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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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getting contracts from nasa and government. >> this will be competition for the contracts, as far as i can tell all private money. godspeed to mr. bezos. >> that will do it for us. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: some say the threat is different this time. new satellite imagery. you are looking at it right now. shows activity at north korea's main nuclear site. that implies resumed enriching operations. the country's leaders also say that they are ready to use nuclear weapons against the united states. former state department official david is with me now. david, north korea has been known to make threats. why is it different this time? >> because the context in which the threats are being made this time is very alarming. here is why. first of all, as you mentioned, north korea watchers have suspected for a while that north korea has resumed nuclear
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operations. north korea has now confirmed this. this means they have expanded ability to mine and mill uranium. second of all. while there are questions about north korea rocket technology, we know that north korea is working hard to expand the rocket technology. they have announced they are testing a new rocket. of course their goal is to extend the range of their rocket, to reach other countries in the u.s. third, the north korea economy is in shambles. there is a desperate need for hard currency. they are running low on food. that means the government is desperate. rogue regimes like north korea use this to gain leverage and that is what they're trying to do. deirdre: david, you highlighted reasons why we pus may attention. what rather reasons for paying attention to this plant? we know the key reactor was shut down or ceased working in before, but to your point it is
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now working as we see on video or gps. does that mean they could have functioning nuclear bomb of high quality within 12 months? >> this means if it operates at the current pace it can develop uranium it needs in order to produce a nuclear weapon, about one nuclear weapon every 12 months. and of course, if that continued for several years, it would increase its nuclear weapons stockpile. meanwhile, simultaneously, as i mentioned, it is expanding its rocket technology and it is also working to reduce the size of warhead and deliver a rocket and nuclear weapon. deirdre: we know it could feesly deliver a nuclear weapon to south korea. we saw in the statement that the government said, mischievously, at least that was the translation, if the u.s. or south korea act mischievously, these weapons will be used.
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what about california? is there a rocket that can fly from north korea to california? >> we don't know for certain. experts believe north korea doesn't have that capability. of course that would be a goal of north korea. certainly needs to be able to do that to be a real threat to the u.s. mainland. but meanwhile it is already as you mentioned, a threat to our allies like south korea. deirdre: david, thank you so much. so glad to have you with us. former state department official, joining us there for context on some of these statements coming through from north korea. it is not the only country creating certain r concern in the world. russia supplying direct support in syria. my next guest is retired gunnery sergeant jesse jane duff. so grad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: if this force develops
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along reported lines. if our sources are correct, this could be a game-changer in the war. what is in it for russia. >> they're looking to help assad in his battle against isis. the very rebel forces cia are training and supporting, they are trying to defeat assad. this situation is going on for decades. a lot of people are not even aware of it. there actually is a naval installation in syria, that is the russian naval installation, tartis it has been in existence for years. they're building additional base to enable assad to defeat people against him. meanwhile the syrian people are evacuating in droves as we've seen throughout europe. deirdre: what does it mean for the u.s. coalition if it wants to conduct, let's say a airstrike over western syria or isis or any other militants,
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will it be hampered? >> that is a big concern for the pentagon. what it appears, one of our concerns they're bringing in russian fighter jets. means they could encounter american fighter jets in the sky. this would be obviously a huge concern for the u.s. are we going to fight against each other eventually? is that where this is going? for russia to team up with assad is not the way to go about defeating isis. we welcome the defeat of isis. what they're doing is trying to defend assad who admitted in july he was losing this battle in his own civil war. deirdre: let me ask you this, sergeant, as we've seen with russia's actions in crimea and ukraine, once a presence is established it is very difficult to remove without an outright war. what you just described sounds like a proxy war? >> oh, well, essentially they will send over approximately looking housing being built right now for 1500 troops. they're sending in tanks. they're sending in the aircraft. what we're looking at is going
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to be all right empowering assad, defeat our actions, everything we've done. keep that in mind a year ago the president stated he did not have a strategy against isis in syria. no strategy in syria. now it is coming home to roost. deirdre: okay, as far as syria, last question here, sergeant, does the president as you said outlined a specific strategy. seems like the talk is -- >> we're in predictment where we go from here. what they will do is try to decimate syrian forces working closely with our own cia. are they going to shoot down our own aircraft, i'm sorry our own fighter jets when flying above? essentially we are not there to defend assad. we've been trying to remove assad. definitely a conflict for the
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united states all the way around. deirdre: check in with you again shortly. thank you for your time, retired gunnery sergeant joining me there, jessie jane duff. glad to have you there. moving to asia, additional satellite images coming in. they suggest china is building a third airstrip in the south china sea. as profits are dropping 20% on weak asian sales for prada. gordon chang, author of, the coming collapse of china. i want to talk about this airstrip and heard the conversation about north korea. bigger picture, how do you see stability in asia? then we'll talk about consumer behavior? >> asia right now is very volatile especially the south china sea where this third airstrip would be. china believes that 80 to 90% of the international water of the south china sea is actually an internal chinese lake.
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they will use these airstrips to defend that notion. the united states, if it had any consistent foreign policy over the course of more than two sent centuries to defend freedom of navigation, and china is trying to restrict it. deirdre: china is trying to restrict it and as you alluded to, the region seems more volatile than ever, trying to defend itself at the same time. which is biggest threat to the u.s. as we stand now? let's say a physical threat, or this idea that in certain spots of the retail market we're seeing significant weakness and we have been talking about a potential economic stand still in china? >> well, china poses a broad based challenge to the american-led international system. on any given day it is hard to say which one is the bigger threat but clearly both of them are because what china is doing right now is trying to restrict other nations freedom of movement in asia. and also right now we have an economy in china which is
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crumbling. so any bit of bad news can actually ripple across global markets from asia to europe, into new york. we've seen that in the last three weeks where even a little bit of bad news can cause half trillion dollars drop in the dow. so at this particular moment the more immediate challenge is economic. but i have to say long term both is the answer. deirdre: gordon, we know the chinese president will be in the u.s. next week, meeting with president obama. what is the most hopeful kind of exchange that can happen? >> i think both countries are pretty much on the same page when it comes to climate change. the reason is the chinese environment is so bad there is political pressure coming up from the chinese people to have clean air. so i think that essentially that is where they find agreement. but on almost everything else, whether you talk about cyber, you talk about trade, south
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china sea, you name it, there is disagreement. right now the administration doesn't really know what to do because the chinese are not moving in the direction they had hoped. deirdre: gordon, great to have your insight as always. thank you. gordon chang joining us there. >> thank you. >> the author of, the coming collapse of china. staying in china, the government has facebook of u.s. government employees. an i.t. security firm telling fox news that personal data stolen over the span of high-profile u.s. cyber breaches is being collected and organized by china's intelligence service into a massive facebook-like network. catherine herridge joining me from fox news. what have you learned? >> reporter: former cyber officials and security experts tell fox news they are taking the security information stolen from the office of personnel management, marrying them up with or the records to build a
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profile of government employees. kind of like a facebook for espionage. >> it can be used to embarass you publicly, force you to work for the chinese government. in effect a private version of facebook with much more detail about your life than even facebook has that the chinese have access to. >> reporter: known as the sf-86, the 127 security page application is like a road map to your life where the applicant lived, worked, reference, family, even drug use. no one is immune as the fbi director recently joked. according to a law enforcement source close to the opm investigation the breach is now a generational problem. no amount of credit monitoring now being offered by the government can fix. >> every effort will be made to make sure those people are protected and that they do have some, some opportunity to protect their information going forward. this is to monitor the information going forward. i will leave it at that.
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that obviously includes family members as well. >> particular concern is the children of applicants who could be blackmailed or targeted. sometime in the future based on this stolen data from opm, deirdre. deirdre: catherine, thank you so much. >> reporter: you're welcome. deirdre: catherine herridge joining us there from fox news. speaking of foreign policy, on a programing note, trump is making a prime-time speech tonight. he will be speaking on the uss iowa in san pedro, california. fox business will have special coverage all this evening. lou dobbs will be taking you through. the event starts 9:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up, burn, baby, burn. new report shows that bernie sanders ideas may cost u.s. taxpayers a pretty penny. we'll give you more details. what the other bernie thinks. we'll ask him. home depot cofounder bernie marcus, my guest next. ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology,
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not the other way around. deirdre: summer is over. we are back to business here on "risk & reward." all month we're talking to decisionmakers and business leaders on that theme. joining me exclusively from atlanta, retail giant home depot cofounder bernie marcus. so glad you're with us. thank you for the time. >> great to be with you. deirdre: we talk business. you are very involved in the political scene. you have given to jeb bush and to scott walker but i want to ask you about something going on the other side of the aisle. bernie sanders talking about taxes. we just want you to listen in with us. >> we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world.
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but, very few people know that and very few people feel that. because almost all of that wealth and income is going into the hands of 1%. [booing] deirdre: bernie marcus, you are self-made. you created home depot. almost everyone in this country has been in there at one point. what do you think about bernie sanders targeting the rich? >> you know, bernie sanders is, has been on that side of the aisle and has voted for all the stupidity happening in the government today. we had seven years of bad job creation. terrible problems one employment we've seen the economy in a situation that is really dampen ed and still and he voted for most of it. this is like a bank robber who tells you how to run a bank.
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i don't get it. he has been involved with all of this. yet he is telling us how to build america. this man doesn't know how to build america. he knows how to spend your money, my money and everybody else's money so he can spend it the way he thinks they should spend it. he is a socialist. deirdre: bernie, from the standpoint after businessman and running home depot, obviously you had to make the columns match up. supposedly bernie sanders's plan would cost the american taxpayer about $18 billion. don't know if that is true. >> trillion. deirdre: yes, t. what do you make of that amount? is it possible to do something else? what would you do from your standpoint? >> first of all let me use a couple of trump's words. it's stupid, okay? it comes from stupid people. what i would do and i what hope happens is that with we have a presidential candidate and a president from the republican party who can do the things that are necessary in job creation.
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that hasn't happened the last seven years. we have the lowest job, amount of people in the job force since jimmy carter. if you think that's good, i don't think that is good. you have to change the atmosphere. the small business people that make up 70% of the business people in america are paying ordinary taxes. these are guys that run small store, the operation, the restaurants, the fast-food place, the cleaning places. they're paying ordinary income. and they're not creating jobs. they're not growing their businesses because there is no sense in growing their businesses. they have a big problem. if they want to grow, and they go past 50 employees, they now have to take on obamacare. and that is a killer for any business. so you have that. then you have the regulations going on. you have the taxes. you have regulations. you have obamacare.
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you have dodd-frank. small business people canned borrow from banks anymore because small banks that used to support small businesses, by the way helped me get started in my business are not going to be there. by the way they're falling by the wayside as we speak. the big banks are the ifing bigger. it is crazy the whole thing is crazy. deirdre: we are seeing banks that don't lend to business as you rightly point out. sound like you're saying you could not have created home depot in these current conditions even with peer-to-peer lenders or other businesses so-called filling the gap? >> no. there is no way. not only that. we went public at a very young age in our business. we only had four stores. we're doing $25 million in business which is nothing today. but we're able to go public and create the capital that grew our business. well you can't do it anymore because of sarbanes-oxley, another law passed by congress.
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the well-meaning people that don't have a clue what they're doing. everything that has come down the pike has been every year, it gets worse and worse. i've watched it. and because of this, i started something called job creators network which is really built as a some kind of a base to really represent the small businessfy. he has nobody representing him. you have all the big companies with lobbiests in washington. small business guys don't have anybody. deirdre: i'm sure they appreciate your support. you're not only person who has said small businesses have no resources these days. you mentioned trump, of course. you mentioned fact he is very vocal attacking establishment and you understand him and his point of view on that. you also mentioned taxes. this is something that donald trump said about border tax. >> if you do it, you're not going to have any cars coming across the border unless you pay
5:22 pm
a 35% tax. that's it. that's it. [cheers and applause] no, that's it. deirdre: so donald trump is able to tap a lot of the frustration and a lot of the anger that people are feeling, but is something like that even realistic? >> no. no it's not. donald, i know donald and he has superlatives and he has expletives. you pin him down what he really means, and he is a pretty smart guy but those kinds of things don't solve this problem. jeb bushes awe he no i support jeb, along with walker. jeb came ought out across the board what the levels would be, what would taxes be for every level and how it would create jobs and i know it would. i know walker has plans also. you can't solve these problems by talking about the stupidity of people and people are dumb and everybody else is dumb and
5:23 pm
i'm smart. you have to do it by coming out with real facts and real problems solvers. if you don't have that, you will not solve the problems. look, in business, i talk about, you know i hate my competitors. i hate this guy -- that doesn't really do it. you have to come up with a strategy on how to win the hearts and souls of the consumers in order to create your business. it is not killing the other guy. it is how to make better business so people want to come to you. i think in this case you have to be thinking very, very clearly. you have to be thinking long term. remember as president of the united states, unless you're emperor, the way obama is, you have to go to congress, have to work with congress and get bills passed. you have to get bills through the congress. deirdre: okay. hold that thought. we're going to continue the conversation, when we come back,
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more on why you support jeb, why you support walker. and how you see the business community in the greater scheme of things. we're back in just two minutes. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active.
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. deirdre: for the second time since 2010, the u.s. is dropping on the world the economy economic freedom rankings, now at 16 behind chile. back in 2000, the u.s. was in the top three. home depot co-founder bernie marcus back with me now. from a business person's point of view, someone who created home depot. what is hurting u.s. businesses before. i heard out small businesses and the lack of resources that they have.
5:28 pm
but in general for all business? >> well, it's not only -- it's not only small businesses. i mean i think that regulations are a killer in america today. i think that the labor laws are killers in creating jobs. i think that it's difficult to do business in the united states. i know a banker who has run banks in the united states, he's opening banks in england, in the u.k. today, and he says it's so much easier to open banks in the u.k. than it is to open here. so just the ability to do business. now, look, when you speak as a business guy, like myself, i have to tell you something, home depot today has over 300,000 associates working for it. that's 300,000 people who are gainfully employed, earning very good liveings, many are multibillionaires because they bought home depot stock, which is good on their part.
5:29 pm
there are ways to create wealth in america, and it's not by government doing it it. never happens that way. it's by business people doing it. you see this happening, gates built a business, what do you think happened with the business? gained wealth not only for shareholders but thousands of people that work for him. you look at google, you look at face page, all of these places, they create jobs for people. deirdre: and i heard what you said about -- >> creates jobs for america. >> the jobs for america, the labor market participation rate that you talked about is the lowest in the u.s. since the late 70s. i heard what you say about need for change in the administration, some people think hillary clinton perhaps could do it. however, her confidence and people's confidence in her has really been eroded with this e-mail scandal. do you think she will remain the front-runner? >> look, i know as much as the
5:30 pm
talking heads that come on your program. i really don't know. i would say as an american citizen, somebody who really likes to believe in people, she's demonstrated that it's somebody i would worry seriously about her being in the white house. what they have done with their foundation and the multitude of deals they worked and become wealthy by her ability to do it as secretary of state and also as a senator and all of the deals that have been created with bill clinton making his speeches, i would have to worry about it. my god, if she ever gets in the white house, imagine wealth is going to come out of that for the family. deirdre: you don't see the credibility issues with jeb or with walker, whom you have supported, do you think either one of their positions, but really jeb bush, is threatened by donald trump, because as you said, you know him very well. >> look, let me tell you
5:31 pm
something, i think it's not only jeb, it's not only walker. have you kasich that's a terrific candidate. you have -- what's his name? carson. deirdre: yes, dr. ben carson. >> a great guy. the truth is this is -- look at the democratic side. they have virtually, a communist running and have you nobody else running against hillary. so you have somebody to pick from. any one of these people could run. out of donald trump, i would like to hear more specifics. hear more not generalizations and by the way. deirdre: his tax plan, he just says it's big and bold, but to your point, we don't have too many details yet. some we have gotten details billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman told us he is paying between 40 and 45% of taxes. what should the 1% pay? >> you know, carson said it
5:32 pm
this way. he said everybody should pay, everybody should pay an amount, whether it's 1%. deirdre: he has a 10% flat tax idea. >> and by the way, i'm a great believer of that. it's a good tax. when the wealthy people, the 1% make a lot of money, they buy all the cars and boats they need, but after that they invest. and what do they invest in? they invest in businesses. they invest in stocks. different things and all of the things create jobs, and so it goes back again to creating the jobs. the entire -- let's forget foreign policy. let's talk about the economics of this country. if people can't earn a living, and people are not satisfied with where they are, if the young people cannot get jobs, you look at jefferson city, you look at all these places where they're having riots and killing. you know the unemployment rate among black youth is almost 40%
5:33 pm
in these cities. 40%. deirdre: a lot. >> used to be 20%, 20%! it's now 40%. so you want to solve it? create jobs. my answer to all of the economy issues are create jobs in america. deirdre: jobs, jobs, jobs. bernie, so glad to have you with us. bernie marcus, we're taking a quick break. >> great talking to you. cleerp
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me now. the co-founder of home depot. thanks for staying with me. i wanted to ask you as we talk about russia giving more and more support in syria and russia in theory working with iran, what you think of our recent, the u.s.' recent nuclear agreement with iran? >> look, i think, and again, i'm a layman, just like most people out there. but when you do business with the devil, you're in deep trouble, and i think that iran is the devil, and i'm about to tell you something, this is one place i agree totally with trump when he said our people are stupid, and everybody else is pretty smart. if we didn't learn a lesson, and i listened to your earlier segment about north korea, and the deal with north korea, it's deja vu all over again as he said, our famous philosopher. this is the same thing.
5:38 pm
we're being fooled. we have people negotiating this deal that are in the negotiation of the north korea. we didn't learn our lesson. we didn't learn when you deal with tyrants that you end up at the short end, and especially if you deal with naive, innocent kind of people going into a meeting with murderers. and that's exactly what happened. so i think that the fact that we don't even know the facts of it. the fact this this did not go before congress and get a full vote by the full congress, it is a treaty as far as i'm concerned that this is an abrogation of the congress' control, and i think that our forefathers would not like to see this happening in america today. this is a deadly -- it's a deadly, deadly treaty that was made, and we're going to pay the penalty. deirdre: all right, we have to leave it there. so glad for your time. thank you so much. it was wonderful to have you with us.
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bernie marcus, the co-founder of home depot. when we come back, a new report that children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults. how can you protect your kids coming up. first an app that doles out cash winning for free. it is all paid for by advertisers. we'll give you the details. >> that's enough, i just won 25,000. >> what did you say to me? >> i just won 25,000 on my iphone! >> wow! it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime.
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actually, knowing the kind of srisk that you're comfortable sure thiwith,ight? i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. . deirdre: all americans are vulnerable to hack attacks, including government workers, as we have seen this past year. but there's a new report that finds that children are actually 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults. cybersecurity experts morgan wright, parenting coach, author of the nanny whisperer, tammy gold with me now. morgan, you have a very
5:43 pm
practical checklist that we can go through to make sure our kids don't expose some of their data unwittingly. >> i call it the five golden rules. the first thing is make sure you're protected with an identity theft plan that has not just monitoring but restoration if identity is stolen. you want to get it back to the way it was on day one. do simple stuff, use security software, strong passwords. make sure you're not the bait for phishing, teach your children not to click on links. many things they can do. a lot of this stems from social media. a lot of it stems from the familiarity with internet technology, so they're very more likely to share private information than most adults would be. deirdre: so bringing up that point, family, how do you talk to kids about this without scaring them. as morgan points out, instagram, being on facebook, snapchat, this is part of anybody's life who is ten or even higher.
5:44 pm
how do you talk to kids without scaring them? >> so as you mentioned, this is a part of their daily life now, technology. you want to explain the concept. you want to explain it in a calm manner, but certainly older children, starting at eight. you can explain we have social security numbers and what could happen if they get into the wrong hands. usually children do better with rules if they understand why we have the rules. so explaining to them is someone could take this private number and down the road it could affect you getting a job, that's a simple not terrifying explanation to why they should follow this rule. the more they know, the better they usually follow. deirdre: and morgan, with reason to follow the rules is that kids don't have any bad credit history because they have no credit history. so they're targeted in different ways. >> absolutely. no credit is better than bad credit, and the thing is with children, they will go undetected for long amounts of
5:45 pm
time, because parents are protecting bank accounts, credit information, a good friend of mine went to enroll his son for college, found out his son had been trading stocks for two years under his name. the credit bureaus have to do a better job of matching up children and social security numbers to accounts that are nonexistent. that's a huge gap the people are exploiting with the data breaches and data brokers they are mining information from. deirdre: as a curiosity question, how many parents talk to you about the role of social media in their lives? >> you know, this particular piece of the identity theft and the pieces involving financial security, they're not really focused on that piece of the technology issue, they're focused on being inappropriate on instagram or a predator finding them and kidnapping them, and they're less likely to -- they go to the most dangerous piece and a lot of people forget about the
5:46 pm
financial piece. it's important to remind parents that there's this underlying harm that can be done but easily averted if you have the proper techniques to keep the children from putting in the passwords and the proper software to prevent them from getting out this information that they think is harmless, which down the road could be harmful to them. because like you said, they're snap chatting, instagraming. they think it's going to their friends. the young ones are innocent. they don't understand that someone may be out there trying to hurt them. getting that information out will be helpful. deirdre: a good reminder. tammy gold, author of the nanny whisperer, morgan wright, cybersecurity expert. thank you, both for the contribution to the issue. porsche's latest concept car could have tesla on its mind from the designers' point of view, we'll tell you why. if the market is heavy down, there is an app giving
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5:51 pm
tesla's model s has a seris competitor? >> it is surprising it took this long. porsche obviously knows this is a big market, and they need to be in this market. they're kind of slow to the game. this car is not going to be out. >> this is a race car, literally a race car engine. this is maybe tesla should go -- deirdre: all the people who thought tesla wasn't a luxury enough mark, here we go from porsche. >> tesla is the company made by software developers, porsche is made by a bunch of gear heads that are trying to shift over to electric. deirdre: not so secret car project so, it does seem, if you know anything about cars and software, you just got a raise. >> yeah, it is very beneficial for a lot of people. and it's not really surprising because apple has had
5:52 pm
difficulty making a splash lately, and this is sort of their opportunity to jump in this new huge market and make a lot of money. >> new 1 percenters, i love it. russ, you said the smartest thing to me in a green room, you said you don't think it's a car, you said it's a software they will sell to bmw, like this story is strong that they are gearing this up. i welcome, this my bmw thinks it's in the adirondacks all the time. i need a better solution. deirdre: i want to read a stat, apple offered 60% salary bumps and 250,000 signing bonuses basically to try and lure people away with this magic combo. >> this is after being convicted for colluding against the labor markets. deirdre: i know, i know, hear, hear. since you brought up politics, political donations, you can now do through a tweet so it seems. so basically when you are conversing with twitter buddies
5:53 pm
and have you strong opinions, seems as if you hit a button and make a donation. >> put your money where your mouth is. deirdre: what do you think? >> makes the most sense for twitter because they need to make money real quick. they've had problems with revenue. deirdre: and missing a ceo. >> and missing a ceo. it is a good opportunity for them, so i get it there. 100%. >> they are making it happen. deirdre: what do you think, gerri, as far as how this stands in the 2016 election, just the issues that people are passionate about, this is very much an outliers platform. bernie sanders, donald trump, they are the two people we spend the most time talking about? >> this makes the most sense in the world that people would tweet donations. first it's online and e-mail. deirdre: just evolution. >> right. deirdre: thank you all. great to see you, joining us there, ceo of rally bus, fox business' own gerri willis and
5:54 pm
russ from product hunt. when we come back, a 20-yr-old created an app that gives away money for fre believe it or not. it's true. creator is joining me, going to tell me how he is not getting in trouble with lotto authorities. >> that's enough! i just won $25,000. >> what did you say to me? >> i just won $25,000 on my iphone! >> wow! technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. awe believe active management
5:55 pm
can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. >> do you have an iphone? would you like to win money without spending a dime? lucky day is an amazing new gaming app that lets you have fun while winning real money. >> you heard right. winfrey money without spending a dime. lucky day is a free gaming app. it hands out prize money funded by i revenue.
5:58 pm
so, josh, lucky day is a mobile billboard? it sounds honestly too good to be true. how are you making this work? >> yeah. so it's really simple. when we first started the idea, we had this concept where anyone from 8 all the way to the 65-year-old grandma could understand how to play and we thought of what were games that anyone could understand and that's why we started with slots, scratchers, and lottos and we took that game from 7-eleven to your mobile phone and make it free so now users are getting all the rewards without any of the risk and the way it works -- >> because as we know, lotto tickets basically some of that money is very interchangeable with what's going on in state finances. >> yes. so the reason why everything's legal about what we're doing it's completely free. we never charge a user a penny. nothing. it's free so you're playing
5:59 pm
games that you typical play and now to get you winfrey cash. that's it. >> so where is this money coming from? >> yeah. so initially since we don't have that many users, we started off with a seed round of funding that that money is being used to pay out our users. and currently we're at 50,000 users and doubling month over month. the goal is to get to a quickly mass and at that point monetize the app and paid out the users through a shared model. >> so eventually it would be the advertisers who are at least putting up some of the cash. >> exactly. >> okay. so how far do you think you are away from that? >> yeah. so like i said we went live about three months ago. and since then, we've been seeing rapid growth in our user base. and over the next six to eight months, web expect to get a million users and bring in the ad revenue to increase the payouts even higher. currently, though, even with our current format, there's a
6:00 pm
winner every one to two minutes, which is unbelievable, no one else gives that much money away that quickly. >> joshua, very excellent idea, good to have you with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> josh up there and we have making money starting now. ♪ ♪ . charles: stocks surge as bonds to trillions of dollars go to the equity market. i've got the name to help you ride out. and hillary, carly makes her move not just a face in the crowd. and now starting a new plant in china building a third man made island. making money starts right now. ♪ ♪ . charles: well, donald trump last night told thousands


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