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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 20, 2015 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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>> what if businesses go out and they don't need employees? i don't like it. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. we continuewling and cashing in. [ chanting ] >> donald trump rallies rocked by immigration activists. they hate his plan to build a wall and send immigrants back. and the pope will be on their side. he wants us to open our doors to immigrants. who's got it right, the donald or the pope? welcome. our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan cheffield and juan williams. welcome, everybody. who's gotle it right? the proteers and the pope or the donald? >> the donald. we need the secure the border not just for national security issues but for fiscal reasons. democrats and leaders around the
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world are criticizing america saying we are not generous, not accepting as many migrants as we should. look, if you look at the world population, the u.s. houses 5% of the world population. le yet we accept 20% of migrants worldwide. that's generous. we are in debt. the welfare system is strained. we can't afford to let tons of people in. >> john, do you disagree? >> i do, strongly. i disagree with michelle, the pope and donald trump, eric. the pope wants to deport immigrants -- excuse me. trump wants to deport immigrants. the pope wants to take care of them. they are both wrong. what is the role of government in this situation? protect people from legitimate threat like islamists, rapists, murderers. people want to work here. immigrants, refugees. >> what about people of isis who
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are going to try to get across the border. what about the threat of national security to america by allowing people in? that's an issue to me. >> we talked last week. as long as we don't destroy militant islam, everyone is a threat. it is your point about immigrants being a fiscal strain on the country. they should get no payments. just as immigrants have been coming up. >> what we did the way we did it is we'll talk anti-immigration. call it that way. anti-illegal immigration. then illegal immigration. jessica, where are you on this? >> somewhere in the middle which is a nice place to be. it's really bad karma to agree with donald trump over the pope. i want to put that out there. not as a religious person but generally speaking. and there is a way to get money out of people. if we make citizens they will pay taxes.
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we are talking about inhumane treatment, tearing apart families, the fiscal strain of deportation. the rising cost of the entitlement state. >> fair enough. the full bodied immigration plan costs a lot of money. do you know what else? bringing in illegal immigrants. they cost a boat load of money in health care, services, food stamps, welfare. we give them money. it costs more than whatever hundred billion jessica cites. >> this is incredible to me. in fact, we are ripping off the immigrants. ner the ones that pay taxes and get no it shall. >> we're ripping off immigrants? how are we ripping off -- >> they get no -- let me talk. i'm telling you. they don't equalle identify for any of our entitlement programs. >> of course they do, juan. we talked about it last week. they get food stamps, cash payments. >> they do not qualify for social security, medicare,
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medicaid. they don't qualify. >> they're on medicaid. >> i'm telling you. let me say they add to our economic vitality as a nation. look at the percentage of people who are fortune 500 ceos, inventors. they are the small businessman in america. it's time to stop demonizing. >> look at alexander hamilton. >> he's dead. here's the immigration picture. the legal immigration picture globally. 2013. 990,000 legal immigrants in america. look at other countries. mexico complains. annual 54,000 in mexico. italy, the pope is in italy, $258,000. we take a lot of legal immigrants in. my suggestion is to increase it more. make them legal. >> you heard me say it a million times on this program. if you start with the word
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"illegal" in other words illegal immigrants you've got nowhere to go. if they are illegal, they are illegal. that's the end of it before it starts. >> we're doing shots. >> thank you. >> michelle, do you want to talk about this? >> no. >> a million legal imgrants. what about increasing legal immigration, double or triple it. >> if someone wants to work and be a productive member of society i'm for that. i don't think anyone is against it. a lot of people come with bad intentions. because we have a huge welfare state they try to take advantage of it. >> that's the point. >> hold on. i respect the pope but disagree with him. if that gives me bad karma -- >> it's not about karma. it's the holy father. >> i'm not listening. >> come on, guys. >> we have to agree with the pope. the pope is right. >> no, no. i disagree with him. >> that's the point. the country is held together by
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the ideas, it's not a pen. just the fact that we have welfare programs, people can come get free housing, health care, education. that's the issue. people should come here to work their you know whats off. if they need money, assistance, let it come from private charities, private individuals and let them sponsor the next generations of america. shouldn't be a drain on the public coffers. >> go ahead, wayne. >> i have heard this before. we debated it all before on this program. i have never heard anyone on this program disagree with me about the use of the word "illegal." when i say you are an illegal immigrant everyone gallops off in all directions and doesn't refute it. if they are illegal, they are illegal. it means not legal. you can't go anywhere. >> they made a mistake in the first place. everyone accepted that whether we call it illegal immigration, undocumented workers or whatever. what do you do now with 11 million people in the country?
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the vast majority of whom are working. many pay taxes, not committing crime. that's a false narrative that there are more violent than the rest. >> stop right there. it is not a false narrative. illegal immigrants commit crime at a higher rate than legal immigrants and americans. >> crossing the border. not violent crime. >> no, no. violent crime. there is an increase in violent crime. their numbers are higher. than legal immigrants or americans. >> the point is we know you are not going door to door rounding them up. no matter what donald trump says. >> we are a nation of immigrants. this is not how we treat people. we should find a viable solution. marco rubio brought up the idea of a point system. >> with all due respect you say we should find a viable solution. everybody knows that. of course we should find a viable solution. but -- >> there are viable solutions. >> rounding people up isn't a
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viable solution. >> exactly. >> rounding them up and putting them on trucks to send them who knows where is not viable. >> michelle, you want to wrap this spup. >> god bless jonathan. that's an ugly image of us putting people on trains. what kind of country are we becoming? you talk about anchor babies. trump is wrong. he said we are the only country that has it. 30 countries acknowledge this. it's just the kind of attack on immigrants. >> we should be proud we are a country that does that. >> go ahead, michelle. >> i think maybe trump didn't articulate his position as well as he could have. i think he tapped into something people are unhappy about. that's the border crisis. we need to fix it. >> we know that. >> okay. >> tell me something i don't know. >> people are disagreeing with it. >> i will tell you something you may not know. we have been all over facebook and twitter. national trends.
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week after week, cashing in. one of the most talked about topics in america. keep it up. our voice heard from 9/nevada t far go. coming up, president obama touting the economy but may want to ask about your salary. he may not like the latest check-up on your paycheck. next.
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talk about batd timing. the president sending out a fire storm of tweets touting how much better things are under his administration. but the census just reported median household income dropped last year and is still down 6.5% since before the recession hit. sure doesn't look like we are better off. we're not. the statistics say we are 6.5% worse than six years ago. you can't argue with the numbers. the numbers are what they are. maybe somebody wants to feel good about it. some sectors are better off but overall, no. >> the poverty level is around 15% still. still extremely elevated. not getting better.
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where are we better off in america? >> oh, my gosh. want me to go through the numbers? >> sure. i like numbers. >> as wayne said, the unemployment level, 5.1%. mitt romney said he hoped to get it to 6. let's talk about gas prices. gas prices are -- >> hold on. >> first of all, your unemployment number, if you put the people that left the labor force under president obama back into the number you are pushing 10% unemployment. there it is. >> i'm telling you. >> people are leaving. >> right now the way we measure unemployments has not varied. it is at a low 5.1%. lay offs at a record low. look at gas prices -- >> wages aren't growing. >> that's the economy. >> let's talk about people are un uninsured. >> that's what happens when you
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force people. >> i don't care what country you're in. this is the best country to start a business and to do business. you will notice. >>le the reason unemployment is down is not because obama is a superhero, people have given up work, a record number of people who stopped looking for a job, people in part-time jobs. the idea that people are doing fine and dandy, if you talk to the average american they don't feel the recovery. poverty is up. 14.8%. what kind of recovery is it? >> it's a recovery for the kind of recession he inherited. >> oh! >> thank you. thank you. >> i'm sorry to bring up george bush. >> it's still bush's fault. >> what does he have to do with
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it? >> it's not an imaginary environment that barack obama dreamed up and said, i would love to take over when -- >> it's not. but barack obama is tweeting out how great things are. >> yeah. i will speak to that. that's a mistake. i think this is a messaging problem. i was looking at recent polls over the last month. pew put out only 10% of people say they are getting good news about the economy. 64% of people are unsatisfied with the economy. they think their children won't do better than they do. this is the middle ground kblish issue. >> can you talk to juan in the break and explain the numbers? >> juan, i'll text you. >> jessica makes a good point. >> thanks, jonathan. >> well, the statistics might be better but as you pointed out a lot of people aren't necessarily feeling it. the stock market has gone up.
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has to do with facebook and amazon and the like. look at some of the statistics. the poverty rates, what's going up is food stamp usage. student loan debt. entitlements. specifically among certain groups like african-americans. this is well documented. >> juan, black unemployment rate is extremely high. how's this? income inequality under president obama is the widest it's been in ten years. >> the market is paying off and we haven't changed the tax structure to say to people who are making capital gains play. the black unemployment rate is not a change.
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it's not like it was better in the previous administration. >> exactly. >> oh, my gosh. >> what do you mean? >> the thing is, 16% today. >> the thing is under the first african-american president it didn't get better for african-americans. >> no. >> economically. >> this is the reagan principle which is a rising tide lifts all boats. if she said i will address specifically the black population you would have said what's that? he needs to address the whole population. >> those are pomss that aren't working. that will only make things worse. >> i'm sorry. we're leaving it? >> we have to leave it there. >> coming up, carly bashed for slashing jobs as ceo of hp. others say it might be what is needed now. who's right?
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>> with carly, she did a terrible job at lucent. she did a terrible, terrible, terrible job at hewlett-packard. she cut thousands and thousands of jobs and they are still cutting them. >> that's trump calling carly a terrible ceo and hammering her for cutting thousands of jobs at hewlett-packard but with taxpayers supporting more than 2 million federal workers maybe it's time to cut jobs in washington. >> the ceo isn't santa claus.
7:53 am
they can't pass out wealth because it's christmas. they have to make real hard choices. not the hillary clinton hard choices about what e-mails to:30 but choices about allocating billions of assets. while at hewlett-packard carly not only doubled revenue but exemplified the leadership, knowledge and the success not only at hp but on the debate stage. >> she doubled revenue by merging with compaq. >> two million federal workers, too much. >> yes. no question there is a trend in washington. should we vote someone into the highest office in the land because they laid off 30,000 people? i don't think so. we should talk about her other policies. she doesn't want to raise minimum wage. her stance on planned parenthood is destructive on women's health. >> are you supporting her? >> running to a carly rally now.
7:54 am
>> we need someone to cut unnecessary jobs. bureaucratic positions. i'm not sure carly is the perfect person for that. i don't think she made a great ceo. the stock plummeted under her watch. i'm not sure it's her. >> quick thought, wayne. >> she did a terrible job. horrible job as a ceo. i mean, it's embarrassing. as far as cutting jobs you could cut whole agencies out of the federal government and not miss them. >> we have to leave it there. coming up, donald trump, listen up, there is a way to make mexico pay to build the wall. >> i have a question about the i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this.
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i want to say thanks to the crew for joining us. juan, i screwed you on the last segment. i'm sorry. next week. >> it's all right. >> head over to fox stock picks. time to wake up, america. thursday night at a campaign rally, donald trump was asked how he plans to get mexico to pay for the wall he wants along the southern border. >> how will we expect mexico to repay their debt? >> they make a fortune off us. mexico is doing well. we love mexico but they are doing well. we need leaders that can deal with them. >> well, mr. trump, i have a free market plan that gets mexico to pay for the wall. border agents, assets.
7:59 am
whatever president 45 has on his or her mind the plan pays for it. here's the idea. america buys a billion barrels of crude oil which comes across the border free of transportation costs. today the going rate for oil is about $47 a barrel. we would buy the oil from mexico for $47. but only give mexico directly $45 per barrel. the other $2 goes into an escrow account earmarked for border security. that's $2 million per day or $730 million per year, about what the wall would cost to build. the free market plan won't affect oil prices or hurt american prices on imports and mexico has to go along. selling oil to china or japan would cost them more than the $2 in transportation alone. the free market plan is simple and effective which is probably why no one has thought of it in
8:00 am
d.c. that's what i do, offer solutions, not just rhetoric. have a great weekend, everybody. here's the plan. >> but the real winner is sck. the fed fallout. stocks tanking after central bankers saying the global economy has them worrying. so they're keeping rates near zero. now some folks fretting a recession is coming. should they be? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears and we have our bulls and bears this week. welcome to everybody. gary, these people are scared. should they be? >> i don't know about scared, but i think worried, yes. you know, a lot of people were arguing for a fed increase in


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