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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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everyone is focused whether the fed will hike interest rate as quarter of a point. that is a big deal. i don't want that to get lost. focus on what america is doing. this is sixth avenue, right outside of our offices here. avenue of the americas. they're buying hotdogs an fake gucci bags. life is going on. trish, i think we need the need perspective. trish: a big rally tied to expectations about the fed. we'll be live from the new york stock exchange in just a moment. donald trump has company at the top. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." i'm trish regan. i want to quickly get to the markets. jamie cox is with me on set. what do you think is fueling the rally now up 220? >> i think the bond market is specifically giving the federal reserve the green light to raise rates. trish: you think that will happen in thursday? >> i thought it would happen in june. i was wrong. trish: i thought three years
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ago. the fed for six plus years kept zero interest rate policy environment. some worry it cause ad whole other set of problems in terms of asset bubble here in the markets. >> they have been right. back in 2011 or 12 when others raise the rates what did bernanke do? he didn't. he embarked on qe1, 2 and 3. now opposite is happening. federal banks are -- transitory effect has gone away that bernanke used to raise rates. trish: we'll do all we can to depress our currency making our goods that much cheaper than american goods. our goods in contrast become more expensive because our fed is doing the opposite what everyone else is doing. how is that good for our economy? >> not necessarily good for every single company in the economy but remember in the united states our economy is 65, to 70% consumers. and that matters a lot.
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trish: jamie my, thank you so much. we'll continue coverage of the markets. you will join me shortly. i want to get to the big story, everyone. the new election polls. dr. ben carson coming out of near obsecurity to be in statistical dead heat with donald trump. moving from 6% in july to more than 20% today. that support, well, coming straight from the establishment candidates. from jeb bush, he is dropping to 7 percentage points. scott walker dropping to eight. can dr. carson sustain this rise to the top without a massive fund-raising machine in his corner or billions of dollars necessary his own pocket? joining me now, republican strategist, mark serrano and democratic strategist mark pittman. the peter barnes is in washington break down the latest poll numbers. >> reporter: here are the numbers from the "cbs/new york times poll." trump has risen to 27% from 24% in july. dr. ben carson at 23%.
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jeb bush is 6% down from 13%. huckabee at six, rubio at six. plus minus is 6%. means carson could be in a tie with trump. biggest loser in the poll? scott walker. down from 10% in july. the poll shows that candidates still have plenty of time to change minds with just 37% of republican voters saying that they have picked a candidate and 6% -- 63% saying it is still too early to do that they will be all ears at the next republican debate tomorrow night in california. same thing with the speech trump will give tonight on national security as he continues to flesh out positions as a serious candidate would. he gail a little preview of his speech tonight at his speech last night in dallas. >> our military is going to be so strong, and so powerful, and so modern, that technology we
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have it, but it is not working. we're not allowed to use it. nobody has any fear. not that i want to use it. i want to make it so strong, so powerful that we never have to use it. >> reporter: i kept the best trump line for me. he also said last night, quote, we send our best equipment to our chicken allies. one shot is fired in the air and they give it up to the enemy. trish? trish: all kinds of lines. that's what people like about him. peter barnes, stay with us. mark, sean, bring you into the conversation here as we look at some of these numbers coming out. mark, for example, that peter shared, 63% of the americans still haven't made up their mind, republican americans haven't made up their mind who they would vote for. does this men jeb bush has a shot still? >> jeb bush has a shot still, trish because jeb bush has $100 million backing him up. he hasn't really spent a lot of that yet. if you're establishment politician what you should read
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in the poll, this is not the year for year. i think this trend is going to continue. i think trump and carson continue to grow. the real key though for them, can they translate that into real votes ultimately. can ben carson raise $50 million? can he get on the ballot in 11 states that require signatures? can he build operation in 11 states march 1 with primary that date? when i was in presidential campaigns i was operations guy. these are the things, realities come into play. trish: trump -- >> he has a billion dollars to do it. >> stay on carson for a moment. sean pittman, when you watch meteoric rise about carson what does it tell you about america? >> america wants to trust their president like they trust their doctor. i think it is that simple. i think people are looking for something else. they're out there shopping right now. trish: they don't want the politician? >> well, as mark said, this is a
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bad time for the regular politician. now that may just be a 2015 thing. 2016 might bring us back to reality but the reality today is people are looking at, let's look at donald trump. like a coach. and america is looking to be a team, right? they're trying to unify. so, he sounds like a coach. and we're boeing to get it done. we'll work together. we're going to high-five. they want that. trish: sounds like a coach and also ceo i would point out. a leader. >> absolutely. trish: you know what? he sounds, sean, like a leader, that this country has felt beaten down people responding incredibly well for that. dr. carson is surging hire. mark, can he make this work without all the money donald trump has and without some kind of infrastructure and billions of dollars around him? how does he make that happen? >> he will have to raise the money, there is no doubt about it. i think he could.
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doesn't surprise me is number two and surging because of the anti-establishment wave. he has time to build infrastructure to continue to build in other states. not a lot of time. remember the first votes take place february 1st. it wraps up july 18th. very compressed time period. he has to be in the sec primary states as number two on the ground. trish: if it doesn't happen to him, can't pull off infrastructure, sean, do those votes go to donald trump. >> well i think the establishment candidates have to look at ben carson's surge as on on -- an opportunity. there are votes out there not necessarily with trump. there are a lot of them but some are moving. if he can't do the infrastructure that is opportunity for somebody like jeb bush who has $100 million sitting there, although i guess he used 24 million in iowa. trish: that is who dr. carson is appealing to.
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not appealing to the same people that vote for jeb bush that is more establishment. he is appealing to people saying i want anybody but a politician. >> yeah. trish: with that in mind, do you think trump gets his votes if he backs out? >> i do. i think carly fiorina will get some but trump will get most of them. zebra can not change its stripes. jeb bush is a zebra. scott walker is sort of one. if you're a politician, you're a politician. that is identity is perceived in the electorate that is how it is perceived. this election is not about them. i think a lot of votes will go to trump. they don't want to give them someone they don't trust, they want to give it to a coach as sean said, somebody who will make a change. if you look at trump, a lot of concern is true conservative, will he be conservative enough? the reality -- trish: i don't think people care. >> they don't care. they don't want establishment. trish: i think he may have some bipartisan appeal as well there.
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there are a lot of democrats. >> he does. trish: they will say, look what he is saying really resonates with me. i wonder, sean, if we're getting to the point where americans are so sick of politics. i don't need the party. i need the candidate? >> well, people also don't want to deal with things they don't understand either. and look, they understand trump. we have not even started with the real substance of issues because people don't want to hear it. they want to hear, they want hear at 30,000-foot level right now. i differ a little bit with mark on this i think as we come to next year, that people are going to start want to hear more about issues and make some decisions but where i do agree with him, if trump is willing to use the money, and if media still allowing him to have so much free media, i don't think you count him out at all. trish: all right. thank you so much. good to have you guys here. we have breaking news i want to get to. we mentioned donald trump will be speaking on national security. we heard him talk a lot about
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the chinese as of late. fox has learned that the chinese are putting together a sophisticated facebook-like network filled with data they are gathering on government officials, corporate executives and everyday americans like you and me. the chinese are storing this information. they are waiting for an opportunity to blackmail, target or recruit individuals. i want to go to catherine herridge who is in d.c. and has this exclusive story for us. catherine, sounds to me like we're taking cyber warfare to a whole new level with this. >> reporter: well, that's correct. we are in fact. fox news has confirmed the same chinese entity that was behind opm was also behind the theft of records from at least two other health care providers earlier this year including anthem and care first. when you combine the security clearance applications from opm, known as sf-86 with the personal information in the health care file you have nearly a complete profile of government employees who work in national security. a leading i.t. company analyzing
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the fallout says the data is being stored by chinese operatives for targeting, blackmailing and recruitment purposes in company calls facebook of everything. the company warns the opm breach is likely the tip of the iceberg as more cyber attacks come to us by china and russia. >> the chinese really are aggregating all this personal information not just on 21 million people affected in the opm breach but really almost every american that signed up for health insurance. creating a facebook of everything, where all the personal data, financial data is available for them. trish: >> the president plans to take up this issue with the chinese during a state visit later this month, trish. trish: catherine, thank you very much. i want to bring mark and sean back into the conversation. as well as our own jo ling kent as we just got breaking information from catherine herridge. we'll hear from donald trump, gentlemen, tonight on national security. mark, when you hear about reports like this and we realize
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we're all increasingly vulnerable online, to enemies that want our information, how much of this is going to resonate on the campaign trail? >> this will, oh, tremendously because look, this is a new war front. unfortunately the obama administration is woefully inadequate addressing it. we've had home depot and many other, target, other retailers who have been hacked. then opm we're seeing this increase in dramatically and get worse and worse. but you know what i'm concerned about? what we don't know? the which hacks are being perpetrated right now? and what on earth is this administration doing about it? i think it will become a very big issue in the campaign. trish: jo ling, this is big problem. this administration allowed this to go on. think about the last eight years and the surge in cyber attacks that happened. really within the last two years, jo ling. you start to say to yourself, what more can be done, should be done and why aren't they doing it? >> let's be careful here too.
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the government isn't responsible for defending private companies. private companies who have been hacked are responsible for their own cybersecurity. so very much a joint effort to have the support of u.s. government and capabilities there. trish: doesn't it have to come from the top? isn't there a message, sean, that washington should be sending, you know what? , you don't necessary with us? you don't mess with our corporations? you don't hack into our materials, if you do you will pay the price? seems as though nobody really told them you can't? >> well, i think, it is time for government to do something, right? i think it is overdue but this is living breathing thing. we just, two years ago, started to do cause a problem. but, i think if the government did decide to start putting sanctions on companies that go into this be a activity, it would probably curb anybody that has appetite to do it. trish: it is not companies that go into activity.
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some actor, non-state, very transnational issue. goes on blaming an entity if you will. it is incredibly complicated. if you look what the obama administration has done so far, they have actually called out the chinese. put their photos out. called for them to be prosecuted. that never happened before. there are measures that have been taken when you look at fuller picture. trish: you wonder how much good it is doing. mark, they're taking our technology. that's a reality, if you're an american corporation overseas right now working in china you're vulnerable to all kinds of things and they're out there now hacking our own data. using it potentially for blackmail as catherine was just reporting. so, the administration may be saying hey, don't do that but for whatever reason, mark, it is not resonating. i agree with jo ling. the private sector is responsible for its own data. but the administration has not properly raised the alert level on these data breaches such that
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they can work collaboratively with the private sector. they have not dealt with security clearances for hyseq tiff levels at corporations -- hyseq tiff levels at corporations. and chinese are eating our lunch as it relates to data breaches. the united states is not putting counter offensive approach in place that has had any effect. i'm very concerned about what is next. what is the next breach we'll hear about? the administration has not taken it head on and worked with the private sector. >> i guess i'm more familiar with the u.s.-china relationship. if you look last seven days, newspapers, you see there are four days of meeting with cybersecurity officials, white house and chinese side. you have president xi jinping. >> these are not feared. it is not feared by the chinese because obama gives away unilateral giveaways to cuba, to iran and china does not fear us. we need a new president for them
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to fear. >> i think you're overstepping there a little bit. trish: otherwise people can -- >> really about the technology thousand. trish: thank you so much, jo ling, sean and john. coming up we continue to talk about china what it means for gas prices because their lack of demand and slow economy means prices are going down at pump. how long does this last, everyone? president obama wants to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the united states. what will the consequences be? congressman king will be here to tell us whether second amendment expert jan morgan is right when she says this. >> this is not humanitarian hand that president obama is extending. it is an open door to an enemy invasion. can a business have a mind?
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this. crude oil prices moving below 45 bucks a barrel. we approach the close of trading happening ten minutes, 15 seconds from now. low prices are fueling decline in prices at the pump which happens to be plunging to the lowest level since february. the question, do low gas prices, low oil prices do they last? i want to go to jeff flock from a refinery in illinois. jeff, what are people saying? how long can we expect these low gas prices to continue? >> reporter: some people think that it might last until christmas when we get down to a national average around $2. if you see the refinery back behind me, that is the citgo lemont refinery. the smoke coming out of that stack, that is canadian tar sands crude which is even cheaper than normal crude. look at where we are right now, in terms of gas prices. we have come down a penny a day in the last week. we're down to 2.32.
2:21 pm
this time last year, we were at 3.39. so, you know, we have three states now, that are under $2 a gallon. south carolina, mississippi and alabama, all under $2 a gallon. we have regas sales numbers, trish, which showed another decline in amount of money spent on gas, down 17% in august, trish. trish: i like the sound of that. everybody likes the sound of that. but here is the question, how much are people saving on average if what are they doing with all the extra money? we got retail sales out and they ain't pretty. >> reporter: that is the thing. all indicationses people are not using money to put it back to work in the marketplace. you get a decline, a slow trickle. when it trickles out you don't realize it. sob will not hand awe bunch of money to go spend. you save some. so you don't really realize it. trish: people holding on to the all the extra cash.
2:22 pm
jeff, thank you so much. >> reporter: not a bad thing. i kind of like that. i'm a saver. i'm old. trish: we need some economic growth, somehow, some way. we'll have more on the markets with the dow up 219 points. everyone. i will be back with more. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. trish: big rally under way right now, up more than 200, stocks trading higher. volume is light because you know what? a lot of people are sitting on the side lines, they don't want to make any moves ahead of the federal reserve meeting. what's going to happen if they raise? will the market have another tantrum? joining me jamie cox and stephen guilfoyle. stephen, what do you say? if the market is up today and this is somehow linked to the fed. how are you going to interpret this? related to the move? >> the market is up, up a lot. volume is very low, i'm not sure how much of a risk on bet this really is.
2:26 pm
we're seeing participation from every sector, even the utilities in the face of treasuries which is a risk offmove, almost. >> i think today is an interesting market in that it gives us a view into what might happen come thursday, come friday. we were just hearing jamie explain earlier, stephen, he is convinced the fed is going to move, that they're going to hike rates for the first time in ten years, we're going to get off of zero, quarter point hike he thinks coming out of the fed, he thinks that's why you're seeing the rally, people see this as an optimistic sign. do you agree, stephen? >> 100%. i'm a trader, i am set up long. i think if we get an increase, we will have a good three or four last months of the year, they may raise the fed funds rate but go small, only 10 basis points, 15 basis points. trish: they could get creative on us, jamie? >> we've heard every complicating factor to why the
2:27 pm
fed should not raise interest rates over the last couple of weeks. every major imf. trish: larry summer out there, too. >> saying don't do it. that lends itself to the thinking the fed is engaged in doing it. trish: if i'm janet yellen and the entire world, including christine lagarde in france is telling me, that should i not budge, i don't know, i might be kind of tempted to do what no one thinks i should do, stephen. look, they had an opportunity to do this two years ago, three years ago, that opportunity, however, has gotten more complicated in this environment. could the pressure of everybody saying don't move actually cause the fed to move? >> without a doubt. the pressure from external forces, from political force could impact what the fed does here. these guys are mostly academics, aren't real world hard working guys in the marketplace or in the real economy.
2:28 pm
so i don't have a lot of faith in them to do the right thing it. should never have gotten to this point. two years old this information is. we could have been out of situation before it happened. trish: we could have. if there's one thing we have learned throughout the entire process is the fed, jamie, they're always late to the party, i don't care which direction you are going, in they take a while to catch up to everything going on. i wonder why that is? they keep saying they need to see the data, why can't they anticipate a little more? >> difficult to know what's going to happen in the future, whatever. if we represent the ordinary people, they've been paying the freight with low interest rates for many years. it's time to change. savers, people who are retired, need income, interest rates are positive for those people. trish: i'm worried the fed has inadvertently caused a different kind of crisis. we might be seeing, we probably are seeing and a lot of smart people have weighed in on this, an asset bubble of sorts in the equity markets, also in the
2:29 pm
fixed income markets. let's face it, as jamie said, retirees can't make money in their savings account, they can't make money by getting a certificate of deposit. they're buying puerto rico debt and other riskier products that give them that yield, stephen? >> how much of a problem is that? trish: it is. >> i'm related to older people, and yeah, they can't make any money, you are absolutely right. the fed has painted itself into a corner. going back to what you said, when has christine lagarde ever done a good job. trish: i could go off on my whole french tyrant, but i'll avoid that. we have oil, coming up on the close of oil, everyone. we were talking with jeff flock who said nobody is spending this money, that's part of the problem we have in the economy. 30 seconds on the close, and looks like oil will end up about 60 cents, but still under the key level, $45 a barrel.
2:30 pm
stephen, are you still with us? no. we lost stephen. jamie, why aren't americans spending the savings at the pump? >> i don't think they believe oil prices will stay down. higher oil prices have been with us for a long time. now that you're seeing oil prices go down and stay down. you're starting to see it. labor day, record number of people on the road. it's starting to stick, it has a lagging effect. look at that coming into the future. a big deal for christmas. trish: good to have you here, stephen, good to see you. president obama's plan to take in 10,000 refugees from syria is drawing criticism from many people. new york congressman peter king says the move could result in quote another boston marathon bombing situation. so why are we doing this? republican congressman makes his case to us next. stay with us. peter king, everyone. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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. trish: european union countries battling over the ongoing migrant crisis. one official in the czech republic is declaring a victory. the government deploys the army to the region there. and the overflow of refugees storming the european borders is raising alarm that president obama's pledge to take in 10,000 syrian refugees could be a big problem here at home. we learned that secretary of state john kerry will be
2:35 pm
visiting london on friday to discuss the crisis and possible solutions, but the big concern here is that opening up our borders to syrian refugees could open us up to potential terrorists, something jan morgan, a second amendment expert who joined our show yesterday warned about. listen to this. >> this is not a humanitarian hand president obama is extending. it is an open door to an enemy invasion. here's why i say. that you've got our own fbi has already stated publicly that we have an isis problem in america, the fbi has documented that there are isis, jihadists located in every single state in this country, and isis has come out publicly and announced they plan to exploit the syrian refugee situation to plant jihadists in america. trish: just how at-risk are we? and what can be done to stop it? joining us republican congressman peter king of new york. congressman, always good to see you, this is a very serious issue. >> yes.
2:36 pm
trish: in your view, could isis wind up seeding terrorists among the refugees that might come here? >> trish, the answer is yes, and we know they're going to try, and we have to assume that with the open border, allowing 10,000 people in from syria that we have to assume that somebody is going to make it through, and in this day, in the post-9/11 era, we always have to assume the worst, and it's a very good chance to see that the worst will happen. and you have to realize that there is absolutely no real way of vetting to the extent these refugees coming in. over the last year and a half or so, there has been attempted vetting and they've cleared 1500. let's assume that's true. 1500 in over a year. how is the president going to find another 10,000 that we can vet. the reason is there is no intelligence on the ground. we don't have people on the ground who can vouch for everyone. no government records we can go to. syria is a totally chaotic country and a hotbed of al qaeda and isis.
2:37 pm
trish: so it puts us at risk? . >> absolutely. it definitely puts the united states at risk. trish: what would you do, congressman, because on the one hand, we're a country that wants to welcome people in sdmeeshgsd -- need, and the refugees are struggling. on a humanitarian level you want to be there, but you also got to face the reality. jan morgan is a small business owner, she runs a gun range and club in arkansas, and she actually has gotten herself to the point where she's banning muslims from shooting at her range because -- and this is a broad stroke brush she's putting on the situation -- because she's fearful of her security and the security of her other club members there. so that's an extreme tactic, but that's someone who's concerned about it at the local level, as we look at it on a national level, what do you do?
2:38 pm
>> well, as a country we've always been open to refugees. i was in congress in the 1990s, we had more than 150,000 bosnian refugees into the country and i supported this. in no situations, the refugees coming were not a threat to the united states. people say jews were kept out in the 1930s when they were escaping nazi germany. that was terrible. horrible. the jews were not a threat to the united states, there was no rationale to keep them out. they were kept out because we didn't want to upset hitler. we were neutral. a terrible, terrible decision, and they should have been let in because there was no threat to the united states, plus they needed the relief from the horror they were going through. in this case, we have no idea who we're getting. even the refugees, the three-year-old boy that washed up to the shore which was horrible and a terrible disaster, but he was not a political refugee. he and his family were living in turkey, from syria and lived
2:39 pm
in turkey and going to europe for economic gain. you can understand that. do you open up all your borders not knowing who's a real refugee? who's coming for economic reasons? who is affiliated with isis? right now this goes back to -- trish: you say seal the border. >> we have to seal the borders now, and of the strictest possible vetting. and other than that, start take real action in syria. the president dropped the ball two years ago when he allowed assad to cross the red line, that allowed isis to develop and allowed assad to build up his strength. trish: you are right, we find ourselves in the situation we're in now. one quick question for you, congressman. where are the gulf states in all this? saudi arabia? jordan? why can't they do more given the crisis is in their region? >> they should be doing more. jordan is doing a great job, they're the best ally in the gulf states. they obviously have the space, they have the money, they have the ability, and they should be the ones who are taking them, in no doubt about that.
2:40 pm
trish: peter king, thank you so much. always good to see you. >> thank you, thank you. trish: we're going to take a quick break, but investors in a wait-and-see mode ahead of the much-anticipated fed decision. nonetheless, not causing concern in the markets right now. big rally, up 235. what is your strategy? how are you playing this as we countdown to the big moment thursday at 2:00 p.m. that's next. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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2:42 pm
. trish: check out that tape, lots of green on the screen, sitting near the highs of the session. 241 on the dow. energy companies rising more than the rest of the market as the price of oil actually turns higher for a change. what do you know? still under 45 bucks a barrel. americans are stepping up spending on cars, restaurants, clothing and groceries, a little bit. the commerce department says retail sails rose a.25%, you still got an economy in rough shape. makes it interesting for thursday. we'll see what the federal reserve decides what to do. automakers cutting back on production after a big gain in july. the federal reserve saying manufacturing productions just a half a percent, the biggest decline since january 2014. we have breaking news on bill clinton and those speeches he was doing. ed henry joining us next.
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
. trish: breaking news on bill clinton we're going to get to in a minute. we want to take a quick check on the markets right now as we watch a rally that continues to gain moment up here, up 235. off the highs of the session, but still looking pretty good. now to that news we were promising on bill clinton. this is a fox exclusive. ed henry breaking it for us now. fox reporting that an aide to bill clinton checked with the
2:45 pm
state department back in 2012 about delivering a paid speech to a group with ties to iran. ed henry with the exclusive. ed, what's going on? >> reporter: let me run through it real quick. and the bottom line is this e-mail we've obtained exclusively shows in june of 2012 bill clinton was office reached out to then secretary of state hillary clinton to see if he gave a speech to the name of the group, the name is the national immigrant iranian council. they are accused of being a direct lobbying group for the iranian government. they have denied that vehemently. the group is outspoken about saying want its to end all u.s. sanctions against iran. why is the timing significant? the e-mail that we have from bill clinton's office shows he was seeking the permission in the summer june of 2012. remember what the "wall street journal" reported last week, in july of 2012, hillary clinton's
2:46 pm
one of her top aides dick sullivan was meeting secretly with iranian diplomats in talks that paved the way for the iran nuclear deal that we're debating right now, and obviously opened the door to ending u.s. sanctions against iran, just as this lobbying group wants, and so what's interesting is have you this outside group trying to pay money for a speech to the office of former president bill clinton. in the end, we've learned the speech did not happen, but remember it follows a pattern we've seen there. was the speech to the group with ties to north korea that bill clinton was office ran past the state department, ended up not happening. a speech for a group tied to the democratic republic of congo very controversial as well. that speech did not happen. critics have been saying why wasn't the former president considering such controversial speeches? i spoke to his office today, they tell me in the case of the speech with the group with ties
2:47 pm
to tehran, they were sending this along to the state department as a matter of course to vet it out and wasn't they were seeking permission or pushing for the speech. very interesting as hillary clinton struggles in the polls, the information continues to drip out, trish. trish: bottom line, it's a major conflict of interest. here she is, secretary of state, he's out there getting money from groups that are lobbying for some of the things she's in discussions about. the whole thing makes your head spin, and the idea, i would say is why is he even asking? those critics that say why would he ask to do some of the speeches, they're right? >> correct, you might think it would be immediately dismissed by the office of the former president. i've talked to them and they say he wasn't pushing for the speech. his office was checking, vetting. there are critics saying why check this out? obviously, this is not going to pass muster. the bigger picture here
2:48 pm
obviouslies a know better than anyone is hillary clinton has been struggling in the polls. there is a abc-"washington post" poll that shows among white women she's lost 29 points in the last eight weeks. women were supposed to be the cornerstone of this potentially historic run, and yet because of these trust issues in part, she's having some trouble. >> i think at the end of the day, part of it is who you are as a politician and how likable you are, and a lot of people just don't like her. anyway, thank you so much. terrific to have you here, great reporting. we're going to change gears and talk about fantasy sports. false advertising, illegal gambling, insecure networks could all be at play. yikes, when you sign up here. you need to legalize this stuff? we're going to talk about it with an expert.
2:49 pm
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. trish: back to the breaking news coming to us from ed henry. fox is reporting an aide to bill clinton checked with the state department in 2012 about delivering a paid speech to a group with ties to iran. we were talking, adam shapiro here on set with me. fox business' very own. we were talking about with ed about her lack of popularity with women and voters in general. she has been slipping against the likes of bernie sanders in new hampshire. is this going to hurt her more? >> potentially could hurt her. the clintons have to be very careful because they are insiders as are many expoliticians who get paid to speak. the question is the group that ed uncovered who is he going to speak to? it could work to their advantage. if he was going to speak to a group, remember, you had the young people in iran who were going to rise up in 2009, might not be as negative to them.
2:53 pm
>> the group coming out of tehran, of course at a time when they were lobbying, the group had ties to folks lobbying to get rid of the sanctions. the state department ultimately said the speech didn't happen. >> denied it. trish: i don't think it's good. i think this is more of the same coming out of clintons. we're going to shift gears, you have a lot to talk about with fantasy sports. >> talk about something fun. trish: illegal gambling is waging 50 bucks at the hopes of winning one million of selecting a combination of nfl players for your own fantasy league considered gambling? fuel duel and draft kings have faced obstacles including lawsuits claiming false advertising and potentially illegal gambling. how do these companies affect legal casino sports betting? and what is the risk for hacking through these sites. joining me fox business' adam
2:54 pm
shapiro and todd gillette. from clinton to gambling, that's not a wild trend, if you think about it. what's going on here? the issue is it's illegal, but people are doing it. >> no, it's not illegal, and very simple, in 2006, congress made online gambling illegal but there's a loophole in the law which specifically permits fantasy sports gaming, and there are differences we could get into technicalities of this. the bottom line is congress does permit fantasy sports gaming. frank malone is calling for hearings because he says it's the same as gambling, but the congress passed a law which permits it and there are differences between gambling and fantasy sports gameing. >> what are some of the differences, todd? >> so typically -- trish, you can hear me? trish: i gotcha. >> fantasy sports you pick your
2:55 pm
own players and, illegal sports gambling which it is not is predicated on chance, i think the steelers are going to win today. the carveout is specific in the law, and that's why companies like mine feel confident in what we're doing. trish: you know, you basically you're part of the loophole. but do we really need to have loopholes? if people are doing this and betting on who's going to win the super bowl, we've all participated in that in the office place. >> this isn't betting on the super bowl. trish: it's betting on the fantasy team. i'm taking it to a bigger issue. should we say it's happening, let's tax it, regulate it, let's make it all legal. >> well, it is legal. it's not illegal right now to do this, and the winnings, when you pay the $25 entry fee in order to build a fantasy team,
2:56 pm
you're entering a pool which by the players you selected under the guideline of the law, if your players have the best point us and win, you get a prize established before the game gins, that's totally legal and you pay taxes on the prize. trish: are people psyched about doing this this fall? now that tom brady is back in action. >> the illegal sports market is a $380 billion a year market. and fan duel and draft kings are estimating about 3 billion in revenue. trish: thank you so much. adam, good to see you, quick break and we've got more on the breaking news on the clintons. how much is this going to hurt hillary? plus a market now up big, we'll talk about what it means, the big fed meeting for you. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. . trish: to hike or not to hike? that is the question, and that
3:00 pm
is what members of the fomc are going to be talking about when they meet beginning tomorrow, and then thursday, of course, at 2:00 p.m., right here, you got to make sure you watch, they're going to come out with their decision. some people say we could get a quarter point hike. maybe a bit less. market's in a big rally. liz claman, over to you. >> yes, it is 3:00 straight up. live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. the bulls are definitely riled up. look at these numbers as you see, we have a triple-digit rally on the dow jones industrial average, but pretty much all of the major indices are up more than a percent today as investors say let's pile into stocks in advance of the mega meeting trish was talking about. less than 48 hours away, we will see if the fed finally pulls the trigger and decides to raise interest rates. but investors, corporate leaders and national defense ci


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