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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> >> as the g.o.p. comes down to the g.o.p. battle the republicans and is ready to give up most of their values. tromps stays alive just a couple days away for the debate how does he keep the spotlight? and tonight may set the agenda. "making money" starts right now. ♪ >> will donald trump continue to research?
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ben carson right in the shadow but the rest of the field has faded into oblivion. right now we have scott brown and tom lange dash than neighbors -- and katrina. set the stage. >> it is an amazing event that is happening right now. normally with the wind up around the stadium but this time it is donald trump. that everyone is excited to hear him speak tonight. charles: and sounds like donald trump is often the cash to have a slam dunk and he is running away not just in dallas but all over the country. >> senator brown?
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>> i got my voice change. [laughter] obviously it continues to change the way political campaigns are run for the next couple of decades at least. he talks about what people care about very deeply. what i have heard traveling around the country is they want to act more presidential they don't mind than starting off but if he will be representing the united states of america to do it in a dignified way. that is the biggest hit so far he will continue to be the guy to beat but herman cain and michelle obama -- and obama over winning at this point. >> also they were not building a stadium is like based -- basketball teams
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there is different from the trump phenomenon or into the audio or michele bock man. it is distinct but i think senator brown hits on something. i think the fans are finding it harder to say without adding a caveat that goes towards his demeanor. >> that is to the senator's point that people want some dignity but it is different. the first reality tv star we don't know that translates to votes. it is into a sprint but of marathon i would say he is the nominee if this is the last week of a january but there is a long way to go the debate on wednesday is key. people will see donald trump or scott walker can address the issues.
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charles: it is early but what does translate his enthusiasm. it is a reflection of amazing enthusiasm for in this candidate. >> but the republicans have abandoned their base and they say no more. they want something new and it is in just a vision but key issues. talking about illegal immigration because you cannot have an honest discussion about the economy without addressing the economy people want that first and foremost,. charles: you were ushered against lar -- all odds with the support of the tea party you made decisions that acre the grass roots.
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with the midterm election read with the republicans getting control of congress congress, they have rubber stamped his agenda is there something to be said me be republicans did not follow up be enough? where is the disconnect? >> i receive support from all differing groups. the teapartier in massachusetts at that point was a small number. but i was appreciative of their support but bottom line you have to vote but only for your state before the country i read the bills to see how they affected and i voted. you will not make everybody happy. the biggest difference the democrats say when and where it and hook to vote for but with republicans if i have
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taken seven or 8,000 votes in my career. people say you voted this way i will not vote for you with all due respect to donald trump he isn't a conservative on all lots of issues and they're supporting him because he is conservative then that is not true. >> but before we get to that bringing up a legal immigration those that impact the economy i am not sure that is at the top of the list but because trumpet made it the number one agenda item he has gone to the top of the list. as it is what the base is angry about we do know it does affect the economy with employment and wages this is something trump has brought into when it ended they must address this in its entirety
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charles: anything else has not been heard. >> cbs passed donald trump about the rising co pay and this is what he had to say. >> it is very hard to have bin enterprise system to do anything about that the boards of the companies are supposed to do that. i know this ceo who will play in all his friends like macy's or other companies where they would play to give their friends as the head of the company and they get whatever they want so that is a system that we have and it is a shame and it is disgraceful. charles: my next question of blood have spent if you are elected would you book to tweak that free enterprise system? and a political structure he
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said at more than one occasion he was the highest bidder. right now i want to bring in my friend jeff rogers. your with a the most successful people i know personally you have done extraordinarily well but when i hear him say it is hard to have a free enterprise system to do anything about that and if elected he would treat that with a tweak zaph free market system? >> i hope he doesn't will he turn us into a socialist or moscow? what about your family? that is the same thing with ceos putting friends on the board did everybody in his family works for trump. charles: by the way we are working on a trompe interview but that is what i
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am saying it is interesting bigeye worth $10 billion who made it a larger fortune to his credit would express dissatisfaction with people who run companies with 50,000 employees in 50 different countries have to make more money. >> he is turning into a politician he says what he thinks of people want to hear. he does it cut his salary if he was working on tv was cutting his salary? of course, not. >> having said that there is something when the salaries go down and the co pay has gone up that is still unseen is there something that has to be done even from the corporate side? not even policy but what does the american system due to address something like that? >> who will decide? you?
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donald trump? i prefer to let the market decide. if this committee says don't worry nab esp paul get pitchforks they will find a way. >> bay may do that but it is not good for the future of the country. we have had great disparity go back to japan, china there were huge disparities the world somehow survived. charles: is there a perfect formula? >> day you think about that disparity? >> no. i think of the results in ordinarily if it is doing well the ceo is rewarded. that is what you want. if you win a baseball player some get paid more money than others is that fair or should they all make the
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same? charles: idle think it is fair. when it comes to baseball i know what you say but the establishment our masses are very a grave. this topic has had growth for all longtime. >> that is a different question and trump knows that people are avery. i don't think it would destroy the economy but it would be another step to be less competitive. charles: holding a huge rally tonight, speaking whether the mavericks play basketball at any moment we will bring it to you live. senator scott brown just talked about this they are willing to give up from their core beliefs. maybe even to lose a general election. we will be right back.
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charles: so to do the big survey one of the questions they were asked on the g.o.p. side how do you feel about washington d.c.? pretty much evenly divided. 41 satisfied the 45% say they are angry is saying there's so intense they are ready to give up on core believes even if that means giving up on the election? that it is a battle to prove who is the most conservative
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bin now take a look it is not but to what degree will they give up on the long held personal beliefs to prove a point? katrina you are back with us knowing about conservative values and principles but the big question is they acre and frustration supercede those values? >> i am not so sure if it supersedes the of values but it does make us angry that every time we do elect someone isn't done accordingly so we had someone that was to get done for of longtime but he says he will do something and that is generating support. >> and never heard conservatives to say we love
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them to you dictate co pay. i just never heard conservatives say that kind of thing whether same-sex marriage, why now are these values that if they look the other way to adopt the values? >> people look 6040 they am less than that because some have been elected by the grass roots were not even in the scoring in the '30's. if you look at that we don't have another three or four election cycles to get this right we have one and people are willing to take their chances still make that is of great .1 more cycle might be all she wrote.
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and the stadium is filling up. but to go back to ruth senator brown it is seen as very diametrically to underscore with grass-roots rising people were disappointed because they felt you voted with the party elders. does that establishment get that? >> that is the most bipartisan and senator at the time where everybody hates washington it is sent nothing new to lash out they are out of touch. here is the issue i have talked about so you are saying that teapartier will show was another lessons?
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they did at the last zero elections so if they don't agree with anything or everything that one candidate believes? then you have hillary clinton then if we will support the republican nominee period whether chris chris you're donald trump or scott walker we have a choice to support that process or hillary clinton and/or god forbid birdie sanders will be the president of united states. charles: looking at the caravan is stuck in traffic. according to the iowa poll they said they don't care they would rather like a candidate even if they are defeated by a nominee on the democratic side. think about this. is a message they want to
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send to the g.o.p. regardless behalf tried over and over your not listening to west. >> it is more than that but the idea that they could not beat the democrat we have told you have to be electing the most delectable with your theory has not worked that is part of the question and i think americans believe they have the way and i believe they do as well. charles: the rally is in dallas will be sold out at american airlines arena. that is massive. we will play of more when we come back.
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>> it's not about us getting carried away as much as american public is infate waited, and a lot of people are enthusiastic.
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i think that american public will demand more details. before we get to that one big issue in that iowa po we talked about. 40 percent of people in iowa said that economy is goaling worse, 16% said better, that is scary stuff, can fed do anything about that? >> it is getting worse. charles: i know but, after 5 trillion will doers of printing money. it was supposed to fix it. >> a huge mistake. the people who are getting the money they are having a wonderful time, if you are on wall street, you would think died and went to heaven, all your friends are getting rich. but the rest of us. we got problem. charles: nevertheless, a ticking time bomb. when i blows everyone paying the price. >> you are right, you should watch fox news, we have problem
6:26 pm
out there, you should be worried, you should be prepared it is blowing up. charles: this meeting they meet wednesday, thursday, i don't think they should exist. but they do. they are influential, all eyes will be on them, should they hike interest rates? >> they should, will they? i doubt it not yet, they might, they don't know. they will wake up in morning say, how is the wind blowing then they will do something. this is not a volcker, this is not martin, these are guys who don't know anything. charles: volcker raised rates a time it seemed, he gave us pain but we gave out better as a nation. >> and martin, you were not old enough but his he said his role was to take the punch bowl away when the party is getting hot. charles: it feels like the punch bowl does not work any more
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anyway. >> federal reserve balance sheet from 800 billion to 5 trillion in 7 years, that is up 600%. charles: i am getting a singapore, is china doing a stimulus? >> i think they will. charles: jim appreciate it. >> as you can see right there. a huge rally, all for donald trump, at american airline center in dallas, texas. tonight trump, is going to dunk a few more things other than basketball, and we're going to cover it live. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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charles: well, it's the economy, stupid. some famous politician once said that, in iowa 40% of the voters say that the economy is getting worse, just 18% said better, maybe they -- that explains the bernie sanders surge over hillary. liberals in england over week picked socialist as their leader, maybe it is likely that democrats can do the same thing here. chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer. chris, you said over and over, bernie sanders cannot win. every time you come back he is
6:32 pm
up 10 more points, pretty soon he will be at 99% to 1. what are democrats going to -- a guy like you, say, you know what bernie is real, and democratic party has moved so far left, that i don't recognize it. >> i am a progressive, but i will say, i don't think he is really, really running. i think he is running to prove a points, when the party comes home, which it always does, they will come home to an establishment candidate, you add hillary number and biden number that is majority public. charles: iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, they had a part in there, your secondary candidate. you can't take bidens number and give them to hillary, most of them go to sanders. >> they go to sanders. people just looking at washington say we'll come home, republicans is a that took.
6:33 pm
discount trump, it is still early. but people are angry, you cannot discount the voters in the early stage states, they are upset. they are looking for an alternative, we look at bernie sanders and donald trump, and say what are you saying? but people are angry. >> i discount iowa and new hampshire as early states. >> really. >> i don't think they should be give than role in our government, i don't like their -- >> there needs to be preform but that is our system. >> why isn't new york or california or illinois or florida. charles: those are all good states that reflect, great proxies. it is what it is. let's face it, they set the tone when a guy named barack obama beat hillary clinton in iowa that destroyed everything. >> and rick santorum won iowa 4 years ago, where is he today, iowa is not a bellwether for
6:34 pm
republicans as is for democrats. charles: but we're talking dems right now, hillary clinton is plummeting. >> she has to reform her campaign. charles: how. >> bill clinton needs to get out there hit the trail, campaigning for hillary now, i don't know why he is taking so long. it is getting late early, to quote yogi berra. >> i don't think that is business ser is bridge -- answer is bridge back more people from old political school, see who bernie sanders and donald trump are appealing to? it is young people, they are frustrated with the staibment. we have not seen a debate yet. >> that is coming. >> we don't know anything about joe biden. charles: here is the thing, one thing we're seeing is that, we don't know -- i am having a tough time grappling with who hillary clinton. is what does she represent outside of the notion she should be president because she ask a woman.
6:35 pm
>> i think she and her campaign are trying too figure that out, when you don't have a solid identity, you don't have a brand you can market, that is the problem. >> her ededis that she --er identity is she second per yens -- she is experienced. >> people don't want that look at who they are i supporting. >> they don't want it now, they don't have to vote yet. >> i know, we'll see next year, we'll all see next year. charles: we'll see, right now political experience is more of a anchor not a -- >> bernie 32 years in congress. charles: he is also, also had an independent streak all those years, a thorn in the side of the establishment. you are looking at scene right there, that is what we call a packed house. standing room only, that is where the nba plays basketball, tonight, donald trump center stage, they are waiting big time in dallas. ♪
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charles: we're live in dallas, texas, donald trump holding a massive rally. we'll be right back.
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>> the ron paul crowd, if you will, believes that we helped create what happened in syria. this is in correct. it is not just a different point of view it is wrong, we invaded iraq in 2003. the other end of the broader middle east, you know whether we invaded iraq or not, what happened in arab spring would have happened, we would have this the syrian war, and this refugee crisis. charles: that was former state department advisor on the show last week, he said that ron paul, and others who think like
6:40 pm
him, saying that america created this situation in syria. therefore the migrant crisis was wrong that is not the case. nevertheless, the crisis is growing. we said last week, at least president obama did, he would like to accept 10,000 refugees. over the weekend, a senior democrat on foreign relations committee said we should accept 50,000 of them. joining me now, tammy. and christian. the debate goes back and forth. the american people, i think will be asked by this obama administration to accept more than 10,000, we've taken in 1500 so far. but with germany saying we'll take 800,000, there will be a lot of pressure, whether you think it is that world pressure that we bow to now and then. do we have a certain aim of responsibility? >> germany has closer borders,
6:41 pm
there is a recognition in europe -- they have closed their borders, their is a signaling this cannot be done. this is one of the arguments why not 50 to 100. the chair of house homeland security committee said we have no idea who these people are. we do not know how to vet them, it is a national security issue and an economic issue. i argue, the moment you left syria, and you have gotten to turkey, you are in a place of refuge, the moment you leave a safe country, and you move to another place, are an immigrant. charles: a lot of people do a lot to get here. >> right. and we do have our own migration issues here that we're dealing with, in this hemisphere. the other issue, that there needs to be more prodding in
6:42 pm
middle east or more wealthry country to help with the refugees, jordan and the uae, they are closer. charles: good news, saudi arabia said, they will build mosques throughout europe to accommodate them. >> that is so nice. charles: they will take zero refugees. >> that moves into us facilitates genocide. it is not just killing people it destroying cultures. you should repatriot as soon as possible that is why you move them to the closest nation, when you move them, and mosques of build, and they are given citizenship, that agreement then is they are never returning. these are people if they are really against, sad and isis -- assad and isis, these are people who should be boots on the ground, these are the people we should be arming. >> they are men, most of them are fighting age men, and they should be fighting for the country. >> right.
6:43 pm
charles: but having said that, you could argue, we had that red line in the sand in syria that did not work. we have a medical see toward middle east with this administration that has emboldened isis and terrorism, that made kurds and others easy target. >> there has not been a real cohesive foreign policy strategy toward middle east. it has always been with obama administration to pullback, pullback, pull out, that has led to the situation we're in toward the end. they have more hope of assimilating here than europe. >> the geel shoul the goal shoue place, like jordan, and audrey puente and -- saudi arabia, and uae . charles: they have a collect e6 zero.
6:44 pm
>> we're waiting that huge rally, that is in dallas, 20,000 people are expected. is not dirk nowitzki, they will be cheering donald, we'll be right back.
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: welcome back. jim, you said donald trump will make america bankrupt this morning. >> donald trump might win but he will like too bankruptcy and more. >> how is he -- what is he going to do, invade nabisco and mexico? come on this is a disaster, things he say he would do. charles: donald trump said we
6:48 pm
should have fair trade. ford should not take american jobs to mexico, nabisco should not do the same thing, that is common sense to most, you said. >> i said his policies would lead to bankruptcy for america, about trade war, about making people who have our money bridge it back. -- bring it back, how do you do that? invade korea and say bring your money back. charles: is there way to put in economy policies that get that money to shift a bit. >> it is calls trade war. charles: the deal -- relationship we have with country we do trade with, a lot that have all kinds of things that pose obstacles to american countries to do business in their country. >> you are going to say to japanese we're not doing business with you any more, and the koreans and the germans. charl --
6:49 pm
>> we buy more of their stuff than they buy of ours, do we not have leverage. >> throughout history, trade wars have led to real wars, that was my point, trade wars never work it always leads to real war 92 -- >> to senator scott brown, i get where jim is coming from. having said that, we have a lopsided relationship with the world. we buy stuff they manufacture, they get u.s. dollars in return, can we do anything to fix that. >> i think that donald would, surround himself with people who understand the process, know the politics of that. we need to repatriot, and drop corporate tax rates, becommerce competitive, create regulatory attacks certainty to allow businesses and individuals to plan to incentivize the businesses to come back it is
6:50 pm
fair to say to japan and china, hey, we need the same considering you give us, i think that is fair. but we can actually out lead them with our education, finances and economy if we get rid of the regulatory uncertainty and create tax certainty, and allow an incentive for hiring and growing and expanding, and get that economic engine going that is common sense. charles: one second, a fox news alert. casey siegel, at the rally in dallas, how does it look there? >> a lot of people are streaming in on the american airline center. i am going to hop out of the way, this is about 12 minutes from getting underway, people are streaming in. by the way, a ac, can hold about 20,000 people and boy were the ticketed snatched up quickly, a packed house to give you an idea how much of a demand there was.
6:51 pm
we have seen some people trying to scalp them on sites like ebay for as much as 200 bucks, folks would like to hear donald trump speak in person, they would like to decide for themselves, and others like him because he calls it like he sees it, this are about 500 protesters making their way right now, as we speak to the american airline center, mostly, people from the hispanic community in north texas. that are upset over his controversial comments on mexicans and his stance on ill going -- illegal immigration, we're seeing a lot of supporters as well. >> sounds like an exciting event. we'll cam become to you later. >> we do have a steve moore of her taheritage foundation, i ame
6:52 pm
you were listening in. do we have any leverage too change your economic relationship with the world. >> to my friend, jim rogers, we don't want donald trump to bankrupt our country we already have president who is doing that right now. i think that senator had it right, our problem in terms of trade right now, is not our tariff laws, it our tax laws. you look at corporate tax, this is a tariff we put on our own goods and services, that makes no sense. we cut this core for tax rate from 30% too say 20%, we would raise more money, that will bring money back. why not go to 5 or 6% repa repatriation tax, let the
6:53 pm
companies bring back that money, that is a trillion dollars that could be reinvested here, we just need a better tax system. >> here, here, but we've known that for 30 years, nobody has done it, how much does it take. >> i spent my whole career on this issue, i feel your pain. charles: i want too go to case hahn, chris, president obama knows for a long time to jim rogers 59 this probably. the lowest hanging fraught out there. and my estimation it worked bring this money back, if obama wants to hijack a piece for infrastructure, fine cut the deal. but why not allow the companies that have trillion offshore. >> i am not opposed to that idea weaker have to get money back onshore weaker have to compromise on both sides. problem is that congress does not want to compromise on anything for any reason, they want it to come become for free,
6:54 pm
obama wants to put strings on it. we have too figure it out, i am looking at that crowd, are they coming to see the circus? donald trump is show business, this is what we love in american politics at this stage. >> democrat -- >> go ahead. >> back to 1986, this is, president reagan put forward a bipartisan tax reform got tax rate to 28%, amazing statistic that bill passed 94 to 6, how is that, we can do that. charles: bringing in tammy, bill clinton also had bipartisan stuff that helped the economy did well, and stock market did well, a lot of people even republicans said this is a pretty good president, this administration, there has been a failure. having said that, do you, agree with jim that donald trump's policies outline as they have been would bankrupt the nation? >> i think jim and steve, that were already there -- we're
6:55 pm
already there. charles: will it take us over the top. will building a wall, puts a 30% tariff purt? >> his own trump own business history shown he is not afraid of bankruptcy, but bill clinton enjoyed governing, that is why he was able to get -- and so did president reagan, president obama does not want to govern, i have a tiny feeling that donald trump would rather it be a king ship. >> if you see number of people lined up to see donald trump, they are there because of his bompast -- bomb pastic nature ad his showman ship. and we're work together and economy got better, they are out there for someone saying i'm not listening to gone but myself. >> donald trump said himself, he is an 18 entertainer.
6:56 pm
charles: he is. right now, hard to disagree we may not get to white house. >> 8 years ago we said the same thing about barack obama he came out of nowhere, he won. look at what happened, are you happy? >> snow i'm not happy -- i don't think that any american is happy. >> you mentioned he has driven 8 years of congress not working together. because it was a cult 5. >> i was in orlando this week, there were 3,000 activists, they are show angry, these are conservatives, angry at republican congress for caving in on iran, and on all these things, republicans better pay, tension to this or they will get routed again. charles: back to you senator brown. >> you know, going to court, you have to be a little bit
6:57 pm
defensive. the core of your party is saying to please listen. >> everyone needs to listen and then watch. this is nothing new. what donald trump is doing is absolutely nothing new. what is the difference is how many more republicans there are, the libertarians are going to show the republican party that there are republicans that are not. if we are going to be divided, we are going to have another eight years of barack obama, hillary clinton, joe biden. and it's going to be the same philosophy. i want to correct the record that if the president or anyone went down there and said i want to repatriate all of that offshore money, fix the tax code.
6:58 pm
charles: they say what is the most important thing. business experience are getting it done. they want someone to get things done. and he swelled it up a number of times. and you have to give him credit for some of his accomplished with your. >> you have to remember with congress and judicial branch, you have to work with them in order to get anything done. >> it is a terrific gop lineup, carly fiorina is surging again.
6:59 pm
>> i don't know what anyone is talking about. and unless that stops from a to freefall into it. >> you know, it will not be. write it down. >> you know, trump is going to freefall. >> one thing we know is that donald trump has created this excitement. maybe they are riding his
7:00 pm
coattails. all this seems to be the republican party right now. you have some amick and exciting candidates right there. that is dallas, texas. a packed house. they usually play basketball there. taking you throughout it throughout the rest of the night is lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. and just moments donald trump taking the stage of thousands of supporters in texas. this is expected to be one of his largest rallies in one of the earliest campaign nomination processes. he is clearly the frontrunner and he is set to speak to a crowd of some 20,000 supporters and you can see the arena there. that is the american airlines center in dallas. his speech comes as a new national poll


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