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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right. that's all the time we have. to trish regan to take it on with the pope and chinese and so much. i bring it to you, trish. trish: all right. i'll take it away then. thank you so much, neil cavuto. right now on "the intelligence report," top leaders of american companies from apple to, starbucks, amazon, just finishing up their meetings with the president of china seattle, washington. why are they kowtowing to china? i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report, everyone. we have headlines coming to us as i speak from seattle there. they're lifting the market as little bit, paring losses there right now. the nasdaq actually turning positive. let me share some of them with you. china's president, says he is aware of risks and challenges in china's economy and he is taking measures to address them. we're hearing right now that china's xi jinping that china is
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fully capable maintaining high growth for a long time to come. he goes on to say that china is adopting more forceful and innovative macroeconomic measures. wow. for the chinese economy. big macroeconomics concerns. so much of a concern, that the fed couldn't even move on interest rates this month. china represents such an opportunity to american business. big company ceos trying to court china's favor. calling this the chinese-american hugs and business tours. you have chinese president xi jinping touring a boeing factory in seattle and in meetings with executives from the tech community including tim cook from apple despite accusations that american intellectual property is being ripped off while simultaneously the chinese are hacking into our military and personal data.
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why are these companies so eager to meet with chinese leadership? we have gordon chang, jo ling kent. gordon, start with you. theft from a 2013 study, intellectual property is, the u.s. is actually losing out on $300 billion worth of intellectual property as a result of countries like china. half of this is thought to come from china. and yet, we want to do more business with them. >> yeah. this is really ironic because here you have the country that is attacking these tech companies, that's china, appealing to the victims, not to seek help from the only party that can protect them which is washington. but clearly, these companies do see that there is business opportunity in china, but i think this is one problem that goes away very quickly because chinese economy is reeling. essentially, chinese president xi jinping can not change the
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direction of his economy. we've seen this before. trish: he says he can do it. he is out there moments ago speaking in seattle. i read you those headlines. he is saying he is not that concerned about the macroeconomic fundamentals. that they can fix it. let's not forget, they, unlike us, can keep throwing money at problem, i would argue sometimes given the fed we tend to do similar type of thing. but they can keep throwing money at this problem. they don't have to play by the same kind of rules. ultimately does it help them? >> no, it doesn't. essentially they have been trying for instance, macroeconomic tools of economic stimulus, monetary stimulus, hasn't helped. fiscal stimulus could create more ghost cities. that is not a solution. ramping up the stock market hasn't helped. we really see this with chinese people expressing no confidence in their economy. wyndham information, with which is the leading chinese data provider says $135 billion a
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month are coming out of china. i think that is real indication the chinese don't believe their president when he says he can take care of them. trish: i want to share with everyone some of pictures of ceos out there meeting. jo ling joining us with more on this right now. you have mary barra. dave coty from honwell. bob iger from disney. ellen coleman, john chambers, all there meeting with the president of china. the list goes on. from the tech sector, you got tim cook, jeff bezos, satya nadella. howard schultz, not so much tech but one of those seattle companies, west coast. why is it so important for these guys to be talking to him today? >> they're doing robust business in china even though there is a slowdown right now. you have companies like boeing, announced a huge new deal. 300 planes will be sold to the chinese now. that is $3 billion, plus they're now investing in a new plant.
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boeing has never done that outside of the u.s. before. so it is a really big move. but i caution you to also think about who is not there among the tech titans. ceo of google is not there. ceo of facebook. interrim ceo of twitter. all not in attendance because their services are largely if not completely blocked in china. they're not able to do business there. that is coming on heels of president xi in a dinner with howard schultz that foreign companies are welcome to do business in china. there has been a lot of mixed messages -- trish: welcome to do business in china so long as, theresa, okay getting some of their data stolen along the way or some of their ideas stolen along the way. this is essentially one of the biggest problems we have in doing business with china. you can't as an american company entirely trust whatever operation you have on the ground there, because it could be susceptible to hacking. it could be susceptible to theft. so why go. >> you're absolutely right.
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you're absolutely right. this better be on top of the agenda. this is a conversation that needed to happen for a long time. china says they don't condone hacking but security industry and law enforcement says hack attacks are hitting u.s. businesses whether they're physically doing business in china or here at home. the attacks are originating from china. so we need a written accord between these two countries that says we will not tolerate this, if you do hack, if you steal information, intellectual property, that we will prosecute. >> part of the problem, gordon, we say that, we say please don't do this, please don't do this, please don't do this, and please doesn't apparently work with the chinese. >> no, it hasn't. the idea of a an agreement chinese won't hack american companies for corporate information really isn't going to work. the real problem this is embedded in the chinese economic system, from the very top the
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chinese communist party central government down to enterprises. only thing that will work impose costs on chinese that are greater than benefits they get. trish: flip side, jo ling, you can speak to this, reality we're in global economy whether we like it or not. jobs are unfortunately moving to cheaper markets, cheaper labor markets. china is big part of that, in 12-year time period we lost or displaced roughly 3.2 million american jobs and, these companies, nonetheless keep going back, despite the concerns about intellectual property, despite concerns about hacking, because this represents jo ling a market opportunity. talk to us what is so appealing about china right now. >> a lot of those jobs are not going to china but moving to southeast asia or other parts of the region who offer cheaper labor. looking at chinese economy, the
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worry about slowdown of demand which slows down businesses in china. ii want to point out one thing n hacking note, the u.s. is saying please don't do it and the chinese continue do it, we also have to remember we're waiting to get from the white house what they called their set of retaliations economic sanctions by the chinese. doesn't look like that is going to be case. we do know at top of the agenda. we'll watch any change in tone and action on that front be trish. trish: we are going to be watching. criticism about this president, theresa, you're familiar with this, he just hasn't put forward enough. he hasn't acted or strong-armed china enough. this is, something frankly that you know, we see donald trump campaigning on. it is that kind of rhetoric sticking with a lot of americans who have lost their jobs to a place like china.
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they're saying hey, why can't we compete on more level playing field. they don't like it. they don't like that china is emerging as such an economic power. cot the president be doing more? should he do more to confront these issues? >> the president can do more. the sanctions were mentioned and but we need to, past evidence of hacking. are we getting opportunity to extradite the individuals responsible and prosecute them. might make some companies holding back, might feel more comfortable. trish: we're looking at picture of president from about the economy what can be done on macro level to support the
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chinese economy. he is reassuring people that they have got it taken care of. you can see markets reaction as weigh pare all losses down, down 17 points on the dow. thank you gordon and theresa. i want to get to political implications how americans are frustrated losing jobs to china, that we're losing intellectual property. that our personal accounts are being hacked into by china. it is all very scary. despite china's blatant cyber theft on our companies and our own data, you have president obama out there throwing him a very fancy staged dinner at white house. a lot of people are questioning whether this is really right tact in this environment. scotty, your take, is this the right move for the president? should we be welcoming him? he is a very important state leader but does it send the wrong message? >> it does, who is whining and dining who? who is the criminal and who is the actually the victim of this?
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i don't know right now considering all the whining and dining when the two. -- whining what kind of message does that send? the reason you want sanctions, not necessarily to punish the past but prevent the future. message the president is saying i will serve you the best type of dinner i can at the white house. you might not wake up -- trish: does it make it harder denise tofor him to act when he is entertaining? >> absolutely not. he is representing us. we're hosting him. of course we're being gracious hosts. i think everyone, republicans, democrats agree that starting a war of words or any other kind hurts them as much as it hurts us. we have established, in previous segment, the problems are very real. we have to be supportive of our
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business class. this is huge market for our business people. you know that it is coveted, it is massive. trish: to that point, denise, if we're going to be supportive of our business class why aren't we supporting them? saying guess what, china, you can't hack into our companies data? >> we could say that all day long. we know that they're responsible for at least $300 billion a year in property, intellectual property theft. we understand this is a serious problem. like hillary clinton put it blunt. how do you talk tough to your banker? this is politically very, very complicated. >> you think we owe them too much money then? we're talking about 1 1/2 trillion dollars that we owe them? that is not good. >> that's not good. that is the market. trish: it weakens our position, right, denise? >> it is not an easy, it is not easy for anyone, i don't care who is president, donald trump or hillary clinton, doesn't matter. still the same sets of
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challenges. >> i'll tell you, you have to understand -- >> president obama is being measured, hosting him and having him at white house. we have not yet been privy to conversations going to happen. i hope he is tough. trish: i hope he is tough too. one person says she will be very tough on china and that she has to deal with the chinese, her own company that she ran, probably struggled with a lot of these very same issues that all these american companies are struggling with right now. listen to carly fiorina on this topic here just last night. watch. >> the united states must retaliate, and instead of greeting the chinese leadership with a huge state dinner, i would have him come over all right, but i cancel the state dinner and all the falderol, i have a long conversation in the oval office, understand there will be consequences. we will retaliate. we consider this an act of aggression. trish: scotty, she is talking tough.
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she is saying you know what? it can not, will not be allowed and that conversation needs to happen. somehow i doubt that message is getting through. otherwise i actually would think we would be in very different situation right now. if that message was being communicated. what is your take? >> absolutely. you can sit there let the business class wine and dine the chinese president but you don't come show him support of u.s. government which is what president obama is doing. you want to talk about china, you're dealing with a hybrid type of economy where trying to make capitalism and communism merge together. it doesn't work. you have to know people benefactorring from these hacking are not necessarily hackers themselves but the governnt, you can for sure, they're not necessarily. can't sit there government is hacking in but yet some of the other people who are doing hack, the government is benefiting from. that is why twitter and facebook, those guys. it is all about information. china controls information. they do have no know what is going on within their own
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country. trish: i'm going to jump in. i want to give denise the last word. you're making very good point, that you can not have communism and capitalism together because ultimately to have real capitalism you need democracy. and you need that freedom of information. you need people to be able to access that information so they can make informed decisions. denise, how do we deal with this? this is kind of a mess. >> first two points. china will not be democratic anytime soon. we might as well forget about that. number two the president is hosting the president of china a manner elegant bee iting if of us second largest economy does not preclude there will be tough talks following during dinner or after the dinner. number one. number two, this is not only economic, there are a lot of issues behind economic espionage and cyber hacking. we have human rights issues. we have environmental issues. this is a huge --
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trish: then are we sitting there with state dinner? why are we treating them to the red carpet if we have those issues? why not meet him at like arby's, here is what our problem is? >> that is not how it is done in the white house. trish: denise, i have to tell you, i'm coming up against hard break. i have to go. i hope there is tough talk. >> i hope so too. i'm sure there will be. trish: the pope, his views on capitalism and what exactly is going on in new york, in d.c., in philadelphia. plus vw east ceo stepping down after revelations that the company cheated on emissions tests. latest breaking details on that story. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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trish: okay. check out shares here of vw. they're gaining a lot. they're up 8 1/2% today after the ceo said, he's gone, he's leaving. he announced his resignation. look how the stock has done over the last week. you can see it really gotten hit, falling sharply there after these revelations surfaced that the automaker falsified u.s. emissions tests. jeff flock is following all details in this story. jeff, we're hearing some information come forward about the board meeting. what were the board members saying? >> reporter: just concluded. we just heard from the head of the board, supervisory board that runs volkswagen who used to behe head of the metal workers union in germany. he said, we agree this should be fully investigated and misconduct should be punished. they are going to refer it for criminal prosecution. they reiterated martin winterkorn ceo did not have any knowledge of it which some
2:21 pm
people find hard to believe but, but his statement was such, winterkorn saying i'm stunned that misconduct on such a scale was possible in the volkswagen group, maybe not knowing about that maybe ultimately was even worse than knowing about it. as for what comes next, trish, the company is without the world's biggest automaker, without a ceo. the board meets in full on friday and is expected to name a replacement. speculation centering on head, current head of porsche. more personnel actions are planned, says the board. that means heads will roll. and they as i said earlier will cooperate in any criminal proceedings. so we may see actual people charged criminally in this, trish. which we haven't seen much of here in this country. trish: it is unbelievable. it is unbelievable they would try to be skirting the rules and getting around our tests here in the u.s. thank you very much, jeff. joe bide, everyone is now the top presidential choice for one in four democrats.
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we'll break down the latest poll numbers and what they signal for the clinton camp. alarm bells going off! ♪ (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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trish: the fbi says it recovered a handful of personal emails from the private server of hillary clinton. emails supposedly deleted. according to reports the probe is still ongoing. it will likely be several months before the contents of these messages are actually revealed. throughout this whole scandal hillary clinton maintained about the half of the 60,000 emails on that server were personal, related to things like chelsea's wedding. could more of the former secretary of state's personal correspondence become public and what does it mean for her and her candidacy? i want to go to fox news's ed henry for the very latest. hey, ed. >> reporter: trish, good to see you. you hit on the key point here which the bloomburg report is suggesting that the fbi is
2:26 pm
recovering emails, some of them, that were deemed personal by hillary clinton, about yoga and other small matters as you say. however, the question is going to be, were they actually official emails that were not supposed to be delated, that were deemed personal but actually were official? then bloomberg is also reporting that there are are work relate emails also now, have been deleted and be recovered. the key question there is going to be, were these emails turned over to the special benghazi committee in the house for example, as per that subpoena? or were they simply deleted. we don't know the answer to those questions yet. but i think those are some of the questions that the fbi is looking at are. as well as the fact among these recovered official emails, from the state department, when clip clip was in office, do any of them, anymore of them have classified information. so these are all big questions. i think problem for the campaign right now is, it comes at a time when she has been trying to remake the campaign, be more
2:27 pm
authentic, do some of these interviews, get out on the the d to talk about substantive issues like health care. they were hoping the email story was sort of dying down again but some of these reports are breathing new life into questions and really dogged the early part of her campaign, trish. trish: you're absolutely right. you are seeing that reflected in poll numbers? >> a poll out today nationally from bloomberg is suggesting that joe biden is at highest point they have seen nationally, a about 25%, a point ahead of bernie sanders by the way. hillary clinton at about 33% there. the significance is, that is a pretty low number for hillary clinton, who you will remember a few months ago was well over 50% in the bloomberg poll, fox poll, you name any poll she is down 33% nationally. still in the lead. that needs to be pointed out. she is still frontrunner. trish: sounds like people are getting fatigued. >> joe biden is gaining steam without being even in the race. other polls early states, not nationally, bernie sanders
2:28 pm
leading her in iowa, leading her in new hampshire. these are worrisome sipes for her. trish: ed henry, thanks. i want to bring in scott at this and denise on this. scotty, seems like as ed alluded to a real problem for her campaign? >> this will absolutely be a real problem. joe biden, however makes him look pretty good. for the last two years democrats made him scapegoat, but of every joke, that even dan quayle is looking to send him sympathy cards. ii will get in the race but you have to put me on pedestal that barack obama is on. why will it take months to see what is in the emails? this is the federal government. i know we're known for bureaucracy but not hard to hit open and close and read through something about yoga pants or national security. there is a big difference. trish: let's not forget, she got a first pass at all the of this, right? >> right. trish: presumably she and her
2:29 pm
lawyer have had an opportunity to figure out exactly what they turn over and what they wouldn't, which i think kind of colors this entire process and ultimately leaves the american voter back to a sense of lacking trust for her right now, denise. >> you know what? this matter will not go too bad until the 30,000 or 60,000 emails are printed and distributed so everybody can read them and we can all put in -- i don't think this is really registering in the voters minds. trish: come on, denise. take a look at polls. >> let me talk. trish: tell me why you think it is registering, it is not registering but -- >> coming second, second to somebody who is not even candidate who is much loved and adored. we all lovejoy biden. trish: now we do. >> shouldn't be surprised. we always loved him. >> no you have not. >> we jeff joe biden. trish: how can you say not registering with voters?
2:30 pm
>> second to somebody who is not running against her. if you talk to voters, ask the question specific is this issue of the email is going to -- democrats. no the ask republicans. they will not vet for her anyway. democrats still polling pretty high in her likability whether or not this is break deal for hem to vet for her for president. >> here is where you're wrong on that. >> she apologized so we -- trish: jump in here. less than half of democrats right now think she could actually be president. i don't know how you can possibly say she is maintaining. >> which poll are you looking at? which poll are you looking at. >> what is even more scarrier, in order, say donald trump is front-runner. guarranty the democrats are realizing they will need to pull people over especially ones will vote for anybody besides donald trump. except, i think bernie sanders does not fall into that category. so they're going, okay we either need to beef hillary up and let the emails officially go away or
2:31 pm
get joe biden in the race. i guarranty there will be no crossover votes for ben bernanke from republican. >> i don't know of any poll that has anything other than hillary clinton beat donald trump. >> there are none of those. trump is beating her. trish: actually changed recently. donald trump is gaining on hillary clinton in the national poll. everyone is gaining on hillary clinton right now. i think it gets right book to this sense of trust. american voters have a hard time relating to hillary. that is difference between hillary and joe biden. if you want democrats to be elected i can't understand why you wouldn't want to put your most likeable person out there. >> let me get a word in here. i think hillary clinton is hitting her stride. i think she is talking about issues much more important if she became president than email. we're talking about climate change. we're talking about prescription drug coverage. trish: my goodness. climate change. >> prescription drug coverage. trish: you heard her yesterday there, she actually sent biotech
2:32 pm
sector plunging because everyone knows we would get no innovation and the -- >> i don't think the drug sector plunging. guy put out a pill for $750 did that. not hillary clinton. >> trish saids trust. she can say one thing. her actions are different. they don't trust her whether you're a democrat or republican. trish, you're right on this. trish: likability and whether or not you want to hang out with someone, big, big part of this. >> we have to move on. trish: i will move on, thank you so much. scotty, denise, thank you. breaking right now, everybody, u.s. oil closing out the day here. you can see futures ending the day down $1.88, just over 4%. they're closing under that critical $45 a barrel level. so again, crude, closing out day $44.48. who says there is no deflation. coming up next the spectacle
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>> ear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. >> trish: told frce's is officially kicking off his tour in the u.s.a. and already went into political waters.
2:37 pm
and with the climate change agenda talking about income inequality and diplomacy but peter barnes joins us now with the latest and also charlie gasparino with the exclusive report how wall street is doing. pope francis is giving a speech in front of congress tomorrow morning. he has a lot of his political agenda. >> that is fair to say that pope francis can give congress a heads up what he will talk about tomorrow to address lawmakers. he made his comments at the white house this morning. an outspoken activist no question. you mention a couple also immigration and normalization of u.s. relations with cuba and not surprisingly he praised the president for his initiative on climate change. >> with the urgency it seems
2:38 pm
clear to me also that climate change is a problem. we can no longer left to future generations. >> and pope francis said when he addresses congress tomorrow he hopes to offer words of encouragement to those called to guide the nation's political future. trish: now we go to wall street. >> what is interesting is all lots of those hidden new york city gave a lot of money to the renovation of st. patrick's cathedral he will do of thursday prayer service at some benefactors will be an attendance but behind-the-scenes while five evade have about the 2000
2:39 pm
people there but no preferential treatment for those to rebuild st. patrick's cathedral and they are annoyed. [laughter] these are people like ken lang gone from former home depot and founder. trish: but they must be in no way did general -- and '08 in general that they would get as seats? >> they will get a seat. trish: some may say at least he doesn't kowtow to wall street. >> but the guys who rebuilt the cathedral. >> but i am not surprised they may feel a little stilted that he spent the money to rebuild the church but face it ken it is the guy who seems more capitalist principles and this is a pope with all due
2:40 pm
respect he doesn't. >> i agree. i placed a call into ted he is not confirming he is annoyed at all but i do know behind the scenes he is telling people it would have been nice if you raise so much money for st. patrick's that he would be a little closer to the pontiff. trish: i am not surprised. but the pope going back to income inequality i have told you before it is an odd and political term because they sit, income inequality is way better in bangladesh year they and the united states or a detroit over new york city. >> income inequality grew under obama so why didn't the pontiff made that point? why did the pontiff talk about climate change with planned parenthood officials describe the best way to
2:41 pm
kill a fetus without damaging parts they want to sell? here is the thing if the pontiff wants to be political not against communism or fascism but that he supports the left-wing causes he is open for criticism on which he supports and which she is not. that is the problem and that is what wall street guys have to attack capitalism no offense to the pontiff that church would not be renovated if not for the capitalist. trish: he is in the pri a good spot right there the vatican has a lot of money they could do some good work for the poor but of course, we are excited to have him here in new york digress irish catholic. it is a big deal. >> i am not that excited. i to do without the traffic
2:42 pm
of the left-wing pope lecturing me about capitalism. [laughter] trish: said news. one of the greatest players in history playing in more world series games than any other major league player player, yogi berra passing away yesterday at the age of 90. asked where he wanted to be buried he said i don't know. surprised me. yogi berra dead at 90. we will be right back. can a business have a mind?
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>> down 59 points on this day about 310 7% on the dow jones industrial average. oil is in focus ending the day down 4%. is all over the map but i should point out once again critical $45 a barrel level. shares of fools like an 8% after the news the ceo was stepping down following a the scandal to be down 20% in the first two days.
2:45 pm
we will talk next about the impact the fed has done your bottom line.
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. trish: all of the fomc members with 50 times the month.
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as investors sits and waits to get some understanding for what they would do next which is nothing. and we have ashley webster water you hearing down their arms up new york stock exchange? >> they love the fed down here. come on. they're reaction today we know where we are. we wait to see where we're going next. more chinese paper today with that economic data so the global situation as it is tepid at best bets it is a light volume day with the jewish holiday is rather quiet but today we are following the price of oil.
2:48 pm
the s&p for the last couple of weeks will follow the price of oil actually going up earlier on the news that the supply is dwindling but then shot down so the supply will start to drop down again as the refineries shut down but that picture is as far as the fed goes. [laughter] >> market is joining us they had an opportunity for a a couple of years. why would they do something in october or december? >> i don't think they will do anything. to change their guidance on inflation at 0.4% then she
2:49 pm
tag of rise in rates but aesthetic is destroying their credibility in my estimation. making a decision on thursday or friday but. >> i have talked about this before this is before my time but we actually had no idea what the fed did our rates. to watch that market activity to get a sense to go up or down there was no press release for -- released a press conference. with greenspan told the level is janet yellen?
2:50 pm
>> to be around prior to 1984 with the media. [laughter] the said spoke with one voice you had some sense of what they're doing. to let all the other people speak to express themselves that is counter to the decision and by the way that adding to the decline in the equity market nobody knows what is going on. >> to make some good points. they are impressed with themselves and i am hungry for information. but in this particular situation i just wonder if
2:51 pm
people are really not valuing for what they are worth but based on what they think the fed will say or do next. >> transparency is the good thing when you get one message but when you have a transparent window people say 10 different things i think the bottom line is the of markets are growing frustrated with the fed counter that some that the markets thrived on but nobody knows what will happen but at the same time the markets have trouble rallying it is way beyond the fed ugly old-growth scare that's to be scared of deflation and so i think we will need to see a total change in direction. >> good to have you of the
2:52 pm
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2:56 pm
got blasted. >> the issue is we don't know if it will cut 6 and the dollar's uphill. >> at that price, 18 month regimen, half-million dollars is what it cost to fight this hiv related disease. >> hillary clinton wants the government to regulate these prices, less innovation and i argue you don't want the government, they won't get the best price but let's go back to this guy because he didn't do anything. >> we were talking about how he was going to end twitter fights. and cutting the price of the drugs, shutting out how rich he is, helicopters into new york city, gideon twitter fights, >> and the fight with hillary clinton. that is what he walked into.
2:57 pm
we will be right back with more in town. talking about economic things. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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>> make sure you follow me and join the conversation at trish intel, look at our facebook page or on my own account. i will send it over its to you. >> look at these markets, virtually flat, below average volume following yesterday's triple digit sell-off but look, let's be honest, it is the pope at the center of attention meeting with president obama, speaking at the white house delivering his message to the american people and not shy away from his economic message or political hot-button issues, referencing topics such as greed, poverty, climate change, cuba, illegal immigration, even same-sex


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