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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance". and remember, you can't take it with you. if you can't see the show, dvr it. up next, lou dobbs, he's the man. this is fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. a rebellion by rank and file conservatives forcing house leaders to postpone a vote on the iran nuclear deal. a procedural vote on the deal was scheduled are in afternoon but a number of republican members objected saying congress has no business voting on that agreement until president obama sends congress the side deals between iran and the u.n.'s international nuclear reactors. this, a major blow to house speaker john boehner. it appears lawmakers will never vote on a resolution of disapproval of the president's nuclear deal. instead, this is at this point
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appears to be a blocking action on the deal that may be effective. all of this occurring in the house of representatives. all of this coming as donald trump, senator ted cruz and tea party republicans were gathering on the west lawn of the capitol to denounce the deal as well. trump told several thousand tea party members that the iranian deal has been incompetently negotiated and he would do a much better job. we'll be talking with the congressman who helped uncover these iranian side deals and who is a leader of today's rebellion. republican congressman mike pompeo joins us. iran's supreme leader ramped up hostile rhetoric, ayatollah khamenei ruled out negotiations with the united states after the nuclear deal is implemented and predicted israel will not exist in 25 years. that's because he reiterated his commitment to destroy israel.
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we'll discuss the impact of all of this on u.s. foreign policy as russia tries to extend influence in the middle east. i'll be joined by former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia, robert jordan. fox news middle east and terrorism expert dr. walid phares. our top story tonight, the republican rebellion and effort to stop the president's nuclear deal with iran, as of now, republicans in congress are working on a plan they believe will have the best chance of stopping the deal. as the republicans work into the night on that, two rivals for the republican presidential nomination, they met in washington to attack the agreement. donald trump and senator ted cruz headlined a rally warning of catastrophic consequences if the deal is passed. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: in 90-degree heat, donald trump took the stage at a capitol hill protest against the iran nuclear deal sponsored by the tea party patriots, the
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zionist organization of america and the center for security policy. thousands turned out. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran! we are led by very, very stupid people! >> reporter: unlike his gop rivals, trump does not plan to immediately nullify the iran deal if elected. the next president must be a negotiator and after the four americans imprisoned in iran are freed, he'll renegotiate with tehran but will not say how. >> i don't want to say things that the other side is going to learn everything about me. >> reporter: hillary clinton who helped start the iran talks suggested it could be strengthened during implementation. >> we will begin from day one to set the conditions so iran knows it will never be able to
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get a nuclear weapon. not during the term of the agreement, not after, not ever. >> reporter: it was ted cruz that invited trump to the capitol rally, he makes no secret of courting trump supporters should the real estate mogul falter. >> any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on january 20th, 2017. and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal. >> reporter: but the protest will have little effect on national security. gop leaders concede president obama has the votes, 42 in the senate to overcome bipartisan opposition to the deal. in north carolina, jeb bush focused on economic security and laid out plan to reform taxes. the top bracket of 39% would drop to 28 followed by 25 and 10% brackets. he significantly would cut the current corporate tax rate among other things.
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>> we'll bring the corporate tax rate from 35%, the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world down to 20%, which is below that of china. >> reporter: the last couple of weeks jeb bush distinguished himself by going after trump almost daily calling him not really a conservative. tomorrow that changes. bobby jindal calls a full dress news conference at the national press club. he tells fox he views trump not as a republican or liberal but an ego maniacal narcissist. lou: they have had it with mitch mcconnell in the senate apparently. those members today rebelled against leadership and they unleashed chaos on capitol hill. house republican leaders were forced to delay a planned vote on the iranian nuclear deal. speaker boehner once again badly miscalculated the degree of support within his own caucus. conservatives are now demanding
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the obama administration send for congressional review all side deals between iran and international nuclear inspectors before any vote of any kind is taken. this open rebellion follows boehner's denial that dissension within his own party is making his job more difficult. >> no, it does not make it more difficult. we've got widespread support in the conference, and i appreciate that. our first guest helped expose the two sides made between iran and the u.n.'s international atomic energy agency. joining us tonight congressman mike pompeo who serves on the house permanent select committee on intelligence as well as the house select committee on benghazi. good to have you with us. >> what have you all done? this is quite a bold move, and have you reversed the leadership's direction on the iranian nuclear deal, apparently. what's going on? >> well, lou, thanks for having
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me on tonight. i think it's great. i think the speaker has grabbed ahold of where the conference is. we all know that no american had the opportunity to read this agreement. and it requires the president to hand over the documents, he hasn't done that. the speaker has chosen a path a broad swath of our party can accept as the right answer. we're going to demand the president allow the american people to see the deal so we'll begin a process late tonight which will allow the house to say clearly and emphatically and force democrats to take a position too whether or not they think they've had access to the agreement. this is a hugely positive step and i think the speaker did a great job of listening to the conference today. lou: for our audience, to be clear, congressman pompeo and senator tom cotton in july discovered the side deals between the united nations
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inspectors and the iranians. this would not have happened had you two not done your jobs and exposed what is going on. now, as you and i have discussed, a second part of the deal is out there on the history of their efforts, the iranians' efforts to enrich uranium and to create a weapon. why in the world could any president, how could any president presume to be so arrogant as not to include the congress in any deal of this magnitude? >> it's remarkable, lou. ayatollah khamenei and his team read this agreement, secretary kerry and president obama have not. no american has read the details. the two secret side deals aren't just details. aren't about the color of the bus the inspectors will drive. these are important details of verification. president tells us this isn't about trust but how we verify, and the truth is the american
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people and no member of congress knows the details of how it is the president intends to verify whether iran is complying with the agreement. what we've seen so far is bad. iranians are already cheating, cleaning up sites there as we speak, and so how any member of congress could have contemplated voting for this deal without having seen all of the contents is frankly beyond me. >> the procedural vote was to be today. rules committee, i understand it, the conference is going through, the committee is working on preparing a new set of votes to take place tomorrow and friday. what is your judgment about first, the support for this approach. how broad is it in the conference. and how likely is it that it will be effective in any way in stopping this deal? >> i think it will be broad support in the conference. i think we'll get lots of republicans and hopeful democrats too to vote for the provisions we'll vote on thursday and friday. it is a more difficult question
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how effective this will be in stopping the president. we have watched him behave lawlessly whether it was with respect to immigration or the affordable care act. we watched him run through stop sign after stop sign after stop sign. i'm hopeful the american people who reject this deal by over two to one will demand that the president comply with his requirements, send us all the details of the agreement, and then congress can make a decision about whether or not to support this deal. >> the majority of congress, the majority of the senate oppose this deal. the vast majority of the american people by a margin of better than 2-1 oppose this deal, and we are watching a process unfold which the president will have a deal because he would not call it a treaty, and circumvent the constitution and traditional process in dealings with foreign nations. what are to be the consequences?
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>> there's many, there's certainly the option for legal recourse. before that, i think the american people will make judgments how with respect to the iran nuclear review act that we'll vote on this week, i think they'll evaluate their elected officials and hold them accountable for how they vote. lou: does a republican leadership in both the house and the senate and the republican national committee, do they have the guts to hang this deal around the necks of every democrat who has supported it in 2016? >> counting on it. there's absolutely no excuse for not doing that. this is a deal that the american people get. they get at their very bones that the iranians given 150 billion dollars to expand their terror regime is a bad idea. i think every elected official needs to hold every other elected official accountable for how they vote. if you vote for the deal, you voted to support granting a whole bunch of money to a whole bunch of really, really bad people. lou: final question, we're way
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over time here, i can't let you go without asking, is that the end of the line for speaker boehner as the leader of your conference? >> i think there's still a lot of meat on that bone. a long way to go. i am very pleased with the fact that today he listened to the conference and all of leadership joined to make the case. america will be better off for that. lou: congressman mike pompeo, we thank you for being here. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back with more, stay with us. russia sending navy ships, jet fighters and ground forces to syria, and the white house, well, russia and china are having their way with obama again. we take it up with ambassador robert jordon and dr. walid phares. and one lucky woman escapes disaster with only inches and seconds to spare. her story and the video up next. stay with us. many people clean their dentures
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jordan, good to have you with us. fox news middle east and terrorism analyst dr. walid phares. good to have you as well. let's begin with the rising influence of russia and not only its presence in syria but its commitment, obviously, to include the middle east and it's regime of power. why, how can this administration simply cede influence in the middle east? >> it shows the weakness of this administration. every time they've come up with a challenge, they've blanked and so now we have the phenomenon of the russians essentially building a base in syria from which to project power in the middle east, they've always viewed syria as part of sphere of influence and underscores the danger of allowing them being able to tolerate this kind of conduct
11:18 pm
in syria. lou: are we expected, walid, to believe that russia is doing this without at least some form of a wink and a nod from the united states as they build up their forces within syria, is this a more gamesmanship on the part of this administration? >> you got it absolutely right. the russian leadership, president putin, and his advisers wouldn't have been sending weapons and fleet now and air force and special forces to syria before assessing what will be the american reaction and they did so, already in the fall of 2013, when the administration threatened it would intervene and did not. and, of course, after the conclusion of the iranian deal, if we have a deal with iran, we are indirectly partnering with russia, so the russians are at freedom of sending all the weapons they want.
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lou: it astonishes that people do not pay attention to the p5+1, fully half of, that competitors, rivals and geopolitical mischief makers against which we are -- we have fought in the case of iran, in russia and china, and now we're watching this deal constructed by that half of the partnership, and we look like, ambassador, we're just pat sees on all of this, and one of our oldest friends in the region, saudi arabia, is now investing in russia rather than here. >> yes, i think it's quite interesting, just very recently, the saudi foreign minister, the russian foreign minister and our secretary of state john kerry all had a meeting about syria. the reporting is that the saudis said that assad could stay in power if iran backed out. my guess is this gave the
11:20 pm
russians some notion that they might have some flexibility here to make a move. but it's really staggering that the saudis have turned to the russians partly because they don't believe the united states is reliable anymore. they've been so completely disillusioned by this administration. lou: this administration doing very little to inspire confidence among our allies, whether it be in europe, whether it is in the middle east. walid, china also trying drive further its influence in the region, a line seemingly stronger, a stronger alliance with russia every month. what is going to be, in your judgment, the result in the middle east. >> well, the result is very visible, speak earlier of saudi arabia and i would add egypt. our allies, strategic allies, i'm not mentioning israel in this case, our arab allies are leaving the scene.
11:21 pm
they are being threatened by a stronger iran, which are strengthening with 150 billion dollars. russia is sending the weapons. china sending more weapons. what would saudis or others do? they try to gain time. what i've heard from them is they're waiting one year and two months hoping that washington will change direction after that. lou: you get the last word, ambassador, your thoughts on how the likely result here? >> it's not going to be pretty, i think, for quite some time. i think we're going to be living right on the edge. we're going to have nontor everything that iran does in the nuclear program, russia's and china's actions with the saudis and every turn because of the weakness the government has shown. lou: ambassador jordan and dr. walid phares, thank you.
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a blow to the obama administration. a federal district court judge has ruled that the house republican lawsuit against obamacare can move forward. house speaker boehner filed the lawsuit last july arguing that the white house had broken the law by giving insurance companies money that congress hadn't authorized. vote in tonight's poll, the question is -- cast your vote at a close call for a woman in chile, dash cam video capturing a car accident that nearly cost her, her life. she was walking on the sidewalk, a bmw smashed into a truck at a traffic light, which as you see went flying and nearly crashed into her. she ran just in time, escaping injury. up next, a few thoughts on the political divide in our nation's capital what to do with the iranian nuclear deal.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on a rally in washington today. donald trump teaming up with fellow candidate senator ted cruz. senator ted cruz at a rally of more than a thousand people outside the capitol. the front-runner blasting those negotiations as amateur hour. >> the people that we were negotiating with and were working on the sanctions with, all of these countries are going to do business with iran. they're going to make lots of money, and we're going to do, and we're going to get nothing. nothing.
11:28 pm
we are led by very, very stupid people. lou: trump's speech in sharp contrast to that of hillary clinton, as you expect, in front of a crowd at a liberal think tank, she tried to walk a fine line for support for the president while insisting should be tougher if the iranian regime were to cheat. >> is it perfect? no, of course not. no agreement is. is it a strong agreement? yes, it is. and we absolutely should not turn it down. they'll want to see how far they can bend the rules. that won't work if i'm in the white house. lou: the "wall street journal" today reported clinton was instrumental in granting the initial concessions to iran. secretary of state clinton at that time concluding negotiations would fail if iran weren't allowed to enrich uranium so she urged the concession to the iranians in the earliest stages of the talk, even though she had taken
11:29 pm
the opposite view in 2008 in the democratic primary. mrs. clinton slammed mr. obama as, quote, irresponsible and frankly naive for saying he would talk to iran without preconditions. trump is aligned with american voters 2. 1% of americans support the iranian nuclear deal while twice oppose it. 49%. gop leaders played the loyal party members in both houses today for chumps and patsies, boehner and mcconnell set aside their oath to defend our constitution against all enemies. now our quotation from the evening from warren buffett. it was he who said -- we're starting to learn a lot about who the patsies are in this country, aren't we? we're coming right back. at a rally to stop the iranian nuclear deal, donald
11:30 pm
trump holds nothing back against those who negotiated the nuclear deal. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue. lou: americans oppose the deal 2-1. but the president has enough support in the senate, so what's next? former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins. and tourists on a safari in zimbabwe. they had an unlikely guest join them for lunch. we'll have the video of the you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . lou: the main news at this hour. secretary of state kerry pledging to do more in response to the european immigration and refugee crisis. the united states has accepted 1500 refugees already, giving more than 4 billion dollars. far more than any other country. a rebellion by rank and file conservatives forcing house republican leaders to postpone a vote on the iran nuclear deal and go to a new strategy, leadership lining up new votes for the next two days. donald trump with senator ted cruz led a rally against the deal. trump said the next president should get rid of it. joining us tonight former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news political analyst.
11:35 pm
ed rollins, good to see you. and real clear politics political reporter caitlyn huey-burns. good to have you. >> thank you. lou: what in the world is going on here, first with the house leadership? >> feels like groundhog day every time they're in this position whether it's on the budget or any other issue. they have trouble getting their member to coalesce around a plan. if you look over the summer, all of the republican candidates were campaigning against the iran deal, campaigning against congress. lou: apparently only john boehner and his team did not notice that fact. how did he survive in this, ed? >> he's not going to survive long-term. he'd be smart to say this is his last term. he's had a nice run. part of the problem is he never led the revolution, the tea party led the revolution, he wasn't a part of it. newt gingrich was not part of the revolution, he was entitled to be speaker. this is a big mistake. this is the most serious vote the people have to make this
11:36 pm
year. they have to highlight it, take every bad cause and make the american public remember and remember who voted for. lou: i asked congressman pompeo if the republican leadership and the rnc had the guts to hang this deal around the next of everyone, every democrat who votes for it, and you could tell that's what he wanted but he wasn't certain what his leadership would do. what in the world is donald trump up to here? he is, it's seemingly has adopted senator ted cruz. they've got a bro-mance going and it's working for both of them. >> i think ted cruz is very happy about that. he invited donald trump to come to the capitol to his stomping ground. if you think about it, ted cruz has been the only one really in this republican field to embrace trump, and the idea is that he will, perhaps he wants
11:37 pm
to, inherit trump's votes. lou: his numbers will certainly improve. >> the problem is for cruz, today he was overshadowed a little bit by trump. lou: but remember, he's the one who invited him. he knew precisely what would happen. he's being very smart about this. i assume this is precisely what he wanted. >> the interesting thing about ted cruz, running in the anti-establishment, anti-washington competition, and he is a u.s. senator. so he is going to use this as his platform as he has over the past couple of years to fight back against. that that will be interesting. >> ted cruz is the survivor, i don't expect him to be the nominee. he'll be the leader of the tea party, and there's going to be a lot of unhappiness. the trump people are not going to go away, they're not going to buy into the republican agenda. not going to buy into the john boehner, the jeb bush. they're going to be very angry when the election is over, particularly if trump doesn't
11:38 pm
win and very easy for trump to pick up the ball and run with it. he is very smart and very articulate. lou: they are both very good talkers, the way that goes. i have to say, i got a kick out of donald trump today suggesting to cnn that they donate the profits from their debate to the veterans. and apparently he hasn't heard back from cnn on that. >> the idea that they're raising their rates 40 times what the normal rate is, is outrageous. used to be a thing where networks, not going to speak to this one or anyone else, used to give public time. and my sense is you certainly don't gouge a public event that obviously this channel will make into very successful. i don't think his idea is a bad idea. >> if you think about it, a lot of the audience is tuning into see him as they did the last time around. lou: i think it aggravates donald trump he can't figure out how to monetize it.
11:39 pm
>> he with buy cnn and dissolve it. lou: they're taken care of the latter part on their own. good to have you with us. >> thank you very much. lou: appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- mr. obama and john kerry do. cast your vote at a california man with video of the dangers of open air dining in zimbabwe, if you had any suspicions that might not be a good idea. take a look at this. i do not understand how a person can sit at a table in a chair and not move when they see this elephant walk up. this is insane! the family having brunch when an elephant stormed their table. it just walked up to it. not much of a storm, knocked the folks off their chairs. the elephant has bad eye sight and was startled that the group was sitting there. i was startled they remained seated in the presence of that
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elephant walking up. the elephant as you saw there eventually walked off and that's what we call a happy ending. in australia, a friendlier encounter with wild animals. a pod of dolphins decided to take on the waves alongside them. watch this. is that amazing? it's hard to tell who had more fun, the dolphins or the surfers. the surfers had more to talk about. up next, more reasons to put your phone down and stop take those selfies, people. and baltimore's mayor admits the multi-million-dollar payout to freddie gray's family is to prevent more riots. you got to love that city, huh? you really do. that story and more next.
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. lou: the mayor of baltimore admitting today that a taxpayer funded $6.4 million payout to the family of freddie gray was aimed in part at preventing further riots. >> with the prospect of significant legal expenses involved in an extended federal lawsuit, as well as the potential liability that could
11:45 pm
come with an unfavorable jury verdict, our city's attorneys came to the conclusion that the $6.4 million settlement is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers. lou: i can't wait to find out what our next guest thinks of what that mayor just said. stumbling leadership in baltimore should lead to a change in venue, but what does that say about the city of baltimore? joining us is rob winehold, a former justice department chief of staff for community oriented polici services, also a former baltimore police department director of public affairs. good to have you with us. >> pleasure to be here. lou: after listening to the mayor, her reasoning, her conduct and the way in which the city of baltimore is responding. can you tell me one reason why a person would live in the city of baltimore? >> i've got to tell you the city of baltimore is a wonderful place. great fabric of folks,
11:46 pm
hard-working people, and it's a shame the national news media and the world has taken a hard look at baltimore. they've seen riots, fires, slit fire hoses, stumbling leadership, they've seen the theatrics of the state's attorney, and most importantly tomorrow we're taking a hard look at the officers that stand trial at this point for the death of freddie gray. all of us never want to see someone's life lost, but the officers deserve due process, a fair trial, and when you add up all of the things that occurred over five months up to and including today's decision to go ahead and award a civil outcome, then i think that all ads up to a change in venue that needs to occur. lou: baltimore city paternal police president said this, to suggest there is any reason to settle prior to the adjudication of the pending criminal cases is obscene. there has been no civil litigation filed nor any guilt determined that requires such a
11:47 pm
ridiculous reaction on the part of the mayor. the payment as you, i think, know, rob is larger than 120 other lawsuits against the city in similar circumstances, since 2011. has that city government just taken leave of its senses? >> well, i have to tell you that the award everyone believes who was involved is fair, it is exorbitant. it's more than five years of settlements combined. but i have to tell you that the rising tide erases all settlements in the future. you have to be concerned about the precedent set and what's going to happen in the city of baltimore particularly when every dollar absolutely counts when you talk about education and public works and roadways and so on and so forth. this city needs sound leadership. i think there have been decent decisions made recently. lou: like what? >> like the mayoral races coming up next year, it's a crowded field. i think the mayor at this point wants to get everything that
11:48 pm
she can behind her as it relates to freddie gray, but there's a lot of concern here in the city of baltimore about a fair, honest, objective trial held in the city, and i think all of us should be concerned about, and i would call for a change in venue. lou: democrats have controlled that city for almost 50 years. it has had a steady loss of population. it has a steady decline in the loss of major businesses in that city. it has been a disaster. it is a disaster. leadership is not improving. it is arguably worsening significantly. i just don't understand how there can be such arrogance about what is happening in that city, when we are experiencing nationwide a war on law enforcement and baltimore is among those cities which has the greatest, most dramatic increase in violent crime. >> i have to tell you the city of baltimore needs and deserves to heal. there's no question about it,
11:49 pm
and frankly, it all starts at the top with sound leadership. if you look across the nation and what's happening with law enforcement officers, i think it's harder to be a law enforcement officer today than at any point in history. a lot of that has to do with the citizen journalism that's occurring and every move officer makes is under the microscope. it's incredibly difficult to do your job when community distrust is at an all-time low. have you ordinary men and women doing an extraordinary job across the country. lou: no question, i think you and i agree they deserve better leadership in the leadership of that city, do you not? >> no question. leadership starts at the top. there's been a change in the police commissioner. he seems to be earning the trust of the rank and file, but frankly things need to change in the city of baltimore. no question about it. that's why you see a crowded field running for mayor early next year. lou: all right, rob, thanks so much. good to talk with you as
11:50 pm
always. >> thank you. lou: breaking news now, upstate new york health insurer accelus blue cross blue shield saying it's the victim of a cyberattack. the attackers obtained data of more than 10 million of the customers. the rochester based insurer is offering free identity theft protection services to the 10 million people protected. i got to tell you as a footnote to the story. either we start holding companies and everyone else liable and responsible for the protection of this data and information or we're going to see severe, severe consequences in our economy and our society. on wall street, stocks closed lower, the dow down 239 points. the s&p lost 27, the nasdaq down 55 point. volume on the big board, 3.6 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network.
11:51 pm
a florida man learning firsthand it is dangerous to drive and to be taking, who would think of this, a selfie. the man wanted to document his first gator hunt by videoing himself driving in his jeep. what a good idea. he took his eyes off the road just long enough to crash into a truck toting a canoe. the canoe smashed through the jeep's wind shield. that's what you call a wake-up call. you gotta love people. you really do. he wasn't hurt. there was a foul but no harm. i can't say no harm no foul. hopefully lesson learned. annual tradition at west point gets a little ugly. it's a pillow fight. is this what you think of when you think of west point? it certainly isn't what you think of. but we take up pillow fights, salmon carcasses and much more with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky right here next. i know you can't wait. i certainly can't.
11:52 pm
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♪ lou: joining us now, cohost of red i on the fox news channel. fellow cohost andy the. great to have you both here. let's start with obama eating leftover salmon. can we role that?
11:56 pm
[laughter] there he is. this is leftover salmon marinated. that is what you do when you are with their grills. this is what your going to eat. i think they will move to it really quickly. i am told that this is a superb at a job. we are not even listening to them talk. the president, i am assured. areas. anyway. the salmon ends up in his mouth. >> i feel sorry for the bear. you have leftovers in your fridge when you go to work, and you get home and your roommate ate them. >> the president essentially had sushi. you know what, this is a good example for the children in america. waste not want not. my mother always said i am skinny. lou: pushing limited food
11:57 pm
choices. here is what i just can't -- we just showed you in the previous segment. let's roll that. when i say thing like hell a fight. here we go. and they had 24 concussions as a result of this. i did not know this. thirty candidates needed medical attention. what is your reaction? >> i want to say boys will be boys. if you expect young people to act maturely for so long, they are going to act immature at one instance. what i love his they said they will not be canceling this tradition. and i agree, tradition is more important than avoiding bodily harm. lou: bodily harm, has to be the way he feels tonight. donald trump recommending cnn donate all the profits
11:58 pm
from the debate that cnn will be hosting. your reaction? >> come on. he is trolling them. i don't remember trump donating profits when he had guests on this bike the ratings that week. >> but the winners of celebrity apprentice donate all the stuff to charity. >> fox had really good ratings. i don't think fox should donate the money. lou: that would be silly. [laughter] >> it makes you wonder why we are not already doing this. why has no other candidate come forward? lou: you trolls andthe trolls and comes up with interesting ideas depending on how you look at it. the barbershop. find $750 for not cutting a woman's hair. >> good for them. providing one service and not another. i would not say that it is gender discrimination.
11:59 pm
they just don't offer the service. lou: that is awfully generous of you. >> political correctness. >> can i get back to the pillow fight? or is a continuation of pillow fights by other means. lou: and always smasher pillow. i salute them. what are they carrying? >> pillows and mattresses. teesixmattresses. lou: we have not heard the role of the heavy artillery. >> you have to get creative. >> the artillerymen are back. lou: thank you so much. always great to see you guys. time for a look at our online poll results. we will the justice department bring charges against hillary clinton? 33 percent said yes, 67 percent somewhat skeptically said no. that is it for us tonight. thank you for voting on our polls.
12:00 am
tomorrow night investor john negroponte joins us. be with us. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ kennedy: the big hello, howdy, how you doing. i don't want to watch her flapper claptrap, but here we are again doing yet another interview changing direction. this time to sit down is with abc's dreamy david mueller. he got quite a lot. monday she said sorry, not sorry. i don't think that tested well. well, those five little letters spilled from her lips. when you are betting your brown eyes and a help us hillary.


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