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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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founder brian ware, the organization creates brand new ones and give them to children who are in hospitals. he was a teacher, we give you a good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump has -- a new poll shows he is in support of almost a full one-third of all the republicans in the country. it is the heyest hashl number in the election cycle and one you might find that's hard to believe. trump has women to thank for his surge. so far no war of words, no public feud has cut into trump's support in any way. >> it's a narcissist and ego
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maniac and shallow. i'll be talking to bobby jindal here tonight and i'll ask why trump did that blistering verbal. we'll have trump's reply. also, congress giving the president a free pass on iran. senate democrats successfully blocked they are vote in the senate on a republican rez lawings to reject the president's deal with iran, and in the house the best republicans could do was to approve a nonbinding resolution saying the administration hasn't provided the necessary promise and require legally -- legally require documents for a vote on the deal. i'll take it up with citizens wrun itd david bosni and others here tonight. and a story that will leave you reeling in disbelief or simply confirm wur worst fears about the country's military in the fight against the islamic state. we're learning disturbing new details about the obama administration's disaster wrus strategy to try to defeat the islamic state.
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u.s. officials now admit they lost track of all of the 54 syrian opposition fighters they train. those fighters they say are either dead, captured, or missing. it seems that almost anything could have been their faet, and it cost taxpayers, american taxpayers, more than $40 million to train those missing 54 fighters. it gets worse, believe it or not. dozens of military intelligence analysts are now openly complaining that higher-ups have changed their fie reports to make it seem like the war against the islamic state is going far better than it actually is. i'll discuss all of this. the first treshgt of national intelligence five-time ambassador swron negropom. trump surging in the polls because he is not afraid of wears. a new cnn poll shows him netting 32% support followed by dr. ben
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carson in second place with 19%, and governor jeb bush in third place. 9%. carson's surge leading to this exchange of insults between the two. >> i don't in any way deny my faith in god, and i think that probably the big difference -- >> it makes bush look like the energizer bun where i. who is he to question my faith when i am -- you know, i mean, he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times, but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. >> trump also criticized carl where i fiorina telling rolling stone magazine "look at that face. would anyone vote for that? i mean, she's a woman, and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on, are we serious?" that led to this had back and
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forth and clarification by her. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump mean. maybe i'm just getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. sflo i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about looks, though i get criticized for my hair. it's not that bad. you've seen me. it's not that bad. when i get criticized by my hair, nobody does a story about, oh, isn't that terrible? they criticized donald trump's hair. >> and another rival governor bob where i jindal launched a scathing attack on trump. >> i like the whered of donald trump, and i like the show. i like the donald trump act and show. donald trump is not a serious candidate. he is a narcissist. he is an eeg wroe main wrak. the only thing he believes in is himself. he is a carnival act. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. donald trump is insecure and weak. >> well, swroinks now to talk
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about those remarks, republican presidential candidate governor bob where i jindal, former assist wrant secretary of the department of health and human services for the bush administration and two-term governor of the great state of louisiana, and recent polls showed the governor gaining more support in iowa. he plans to visit all 9 9 counties. >> thank you for having me back sfwloosh delight to talk with you. >> that was a broadside of wraudsides against trump. what provoked it? you seem to be otherwise quiet and self-efacing. >> let me say why it was so important for me to do that. i think this is incredibly important moment for our country. we've got great opportunity. they distort our foreign policy. the whered of america is slipping away from us. there is an important opportunity for us to rescue our country to apply conservative principles. conservatives have an important
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house to make. we applied proven principles and we turn on a man who stands for nothing but himself in donald trump. the democrats are gift wrapping this election. they're running the worst campaign ever. >> not blow this. at the same time it almost in some days, in some moments in this campaign, governor, it seems like donald trump is the only one among the 17 candidates seeking the gop nomination who understands there's no god given right to bore the health out of the voting public. i mean, it is important. what have the republicans done? you look at bush. he is the one who row vocced this comprehensive immigration reform nonsense and didn't secure the border. we got the republicans have the control of the house, the senate, and what the heck have they done, governor? the republicans have got to make a case here spshgs they might ought to do it in such a way that people listen to them, and
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ultimately believe them. >> you are exactly right. donald trump is entertaining. i have enswroid the show. it's a lot of fun to watch. when he gave lendsy graham's cell phone number and gave the helicopter rides. it was great entertainment. secondly, i like the idea of donald trump. i like an outsider. i like outside of the d.c. establishment. we need to fire them. not just the democrats and republicans in this town as well. you have line conservatives on the right. these republicans couldn't stop the iran deal. they wouldn't -- they didn't stop amnesty and didn't repeal obama care. they're only interested in perks and privileges, which i agree with all that. the problem is the idea of donald trump's reality isn't. he is not for limited government. he has been for socialized medicare and higher taxes, and even worse than that -- >> i would say to you, republicans have grown government every bit as much as
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democrats democrats over the last 30 years. there is not a wit's worth of difference of the growth of government under democrats or republicans. >> i would make this point. there's only one candidate running for president who would shrink the size of government, and you are looking at him. i cut our state budget 26%, 30,000 fewer state government bureaucrats. we need a proven conservative. what we don't need is somebody who takes every position possible. he doesn't have any policy of depth. he tells us the health care plan will be great. the reality is he doesn't stand for anything but donald trump. he is not here to make america great again. he is here to make donald trump great. >> his hat says he is here to make america great again. come on. what is your -- >> that's a great reagan theme, and i'm glad he borrowed it from reagan. that's exactly right. this election is about the idea -- >> it's derivative of reagan, is it not? he is an icon of the republican party. >> i applaud him for taking
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reagan's -- i don't criticize him pour it. i fault him for not living up to it. to your point we need to throw the bums out if d.c. that includes the republicans. look, i'm angry at the republicans. at least the democrats are fighting for what they believe in. these republicans promise us the world. they don't do anything. they caved again today. they keep giving up. obama can't negotiate with iran. the only group he can negotiate with are the republicans in d.c. >> if are you elected, what do you do about the iranian deal that is now --? >> first day we tell the iranians we're not honor this bad political agreement signed by my predecessor. we will not allow them to become a nuclear power. we have every option to stop that. we will take israel we have their back. we will stand shoulder to shoulder with israel. they are starting a nuclear arms race in the middle east. it won't stop with iran, as bad as the deal is. the sun where i countries aren't going to sit there idle where i by. this is the country's worst leg as where is. i will remind the american
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people -- this idea that we can just give into dictate ors like putin, castro brothers, like iran, it doesn't work. we are seeing the results. >> lou, look, the iran wrans contra -- president obama calms the senate republicans. they approve this awful deal. still it requires them to have a two-thirds vote to disprove it. every senate republican -- including all these senate republicans running for president, including ted ruz and the others. look well, need leadership. we need a backbone to transplant our -- the establishment we need term limits and they pass the rest of us. they loved obama care. that has to end. we need hard time legislator that is go and li in the real world that grow up the american
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economy. >> i think you probably caught a few people's attention here the last five minutes or so. we appreciate you being with us. governor bobby jindal, thank you. russia sending its navy ships, jet fighters and ground forces to syria, and the white house, well, russia wra and china are having their way with obama again. we take it up with ambassador robert jordan and middle east robert jordan and middle east and terrorism expert dr. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects.
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i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor.
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russia building its presence in sear wra and extending its influence in the middle east. joining us tonight former ambassador to saudi arabia, now diplomat and resident to southern e methodist university robert swrordan. good to have you with us, ambassador. fox news and terrorism analyst dr. walid phares. good to have you as well. doctor, let's begin with the russian -- the rising influence of russia wra and not only its presence in syria, but its commitment obviously to include the middle east and its regime of power. why? how? can this administration simply see the influence in the middle east? >> it shows the weakness of this
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administration. every time they come up with a hallening, had he -- now we have the phenomenon of the russians essentially building a base in sear wra from which to project power in the middle east. they only viewed this as part of their -- the not other sorers -- being able to tolerate this kind of conduct in syria. >> are we expected, walid, to believe that russia wra is doing this without at least some form of a wink and a nod from the united states as they build up their forces within syria? is this a more gamesmanship on the part of this administration? >> you are absolutely right. the russian leadership and his advisors couldn't have been sending weapons, special forces
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to syria before accepting the american reaction spshgs they did so. already in fall 2013 when the administration, the one administration, threatened, and they did not. of course, after the conclusion of the iranian deal, it if we have a deal with iran, you know, we are directsly partnering with russia wra. the russians now are in freedom of sending all the weapons they want. >> these people do not pay attention to the p5 plus one. half of that are enemies, competitors, rivals, and gee wroe mrekt miss mischief makers in which we fought in iran and russia wra and china. now we're watching this deal constructed by that half of the partnership, and we look like, ambassador, we're just patsey on all of this and one of our oldest friends in the region, saudi arabia, is now investing
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in russia wra rather than here. >> yes. i think it's quite interesting that just until very recently the saudi foreign minister, and our secretary of john kerry all had a meeting about syria. the reporting is that the saudis said that assad could stay in power if iran backed out. my guess is this gave the russians some notion that, hmm, they might have some flex eblt here to make a move. it's really staggering that the saudi advisory now turned to the russians partly because they don't believe the united states is reliable wraen more. they've been completely disillusioned by this administration. >> this administration has done very little to inspire confidence in our allies, and whether it is europe or whether it is the middle east, walid, china also trying to drive
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further its influence in the region, align strong -- seemingly stronger alliance with russia wra every month. what is going to be in your judgment the result in the middle east? >> the result is very visible speaking of an area of saudi arabia and at egypt. our most strategic allies, but our arab allies are leading. they are being threatened by a stronger iran, which we are strengthening with $150 billion. russia wra is senning the weapons. china is sending more weapons. what would saudis or others do? even egypt doesn't fly to russia. they try to gain time. we've not heard from them. they're waiting one year and two months hoping that washington will change direction after that. >> your last word, ambassador. your thoughts on the likely result here? >> i think we're going to be living right on the edge.
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we're going have to monitor everything that iran does in their nuclear program. we're going to have to monitor russia wra's and china's action with our friends, the saudis and the other gulf states. i think we're going to find ourselves challenged at every turn because of the weakness that this government has shown. >> ambassador robert jordan, thanks for being with us. thank you very much, walid. up next, a few thoughts on the presidential candidate folks the presidential candidate folks should think at ally bank no branches equals great rates. the presidential candidate folks should think it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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a you foo thoughts op donald trump's capricious attack on rly fiinaa ok. saye wattacng h persa, n h ce, eve oughe sd t worface no pernwra. t aloging ihe fae of a barrage of criticism as usual. trump took the opportunity to point out as well fiorina was also a allows where i leader in her days as coo of hp, and he also pointed out she lost her
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senatorial election in a landslide. he, donald j. trump, does not whine when his gop rivals or the disk.nsational national cag m yt f n, monster, a fool arks know-nothing. most bredably when they mock his physical appear wrans as well. just listen to bush, to lynne, to the very sensitiitive john stewart they all mock the persona of poor donald. >> i had debate prep with steve colbert, and he played donald trump. i was a little surprised he put on yellow cotton candy on his head. he ate his own hair. asked if i wanted some. i took a little piece of the donald's hair. >> if anyone wonder if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real. the color isn't. and come to think of it, i
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wonder if that's true for donald too. >> my hair is just fine. stroo first thing is first, your hair is not fine. >> people are not attacking your hair. they are defending themselves from something that appears like it's about to attack them. loo hmm. well, you know, i might expect that of john stewart, but take a look at this cover of the highly regarded and usually interesting and somewhat superior and even on occasion snooty "economist magazine." look at that. a trump helicopter carrying in the donald's hair? do you see anything hurtful about "the economist magazine" cover making fun of the donald's appearance with a trump helicopter no less carrying the donald's'do? presumably, presumably just in time to save washington. it's far too sank moneyus self-important players in both
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parties from themselves, and us from them. the donald has worn it well under the torrent of attacks amid all supporters even hose against his hair. we've watched trump turn those tabbs, ensults into a gift. many of the, he gives far better than he takes. when was the last time we could say that of any politician, let alone a candidate for president? our quotation of the evening is from gandhi who said -- first they ignore you, hen they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. we'll be right back. he didn't say it like that with the inflecks. >> do you ask of a military confrontation? putin moves huge numbers of troops into syria. we take up russia's rising power in the middle east with a former director of national intelligence john
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a special guest, a former director of national intelligence, faye-time u.s. ambassador swron negroponte. let me start with the house committee hearing, intelligence committee hearing on cyber threats which you and i have discussed over time, and i know that you maintain a vital interest in. why in the world will our
7:32 pm
intelligence community, our military, the white house say not outright that the chinese deposit has to be held accountable and instead pondering possible sanctions against individuals and some -- >> well, in fairness, first of all, the issue of attribute use is difficult. i've heard them say they don't know whether they can really attribute it directly to the chinese government or to some other entity or private individual. at i think we're right to be quite suspicious. secondly, you've got this issue of retaliation, which i have thought a lot about, and one of the problems we have with china is that our economies are so interdependent, particularly on issues relating to technology. i can't believe that all of our laptops and all of our cell phones practically all the i phones are made in china, so if we were to ever take any
7:33 pm
measures against china that hurt them economically, we'll be hurting ourselves. we're in a real conundrum here. clearly this is a very disturbing issue, and if these 21 million -- at least 21 million records of people have been stolen, it's a very, very bad thing indeed. >> you talk about our dependence upon china. we have a debt of $300 billion. they hold $1.4 trillion, as you know, in u.s. reserves. you are talking about a very fine distinction between being dependent economically and being politically slightish to the chinese, and it's difficult to think that the united states has not gone through in minute detail an understanding of what would be the result of various
7:34 pm
retaliations against the chinese because otherwise we're writing them a blank check. >> yes, they have dependency on us. look at the massive exports that they undertake towards our country. again, before we go down this path of that kind of retaliatory measures, we got to really think this thing through and we want to start some kind of downward spiral into trade relationships or can we think of some other way, better way of taking action against these kinds of encroachments by china. i certainly think it needs to be on the diplomatic agenda, and i think that we've got to keep that issue in the forefront of our relationship with them and our discussions. >> i will reserve for another time a discussion about whether the chinese would respect in any way our posture and our
7:35 pm
positioning and preference for diplomacy rather than intelligent deeply born out of responses. look, let's turn if we may to 54 trains by the wraits forces. 54 highly trained syrian rebels who have disappeared. our military acknowledging, admitting they have no idea where in the world those people are. we spent about $750,000 of taxpayer money to train each one of them, and we can't even fiend them, let alone point them towards a target. >> well, it gives you some sense of the chaos that must be occurring in that country now. even government of bashar al assad is losing its group. isis is gaining strength. i think that's one of the reasons the russians are making
7:36 pm
moving to bolster the assad rid ridge, and then you have this incredible stream of refugees headed towards wrurp. no end in sight. >> these refugees are the result -- most acknowledged of the administration regarding our forces from iraq and doing absolutely nothing, having drawn a succession of red lines with bashar al assad and the result has been the islamic state and its rapid growth and the exodus of literally millions of people. >> it's clearly the result of extreme instability in syria and our inability -- not only ours but the inability of the persian gulf states and the europeans and others to do anything about it. what really concerns me is that with germany announcing that they're going to take 800,000 refugees in the next couple of years without addressing the issue or talking about the issue
7:37 pm
of root causes, that is to say the instability, it's like an open invitation or a blank check to anybody who wants to come to europe. i think they have to think that through, and we have to work with them and they have to work with us and the persian gulf states to figure out the middle east. that's the root cause of this problem. >> stabilize the middle east, and we've got a president that put $4 billion forward to the united nations for the syrian refugees without so much as a mention of its causes, what policies to follow, what actions to take in the crisis. the same with angela merkel. i can't even figure out what audience she's speaking to, ambassador. it makes no sense what she's saying. widths one absurdity compounded by the next. >> it's a bit like trying to treat the symptoms without even mentioning the disease, and i
7:38 pm
think that's what has happened here, and the holistic strategic approach is necessary to this entire program. >> john negroponte, thank you so much. >> thank you. a baltimore judge today denied a hang of venue motion in the trials of six police officers charged in the death of freddy gray. defense attorneys unsuccessfully argued that pre-trial publicity, riots, and the $6.4 million settlement approved just wret made finding a fair jury in the great city of baltimore impossible. our next guest, a change of venue may still occur in the case. joining us former police officers, trial attorney, and criminal court judge. fwood to have you with us. >> judge, are you surprised that there was no change of venue given everything that's happened? >> no, i can't say i'm surprised. judges tend to like to keep the
7:39 pm
venue in the city. there's still an opportunity that the motion will be made before trial or at the time of trial, at the time of jury selection. the judge will revisit the issue, and i think ultimately it probably will get moved. i'm one of those judges who believes that venue -- you you should do everything you can to keep venue there. i have juries and cases -- i don't know if you know the movie -- the real case was my trial. it took me a month to pick a swrir. we were able to do it. now, i'm a believer that you try, and if you can't do it, then you move the trial. in this case, however, when you have riots in the community and you know jurors are going to have to go back to that community -- >> $6.4 million settlement before there was even a court case. >> halves the frosting on top of it. first you have rockets. any swrur who sits on the panel has to sit on the jury has to think, well, if i quit these police officers, i'm going back to live among the people that weren't everything to the ground, and they're going to know i'm a swrur. you have that issue. now -- >> there's a mayor who says they sellingsed for $6.4 million, and
7:40 pm
said if they didn't get it now, they might create more riots, in effect. >> here's the other thing, now you have a settlement for $6.4 million which is more than all 120 prior settlements -- cases they've ever had are combined. >> i think ultimately it will move. >> then speared him after knocking him down. >> yeah. >> why aren't these guys in jail? >> they should be. i mean, because clearly that's a criminal offense. you see it right on video. one guy hits him so hard, he knocks the cap off the other one who spears him when is he on the ground. i think the coach was sharing some of the blame because he was viewed as insighting the players satisfying he didn't like the
7:41 pm
ref's alls and had he needed get even with him. i think ultimately he will be brought to task too. also, they made racial slurs. wron if that's true or just the race card being played because they realize they don't have anything. >> no one would err do that. >> at best has an explanation. it is not an excuse. it does not get you out of everything. you could say the sentencing if you like. >> what do you think? >> i think they should. i hi they absolutely should. >> great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> showdown in congress over obama's iran wran leer deal. speaker banner says the fight is only beginning. some say this is boehner's last fight. we take it up with leading wvsh david potsy. and some people do some crazy things for fun. this guy is just a little more than raisy. than raisy. we'll
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. test. test. test test. test test test. test. test test. test test test. . test. test test. test test test. however, what the wraits government will do about it, if anything. donald trump surging to the top of a new national poll.
7:46 pm
the cnn poll gives trump 32% and a big jump in support among women and college educated adults. dr. ben carson is next. 19%. second place. everyone else in single digits. republican efforts to block president obama's nuclear deal with iran failed in the senate this afternoon. a disapproval resolution will not reach the president's desk. the deal goes ahead. unchecked by the republican-led house and the republican-led senate. swroink me now, citizens united, from the country's leading conservatives. david, good to have you with us. let's talk about real quickly here the iranian vote, blocking a vote in the senate, and in the house of representatives resorting to show boats that have no impact. this is what it's come to. >> we really have. void of leadership in the house and senate.
7:47 pm
there's literally very little difference in naeps and pelosi and if harry reid were in charnl, and that's been the trouble the last several years. >> we should be fighting -- instead we're going to be doing some show boats tomorrow. >> it's as if the republicans, particularly in the persons of mitch mcconnell, the swrort leader, over the senate, and john boehner, the speaker, are trying to reserve their fire so that they don't upset the power of the presidency for the next who president who they hope will be a republican. the reality, is it not hashgs we
7:48 pm
have on roll back the power of this imperial presidency. we an authority tarn pig right now many this white house. prankly, david, i think most people -- i hope most people agree with me, republican or democrat, whom ever, we don't want that kind of president sitting atop our government. >> we'll find out -- we'll find out what they do on things like planned parenthood, what they do over the buffing the spending cap. >> we both know what's going to happen. that's zero. >> yes. >> let's turn to the more interesting part of the world,
7:49 pm
and that's governor jindahl kicking donald trump's tail. donald 2ru6r7 talking about carly fiorina. let's start with jindal. where did you think about his comments about trump's conservative record, if there is one. >> look, i think that people don't understand donald trump. i think bobby jindal is in a situation where he has to gain traction and he has to start taking harder shots at those that are leading, and so i just -- i think that that's just part of the overall effort. look --
7:50 pm
>> is he commanding attention? >> we got -- we have donald trump, and you have 16 other people trying to prove that they're want going to put voters to sleep. >> that's the problem. that's where guys like governor jindal will have to go to these types of events to try to attack the frontrunner. >> as you saw, i like governor jindal too, and it builds excitement. you have to build it. >> that's what donald trump has done. >> what david always does, even in court. thanks for being with us, david. >> thank you. >> david, by the way -- i want to quote if i may the article from "politico" saying this is david bottsy's campaign finance world, and the rest of us are just living in it. nice article. goo to have you with us. >> thank you. >> now a man going viral after
7:51 pm
he pulled off what he called ep" i'm not sure i'm ready to argue with him. there it is. slow motion video shows him jumping from a flaming suv into a lake. he performed the daring stunt at a friend's farm. no one was hurt. some folks giving the daredevil some flack for holding his nose before he hit the water. i will not -- i will not in any way give him any demerits or discount the quality of that leap or that -- a florida floor man learn firsthand it is dangerous to trooif and to take -- the man wanted to toumt his first gator by videoing himself driving in his jeep. what a good idea. he took health insurance eyes off the road just long enough to crash into a truck toting a canoe. it smashed through his jeep's windshield. you know, that's what you would
7:52 pm
call a wakeup call, huh? you got to love people. you really do. he wasn't hurt. no. there was a foul, but there was no harm, so i can't say no farm no foul. hopefully he was alert. >> it's a pillow fight. is this what you think of when you think of west point? it certainly isn't what i think of, but we take up pillow fights, sam cardiac whereases and following them right here next dish know you can't. wait. i certainly can't. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> joining us now former miss new york usa joanne and fellow red eye co-host andy levy. great to you have here. let's start with obama eating leftover salmon. can we roll that? there he is. this is leftover salmon marinated. he has been with bear grills. heats what you do with bear grylls. he explains this is what you are going to eat. i thinkure going to move to it real quickly. i'm told this is a superb edit swrob. we're going to listen to them talk. we're not actually listening to them talk. you get the idea. the president, i'm assured --
7:57 pm
well, anyway, the salmon ends up in his mouth. what do you think of that? >> i feel sorry for the bear. you have you say i'm going to finish this when i get home and you get home and your roommatate them. >> i eat raw salmon all the time. you know what, this is a good example for the children in america. waste not, want not. my mother always said. why i'm skinny. >> and michelle has been pushing limited food choices. i think that expands them. here's what i just can't, the west point segment that we just showed you, let's roll that. because when i say things like -- pillow fight, that's a cue. there we go. and what do you think of this? they had 24 concussions were the result of this. this we're told, i did not know this. 30 candidates needed medical attention. i mean, what's your reaction?
7:58 pm
>> i want to say boys will be boys? i don't know, if you expect young people to act maturely for so long, they're going to act immature at one instance. but-day love about this school is they said they won't be canceling this tradition. and i agree that tradition is more important than avoiding bodily harm. >> well bodily harm. that's kind of got to be the way jeff zucker feels tonight. donald trump recommending that cnn donate all of the profits of the, what would you call it, the trump alooza debate. >> he's trolling them. he's trolling them. i don't remember trump donating his profits of "celebrity apprentice" if he had guests on that spiked the ratings that week. >> the winners of "celebrity apprentice" donated all this stuff to charity. >> i don't think fox should donate the money from their debate. >> not yet.
7:59 pm
>> yes, exactly. >> it makes you wonder why aren't we already doing this? why has no other candidate came forward and suggested the same thing? >> this is trump, he trolls or comes up with interesting ideas, depending on how you look at it. the barber shop, fined $750 because they wouldn't cut a woman's hair. what do you think? >> good for them. they're providing one service, not another. you don't go into a nail salon asking to get your hair permed. i wouldn't say it's gender discrimination, they just don't offer those services. >> do you agree? >> i completely agree. >> you know political correctness. >> can i go back to the pillow fight for a second? i believe it was one person said war is a continuation of pillow fights by other means. >> always mash your pillows. >> what they were learning was strategy and tactics, these are our future military leaders and i salute them. >> what are they carrying there, that's what i want to know.
8:00 pm
pillows and mattresses. we haven't heard the roll of the heavy artillery. >> the artillery men are back, they're not on the front lines. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. good night from new york. now on "fox files." >> one thing she is not is politically correct. we all know that pc is bs. >> music, fashion and family dysfunction on "empire." are america's skies safe to fly? now evidence of cheating on aviation tests. >> this is exactly how you need to answer each question. >> our explosive report has outraged congress. >> very concerning. i never sent nor received any classified material. >> as hillary clinton's email troubles deepen, new details emerge about weapons pouring into libya during the chaotic arab spring. an arms


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