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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 20, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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trish: so good to see you here tonight, we have had an interesting show, with donald trump speaking in new hampshire. talking about what is best for the economy moving forward, catch me every day, 2 p.m. eastern. york. kennedy: hi, how are we? we are fantastic. now i have wondered why down i like hillary clinton? i assumed it because she is a wishy-washy statest, with ill defined statements, and a 87ing for pow 87 -- quenching power. >> i just continue to believe, more people see more of her, they will come to know why i believe so strongly she would
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make a great president. >> that is right. you really don't get to know a gal for at least 40 years, hillary has been on my radar for 24 years. i am just scratching her surface, telling people they need to see more of your mom is like asking a nudist to wear more clothes, tell your mom to put clothes on. she is not an b obscure politicn with magical qualities that will leave the world spell bound. she is a boring harpy. but is he likeable. >> you are likeable enough. >> that hurts my feelings. kennedy: you don't have feelings. when all else fails, just rely on nostalgia. her campaign released candid
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shots of hillary, hoping that the stink of her server woes will be blown away. this is bill and hillary discussing chelsea's first press conference. and young hillary, with her first stolen bike. and then there is this, where in the world is carmen san diego? arkansas. a great shot of hillary on a family hunting trip in rural illinois. nostalgia is a cure for failure, like playing piano is a cure for aids, it will make you feel better for a moment, but unless you are magic johnson, it is useless. american ninja warriors is here. he completed the course. and bobby jindal continues his full assault on donald trump.
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is he committing political suicide. would you sell your kidney for an iphone? it turns out that makes sent to some people. i am kennedy, where is your kidney? kennedy: chelsea clinton, thank you, she said people will realize what a great candidate her mom really is. just a few decades, let's ask party panel tonight. caylee, and joe devito, and tom shah lou. tom, i will start with you. are we obligated to like chelsea's mom. >> no, look, she is going to like her mom, we all like our moms, right. >> yep. i like your mom. >> she is great. but, i think we all know that,
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that is the way we feel about our family. we're not going to feel the same away, right? kennedy: no, your mom, lovely, a great baker, would make a horrible president. >> i think my mom would make a great president, because i am her son, she. s that hillary would make a great president, those photographs are effective. kennedy: really, what were you thinking. >> i looked at little hillary on the bike, i said, she was a real person, not is but at one point she was. that picture of her in "annie hall," wonderful. kennedy: just listen to someone with a charmed life to know that everything they say is credible and believable. >> she is doing this with interview as part of a promotion for a book she wrote, to inspire children to have success, number one is, have a dad who is
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president, that is why we know who chelsea clinton is. kennedy: would you buy and read her book? >> i thought it was for children. kennedy: well, whatever. college students, they are so childish. >> they are coddled these days. there was no triggering. kennedy: what chelsea is implying, what i inferred, that everyone who knows my mom, loves her. if you get to know her, you really like her, presidential candidates don't have that luxury. >> we heard the same narrative, repeat ed, i heard so many hosts saying i am friends with hillary, and behind the scenes she is great, thatted di does n. she is boring and she is
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unethical. kennedy: you know, this reminds me of, tom, i had great pleasure of going on bob dole 96 hours to victory tour in 1996, that was a great time, a glimpse into presidential politics, that i had never seen before. on the plane, behind the scene could senator dole was so funny, so quick. but when he did his stump speeches that likeable personalty was almost gone, he was surprised when he lost. he said like, is that what you wanted? is there something wonderful that hillary is hiding? >> it is weird, every time there is an election, after that election, they give -- it starts at concession speech, well if they gave that speech before the election they would have won, every time, then bob dole does
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those loveable viagra adses. kennedy: and the diet pepsi ads remember that with cindy crawford, and he is all down boy. >> we see hillary drinking a beer, or crying, and making picture -- taking pictures with kim kardashian. that is so fake. she is not that likeable of a person. kennedy: martin o'malley said that the dnc is limiting the number of debates irk to help hillary clinton clinch the nomination. is hillary getting protected by insiders? oh, she is. >> you look at democrat field they look the same. you look to republican field, you have 15 different voices, a lot of diversity. there is a nice men you to pick
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-- menu to pick from. the democrats it is the same, obama 2.0, why on a stage, it is repetitive. kennedy: you think they should switch to a republican-debate style. >> i think that would work for hillary best, junior varsity debate early, that is sanders and o'malley, then just hillary. kennedy: a one woman show. >> with a comfy sweater, you would feel warmth and no pesky questions about computers and icky things like that. >> like whipping servers, like with a cloth. >> her with the same head and aim angle, every photo is pasted on. >> she could do it.
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like carrie fisher solo show. with slides in the background. kennedy: post cards from the edge. so, debbie wassermann schultz is the woman behind the curtain orchestrating this thing, is dws just the worst? >> she scares me, i have never seen her in person, but i know if i saw her, i would be afraid of her, she is that teacher in school that nobody wanted, oh, you got wassermann schultz for biology? poor you. she wants to limit hillary's debates, that is not her strength, her strength would be buying ads and destroying america with her charm, and old photographs. >> look this one, don't you love me now. >> i would love more debates, it would be fun to see hillary struggle against a much more adept bernie sanders.
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kennedy: even martin o'malley, i want to see what he is bringing to the game. >> so far he is like watching paint dry. kennedy: maybe he has solid debate game, he might shoot little lasers, if joe biden comes in would that change it. ask yourself does the democrat party want to say a democrat socialist is what we have to show. >> i think that if joe biden comes in he would use his heft to force more debate, he is a stronger, more natural debater than she is, and he knows it. coming up, a lot more with the panel. bobby jindal said that trump is a quote, mad man who must be stopd. >> and later on, american ninja warriors champion is here,
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following his victory on this very course, watch. >> you have to be so precise on this jump, you are landing on a
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♪ kennedy: welcome back, republican presidential
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candidate, bobby jindal has been taking swings at donald trump, calling him a mad man who must be stopped. last neat he released their attack ad on the donald, watch. >> there is nobody bigger or better at the military than i am. ♪ highway to the danger zone. kennedy: i am so happy, i am a independent. joe, iwas entertained by kenny loggins deployment? >> that is the whole video, there is no other part. i think a mad man who must be stopped, at-this-point it could be what trump is putting on his hat, it would not change
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anybody's opinion. i think it is cute that trump in a napoleon hat is better than -- >> i thought that was captain crunch's hat. >> highest such app imperialist. kennedy: that is why when i became a libertarian, i stopped eating crunch berries. >> i think that jindal misses the point. i think people want a candidate who is going to win, and replace what we've had for the activity 8 years. kennedy: i think they want team america. and freedom is not free. i don't see a down side for jindal. >> he is getting his name in the headlines. i hate seeing tons of republican candidates going after trump, it makes the field look petty. a clear violation of reagan's
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11th command; and we have a candidate like trump, with crowds, and energy, and excitement. and the g.o.p. establishment is so quick to throw him under the bus. kennedy: are you surprised it is guty bobby jindal going after trump so aggressively. it may be his way of saying, i'm getting out of the race but i am burning the barn down first. >> i think -- i have a theory, i think his kids are making the video and i think they are posting them, does that look like a video -- it was shot by a kid in junior high, it had the energy, and the susceptible quality of a junior high irk iphone, imovie video. kennedy: it would take someone
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that young, and enthusiastic to have that turn around. >> they probably know his password. kennedy: it might be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. >> a judge rules you can write nasty comments on your speeding ticket. >> but first, a county sheriff that -- a s.w.a.t. team that
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kennedy: welcome back, last year's unrest in ferguson. former nypd commissioner ray kelly said cop moral is lower than ever, a documentary exploring rising use of s.w.a.t. team, and military equipment with police. >> police are creating these circumstances, they create the
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volatility, and violence, the very thin margins for error. >> the cops are becoming more like the military, it is false. >> it is me as a sheriff preparing a deputy, with all tools that i can give him, to go into a situation where there is a high probability someone will get shot. kennedy: all right former davis county utah sheriff, doug lawrence, started this s.w.a.t. team there in 1975 that would one day kill his son-in-law, he is the focus of the film, also joins me are directors of peace officer. opens today in new york. friday in los angeles, so, doug to you, you spend decade in law enforcement. a tragedy seeing your son-in-law killed by the force you brought to davis county. is that what changed your perception of law enforcement? >> actually, i started probably
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in 1982, recognizing there was something wrong with this system. we are going in the wrong direction. with fly three bargain -- plea bargain and district attorney having discretionary power to decide guilt or innocence, by saying justified or not justifiejustified is really note process, it is a bypass of the system. kennedy: i want to take to you about the movie, was it fergying fo--ing ferguson that brought you interest. >> really not at all, we started this in summer of 2012, we met dub. found his fascinating, he was charismatic, i was playing in a
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softball game with his son, he approached me in his septic tank business suit, a shirt that says dub. he took me to his airplane hangar and said i want you to teach meow to edit -- me how to edit, and showed me this two hourlong film, analysis of his son-in-law's shooting death. i was fascinated, then petersburg happened in 2014, we were nearing post production, we felt that dub's stories and the cases he were ges investigatings a microcosm in what is happening in america. kennedy: i love law enforcement, i support police. they do a incredible job. at the same time, i don't appreciate the use of excessive
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force, i think that is an easy thing to do with s.w.a.t., when you look at a police department, how can you tell if they are over militarized. >> that is an interesting question, i think it surprises people how much militarism there is even in small towns. there is something to be said for once that equipment there, and once there are incentives to use it from federal program, they are more likely to use it. kennedy: how do you know when a department has crossed line? common sense. i'm not sure what the right answer. is. kennedy: i have this argument with my brother all of the time, we all know, military is supposed to look one way, and police departments another, we want cops, we want sheriff deputies to have tools they can to fight bad guys, but in a lot
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of places, people who live there who are not committing crimes they feel like they are being try the like bad guys. >> i think -- i remember one thing quickly how, to recognize, when it is used not to deis calate violence but toa. it up. >> the attitude has changed, mentality has changed in last 35 years, in early '70s when i founded the s.w.a.t. team, we didn't kill anybody in all of the years that i supervised and managed that and trained these officers. we served over 16,000 warrens, and no officer go the hurt. kennedy: there is a huge disconnect with your time in the 'searches, and 2,8 when your -- 2008 when your son-in-law was killd. >> true, but it happens because, there is a different approach. over the years, police officers, have been trained differently. than we trained. kennedy: can we change the
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approach. we have about 30 seconds left how do you change it? how do you fix it. >> fix s.w.a.t. teams. kennedy: the problem where cops are not targeted and neighborhoods feel safe. >> it is a three pronged approach, you have accountability, culture, and tracking. you have to hold police accountable, you know citizens as well. you have to change the culture, train the police officers so not a us versus them mentality. then tracking you have to track a number of officer involved shootings that happen. kennedy: have you body cams, and cops are safer people are safer, thank you so much. and. >> thank you. >> when you show up at starbucks, always keep your camera close by, a bizarre even
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on tape. >> we'll invite you to guess how many drinks a woman must have many drinks a woman must have had b [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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kennedy: all right, let the news blow your skirt up. this is topical storm, number one. when you swivel your hips you can make a hula hoop go round and round and round, this dog is half smart, but no one gave him the memo about the hips, he just ran with it, going in circles getting dizzy, yea, i am hula hooping because i am a dog, wee. in circles again.
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>> it reminds me of another animal who spun in circles, till he was almost sick. i don't think hip action would have helped him, do you remember him? watch? there he goes into the bus. dog still smarter. >> topic two. there is nothing as adorable as a baby prangster like this cute girl from brazil who pretendeds to shrink every time here dad returns into nail clippers. -- returns with nail clippers. well done.
12:32 am
way to worm your way out of a bad manicure. >> topic three. with football on tv, fall in the air, it, it is time it dust you've giant goreds. -- gords. he did not make pumpkin pie, he went ove gord he turns it to a bloating vessel -- a floating vessel he went 7 miles in that thing. he turned it to a communal mug. >> topic 4. always great to see someone who loves their job, and easier to love your job if you work at a place you get to drink free nearly that will amounts of coffee, like this barista. in webster, texas, breaking sweet dance moves to weekends i
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can't feel my face -- when i'm with you. >> ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ kennedy: that is amazing, i like the hip action, the dog should add this. >> dunkin' donut, starbucks throwing down a good old fashion coffee dance off, start practicing, you going to take the bait. when you are lucky enough to grace background of live news broadcast, glance at camera, wave. watching. and recognize that you finally got your 15 seconds of fame, and do everything you can to soak up the glory! that is what drunk girl did, watch her. >> northern iowa comes back to win in dramatic fashion, last sast day, panthers did not look good against iowa state.
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presidential candidates roaming around like we need more craziness. >> also other big names i saw on facebook, fred is in the house. fred hoyberg is still the mayor. >> but can fred do leg lifts and squats, it is never professional to photo bomb a live news broadcast, journalists and the dedicated team who support us, work tirelessly to bring you relevant "news of the world," when drunk idiots pull gimmicking crap for a cheap last it demeans the process, sometimes you can help, just by being discreet. >> if you have any weird news story, you can tweet me, and also on instagram.
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coming up, the winner of "american ninja warrior." he is hereafter completing the course after 7 seasons. >> but first, men are selling their kidneys for iphones. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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♪ ♪ blitzkreig bop ♪ hello there very classy. a federal judge ruled it is your constitutional right to express your frustration by writing swear words on a speeding ticket, a man was arrested in new york after mailing his ticket in with a few choice words about the town he was fined in. let's discuss, you are in your third year in law school, almost
12:39 am
a lawyer. were you outraged that this man's first amendment rights were trampled all over. >> you know, first amendment you look at it, it protects appalling speech, does not matter how offensive it seems, unless it threatening, that the irony a lot of people don't understand. >> how dare you? >> you open the door to sensor much more speech, then religious freedom issues come in, this judge is correct. kennedy: now he will have a big fat fancy trial. as his lawyer what would you ask? >> a bigger pay out. >> all right, is it what you are supposed to do when you are 22 years old? he was 22 years old, could you have seen yourself do that when you are a younger lad. >> absolutely, i always fought the tickets, i don't do that any
12:40 am
more. you set up the trial, you go in they -- this in days i fought these they had cassette tapes they would record them, he assault okay my judgment is guilty, i was always g guilty. >> i have never gotten out of a ticket, i would love anyone's advice, i used my brother is a cop, never, never, nothing, tears, children in the car. what do you do? >> i don't know, i saw somebody, i wonder, if this works, i saw a guy, he was tickets all over car, then mee meter made maid, e took tickets off car, ripped them up in front of the police officer and rode away. kennedy: but now, they do them electronically so you get double finded now. >> he was not one of those guys getting a ticket, he was freeing the people. kennedy: now they are already in
12:41 am
the system, this is a computer. fight the power! >> i've done it. >> most of the time, he seems like a jerk, but that is what most first amendment heroes are. he should have a right to do this. i bite a tick nit -- beat a ticket in new jersey. a cop pulled me over a parking lot, and he gave me a ticket, i said what is going on, he said you are trying to cut through here to beat the light, i said, you waived me in here, and the judge looked at it said case dismissed, he said why because you are in new york $35 court cost, these towns set up spied traps, they make it a big hass hassle. >> he pled guilty and wrote on
12:42 am
the scrawly bits they said we don't want your money, he went your body. >> two men in china trying to sell their kidneys to get iphoneiphone' 6, their black mat organ agent did not show up at the hospital, apples are good, but are they kidney good. tom, if you sold your kid news what would you -- kidney, what would you want in return. >> the whole apple package, the tower, and mac book pro, and the iphone and the watch as well. kennedy: you can't just watch stuff on the watch, you have to watch on tv. >> i got a good deal on the droid, they threw in a kidney.
12:43 am
kennedy: what would you like? >> one thing, ownership of the taco bell franchise, i walk 35 blocks to get it, if i opened it, they would deliver it to me. kennedy: set your own rules. >> right. >> 35 blocks for taco bell. kennedy: that is why she is in such great shape. >> people put buckets of chocolate covered lard in my face. >> two scientists from u.k., launched campaign against sex robot, to stop future human cyborg relations. it is to stop man from forming
12:44 am
unhealthy relationships with their appliances. joe, am i the only one that smells a rat? i think that human-robot relations would be a great thi thing. especially for our golden americans who no longer have their partners, or access to tender or grinder. >> i don't think that people use sex bots, there is a lot of back and forth with those and real women, is know once you on that team yo you done, you uses sex bahts this makes sense -- sex bots, this makes sense we're turns to a nation of obese shut ins, but when you see when men's sex toys look like, i saw one, i went -- 92 tha -- >> that is good, and how we're good, we're solid, i understand, i know you are a pe pervert, fay show, are you opposed to idea of
12:45 am
human second-bot -- sex bot relations. >> i am, sex is a sacred thing between two people who love each other, when you make it a means to an object at the end that say problem. kennedy: i don't think that if you have relations, i may be wrong, you have to be moral referee here, i think when you have relations with inanimate object you are still pure. you have not given away your soul. of little old ladies, my grandmother, god rest her soul out lived two husbands. >> you go to villages. kennedy: is she supposed to swing? >> for same reason, i against porn, i tell guys don't look at porn, resist it, as long as you can. turn the page. the thing and i think that bad because it does -- i think it affects relationships, having
12:46 am
sex with a robot would, i have a better thing, dress up your wife like a robot. kennedy: that is nice, kind of kinky, save yourself for your partner, but -- if you have no partner, i say go bot or go home. thank you so much tom, joe, and caylee. >> thank you. kennedy: a beautiful night, a stary night just like a van gogh painting, coming up isaac caldiero the next step in human evolution winner of the american ninja warriors stay right here. >> this a course that no one ever fin
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>> 5 feet from history, yes! don't tell me dreams don't come true! yes! isaac caldiero, is an "american ninja warrior," and a million dollars richer. kennedy: holy cow. i have to talk to that guy. after 7 seasons, 3500 contestant, "american ninja warrior" crowned first champion, how crazy that. like miss america not giving out crown for a deck a. isaac caldiero completing all 4 stages, he is here with me today, the american ninja warriors champion, isaac caldiero welcome. >> welcome to -- thank you. glad to be here. kennedy: fun watching you, you are like a human spider monkey.
12:51 am
>> i tried to do my best on the course, and go with obstacles. kennedy: this is your third? >> third season. kennedy: competing you had been through several of the stages in the past, no one made it past stage 3 until you and jeff, then you had to complete stage 4. it is a crazy contest, people have been emotionaly invested, what is the secret? >> you know, a lot of it just comes from i mean competition overall is intense. but at the end of the day it focused on your mental capacity, we are physically talented athletes, we train like headless chickens nonstop. kennedy: how do you train, i know you are a rock climber by design, and have you the jesus costume. is there specific training you go 32? >> cool top-secret training regime, i can share a little bit.
12:52 am
a lot is just you know a lot of cardio to build up my lung capacity. get strong with my breath. then involve upper body pull ups and as well as opposing must groups, with playing on ninja obstacles. kennedy: any sport that people do on a regular basis like cross fit. >> over the years there has been a lot of cross fit, competitors, and gymnasts, and oka medalists. >> 3500. >> yes, by far it is you know. it rock climbing is the best sport you can involve yourself in to build the grip strength you need to be the first "american ninja warrior." kennedy: it was crazy like you were defying physics, what kind of diet, do you have? >> i eat whatever i can. living on road traveling, you learn how to go in a survival mode, over last you know few years. >> that is like ruby tuesday's and taco bell.
12:53 am
>> that is what you would think, my and my girlfriend, we travel, we have a highly diet, and avoided all fast-food, and she has cool tips and tricks. kennedy: do you eat meat. >> yes. >> wheat. >> yes. during competition, you know preparing for it, we keep strict as far as meat conumtion we stick to salmons and salads. kennedy: you saw jeff ascend the rope, did you panic? what did you do? >> at that point in time, you know they announced you have to beat it in under 30 seconds, and the winner goes to -- whoever gets fastest time, for me, i never gotten close to that even in training, out of all my training, i was nervous, going into that. but i don't know something took over, i went to a different
12:54 am
place, i unleashed the beast. kennedy: you did, you said you went do a meditative state, you are the champion, you are the million dollar winner. congratulations, what are you going to do are you buying a bentley? >> no, you know we live out of 1970 rv most of the time of the year, we could use a new motor, and renovations. kennedy: i love that you update the rv, not buying a house, continue success to you. >> thank you. kennedy: thousands have tried. >> coming up, i can not believe i am saying this, i agree with something that the president said, a stance he took, i share, i get into it
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kennedy: president obama is almost 7 years into his presidency, and he can be an annoying low hard, but every once in a while he gets something right. when asked about funding for politically biassed college, he said, it is a place to broaden your narrow mind. he said, the idea that you have somebody in government make a decision about what you think -- what you should think ahead of time or what you should be taught runs contrary to everything that we believe about education, and i don't agree that you when you become students in colleges have to be coddled and protected from different points of view, she
12:59 am
was speaking of speakers disinvited and groups of people offended by certain pieces of literature they might deem too offensive, they are right. academia has become a bastion of global ideas, without intellectual checks and balances, president obama is a product of that system, and expressed a brand ut of the outrage over the course of his presidency he condemns, instead of offering this primmer, perhaps professor would be ice to school wise to school himself and open his narrow mind. claim to abhor. not everyone should go to college. thank you, you can watch all new episode of kennedy, monday-thursday, 8 p.m. eastern,
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5 pacific on fox business network. and on twitter, and e-mail. thank you. appreciate it. good night from new york. now on "fox files." >> one thing she is not is politically correct. we all know that pc is bs. >> music, fashion and family dysfunction on "empire." are america's skies safe to fly? now evidence of cheating on aviation tests. >> this is exactly how you need to answer each question. >> our explosive report has outraged congress. >> very concerning. i never sent nor received any classified material. >> as hillary clinton's email troubles deepen, new details emerge about weapons pouring into libya during the


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