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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 23, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> not yet, but i like bernie sanders, at least he's thinking about our problems instead of whether or not there are too many people of mexican decent crossing the border, that is totally irrelevant to the problems that americans are facing. maria: great to have you on the show and congratulate on your prolific writing. mycroft holmes is the name of the book and he's doing book signings in new york city. stuart varney will take you through the pope's arrival in washington d.c. >> you're watching a historical event, the pope in washington d.c. he's about to be getting into a vehicle, i believe it's the pope mobile, and will greet president obama. both the pope and the president had make brief remarks and you'll see it here this morning. his arrival at the house will
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be coming by. elizabeth macdonald, ashley webster, and our own judge napitano. this is history right there. this is history. >> yes. >> this is pope francis. now, i pre face all of our remarks with something that the pope said on plane on the way to america. he told reporters i am not a leftist. my remarks have been misconstrued, i believe is the expression. i am not a leftist. >> judge napitano, do you have anything to add to that. >> i think he's far more thomas pickety than thomas aquinas. they should provide for the redistribution of wealth. i think he misunderstands the benefits to the poor in capitalism, in terms of
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econom economic, and health and safety. remember, he's the head of state, what justifies legally-- >> it's nothing to do with politics and says it's misconstrued. how could it not be with the comment he made. stuart: come on, liz macdonald liz: it's reported that the father says the church is not a think tank, an authority on all things economic, but the pope has not broke p against principles against marxism and he's yet to make a statement those ideologies are evil and wrong as six predecessors did. >> if i might elaborate. pope benedict spent years to persuade and what does this pope do? invited the creator of liberation and theology to a
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big celebration at the vatican. stuart: the motorcade is on its way in that vehicle and he will be making that -- it's a fiat, by the way. ashley: i think is probably the endearing image from yesterday landing at andrews air force base in a fiat, with his hand out the window. >> and frugal, walking-- >> all things you like, fugal. stuart: history is made here. on the right of your screen, the motorcade on its way and the left of the screen, the waiting crowd at the white house. momentarily the pope will arrive and president obama will greet him. here is how i think things are going to go down in this visit. i believe that the pope will continue his somewhat scathing criticisms of capitalism ap
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and i think he'll give a full-throated call on global warming. i think that he'll let gay marriage and abortion take very much a back seat. i don't think he's going to say much about those two issues. here is the issue. arizona republican paul gosser says he will boycott -- he doesn't want the pope to be guilting people into left wing policy. stuart: i think catholics in america are on the political right who wonder about pope francis, coming to america and having done very little and said very little about the plight of christians in north africa and coming here to tell
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america about climate change, i think there will be opposition to that. >> here is the way i view this. and i assume that you and many people watching now agree. the pope is using the august nature of his office, he's a direct desen dents believe, and the science, the favorite flavor of the moment of the left and that's an inappropriate use of his office. he's not siding with something that's absolutely certain, that is a truism. he's siding something that's now, that's untused, but pushed on us by the left. because it rekwieshs -- requires-- and you noticed epa, and ethel
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kennedy and joe biden. stuart: it will be a slow trip. the pope does not rush from one place to another. he does not break the speed limit, does he? >> he could, but i'm not sure how fast at that goes. it's know the mercedes. >> 45 miles an hour downhill. >> it's a fiat. stuart: travelling to the white house in a fiat. what a beautiful day. can you imagine a better day in washington d.c.? and the pope will arrive at that scene. >> it's very he aesthetically pleasing. stuart: it's please, he's the head of the catholic church. >> a head of state, and justifies john kerry's presence.
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seated behind john kerry, we'll get the close-up, the secretary of state of the vatican. stuart: so that makes it a political, diplomatic-- >> this makes it a diplomatic reception of the highest level. two head of state, president of the united states and the pope, two secretaries of state, john kerry and cardinal paraline i he a band playing and yop what the situation calls for. stuart: ashley, this is name that tune. >> you've got me. >> i'm fascinated with this pope thinks. this is the zenith and would love to know what he feels on this trip the liz: he believes it's speaking to the moral vacuum in the
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heart-- >> is that a quote? >> no, that's from me. he's trying to bring the ancient traditions putting the poor at the center of everything. in conversation with capitalism and modernity and not acknowledging how much capitalism is done in the way of good in the world and lifting people out of poverty. the poverty rate has dropped 80% of nearly four decades because of capitalism. >> above the fold, unease greets pope on catholic right. sub headline, conservative worry i that pontiff blurs line around the core. >> we've had years of john paul ii and benedict, a generation
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and a half of popes. and they attempted to roll back the changes and now this latin american pope, an unabashed leftist and traditionalists are going to fear we'll wake up and something that is so and from the pope. stuart: you don't believe the pope when he says on the flight over, i'm not a leftist. >> the frame of what is a leftist. in his own mind he wasn't a lefties. stuart: could you say that the pop was-- >> we're saying that pope john paul ii cook a-- >> i object to spiritual
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leaders getting involved in politics. >> from eastern europe. >> we're talking separation of church and john paul ii wag involved in it just like this pope. >> this pope is watering down the teachings of the church. aborings are easier and anullments. >> people who died to get married after they were divorced, in the catholic tradition. stuart: no, it used to be you had to have a trial in-- >> without bishop or by a review by the panel. mao, castro, all promised they stood with the working class, right? but turned out to be the greatest opressors of history and basically murderers of people. the biggest murderers of individual in all of humanity.
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stuart: i shut point earlier as the pope emerged from the building elsewhere in washington, he was-- and i think it's on the greeting line there, is vice-president joe biden and vice-president biden did say yesterday that life begins at conception. >> joe biden said that? >> is that right? justin, confirm that. he did say that yesterday, life begins at conception. >> i guess he is running against hillary. i can't imagine a importan impo- if life begins at conception, how could you destroy that. >> if he said it yesterday and today greets the pope and in the audience, if i can put it like that, as congress listens
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to the pope, that's a couldn't investigates. >> that is. i know you'll be in congress, on the floor are congress listening to the pope? >> i can't imagine what you're going to ask me. am i going to be wearing a mask? no. stuart: it's not a question. it's an observation, 171 tkts, i believe last week, voted to allow a child born after an abortion, a failed abortion, 171 democrats voted to let that child die, to not resuscitate that child. even though it was born out of the womb after a failed abortion. will the pope address those 171 democrats who said let that child die? >> i would be ecstatic if he did. i suspect he won't. i don't think he's going to talk about morality or abortion, i think he'll talk about redistribution of wealth. stuart: he's not talking about
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morality or redistribution of wealth? >> i challenge him to find a place in catholic theology with that principle. stuart: what you're looking at now is the white house. a glorious stay in washington d.c. bright sunshine, blue skies and look at that scene. if you ever wanted to portray the white house in the best possible light. that's it. >> that's right. thewes of people are gathering in the shadow of the washington m pope and-- >> you're reading that. >> i've written that myself. ashley: very good. >> i've been writing columns about the pope and what he's been saying and i said what he did and didn't say in the joy of the gossip. he nevered mentioned capitalism, he mentioned free markets once. again and again, i have to say and others said it, too, when will the pope come out with
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pointed remarks on the event of communism and socialism. >> what does it do for the catholic church? gone through the painting. the congregation and it's frightening numbers. another question on those lines. will the pope's feelings for the poor and the downtrodden, which he obviously feels, will that fill the pews? >> well, it hasn't filled the pews yet. again, giving him the benefit of the doubt. i think he believes that it will fill the pews. his friend at the new york times have opined as recently as yesterday that there are more pews being filled in california with young latin american catholics than in western european catholics. stuart: that's a fair point to me. and again you're looking at the white house and that's a beautiful sight.
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the pope will be arriving shortly. i believe that at this moment, i can he is just greeting some well wishers, i think that's-- now, this was maybe just about 15 minutes ago. >> that can't be live, we saw him get in the car. stuart: the pope greeted well-wishers as he was getting into his motorcade. it was a joyous crowd, no question about it and the pope, a smiling on his face, the faithful, who reached to get close to him and touch him. at the white house, the door is open, when the pope arrives, i believe that the president will emerge to formally greet him and introduce i am had to the seat of power. >> by all accounts, there's a battle going on between the pope and his entourage and the secret service and those-- and he wants to meet people, especially young people and it
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will be interesting to see what he is an i loud to do-- he doesn't want to be literally in the papal bubble. he wants to go out freely. the supreme court, i'm sure-- >> the pope loves to meet the people. and the people who are to meet him. ashley: hand picked? >> i believe they've gone through metal detectors. screened and if you want to get near him you've been screened by security. this is a glorious day at the white house. and the white house is waiting for pope francis. i don't want to digress, but the stock market will be open. and this is a financial program. stop laughing. >> i'm smiling because you think the presence of the pope
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affects the market? >> not at all. >> neil cavuto did a piece on that and based on the number of papal visits when they went to the white house, markets have gone higher. stuart: i don't believe there's a comparison ever, ever. ashley: i'm pointing out that mr. cavuto pointed that out liz: and the super bowl-- >> we're not doing that. the market opens in 13 minutes and i tell you that the dow industrials will be dead flat. if the hope has any-- . [laughter] >> papal stability, can i say that liz: can we talk about the pope again, and the harps, and where are the trumpets? he may have given the wrong impression of being to the left. this is what the pope said about his travels into the united states, he says that impression would not be correct, that it's doctrine of the church. i'm curious to hear how he'll
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talk about capitalism and that the trickle down will help the poor. stuart: it's possible that we've misinterpreted his comments about naked competition and money. >> he's talking about greed being at the center of any economic ideology. >> i'm told he doesn't particularly care for america. i believe he's not been before, has he? >> here i will defend him. his opportunities to come to america in the years when he was the archbishop of buenos aires. i'm an archbishop and i need to be with my flock. i think that's sincere. does he hate america? i've never heard anything like that. stuart: and maybe he has a
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dislike for the home of raw, naked capitalism. i don't know where his motorcade is. >> no. stuart: it's on his way and he's in the back seat. ashley: it's not far from where he got in. >> it looks like the marine guard are going in as if to get the president. stuart: i see the motorcade. i have a small monitor. the motorcade is about, it's very, very close, i think it's going to come into the picture that you're seeing any moment now. and the pope, by the way, is riding in the back of a very small fiat. i see the waving of flags. a there you go. okay. either the president is coming out or the pope is about to arrive, but something is happening right there on this historic day in washington d.c. there you have it. the pope's-- i'm not going to say the pope mobile, it's not. it's a fiat. a hatchback.
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>> i think you're going to see the president as you see the flags and the salutes of the soldiers. stuart: it's a fiat 500. >> he takes a focus when he is he at the vatican. stuart: it's a very small car. >> very, very small car. stuart: here in america-- >> what was your car? >> oh, my first car ever was-- oh, this is hail to the chief. ♪ >> listen in, please, and let's watch this. here comes the president. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama. ♪
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>> you can see on the right of your screen, the car, the motorcade containing that fiat with the pope in the back. it's almost there. it's a very small car, you can pick that one out. if you see a motorcade in america it's usually a trail of suv's. this time it's a lot of suv's and a fiat with the pope in the back seat. the president, first lady right there awaiting his arrival. the cars will draw up any moment from now. whether the band plays or not. i don't know what the papal music is. we've heard "hail to the chief" for the president, of course. what music will be played when the pope steps out of the fiat i don't know. >> i don't know. stuart: judge, we stumped you on this? >> i don't know if the pope has an official sort of regal theme they play for them. if they do, this pope is not interested in that, i guess. stuart: it can't be a regal theme, the pope is not a royal.
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>> the papacy is a monarchy, stuart. >> listen to the music, please. ♪ ♪ >> the pope has arrived. >> fiat 500. stuart: a trumpet fan fare, a drum roll. the doors are opened. >> that's his translator on the left, we'll see. stuart: and there is pope francis. [applaus
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[applause] >> now, president obama and the first lady took the very unusual step of going to andrews air force base personally yesterday to greet the pope as he came off the plane. so this in fact is the second meeting of the two. they're about to make brief remarks, following those brief remarks they'll be going inside the white house and they will have a discussion, which is the leader of the united states and the leader of the catholic church. the president and the pope mounting the podium. going to the microphones. i would presume that president obama speaks first, we'll see. listen in, please. >> ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the holy see follow by the anthem of the
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united states. present arms. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [star spangled banner playing]
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♪ . [applause]
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♪ >> shortly, president obama and pope francis will make brief remarks as the president welcomes the pope to the white house. that was a long papal music. >> i was texting-- and what is being played now is what was played after the
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british band played after they were defeated. stuart: we're waiting for opening remarks by pope francis and president obama. the stock market just opened. we're expecting a flat opening, no impact of any kind of the papal visit on wall street and zero interaction between the two. 16, 333, that's where we are. it's a go nowhere market thus far this wednesday morning. this is the action. >> the red coats. >> i'm seeing red coats. >> they're coming back and trying to take over again. stuart: settle down, judge, settle down. [laughter] i'm sure you all find it very funny
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liz: at your expect, the national anthem for the pope was written by a french composer to wrote ava maria on a work by bach. stuart: a little long. we're waiting for remarks from the president and pope francis, a little military ceremony before that occurs. as you saw, the red coats have marched off stage now. ashley: they're out of here. stuart: let's hope the united states marine corps band comes on strong. this is the pause in the ceremony and the president turns, welcomes pope francis, ushers him to his seat. and ladies and gentlemen, the preside president.
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president. >> good morning. [applaus [applause] >> what a beautiful day the
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lord has made. holy father, on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. [applaus [applause] >> i should explain that our back yard is not typically this crowd crowded, but the size and the spirit of today's gathering is just a small reflection of the deep devotion of some 70 million american catholics. [applause] it reflects, as well, the way that your message of love and hope has inspired so many people across our nation and around the world. so, on behalf of the american people, it is my great honor
9:34 am
and privilege to welcome you to the united states of america. [applause] today we mark many firsts. your holiness, you've been celebrateds a the first pope from the americas. [applause] this is your first visit to the united states. [applause] and you are also the first pontiff to share a cyclical through a twitter account. [applause] holy father, your visit not only allows us in some small way to reciprocate the extraordinary hospitality that you extended to me at the vatican last year, it also
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reveals how much all americans, from every background and every faith value the role that the catholic church plays in strengthening america. [applause] from my time working in impoverished neighborhood with the catholic church in chicago, to my travels as president, i have seen firsthand how every single day catholic communities, priests, nuns, are feeding the hungry, treating the sick, sheltering the homeless, educating our children and fortifying the faith that sustains so many. and what is true in america is true around the world, from the busy streets of buenos aires,
9:36 am
to the remote villages in kenya, catholic organizations serve the poor, minister to prisoners, build schools, build homes, operate orphanages and hospitals and just as the church has stood with those struggling to break the chains of poverty, the church so often has given voice and hope to those seeking to break the chains of violence and oppression. and yet, i believe the excitement around your visit, holy father, must be attributed not only to your role as pope, but to your unique qualities as a person. [applaus [applause]
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>> in your humility, your embrace of simplesty, in the gentleness of your words, in the generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of jesus' teachings, a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words, but also through deeds. [applause] you call on all of us, catholic and non-catholic alike, to put the least of these at the center of our concerns. you remind us that in the eyes of god, our measure as individuals and our measure as a society is not determined by wealth or power or station or celebrity, but by how well we hue to scriptures calling to
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lift up the poor and the marginalized. to stand up for injustice and inequality to ensure that all human beings can live in dignity because we're all made in the image of god. [applause] you remind us that the lord's most powerful message is mercy. that means welcoming the stranger with empathy and a truly open heart. [applause] from the refugee who flees war torn lands, to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life. [applause] it means showing compassion and
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love for the marginalized and the outcasts, to those who have suffered and those who've caused suffering and seek redemption. you remind us of the cost of war, particularly on the powerless and defenseless and urge us toward the imperative of peace. [applause] holy father, we are grateful for your invaluable support of our new beginning with the cuban people which holds out the promise -- [applause] >> which holds out the promise of better relations between our countries, greater cooperation across our hemisphere and a better life for the cuban people. we thank you for your passionate voice against the deadly conflicts that ravage the lives of so many men, women
9:40 am
and children and your call for nations to resist the sirens of war and resolve disputes through diplomacy. you remind us that people are only truly free when they can practice their faith freely. [applause] here in the united states we cherish religious liberty. it was the basis for so much of what brought us together and here in the united states, we cherish our religious liberty, but around the world, at this very moment children of god, including christians, are targeted and even killed because of their faith. believers are prevented from gathering at their places of
9:41 am
worship, churches are destroyed. so we stand with you in defense of religious freedom and interfaith dialog knowing that people everywhere must be able to live out their faith free from fear and free from intimidati intimidation. [applause] and, holy father, you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet, god's magnificent gift to us. [applause] we support your call to all world leaders to support the communities most vulnerable to changing climates and to come together to preserve precious world for future generations. [applause]
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your holiness, your words and deeds, you set a profound moral example and in these gentle, but firm reminders of our obligations to god and to one another, you are shaking us out of our complacency. all of us may at times experience discomfort, conde contemplate the distance between how we lead our daily lives and what we know to be true, what we know to be right, but i believe that such discomfort is a blessing, for it points to something better. you shake our conscience from slumber. you call on us to rejoice in good news and give us confidence that we can come together in humility and service and pursue a world that is more loving, more just and more free.
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here at home and around the world, may our generation heed your call to never remain on the sidelines this march of living hope. for that great gift of hope, holy father we welcome you with joy and gratitude to the united states of america. [applause] . stuart: that's the president's introduction and welcome to pope francis and said that the church had given warm and hope to the poor and oppressed and praised pope francis' unique qualities of generosity and heed the scrip tour's call. and the pope will speak now. i believe he will speak in english, his translator to the left of the scene. i believe he will speak in english. let's listen in, please.
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>> good morning. >> good morning. >> mr. president, i am deeply grateful for your welcome in the name of all americans. as the son of an immigrant family i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families. [applause] i look forward to these days in which i hope to listen to and share many of the hopes and
9:45 am
dreams of the american people. during my visit i will have the honor of addressing congress where i hope, as a brother of this country, to offer words of encouragement to those who guide the nation's political future in fidelity to its founding principles. i will also travel to philadelphia for the meeting families to celebrate and support the institutions of marriage and the family at this critical moment in the history of our --
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[applause] >> mr. president, together with our fellow citizens, american catholics are committed to building a society which is inclusive to serving the rights of individuals and communities and to the fall of injustice and discrimination. [applause] with countless other people, they are likewise concerned with the order of society, respect their deepest concerns
9:47 am
and the right to religious liberty. [applause] let freedom remind one of america's most precious possessions and as my brothers the united states, we shall remind us all to be vigilent, precisely as good citizens defend that freedom from everything that would threaten or compromise it. [applause] mr. president, i am finding it
9:48 am
encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. [applause] accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me, also, that climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. [applause] when we are coming home we're living in a critical moment of history. we still have time to make the change needed to bring about a sustainable and integral
9:49 am
development for we know that things can change. [applause] such change demands all our part as serious and responsible recognition, not only of the kind of world we may be believing we are achieving, but also to to the millions of people living upped our system which has overlooked them. our common home has been part of this-- which cries out to heaven and which today houflly strikes our
9:50 am
homes, our cities, our society, a phrase of the reverend mart lawsu lawsuit-- heart lawsuit mart lawsuit martin luther king and we can say that we have a promisorry no note, we know pby phrase that the creator does not abandon us. his loving plan, and having created us. humanity has the ability to
9:51 am
altogether building our common home as christians inspired, we wish to commit ourselves to the conscious and responsible care of our sovereign home. mr. president, therefore, which were made to hope new doors to cooperation within our human fami family, recent steps along the path of free consideration, justice pan freedom, i would like all men and all women in
9:52 am
this great nation to support the effort of international communi community, and those inclusive models of development. so -- [applaus [applause]. so that our brothers and sisters everywhere may know the blessings of peace and prosperity which god wills for all his children. mr. president, once again, i thank you for your welcome and i look forward to these days in
9:53 am
your country. god bless america. [applause] >> they've walked into the climate change. in his remarks, he approved of the initiative to reduce air pollution that president obama had begun and that air pollution is a problem and time to change and that we commit ourselves to the care of our common home. listen a little bit more. [applaus
9:54 am
[applause]. as we're waiting for further proceedings here, i want to bring in our panel because as i said, i do believe the pope just walked right into the politics of climate change. ashley: no longer a problem that can be left to a future generation. some statement. stuart: it was politics, was it not. >> a hot button political issue because this administration chose to address climate change through the epa rather than legislatively in area that congress doesn't want to go. stuart:. ashley: i thought he'd save these remarks for congress. >> and mar lute dtsdz mart lute king's i have a dream speech. mr. king was talking about jobs and discrimination against people of color. by the way, it's worth noting at this time that the unemployment rate for african-americans is still
9:55 am
higher than 10%. stuart: and he did say that we have defaulted on a promissory notes, martin luther king-- >> and taking that from martin luther king's color of the skin and-- >> and i was surprised boo -- by the overt statement. i'm happy to be here, i didn't think that would include i approve of your nir tiff -- this is striking the homes. >> and it's important to point out that in the first row,
9:56 am
these are enacted by the representatives. in united states they're by executive fiats by the president and epa. stuart: it's extraordinary from the get-go the papal visit to the united states, the first time this pope has come to america, that he went right to climate change. ashley: he made environment a part of it and echoing what he said back in june. stuart: one might have thought there were other things to talk about like the purse constitution and schluter of tens of thousands in-- . which the president did mention. stuart: a previous mention. a tiny fractional statement and nothing from pope francis. >> and the president switched gears to climate change after those remarks. for the pope to invoke martin luther king is striking.
9:57 am
the promissory note the check r -- declaration, to get people out of discrimination and into jobs. stuart: president obama and pope francis leaving the lectern and headed into the white house for a private consultation. ashley: about 45 minutes. stuart: okay, 45 minutes. a period of great ceremony and a wonderful day for this occasion in washington d.c. and you watched it right here as it played out throughout the morning. again, i am surprised. i think we were all surprised at the centrality of the climate change issue, right there front and center, as if that-- that is a climate change summit, had a climate change visit. >> this is a climate change papacy. stuart: it looks like it, does it not
9:58 am
liz: at a time when millions have died of starvation in places like north korea where so many people are under oppression in russia, when christians are slaughtered and persecuted in the middle east. it's striking that none of that came up really this morning. ashley: focus on. stuart: islam was not mentioned, perhaps it's legitimate that it was not mention. ashley: abortion was not mentioned. >> one of the frequent surgeries in america today. stuart: and perhaps back peddli peddling-- and gay marriage-- >> i thought he would save this for tomorrow rather than the welcoming speech, the first public speech in the united states of america by this pope. i think it's extraordinary that he made this calculated decision to weigh into something as hot button as this in this environment. stuart: who could possibly
9:59 am
think-- we were expecting climate change, climate change tomorrow when he addresses our political leaders not when he walks into the white house and greets america first thing out of his mouth is essentially climate change. i mean, i'm very surprised. i'm trying to hold myself back. ashley: what's he going to talk about tomorrow when he started this way today. more tomorrow. stuart: endorsement of specific policies from pope francis tomorrow? is that what we're going to get. >> that would be extraordinary. stuart: are we going to the epa and say, yes, i fully approve of the climate change. >> the camera was on on gina mccarthy seated with secretary kerry. one must assume that she was beaming. stuart: i'm sure that president obama was beaming, he's got a political brother in pope francis, they see eye to eye on
10:00 am
everything, but abortion. >> and gay marriage. >> and whether the secretary anticipated that and now saying she opposes the keystone pipeline. ashley: i think the timing is more than not a coincidence liz: that's throwing the unions upped the bus and saying, yes, tom, we welcome your green money into my campaign. stuart: and the pope and president are out on the balco balcony. the balcony of the white house. >> it's interesting that the pontiff uses the open hand greeting and royals just closed. >> the his predecessor do this and the sign of the cross. something i would say i have yet to see him do in public. ashley: and he did say, to get back to issues, he did mention being in philadelphia to
10:01 am
support institutions of marriage and the family at a critical moment in history. he did touch on that a little bit. stuart: okay, i think that comment was overwhelmed by climate change. ashley: of course. stuart: the president, first lady and pope francis returning going inside the white house for that 45 minute consultation between the pope and the leader of the united states of america. that basically concludes the greeting at the white house as pope francis arrives this morning. he arrived yesterday in america and at the white house. i think he's here for another six days, is that correct? >> four days. >> sunday night from philadelphia. stuart: you, judge napitano, you will on the floor of the united states congress listening to the papal address. >> indeed. stuart: the climate change address. >> they told me not to applaud, but they didn't have to tell me. stuart: you're terrible. ladies and gentlemen, the time
10:02 am
is one minute past 10:00 eastern time on this wednesday morning, the ceremony of greeting has concluded at the white house, now, let's bring up-to-date on the market. i've got to tell you that there's not that much going on on wall street at the moment. it's a pretty flat market: we have the price of oil actually moving up, 46, $47 a barrel, not a great deal of movement on any of the financial markets thus far and believe me there is shul no impact from the papal visit on any financial market anywhere in the world. ashley: no. stuart: joining us now, we have general jack keane. he's been observing the pope's remarks and i want to know what you see from both president obama and from the pope. they mentioned very briefly the persecution of christians in north africa. i don't think they said enough about it, quite frankly, and your take, please, general?
10:03 am
>> well, yes, first of all, i'm delighted to see the pope visit the united states. i happen to be catholic myself so whenever a pope comes to our great country, it's a magnificent event to see it. listen, this is a moral leader in the world today. whether you're catholic or not he has quite an impact on the world and given the significant challenges that we're facing in terms of the destability of the middle east and migration crisis that's taking place there, will probably grow to be the millions, nothing comparable to it since world war ii and then the absolute assault on christians and jews in the middle east by radical islamists, these are central issues and he's here in the united states with the one country in the world that can have more impact on those issues than any other country
10:04 am
and he's standing right next to the person who can provide that kind of leadership and not to address some of those moral and humanitarian of issues in some degree of depth with the leader of the free world is amazing. stuart: what do you make of the prominence of the climate change issue? if you listened to pope francis, that was the majority of his statement, about climate change how we must adjust to it and take care of it and deal with it. how do you account for that when christians are killed by the thousands in africa and the world over. why would we put climate change out front so prominentlily. >> i don't know what to make of it. something he knows that our president is central to his issues. our president said quite remarkably and rather unfath
10:05 am
unfathomable to me, that's it's the number one security issue. i would dispute that as well as many others. stuart: did the pentagon agree with that that climate change was a major issue and a major threat to security? i think the president said that, too. >> well, the pentagon would not say that that's the major issue in the united states, for sure. their job is mostly to deal with people that are carrying weapons, so, that's not on the top of their priority list in terms of threats that are facing the united states and threats that are facing the world. the pope has a right to choose what he wants to talk about. it's surprising, i share your surprise about it as well as i think many of our viewers. i want the pope to have a successful visit here and i hope he gets to some of the more central issues that are facing world and facing the united states, quite frankly, in the world and maybe he is-- when he's talking to the congress.
10:06 am
stuart: i want to bring up one issue, that's the resignation or the leaving of the general known as the isis czar, the man with military power, he's leaving. we've been told there's some friction between him and the white house, certainly in d.c., about the policy of isis. the anti-isis policy. does it look like the military is split on this? >> there's frustration in the military how the strategy dealing with the president's goal to degrade and defeat isis is unfolding. anyone watching that is looking at the testimony on the services committee. anybody would know that the strategy is not working and that's a frustration that many military people have. they know what our capabilities are and they're not providing enough resources to deal with the issue in iraq and don't
10:07 am
have much of a plan to deal with challenges in syria. i am told that finally, and maybe substantively, the strategy is being reviewed again toward the view of making positive changes and i'm hoping that that truly takes place. >> general, thank you very much indeed for being with us this morning. >> i don't think that either of us was expecting to respond to a papal speech dealing with climate change. but you dealt with it well. come again anytime you like, sir, we appreciate you. >> good talking to you. i didn't expect to respond to a papal speech either, but am delighted to do so. stuart: general, i've got to repeat, i was shocked how much people the pope speak so much on climate change. general, appreciate it. >> yes, sir. stuart: liz is with me with the fiscal time and i'm not going
10:08 am
to ambush you, but we've just sat through the president of the united states greeting pope francis to the white house and then the pope launched into a 15 minute speech largely about climate change and how we've got to get on board with effort to combat climb change. i think he stepped into policy. liz, i'm sorry, i'm ambushing you, i know i am, i'm astonished. >> i'm not shocked at all. anyone who has read the pope's encyclical, which is a hard left document espousing worldwide redistribution of wealth, international organizations that would super cede national authority and a hard line on climate change and anti-fossil fuel should expect nothing, but from the pope. i think this is his line. yesterday, on the plane, he said people know he really
10:09 am
wasn't a lefty. think about this, he's from argentina, he grew up in argentina, a very left wing country that uniquely, in south america, hates americans. pew research shows like 75% of the rest of south america thinks that united states is pretty terrific. argentina does not. only about a third of argentinians approve of the united states. that's how he grew up. think about this, too, he's never been to the united states. don't we think that's just a little unusual for a man of his wildly travels and presence? this is who this pope is. he's charming, most of us embrace his anti-poverty. loves the fact that he drives around in a fiat, i guess, italian car, makes sense, but the truth of the matter is, this is his economic and political agenda and it's hard left. don't kid yourself.
10:10 am
that's what we are going to hear. stuart: this is absolutely nothing to do with the markets and nothing to do with finance, this is pure politics, that's what it is, isn't it? >> it is politics and also in my view has little to do with religion. he's supposed to, i understand totally that in his view of-- in his view fighting poverty is basically on the same trajectory as fighting climate change. he sees people injured by climate change being amongstst the world's most par, but he tubing ly tubingly -- is to fuel growth in the underdeveloped world. how anti-development policies would help the poor of india and africa is nobody's-- i mean, who knows, right? >> tens of millions of people. >> of course. stuart: you raise the price of
10:11 am
energy and what does it do to you? poor people in asia and the pope an espousing those policies. >> it's hard to understand because it's incoherent. everyone should read this encyclical and everyone should have read obama's biographies before he became president. it's very revealing liz: what is striking is uruguay near where the pope is from, it's common sense capitalism and now gdp is higher than that of argentina. >> which was wrong one of the top nations. ashley: i know you're surprised, what's surprising is the occasion and timing of this. we thought it would come on congress and not the white house lawn. stuart: where is the statement
10:12 am
about saving my soul, spiritual. the holy father is in the united states of america, the sole of all catholics and christians liz: i am catholic, i want to know how i'm going to get to heaven. stuart: i don't think that climate change is going to be-- i don't mean to be-- but i'm shocked it was in that message. >> i am, too. he has an opportunity in the united states, doesn't he? this is a country where organized religion is questioned and under attack in various parts of the country. i would think that he would want his message to be universal to play up the hewlett and t-- the humility and the aspects of his doctrine. and should talk about education. it's screwed. stuart: according to the
10:13 am
headline wall street journal, unease greets pope. liz, stay there for a moment if you would, please. we want to cover the markets at some point, but right now i have jim nicholson with me, the former ambassador to the vatican. i believe, mr. ambassador, during the second bush period, is that correct, sir? >> i was there the first term, 2001-2005. stuart: okay. now, did you know the pope before he became pope? did you ever meet him, any contact with him? >> i did not know him. i have since met him but i really don't know him. my pope was john paul ii. stuart: okay. a lot of us are saying, what's going on here? the holy father makes an opening statement in america which is all about climate change. we were not expecting that, maybe tomorrow when he addresses congress, but not today. what do you make of it?
10:14 am
>> i think it's unfortunate. the pope is being very heavily influenced by the pontifical science. >> when galileo said that the earth revolves around the sun and he said, no, the sun revolves around the earth and advised on matters scientific and technical and it's by noble lawy lawyer-- laureates. and i think he's fallen into their sway and is being very one dimensional about it. stuart: mr. ambassador, he's gone straight into politics. that was essentially an endorsement of president obama's policy.
10:15 am
the pope has stepped right into politics and i don't think many people were expecting him to step great into it as he did. >> i agree with you. i was very surprised that that came up. at least he didn't excoriate capitalism which he has done recently coming back from south america, said that all business thinks about is a profit at the expense of the poor and patently untrue in the united states. i hope on this first visit we could have a chance of disabusing the holy father about this country and that he realizes what a fantastic, successful, free enterprise rule of law country that this is and how generous we've been in sharing what we've been able to create. stuart: have you any explanation for this? the pope did not mention the persecution and death of tens
10:16 am
of thousands of christians all across north america, they're being slaughtered as we speak and the people did not mention it. have you any explanation for that, mr. ambassador? >> you know, there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world and you wouldn't expect the pope to cover and address all of those things in a welcoming address. i admit i wouldn't have expected him to spend so much time talking about climate change either. so i'm as surprised as you are at that talk. he was consistent in his emphasis about the poor and he is a very sincere, loving, passionate man who has lived his life authentically with the poor and as a poor man he takes a vow of power as a ce jesuit.
10:17 am
i'm proud of what the united states has done and does for the poor. the united states provides about two-thirds of the food every day to the world food program which feeds about 24 million people around the world every dayment two therts comes from 0 your. stuart: okay, mr. ambassador, i've got to run, but thank you indeed for offering this commentary on a very important occasion. >> thank you. stuart: thank you very much, appreciate. the markets, we don't have much to report to you. the dow is holding. there's nothing pushing it this morning, we're looking at flat. facebook, the instagram 400 million units. look at that, facebook at 93 this morning. disney's espn is cutting jobs, we'll find out this morning.
10:18 am
shares of volkswagon, vw actually moving up just a little today, ash. ashley: just found out they've hired the same law firm that defended bp in the gulf oil spill. stuart: crisis management. and some people are probably trying to buy in. 26, 27 billion. some people think it's a-- >> it's a tricky time for this car company because the department of justice uns knowed we want individuals, we want perp walks, so watch out. stuart: okay, look at the price of oil, please. we're now at around 46.60 per barrel. hillary clinton says no on the keystone pipeline. i don't think, help me out here, i don't think that hillary's statement no on the pipeline has that much impact on the price of oil. >> no, nor does the anti-fossil
10:19 am
fuel in the commentary. hilly has been waffling on the keystone pipeline for a long time. on the one hand she's desperate from super pac donations from tom stire and that's his issue. on the other hand there have been numerous donations to the clinton foundation, the canada trade that they want it to go through. >> it's all about the money with the clintons, and this is no exception. stuart: now you take a look at this. >> thank you very much indeed, thank you. stuart: now this, we'll go straight into politics, that guy on the screen, donald trump, he's going to the lawyers and threatening to sue the club for growth for libel. here is the ad those offensive to trump. roll tape. >> which presidential candidate supports higher actions,
10:20 am
national health care and the wall street bailout. it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is, he has a record and it's very liberal. he's really just playing us for chumps. trump, just another politician. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. stuart: right. joining us now is david mcintosh, club for growth president and now donald trump is thinking about, considering suing you for libel. what's his case and what's your response? >> thank you, stuart. good to be with you. our response is really trump's own words. in his book he proposed the largest tax increase in america's history and on another network in june he said, yes, i stand by that, so we've got a montage that time after time donald trump says we
10:21 am
need to raise taxes. stuart: he side that you went to him and asked for a million dollars and he said no, and at which point the club for growth turns nasty. >> we have a look at tax increases, as he emerged on the national stage he said i want to meet with you, and offered to make a donation. if he's a conservative it'd make sense to give to the club for growth. here is how we do it. i was thinking maybe he thought twab a pieoff. clearly, we're not going to, we're going to tell the truth about donald trump's liberal record and he's the worst kind of politician and says anything to get elected. stuart: so you're not going to do the kowtow to his threats of a lawsuit? >> not at all. we'll keep broadcasting the ads. stuart: sorry to cut it short. it's been a huge day for us, of
10:22 am
course, thanks for being with us, albeit briefly. thank you. >> thank you, good to talk to you. stuart: we have a take a commercial break, after the break, coming up, the passing of icon. hall of fame catcher yogi berra, played in 14 world series and winning ten of them. brian kilmeade will join us very shortly. >> that's a swing and that one is going to leave the ballpark. larry berra, they call him yogi, played in the first time in the major league against the a's. what did he do? he hits a home run. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> wednesday morning and this is a dead flat market. the dow jones industrial
10:26 am
average is down a mere 14 points. not much on a 16,000 index, go nowhere. he's backed off. mart martin shkreli rolled back the price hike on the drug daraprim. welcome to the real world, martin, you were schooled in modern media and modern politics. if case you missed it. here is the story. shkreli bought the patent on the drug for $55 million for him it's an investment where he could make really big money so he tried to jack up the proo is-- price to astronomical levels. some people on the right thought there was nothing wrong with it, the life saving drug, charge what you like you own it, charge what you like. how incredibly naive. it took 30 seconds for him to make a headline. a former hedge fund manager and they are the villains, are they
10:27 am
not? and he's gouging on a drug for patients and infants and hillary clinton followed up with the plan to cap prices. mr. shkreli offered the left an opportunity to beat up on big pharma and they took it. he's rolling back the price hike to what level we don't know. the damage is done. the remarket, capitalism gets black eye. go away mr. shkreli. those of us who want real solutions to the health care mess do not need anything more from you. more pictures from the white house, there you have it. we'll talk about that, that's the holy father and president obama walking outside the white house. i don't think that-- this is almost a photos op, frankly, that's what it is.
10:28 am
the translator right there at the pope's elbow there, the monsignor translating. it's a photo opportunity to see the pope and the president in that bright, glorious sunshine of washington d.c. i'm not sure how many of the crowd who assembled to welcome the pope to the white house, not sure how many people can see that, that's the classic photo opportunity. the president and pope walking together this bright sunshine of washington d.c. ashley: it's a beautiful scene, really it. stuart: a beautiful scene, couldn't get a better day to welcome anyone to the white house. back in a moment for you. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
10:29 am
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10:32 am
. stuart: he's the only player in history to win 10 world series. best known for his yogiisms these days, but did you know he served in the u.s. navy in world war ii? brian is with me now, he wasn't just in world war ii in the navy, that man was in omaha beach, i didn't know that until today. >> yeah. drafted by the yankees and assistant to a machine gunner and goes over there, fights for the war and comes back and says, oh, yeah, i have a job lined up with the new york yankees, and you hear about ted williams and others from that nation was a fighter pilot in two separate wars, back then, stuart, it was common. everyone serving. oh, this guy, just like we turn ankles and miss weeks,
10:33 am
no, you're going to serve, you're going to be gone for two years. stuart: didn't joe fight in world war ii? >> no. that was ted williams but he did serve due and miss time due to the year. stuart: i did not know about yogi bear, and it's such a shame that great heroes like that, wonderful americans who gave a portion of their career to fight for their country, we don't even know about it. >> well, the thing is, stuart, athletes back then -- they were much more part of society. for example, they made much as us, they had to have jobs in the off season, they would be able to travel on subway told them games or buses, so it was much more relatable to be an athlete, as opposed to you become an athlete now and the minimum salary is $500,000 in the nfl and something higher than that in baseball.
10:34 am
so there's a separation now. stuart: yes. people in that generous, the yogi bears of this world, they were role models because who they were and what they did for their country and how they lived. today's sporting figures i think it's because they made a lot of money. >> right. stuart: it's a huge difference between the two. >> what's interesting too i'll add this, when yogi bear walked on the field, other players looked up to him. a lot of people didn't think he was, 10 championships, three mvps, four separate times runner-up, and people made fun of the phrases he said, in all those phrases are intelligence. they are funny, they're not just funny lines, they actually mean something. stuart: what a guy. we miss him. his passing today. >> absolutely. stuart: i know we're out of time but thank you very much indeed on coming onboard on a important such. >> much appreciated tapping into our show.
10:35 am
appreciate it, stuart,. stuart: i want your viewers. shocking, isn't it? let's get back to the focus in america, boy, did he push climate change in that speech this morning. >> it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem. we can no longer be less to our future generation. . stuart: joining me now former state department official christian. i was not expected that, pope went right into politics and policy of climb change. were you as surprised as i was? >> no. this pope has basically made himself a politician, never been to the united states before, instead of learn and listen, he's coming to preach, bad politics, bad policy, the earth stopped warming more or less in the late 1990s, all of
10:36 am
the models are wrong but it's a huge mistake for the catholic church, it risked other main line churches here of becoming politically trending and how does this help people in their everyday lives. stuart: social media is exploding with this right now and if you look at some of the more leftist publications if i if i can put it like that, they're saying, cnn, the pope has gone political, that's exactly what they're saying. i didn't hear anything this morning about the persecution of christians in north africa. i didn't hear anything about the slaughter of christians overseas. i heard no defense of that. i don't think it was even mentioned except briefly by president obama. i tell you, christian, i'm sorry to say i am shocked of this. i am truly surprised at how much time climate change took up with the pope's speech earlier this morning. >> and frankly it sounds like
10:37 am
the moral equivalence at the un general assembly later this weekend, next weekend, there's good and evil in the world and in human being and we need to active to prevail and the reason united states we're not boy scouts is a force of good in the year all is lost and i hope the pope as he cheers people on, gives the castros a free pass, they're not going to be with him push to shove on true moral issues. he's alienating his base. stuart: tomorrow he addresses congress i believe, you're a senior official, are you going to be there tomorrow? >> no, i didn't get an invasion oddly enough, these are significant when people, like, tony blare comes during the iraq war and netanyahu comes, he will be speaking not in english, it won't be a big deal. stuart: thank you for joining
10:38 am
us on this with what i think is a breaking story. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: and ben carson, i'm going to say doubling down on his comments on muslims, he says muslims should not become president. roll tape. >> we have a constitution, and we do not put people at the leadership of our country whose faith might interfere with them caring out the duties of a constitution. stuart: joining me now, mike from the america together foundation. mike, you i believe would describe yourself as a moderate muslim and here we have -- >> absolutely. stuart: we have ben carson, presidential candidate saying that your faith paragraphs disqualify you to be the president of the united states. that would exclude you. what do you say. >> well, dr. ben carson made
10:39 am
five major mistakes that would disqualify him to one for the presidentship. number nebraska one, all human being are equal, right off the bat he was discounting a group of people without knowing each one. number two, he did not respect all americans. americans with extreme bills, they have never done that. and what makes him think that muslim or anybody with extreme will make it through the primary. est one that will not make it through the primary. the third mistake he made was everybody's innocent until he's proven guilty. muslims, individuals are guilty, not groups. if i do something wrong, it's my hiney that's hauled off to the jail, nothing to do with my parents, spouses, or community. he made another mistake. four mistakes, martin luther
10:40 am
king would rebuke dr. carson by judging people by their faith. he is so wrong. stuart: hold on one second. if a muslim espouses the values which we believe are part of islam, that would interfere with that muslim conducting fairs of the united states according to the constitution. if you believe in sharia law, that would interfere with that person's ability to be president, would it not? >> first of all, anybody who believes in laws like that in saudi arabia, iran, he will not even qualify to be the candidate. why go to that point? that position is mute, stuart. he will not even go there. ben carson is a very big opportunist. when he saw that donald trump is gaining some points, he wanted to have the share of the pie and what it takes whether he's right on wrong,
10:41 am
he wanted to get the share of pie. that tunism is not good for it, and he will not make it through the primaries. stuart: hold on a second. the alternative view is that dr. carson was raising an issue, which is very commonly gusted in private in america, the situation with muslims if i can put it like that, that is disgust, widely, privately in america but very rarely publicly because it's politically incorrect to look at groups of people. but he's brought it right out into the open. he's talking about something that many, many people are talking about in private. and i understand the money is pouring in to dr. carson, it is popular. i've got 20 seconds left and you've got it, sir. >> well, dr. carson should not judge anybody by what they appear. he should judge each individual that the american system, american law. you judge the individual, americans will not vote anybody who is extremist no matter what faith he or she
10:42 am
belongs to? stuart: yes, sir. >> and we have come a long way and we need to keep going forward. stuart: we appreciate you being with us today. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: now this. the new video, the pope and the president meeting in the white house. that's just coming to us. about a half hour ago the pope concluded his marks and they walked into the white house, this is another photo of if that's what you want to call it where the two leaders look into the cameras, chat amongst themselves and everyone goes away and says, look, just got this video in a moment ago. >> acceptability photo op. stuart: thank you very much indeed. now, another photo op in the bright sunshine looking really cool and really good with a translator in between them, that was another photo op and that's what you're looking at right now. all right. let's get to the sector report. we do this every day at this time. cheryl, what are you watching? >> well, stocks are trading
10:43 am
and we're looking at the dow right now as you can see. 16,315 we've got actually a little bit of a loss. i want to show you some of the names, though, that are pulling the dow down. you've got caterpillar, united, boeing, verizon, disney, chevron, goldman sachs down again, we have that cancer diagnosis yesterday, coke, ibm, and walmart, stuart. those are the names that are down, we were down 15, we went into positive territory when you were discussing the pope. stuart: it's a go nowhere day. >> absolutely. stuart: all right., cheryl, you did your best. >> i'm trying. stuart: coming up the pope urged the left. and asking him to speak out on climate change and a moment ago he did. the pope did push climate change at the white house. change at the white house. we go to washington next for that every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
10:44 am
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stuart: as you saw that, pope francis is in america and just used his speech at the white house welcoming ceremony to call for urgent action on climate change. let's go straight to capitol hill where senator john is with us. senator, i'm sure you saw the pope's speech there. were you as surprised as i was that he became so political and the speech was so dominated builds urge to do something about climate change? we were all shocked, were you? >> well, stuart, the pope's going to have time tomorrow to address congress to really get into the issues, and i hope his speech tomorrow is positive, inclusive, respectful, and we'll see if he does get into political issues tomorrow in congress, but it does seem what the pope has said has tied into what
10:49 am
the democrats have brought out yet, which is bill very aggressive on climate change, which to me is one that hurts our economy. stuart: and i'm sure you caught this but the pope came right out in his speech and said he approves of the initiative that president obama has launched to reduce air pollution. right there he was confusing carbon emissions with air pollution like smock for heaven's sake. i was so surprised of this. you're going to be in the chamber tomorrow listening to this. you think he's going to be even handed on this? >> well, we'll see what the pope says tomorrow, my think is what actually cost us jobs in the economy, hurt our country, and i'm not going to do, i want reliable energy what the democrats are proposing and we want to make energy as clean as we can and fast as we can in ways that
10:50 am
don't raise cost for americans families but there's a gap between reliable energy and renewable energy. stuart: can you can be a good catholic, a good christian if you oppose president obama on climate change and what the pope said, can you still be a good christian. >> well, the pope is infallible, he speaks to the lord of when it comes to faith and morality, not but not on issues of the environment. so i'm going to continue to fight for jobs in wyoming and do with things that affect people at home and anything that is being proposed by the president that raises energy cost, i don't think is good for our country. there's a reason that energy is called the master resource because it helps power our economy, country, and military and at times that places like china are being so aggressive, it's not the time to weaken america's economy or military and i can't imagine russia or
10:51 am
china doing the things that president obama is proposing put a shabble on our own economy. stuart: i just wish the pope had mentioned at least the tens of thousands of christians slaughtered and persecuted across north africa but there was no mention of that. we do appreciate you being with us today. i know you're very busy. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, stuart? stuart: yes, sir. coming up. vw, their stock bouncing back a tiny fraction. remember the stock lost a third of its value in the last two days. the company said deeply sorry. it messed up in a big way, more varney in a moment t? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back.
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10:55 am
>> the fallout continues from the volkswagen emission scandal, current ceo meeting with his board tonight to try to explain exactly what happened. jeff flock, you've been on this story from the very beginning, what is the latest in this scandal? >> ashley, it's a subcommittee of the board that he has been meeting with, in germany and no word from that there's a report that there will be a press conference after that, we haven't been able to substantiate that. but he's under increasing pressure to resign. yesterday he did not resign but instead issued another psychological admitted during
10:56 am
that video statement that he did not have all of the facts yet. might be a while before all of the facts come out. here are the facts we do know, though, about the stock, it bounced up a bit today after having fallen 19% win day and 20% the next day. lost a third of its market cap, the stock now trading up about 4% or so. what might help him and vw and what we learned yesterday on the fullbacks is that this is the far from the first time that automakers have been sanctioned for similar activities, honda, ford, general motors over the past of 20 years or so have all been sanctioned for these defeat devices, which are designed to fool the epa tests and essentially make it so that the cars appear to be running cleaner than they are. this is not apparently a new thing. the vw is dead in the crosshairs right now. >> yeah. a scandal that continues to grow. jeff flock, thank you so much
10:57 am
for an update on that story and hour three of varney just three minutes away. you stay there we believe activet can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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stuart: no wonder voters are cynical about politicians, just look at hillary clinton. now noses pipeline. it would be a distraction from the important work to come back climate change end quote. this is all about greens, shoring up the democrat base and then on the same day she said "no" to the tax on the health care plans. that's all about the unions who oppose this so-called cadillac tax. does anyone really believe that hillary clinton is trying to lead on energy policy or health care? no on the pipeline, no on the cadillac tax, that's all about the future well-being of this country, is it? no, it's not, it's about desperation, it's about political calculation. her position is increasingly desperate.
11:01 am
bernie sanders is coming on strong, joe biden looks to be running himself and bloomberg reports that the fbi has found those supposedly deleted e-mails. that spells real trouble. so what's a candidate to do? make a dramatic statement, no pipeline on a subject you really don't care about but which may attract votes. and do it when you want to shift attention away from something bad, like, the discovery of supposedly deleted e-mails. just so transparent. such an obvious plow. hillary clinton is trying to be authentic and then plays political games on vital issues. no wonder voters are cynical about politicians. ♪ . stuart: breaking news just crossing the wires, vw chief executive officer martin is stepping down, ashley, you're
11:02 am
reading this as we speak. >> yeah. i'm just looking at this. no big surprise, he was supposed to have a meeting with the subcommittee of the board tonight, the speculation will be you want to be at the end of the week. he put out a video saying saying he was trying to get up to speed, he wasn't aware, he was trying to distance himself from the scandal yesterday but caught up with him today. so this is the first of what i would expect will be a number of executives that will be leaving. stuart: yesterday you suggested is -- >> well, we would -- more than $7 billion half of a year's profits they have had to set aside to deal with this. i don't think anyone wants to see him stay. >> he does say i am not aware of any wrongdoing on my part. stuart: yeah. >> so he's still not taking responsibility. stuart: let's remember something here. volkswagen was the largest producer of cars in the world. >> yes. stuart: they had just beaten toyota, which had just beaten general motors. >> right. stuart: king of the hill and now they've got this dreadful
11:03 am
image problem, cheating on tests and a huge financial problem, it's going to cost an arm and a leg to fix all of these. >> and we should point out they hired the same law firm that represented bp in the oil spill so they're hunkering down and preparing for a big legal fight,. >> 7.3 billion in profits they had to set aside for this. >> could be more. stuart: it will be more. it will be a lot more than that. >> yeah. it could be more. stuart: if i bought a car, let's suppose i bought one of these cars on the promise that it gets x-number of miles to the gallon and that it was cleaner. it doesn't. >> nope. stuart: they broke their promise to me, the buyer. >> oh, it's going to be class action. >> i'm shopping for a car, maybe i can get one on the cheap now. stuart: you're shocking. volkswagen stock was up about a buck earlier. i'm sure it's still up a fraction because, yeah, look, it's up a buck, buck 11. people think that that is a
11:04 am
buying opportunity simply because other car companies like toyota, which have been in really serious trouble, bounce back as soon as they got over the hump of the trouble. >> one other comment he says this is the only way to win back trust. him resigning. i think it's going to take more than just him resigning. >> yeah. and as far as stock goes, they've lost a third of their value this week on the stock, so that's not much of a gain for those guys. stuart: a lot of people will buy it on the dip. >> they will. because opportunity. stuart: at some point it will go up. you can't kill the world's largest car company just like that. you can't do that. all right. pope francis making his first appearance on the white house earlier this morning. he took on climate change all right. right from the get-go. that was his message. he gave his support to president obama's climate change plan. he says climate change is a problem our world must face. it is time for all of us to take action. a lot of reaction from our guests this morning. listen to this.
11:05 am
>> he's here in the on this issues in any other country and standing right next to the person who can provide that kind of leadership but not to address some of those humanitarian issues in some degree of depth with the leader of the free world is quite amazing. >> the truth of the matter is this is his economic and political agenda, and it's hard left and don't kid yourself. that's what we're going to hear. >> if he does get into political issues tomorrow in congress, but it does seem what the pope has said is tied to what the democrats have brought out yesterday, which is a bill of very aggressive on climate change, which to me is one that actually hurts our economy. >> i will admit. i wouldn't have expected him to spend so much time talking about climate change either. so i'm a bit surprised as you are at that talk. stuart: there wasn't a word on
11:06 am
social issues, like, gay marriage or abortion from pope francis this morning. climate change front and center in his first ever trip to the united states of america. a lot more on that coming up. in fact, we're going to be talking about the pope with fox news contributor father jonathan morris. he's coming up in just one moment. he will be with us. but joining us right now senator steve, republican from montana. pope francis came out swinging on climate change and linked it at the same time as hillary clinton had said yesterday no pipeline. they're all in the climate change boat together. >> well, i've got great respect for the pope and the catholic church on a wavering commitment of stand for those that are most vulnerable, the disabled, the elder, the unborn, but gosh just yesterday on the senate floor we had a very important vote, the first piece of pro-life legislation in 12 years to stop late term abortions, the first piece in 12 years. it would have been appropriate
11:07 am
to comment on that. but let's remember something. the president's policies on energy are driving energy prices up. what do poor people need? low cost energy. so we need to fight for the poor and one way to help the poor is to provide an abundance of low cost energy. stuart: so you, your state, montana, the pipeline if it were to be built, would run through montana. does your state very much favor the building of that pipeline? because you must be very disappointed after hillary clinton's statement yet. >> well, you're right, stuart, the keystone pipeline errants the united states in montana. this is another hillary clinton cover-up. this is another act of coward from the clinton campaign, they announced their position on the pipeline on the day that the pope is the focus, and she said she was going to wait until the state
11:08 am
department finished its finding, montana supports the keystone pipeline, its job, the low cost energy, but think about this for a moment. the president and his terrible iran deal on one hand is promoting exporting oil from and i know shutting down exporting oil from canada. what a contradiction. the people from montana support the pipeline as a majority of the american people. stuart: been what a day. thank you so much for joining us, sir, i'm sorry for cutting it short. thank you for being with us here. >> thank you. stuart: and vw chief executive chief officer is stepping down. do we know anything more than from what we knew a couple of minutes ago. >> other than he continues to say he knew nothing of this wrongdoing but this is the only way to win back trust but i think as we said before, other executives will be gone, and it's going to cost him a lot of more than in fines
11:09 am
loans, as cheryl pointed out, they put aside the third quarter, # $7.3 billion, the estimate's up to $18 billion, i don't think it's going to get that high but it will be a huge hit to the bottom line. stuart: is he not holding a press conference as we speak? i think that's the case. >> well, there's an event today where we were expecting him to resign today. stuart: i think we should look at just how big a deal this is. volkswagen is a huge company. >> uh-huh. stuart: and it's ceo is stepping down. you've got porsche, bentley, vw itself, a couple of other marks as well. >> 3% of cars in the u.s. are diesel, in europe, it's above 50%. stuart: yeah, and here we have chief executive officer of that gigantic conglomerate because they cheated on tests. >> nobody likes a cheater. stuart: the real drama in the
11:10 am
boardroom right here. i'm not sure who that gentleman is actually, i don't know if that is martin or not. i'm honestly not sure, i do apologize for that but they're announcing he's going right now and you watched it. while the pope remains silent on the christians in north africa, not a word about it really. he continues to criticize the and did you say other wealthy nations about climate change. come on in, father jonathan morris. now, father, i know you're ready for me. what on earth is pope francis coming to this country, criticizing us, urging us toward a policy on climate change and saying nothing about the slaughter of our fellow christians in north africa. can you explain this to me, father? >> stuart, your selective hearing is absolutely astounding. stuart: wait a second, father. you deny that pope francis spent the majority of his speech time this morning
11:11 am
talking about climate change. climate change, climate change, climate change. we must get onboard with this. he became totally political, no? >> he has no problem being political when he says that there are major moral issues that need speaking to. let me just finish real quick what i started to say and that is what did he talk about? he talked about religious freedom, he talked about people around the world that don't have religious freedom, he also talked about going back to the foundational principles of our country. he spoke about a lot of things; right? and, yes, he did talk about global warming and let me tell you why. because i don't think he agrees with the whole lot with president obama on some of the other issues of abortion, marriage, et cetera, so he chose to go to those things that he agrees with the president and says let's work together. let's work together. and, you know, i think he thinks that talking about some of the other things, the
11:12 am
abortion, is not going to do a whole lot of good. in that particular context. we might hear about those other things more, he still hasn't talked to the joint session of congress, to the united nations, but what he's saying is people who disagree on some issues can work together on other issues. and, yes, he does believe that global warming or climate change is a major moral issue. why? because he believed the consensus of scientists. stuart: very, very deep water here because he has taken sides on a issue of policy. he is projecting one policy, which he thinks is good, and that is a very dangerous position to be in. >> would you want the pope to take sides on slavery? . stuart: father, that is irrelevant at this point. >> no. it's not irrelevant. stuart: it is. pope francis -- >> you're suggesting that he's in deep water because he's
11:13 am
taking sides in policy. stuart: president obama's policy, president obama's policy on climate change will raise the cost on energy worldwide period. it will. that will have a dramatic and horrible negative affect on poor people in africa, asia, and latin america. >> let's be clear, stuart, he has not said, president obama, i support your particular policy on changing the direction we're going on in - stuart: he approved obama's initiative to reduce pollution. he said it. he approves president obama's initiative to reduce. >> hold on. stuart: reduce air pollution. >> what he said was we need to decrease air pollution. i'm in favor of that. i know you're in favorite of that. stuart: yes, but he's confusing carbon emissions with air pollution. >> what did he say? . stuart: he said air pollution and then later goes onto carbon pollution. >> they're two separate things, you're right and what
11:14 am
he didn't say, though, is i support this particular law that this particular politician is proposing. that's not his job. what his job is to say i believe this is a moral issue. climate change is a moral issue because it's going to affect mostly the poof and therefore the united states of america, you are in a particular position of leadership. do something. because it will affect the poor. i don't understand the science. it wouldn't necessarily be my priority. but what i'm trying to do, stuart, is listen and say you know what? if this does affect people deeply in the future generation, especially the poor, let's think about it and do something about it. stuart: okay. i've got one totally irrelevant question for you. you have, like, a red cord around your vest there,. >> i do. stuart: which is also worn by the translator for pope francis. can you tell me -- does that make you -- >> mine is very different. mine -- these are just guest
11:15 am
passes. i should probably take this off for the next segment. this is not -- the translator is a senior, so his vestment reflects being a senior. this is not that. stuart: is it a mon senior, senior to a priest. >> yeah. it's an honorary title that's given. it doesn't -- it doesn't mean that. stuart: are you a mon senior? >> do you think a mon senior would be silly enough to go on and fight with you, stuart, over and over again? i'm not a mon senior. . stuart: all right, father jonathan. it's a pleasure. >> okay. stuart: seriously. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. stuart: thank you, sir. i've got to get back to the breaking news. cw chief executive officer stepping down. >> well, apparently he was grilled this morning about what was going on, he came out resigning saying, look, volkswagen needs a fresh
11:16 am
start, also in terms of personnel, am i clearing the way with this fresh start with my resignation. gone as far as concerned about the image of the overall german domestic car products. so the german investigators looking into it, french investigators, souther south korean, around the world . >> also as ashley mentioned, you've got the five member subcommittee, they were expected to extend his contracts, 2018, this was a routine meeting that had already been set up and instead they walked in and said you, you're resigning. that's basically let's just paraphrase what happened here today. and also some questions about stock manipulation because the stock continued to rise and rise and rise. they knew what was going on behind the scenes before they went public with it. is that a violation against the shareholders? that came up today in the
11:17 am
meeting as well. stuart: what we've go on got on the scene screen is a one-week chart, if you go back, say, three or four months, you will see the stock going up. >> doing great. stuart: and then you are thely plummets. >> this happening in europe, not the united states, but, again, that's a question whether or not the the value was -- >> all a game with the epa. it's not a game. america's epa has been harming away at volkswagen for a year claiming that's what they were continuing and continuing to deny it until they had to break down and admit it. stuart: the man at the top in charge during the scandal has got to go. i mean that looks like the rule of law as we speak. the rule of governance of corporations. it looks like it. by the way, volkswagen stock right now is up 93 cents. that's not a bounce. that's some people buying it because they think it's a steal. we mentioned this yesterday
11:18 am
that when toyota had that unwanted acceleration problem, this was maybe a year and a half or two years ago, no loss of life in the vw context. i'm sorry toyota went down to about $70 a share and then bounced big time within 18 months it was at 140. it had doubled. >> uh-huh. stuart: so there are going to be a lot of people who will buy volkswagen right at what they think is the despair. >> i think we're seeing it. stuart: they can hold it for a year and make money. >> and after that let's not forget the consumer, the buyers of the vehicles and many of them are not going to be as tuned in on this program as to what's happening with volkswagen and still continue to buy volkswagen vehicles. they're very popular with consumers. >> i think the diesel engine industry. i really do. stuart: maybe. but it was just this one testing mechanism. >> yeah. but raise questions overall. consumers go. stuart: i don't know why but these are not so popular in america. >> not at all. stuart: no idea.
11:19 am
let's see. can we just go to the big board for one second, please, because now we're down 50 points. i'm not making any suggestion that the pope has anything to do with that, i'm not sure that vw has anything to do with that, it's still fairly flat, but we are now down. >> a weak manufacturing number earlier today, which was not good. flat but does that have anything to do with it? . stuart: we totally missed that, didn't we? back to pope francis, go to the front page of the natural resources defense counsel website, and you see this. big picture of pope francis with the words moral obligation. you must be very, very pleased, bob, you won this one, the pope's on your side big time. >> well, i don't know if it's a matter of sides as you know. stuart: yes, it is. >> the pope, he's not a politician. stuart: he is now. >> it's a white robe not a red or blue.
11:20 am
stuart: he's a politician now, he's straightforwardly advancing a policy. put his foot right in the middle of politician in the united states of america. i mean you're pleased but there's going to be a lot of catholics who are not. >> well, what we think, stuart, is that the pope has issued a call to people of all political persuasions, of all faiths, all beliefs, all convictions reminding us that we are called all of us to be good stewards of all and that's what the pope is reminding us and that's important. stuart: that's exactly what he said, we must commit ourselves for our care to our common home. i do take the point, bob, but he is advocating a specific policy, the policy of president obama. that's where i have a problem. but, you know, i'm wrong in the sense that you've not just won this one, you won too. hillary clinton says "no" on the pipeline. you must be just ecstatic
11:21 am
about this, bob. >> well, the pipeline is a horrible idea, take some of the dirtiest oil on the plant, pipe it and top shipped to the commerce overseas, it's about big profits. if you want to get back to the pope, stuart, i think what the pope has done here he has posed one of the most profound spiritual questions of our time. are we going to rise to our obligation to protect future generations from the dangers of climate change or will we provide over a steady did h of the plant? i think it does say whether we're willing to put our convictions and beliefs into action. stuart: it just depends which policy we put into action. that is a key thing. bob, i'm sorry. look, we're very glad to have you with us today. appreciate it and thanks, sir. >> thank you, stuart,.
11:22 am
stuart: bet back to that breaking news on vw. the chief executive stepping down. more details and the judge, i think he's going to be talking about the pope, i've got a sneaking suspicion. are you talking about the pope in a moment? >> i'm talking about the vw scene. stuart: oh, the vw. we'll take you to the vw but first this commercial break ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:26 am
stuart: this is live, this is the pope and that's a pope mobile, i'm told that's a jeep arraigningler. >> 2015. stuart: thank you and special modified so that the pope can stand up, shielded and protected and get out easily. moments ago we couldn't see this. we were in a -- a young child was brought -- there you go. a young child brought to the pope, a blessing, a kiss and that child will never be able to forget that. no matter what. this is washington d.c., the pope has arrived in washington d.c., made a speech, all climate change all the time and now the pope is going to -- i think saint michaels of the cathedral, the pope is on his way there now. it's going to be slow progress
11:27 am
because the crowds are big and loads of babies to be kissed. here comes the baby, i've got the baby video for you. i want to see this. he's looking, he's looking, wait. >> come on. stuart: wait for it. >> there we go. stuart: and there we got it. >> the baby's, like, what the heck is going on? . stuart: isn't that something? >> i just love that. i tell you, it's fantastic. good stuff indeed. >> how exciting for this people, new york excited, philadelphia residents. stuart: to be in the presence of the mighty, there is -- in hindu, there is a word for it, and i forgotten what it is, but there is a word meaning in the presence of the great. >> is that what they taught you at the london school of economics? . stuart: can we move on to something -- >> he's talking about you, judge. [laughter] . stuart: i was once this close to the queen of england, and
11:28 am
you can -- >> what did she say, stuart? >> let you get that close? . stuart: yes, in hong kong, a tour of hong kong in the 1970s, i was this close, and i do feel the presence of the great. you would feel that in the president of the united states, of course you would. we all do. >> it's an aura. stuart: thank you. i'm told we're staying with the pope. what are you going to say? >> the meeting he's going to at the cathedral is not open to the public and there will be present all the bishops of the united states of america. >> is this a meeting or. stuart: it's a meeting. going to speak to a group decidedly more transitional than pope francis because 95% of them were appointed by john paul the second. so much more transitional than pope francis that when they elected five of their number to go to the senate on the
11:29 am
family next month in roam, the pope unilaterally added another who they did not elect the most liberal of the group, archbishop of chicago. stuart: now, that's a meeting and it's closed. the media will not be allowed in or the people will not be allowed in; correct? >> as i understand it, yes. stuart: and in the sense that the bishops who are assembled are largely conservatives. >> yes. but i'm going to subject that the division will be below the surface. i can't imagine anybody going to stand up and challenge hill. he is aware of the fact that the center of gravity in that group is far to the right of where his center of gravity is just by virtue of political origins throughout the church . stuart: can i ask you. how do you feel about a spiritual leader in that situation? our viewers right now are looking at the pope in the pope mobile being greeted by adoring crowds. >> right. stuart: and waving to them,
11:30 am
blessing them, how do you as a catholic feel about a spiritual leader looking presidential or like a monarch or a political leader? just can't square that virtual leader looking like that. >> that's a transitionallist, that does not trouble me,. >> this is what popes do. stuart: really? >> this right here? yes. >> and a wonder relationship, the kissing the baby was fantastic. what does trouble me is he says you'll have a moral obligation to do this, this, and this with the environment. i suppose you disagree politically, still a good catholic? >> well, i don't know if you made this point welch when it comes to climate change, americans don't want to hear. that's the least common initiative that americans have, they want to hear about women's issues and helping the poor. >> apparently we're not going to have a choice. stuart: going to get my 10 cents in.
11:31 am
i do nottish to see the archbishop in some special vehicle meeting the adoring crowds. >> no. but we wouldn't know who he was. >> touché. >> a lot is going to have to happen this weekend. >> three people going. stuart: up next more on this breaking news and it's a big story. the ceo of vw, volkswagen is stepping down. we've got details for you. live report. next
11:32 am
. . . . . .
11:33 am
11:34 am
11:35 am
stuart: if you've been watching this program you know there is big news breaking at volkswagen. vw's chief executive officer is stepping down. this is a very big deal and jeff flock has more on it from chicago. jeff. >> reporter: it is amazing to me, stuart, how quickly fortunes can change in the corporate world. martin winter korn vanquished all the opposition on board. he was set to sign a new three-year contract friday this week. it all goes away. i have the statement from mr. winterkorn now. almost breaking your heart to read it i says in addition to resigning volkswagen has, always will be my life. despite that they need a fresh start. he says though, i quote him here
11:36 am
as well, i'm not aware of any wrongdoing on my part. he is not taking any responsibility for. i suppose in a way he is. the stock on his resignation jumped nowhere near the loss that occurred course past few days. this is a big deal. tim cook stepping down at apple. stuart: exactly. he takes no responsibility for what happened even though it was on his watch. >> reporter: says he didn't know. says he didn't know. somebody knew something. stuart: it is a very big deal. we're following this one. jeff, thank thank you very much indeed. judge napolitano come back to us after coverage of the pope he is back to us now fortunately. martin winter korn said he didn't know but he is still out. that is accountability, isn't it? >> i'm going to guess in the short period of time between the revelation of this and this is a sophisticated criminal conspiracy to avoid the epa reporting requirements, by
11:37 am
rigging computers so that when the west was made, it showed low emissions but when the vehicle was being operated it showed unacceptable emissions. that between that time and today they conducted some sort of an investigation, internal investigation, this is what brought jeff smisek down at united. lawyers conducted internal investigation, not with niceties of the trial but is this guy likely to go down? the investigation said this knowledge of this conspiracy was rampant and ceo has to go. we have a lot of house cleaning to do because the american government is about to indict some of us and about to take a lot of our assets from us. stuart: got it. have to get to hillary's emails. as i understand it hillary clinton said she deleted some 30,000 emails she said were personal, about her daughter's wedding, about yoga. now bloomberg reports that the fbi has cracked into those emails and that they have
11:38 am
recovered some of those emails that puts hillary in tube because legal position, am i accurate? >> yes it does. it will allow the fbi to reveal if she destroyed or attempted to destroy more than just personal emails. at the same time that came out, the state department revealed for the first time late last night, that it demanded emails of her three months before she said the state department did. if she attempted to delete any emails in that three-month period that is obstruction of justice, another fellly which she could be charged this. is a continuing cascade of grave legal news for mrs. clinton personally and for her presidential campaign. stuart: sandy berger and general petraeus were both prosecuted and or fined, i believe for doing precisely the same thing, taking possession of secret information and maybe destroying it. that is what they were prosecuted for, something similar.
11:39 am
>> neither did it on as massive scale as this or with the public arrogance which she has attempted to justify it. stuart: extraordinary. judge napolitano, great day's service you've done to "varney & company." >> thank you. i am your humble servant. stuart: humble? >> let's not get carried away. stuart: come on in lenore hawkins, financial advisor. welcome back to the program. i want to ask you about your work and the pope because i know that you spend about half your time in italy advising wealthy tailians on how to manage their money. you spend a lot of time there, so i want you to tell us what do italians think about this pope, specifically, about the pope coming to america to talk about climate change? >> yeah, well, they love him socially. obviously he is for many catholics a vast improvement over the prior pope. he is a lot more open-minded about many of the issues that younger people in particular are
11:40 am
interested in. but when it gets to climate change and when it gets to how to run the economy they get a little bit more concerned because in italy he have this a much, much, bigger line between church and than even we have in the united states. stuart: wait a second. there is a big divide between church and state in italy, bigger than there is here? really? >> much bigger there. you have a long history of the church being the state in that part of the world. that didn't go very well. they didn't like that very much. so they don't really like him getting involved how to run the country. when it comes to the government it is much more secular than the u.s. in u.s. we look more with a christian perspective and hear people speaking of the united states a christian nation. italians would not speak for the most part their country being at all catholic. stuart: did you watch the pope's remarks this morning? i'm sure you did. we were all sitting here on the set watching the pope speak and
11:41 am
we were astonished that climate change occupied such a large portion of his presentation. i'm sure you watched it. were you equally surprised? >> yes. i think we've got some other issues maybe he could focus on given that is not his area of expertise. stuart: yes. >> a bit like when we have those in hollywood feel like they have the stage -- stuart: go back to the italians. you're looking at an invasion of young muslim males from north africa, following the slaughter of christians in north africa. i can't imagine what italians must think about what is going on here? >> yeah. there is, you look at immigration problem we've got in europe. it is heart-breaking, it really is, a humanitarian crisis of rather epic proportions. that and handling in a very compassionate and christian manner would be much more important to the pope than climate change. that is a little bit further off and not his area of expertise. his area of expertise really ought to be focused on people
11:42 am
helping each other. the italians are viewing this much the same way. when you get into climate change, again you're getting into government control. stuart: yes. getting into politics and policy exactly what you're doing. >> not really good place for the church to get messed up in. stuart: i know you're in san diego right now, correct? >> yes. stuart: thank you very much for chiming in. we appreciate you being here. lenore, thank you. >> great to see you again. stuart: how about this statement. facebook's instagram now bigger than twitter. really? we'll have more on that in a moment. at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. just moments ago we took a leg down here on the markets and moved to the session lows of the day. dow jones industrial average just a moment ago was down about 100 points. sitting at 16,234, a loss of .6 of 1%. s&p down seven. nasdaq down 8 1/2. for the month, the dow and s&p are down over 1 1/2%. names trying to squeeze out some gains here, leading the dow, health care has been obviously defensive play. merck and pfizer both to the upside today but we are seeing sectors such as materials, industrials, telecom coming under pressure as we are seeing selling across the board on heels of weak numbers out of china. tires have been a big story this week. metals and mining for example, freeport-mcmoran beingdown-sized and monsanto and dow chemical losing. freeport-mcmoran down 6%. watch every day, 5:00 a.m.,
11:45 am
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stuart: dow jones average that is the low for the day down -- is that the low of the day? >> i think it is. stuart: it has been creeping down on very low volume, down she goes, down 97. breaking news. officials say that the fingerprints of more than five million people were stolen in the office of personal
11:47 am
management hack, five million sets of fingerprints taken. you got more on this? >> this is all from the office of personnel management hack where we saw 21 million people, federal employees both current and former. these are very important, these are the fingerprints of people who applied for and received federal clearance. so instead of 1.1 million we were told at first time around, that had been stolen, it is now up to 5.6 million people. stuart: if they have got your fingerprints that is more than knowing your address. >> yes, absolutely. stuart: just explodes this stuff, doesn't it? >> gets worse and worse. stuart: then we have facebook, the photo sharing app known as instagram has more than users than twitter. 400 million users on instagram. 300 million users of twitter. joining me end gadget editor-in-chief, michael gorman. he is the guy who explains all the technical stuff to me. could you say instagram has taken over from twitter?
11:48 am
>> well, i would say they kind of served different purposes. makes sense for instagram to grow more quickly for me just because, you know, cameras are everywhere now. everybody has a really nice camera in their smartphone. people love documenting their lives. we've seen that in the shift to social media generally. so i think for a broader appeal that makes sense. twitter obviously is a much bigger deal for people like me, journalists. we're tracking breaking news. it has become the default way for a lot of people to get, by the minute news. and that -- stuart: instagram, which is so much more vision all and twitter which is so much more word oriented, seems like instagram is very much in tune with the times because that's where we are going. whereas twitter i think, dare i say old-fashioned but i think it is. >> it is. you know, gets right to the point. i think people really like ingauging imagery and instagram
11:49 am
has done a good job. brought out incorporated clips of video which adds another element to the attractiveness for them. they have the hyper apps app that does slow motion videos that is pretty cool and let you collages with the layout app. twitter has not been nipple bell and don't have new product offerings that keep people interested. everybody wants something new and intragram has done a great job on this. stuart: we hear about the apple car. new battery technology. we really need it, to make, fossil fuels go away, and renewable solar and wind, attractive storers of electricity. can you tell me anything on the horizon breakthrough in battery technology? >> the chemistry for lithium-ion batteries will not get much more efficient. tesla right now is building a
11:50 am
huge battery plant that will drive down the cost of those batteries but as far as actual energy delivery, that is almost maxed out. we're getting pretty close to that. there are some other, zinc air batteries, other very kind of research-based technologies out there that are being worked on but, a, they're more about, they can with stand damage. not so much they can deliver more energy. there is possibility of super capacitors in the future but nothing on the immediate horizon. stuart: we're a long, long way away from that breakthrough which is all important. michael, you make things clear for us. we like that. michael, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. stuart: a consumer advocacy group calls out chipolte. launching an ad that chipolte food makes you fat. chipolte has unlikely ally to back them up. that ally will join us next.
11:51 am
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. stuart: by the way, it's a slide down, the dow is 109 and this. images of men and women, that disputes chipotle's all-natural healthy claims. the ads directed right at chipotle. we spoke to richard berman and he is the guy who organized
11:55 am
these ads. here's what he had to say. >> we find one restaurant company trying to marginalize and malign other retailers in the food business whether it be supermarkets or restaurants, by saying they've got healthier products when, in fact, it's a marketing scam. they talk about genetically modified foods, all the cattle and all the pigs are eating genetically modified corn and they're selling that meat. stuart: a man incensed at rick berman and the anti-chipotle ads is wayne passel from the humane society why. on earth is the humane society getting in the middle of this fight? >> number one, rick berman is a disreputable guy. that is a name he concocted out of his public relations firm on k street in washington. chipotle is one of now many
11:56 am
companies that has taken decisive stands to say that hey, we're going to do better when it comes to treating animals in the supply chain. chipotle says we're not going to confine the pigs in crates, this is an attack group attacking the company in the free market trying do better in responding to consumers' wishes. stuart: i think you are angry at rick berman, he went after you on the ads for animal shelters, people contributed a lot of the money but the money doesn't really go to the shelters. that's why you hate rick berman, don't you? >> he hates puppy mills, seal clubbing factory farming and attacks the humane society of the united states. we've never had an ad that said these are animal shelters. we have advertising that says let's stop animal cruelty to all animals. help animals on farm, protect wildlife.
11:57 am
and rick berman on behalf of the interest groups exhibiting cruelty to animals is fronting for him. and the chipotle thing is a larger narrative of attacking free market enterprises that are responding to consumers' interests to treat animals better. >> okay, we hear you, thanks for being with us, you have an important point to make and you made it very well. thank you for joining us, sir, much obliged to you, sir. the dow is down exactly 100 points, it's been a slide to the down side and that's what you got right now. no sudden drop, no sudden piece of news to account for this, just a slide down. more varney in a moment.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. >> what he didn't say, though, is i support this particular law that this particular politician is proposing. that's not his job. what his job is to say i believe this is a moral issue. climate change is a moral issue because it's going to affect mostly the poor. mostly the poor and therefore the united states of america,
12:00 pm
you are in a particular position of leadership. do something. stuart: you just saw a little dispute between father jonathan and myself about the pope on climate change. all climate change first thing this morning. neil cavuto, my time is up and now it's yours. neil: not a moment too soon for you, varney, ten hail marys, that's just for starters! after the criticism of the holiest man on the planet by stuart varney we're going to try to patch relations with the vatican. there is a lot of confusion whether the pontiff is setting the stage for a major lecture before the united states congress on this very issue of climate change. steve forbes is with us right now. the pope is doing a mass at cathedral of saint matthew, that was the cathedral i might recall and for a lot of you recall are of a certain age the funeral mass for john kennedy after his assassination in november 1963.


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