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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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david: the money is going right into the ayatollah's hands. not just trump is rising. dr. ben carson is with him up in the polls. how much longer than two outsiders climb in the polls while snubbing the establishment? we'll talk about that coming up. first the dow is up triple digits. lost a little steam in last couple minutes of trading. still on the plus side. [closing bell ringing] major averages are on track to finish highest level since august as closing bells sound on wall street. dow jones industrial average was up as high as 273 points. is now down to, 230, i don't want to say down, nothing down to 230 points rise on the dow. looking forward to the big meeting on thursday. only thing you see in the red there is gold, melissa. melissa: this is look where we are on the close. 229 on the dow. nasdaq trading higher. 25 points.
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54 points on the nasdaq. the markets in the world are watching and waiting. come thursday we'll have answers we've been anticipating in months. the fed will make a decision on interest rate hikes. many don't believe they will raise but there are many things they can do. we have kimberly foss jonathan hoenig of capitalist big joining us as well. jonathan, markets rallying today. is this directly related to what investor think today they will do on thursday? they sort of change their mind every day. what do you think? >> that is a big unknown, melissa. investors have easier time determining how many deepsers walmart sells than what the federal reserve will do. everyone is sitting on his or her hands waiting to see what the answer is. there is a lot of arguments for raising rates, it has been nine
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years in the making, but given some of the data you and david just alluded to it might not be this time around. as usual uncertainty is the buzzword when it comes to the fed. melissa: kimberly, there are a lot of nuance what is they can do. everybody thinks they know what happens on the headline. there are a lost hints that will change your portfolio and change your plans going forward. they could lower the target for interest rates in the long run. that will be one way they signal raising lower rather than faster. there are a number of different things. what are other possibilities and what would you make of it? >> i think that another possibility they could do, they could go in the camp quarter point, do 1/8 of a point. they did that in the 80s all along. they could delay and not raise rates until 2016. goldman sachs is in that camp as well. it is just unknown. it is all data dependent. we won't know until possibly thursday.
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for the long run, investors like for a long-term investment is the earnings growth potential of, will really raise the stock market in the long run. people need allocation commensurate with ability to stay in the market and ride through these and practice patience. melissa: dan, someone asked me is this why we see incredible volatility for the market this summer? is this the reason or is it because of algorithmic trading and other forces out there. >> algorithmic trade something out there. i trade algorithms. i shut mine down the day the market was down a thousand points. i want to point out we're in time we've never seen before. everybody is waiting on federal reserve. they're only talking at most a quarter of a point. benjamin strong in 1923 who was the head of the new york fed who created this open market policy where they buy u.s. treasurys.
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he said, hey look, i can add credit to the system. he created the biggest bubble in the 1920s we've seen in history. look what happened after that. unfortunately he died in 1928. but our federal reserve is trying to follow the same program. the problem is, that they u.s. government didn't have as much debt-to-gdp as we have now. so the fed is stuck between a rock and a hard place. are they raising rates to allow us as united states to pay more interest on the debt? what will they do? they're really stuck. i can tell you this, positioning of professionals already moved interest rates up. i have gone short u.s. treasurys, i said for the first time in 18 years. this signal is now, smart money from the commitment of traders is also showing us on euro-dollar contract a half a percent already. melissa: yeah. >> so the market is going to force the fed. the fed will wait for the market to force them. melissa: dan, a lot of smart things.
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kimberly foss, thank you. david: now it is clear. it could be clear. that's why we to to liz claman on the floor of the u.s. -- new york stocks exchange and teddy weisberg. >> doesn't mean there isn't smoke coming out of the chimney doesn't mean the fire is not burning. >> really? i'll remember that. >> talk about trading action, all people see, they see great numbers on bottom. volume was less than expected. maybe i'm thinking in part. because some volume going two days when people get clarity on fed and triple-witching on friday. >> i, no question the volume was light. i think we came in today, yesterday i spoke to some pretty smart people. they said the market is way oversold. they saw rally coming. they clearly were right. they think is a little more juice on the up side. a lot of people got bearish, myself included oversold. it could be technical. as we get into the fed meeting everything will flatten out.
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the fed, as previous guest said, they're between a rock and hard place. dammed in if he do, damned if they don't. if you're in hard place, best thing to do is do nothing. >> how will the market respond if the fed stands pat and doesn't tighten. >> some people think they have no choice. for credibility purposes they need to tighten of the market lived on this zero interest rate candy for six or seven years now. i think anything you do to perpetuate that scenario is probably good for the markets. >> as we see, guys, s&p seeing a gain of 25 points, thin or high volume. a great move for the bulls. >> either way a great move especially if you're short it has to hurt. >> back to you guys. david: question what happens on wednesday and thursday. liz, teddy, thank you very much, folks. melissa: senate is voting again on iran nuclear deal. republicans hope they have more votes on their side this time around. this as we're learning one of
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the main beneficiaries of the deal will be ayatollah. the you supreme leader of iran is a head after $95 billion network of company, the so-called sutad, which funds irrather than's elite. once sanctions are lifted, ayatollah gets to pocket cash those companies make. according to a report out of the reuters. fox news's congressional correspondent hot on the story as well. he is in d.c. with the latest on senate's final vote on the deal. mike? >> reporter: senators will give it a try in about two hours. congressional sources hinted there will be additional steps to come. republican sources note this is agreement that will last longer than president obama's term. democrats must explain to the public and their constituents why they're blocking a vote on it. today senate majority leader noted there was bipartisan opposition in the house and and pushed his colleagues with up-or-down vote in the senate. >> strong bipartisan majority in
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the senate would vote to reject it as well, if only democratic senators would stop blocking the american people from even having a final vote on one of the most consequential foreign policies issues of our time. >> reporter: while top congressional democrats say it is waste of time, time to move on, mcconnell will keep pressure on to take up to debate the nuclear agreement. white house aides sound relieved all but four senate democrats voted against taking up iran deal for a vote. at this point it appears they're looking forward to run out the clock. >> what we feel confident in, is that after september 17th, congress's opportunity to spoil this agreement will have expired and we'll be able to move forward with the international community to implement the agreement to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapon. >> reporter: september 17th, thursday, would be deadline for both congresses vote. expect the fight to continue.
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melissa? melissa: mike, thank you so much for that. david. david: we have breaking news on iran and the clintons. former president bill clinton's office checked with the state department about delivering a paid speech to a group that has ties to iran's government. this is back in 2012. that according to an email obtained exclusively by fox news. here now is fox news's ed henry. ed, the speech never happened. the fact they query about this is strange. >> david, fox as you say exclusively obtained the email. shows in june of 2012, the office of former president bill clinton reached out to the state department of course run by then secretary of state hillary clinton if it would be okay, whether there are concerns about a speech to this group. called the national iranian american council. why is that significant? two points. that group has denied being a direct lobbying organization forte rain but they have publicly called for ending all
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u.s. sanctions against tehran. second point, june of 2012. they're trying to give money to former president bill clinton in terms of a paid speech that would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars the a time, the summer of 2012, when some of hillary clinton's top aides at the state department were meeting in secret. we now know it but at time it was secret that summer. they were meeting behind closed doors with iranian diplomats about paving the way for this iran nuclear deal that mike emanuel was just reporting on. here is the bottom line. in the end he did not give the speech just as bill clinton didn't give other speech that was controversial tied to a group tied to north korea that popped up a couple weeks ago. this adds to questions why it wasn't dismissed right away from the former president's office? why would it be contemplated by such a couldn't versal group? number two, happening in environment where hillary clinton is dealing with a real
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slide in the polls. "washington post/abc news poll," suggesting that for example, she lost 29 points in terms of support with female voters supposed to be her bedrock, david. in part because of these trust issues. david: ed henry, incredible story. thank you very much. take a look at scene on miami beach. this is earlier today as border patrols responded to what is being called a maritime smuggling event. 12 undocumented immigrants, remember this is here on our shores, not in europe and a dog reportedly spending six days at sea before coming ashore near the south beach ritz-carlton. they were immediately taken into custody. authorities are not commenting where the boat originated from at this time. one can suspect of course it could be from cuba. that is often where the boats come from after harrowing trips at sea. once you're on u.s. soil you can apply for refugee status. but you have to make it to u.s. soil. that is cuban president
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raul castro is individual iting new york city. this is the guy a lot of cuban exiles are running away from. he will be here at the end. month. u.n. mission telling fox that castro plans to address the u.n. general assembly and may speak at the sustainable development summit. we await that speech. melissa: just a few hours, donald trump's much anticipated national security speech gets underway. this as gop candidates prepare for the next debate. who will come out on that one? joining me, peter barnes from washington. peter, this will make news without question. >> reporter: it will, melissa and so does a new cbs news, "new york times" poll that came out this morning. it shows trump continuing to rise. it shows candidates still have plenty of time to change minds among republican voters with just 37% of them saying they have picked their candidate. 63% saying it is still too early to do that.
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they will be all ears for the next republican debate tomorrow night in california. at same time trump will be giving that speech tonight on national security out in california, as he continues to flush out positions as a serious candidate would. now he gave us a little preview of his speech tonight at a speech last night in dallas. >> our military is going to be so strong, and so powerful, and so modern, that the technology we have it, but it is not working. we're not allowed to use it. nobody has any fear. not that want to use it. i want to make it so strong that we never have to use it. >> reporter: here are headlines from the new poll on cbs and "new york times." trump has risen to 27% from 24% in july. ben carson, a big jump to 23%, up from 6% in july.
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jeb bush was a loser in the new poll. he is at 6% down from 13% in july. huckabee, 6%. rubio 6%. cruz at 5%. the plus minus on this is 6%. which means statistically carson could be in a tie with trump. melissa. melissa: interesting numbers, peters thank you very much. david: coming up flash floods stamping parts of utah. the latest on exactly which parts of the state were hit the hardest. wow. melissa: bernie sanders has grand plans for america to the tune of $18 trillion if he is elected president. do you think that is his money or our money? yeah, yeah. david: double the debt by what he wants. melissa: that is a good point. feeling the burn. our all-star panel will weigh in. david: key to faster boarding on commercial airlines, what would that be? how about the seats? a explanation coming up. ♪ ♪
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david: well it's happened. hungary has declared a state of emergency as a wave of immigrants continue to stream into europe. the country threatening to arrest anyone trying to cross the southern border undetected. joining me fox news's greg palkot from the hungarian border. >> reporter: david, hungary is saying no more after letting in thousands of refugees, they closed down the main border crossing with southern europe as angry migrants almost storm the place. we were there. take a look. you're looking at migrants walking on the other side of the fence that has been elected on the border between hungary and serbia. police are pushing us back. they are gathering on the other side. you can see they're strengthening their security there. worried about a breakthrough here as a little bit of chaos is ruling on an important border
4:19 pm
crossing here in the heart of europe. officials here declaring a state of emergency saying they would not accept any asylum seekers from neighboring serbia. they would arrest any illegal immigrants and those tampering with the massive border fence. there were in fact 60 arrests reported. refugees we spoke with through a fence on the other side are not happy. they're finding themselves caught in no-man's land between borders. officials in serbia were not pleased either. now they have to deal with new masses of migrants. austria is the latest country to announce tighter border controls. many here in europe are hoping that those thinking of coming will get the message. many of those however don't have a choice. david. david: greg, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: a few other stories on the radar. no deal between the united auto workers and fiat, chrysler, gm and ford. despite negotiators pulling an all-nighter after the considers expired at midnight.
4:20 pm
the uaw designated fiat chrysler as the lead company to set a template for a deal. gm and ford will be asked to match. the seattle teachers strike may be over today as the district and the teachers union reached a tentative agreement. the walkout has delayed the start of school for 53,000 student who may finally start on thursday. their parent are celebrating. at least eight people now are dead in, and five missing after flash floods raged through a canyon near the utah and arizona borders. two communities hard hit were settled by fundamentalist mormons formerly led by warren jeffs, who you may remember is in prison for child sexual assault. david. david: did you ever wonder exactly what hackers do with your information once they steal it? we have incredible look inside coming up. melissa: coming up next, how one retailer is ditching the dowdy and seizing the sexy, all the way to the bank.
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was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. melissa: new york fax week in full swing. retailer, lane bryant is spreading important message to all women in their new campaign. plus is equal. lane bryant is addressing the inequality in the media and in fashion when it comes to women of all shapes and sizes. with me now, is linda heasly. president of lane bryant and ashley graham, star of lane bryant's plus is equal campaign. thanks for joining us. this campaign is a huge hit. a hit everywhere. the hashtag, you had a big ad in september issue of "vogue." you left that ad unbranded though. >> it was a little gutsy. melissa: yeah, that is a risk.
4:25 pm
>> message is much bigger than any brand. we felt incredible responsibility to get the message out to the public. melissa: did you get the buzz back to lane bryant? do you feel like people returned to the brand? was it worth money you spent? what does it cost, by the way. >> we won't say that. it was fun to see how social media picked it up and guessing whose ad it was. i was proud to hear people say this looks like lane bryant. we were proud of that. melissa: yeah. >> the it created was fun. melissa: 67% of the women are the size range that you serve, 14 to 24. 67%. that is a lot of people. it is a huge market. it is a big business opportunity. a lot of waking up to it. i saw jessica simpson with clothes that size. nordstrom catered to women in that size range. there is a lot of competition. how do you deal with that? >> that is great for women we serve.
4:26 pm
we heard them they don't have options. they call each other to make sure they don't wear the same thing. we have more accountability and options to give more choices. 2/3 of the american female population which resonates campaign, plus is equal. she is more than equal. more than 2/3. that is demeaning and huttful that is a positive. melissa: plus is equal is the hashtag. taking offense at the word plus. melissa mccarthy with a new line at lane bryant. she says plus size hurts women and essentially segregates them. what is the right term. >> i don't think there should be a term. at end of the day, labels should not be in the media at all. that is what i'm doing with lane bryant. plus is equal is trying to get down to the bottom of, plus models, started with the word plus. let's get rid of it. why they brought it back into the campaign to start talking about why we're using the term plus, to get rid of that label.
4:27 pm
why would i want to be described, ashley graham, plus size model? why do we have -- melissa: you're a super model, we know that. >> why do we have to talk about the number in my pants to describe me as woman. melissa: do you feel like you're getting more work? >> i think i've had an amazing incline my career my whole life. it is absolute blessing. i think right now what is happening more women want to see girls your size in the magazines. we want clothes your size. and, you know, what comes with that is the fact that my career starts to flourish. melissa: yeah. is that really working? because whenever i talk to marketers, last time we talked about this. i had a marketer said this is nice, well and good but doesn't really work. people want to see it, they will buy the clothes. they want people looking thin in the clothes because fashion is aspirational. you may know you don't look like that. maybe i will if i buy that. is that still true? the. >> i think that needs to be challenged. melissa: a man said that. >> sounds like a man.
4:28 pm
melissa: anyway -- >> our last campaign we're challenging standards of beauty. what we're saying this is relevant for what america looks like today. again 2/3 of american female population represent this woman. less than 20%. imagery that barrages her every day represents who she is. don't see that in cinema, don't see knit print. don't see it. don't you feel that way? >> 100%. i don't see enough curvy women on covers of magazine. i'm here. melissa: you're here and fabulous. very beautiful. thank you both so much. great stuff. david over to you. david: we are glad you're here. markets and rally on wall street. the dow closing up more than 200 as investors wait for the decision. that is later this week. coming up right here, donald trump if i want to watch his back, another anti-establishment politician quietly catching up to the donald. what is behind dr. carson's rise, coming up?
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4:33 pm
the two political outsiders getting to a virtual tie among republican voters. is the establishment losing their grip? the we have dan henninger. tony saying, jamestown associates, fox news contributor. matt welch, editor-in-chief of "reason" magazine. dans the republican establishment for longest time refused to exist donald trump existed. are they now beginning to appreciate his staying power and perhaps will think about how they can work with him? >> as he does nothing but rise i think they are forced to. when you say republican establishment. most people hadn't thought of ted cruz or rand paul as part of the establishment. you've got, you've got donald trump and ben carson, both who are not politicians. they have got almost 50% of the republican support right now. so i think somehow these professional politicians have to figure out a way to recognize the discontent that people are feeling and talk to them about
4:34 pm
their disassociation or alien nation from the political process. david: you know there is also a wall street establishment, tony. all of the money went into jeb bush and more establishment kind of candidates. now a lot of those guys are thinking, jeez, we got ripped off. those guys are not rising in the polls. they're going down in the polls despite all the money we gave them. what is in their mind? >> two bad investments by wall street political class in hillary clinton on democratic side. we see what is happening with her numbers. jeb bush ranked third at 6%, hardly captured the imagination of the republican primary field. donald trump's problem with wall street is his appeal with main street. he is a true populist. we've sat around to try to define the trump magic. he is not a conservative. if you analyze and scrutinize donald trump. david: he says he has evolved. >> he is even not necessarily running against that. he is running as true populist candidate.
4:35 pm
david: i tell you what he is running for. matt, today of all places, in "new york times," i never thought you would get a valuable piece on front page of the times but you did today. a federal bureaucrat, jeffrey pharaoh, making $100,000 setting up this obscure federal commission, at same time getting $750,000 a year lobbying for foreign governments. he is putting squeeze on federal officials like hillary clinton when she was state department head, say look, you need to spend money on my clients while getting money from taxpayers. >> it is astonishing that is legal first of all. second of all, he is getting $104,000 a year working eight to 20 hours a week. i want that job, although i don't want tax payers to subsidize that. there are so many departments like this. this is department overlooks artifacts and old cemeteries in central eastern europe. great, that is important, but that is job of u.s. government. david: in effect he is lobbying
4:36 pm
for clients which he is getting $750,000 a year, while getting money from taxpayers. listen from the former chairman of federal commission which he works says. i don't think it was improper or unethical or illegal any in way. so this is business as usual. that's why donald trump is winning. >> yeah. look who is at center of that story. this guy jeffrey an email to the secretary of state the united states. david: hillary clinton. >> asking more money for palau. emails the chief aid, jake sullivan look into this. a year later palau gets more money. david: then he sends a letter to hillary. very important part of this story. he worked for hillary clinton's first presidential campaign. it is all insiders. that is what this game is that donald trump wants to break up. no wonder is leading. >> you hit it right on the head. this is the frustration that everybody feels. washington outside of the political class. why you see ben carson, donald trump, carly fiorina, bernie sanders on democratic side
4:37 pm
beginning to get traction because there is wholesale dissatisfaction with washington. david: let's hope it keeps center focused. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: outspoken by the crop of 2016 contenders, billionaire home depot founder bernie marcus. deirdre bolton joins us for a preview. >> he will certainly be our guest. lots of things to say, i'm sure, melissa. we'll ask him what he thought about trump's speech, trump's events last night and lack of detail that we have seen with some of the tax plans. we'll get a few more ideas, melissa. bernie marcus has given money already to two candidates in this race. to scott walker and also jeb bush. so we'll be asking mr. marcus what he thinks about where trump stands? does he really have a chance displacing especially jeb, who many people say is clearly the frontrunner as far as the party is concerned. that is part of the conversation.
4:38 pm
we'll talk taxes. we have to. on a personal front, also a corporate front. you remember in my exclusive with bill ackman, he said, i pay between 40, to 45%. i will ask bernie marcus what is the right amount for millionaires and billionaires to pay. that is all coming up. melissa: good question. deirdre. coming up at top of the hour, "risk & reward." david: the california fires leaving thousands of people with nowhere to go. fox news's claudia cowan in middletown california with the latest. >> reporter: the valley fire, david, has displaced more than 13,000 people including those who used to live here at middletown manor apartment complex. take a look at this. 50 apartments went up in smoke. the number of cars that had to be abandoned. look at the state of the cars now. the destruction is surreal. the fire is growing. now 67,000-acres and just 15%
4:39 pm
contained. the town is evacuated and utility crews are restoring power and water for people to come back. we're seeing a lot of activity as crews replace transmission lines and power poles damaged as flames ripped through here over the weekend. we've seen fire crews rake through smoldering debris. they want to put out any hot spots. they don't want resident to get hurt when they come back to dig around for momentos, any personal effects they can salvage. after four years of drought california's fire season has been especially fierce. a new study says the sierra nevada snow back is at lowest level in 500 years. governor jerry brown, says with so much tinder dry fuel, catastrophic wildfires are an a unfortunate reality. >> conditions are worse. they're drier. the fires are acting more aggressively and more unpredictably. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency for three separate fires, one
4:40 pm
burning near sacramento. of course this one in lake county. that emergency declaration will free up resources to fight the fire and help victims recover. this is a tight-knit community. david, the neighbors are resilient. those i have spoken to say absolutely they will rebuild. back to you. david: good for them. thank you very much, claudia. melissa. melissa: jeff bezos formally entering the space race. the ceo from amazon set to take on elon musk. north korea's threat. they are ready to use nuclear weapons begins the u.s. at ♪ rstands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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melissa: north korea, issuing a kiss tushing message to the -- disturbing message to the united states and others saying they are ready to use their nuclear weapons once again. they restarted operations at their u.s. bomb plants. if the u.s. and others who style
4:44 pm
forces persistently seek reckless or hostile policy towards the dprk or north korea, and behave miss sheave justly, the dprk is ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons at anytime. >> chris harmer. with the study of war and stephen yates, and back with us, dan henninger of "the wall street journal." chris harmer, i'm not sure i totally understood that message but it seems rather threatening. we've seen they have restarted the nuclear plant that produces the highly-enriched uranium. is this about the deal with iran and wanting to get free of sank schuss as well? >> i think you hit it on the head, melissa. this is ultimately about north korea piggybacking on to the iran nuke deal, saying if sanctions are lifted against iran. north korea and iran will take existing strategic relationship they have, they will transition
4:45 pm
that into a commercial relationship, and you will see further export of nuclear technology and weapons delivery systems from north korea to iran. we already have significant amount of evidence that these two countries collaborated on other projects. once sanctions are released, you will see deeper collaboration between north korea and japan. that is in nobody's interest in our interest or pacific rim or middle east in any strategic sense. melissa: stephen, they're testing ballistic missiles. it is celebration of sending satellites up because anniversary of their ruling party but it is really about showing off what kind of arsenal they have. where can they reach with those? >> well, that is untested in some regards. they have proven ability to reach deep into the pacific. they have mastered multistage rocketry. and so in theory, they can have, they can reach the continental united states if this continues to progress. but really we're watching the replay of a movie that we've seen multiple times with
4:46 pm
north korea. i think it is aimed at getting money and aimed getting legitimacy for their programs after the iran deal. melissa: absolutely. they're emboldened by the fact we dealt with others. we freed up a way for them to get money they want. they want the same deal. at the same time, dan, there is a lot of looking inside of the arsenal that isis has. we've seen a lot of articles we have recently. when central command talks about the fact they have blown up 184 humvees it sounds like a lot. until you drill down the numbers, that they captured 2300 humvees from iraqi forces when they captured the city of mosul alone. when you drill down the details of weapons isis put together it is very daunting. >> yes it is. it suggests a situation that can and indeed spinning already out of control. the question how much longer can the united states try to keep all of this at arm's length? isis will only gain strength this sort of thing incentivizes
4:47 pm
the world's bad actors. that's what we're seeing in north korea. they want what iran got. isis wants to be in the same game. unless the united states begins to up ante pushing back against these rogue regimes, they will ownly continue to press forward. melissa: chris, you talk about isis as threat overseas and a lot of people do, why is it our problem? you look at the plot foiled recently, a 15-year-old, sound a little young, arrested outside of philadelphia for planning an attack inspired by isis against the pope. he was using firearms and explosives, gearing up for a visit from the pope and it is having impact on our shores no matter what you say about it, right? >> absolutely. isis is transformed from recruiting organization bringing large numbers of recruits to in from iraq and syria to train them. they are saying train in place. we'll activate you as
4:48 pm
appropriate time or launch lone wolf attacks on your own. not as if the threat from isis disappeared. it simply morphed itself into a multispectrum threat where they can attack us directly with their own forces out of syria and iraq and attack western interests and using adherents simply acting as a lone wolf shooter. >>, thank you, chris. david. david: chinese are using data on massive cyber attacks on millions of americans with cyber files. chinese intel service gathering and indexing all the personal data into a facebook-like network in order to target and blackmail american government employees. scary stuff. mine while bernie sanders and his very pricey future for the government which some people think is pretty scary in itself.
4:49 pm
that extraordinary number. we're talking about double-digits trillions of dollars for his government programs. we'll give you details coming up. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: senator bernie sanders has some pricey plans for the government. "the wall street journal" reporting that senator sanders's policies could increase government spending by $18 trillion over a decade. senator sanders disagrees that it costs that much but he does admit he wants to increase tax revenue by six 1/2 trillion dollars. >> that is not the reality. we will be responding to the "wall street journal" on that. i think most of the expense that they put in there, the expenditures, have to do with single-payer health care system. they significantly exaggerated the cost of that. david: right.
4:53 pm
by the way he wants to cover every single american, not just the 30 that are uninsured right now. but will taxpayers pony up that much more for more government? alan colmes, host of alan colmes show. tony sayegh, executive vice president of jamestown associates. matt welch, "reason" magazine editor-in-chief join me now. matt, this is 18 trillion on top of $22 trillion the government spend trying to get rid of poverty for the great society program since 1965. >> 18 trillion is speculative. we do know 18 trillion number is real which is the national debt. david: this would double the national debt. >> bernie sanders lives in wish fulfillment zone that national debt doesn't matter. wants to increase in social security. there is no problem with long term entitlement spending there. is a problem as crazy democrats like bill clinton pointed out in the past right now.
4:54 pm
i'm being sarcastic as you can imagine. right now democrats are believing that no longer something that needs to be reformed. david: tony, one thing that sanders does agree on that he would increase tax revenue by $6.5 trillion. as though check off a square box, say, okay, now we have the 6 1/2 trillion more. people tend to move cash, even if there was that much more cash in the private sector, people tend to move it before the government can tax it. >> there has never been one proven example in history of central planned and controlled prosperity. which is why two most suessful dim democrat it presidents of the second half of the 20th century, john kennedy and bill clinton, they cut taxes. john kennedy cut marginal tax rates and bill clinton was more targeted cut capital gains. you can't tax your way to balanced budget. can't raise enough taxes. david: people's behavior changes. alan, i have to ask a larger question about the specifics of this.
4:55 pm
are americans, bernie sanders is a socialist, socialist. >> democratic socialist. david: whatever. he is socialist. he believes all health care. >> not means ever production. david: are americans ready for socialist even democratic socialist. >> probably not. i don't know the bigger swath of voting public is ready. we may disagree. i'm the lefty here that it would be good for america. if we started with medicare for all, that would have been great. i don't buy the number of 18 trillion, nor does bernie sanders. we have to drill down the math of that. david: "wall street journal" drilled down quite extensively. this is good report. >> i'm curious to see his response to 18 trillion. david: i am too. but he says, the point here he has a lot of socialist programs. do americans want that? >> we have social security, medicare, medicaid. are most popular programs in america. david: you said americans weren't ready to vote for socialist? >> i don't think sadly they're ready for medicare for all. david: you say sadly.
4:56 pm
say thank goodness. >> all the programs you talk about the most popular ones. david: i hope you're right, americans are not ready for it. appreciate it guys. melissa, over to you. melissa: coming up the race to space, elon musk has a new challenger with jeff bezos. a challenge that might have elon musk worried. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> another space race is upon us. today amazon founder jeff bezos unveiled plans to build a rocket manufacturing plant and launch site that will be in florida that will compete against fellow tech billionaire elon musk spacex. david: as far as we can tell he will not get government money. blue origin intends to spend 200 million bucks to build a rocket facility in adjunct with kennedy space center. >> the race is on. david: elon musk is used to
5:00 pm
getting contracts from nasa and government. >> this will be competition for the contracts, as far as i can tell all private money. godspeed to mr. bezos. >> that will do it for us. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: some say the threat is different this time. new satellite imagery. you are looking at it right now. shows activity at north korea's main nuclear site. that implies resumed enriching operations. the country's leaders also say that they are ready to use nuclear weapons against the united states. former state department official david is with me now. david, north korea has been known to make threats. why is it different this time? >> because the context in which the threats are being made this time is very alarming. here is why. first of all, as you mentioned, north korea watchers have suspected for a while that


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