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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 10, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the cac in paris also weaker, dax in germany upper fraction. asia setting the tone overnight but they mixed session after the shanghai composite in china declining 1%. china's premier saying there will not be a hard landing for the country's economy. after a rally in japan complete reversal today. the pullback down 2.5%. asian markets by with the decline of 2.5% in the nikkei, hang seng following suit with 2.5% and singapore down one and one 3%. parts of japan doing with massive flooding and landslides. report saying 20 inches of rain have fallen over a 24 hour period in some hours of japan. call it a rate unprecedented. more than 90,000 people have abandoned homes. as you can see, efforts are on to take people from the roofs of their homes. apple ceo tim cook unveiling the
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latest round of products including a new iphone and an update to the apple tv product. will that be enough to keep consumers and investors happy. football season here at the patriots taking on the pittsburgh steelers in tonight's kickoff episode with everything you need to know from your fantasy lineup set to buy the deflategate scandal has benefited the nfl. we begin with politics. donald trump making headlines by attacking a fellow republican presidential candidate telling "rolling stone" magazine, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president? she's a woman and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but come on, are they serious? carly fiorina responded last night on the "the kelly file" on the fox news channel. >> what do you mean by that? >> i have no idea. obviously i will not spend a
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single cycle wondering what donald trump means. maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i'm climbing in the polls. maria: she sure is. carly fiorina has seen the rise since the first debate in august. joining us now is david drucker, senior congressional correspondent. good to see you. thank you for joining us. what do you make of the latest comment and battle between he and carly fiorina? >> it is trumping trump. if there were any other candidate, mr. drum him out of the race, but it's donald trump. this will make it go what. train to unbelievable such a comment would make his go. the same people things people are thinking but to attack someone on looks and get so personal attack, people will see that is below the belt. don't you?
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is there a limit? >> i'm joking a little bit. the normal serious people would get more serious about the campaign. they are paying closer attention and comments like these that come out of donald's mouth onto my lamentable costs and eventually just like they would cost every other candidate. not just this comment. it is everything he has said from day one. in a normal republican, even echoing what people are feeling, it would drum them out of the race. he survived so far, but he may not forever. maria: at some point you at your substance, donald trump included. do you think this will resonate well or poorly? dagen: if it doesn't hurt them now, it will be used by any nation by whoever. let me finish. one thing about this. he is smarter than this. when i heard this i went why is he saying that about that
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candidate? what are his goals other than appearing to be a sexist pag. what is your goal? it is so below the belt. what is his goal? >> i agree with you that he's very shrewd and every step of the way he's been aware of what he's doing. i do think some of this is who he is. it is worked for had and he is a politician at this point. they always go with what works until it stops. they never look ahead and know when to quit. so has he paid a price for any of the things we all thought would cause a problem? no. why would he think this to be the love about? dagen: i can't believe i'm going to say this that not even excel 5:00 in the morning. let's say he does when. here's the conversation between
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wives and husbands at home or girlfriends and boyfriends. don't you dare go for had because you're not touching any of this if i find out. you're not getting this if you vote for that man. ask any conservative woman about donald trump and they make a face because of these comments. that was in a very substantive comment. maria: i gave you. david, what about the tax plan yesterday jeb bush released in the bed. what can you tell us in terms of substance coming out of all the candidates right now. >> amazingly enough, they enough, garishly devoid of substance because there's so many candidates looking for a pole position, you seen a lot more substantive candidate than i recall in previous presidential races. has been solid in the jeb bush
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tax plan importantly for him has gotten good reviews from conservative critics, people who look at this sort of thing and judge it and that's important because of the moderate label. the key for him is can he take things like 4% growth and reducing the tax rate in getting rid of this loophole and turn it into a message where people feel it is going to help them where they are in their pocketbook. part of the problem republicans have had generally as they talk a great game and policy. it could make a lot of sense to people like us and people say how is it going to get me a job and increase my pay check? maria: david, good to have you on the program. an economic plan standout youth today, have you heard any regularity in terms of moving the needle on the economy? >> i think so far you're getting past the silly season in the conversation so far has been
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about style than substance. in the coming months, growth is both a long-term trend. unemployment has come down, but underemployment is still elevated. people want to hear what the candidates intend to do. between chris christie who has spoken directly about entitlements and jeb bush not speaking about taxes. you expect that to increase. maria: at this time last time around in the cycle we didn't have much substance at this point either. dagen: at is not unusual, but you do see a lack of a breakthrough in candidates who are delivering more detail. like jeb bush with a very specific plan on taxes not resonating. it has to go beyond you are as angry as i am about your state of the united states. it has to come down to what exactly you'll do about my personal situation.
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>> trump is a unique phenomenon but you put this in the broader global context. bernie sanders of the democratic party, a lot of progressive parties throughout the world rising an environment where people are frustrated. maria: because of the unhappiness. apple unveiling the latest iphones. announcing that new apple tv and the ipad probe measuring 12.9 inches from corner to corner. tim cook said it is the biggest news for the ipad since the ipad. getting a lot of traction. apple phone tablet and tv failed to impress investors. that is the headline. anything you saw that got people excited? dagen: this apple is getting into financing sales to consumers. it takes on the mobile phone operators directly trying to stabilize their courtroom audience, make homes more affordable to people.
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it's not a product. the dataset much bigger deal in the underlying business. the apple tv, people are making fun of the apple pencil, the stylus because steve jobs famously said it's a sign of failure. but the apple tv is interesting because it takes apple to his raku and other devices where your television is delivered via apps. it doesn't quite get there because of the lack of programming, but your tv will be based on apps. maria: expect it to go higher today. >> there's a couple things. first of all companies will talk about that later. the second is you have to growth segment of the market doing well. instances and technology are biotech when investors start to expect the growth rate may slow, the stock comes in quickly.
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maria: it's all about growth. danger in japan this morning. coming up at the latest details on the massive flood in and rescue missions they are life. the headlines top in "the wall street journal" this morning. giant hedge funds radical idea. her firm is guaranteed or your money back. promising refunds if returns split. what a novel approach. shares remain of relative value. stephen colbertis late show debut attracting six by 6 million viewers. the debut for stephen colbert. you are watching "mornings with maria." stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
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a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: welcome back. look at where we stand for the dow jones industrial average expected to open up 110 points. nasdaq and the double digits. s&p also looking firmer. the question of will that hold reseller a lack of that yesterday. well that they're hitting japan. cheryl casone with the story. >> it really is. good morning, everyone. just get a new video and it's incredible. this is not about. that is a full house being swept away. floodwaters pouring through the city of joso, japan, 40 miles north of tokyo. at least one person missing after a major landslide. 100,000 people have been evacuated so far. we continue to monitor the video.
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new report by russian troops conducting military operations in syria, supporting president bush are al-assad. finally, the justice department issuing a new policy that will make the prosecution of wall street executives a top priority rather than just going after the companies that those individuals work for. the policy announcement by attorney general barret alleged back in april with the housing crisis, financial crisis, corporate scandals. very specific from the beginning you have to go after the individual. large plants coming from the banks. now they say go after people who are criminals. maria: the question is why this stepped-up focus? was there something that happened specifically that
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indicate it is worse off today than there has been in the past? dagen: there is always say why not to the story and i can't figure it out after the financial collapse in the 2008 financial crisis. people wanted the heads of the big banks and it didn't happen. they wanted prosecutions, heads to roll and that didn't happen because they didn't do anything illegal. maria: the storyline plays of the populace. bring down the wealthy and big shots on wall street. get the regulatory environment at the lawmaking side of things like dodd-frank, epa, obama cared has hurt the economy. >> you have a much more regulated industry. look at profitability to operate 10 years ago with a much more constrained environment about what they can do. this is why used in the profitability slower. >> inside the regular banks regulators living there.
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they work their day today and in terms divisions in hiring, much as in money laundering, legal oversight. your question and i don't have an answer either, but wide now. people are frustrated, but is it politically motivated? it's not like we are in the 90s where we did uncover fraud in the telecoms that her. people went to jail. >> they won a replay of enron, worldcom and tyco. just the timing. this is something that baby democrats can use next year. we've been off for eight years and look what we've done. maria: cheryl, thank you. coming up in a tourist magazine issued threats against the
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biggest names in american business. we'll bring you the details and show you the target car. stay with us. i say we go all in on the internet... of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface...
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maria: welcome back. al qaeda targeting america's most influential business leaders and magazine is encouraging them of terrorist attacks on u.s. billionaires. blake burman in washington with the latest. reporter: hi, good morning, maria. they had missed over several pages in the latest inspired magazine listed in the section called assassination operation and gives head shots of several business leaders. 10 influential high-profile members of the u.s. business community are mentioned.
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among them, warren buffett, locates, michael bloomberg, the koch brothers and larry ellison. it calls for assassination of the men because they would bring on and the ability to the american economy which is a major component of america's standing in the world. prominent economist ben bernanke and robert shiller are also on the list. as for gates, the wealthiest person in the u.s., this is not the first time he's been on an al qaeda hit list. maria: blake burman form on the al qaeda threat. former fbi agent jonathan, good to have you on the program. what are your observations? >> as we were talking about, this is their leap back into the whole thing svc, what is intriguing to me is in 14 years a leadership has gone through changes and a lot of them still not alive anymore, but they still continue to focus on the
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big hits, so they can inspire fear through threat and big people like we see here are trying to carry out larger attacks. isis will kill some random person in another part of the world and put it all over the internet and that seems to be a fact. trained to do wonder if this is an attempt to al qaeda to be tougher and stronger and bigger than you are now. it is exerting its power once again. dagen: isis has been so effective at using social media and marketing its atrocities. disgusting to say that, but how serious are these threats? it is in the most public forum for al qaeda. it will get out there. how worried should individuals be? how worried should we be? >> what bothers me about these
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threats to come out, we live for threats will happen. we wait until things happen before we react to them. that would be something very telling about ceo security. most ceos have some type of security, but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors. i'm not giving terrorists anything they don't know already. security in itself is a lot of smoke there is or you can be very smart in the way you move people and live your day-to-day life. >> we've had a lot of changes since 9/11. have we done everything in terms of public security and a safer environment? i would have to say no. politics is always the number one thing when it comes to getting in the way security. not just politics because we want freedom in those things. people don't want to appear at this level if they have any intimidation whatsoever. they will walk straight out the
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front door. when we talk about the government itself, the government is not used to working on details and good security sign detailed. trading people which way to look. >> do expect another attack attempt on the uss 9/11? >> we should always be aware. the potential is always there. that alone is going on right now. all the ceos. and people just need to be aware and everyone needs to look and say that is not normal. wiki. not see something, say something. honestly, that is the greatest tool we have right now. maria: straight ahead, another big event.
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the stock closed down for the day. is it time to get in and buy this stock? first it was soda coming out of salt to new york city police added again. we'll have the details coming out. ♪
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barry mack welcome back, and thursday, september 29th. fox business network's dagen mcdowell. your top stories at 6:30 on the east coast on the eve of 9/11. al qaeda's newest targets
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american billionaires. according to jennifer graff and the stated goal is to threaten the recovery of the u.s. economy. more on this story coming up. on the campaign trail donald trump dealing with another gaffe, his comments on carly fiorina's appearance. he told rolling stone look in that case, would anyone vote for is that? carly fiorina at response last night on fox. >> what do you take at to mean? >> i have no idea. i am not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. maybe just maybe i am getting under his skin because i'm closing on the polls. maria: let's turn to the markets, a higher open, a futures indicates a gain of 5 points on the dow jones industrial average. the s&p and nasdaq firmer this morning on the heels of mixed
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markets in asia and in europe. in sports roger federer winning the u.s. open match securing his spot in the semifinals. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake stole the show during the match as the danced to beyonce's in full when she's. oil prices rebounded after falling 3% yesterday on persistent worries over global demand and a supply glut. phil flynn in chicago. phil: yesterday oil prices led the stock market down. today they can lead it back up. yesterday we had a report from the energy administration that said u.s. oil output is falling faster than reported by 140,000 barrels a day. u.s. production default by 1 million barrels a day by next year. some analysts think that is on a low side said that could be a supporting factor going forward with inventory reports today.
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in oklahoma the american petroleum institute showed a surprise drawdown of 1.4 million barrels in the key delivery point. if we see the same thing in the e i a cindy. maria: we will watch that revamp. futures for stocks today, we expect a higher opening, we were strong curtis time yesterday and the market ended la were. do we holt at stronger levels this morning as we expect a 60 point rise for the dow, 20 points i run nasdaq. strategist she investment strategist jason jenner. good to have you on the program. wild swings last two weeks. >> i think you want to be buying, putting money to work in the market mainly because the operating team, there is no alternative is very much in place. if you are running a big pool of money and actuarial 70% there is
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no other place in opinion, you can't get it from sovereign bond yields, it is private equity, largely done. you have to go to riskier assets like stocks which come with more volatility. mcnabb given the volatility wild swings down a thousand, up 200 does that indicate the market is not done selling off? nervousness is there. >> it is almost four years with a 10% correction in a market which is unusual, the third longest period with a 10% correction in the s&p's history. this is becoming more normal. i think if you give greater priority to what it is doing, greater confidence china is not going into a hard landing the market will stabilize but it could take a few months.
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maria: the federal reserve, let's get your comprehensive report on the consumer. the title is the handover. what do you see? >> you have a better environment, stronger labor market, modest acceleration of wages but the caveat is the definition of normally is what the consumer looked like in 70s, 80s and 90s and longer term head winds. the biggest one is for many decades a lot of the growth in consumption outpaced the growth in income financed by declining savings rates and the debt. both of those, we don't think savings rates can go down much. more importantly it is unlikely the u.s. consumer can go back to borrow in the way they did 20 or 30 years ago and you have more modest expectations for consumption. >> dagen mcdowell has made a point that we are going to see
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the result of the drop-off in gasoline and that will empower the consumer and they will spend more but you say it is a different consumer because of what they're doing, saving rates up to 5%. >> low gasoline prices will help but you have seen the willingness to save rather isn't spent. to a couple simple numbers on the debt. for many decades consumers average growth in household credit with 9% year. since the financial crisis the number is closer to 1%, the absence of a big tailwind and that is the difference. dagen: it creates a hard-working society. my mother blames the selfish generation of young people, spoiled, self-centered and lazy on parents who went into debt to buy automobiles and to buy their kids whatever they wanted so
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that is the positive. >> that cycle actually began decades earlier. dagen: started in thes. >> in neutral surge in debt, this is gone on quite some time. dagen: i am not part of that. >> a consumer that recovery will business led recovery? >> more likely to be a consumer led recovery although i am in agreement, you won't go back because of the availability of debt the way you were before. one other thing i would add with lower commodity prices, bottom in wages, household formation has bottomed and tends to be a good beating indicator. in my company will employ 52 people. sucks the oxygen out of the company because they continue to
6:37 am
go up. maria: such an important point. >> as a guy who owns my own business, you are working hard to pay people more doing these things and you get hit with 18% to 20% increases in your team we have a small company, we have a large company. you have to, switching a lot of other companies to high deductibles plans. that could be why the savings rate is higher because people in a sense of self insuring to a certain extent. >> you mentioned 52 employees. a lot of them said the significance of 50 thresholds. was that something that impact your thinking? >> obviously it didn't because we went over 50 and that a certain point you have to grow the company if you take a consequences but it is anti capitalist to stop at 49. we pay about 75% as the company
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of our employees' health care expenses. this is something where every year we have been hit with 18% to 20% increases and we have to work to work at down. maria: that is where the money is. you would buy stocks after the volatility that we saw. do you want to allocate equities or are you waiting? >> with a couple caveats the first of which i agree with jason. in a period of low volatility the price of a higher return is more risk, the second is where you allocate, up more reasonable than it was. we see better bargains overseas like europe in particular. >> we did an equity risk premium, clearly europe comes out on top, japan was also very interesting. maria: great to have you on the show. thank you for joining us. shares of apple rising following the big event in san francisco. nicole petallides with those details. nicole: despite apple's
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succumbing to the announcement the company shares falling nearly 2% along with broader markets. technology giant unveiling new iphones, ipads, apple watch features and surprise advice, the apple pencil will send you back, the stock did slipped despite the hype over apple's new iphone available for free order on september 12th. the new devices that debuted as some analysts wondered if apple could keep customers upgrading their mobile phones. its best-selling product when focusing on future innovation ventures such as this apple tv. the apple tv now works, what do they say? rewinds, you can turn on subtitles on the watch, they're working for a fancy binge and the ipad pro now. maria: very cool stuff. don't forget to start your day with nicole and lauren and nicole petallides on "fbn a.m." before "mornings with maria" on
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the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. first with a global markets every day. first of the soft drinks, now new york is taking on salt. manys in the big apple could soon be changing. elon musk hitting the late show last night with steven colbert, when space travel could be safe for consumers. >> in terms of when it will be seeking a 4 people, probably two to three years. >> that is nothing. seriously. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day.
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the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good.
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maria: the cyberthreat growing, hackers targeting the u.s. electric greed. cheryl: cybersteve successful the act into the u.s. department of energy computer systems more than 150 times between 2010, and 2014. according to the report hackers were trying to gain access to to systems that control everything from power grids and nuclear weapons to energy labs. retired pro tennis player james blake wants and apology from the nypd after he was pushed to the ground outside a hotel by a police officer and handcuffed. the officers mistook him for a suspect in a fraudulent credit card operation. he did tell the day the news exclusively if he believes race was a part of a physical attack on him.
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maria: new york city's board of health voting unanimously to end sol warnings to menus. this mandates the chain restaurants at us all shaker warning symbol to menu items that are high in sodium. restaurants called the proposal a misguided step that could lead to an onslaught of confusing warnings. joining me is the ceo of the mayo clinic dr. john noseup worthy. welcome. what is your observation? >> agree move. it is important for citizens to know that it is healthy or not. most of us eat too much salt. maria: salt and sugar are the enemies. >> two thirds of the salt we eat is in process foods. most americans would say i don't use the salt shaker but still beating more salt than they should. hypertension and heart disease and stroke an important for moms to educate their kids. we have to have a change in behavior which is what you are doing to with sugar and salt.
6:46 am
maria: how bad is salt for us? >> it is significant. very clear relationship between salt intake and blood pressure. blood pressure is a key link to heart disease and kidney disease. maria: card disease is the number-1 killer. >> this is a big deal, relatively easy, won't be confusing, look at the salt shaker and to actually need to eat the processed foods. maria: are we incapable isn't of the jewels and a society of making these smart decisions on our own? do we need the government to give people get upset when the government adds when restaurants are forced to add calorie count on their menus, the large soda ban in new york city people were outraged over the move to do that. is it going to be more and more government intervention because we can't manage our own health? >> i can't comment on government regulation and how that works but it is hard to change human behavior.
6:47 am
the key is a lot of kids go to chain restaurants, this is a chance for them to say this is related to what we talked about at home. we have to change a generation of food habits. don't know how that is done. very difficult to do. maria: i want your take on what you have been working on at the mayo clinic. you recently had collaboration with a company called helix. talk about what you are doing in terms of getting ahead of disease. >> we have made significant investments in our research and individual medicine to help patients understand how does the gene of fact our predisposition to disease and how does it impact how we respond to treatment? we announced a collaborative relationship with aluminum, the gene sequencing giant from san diego to create a company called
6:48 am
helix and this basically accelerates bringing genomics to the consumer. this is a big deal and we are excited about it. isn't education will initially. what do you need to know? what can you know? how does it affect your health going forward? maria: this is a big deal because we are getting ahead of disease since we started mapping the genome. the one who mapped the genome told me recently in the next ten years we will be living in to our second century because we are getting ahead of disease through a sensors, are we getting ahead of disease? >> consumer, patience, people need to know what are they likely to get from and how do they get ahead of it? it is easier to prevent the disease and treated early. maria: what the -- >> example, inherited cancers and impacts how we respond to medication. the four of us likely respond
6:49 am
differently to antidepressants, painkillers and so on. some of us need a higher dose, some need a lower dose. maria: arby at a breakthrough spot in terms of the brain? knowing more about alzheimer's, learning more bossism? >> i think we're getting there. maria: because of the gene mapping? >> a lot of the science that is under way we need to fund excellence. that is the keys to america to be a leader in this area. maria: i love this collaboration with helix and aluminum. but next, football's biggest names marred by controversy has not stopped owners from drafting them. the players to watch will be revealed next. i say we go all in on the internet... of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪
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maria: new england patriots playing host to the pittsburgh steelers. millions of americans working to set up their fantasy lineup that of the big game. my next guest quit his job in finance in 2013 and since the creek and $1 million fantasy jackpot. a fantasy sports writer and analyst, good to see you, welcome. >> thank you for having me. maria: tell me how you did that. >> thank you, draft kings runs a millionaire series, they have one starting in week 1, first prize is $2 million at last year i was fortunate enough to be 159,000 of my closest friends to take, the first prize. dagen: talk about the competition among these fantasy sports web sites. you have draft kings, spending, this according to a report in the new york post week ago,
6:54 am
together, they expect to shell out more than one hundred million dollars just in television ads before the start of the nfl season. >> it is incredible, hard to watch any of the major broadcast networks and not see an advertisement for draftings, both sides pushed the envelope for the daily fantasy industry which is growing at an incredible pace and engaging users and customers with sporting events which will be garcia a lot of value in. maria: who are the top picks? who do you want to see in this upcoming draft pick? >> if you are playing games tonight tom brady, antonio brown, three guys you want to focus on, all top players, expensive and in the games you are playing with salary caps you're given to work with, if you are working into the weekend, some cheaper options, john brown, ariz. wide receiver this year and we also like doug martin in tampa bay, one of the
6:55 am
running backs, looks like he is back to his rookie season form. >> everyone in wall street's fantasy, you make a fortune in fantasy football. maria: good to talk to you. final thoughts for you. big sell-off, complete reversal of fortune. >> we are in of period where the markets get a couple things and we're dealing with a slowdown in emerging-market, dramatic slowdown, we are dealing with the fed and this is the first time in almost a decade investors had to worry about this. of the good news is valuations are more reasonable. i agree with jason. dagen: they sure are now. >> for long-term equities in a better position but we have to get used to an environment which will seat very volatile, by the standards of the last few years. maria: i feel if the fed doesn't raise next week, campbell say we are a lot worse off than i
6:56 am
thought and will be a bigger negative. >> they have been slow to do this, the economy may not be great but can withstand a 25 basis point hike. dagen: weber talking it down. reducing expectations. maria: next hour, brad anderson in the house, back in a minute.
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>> happy thursday. i am maria bartiroma, it is september tenth, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, with me is sandra smith, wall street journal's john duffy and fox business's dagen mcdowell. top stories on the eve of 9/11 we are learning al qaeda's newest targets, american billionaires. magazine for the terrorist organization is urging lone wolf attacks on business leaders including bill gates, warren buffett, michael bloomberg, sheldon adelson and charles and david koch.
7:00 am
ben bernanke is on a list. jennifer griffin, the stated goal for these attacks is to threaten but economy. more on this coming up. on the campaign trail, donald trump dealing with another gaffe this morning, this time comments on carly fiorina's appearance, he told rolling stone magazine, quote, but that that face? would anyone vote for that? carly fiorina's response coming up, features indicate higher open for broader averages, we are off of the highs and analysts showing strength at the open. will it staff higher? jon hilsenrath reporting, federal officials not close to reaching a decision on interest rates. the sixteenth and seventeenth next week. in europe we have weakness, we have seen gains but there's a reversal of fortune, european indices are down across the board with the isn't the 500 down 1%. the dax index in germany weaker by a fraction.
7:01 am
asia set the tone overnight, the shanghai composite down better than 1%. there will not be a hard landing for the economy. i believe him since it is all controlled. after a big rally in japan the nikkei seeing a bit of a pull back as welcome reversal of fortune down 2.5% on the nikkei average after that 7% rally earlier in the two days before that. parts of japan dealing with massive flooding and landslides. look at these pictures, some unbelievable shots. 20 inches of rain fell over a 24 hour period. officials are calling this rain unprecedented and 90,000 people have abandoned their homes. in california apple ceo tim cook unveiled the latest round of products including the new iphone, a new update to the apple tv but will that be enough to keep consumers and investors have been? football season finally here with the new england patriots taking on the pittsburgh steelers in the season kickoff. everything you need to know from
7:02 am
getting a fantasy lineup to why the deflategate scandal has benefited the nfl. donald trump making headlines again by attacking a fellow republican presidential candidate. he told rolling stone magazine, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president. she is a woman and i'm not supposed to say bad things are really, folks, come on, rbc areas? carly fiorina responded on the kelly file on the fox news channel. >> what do you take that to mean? look at that face, would anyone vote for that? >> i have no idea. honestly i won't spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means that maybe, just maybe i am getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. merrimack she has seen no rise since the first fox debate in august. will these comments 7 impact on trump or carly fiorina's
7:03 am
campaign? >> she is right, don't spend a single cycle talking about this. in your language at the beginning, is that gaf and it is perceived as one, should be something that some of the electorate gets behind. republican party is dealing with the problem, they're finding the language in the debate is getting pushed in that direction, more inflammatory, more incendiary because people are trying to keep up with it. >> it is relegated to diminish that kind of element as opposed to being seen as politics. this isn't politics, this is issues and the public will say enough. maria: if he keeps of that language people will get really turned off. sandra: this isn't the worst of what he said. there is the camp that thought this was coming. everybody knew this was coming. we heard a comments the has made
7:04 am
about women in the past but i feel like he would have said this about male opponent and he still may. i wouldn't rule that out. i don't know if this was the same thing but my interest is not so much how donald trump will respond to this or apologize for this, more about how carly fiorina chooses to deal with it and so far she has shown she is a class act megyn kelly, his comments speak for themselves and are very serious. you don't have to say much more than that. whether or not it hurts donald trump been the polls is not good to attack someone's appearance, man or woman. dagen: a different connotation when you attack a female's appearance. if you are a big guy with a big mouth and go after the way someone looks maybe he is just testing the waters how far he can push with hillary clinton. maria: people will watch the other candidates to see if anyone comes out in defense carly fiorina and says this is ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous.
7:05 am
it is a cage fight. what donald trump is using to appeal to the electorate and at some point it will get old and as we get closer to the election people will come back. dagen: it will haunt him because every woman in this country who doesn't like that talk will bring up when it comes time to vote. >> carly fiorina. >> furrowing the reporter out of the room, really complicated issues, like entitlement reform. dagen: he said i won't go after people unless they come at me first. dungee come at him? maria: people want to get to the shoes, a desert in the cycle but most people would like to hear some substance about tax reform, economic reform, foreign policy, fighting al qaeda. sandra: she went at him in the polls. look what he did to jeb bush. we city is a master marketer,
7:06 am
master brander, he portrayed jeb bush and we can look happened to jeb bush in the polls? he was effective at that and carly fiorina has risen in the polls, and targeting america's influential business leaders lose a notorious al qaeda leader encouraging attacks on u.s. billionaires. blake berman has the story. >> this hitless on the latest issue of al qaeda's inspire magazine, it is called the assassination operation. and high-profile members of the u.s. business community are mentioned. among them warren buffett, bill gates, when goldberg, the koch brothers and larry ellison. the assassination of these men, the instability of the american
7:07 am
economy. and bob schiller also on that list. as for bill gates, the wealthiest person in the u.s. this is not the first time he has been on an outcry that it list. have we seen low will follow the advice of this magazine? >> i heard you talking about this last hour and they're always the target. anyone who has anything to do with the u.s. the american economy, the fact this is happening on the eve of 9/11 makes us wonder, who are the targets? as we watch the u.s. open happen and all the ceos how big a target is that this is always to be taken seriously more than a was a year ago. >> naming names, you have to believe these business guys and
7:08 am
gals are looking at this and saying they up their own personal security job. >> they have serious security. inspired magazine is well read on the internet by those who affiliate themselves with al qaeda. the american who was killed in yemen in the drone attack was one of the people behind it and it is an influential magazine but you have to remember 80% of terrorism is to recruit, this is one way to do that and to strike a feeling of terror as opposed to take action. that is what a lot of this is. dagen: the former fbi agent, lot of wealthy people don't fly commercial, they are not protected by intensified national security put in place after 9/11.
7:09 am
and these private airports where they get on corporate aircraft. and what protection is around these individuals. do they feel safer in than they are? >> an attempt to personalize the fight, in the united states, being pretty effective in its drone attacks against al qaeda and reverse the cards. maria: we will see if it has any impact of the fact that becomes a few days before 9/11 scares you because we have seen attempts after the big attack on 9/11. dagen: is always what we are not talking about. just like markets, terrorism, what we are missing. is this, they're in a public forum, talking about it, law enforcement will be talking about it --
7:10 am
>> this should be taken seriously. at the end of the day you are right. this is not being talked about. the boston marathon or 9/11. maria: not just those in the fast-food industry will benefit from the $15 minimum wage. andrew cuomo announcing a new plan that could give the highest pace floor of any in the country. implications for small business is next. top headlines topping the wall street journal, and highlighting tensions between the airlines and airport authorities who regularly negotiate seeking lower fees and upgrades to facilities. lulu lemon has time to run, reporting earnings and the journal says the athletic apparel companies rebounding sharply and large stake remains a relative value in this force apparel world. as europe struggles to find a response to the migrant crisis small towns are getting ahead of
7:11 am
big cities. we will be right back, stay with us. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup.
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then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. maria: massive flooding forcing thousands to leave their homes. cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: extreme weather, heavy rain watching homes away causing widespread flooding. new pictures in, helicopters looking rescue people from their rooftops after a river north of tokyo overflowed its banks. 90,000 people forced out of their homes. 12 have been injured so far. new reports that russian troops are conducting military operations in syria.
7:15 am
according to reuters russia has so far sent two tank landing ships with a small naval force. new york governor andrew cuomo, at $15 minimum wage to all workers, not just a fad food industry. he is expected to make this announcement by an appearance by joe biden, maria will be at his side, we are $8.75 in the state of new york. you think about manhattan, in up in arms about this. they may have issues with the legislature in albany. >> he had the shoes with the legislature and that is how he went to the fast-food industry first. and this is not about raising the minimum wage, taking cost of lava state. if you raise the minimum wage
7:16 am
you take people out of poverty and they can't get all the states goodies that come, the free stuff. that moves the costs, and -- >> it is and this business. dagen: this is a new standard among liberals. this is where the minimum-wage is. you have seen layoffs and business closing. and labor costs going up. it is a big deal. >> in this period of time,
7:17 am
anticipating both wages, and a slowdown in hiring, is the issue. the politicians will say the consumption of dollars. and we can do it knowing of the assembly is against it. and the union vote for him, implementing a wage increase. >> interesting joe biden is with him. >> the minimum wage nationwide. they haven't commented on $15. and the most vulnerable businesses and least essential jobs to suffer. talk about publicly bringing
7:18 am
people out of poverty. and on the washoe. and let go of people to put up machine here. i don't understand how politicians think this will do good for the economy in the state little on the country. >> the joe biden connection is fascinating. this is the man who is trying to decide whether he will run for president standing next to the governor of new york announcing the increase for low income. >> i coming up with a combination here? >> you could speculate. maria: we will take a short break. unveiling new iphones, apple was alling investors, what it means for tim cook and your money in a minute.
7:19 am
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. maria: oil prices rebounded after falling 3%, persistent worries about global demand slowing and a supply glut. phil flynn in chicago. >> those demands getting back in the prices right now because stocks fall of the high, so was oil, not as high as we were where we dropped 50 points, will inventory, keep an eye on cushing, okla. with a big draw in a private forecast, we may get out balance. that the. maria: thank you, phil flynn in chicago. you are writing about china. this is one of the big issues behind the slowdown in commodities.
7:23 am
how do you see what is going on in china? >> slowing down more. oil for all the commodities. there has been that huge consumer economy slowing down, exports are down, imports are down, the economy got reset, restated last year to explore what we thought. today in china of the premier said we're going through the treacherous transition from export-led economy to consumption led economy. all the data points are showing a slowdown continuing and the markets to western degree you have to put aside because it is something of a casino. people don't realize even though you had a meltdown's this year the market is up, the shanghai composite is up 40% from this time last year. maria: they will not be hard landing and markets will go up. they sent people in to make sure there are no panics. >> doesn't that make you worry
7:24 am
that somebody can say with great certainty that markets will go up? of course markets will do what they want to. maria: they are not, they are manipulating it. >> even the manipulation, intervention, they stepped in to buy stocks and people selling stocks and sent the security apparatus of china to intimidate people to not sell. the market is as volatile as it was in the beginning. they make you can't trust what you hear out of leadership in china and would you get as official statistics what do you look at in terms of indication how slow the countries? >> beijing is wrestling with an everyday and writing about it. you have to look a lot at data points and how lot revenue of companies, that export levels determine whether or not the politburo is fudging the numbers, gdp numbers have been
7:25 am
suspect. >> the price of commodities. the market is one of the best indicators of global economy in china. dagen: people are speculating they could overshoot on the downside. it is not a dollar for dollar. >> not a bad indicator because china has been the incremental. dagen: largest buyer of the basket with the cat. >> the last of decades. maria: is there a knock on knock on knock on affect, negative from the commodity sell-off? >> with the united states it cuts both ways, cheaper commodities at some point will work its way. we haven't seen that. on the other hand you are exporting but exporting deflationary and that is the concern of the currency wars underway with slowdowns throughout the emerging-market, somehow this will affect prices in a negative way. maria: donald trump goes after carly fiorina. the former hewlett-packard ceo
7:26 am
fires back, as we go to break take a look at elon musk telling steven colbert last night how close we are to commercial space travel. >> i think in terms of when it will be safe enough for people, two to three years. >> you are kidding! that is nothing! can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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. maria: good morning, everybody. happy thursday to you welcome back it is thursday, september 9 still with me fox business network sandra smith "the wall street journal" john, fox business network dagen mcdowell your top stories 7:30 on east coast, on the eve of 911 learning al-qaida newest targeting american billionaires a magazine for organization urging lone wolf attacks on business leaders including bill gates warren buffett bloomberg, charles and david koch among others been bernanke on the list, the stated goal for attacks to
7:30 am
threaten recovery of the u.s. economy much more coming up on campaign trail donald trump, dealing with another gaffe this morning comments on carly fiorina's appearance cold rolling stone magazine quote look at that face, would anyone vote for that. fiorina response on fox. >> what do you take that to mean, look at that face would anyone vote for that? >> i have no idea, you know -- honestly megyn i am not going to spend a signing cycle working on what donald trump means maybe just maybe i am getting under his skin a little bit i am climbing in the polls. maria: the markets, we have turned to mixed this morning futures have been indicated up 80 points earlier take a look what has gone on the last hour, dow jones down to flat s&p showing gains indicate, a from being a shunly hi but we are seeing soming negativetivity last hour or
7:31 am
so, sports, roger federer won securing spot in the u.s. open semi finals tonight jimmy fallon, justin timberlake stole the show as you can see during the match danceed to beyonce's single ladies, back to politics, donald trump ignites another potential war of words with a fellow candidate hillary clinton controversies may have been legal repercussions yesterday we spoke with former white house chief of staff dill daley worked with hillary clinton in the white house his take on the scandal. >> i think she felt, and they felt, we did the right thing we followed, at least the rules, and the law. and now, as facts come out that -- that question that, it is lingering longer than they ever thought going to stay around, so i think her saying sorry trying to move on, some point the -- the public will want to know okay, if you want to be a president what are you going to do for me. maria: yeah joining the conversation right now more on
7:32 am
that republican fund-raiser columnist, former best buy ceo thanks for joining the conversation. >> thanks greet to be here. >> let me kick off with you your about observations on this latest donald trump gaffe. >> good night what is he doing he he is already, he is already done every gaffe he could possibly do guess what, nothing is really taking away from his lead, it is insane, a political strategy one that looks at this tries to make sense of it i don't get it number one it is not going to hurt in fund-raising because he is self-funded so feels he can say anything he wants, because it is not hurting it is a john mccain deal saying not really a war veteran didn't get him i think this will blow over, i think that what he is doing, is shows approves nothing people saying going to show he gloves off for hillary clinton i don't think it proves anything, atack on record h-p will go
7:33 am
for her looks -- >> let's get trump's response just on "fox & friends" bring in his response listen to this. >> probably i did say something like that about -- i am talking persona not look although when i get characterized for hair isn't that bad you've seen me not that bad when i get criticized by hair nobody does a story about isn't that terrible they criticized donald trump's hair. >> good point. >> wow, what do you think about that response? >> first i think this is -- kelly has to be thrilled. it will highlights her substance and i think it actually, i think it probably works for donald, sort of contrast with hillary hillary trying to play such a cautious game and game that almost doesn't make sense in terms of explanation. and donald is out there making absurd comments but it is authentic so interesting, compared to -- i am kind of
7:34 am
thing loving seeing -- >> it could work for carle summer support. >> i mentioned during a commercial break it is worth mentioned on the air i was in maine over the weekend, i saw you tumble sign after trump sign only political sign i saw along the highway. >> george mitchell's town. >> unbelievable what is happening in this country right now to call this a gaffe, i think i don't know that that -- i think he did it on purpose. >> -- to -- carly fiorina point -- how she is going to react. >> simplistic populist candidates always had a role in american politics what does to republican party do, thinking about fielding a candidate begins a hillary bernie, against biden, whether pretty substantive debate might not be forth come frag
7:35 am
simplistic populist candidate what are does ran party do. >> as far as trump is concerned wants him to go away. but he is not going away, now when you look at summon i think the republican party is -- you know, trying to deal with the fact that people from the government sector are not working politicians are not working we have to look into private sector ben carson, you know, surgeon, carly fiorina, looking at all people that are nonpoliticians so you have g.o.p. trying to rally around almost like a private sector, so it is a very difficult thought for the republican party to have to ones to look at a very odd position never before had so many private sector people ring. >> let me ask you, first off, your a retail guy former ceo best apply low you would you characterize the economy who
7:36 am
has best plan in terms of moving the needle. >> jeb bush's tax proposal would be a spectacular move in relationship to growth, i don't know whether it is financially solvent in terms of what it does to the treasury but a proposal like that, i think we are already having pretty good growth probably going to be experience -- increased growth, but i think he puts a stimulus like that talking 4% gdp growth. >> how come consumers have not spent from the gas pump yet? >> because they are they are still squeezed, there is no there is no buying power, consumers -- discretionary income not moving not going to move until consumers let more leverage from a financial standpoint that is why still not seeing a real -- a real sharp movement you might except with so much good news in the american economy -- >> so the stagnation of wages, the comment on hillary for a second she has a new strategy,
7:37 am
she cried, on that interview, on abc news when talking about her mother. and she apologized what is your take apologized foree-mail scandal. >> too little too late i think people look for more sin certify hillary clinton not going to get it nobody believes, her character her character is depicted beautifully on s&l comes out entitled to this office no one is buying it is too little it is too late should have apologized in the first place i think that americans really look at bernie sanders his rise, looking for a candidate anyone but hillary, and right now all they've got is hillary. >> weepness makes her look more phony, because it was in "new york times" going to show humor heart boom -- >> you know you are right, they came out, a week ago said she is going to have a new strategy, more heart, i mean.
7:38 am
it is true that is what they said. >> we will see about that, all right now thanks so much for joining us, great to see you thank you very much come back soon. >> thank you. >> still to come apple i want veils latest noefgz ipad pro apple pencil some say the company is forgoting its roots. >> who wants a stylus? get them put them away lose them, yuck. >> apple pencil. >> it is apple pencil's so amazing technology is in a first baseman losing his cool during last night's game against pittsburgh we have details look at this. >> wow. ♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
. maria: welcome back, first george clooney jeb bush now elon musk joining the new late show with steven colbert cheryl with the story. cheryl: that is right, elon musk on "late show" where steven colbert got thoughts when space attractively could be safe for consumers. >> i think in terms of when it will be safe is for people
7:43 am
probably, two to three years. >> you are kidding. >> yeah. >> have that is nothing. seriously. >> yeah, seriously. that is what he said james blank wants an apology from nypd after pushed to the ground by a police officer, and in handcuffs apparently mistook for a suspect in a carried card operation we could decide if there is a sports alert or cannot miss i don't know when to look reversing first baseman joey votto losing his cool the bottom of the 8th last night thrown out of the game after a big agreement with umpire over the strike zone. there is no fighting in be able he was out he really did lose cool there. >> apple not halgd back more than a dozen new products in technology in san francisco yesterday. >> this is the ipad, are it is
7:44 am
called -- apple pencil, this is the new apple tv, this is the new thing iphone 6s and iphone s plus, it is called. 3-d touch iphone upgraded program. >> the headlines not so kind, one headlined this morning gaining traction, apple phone tablet tv sales was there anything to get excited about the managing director piper jaffrey good to see you thanks for joining the conversation. >> stu. >> what did you think of the apple event? >> i thought it was exactly what they needed to do have something for everybody, and give enough momentum to the iphone business obviously the critical part, for them to continue to gain share so well it didn't have big wow factor yesterday, from investor standpoint they should feel good about what this means for the iphone numbers next year. >> everybody was saying that you know going into this event stock was down, different than
7:45 am
past events stock is up going into it. and that perhaps, it is incremental modifies rather than big innovations, how do you see apple right now after this most repeat sloeell-off. >> similar to years last year the big factors but in general it has been incremental updates incremental updates over the last year have yielded, small market share gains have had big impact on their overall business, and so, it is disappointing that there wasn't anything that shocked people but at the end of the day i think investors will be rewarded because what they did does have substance to it. >> somebody is going to have to sell me on this i sit with broken iphone, about giving me all kinds of problems maybe are a personal problem. but the innovation that we are talking about more new colors for iphone, i don't know if that is selling me then 3 2
7:46 am
touchscreen can you tell me about that i guess the ability to press and hold vibrates to acknowledge that you are doing this, is this really going to be a big change for the iphone going to be a selling point to keep plying more iphones. >> it is a subtract improvement thank you look at last few hardware updates, with touch id, this probably is the third in terms of most important, what it is quick answer, what it is it is a different way to interface with phone if you want more fast in terms of accessing this makes it easier it is having appeal other big part yesterday taking 6 and 6 plus moving that down in price big for a lot of consumers 100 dollars the combination of the 3-d touch plus, lower price i think is going to be material. >> you do want to have you know small incremental chances to freshen prout line to kind of expand appeal that is what you are talking about apple
7:47 am
doing yesterday at some point in a company's product cycle it wants to have the big announcement. so how much longer can apple do what it is doing kind of 3-d other kind of elements that keep the product in the public eye? how long can do it increments before it needs the next big hit? >> it is surprisingly long five years before they figure out next big thing around phone going to be all meptsd in virtual reality a different topic where competing is going, based on our work as apple working on that on a lot of things but that is probably the next "big brother" shocking thing that apple is going to be doing. >> you are a buyer here then? >> we are, we believe market share gains are going to have meaningful impacts to the numbers now a good opportunity to own apple. >> good to talk with you thanks so much. >> thank you. >> expert analysis there on apple, coming up nfl season kicks off oft off son
7:48 am
controversy all reports indicate nfl has never been wall theyer back in a minute. i say we go all in on the internet... of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way
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. . maria: quiet he referral fortune on wall street expecting lower opening from a broader averages a decline of 15 points s&p nasdaq also under we are the, this morning, we had bn higher indicating opening about 60 points, earlier on the dow, but complete reversal there nfl season kicks off the sports at all-time high, despite "deflategate" the last super bowl was most watched tv event in u.s. history, "the wall street journal" has a story in it today, nfl money machine never blinks, joining us right now sports capital founder george pooin thank you
7:52 am
so much for joining us. >> great to be here. >> you've been investing in businesses around sports want to hear about that first, what makes the nfl so particular. >> the products, reality tv don't know who is going to win exciting, americans love football, the highest rated tv proom the super bowl highest rated capable tv this year championship game for college football if you look at preseason game hall of fame 11 million viewers, college football games this weekend, ohio state virginia tech notre dame great ratings, so americans, love football. >> even if face of controversy like "deflategate," like, you know, bad behavior, stay the least. >> sports is reality tv, and sometimes, the stories are not neither and tidy i think that makes it more interesting. from that part. >> in day's journal writing fast, 226 million dollars, to spread around the 32 teams. more than last year, more than last fiscal year what accounts
7:53 am
for that is it does that give us some kind of insight into the misinterpret consumer that we hadn't considered before what accounts for that. >> driving that increase is value of the media. >> tonight dropping 20 million, and -- fragmented world there are not a lot of things going to aggregate 20 million people two or three hours people are willing to pay for that driving those numbe numbers. dagen: not only do fans not care about scandal sponsors don'tet responsesship article up 15% 1.3 billion dollars. nobody cares, you can do whatever you want to as individual player, it doesn't tarnish. >> the other thing sticking up for players, we are focusing on the 5% that may be, is less than ideal but there is a let the record further reflect good people play football a lot of good players putting a lot of effort into a it, i say just like america there are -- everybody in america is not perfect but vast majority of americans are good people, the vast majority of football players are good real people
7:54 am
too. >> a lot of standings there has been a changing demographic women watching nfl in greeter numbers watching in recent years do you see that continuing, nfl made accommodations to reach out to that demographic. >> no question, 89 million the people fans 190 in totally 53 mill, 18 to 34 why medium buy sports very few things can reach 18 to 34 years old men, plus 89 million families an attractive audience. >> i am -- how have things changed cord cutting an issue issue nfl streaming a game on yahoo! this year, you are the former president of img sports before that chief operating officer nascar, a lot in sports over tenure. >> i think what is very interesting is nfl broadcasting a live game on yahoo! who would have thunk
7:55 am
it, two things behind that, one, to reach, about younger consumers you are going to have to go on other platforms eventually right? because they are not consuming content the way they used to i think interesting to put a lot of game on yahoo! also some day there will be a rupert murdoch digital plachlz look invest in -- what was fox network before nfl? >> yes, or no. >> rodger done a good job in a you have to spot i think he will stand test of time. >> good to talk with you. >> thanks so much. >> great job george investing in sports related businesses, next hour mike garafolo will join is an onset display of some of the most beautiful jewels money can by talking diamonds coming up. back in a minute.
7:56 am
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7:59 am
. >> good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, september 10, once again with me "the wall street journal" associate editor, john, fox business network sandra smith kroerm congressional budget office director with us in studio, first top stories on eve of the 9/11 al-qaida newest particulate misinterpret billionaires magazine for the terrorist organizes urging lone wolf attacks on business leaders including gates, warren buffett, bloomberg, adelson charles and david coach among others according to jennifer griffin the stated goal to threaten recovery of the u.s. economy much more on this story back on campaign trail gop front-runner donald trump did he having comments on carly fiorina looks what he told our colleagues on "fox & friends" this morning. >> probability i did say something like that about -- i am talking persona not look,
8:00 am
although when i get criticized for hair isn't that bad you've seen me not that bad i get criticized employ hair nobody does a story about oh, isn't that are terrible they criticized donald trump's hair. >> turning to markets, stocks cutting gains futures are now indicating a lower opening for the broader averages dow jones industrial average s expected to open down 30 points "the wall street journal" reporting in journal, federal reserve officials are not close to reaching a decision, on raising interest rates next week, the meeting, of course, september 16 and 17, check out markets in europe this morning, andare seeing a neg tony in utopia naming afternoons weaker to one and a quarter to 2% ft100 down 177 cac quarante down -- one and quarter per kroent a dax down better than 1 shanghai
8:01 am
declining, premier sake not a hard landing. >> nikkei average pulled back overnight down 2 1/2%, on the session, on nikkei hang sang spining spore straits weaker, japan dealing with massive flooding landslides this morning nuvenl pictures, reports say 20 inches of rain fell over 24-hour period in areas of japan, officials are calling this rain unprecedented, more than 09,000 people have abandoned their homes, look at those pictures, of the recovery efforts. back in u.s. apple ceo tim cook unveiling the a lift found of products new iphones update to the apple tv, will it be enough to keep consumers and investors happy that is coming up, and football season, is finally here with you pg new england updates interrogatory takesing on pittsburgh steelers tonight, all eyes on patriots quarterback tom brady we've got everything you need to know later this hour coming up, al-qaida targeting some of america's influential business leersdz, no are to continuous
8:02 am
al-qaida manager encouraging lone wolf attacks on billionaires blake berman with details in washington. >> good morning hit list in latest issue of al-qaida inspire magazine, and listed in section called assassination operation. 10 of the very biggest figures in business named among them warren buffett, bill gates, michael bloomberg the coach lrz larry ellison former agent said this morning this call for a high progressively attack sits within al-qaida core philosophy. >> they have still continued to focus on the big hits, the big grand ios hits to aspire fear through threatening big people like we see here, or trying to carry out the larger attacks. >> also named ben bernanke, and rob bob schiller, rather, singled out by al-qaida on that 10 persons list.
8:03 am
maria: blake thanks very much, john al-qaida trying to derail the revising american economy by threats? what are your thoughts how important this magazine is doug aiken do you think that it will trigger lone wolf attacks. >> i don't know if you look to september 11, 2001 that was attack on -- they thought would crumbable u.s. economy. >> this magazine -- >> but -- this is this is the way they think about it, cripple u.s. economy not always picking the right targets to encrypt teleeconomy high progressively targets will scare people. >> they are also, it is personal. >> at least, by naming individuals it gets more attention; right? >> if they said targeting american business men and women, and major economists in america wouldn't get attention by animation names like mayor bloomberg former mayor bloomberg they get more
8:04 am
attention. >> that is the key point getting the attention, they've done, right kind of all over media. and you know i have working on you definitely, definitely have to take these seriously but you tend not to warn, if you are going to -- execute a attack i wonder whether this is a contra indicator having to resort to this type of use public media to try to instill fear, as opposed to being able to execute a complicated plan. >> this is part of the competition with isis competing for attention. >> competing foreattention. >> who is tougher, bigger. >> and our end, there is chatter prior to anniversary september 11 only reason concerned if we feel neef note sufficiently vested in activities, i do think a alternative politics of funding the budget in the way of actually, increasing our preparedness. >> the politics of funding the budget, and lack of strategy wouldn't you argue? >> sure, i mean -- no one should defend what we've done
8:05 am
with our international strategy past six years has been a disaster, in terms of just nuts and bolts of securing homeland i think there is now a concern about preparedness at pentagon. >> particularly as we cut military budgets, and we've got smallest army since -- talking about -- >> world war ii, way, way back, and concerns things like one in three about a tallions combat ready not enough material to get troops trained these are not exotic high-tech weapons this is nuts and bolts being ready. >> talk about the markets this morning, because we were looking at higher opening for the broader averages now things turned neg, main street waiting on fed decision now a week away. john has colleague writing a week away that they are not that they don't have a ask is decision in terms of whether or not to raise rates. >> john has been signaling that for wookz because it has been unclear weather or not
8:06 am
there is a lot of debate going on. >> weaker numbers the economy is clearly you know, are not growing at the pace you would expect at this point in recovery. >> the employment numbers a bit shy of what the expectations were, but there is also presumption that might get revised up who knows on the whole employment improving but overseas story fluffing what fed has to dyed lagarde headed of imf saying too soon to raise rates potentially slowing down -- >> you can argue she has nothing do with the debate, but -- >> shoe doesn't but making a statement, she is -- >> have you ever seen this before. >> i have never seen world bank imf publicly telling fed what to do. >> what happening in china also -- the fed is thinking whether a quarter of a point makes any difference, to economic -- in united states, whether we have to worry that fed might slow down the united states at a time it needs to be engine leading the global economy you know with a quarter point raise.
8:07 am
>> you don't think it would slow -- you don't think that -- raising interest rates even a quarter point would actually slow down a recovery that is just gaining -- >> economists you are better than i am but i've got to think markets and -- >> me tab blooifd over and over and over. >> that is -- >> remember it is not -- to say zero, extraordinary monetary policy no longer in extraordinary circumstances. at some point you have to act like you are running an economy, that is recovered from extraordinary circumstances financial crisis, they need to move, they really do, i think quarter point does nothing to the real rate of economic growth in the united states i think the markets have -- >> looked to this too much, move on. >> if we don't get that initial rate hike when fed makes its announcement could interpretation in markets be things are that bad. >> yes i think so. >> you can't even move.
8:08 am
>> that is what i think. >> major sell-off if fed doesn't raise i think. >> the problem is that consistently fed put out sort of forecasts from everyone on fomc too optimistic come back next year marked down, and if they say hey not very good, the most optimistic crowd saying not very good that is actually a troubled market. >> let's see we are out of economic reports not that there is anything else that the fed needs to look at. in terms of where we are in this growth story. >> by the way, futures, if you use that as an indication of what is going to happen, are indicating there is not going to be that initial rate hike at this meeting. >> in fact recently pricing in one in december. so i mean we were initially talking about getting two rate hikes by end of 2015, are now talking about weather or not going to get any, could they possibly even think or consider about doing this is in election year if they don't by the end of the year. >> that is a good point. >> the fed issue they never want to move a splil splil
8:09 am
sensitive time learned that about iterly in 2012, 20 so really did. >> some reasons to move, but also some reasons to move. >> we will leave it there, justice department is issuing a new policy that will make the prosecution of wall street executives in financial fraud a top priority that is next we will tell you about it "mornings with maria" on the fox business network. stay with us. ♪ .
8:10 am
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8:12 am
maria: welcome back justice department issuing a new policy, making the prosecution of wall street executives involved in financial fraud now a top priority. not just administrators rule in a memo to federal prosecutors nationwide the first major policy announcements by attorney general loretta lynch since he took office in april, charlie gasparino joins with us more, charlie why would o doj ramp things up now is there something that happened, that -- now is the time.
8:13 am
>> called 2016. presidential election. and class warfare be clear i cover financial crisis you were there as well i covered after fath of the financial crisis doj tried to nail in comloefgs of lehman doj looked at all guys up and down the line they found out that what we had was a bubble people doing stupid things the notion of intent in terms of misleading investors, was not reached. >> stuppidity not breaking the law why after inspire trading viciously a ruling says they stepped over the line, some are rolled back why did they do that couldn't get individuals on mortgage stuff financial crisis stuff so this is old ground, it is really reprehensible, i have seen it play out in terms of elliot
8:14 am
spirits some prosecutions when create ticked for not going automotive individuals going after little guys after some blocker somewhere may have followed or misread the memo from the general counsel office going to screw him he is going to jail for a stupidest thing, that is what i guess i gos going to happen, either that or they are not bringing any cases like i said, why everybody thinks you put summon in nail i guess you can indict a ham sandwich of you got to say this man set out to defraud investors here is the evidence, and you got to argue that case. and those cases are not easy generally this is why the securities and exchange commission filed civil cases for violating rules, because people generally not saying always but generally screw up, they get greed, they cross the line think line is here just may have -- >> push. >> it they push it they don't set out to do what madoff did i think you could say that
8:15 am
about dick don't think guilty of these things. >> you snow what hit the man no o i am just saying, that this to me is a publicity stunned if it is carried out, to the letter of what they want, by the way, these are rules you captain change they are not changing criminal law going to lead to small potato guys and gallons going to gentleman i will. >> hoi has this changed since crisis maybe league of parameters weren't in place to go after people for criminal prosecution. >> they were. >> what changed since then has it become easier, less easier with dodd-frank, other reconsiderations. >> dodd-frank is a regulation, more or less it does not change criminal law, you can nail banks for doing stupid things breaking regulations, that is not necessarily in criminal, by the way. nothing is really changed the law is the law. it is called criminal intent,
8:16 am
there is statutes involved inspired traithd not a law a set of court press dents that define what is illegal insider trade that is still the case as a matter of fact that got rolled back, guess why, because they pushed it so far, the second circuit came in said you have to be more specific in what is insider trade nothing changed in terms of the law, other than hoops that banks have to jump through more or less a directive i am telling you going to lead to banks, turning over, little guy, in the broker a guy ted sifel spirits went after late trading of mutual funds, something bad, he was criticized for not bringing prosecutions just going after banks so he will charged bank of america criminally charged sifel.t. life in you radioins two years, finally, hung jury let him go he was a broker wfs ceo of bank of america.
8:17 am
>> thank you. >> up next new york governor aubd drew cuomo calling for 15 dollar multicultural minimum wage will it be a revenue booster or jobs killer we break it down next straight ahead. i say we go all in on the internet... of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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this is a great place to work. not because they have yoga meetings and a juice bar. because they're getting comcast business internet. comcast business offers convenient installation appointments that work around your schedule. and it takes- done. - about an hour. get reliable internet that's up to five times faster than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. . > . maria: welcome back in japan massive flooding forcing thousands to loaf homes cheryl casone with the story and more good morning to you. cheryl: good morning we continue to monitor pictures out of japan extreme weather heavy rain, washing homes away, and causing widespread flooding in japan overnight, helicopters working to rescue people from their rooftops, as river north of tokyo overflowed banks more than 90,000 people forced out of
8:21 am
their homes at least one person, is reported missing, 12 others injured we will keep you updated, new reports this morning, that russian troops are conducting military operations, in syria k sorrying bashar al-assad according to riot rs send architect with small naval force. and new york governor andrew cuomo will propose a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage for all workers in this state not just fast food destroy. according to several reports expected to make announcement in an appearance today with vice president joe biden going to be at javits center here, one of the things why joe biden is accompanying andrew cuomo to make this announcement there is one other person supporting a federal 15 dollar minimum wage that would be bernie sanders has said he wants 15 bucks looks like just vice president is doing the same. >> we've seen impacts of higher minimum wage back in
8:22 am
july, we spoke with a burger king owner from upstate new york, guaranteed layoffs if minimum wage is raised listen to this. >> i am very cared i have to tell you that -- i think forcing is to become innovative, we are going to wind up automateing more equipment, and winding up with less employees, if you go into certain businesses now, you have self-serve cashiers, in kiosks that is what we're going to do. >> reality from ground what are your thoughts. >> this is a really, really good piece of news for connecticut new jersey, and pennsylvania any other competitor state terrible idea for in orange county doesn't create income it is a transfer look at fast-food restaurant customers low-income individuals, are margins very thin raise minimum wage ray of prices money from pocket of one poor person in the pocket of another no net income. >> you are also basically saying, that the state is not
8:23 am
going to have to provide as many benefits, as those people under the poverty level you took them out of poverty so burden is on business, as opposed to being on the state. >> urban if if you look at data the number of full-time workers who are earning the minimum wage in poverty is under 1% that is not what who this targets in fact targets very, very poorly, not a good antipoverty policy for that reason, let's face it you go to 15 dollars every restaurant has to find a way to accommodate big hit to cost, and a labor cost will shift to other things. >> we are in political season here very good point, that is very good point bernie sanders is behind it what is going to happen andrew cuomo will stand up support, a wage trade he previously opposed joe biden is going to be standing with him, thinking about bernie sanders support for this. >> in polls again -- >> and joe biden thinking about a run for the
8:24 am
presidency, both whoom knowing full well that the legislature in -- albany is not going to support this, what better way to kind of have it both ways you come out in support of it you get the progressive left vote, knowing fulwell not going to bust your budget not going to cause -- >> the business the connecticut -- >> not going to get approval be able to push through because of the legislature, but at least they walk away smelling like a rose it was their idea. >> josh dorsey making this point in the journal today that this is a conflict is between the governor, and the assembly, it could well play out the way he expected it would the first time this came up which iss assembly would not support night if you are joe biden you have to have answer why labor market so bad, and he cannot just say, well because we have bad policies for the past 8 years. >> so you know. you have to offer something. >> in albany today there is a group of business ebb owners actually going to the legislature, at the same time,
8:25 am
they are furious at cuomo having came up with fast food plan because he appointed three people on a board, his aappointees said fast food industry is under paying workers they should get a raise so that is how he got it through. little underhanded. >> i consider this, from economic standpoint, you just got to consider this complete -- this is dangerous. >> yes. >> why not take at a page from business, look wall mastery they imposed their own wage hike condemn out with a report of results a disappointment, why? costs across the board, minimum wage did not help one bit. >> it is incremental not going from 8.5 to is a overnight, right. >> to 15 overnight. >> it would be years. >> 7.25 maria. >> that -- >> painful death. >> unbelievable. >> thank you very much apple unveiling devices yesterday did it li up to hyperour tech
8:26 am
expert weighs in next. >> ipad -- >> apple pencil. >> i am thrilled. to show you the new apple tv. >> introducing the iphone 6s and the iphone 6s plus. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: good thursday, morning, welcome back. it is thursday, september areth. -- 10th. we have sandra smith, douglas holtz-eakin. al qaeda's newest target, american billionaires. magazine for a terrorist organization is urging lone wolf attacks on business leaders. they include bill gates, warren
8:30 am
buffett, michael bloomberg and sheldon adelson. according to the a magazine this is the to threaten the u.s. economy. much more coming up. donald trump dealing with another gaffe this morning. his comments on rival carly fiorina's appearance. he told "rolling stone" magazine. look at that face, would anyone vote for that. here is fiorina's response on fox news. >> what do you take that to mean, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? >> i have no idea. honestly, megyn, i will not spend a single cycle what donald trump means. maybe i am getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing on the polls. maria: trump defended his comments on "fox & friends" earlier this morning. jobless numbers are out. expectation, jobless claims come in at 275,000. americans filed for unemployment last week. we'll see those numbers
8:31 am
impacting the tape. they're actually exactly those numbers, 275,000 jobless claims for the latest week. that's down 6,000. meanwhile futures indicating weaker open for the broader averages. dow jones industrial average expected to open down 50 points. nasdaq and s&p five weaker. in sports last night, roger federer won securing a spot in tonight's semifinals. tonight jimmy fallon, singer justin timberlake stole the show. dancing to beyonce's single ladies in the audience. new iphone and update to apple tv. you want to bring in mark spoonour, editor-in-chief of tom's guide. thanks for having me. maria: what did you think of the new -- >> i think iphones definitely wowed with the 3d touch display. it adds new dimension to multitouch.
8:32 am
gives you new shortcuts, interactive with your phones. we're spending too much time with the phones. to press the camera to go into selfie are important innovations. apple tv is really good making siri less hated. in a way for discovering content and searching for things. you can say, show me latest or all 007 movies. oh, just show me stuff with pierce brosnan. siri is smart enough, with context all intelligence bringing that to the living room what fell flat is ipad pro. i don't know if anyone needs a 13-inch tablet. starts at 799 which is pretty expensive, when you consider the surface pro is less price and keyboard is bigger. how much should you really include when going after the enterprise market? i would say include more, not less.
8:33 am
maria: i just got this one. this is the 6 plus. would i bye a new phone on those features that you just mentioned, the camera and selfie? [laughter]. and music goes off. >> future phone. >> they definitely, include ad camera upgrade. went from eight megapixels to 12 megapickles. >> that is big considering selfie culture. how essential a phone to be a camera. nobody carry as separate camera. it is about the cell phone camera. 60% more pixels than the iphone 6, maria. that is a serious camera on your cell phone. >> a lot of people care about selfies. maria: and pictures. >> instead of including a flash to light yourself in low light, lights up display by three times. the display doubles as a flash taking selfies in the dark. i think a lot of people will
8:34 am
like that. >> mark, i have a 5. i covered maria's 6. >> right. >> what percentage owners of an iphone would you expect to upgrade to a new model, to spend money, contribute to apple's revenue because of this kind of incremental improvement? appealing features there. >> i would say most people on iphone 5 or 5 s or couple generations ago, a lot will look to upgrade because of cameras and 3d. maria: i have the 5 on set right now. i need new one. are they selling? everybody tells me i should go, samsung or whatever. >> yeah. >> i'm looking at these upgrades, i'm thinking is this really all they will sell me on? >> the biggest change a lot of people talking about, that happened yesterday, apple introduced a new iphone upgrade program, for $32 a month you can upgrade new iphone every year.
8:35 am
if somebody happens to their phone you they will replace it. maria: i asked our viewers and followers on twitter what do you want to see, what did you think of the apple announcement. cruiser buying apple ipad and pro pencil. which could delete some. this battery is always going dead on my. >> battery life on iphone 6 plus got 10 hours which is better than samsung phones. what i like, samsung's phones give you twice amount of storage. one thing i didn't like about apple announcements. only giving you 16 gigs of memory when you can shoot 4k video. maria: thank you very much, mark. appreciate your insights. women's semifinal will get underway. serena williams is two matches away from first grand slam in 2years. gerri willis is live from the billie jean king tennis center. good morning to you.
8:36 am
>> hi, maria. arthur ashe is over my shoulder. serena williams faces robert today vinci. in this tournament. driving up prices for women's singles ticket. let me tell you big match on sunday, price $985. amazing. i want to show you. you are here. as a matter of fact this is the u.s. open program. take a look at this. very nice. serena right on the cover here. open it up guess who inside? maria, stuart varney. maria: i love it. >> you're here in spirit. everybody lear, thousands of fans who come will see you and stuart varney as look at the program guide. will be very exciting. maria: cool stuff. we're checking back. gerri willis throughout the day. later today tennis legend andre agassi will sit down with trish regan on "the intelligence
8:37 am
report," 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. join us for that. nfl season kicks off tonight, patriots versus steelers. can tom brady repeat last season's success despite the "deflategate" turmoil? mike guerra fellow is next. >> welcome back to another tennis channel court, report, a special presentation for fox business network. i'm andrew krasney. roger federer, five-time champion at the u.s. open and the swiss star moved safely into the semifinals in flushing meadows for the 10th time in his career. the number two see eased past cascade for a place in the championship match. federer closing out the comfortable victory over the french man, 6-1 in the third set. on the women's side, flavia pennetta upset to win the semis.
8:38 am
she took out the two-time wimbledon champion. don't forget tennis channel's extensive coverage of the 2015 u.s. open continues thursday at 8:00 a.m. eastern.
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8:41 am
maria: welcome back. first it was george clooney. then jeb bush. now tesla elon musk joining the new late show with stephen colbert. cheryl casone. >> stephen colbert got his
8:42 am
thoughts when space travel could be safe for consumers. >> but i think in terms of when it will be safe for people, probably about two to three years. >> you're kidding? >> yeah. >> that's nothing. [applause] seriously. >> okay. we shall see. also this story this morning, retired pro tennis player james blake wants apology from nypd after he was pushed to the ground outside of his hotel by a police officer, by five officers. apparently officers mistook him for suspect of a fraudulent credit card operation. take a look at this video. reds first baseman, joey vote toe losing his coal, after getting thrown out of the game after argument with the umpire over the strike zone. -- votto. maria: new england patriots will face off against pittsburgh steelers, one of most watched sporting events since the
8:43 am
super bowl in february. joining us nfl inside. stuart: mike garfalo. do you expect the patriots to overcome all the off-season controversy? >> i expect all the controversy to fuel them. i expect to be angry tom brady, even though he was not suspended and wound up getting that thing vacated in court. we've seen angry patriots before. we've seen what they do, when they're angry. i expect the same thing. maria: angry enough to crush it, you're saying? >> angry enough not only try to win but win big. >> angry about? got their way. i think you get nervous tom brady. so, i don't know, this is his big comeback. people didn't predict this was going to happen. here he will be on the field. i think will be shaking and nervous. >> if he wasn't nervous in the scream facing a four-game suspension he won't be nervous on the field. i don't look at it that way. i really do. i think this will be we will show them.
8:44 am
they tried to tear us down. we won super bowl anyway. now we've got motivation going. it is all about motivation. when you are defending the super bowl, we've seen it last couple years, there tends to be hangover. when you have something like this to motivate you through that, that is a great thing. >> do viewers care? has the attention span on the public drifted past us now? are they really even thinking of any of this as they're watching game? >> absolutely. this is what we've been working toward. i've had one particular league executive who has said to me through this whole thing, do you really think this is good for business. i said it is not bad for business in the short term. in long run i don't think fans want to see the star quarterback in court litigating against the league. in the long run, yes, that is bad. but in the short term -- maria: everybody still thinks his -- >> not everybody. people in boston don't. >> we want to see the star quarterback in jail. >> right, in handcuffs, being led away.
8:45 am
that won't happen tonight obviously. like you said, it is going to be one of the highest rated program. it will do monster numbers. in the short term this was good. this built up drama. >> real football team, chicago bears, packers this weekend. maria: sandra is chicago girl! >> what is your prediction? >> for the bears? >> yeah. >> pain. maria: ouch. >> they're starting to build this thing from the ground up there. they have a new regime in there. they have a very good general manager in ryan pace and some of his staff. i think in long run they will be very good. you could see improved jay cutler this year. hope for some wins here and there. they have got some issues. >> you're a giants fan, maria? >> they have their own issues too. maria: tell me about it. >> interesting week with jason pierre-paul coming in finally and the team visiting with him. there was so many rumblings along the way. this guy will be ready before
8:46 am
you realize even though he lost a finger. that is a big thing. plus the burns on his hands and other stuff. then the giant sent them away without signing a deal. if he was really close to play, his camp would be fighting saying why are the giants not allowing us to sign? they're not. so what does that tell you i think a while before you see him on the field. maria: i start calling the nfl teflon. mike garafalo. they are a woman's best friend, right, diamonds? we have a bunch of bling to show off. no matter where the market goes, the value of diamonds keeps going up. we're back in a minute. ♪
8:47 am
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8:50 am
maria: welcome back. great segment right now. luxury retail sector is booming particularly jewelry. just yesterday apple announced it is partnering with hermes on an apple watch. high-priced jewels are also showing their staying power. joining us ceo of graft usa. with some beautiful diamonds. dagen mcdowell and sandra smith join me to try on some fabulous things. good to see you. >> look at that bling. whoa. maria: you brought us really hot stuff. first i want to ask you where we are in the market? we've been having debate all day where this economy is right now. what would you say about high-end luxury jewels right now, the market? >> well the market is not so strong because high-end luxury is like everything else. we hate uncertainty. the world is surrounded by so much uncertainly so it is
8:51 am
growing but very moderately. what is working very well, super high-end, very rare stones, such as ones you're wearing here. there is still a much, much stronger demand than whatever we can -- maria: i guess for a little while we had so many very high-end russians, chinese, coming in looking for things like this in this market. do you still have that kind of money from outside of the u.s. looking for these kinds of products? >> yes, absolutely, however, bear in mind, 50% of the all the diamond jewelry sold in the world is sold in the united states. so the united states is still number one market. number two is china for about 30%. the growth there for all reasons we talk about last couple months -- >> anti-corruption. >> that is one of the reasons but any business model that rely on corrupted people, for example, is a bad business model to begin with. so i think it is, a glitch, definitely a slowdown. but, what really fueling the market, is people, arriving in
8:52 am
middle class and new wealth being created every day. that is going to continue. >> let's talk numbers. how much is this ring i'm wearing? good thing i got amani cure. maria: that is 40 carats, sandra. >> my gosh. >> emerald cut. >> where is security? maria: this is yellow diamond. >> this is 25-carat yellow azure cut. maria: what about one, henri? >> you want do buy it? maria: how many carats? 25 carats. >> worth about $3 million. >> this is absolutely spectacular. >> to talk about what is happening in this market, bear in mind, 15 years ago that stone would have cost a quarter of what it is costing today. maria: so the price continues to go up. >> yes. maria: why is it in such uncertain luxury market prices
8:53 am
for diamonds keep rising? >> ultrahigh net worth individual, figured out not a bad idea to have small percentage of your wealth in very rare stones. we're talking about new clients in asia and europe, cultured people have done that forever and ever. they have a how their wealth was saved, their life was saved because of jewelry. that train of thought is getting momentum in america. >> if you're worried about hiding assets. people talk about gold, you know what? you can hide a ring. >> can hide a lot with a ring. >> how much is this? >> 1 1/2 million dollars. maria: that is gorgeous. why are these so rare, the color diamonds? >> because on average it takes one ton of dirt to find the one carat stone. maria: wow! >> yes. so, mining is a very risky, expensive sport and in the thousands of carats that we retrieve every year around the world, there is handful of stones like this.
8:54 am
if you talking about a blue diamond, it is even 100,000 times rarer. so it is just, you know, four or five stones we get every year of that category. even a company like ours, which is the largest producer in the world. that is why they're so valuable. maria: what is your take on gold? >> well -- maria: does gold keep going up? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. gold went from 800 to 1800. now at 1100? maria: 1110, yeah. >> in my opinion it will not move very much. will stay flat. maria: very interesting. thanks for joining us. thank you for bringing these. >> very beautiful gift. >> happy birthday, maria. maria: good to see you. president and ceo of graff usa. we'll be right back.
8:55 am
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maria: we're about 30 minutes away from the opening bell. doug holtz-eakin, final
8:58 am
thoughts? >> i will be economist. look past the fed. that is neither problem or savior of the u.s. economy. time for some seriously better pro-growth policy. look for 2016 candidates whether they do tax and entitlement reforms to make the economy grow better. maria: is there one poised to do that kind of reform more than others? >> i think there is competition on republican side for those reforms. we saw latest with jeb bush. we've seen rubio and others. >> john, final thoughts? >> trump phenomenon begins to wear thin politically. and attention drifts more to other candidates. may be just wishful thinking on my part but i think it kind of happens within the, within the republican party. the fulminations, people get tired of them. china muddles through but not without sharing its pain with some u.s. investors. though not necessarily the u.s. consumer. maria: sandra smith. >> after that last segment i was texting my husband what i wanted for christmas. maria: was that
8:59 am
40 million-dollar diamond ring you are wearing? >> it was $10 million. maria: 40 carats. >> yes, exactly. that was a lot of fun by the way, thank you. i think, apple will be an interesting story to watch. i think apple is at the really interesting point in its history where people are really starting to question its innovation and whether or not they can continue on this track that they have. i mean stock is down a little bit in the premarket. $110 a share, is apple worth it at that price? a lot of people are making that decision in their mind. maria: let's not forget in a world of 2% growth in the economy, everybody is looking where is the growth? you have to believe part of the u.s. growth story is technology. >> people looking at technology because energy was supposed to be that growth story for so long. with $40 oil prices that changed quite a bit. maria: earnings down 60% or something in the second quarter. sandra smith, douglas holtz-eakin. john busy. thank you very much.
9:00 am
before we go we have new edition to the "mornings with maria" and fox business family. look our executive producer scott friangi. ryan joseph franggie, welcome him to the world. including big brother mark. look how proud big brother mark looks. >> congratulations. maria: we love you, pete, jill. come back soon. >> what a bundle of joy. maria: that will do it for us. stuart with "varney & company." stuart: we second the congratulations to the friangi family. is donald trump sucking all the air out of politics? you may ask, now what? trump criticizes carly fiorina's appearance. carly smiles and dismisses comment. says she is rising in the polls. trump said he did say something


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