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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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is it enough to keep investors engaged? >> i thought we weren't going to have stylists at apple? >> it's a pencil >> and an iran nuke deal turned into another trump rally. how did that happen? trump sucked the air out of every other campaign there is. >> but first here's dramatic day on wall street, >> about 100 points in the last half hour, down right now although we are gaining a little bit. maybe we shouldn't say gaining, we were down 270 points at one point. now we're down only if you can use that word 236 points on the dow. >> that's right. the s&p down 27 about 1.4%, you have the nasdaq down better than 1%, the dow plunging there in the last minute of trading. lori rothman is standing by the floor of the new york stock exchanged what happened >> yeah. it's just such a rough ride. so this morning the tone was set, and it was a positive tone because we had a lot of
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our concerns by the officials there with japan, rising 7.7% on the report that the prime minister was going to cut taxes. well, all bets were off when the july jolts came out showing that july jobs were at a record and that got folks think so that the federal reserve in the u.s. is more likely to raise rates in september than december. now, what that tells me is that the u.s. is so focused, so laser focused on interest rates that it's all bets are off. you know, we were blaming china for the jitters in recent weeks and now this is really about the u.s. and we had one of the best days with the markets yesterday with the dow posting 400-point game, we were up almost 200 at the start this morning, and people saying, lori, people just want their money right now, they're nervous, it's all about rate gain, and reporting today that the fed can't even make up its mind about september, i mention that the report showing positive move
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labor market getting people zeroing back into september. so much debate, so much discussion about that. plus on the technical side, you had 1957 support level on the broad market, the s&p 500 rallied around there, i should say jockeyed around that level for a little while. but once it fell below, all bets were off. volatility is the name of the game, the russell 2,000 index, non-asian exposed stocks, falling right in tandem with the broad market averages. and staples stocks were off today. so this just shows me we have broad base nervousness, focused on the interest rate story. guys, back to you. >> lori, thank you very much. let's bring in today's panel, jonathan from capital hedge fund also fox news contributor and darius daily from risk management. let's start with the big one, dareious, what happened?
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>> what happened? well, i think the most important take away we can with a day like this kneading next week's fed meeting is the fed might be damned if they do and damned if they don't. and if they have to punt again and acknowledge the concerns, they might get freaked out. but if you're going to tighten, from emerging market economies i'm going to get continue the growth concerns. so you have the markets down 10, 15, 20% from here to the next few months >> well, pull back and look at this notion of zero interest rates as liz mentioned in the last hour, we've had these zero interest rates for a long time. six, seven, ate eight years, is it time to say they don't work we've seen what they did in japan, why don't we get off of this >> yeah. they called it the lost decade in japan, it's been 20 decades and plus we're working on a decade here.
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and to that point not only has it not created growth but a tremendous level of uncertainty in the market not because of economic purposes but specifically because of. and apple had them big announcements and it's things like that that traders have to put to the back burner and you've seen a lot of the liquidity comes out of this market not buying the dips they had before because people want to know what they're doing next >> well, something else that doesn't work are these chinese s so-so called stimulus programs, which means spending, what it means is government spending more of the reserves they have, usually by selling off their treasuries. is the market convinced that's not going to work in china? >> i think the volatility we're seeing in part has to do with the fact that the market doesn't know if the chinese government does have enough firepower to prevent the market from actually finding its natural place. and you see swings both ways. you know, i like to say that people didn't trust the
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chinese information, the economic data coming out >> right. >> when the market -- >> you're right >> okay. and now we're saying that we can trust that they're going to stabilize this thing, they're going to throw a lot at it, i think vol at this time is going to stay on a day where oil is trading down, i understand why people used yesterday's up particular and get out of a position they didn't feel comfortable with >> dareious, it goes back to the question of how much manipulation? whether it's by the federa federal reserve board or domestic governments, chinese or our own government, how much of that manipulation is going to work? i think the market's finally getting it in terms of the overall economy, this manipulation is a deadened game >> well, definitely a deadened game if you think about the major economy in the world between u.s., europe, japan, and china. we're in a sinking ship. so the governments over the last six to ten years have been really wanting to pump air into the sinking raft and they'll get it up to six to 12 months at a time and inevitably it's sinking and
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people are getting out like we see today >> but, jonathan, this is the united states of america, i don't want to sound like donald trump but we do have an endless supply of energy, and entrepreneurship, we can put this all to work if we have -- i'm still thinking the u.s. economy, you let it go, and we can take off to the moon >> yeah., david, there's an unlimited amount of wealth that can be created in this economy because as you said we have an unlimited resource and that is the innovative free mind in america. but as you talk about the manipulation, it doesn't just strangle hold markets, but it strangle holds the entrepreneurs that you're talking about trying to start the next apple, the next hp, or ibm ms. all the investments that comes from that to federal reserve >> but, james, again, i think that that's something that can be reverse almost immediately. i mean, look, we have a change in congress >> uh-huh.
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>> we have the last election change, the congressional configuration, so it's all republican -- i'm not saying republicans have all the answers, they don't, they're the ones that screwed up leading into the financial mess. but if we have more business-friendly policies in the u.s., i think then the economy would lead the market. am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. and actually i'm quite optimistic. and before i say what the fed should do or will be doing, i will say i don't want to under state what they did to save the u.s. economy and the global economy. i'm not going to do the fed bashing thing but they stayed with this party too long. and now i think they signaled enough. the rates should move up. they should say one and done this year, they'll move up slowly and i believe the u.s. economy based on housing, based on auto sales, based on consumer confidence, consumer debt is rising, is able to withstand a modest rate growth and a plan to get rates highe >> let's go back to when we had a great recession when was late 1970s, early 1980s.
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we came out with two policies. we had a very tightening federal monetary policy plus a very liberal open policy towards investments, towards taxation, towards regulations from reagan's fiscal policies >> absolutely. >> you have that both prongs of that fork and you can really take off. i want possible we can get that in the future? >> absolutely but you have to consider your starting points. so coming on six and a half years of economic expansion. a lot of the late cycle indicators suggesting we're nearing the peek levels for an economic cycle. so what you saw coming out of the early 1970 or 1981 recession is a v bottom. but you've got to get to the bottom of the v first. and we're not anywhere close and investors and regular business people are going to have to learn how to take that pain to get the long-term gai >> let's hope we can avoid a recession. thank you, guys, very much. melissa >> we have breaking news out of san francisco, apple
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revamped its new iphone apple watch model, apple tv, the ipad, and its largest ever yet, jo ling content is in san francisco right now. jo, a big one today >> a very big day for apple. tim cook at the stage at the very beginning and he said he's going to have some monstrous updates, some monumental changes across all product and others, well, they basically delivered on that front. some of the biggest changes was to the iphone, the new 6s and 6s plus, it will be available for preorder starting on september 12th, these phones will have a better camera, plus force touch technology and really enhance the video experiences. they're trying to stay ahead of samsung and all those chinese competitors that they've been facing in terms of headwinds in china where of course the economy there is slowing down. and then apple tv, also an upgrade there, analysts see what they see an appstore for
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gaming and television, some available, no streaming yet but analysts tell me this is the tip of the iceberg, this is where apple can active off their colors and shows that they can bring tv and help so many people cut the cord. and then you have the ipad as well. 12.9 inches. this is really a play for the enterprise market, melissa. this is all about getting medical professionals, teachers, educators, on the board with the ipad, selling more and breaking that very tough streak that they've been facing. and then of course you have apple watch as well. updates, fancy watch north of $1,000 for that strap, brown leather strap and then other little updates to sport watches as well. so overall, a banner day for apple, but we will see how this plays over the holiday season, transitionally the biggest quarter for apple. but apple selling on the news on the day of the big announcement. melissa >> all right,io, stay right
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there, let's bring in our panel, jonathan, james, darius, jonathan, what brought to your tension >> they praut out a stylous, they're willing to move forward with innovation, like a pencil, some of the fashion ideas. what worries me, however, is the stock, a company and a stock are two different entitieses given all the weakness stocks these days, gopro at a 52-week low today, twitter, china, so i think apple's a great company, not a great stock right now >> james, i saw the news break that there was a stylus slash pencil coming out and everyone on the floor making fun of them and then i saw the video if we could put it back up where they're using to design and we're like, oh, i wanted
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it >> i thought it was going to make you think of the old pilot -- >> no. look at that. i mean i was -- look. >> my disclaimer is i'm a guy who still uses a blackberry and i'm wearing a fitbit. and there was no wow factor by the announcement but there were a number of updates that touched almost each of their portfolios or each of the products in their polite which makes me say i think they're great and as far as jonathan talking about the company liking the company and not the stock, they've got 50 billion left to spend, you really don't like the stock? it's trading at a discount for the market. 50million, my friend. >> go ahead respond to him. >> weak stocks are weak stocks and it's hard to be a growth stock in a weak market. so it's a wonderful company, i don't care how many shares they want to buy back, but as they say when the wagon comes, it takes the good girls with the bad and it's going to come
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in the markets by evidence of today's selloff >> i'm totally stalled with that image there. darius, get us past the paddy wagon and the girls -- >> the good girls and the bad >> i'm not going to comment on the still us or the ecosystem. there's a huge difference between growth and a lot of the value traps that investors have been buying over this last round are things that look cheap but they're using the wrong forward he didn't investments. so it's things like apple that could revamp its ecosystem and under line create consumer demand >> yeah. >> could be potential growth stocks and that's why you see apple leaving the market year to date. but gdp type demand, that's going to continue going lower >> jo, you were there with the fanatics, the people who possibly can't get enough. what was the thing that got cheering? what was the response on the ground from the people who
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really know the products more than anyone? >> well, it was every five seconds it seems that an apple employee on sustainable was saying phenomenal or fantastic but what got the crowd going was the stylus. you know, this was something that was mocked as steve jobs said he would never want, he said i don't want that and yet the features seem pretty cool. so we'll see what they're able to do with that. but the apple watch is what people want more of. they said it was not a good launch, what's going to happen next? we want more, so that was a disappoint >> thanks to all of you. david >> now to the showdown on capitol hill. as donald trump and ted cruz teaming up with other conservatives for the protest of the iranian deal but will this change anything? joining me now is peter barns, live from capitol hill. what really turned from a protest to the iran deal into a rally for trump, didn't it, peter? >> yeah. a little bit, dave. absolutely.
4:15 pm
the event just wrapping up just in the last minute or so here after a all-star line up of tea party speakers, it was sponsored by tea party patriots, and it included some of the tea party favorites but a lot of the folks who came here and estimated 5,000 according to an event spokesperson, were here to see donald trump. he told them quote that he's never, ever in my life seen a deal so incompetently negotiated and i mean never and he said talking about the administration fight against isis and then this deal. we can't beat anybody. and then he said this. >> if i get elected, that you may get bored with winning. believe me. >> now, as far as the administration's response on the rally, administration spokesperson said quote opponents of the deal have gone to great lengths to derail it, they've done so by
4:16 pm
using many of the same arguments that face back to the 2002 decision to evade iraq when as you remember, dave, the bush administration justified on the basis that saddais a all >> peter barns, thank you very much >> you bet. >> and top leaders on al-qaeda new hit list, why loan wolf attacks on warren buffett and bill gates? >> yeah. it's beginning now. and jeb bush's 4% growth promise. the presidential hopeful his plan to get our economy back on track >> and a taxing time for marissa meyer, can the company survive? the latest obstacle get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn
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don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. . >> another wild ride for the markets. leaving right up into the close at session highs today, the dow was up 172 points at the low we were down 273 points. so just in case you're doing the math really quickly at home, that was a swing of 445 points. 13 out of the past 15 days have ended up or down triple digits. >> this is crazy. >> it is. >> how much month can we believe of? >> i don't know. >> with my jeb bush looking at all of this and putting it in relation to his tax plan, got a brand-new plan, unveiled it in garner, north carolina. here's a little sound from that. >> the difference between 2% and 4% growth is this. at 2%, we'll stay where we are. with millions on the sidelines falling behind.
4:21 pm
at 4% growth, we grow at a pace that lifts up everybody and there's no excuse for not trying. we need to jump-start our economy. and we can do that by fixing our broken tax code. >> i think you need to jump-start the audience behind you, jeb. but the changes include cutting individual rates from seven brackets to three, the highest bracket would be 28%. this lowers the corporate tax, this lowers the rate tremendously about 30%. the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 20% and the death tax, well, he would limit that entirely. jonathan is back with me now. jonathan, i was a kind of snide remark that i made about the audience. but it's true. i wish he could speak the message and get the same response that trump does at his rallies. >> yeah., david, the audience seemed dead and a lot of jeb's presentations about the economy. specifically his tax plan. i mean as you alluded to, this
4:22 pm
isn't a plan that's revolutionary, that's going to inspire people. 4% growth, that sounds good if you're an economist, but how can an everyday voter and american get behind that not knowing what that means and entails. so i think americans want to see more specifics but more of a moral compass, why people have the right to keep their own money. >> or in the light of all of this stuff that we're finding about the irs, used to politically attack the enemies of the administration, how they screwed up and watching porn at work and, et cetera, get rid of the irs. that revolutionary tone that i think the audience or the voters in this case really want to hear. >> that's it, david, and, for example, jeb talked about wanting to get rid but what i can understand today, it's more about different types of corniasm, for example, keep your tax credit and keep
4:23 pm
deductions for businesses and keep deductions for charities too but not for high network individuals. so there's croneiasm but not -- >> the problem is i like the guy, i like a lot of what he says in terms of trying to make the tax structure more simplified, better for businesses, et cetera, but, again, it's the messenger more than the message. >> yeah. steve forbes getting traction or recently the candidates from 2016 who promoted a flat tax. that's something that has the ideas and get around as inspiring. >> right. >> but jeb bush you're putting forward another tax structure. maybe smaller less complicated but still very much the same. >> well, i'm glad steve forbes wouldn't be present because if he's president, he wouldn't be able to do forbes on fox. >> thanks, steve. >> and now al-qaeda targeting
4:24 pm
some of america's most successful business leaders. details on who is included on the hit list. and hillary clinton finally apologizing. the interview and she said something that wasn't exactly true . .
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. . . . we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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david: al qaeda's new hit list. notorious magazine for the terrorist organization calling for lone wolf attacks on u.s. economic leaders including buff but and bill gates. here is peters brooks from the hair tan foundation. former deputy assistant secretary of defense. peter, we're just two days away from 9/11. we remember benghazi, 2012. is that what they're planning for, some kind of anniversary terrorist act? >> i'm sure that would suit them in their own twisted sort of way, david. the fact of the matter al qaeda is also competing with the
4:28 pm
islamic state which is obviously getting a lot more press today because of their barberi in iraq and syria. al qaeda is out there with their magazine calling on people already in place to target these business leaders are known much further beyond the business world. they're national leaders. this would bring them sort of note -- notoriety they crave in a sick way. david: some of the people on the list have their own private security but should they beef up the security because of this warning? >> i wouldn't say physical security is my expertise, david. fact of the matter is this year alone we have had 11 islamist terror attacks or plots. 12 if you include chattanooga they haven't decided yet. all of those have been related to isis of the shows these
4:29 pm
terrorist groups can radicalize and move them to action. this threat should not be dismissed. david: peter, my last question. there are other threats of families of military that haven't been successful or acted upon. is this more bluster than action? >> i would disagree with that and police and others have been included besides the military. they talked about attacking about isis. we talked about isis but this is al qaeda. we've seen attacks on police based on isis's call doing so. shouldn't be dismissed. david: peter brooks, thank you very much. cruz and trump buddy up for the anti-nuclear iran deal. that is coming up. melissa: plus, chevy fans buckle up for bad news, that is. why the next generation volt are moving into reverse. that is next. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. melissa: the conflict brewing on capitol hill after 5000 people showed up to rally against the iran nuclear deal. the bill being debated in congress and likely to pass but a new poll shows the just 21% of americans, look at that, 21%, approve the agreement. more than half of respondents are against it.
4:34 pm
joining me now is jim walsh, mit international security expert and research associate. peter brookes is back with us. nomiki kuntz is head of the accountability project. thanks for joining us. jim, i know you think this deal is a good idea. only 20 1% of americans agree with you. >> i would say we had a bunch of polls, ppp came out with a very different result. i'm not a pollster, the more you tell people, people don't know anything about a nuclear deal. the more you tell them, as you give them more information in the question, you tend to get more support. so i think very much depends on the question wording. melissa: okay. >> but in any case, our allies, the united nation, international atomic energy agency, all of the countries we negotiated with this are in favor of it. i think it will go forward. melissa: peter brookes, in my humble opinion that is because they want money. it's about the idea that they're
4:35 pm
starved for market which to sell their "planes, trains & automobiles" and food and apple watches and everything else and here's this huge community that wants to buy stuff. so you know, sitting on stagnant economic times they want to sell into iran. that is why i think other countries are in favor of it what do you think, peter? >> i think that is a very good point, melissa. the other factor, going to congress, which has been brief ad infinitum about this deal, most of them are against it. 2/3 of the senate and i don't know how many in the house. there are people who are informed about this also against it. you make a very good point. the other side of this, is iran is in a position now where it will enrich itself. it will sell oil and natural gas to greater extents on international market. they will get a cash influx with release of frozen assets. iran has aspirations. i don't think we've captured iran's aspirations for hegemony
4:36 pm
for domination in the middle east and the world and haven't captured their aspirations for nuclear weapon. melissa: nomiki, donald trump got 5000 people to show up and scream how they didn't even want the iran deal. hillary clinton could not get that many to show up announcing she was running for president. what do those comparisons tell you? >> the comparison, donald trump is sensationalist and master of media. he is capitalizing on fear morning right is doing on shortsighted politics rather than looking at deand explaining deal. they still haven't proposed alternative to the deal. the deal is moving forward. for him to create a spectacle like this on capitol hill this is politics. for ted cruz -- melissa: hillary clinton wishes she could create this spectacle. that is what is astounding to me. he is fear-mongering, whatever else. he got 5000 people to take time out of busy day to show up and she couldn't do that, she hasn't been able to do that any point
4:37 pm
anywhere along the way. that has to be disheartening for democrats. jim walsh, it does seem like it is going ahead, almost no matter what. what do you make of the trump phenomenon inspite of that? let's turn to that part of the story. i think the iran deal is ship that sailed feels like. >> yeah. melissa: what do you make of the phenomenon getting so many people out there to shout bit? >> it is august. rare at that people that lead in the polls in august are presidential nominee for either party. let's wait until there is some voting before we start crowning people. melissa: yeah. >> but i, the deal is going to go through. not because the europeans want money. remember we had sanctions on them for decade. if they were so desperate for money why didn't they break earlier? they did this because they were concerned about number one issue, which is preventing iran from acquiring nuclear weapon. this agreement does it. it is better than any other negotiation, excuse me, non-proliferation agreement ever negotiated in history. i think a year from now, a year from now --
4:38 pm
melissa: about a million people out there screaming at television disagreeing with you. but we've got to go. thank you so much. >> thank you. david: activists and billionaire investor bill ackman joining deirdre bolton exclusively at the top. hour for what will be a can't-miss interview. deirdre joining us now for a sneak-peek. >> indeed, david. we covered a number of subjects. i asked if china was the new subprime. no he said. near term caution for how china slowdown will affect the rest of the world but long-term. he has part of mondelese that sells all across the world. also part of the conversation, taxation. we're talking about this as far as it relates to individuals, also corporations. he has some interesting insight. he says he pays 40% income tax that is. would pay more in the right
4:39 pm
circumstances. we'll talk a little bit more about that. that is all coming up. in the meantime, david, back to you. david: looking forward to it, deirdre, thank you very much. we'll see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." melissa? melissa: apple introduced something for everyone from upgraded iphones to new and improved apple tv we'll tell you which one stole the show and which one missed the mark. mcdonald's is letting one of its signature items roam free. which one will taste different. leave the big mac alone and french fries. please don't touch the french ♪ you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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melissa: apple gave fans an investors the lowdown on the new iphone, apple tv, ipad pro, even a stylus today. revamp of best-sellers didn't sell on the street. apple shares started to do fall during the announcement. why did the event fall flat or does that happen with the stock
4:43 pm
every single time? lance ulanoff is mashable chief correspondent. he is joining us from the apple event in san francisco. lance, you are the expert on these things. were you dazzled by anything? >> yeah, i was a little overwhelmed by the size of the ipad pro. it is monumental. and the fact that apple did release a stylist, the apple pencil and keyboard for the gigantic ipad pro. that really shocked me because i thought it would, especially with stylist, i thought it would never ever happened. that is device designed for productivity and targeted direct at microsoft surface pro which gained access in business. melissa: you say ipad pro will fall on your foot and break it in three places and giant pencil, you're excited about those things? >> i am excited. if looks really big.
4:44 pm
if you hold it in one hand it is not that big. size of screen kind of overwhelms you. the pen has some great technology. it works really well and put your palm on the screen and still draw wit. i like that. melissa: investors selling on the news that always happens. see a big run-up ahead of announcement. as soon as they start talking it goes down and down. does that surprise you at all? >> no. it is, i don't know exactly what they expect aptell to do, you know. make maybe develop or introduce something to let you walk on water. melissa: that would be good. >> they introduced a lot of updates. the iphone 6s and 6s plus were totally expected but there is a lot of technology on the inside. really good cameras. force touch and 3d plus is good technology. apple tv will be more than television watching. there center active information. remote control you can speak
4:45 pm
with siri and move it around. i love the mlb at bat app, combine tv watching with stats. that was really cool stuff. melissa: you were memorizing all of that. you're a it about of a nerd my friend, lance. i love it. don't call it stylus i it is a pencil. i'm correcting everyone. >> i'm sorry. david: a guy who can walk on water. talking about yahoo!, taking closer look at $23 billion alibaba tax-free or so they thought after being dealt major setback by irs. potentially jeopardizing one much ceo marissa mayer's defining move at company. charlie gasparino joins us. because they misread the irs on this could cost $9 billion. >> when i talked to wall street bankers and executives it could cost her job. here is the thing, when you give analysts, analyst community, a sort of direction, where you think you're going, what is going to happen, you tell them
4:46 pm
you're forecasting this will be 9 billion-dollar plus for us, we're going to make this much money. if they base their revenue estimates on that, which they did, then you got a problem if it doesn't happen. david: wow. >> not saying it is not going to happen. if you read what they, yahoo! has disclosed, it is, see the stock is marginally up after selling off a little bit. you know, if you read what was disclosed, it looks likes they are not going to get that. david: why? did she get bad advice from tax lawyers said the irs would buy this or what? >> i don't know. they misread the irs. the irs hasn't voted. they wouldn't give them guidance. said you're on your own. tax code is crazy. not easy to figure out. that is why you hire, a big company like yahoo! you hire seasoned tax lawyers and they help you hedge with the analyst community. so we'll see. think is a big thing for her.
4:47 pm
she had a couple knocks againster had. yahoo!, when you take away alibaba tax treatment and revenues, not really going great guns right now. david: charlie gasparino, thank you very much. melissa, over to you. melissa: truth and consequences, turns out hillary clinton apology not actually accurate. plus back to the super bowl. a familiar face might be taking the halftime stage for a second time. oh see that we tricked you. you have no idea who we're talking about. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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4:51 pm
amount of 2016 chevy volts on sale. the redesigned hybrid volt will be offered limited basis starting in california, oregon and parts of the northeast. mcdonald's making a switch in the fast-food's chain latest move to revamp it image. they announced a transition to cage-free eggs for restaurants in u.s. and canada. those eggs that can't be held in cages. they will roll around anywhere. bruno mars could get his biggest gig yet. the pop singer has been offered headliner spot for super bowl l halftime show which will be held in santa clara, california. he previously performed at super bowl xlviii in new jersey two years ago. david. david: thank you for telling me about cage-free eggs. never realized. hillary clinton going on air last night saying she was sorry the email mess happened but doesn't seem to stem the political bleeding. joining me, betsy woodruff, political reporter at daily breast. ron christie, christie
4:52 pm
strategies and former special assistant to president gw bush and assistant to vice president dick cheney. and know meek key kuntz, never related to dick cheney any shape or form. sort of like i'm sorry i got caught doing something. what did it feel like to you? >> couldn't agree more. that is exactly how i felt. i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry the benghazi investigation actually led to the point where there was email server or maybe more run out after bathroom in denver, colorado, routed back to her place in chappaqua. there is no sense of remorse. no sense of contrition on her part. we have heard today she will be more spontaneous and she has big hill to climb. chichi keeps saying everything was aboveboard. everybody knew about it. play a sound bite from last night. >> as i said it, was allowed. there was no hiding it.
4:53 pm
it was totally aboveboard. everybody in the government, i communicated with, and that was a lot of people, knew i was using a personal email. david: yeah, but last week, betsy, fox news found out, in a series of emails between huma and hillary, that in fact a lot of people at the state department didn't know about this private server? >> it was so aboveboard she had to have her staff delete 31,000 emails instead of turning them over to investigators t was so aboveboard her team fought doj and fbi tooth and nail until it became politically impossible for them to resist being part of this investigation. i find this very baffling, right? she was so aboveboard and her apology is so authentic she decided to apologize after focus group of new hampshire voters said, hey, get your act together. maybe you should say you're sorry. bewildering. david: nomiki, the bottom line, she never given a credit explanation why she need ad private server. >> and you know, to be fair here, that is probably because her lawyers are telling her to
4:54 pm
do so. because it could implicate her. the problem i think her advisors anybody who is telling her to not answer questions, to not do interviews back in march when this was first issue or february this was first an issue, only now several months later i've been thinking about saying sorry, after focus groups, after democrats start to lose trust with her. that is consultant issue. i think what is going on in the clinton circle they value, they value trust. they value loyalty issue but those same people loyal to her are giving her really bad advice. anytime you have to press release you will be authentic? david: that's a good point. ron, i will take a jump to the other party, what happened today at this anti-iranian rally was kind of interesting because when turned out to be anti-iranian deal rally turned into a trump rally. take a look what trump said i think did that. >> we will have so much winning, if i get elected, that you may bored with winning.
4:55 pm
david: that is one of the best lines i have ever heard on the stump. whether true or not, just a great line. what do you make of all this? trump actually turning an anti, something very specific about iran into a pro-trump rally? >> unbelievable. only donald trump could be sort of person who would have so many activists come from across the country to talk about how upset they are with this iran deal and suddenly turns into the donald trump show. all donald all the time. doesn't surprise me. boy, he is certainly capable of doing and say anything, isn't he? david: he sure is. we have to leave it at that. thank you all. love that much. melissa: i love that one. you will get bored of winning. it is all about the royals. historic day in britain as queen elizabeth celebrates a new record. we'll be right back. ♪
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david: queen elizabeth the ii achieve ad juror milestone. becoming longest living monarch. by passing queen victoria. >> doing it in style. look at blue hat. i thank you all and many, never mind. at home, overseas, with her touching messages of great kindness. congrats, queen elizabeth. we have exciting news here at "after the bell." our senior producer, jill warner and her husband pete, welcomed their second son. david: i haven't seen that picture. >> ryan joseph. look at that little peanut. david: ryan joseph born earlier this week right here in new york city. ryan joins big brother mark in the household. by the way did we mention peter frngi fox business senior producer. a family of foxes there. >> there you go. many happy wishes. he is like a 2010 of his older brother.
5:00 pm
david: he is. >> we're so happy for you twice. david: peter, jill, take a rest. take a long rest. i don't know if we have same deal they have at silicon valley company a year of paid leave? i don't think so. not quite yet. >> you're in big trouble. david: have fun. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i think? in united states america is bit like companies we target, right? it is a phenomenal business but it has been undermanaged for a long period of time and needs to be managed more effectively. it is crazy, if, corporate tax policies we have now that basically encourage u.s. companies to sell themselves to foreign companies. deirdre: president obama said hedge fund managers are lottery winners. donald trump has said hedge fund managers are getting away with murder. >> hedge fund managers are an easy target because it is relatively small number of people. i think the rhetoric should be a little more pro-growth and a


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