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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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sam commented, trump is the candidate giving ways to untold millions of americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy. that is it for us tonight. please be with us. until then, good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: high. capitalizing on another solid debate performance using the momentum of solid answers and gender contracts to push her upof the fickle presidential totem pole sitting just downwind of donald trump nine places behind his support according to the latest cnn poll. she loves math and judiciously deploys numbers and specifics mike price boca lows in a drab from.
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>> we need about 50 army been grades, 36 marine six marine battalions, somewhere between 30350 naval ships. the border has been insecure for 25 years. 307,000 veterans of died waiting for healthcare. kennedy: what made women --dash was her unflappable dismissal of the cheese ball critique of her book. as i predicted, she seals her own art of the deal for the donald. >> women all over the country heard clearly what he said. kennedy: the interesting part was, the sky is opening up terrain pink confetti. he was the instant capitulation. >> she has a beautiful face and is a beautiful woman. >> hillary, take note.
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>> these are not the droids you are looking for. they may not officially dropped out, but they are all but done for. ♪
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gentlemen, we will always remember you. we are closer to a manned mission to mars. brand-new segment also. and you should never get behind the wheel while drunk. settle up. ♪ zero, jumping into 2nd place among republican presidential hopefuls while donald trump is beginning to get -- tip a little bit. let's discuss all of the movement.
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fox news contributor. he has worn a sweater and the purple gingham shirt. he rounds out the big three tonight. i comedian and republican strategist. does he make republicans breathe easier? >> for now yeah. >> they like her for now. >> that is so sexist of them. so are some common us on the right. kennedy: you can argue she
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has been a bigger failure than mitt romney. you are a democratic candidate. will she make hillary most nervous? >> please. come on. a strong woman with a great handle on public policy. i have not seen her standup and recite numbers to great effect. >> hillary clinton has not been the best of candidates. she stated a lot of fax and has a lot of catching up to do. the problem, she has not been able to articulate her message. women are not going to vote for her because she is a woman. kennedy: that is why you should vote for a candidate.
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kennedy: all trump, i think that he bent over backwards trying to look like a reasonable, suite guy. should he have on the insult in that moment? >> it was difficult. carly fiorino was like the donald trump. you know, ceo, an interesting story. she is kind of a bully. it makes him angry because he sees the female version of himself. kennedy: she just drops the mic. she did not a couple of times in the debate. i predicted that she was going to do that. she would be talked about after the show. unemotionally dismissing trump. >> a. >> a great wing woman in a bar. guys hitting on you.
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>> respect this woman. kennedy: annoying guy in a bar. >> what do you really want at 4:00 a.m.? [laughter] >> some guys annoying you. kennedy: she is like human maze. on face the nation hillary clinton was asked to describe the real hillary clinton and three words and she responded with this: >> itthis: >> it was three words that is the real hillary clinton. [laughter] >> just three, i can possibly do that. i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that come along with being a. kennedy: that is exactly what a robot would say. i don't know why she has to gesticulate and laugh at the most appropriate moments inappropriate moments. >> just sure she does not have a sense of self.
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ii want you to describe hillary clinton and three words. >> fighter for you is what she should have said. by the way, that was her best imitation i have ever seen. that was hillary doing amy poehler doing hillary. >> at the she was doing jack nicholson doing the joker. >> and appropriate laugh. stringlaugh. string a few of those together and give yourself a heart attack. >> thank you for this that would sit on your chest and secular soul out of your body. >> i am a real person. >> we trust you. >> describe yourself in three words. >> i hate maki. [laughter] take that. kennedy: one of the problems i have, one of her quotes from the show was, i know you are asking, do we want people who have never been
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elected to anything, have no political experience, well, voters are going to have to decide that. at the same time she is blaming herself as the ultimate outsider. can she have it both ways? >> of course not. the complicit liberal media, that is the thing. she always says one thing and is trying to get away with it. first lady, senator, secretary of state, sort of hilarious. kennedy: it just cruised to goes to show how off-base she is when it comes to something the emotions and needs. they are saying we don't want them as a political insider. >> she thinks it makes her a political outsider. >> as she pointed out, women are the majority. been carson says we should
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not have a move from a president. what does wonders for republican outreach. another executive order slipping under the radar. nownow the government will have all kinds of data about your information. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy.
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kennedy: pretty good. glad you're here. sunday been carson was asked about the prospect of running for president and responded with this. >> do you believe islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i do not advocate putting a muslim in charge of this nation. >> our panelists. kennedy: this is so interesting. can you be by religious? must you be all one way or all the other? what is not consistent is what been carson just said. no religious test for any elected office.
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is an african-american man about whom this was probably said 30 or 40 years ago, they will say this. come on, have some self-awareness. >> asked the same thing after donald trump had someone at a town hall show up and say the problem is muslims. the constitution specifies they're shall be no religious test for public office. i had to agree with him on this. it is an unsophisticated argument. >> yes. i am not a politician. i am going to make mistakes. kennedy: that is a really good point. if you are constantly having to correct the record and explain your comments were taken out of context or make the ad hoc argument that this is not my job, i would never run for
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neurosurgeon with at least a little bit of experience. >> number one, the liberal outrage, they basically declare people to embrace to christianity as unfit for office. and for example, the 2012 democratic convention, . [laughter]
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>> muslims don't know that they will have a hard time running for president right now. obama is like, i am a christian. be aware that it is a difficult time for muslims right now. kennedy: i don't think you would have an easy time being elected president if you were 35 and had a full beard or men janice. >> i think so. >> i am not convinced that guy was not a plan. we had a problem. it is called muslims. kennedy: that person was a plan. is it a democratic plan? 40 percent of the republican base agrees with ben carson. there are plenty of republicans who agree. >> maybe if they would not vote with someone.
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>> being eligible to run for president commanded found like he should not be able to. >> i could be a plan. you are president. >> you know what, he just did. that's the difference. smart people don't do what he did. >> you no ii thought so, but i'm glad that you pointed it out. >> the panel is back later because we all no driving a car while drunk is very bad,combo what about riding a horse after a few drinks? is that you need to here. president obama wants you to do what the government wants. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
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we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
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supposedly designed to improve the government by using behavioral science. that does not sound creepy at all. as uncle sam will be smarter and faster and making decisions for you. let's break it down with brian brennan berg. how is it supposed to work. choose things that are good for them.
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is that kind of sort of thinking that is going out with this policy. >> that may be well-intentioned and well and good. it may be the start but is not where it ends. this is going to be used using government money to manipulate people into using more government money. the tyrant, good, let's get people to save more, but enrolling for food stamps. they use different kind of advertising techniques to get more people enrolled which is not a question of russian now, people necessarily making bad decisions.decisions. that is an ideological question that we have to be careful about. kennedy: and that is increased dependency.
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force us into making certain decisions. although they may call it a nice now come at the end of the day they are the ones who can put us in jail for not following these prescriptions. >> that is the risk. you can talk about a knowledge. what happens when you just blanket pass a law this is people can't buy soda over 32 ounces. the oldest people see is we start out with nudges. pretty soonpretty soon the start going, we know what is best for people. kennedy: where does it end? my problem with the obama administration is, he sees no instant with the government not only can do but should do which is problematic. although people make bad decisions, individuals are
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much better at making has been decisions for themselves. there was a book by neil strauss all about pickup artists. there was one part of it about naturalistic programming and one famous pickup artist who manipulated people into falling in love with him so he could hook up with a bunch of ladies. i am sure it worked for the president on the campaign trail, influencing voter decisions, but there is a difference between campaigning and creating policy that will directly affect people's lives , capitalizing on rational ignorance. >> you have to be careful of what you put in their hands. i don't think there's any reason to think that policymakers no what is best for us. how often do you want to let
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them be wrong? if the government is doing the things we set it out to do, you do not have to be concerned. >> absolutely. there are plenty of ways to correct those actions, and it takes a dim view of human behavior. people are so stupid are corrupt they need government to make every decision for them, that basically says you think human beings are despicable. >> you should think, what does the government think about me. do they have the sheep shepherd mentality? >> i am not a sheep. i don't need to be shorn. i want to shove it where the sun don't shine. thank you for being here. coming up, recently drug on
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camera were super bubbly. the casual pot smoker. topical storm is next. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people...
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♪ kennedy: when this movie september whether has you wearing hotpants and galoshes, just waddle over to the strange news and take shelter from the nonsense. this is the topical storm. number one, awkward dc weatherman sure loves madonna. the material girl themed weather forecast with more lyrical ponds. and it took him only 15 tries to get it right. watch and cringe.
8:30 pm
hate, don't just stand there, let's get to it. strike a pose. there is nothing to it. sunny days are like diamond rings are 18 called fancy cars that go fast. you know they never last. starlight starbright would make everything all right. kennedy: did you make it through without swallowing a handful of pills? apparently he became a dc weatherman. >> later he gets the rebound. boom goes the dynamite. kennedy: i swear they are the same person. topic number two, one philadelphia priest was so moved by the pope's visit he stored up all of that energy and built a replica of the vatican out of legos. holy people palace, he used
8:31 pm
almost half a million, absolutely right, half 1 million legos and doing 40,000 cobblestones, 6,000 ground breaks and 12,002 by two tiles. to pay for the monument he had to resort to selling indulgences to his bio minions. george zimmer is not only the founder of men's warehouse but a huge stoner. fired from the top job at the mainstream surgery two years ago. you may remember him from his dad. >> if you don't like -- you will like the way you look, i look, i guarantee it. >> owning up to his cannabis conquest. >> i have been smoking with marijuana on a regular basis for about 50 years. it is really impacting me in a negative way. physically and spiritually --
8:32 pm
>> financially. >> financially. the emperor is not wearing any clothes. kennedy: enough about your pants. he had fired because he was so high he kept telling everyone that you will love the way you look. in fact, you look great. no, really. you look great. women love capri pants. george. topic number four. jessica simpson turned heads and that of twitter after a strange appearance on the home shopping network prompting viewers to add, as jessica simpson superdrug on live television? >> actually, my sister. >> very rock 'n roll, there is something about that.
8:33 pm
>> maybe it is her husband. >> women's love and obsess over these genes. >> she says gray, gray is so sexy,sexy, i think she was talking about craig use. >> to come out swinging on the side of justice o'brien saying of course she was not drunk. she was thrilled to be here. i can tell you, our teamyou, our team love working with her because they were also drunk. you can still be drunken love being there, she is normally as effortlessly as other people mixing might well with ambien. the cow stable, coherent, coherent, and definitely not mixing volume and red bull. >> you look fabulous. have a family, do it all.
8:34 pm
how do you fit it all in? >> i don't know how i fit it all in. somehow it just happened. kennedy: right. somehow. those sharpies. topic number five. if you have a dog you know how fficult it can be to train a puppy. do not jump on the couch, quit barking, don't savagely attacked the mailman lauren the case of this particular dog, quit chewing paper in the garbage. [laughter] i love it. so mad at the camera. he does not want people minding his business for him. it is one 2nd of realization , half a 2nd and guilt command an immediate
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attack on technology. the best offense is always a good defense. if you haveif you have any weird stories you want me to mercilessly defend, send me a tweet, find me on insta graham coming up, a segment we call old school versus knew school. tonight we ask our model. they are both hot and they are going to talk about it. first, nasa says we are closer to a manned mission to mars than ever before. ♪ but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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you are a part of the madness. i louisiana cowboy got out of a dui by riding his horse home. he was not arrested but did get pulled over my ticket for public intoxication. handled differently in different states. in montana you can get ripped and still hop us to eat. >> no matter what you are planning, if you plan to drink , plan to have a friend get you home. kennedy: i love it. i have to tell you, i am vacationing in montana this coming spring. the panel is always a vacation from the madness. i think this is so great. a silver horse is much smarter than a drunk human.
8:40 pm
>> and he got a lesser charge. he had a dui. certain people on horses. it was a smart move i think. kennedy: the horse knows where it is going. horses are by and large very smart creatures. four legs that they walk on which means they are twice a stable and are immune to alcohol. if you walk out of a bar as you have and we will with your seeing-eye dog if you are visually impaired, would that be animal cruelty? >> great question. you have got the lead and maybe your glasses on. >> the question is,is, what am i doing? in my just stumbling home?
8:41 pm
>> if he is not doing anything other than writing it, i love this guy for planning ahead. >> think how much harm they could have done to the animal if he had gotten in his truck and driven home? he could have killed everyone, the horse included command god for bid other people on the road. >> he needed to stop. very fascinating. what was so important. >> it works out quite a 1st. >> a cheater would be the fastest. the weirdest part. >> they are. they have teeth, and they like to use them. it is a challenge. but i thought that the weirdest part was that he got drunk at a daiquiri shop and parked his horse trailer. kennedy: the place is like a
8:42 pm
storefront with 150 different kinds of mudslides. it is like celebrities with booze. that completely ruined his cowboy street credit. >> are we sure it was not a pony? >> my little pony. >> i did not think that could happen. well, let's go to mars. a manned mission to mars is closer than it has ever been. we will be on the red planet by 2030 carrying an experiment to transform martian atmosphere into oxygen bringing us closer. >> in space it does not cooperate. i guarantee you that at some point everything will go south on you.
8:43 pm
you are going to say, this is it. this is how i end. >> is it possible that he is still alive? kennedy: i guess it is possible. where is jim carrey. taking out the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. why can't they do that on this planet? >> good question. >> instead of preparing mars to be our new habitat. i look forward to finding out how we will recognize the planet. and if he becomes president he will have more leverage in negotiating with china. we will get all of the good deals. fabulous. kennedy: even though it is
8:44 pm
small, it is huge. >> i just have to say this from, private space exploration is what these missions are meant for. you should not be draining the government coffers. you should take the brilliant minds and bundled billions, get all of their energy together, and that is how we will go to mars. >> i don't know about that. is that the mission where you go to mars and don't come back kennedy: that is one possibility. they have people on the international space station, a russian cosmonaut and a us astronaut. >> i cannot takei cannot take that. i hope not. that would be -- terrible. is it ever good? >> if you could only go on a one-way trip to mars with a
8:45 pm
bunch of obese swingers, would you still go? >> male or female? >> they are trapped with nowhere to go. [laughter] >> she said that and all that came into my head with sex toys. kennedy: thank you so much. coming up, old school versus knew school. our models getting ludicrously skinny? they are here to talk about that next. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof.
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your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ kennedy: well, hello you, and you look good. and it is time for oura brand-new segment we like to call old school versus knew school.
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victoria beckham caught a lot of flack at new york fashion week. our modern models to skinny? well, welcome to the discussion supermodel terry in studio, very familiar with the world of modeling as well. thethe miss new york usa crown in 2013 and took the world by storm. i will start with you. do you think that this is some form of body shaming when people publicly take fashion designers to task? >> yes. >> anytime you criticize a person's figure, it is a form of body shaming.
8:50 pm
if you were to take the words, the skinny models are discussing and replace it with fat, for whatever reason that gets more outrageous than this , and you should get the same amount. kennedy: interesting. when you started you said there was an immense amount of pressure to stay thin. who is towho is to blame? do you think that these models are too thin? >> i think the designers and agents are to blame. i just want to give you a little story. i was backstage when a friend of mine said you have to come and see this girl. by hiring her you are setting an example for every other girl who did not get the job. agents way you. kennedy: they still do that here with me. no, they don't.
8:51 pm
you school versus old school. models were fuller figure than they are now. >> in actuality, yes. i was a size 46. now i size 20. they have changed quite a bit. i cannot fit into any of the close because they are just too small. the legs this big around. i am skinny as it is. i think that the designers and agents are more dictating because the girls just want to work. kennedy: when i was a model and the '90s except for the modeling part without the models looked so skinny. they stayed thin since the 1990s, has the pendulum swan? >> that is a really good question. i do not know that there are
8:52 pm
trends. i do think that than are people do gravitate toward the modeling industry. not everyone wants the tallest , and often times the tallest are the ones who don't have a lot of body found them. the models are not promoting a lifestyle, they are promoting a designer. this might be the wrong argument for people who want to encourage positive body image. >> ii do not think that fashion models are role models. if we want to make this a great platform for positive body image we need to live with our celebrities 1st and foremost because they are more role models with the work that they do.
8:53 pm
kennedy: miley cyrus, she is to skinny. >> can i interject? you know what the problem is, you have just a little bit of a roll of that or a little bit of a belly the media gets on you. make it her here or they're. i see a rib here. i co ho, i see a rib rib. >> the same thing we do to each other. kennedy: solution for me, i do my best as a mom.
8:54 pm
bodies are strong. i want them to no that you don't worry about how fat you are and how your body works. you celebrate the fact that you are strong. i am going to have to go with a knew school mentality on an old problem, and i have to agree with joy in. when you body shame anyone, you are dragging people down. after this, the university of california takes a step toward political correctness taking it down a darker path.
8:55 pm
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8:58 pm
kennedy: hey there. you know i love ucla and adore the regions. the knewregions. the knew systemwide statement of principles against intolerance hurts my feelings. i cancer of free speech limitation spreading to society, and there are too few oncologists brave enough to battle the disease. it sounds inclusive and inviting put is vaguely naïve considering how easy it is to offend someone on a college campus. strong, loud disagreements, when do you cross the boundary from informed passion to all out andall-out intolerance. a very narrow definition of
8:59 pm
acceptable speech limits. if you brought in the definitions, who can matriculate without getting kicked out? boring and the box automatons who devour prepackaged academic socialism as radical fact. and these are horrible people who will someday confiscate your social security. the new edict prohibits depicting or articulating a view of ethnic or racial groups is less ambitious, less hard-working or talented, or more threatening than other groups. they're goes my dissertation on albanians. i'm happy i went to college in my 30s. although i despise where this is going, and throw the ucla has the number nine football team on the ap poll. go bruins. you can follow me on twitter
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.. loaded up when we hit a life you are male. good night. same. an all-new "strange inheritance" starts right now. announcer: a superstorm gets the jersey shore. >> he walked in and what do you find? >> even get in the front door. >> it was overwhelming the damage that had been done. announcer: a town institution obliterated. the code some superheroes save the day? >> i was holding the book up and i'm screaming like a giddy schoolgirl. ♪ ♪ ♪


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