we're seeing massive increase in homicides. austin, texas. austin, texas, really the 1% increase in homicides. denver, 75% increase. milwaukee, 70%. st. louis, 58%. we know about st. louis. also baltimore, 53%. some major cities here seeing massive increases in homicides. wayne, any correlation? >> yeah. eric, there sure is. there's a whole war out there on authority. we have twopd somehow and i don't know how -- hostility towards america, towards the police, towards anybody, towards the school teachers, towards people who are in authority. now, i understand it in the black community because 70% of black kids are born out of wed lock. they don't have a father figure. they don't have anybody to discipline them. i can understand that.
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sfwa the movement can capitalize on making their message broader and to talk about systemic poverty. the totally of the black experience in america for education reform. >> john, hang in there because i want to bring this to juan. juan, there's something else
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that happened last year. juan, listen to this protest. listen to what they're saying. go ahead, roll it. >> now, that was new york, juan, and they're protesting. when do we want dead cops? when do we want them? now. you know what happened within days of that protest. these officers were executed by a guy who came from philadelphia and said i wanted some dead cops. we're seeing the fall-out. it's an ugly fall-out, juan. >> you know, this is almost like a fabrication. i don't know where to begin. there was no connection between a few protesters in new york saying they wanted dead cops because they were so under siege in terms of the relationship between cops and minority communities in new york, and some psycho who decides -- >> juan, the black -- >> let me give you, they're blocking roads, they're stopping
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businesses, and people from going to sool and work. >> let me make this point. you keep making another point that's totally unsupportable, which is, oh, because somebody said pigs in a blanket is somehow responseible in minimum men or wherever they were. >> it's the culture. the left is perpetuating this, juan. >> listen, i'm not -- i'm simply stating the fact. we're going to report, you can decide whether or not when you see protesters, protesting for dead cops and five or six or seven days later there are two executed cops. i didn't say it was causal. >> 32 cops killed last year at this time. only 28 this year. the rhetoric is amped up. you want to make it somehow -- >> you are going to bring that stat up because you're right, that stat is correct. however, you failed to mrenks in that stat, juan -- the problem with that stat is that last year was highly elevateded year. taking one of the most murderous years for cops in history and going off that and saying, oh, it's better than last year,
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that's -- >> the rhetoric got ramped up this year, eric. eric, you have nothing -- you just don't like the facts. >> the facts are, juan -- the facts are -- >> it started with the occupy movement. we've been seeing this anti-cop rhetoric since the occupy movement. >> the stats are that last year was an elevated year as far as law enforcement getting killed. you can look up the facts. you use that as your base is unfair. let me go. john, your thoughts. weigh in on this debate. >> well, this is the next step of the angry, violent left, eric. in the 1990s it was the earth liberation front. they were against industry. in the 2000s and more recently it's been the occupy movement, which is against capitalism. this movement, if you want to call it that, i really think it's against civil society. that's what police are. they keep us safe. i think it depicts all police and by extension all society as illegitimate and racist and immoral, and their goal, i truly
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believe, it's anarchy, and in many cases we've seen that -- >> black lives matter movement, they are disorganized. i will admit that. i think that anyone would admit that. since they had their confrontation with hillary clinton about ten days ago where she said tell me exactly what you want, give me the policies. they have released -- >> that's -- >> it's a movement. they should -- >> jessica, you are saying that it's not what they want. we just showed you chanting for dead cops. we just -- look at the page. >> you don't even know. >> what do you think they want? >> do you think that they are out just to kill cops? it's really -- they're not -- it's not -- they're not saying that they want to kill cops. i don't believe that the entire movement wants to kill cops, but they're per pet waitsing this idea that america is a racist country, and it's not. it's absolutely false. they're creating this idea and creating unrest. >> the black experience in america is horrific on the whole. they are more likely to live in
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poverty. 72% of children are born to unwed mothers. >> we have an african-american president. come on. >> juan, if are you juan, please jump in where. >> well, i don't understand. especially an america that we know that struggles with racial issues if you are black or latino wroe. how can you deny these things? nobody says that's a reason to attack police. police protect my community. let me just tell you something. as a black man in a big city, police protect me in a way you wouldn't believe because, guess what, the prime threat to me is other black men. i'm telling you, nobody is saying -- you can't use that as justification that cops stop me, harass me, and beat me up and you say, gee, juan wasn't like the rest. why did they beat juan up? >> you had your hand up. >> yeah. as i said before, this is a cultural problem. it's not a racial problem. until we fix the culture, you
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can't fix this. you have to start fixing the culture at its basic level where the families are. the family has to take responsibility. if you don't do that, you're never going to beat it. >> john. >> i think juan brought up something very appropriate prior. this is really -- i don't like the term war, but there's hostility towards authority. the fact that only a tiny minority of cops are illegitimate. a tiny minority of cops is coming up. that doesn't matter at all to people. they see all cops as racist, as menevolent and out to get them, and that's the real issue in america right now. >> really quickly, i want to ask you, don't you think that there's a legitimate issue where you see police using excessive power and authority and sometimes killing people who run armed and don't you think if you say, hey, we have an issue with police, and it's legitimate. >> they should be held accountable. >> of course, juan. there's an issue of tiny minority.
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i just think, again, all forces in america -- >> how about we support the men and women who keep our streets safe? there's a war on law enforcement that the left is waging in my opinion. let's let them know we can serve with the stands. tweet your support for the men and women in blue and add _#blue lives matter. tweet and facebook those comments right now. coming up, in the streets this labor day weekend we find out what hard-working miles an hour think about big labor's push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. i don't think that's fair. i think it's also, you know, if you raise minimum wage, everything will cost more too. >> it will bring more -- obviously more tax income in. why not? >> you're basically giving people a boost in pay not based on necessarily merit. >> it will be good for a few
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>> labor making a push. some business sgrupz are making a big push to fight back. take a look at this billboard at times square, new york city. it reads, what, i get $30 thoughs a year for no experience or skills? who needs an education or hard work when we're raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? is the sign right? this is what some americans had
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to say. >> why should gi to school and spend $50,000 on a college education when i can just work and make the same amount of money? >> they need to make more money. >> cost of living is dicht in each state. >>. >> small business owners, like my wife here, will have so let people go $15, that's a craze where i minimum wage. >> all right. swron than, we just heard americans sounding off about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. what say you? >> well, eric, prices are not arbitrary. prices for food, prices for housing, prices for stocks, and prices for labor. wages. i mean, they're not based on a whim. they're not based on feeling or pulled out of a hat. they're actually based on economic reality. the labor department knew this 80 years ago. the higher you raise the minimum wage, the more jobs particularly low skilled jobs you destroy. what does that do?
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that discriminates against people just getting in the work force. it kills their self-esteem and their ability to build those skills to move higher up the economic ladder. that's the result of a minimum wage. >> we spent time in times square, and there are frankly people on both sides of the argument. every time people who are in favor raising the minimum wage, i point to a burger king, mcdonald's, or urban outfitters, and i say what if your bird goes up or the school -- your kids are going back to school? what about the prices of their clothes going up? i really don't want that to happen. someone has to pay. >> indeed. by the way, did you pay for that billboard, or did the businesses across america pay for that billboard? i would say, hey, look, you can forget, if you are going -- sometimes if are you out in the middle of the night, you know, 4:00 a.m., you see these little old ladies, you know, at the bus shelters, they're going to work, and they don't get much money. they have to come home and feed people. those are people that deserve, in pi opinion, very basic minimum wage. it have vary from area to area.
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the fact is that we have a country -- i don't think they get hurt at all. in fact, i think they're -- i think that when you are talking about jonathan hurting entry level workers, remember, more and more of the people who get minimum wage now, the swrort, are, in fact, middle aged people. they're in middle career. >> it's ridiculous we have to argue this. we know what happens when you raise the minimum wage. businesses respond by cutting jobs, by cutting hours, and who would end up hurt sgt gts old lady you're talking about because if you are a business owner, you're not going to have the little old lady. you're going to get the person that has a masters degree and has a resume. >> the point is that if you have to pay someone $15 an hour, you are not going to have the low-skilled worker. >> the point is swron than brought up a good point. we don't invent these numbers out of anywhere, and that's the problem with the $15 minimum wage. that would be such an astronomical jump.
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we know economist advisory said that cities have tried it out that if we have $10 .10, $12 an hour, it won't hurt jobs or employee. three out of five job business owners favor this. 7 perz of americans. >> we talk about cops. you want your cop on the street protecting you. meanwhile, the guy flipping the burger is going to make $30,000? >> no. eric, it is a simple thing. in the free market system, you bargain for things. you bargain for food. you bargain for housing. you bargain for labor. the same way. a guy who is operating a numerically controlled machine with a computer is not going on get the same wage that a guy is who is sweeping up the floor. you just can't afford it. you can't equalize everybody. it just doesn't happen. you're paid by a skill level, and that skill level demands a certain pay. >> and that is the lesson, number one, in free market. you are 100% right.
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we're going to leave it there. coming up, pc professionals at a public university threatening students with bad grades for using terms like illegals or male and caring for a family member can be challenging and lead to countless questions, for them and for you. find articles, tips and tools from experts and others who have been in your place. the caregiving resource center at
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the iran nuke deal, and ron on wall street's rough ride. a pair of politically correct professors at washington state are warning students they'll lower their grades if they use terms like illegal aliens, male, or female. juan, can it get any crazier is this. >> that's indoctrination.
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i just can't stand. that to me, eric, this is where you guys on the right have a great point to make. this is trying to limit people from honest debate. it's wrong. >> here's a statement from washington state university. they say, "we're working with these faculty members to clarify and in some cases modify course policies. no student will have points docked as a result of using terms that may be deemed offensive to some." still, the professors were trying to do that from the start. they got a little smack though. >> yeah, well, these professors believe in diversity when it comes to the color of one's skin, but not when it comes to the diversity of opinion. this is something that's widespread. most professors aren't outright about their prejudices, but they certainly give students poor grades who don't obey the pc police. >> quick thought. >> i completely agree with juan and michelle. i'm just curious as to what we're supposed to say instead of male and female. the illegal i thing i understand. we can say undocumented. >> oh, all right.
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swron, weigh in on this crazy controversy. >> everything bad about today's culture steps from the idea and the philosophy being taught at american universities, and these are the universities that traffic in white privilege that, don't let you say he or she, that go with all this. transgender, no gender business. they hate capitalism at every turn. that's today's university. >> thoughts to wayne before we go. >> i just endorse what jonathan just said. it's simple. >> it seems like they want all the kids to be like-minded. they want to homogenize every single student in america. coming up, as the war on coming up, as the war on cops intensifies, is liberal
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>> i want to say thanks to our cashin in crew. >> time to wake up, america. hypocrisy. liberals only speak out when it fits their narrative and when the story goes their way. remember when cecil the lion was shot? it was the dentist's fault. two people shot on live tv. it's the guns fault. it's either people are pulling the trigger and committing crime or it's not. you have to make up your mind, liberals. now two more horrific murders. two cops blown away in cold blood. in houston, deputy sheriff darren gunned down while pumping gas and in fox lake, illinois, lieutenant joseph. fox lake, illinois, a sleepy little any time usa with the
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last reported homicide being in 2009 and as far as we know, never has a cop been killed. those two bring the gruesome total to seven law enforcement officers who have been killed nationwide in recent weeks. it's a crisis. in times of crisis we turn to our leaders, the commander in chief, president obama could have set the tone this week. he could have delivered a let's all step back and stop the senseless slaughter of law enforcement speech. after all, i seem to recall his urgent rush to investigate ferguson in baltimore. oh, that's right. they were calling for the investigation of the cops, not the cop killers. anyway, president obama had an opportunity to address all that this week. he traveled to alaska, but instead there he was warning about, wait for it, climate change. that was the urgent message. meanwhile, another cop was shot. another one thrown over a highway barrier, and yet another one disrespected at an arby's restaurant. mr. president, i submit you prioritize your urgent messages, the most urgent crisis isn't a degree warmer over the next 100
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or 200 years in the weather. it's far more urgent you shut down the killing of our law enforcement officers. i understand, you are a busy man. lou dobbs. congress has caved in to president obama giving him a major victory in his nuclear deal with iran. president obama has secured enough democratic votes in the senate to assure that the deal survives despite opposition from republicans, some democrats and a number of allies, including israel. we will have a full report coming up here tonight. and the jeb bush/donald trump war of words getting even nastier, trump called jeb bush low energy and warned bush that his insults against trump may sink his campaign. and bush telling report nurse miami that


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