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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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establishment candidates far behind, we'll have all the numbers for you. our top story tonight. security concerns over europe's illegal immigration and refugee crisis, european leaders trying to overcome divisions over what to do with the hundreds of thousands flooding their borders. eu leaders have agreed on a
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mandatory quota for each nation to relocate refugees. but hungary's foreign minister calls the plan unfeasible and nonsense end quote. slovakia also vows to block that agreement and mandatory instruction from the eu adding to amounting concerns, reports tonight that many of the so-called senior war refugees passing through europe neither syrian nor refugees but hoping to find a back door to the west, iran's, indians, pakistanis, somalis have all been pretending that they're other than the syrian refugees trying to get european residency. that's part of the reason republican senator are increasing the number of refugees who have resettled in the united states. sessions saying quote our schools, our job markets and
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public resources are already stretched too thin and even current rates, we have no capacity to screen for extremist ideology. in washington d.c., a day of circumstance seeming endless for a busy schedule for a 78-year-old who admittedly doesn't rebel in circumstance. parts of the nation's capital coming to a stand still as folks hope to catch a glimpse of pope francis and his pope mobile, especially outfitted jeep wrangler. you can't say the pope is entirely capitalist, he's pushing fiat and jeep vehicles on his visit to america. fox news kevin with our report. >> he's perhaps most unconventional leader in recent memory. pope francis, arriving at the white house today in a fiat
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sedan, a symbol of simplicity >> it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the united states of america. >> the speech in english instead of his native spanish applauded the faithful here in the u.s. for following the teachings of christ, so love and kindness to all. >> to building a society, which is truly inclusive >> to address and 70 million of the world's 1 billion catholics, the pope also cheered the researchings of u.s. cuban relations, a diplomatic thought he help to broker, also celebrated white house efforts to care for the poor. but combating climate change is where he most seemed with the president. >> climate change is a problem. we can no longer be less to
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our future generation >> the comment so strikingly similar to what we've heard from the comment itself, almost seemingly by accident dipped into political waters. >> the white house rejected >> he was speaking from the heart and from the moral conviction that will resonate with people all around the world >> the pope took a short parade ride in the popemobile, even stopping once to kiss a baby, later he said while the healing process following the sex abuse scandal continues, never again let it happen. then it was on to the national shrine where his message was greeting by applause in the thousands of attendance. >> the cab stone with to an absolutely incredible day here in the nation's capital, lou, a beautiful event there over at catholic university. by the way, we suspect the pope will touch on political hop topics, when he becomes the first pope ever to address
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congress. that will be is fairly interesting. lou >> and a rich opportunity for politics if you will. kevin, thank you so much. kevin reporting from the white house. turning now to the latest polls, brand news polls out on the race for the white house. voters making it clear, they're dissatisfied with the republican party disengagement secretly a candidate who see has held office before, carl cameron has our report. >> the latest fox news poll has trump up one point to 26%, ben carson 6 to 18 and marco rubio and carly fiorina as well and tying with 9. and minority business leaders from the business alliance and chamber of commerce >> you have people that are great business people >> he slammed marco rubio off the top >> marco rubio, who, by the way, has the worst attendance record in the u.s. senate has got the number one worst
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attendance record, and they want him to be president >> trump's put rubio on his target list for knocking him on special report last night is vague on special security >> there should be concerns that should be able to speak with clarity >> trump tweeted rubio who has the worst voting record in the senate hit me on national security but i said don't go in iraq. vision. and kept vague to disclosing what could become the u.s. strategy if he becomes president. and also carly fiorina took a shot at trump >> leadership is not about how big your office is, how big your title is, how big your airplane or helicopter or your ego is. trump also turned his fire on fox news today with a tweet quote fox news has been treating me very unfairly and i therefore decided i won't be doing anymore fox shows for the future. fox released a statement saying at it canceled donald
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trump's appearance factor. that mr. trump may be questioned about. when coverage doesn't go his way, he engages on personal attacks on hosts that become stale. >> trump doesn't seem to grasp what candidacy ask is not how the media works in this country. lou >> not when it's working at its best. carl cameron, thanks so much. on the democratic side of the race for the white house, rising support for a bid by vice president joe biden. today's new fox news poll shows hillary clinton is still the front runner, 44% followed by senator bernie sanders at 30%. but the vice president is running third already with a record high 18%, that's up 10% from a month ago. clinton revising history today or at least trying to, she flatly denied the fact her campaign started the obama
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birther movement back in 2008. >> no, that is so ludicrous, don. you know, honestly i just believe -- first of all, it's totally untrue and secondly the president and i have never had any kind of confrontation like that. you know, this is such a bad example of what's wrong with, you know, instantaneous reactions and americans getting all worked up and people feeding prejudice and paranoia like donald trump. and, you know, obviously we have to stand against it. i have been blamed for nearly everything, that was a new one to me >> actually an old one. clinton's e-mail troubles are far from over. the fbi has reportedly managed to recover deleted e-mails from clinton's private e-mail server. according to me according to the fox news survey, 58% of
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voters say clinton is lying about her e-mails. we've got much more ahead. stay with us we're coming right back. >> trump still on top, carly fiorina and dr. ben carson strengthening into nah new fox news poll and all the rest. wee take it up with former reagan political director, ed rollins. he's here next. and a group of friends try to capture their atv making a huge jump. what could possibly go wrong with that idea? we'll have the video for you right here next. we're coming right back. stay with us ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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. lou: the newest fox news poll reveals the clear winner in the last republican debate, carly fiorina at the top with a 38% approval when debate watchers were asked which presidential candidate did the best job. donald trump second place, 17%, third spot marco rubio, 9%. and joining me now former white house political director, political analyst, ed rollins. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: no surprise being at the top and maintaining that lead. but the strength and the ratings of the performance of fiorina, i think even those
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who thought she did a terrific job, and there are many, may be surprised by that strong number. >> well, she was extraordinary. she made very strong points, took trump on, which was the issue where he had insulted her, she's a great salesperson, as is trump. and the front runners today, we have a brain surgeon, and as i say, you don't need to be a brain surgeon to be president, but you need to be articulate, but you do need to be a salesperson and these two front runners are selling something that's different and clearly the polls, the country of republicans in particular are dissatisfied with their washington show. they don't like mcconnell, they don't think we're stang up for what we believe in, they don't think we're doing what they promised to do when elected and i think that's one of the strong points that's giving trump, even though it's not articulating any vision or specifics and carly at this point is the same way. that doesn't last forever but certainly significant in and
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out of lead the polls. lou: rubio doing better in his performance on the debate than he is in terms of his poll numbers. what does he have to do to break out? >> he's going to be a very strong candidate. he's a very articulate guy. he has more knowledge about foreign affairs than anybody on that stage, and at the end of the day, he can answer quickly, he can articulate. lou: well, his amnesty positions come back to haunt him? >> they have haunted him and hurt him, and he's got an talk about this again. lou: a wise choice. >> wise choice. and obviously if he hadn't gotten into that amnesty immigration plan, he would have done much better. the critical thing he has moved into second place in a florida poll. lou: ahead of bush. >> if he beats bush in florida on march 15th, he's a credible candidate. incas time goes on and trump continues not to push forward with any kind of specific issue, he's going to diminish.
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not to a point where he's going to be a factor. still gob a 15, 18%, which may be enough to keep him in the game. lou: hillary clinton holding her leads in the polls. senator bernie sanders also holding his position in second place, 30% behind her. the controversy today is was she the original birther in 2008? she says she was not. >> well, she says a lot of things that she was and there's no request he she raised the issue originally. lou: her campaign at least. >> well, it doesn't matter. the reality is -- lou: i'm trying to give her some distance. >> well, she doesn't get any distance. the american public as you see from these polls do not believe she's an honest woman, a woman that has been on the national stage for a long, long time, and to me, the most telling depths that a person could have is if someone doesn't believe that you're honest and continually basic gets these reinforcements by the e-mails and everything else, they're not going to
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vote for you. lou: trump, boycotting fox news, on this broadcast last night i said, you know, i think the donald is terrific, i like him, but i said earlier needs to cut out the crap. and what ensues from that is more crap. he is throwing more insults and venom and nastiness around, and it is all of it unnecessary. >> well, not only unnecessary but the other part, you know, we're both fighters when we were young and one of the most important things it's not how hard you can hit, it's what sort of punch you can take. this guy could not take a punch, any poke, he trashes everybody, he's not said a positive thing about anybody so far. and one little response to him or one little criticism for his lack of substance, and he crawls under the bed in the position, if he can't fight back and he doesn't want to use fox, it's his loss.
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lou: yeah, well, he's -- you know, he's just got as i said last night, the man's got to reload because he is repeating himself as and even the results in are becoming representative. and talking about boxing, ed was five time golden gloves champion. i was five golden gloves short of that. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. should the pope stay out of politics? cast your vote on and follow me on twitter, go to our facebook page, lou dobbs tonight, e-mail me tonight at and gopro cameras are made to withstand extreme sports conditions and create amazing video. it's a very good thing for a group of friends in kentucky who did -- well, they enjoyed both. whoa. here we go. they were hoping to capture an
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epic jump on the atv, as you see there, it didn't work out quite according to plan, they set up the gopro but miss calculated the distance just a tinny by the and there we are, the atv landed on the camera traveling 130 feet. fortunately the camera survived the impact and more importantly so did the individual. up next, a few thoughts on the president's inability to deal successfully with our nation's enemies and adversaries and the white house compares phenomenon who else? pope francis. i'll take up the return of the narcissistic chief and stay with us. we're coming right back. much, much more fun ahead. stay tuned (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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(patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. lou: a few quick thoughts now on a presidential administration that has no strategy and any area, no
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contingenty plan, and all the posture and circumstance, all the giving the white house hope that the public's attention will be diverted from the on going chinese cyber attacks against this country and just how much the chinese have stolen from federal records. the office of personnel management today revealing that chinese stole in the most recent round of chinese cyber attacks, the fingerprint records of 5.6 million americans, that's five times more than previously admitted when the attacks were disclosed earlier this year. overall resulted in the theft of social security numbers, and information belonging to 21 million americans. yet this white house, the obama white house still refuses to specifically blame klein and hold them accountable. >> i don't have additional
7:26 pm
details about who or what entity may have been responsible for this particular cyber breach. this is something that continues to be under investigation by i don't have any conclusions to share publically about who may or may not have been responsible . lou: this white house is the most incompetent since that of jimmy carter. the massive cyber attacks against our government only intensifying ahead of the chinese president's visit to the white house. president xi certainly didn't blush when he told a group of technology and business leaders in seattle that china is willing to corporate with the united states on cyber attacks while denying responsibility for such episode no knowledge and these rising intentions with china, the president will roll out the red carpet with a 21-gun solute dinner.
7:27 pm
this is the white house's reward to mr. xi for his unrelenting cyber attacks on the american government and the u.s. business and of course the devaluation of the chinese currency. but even xi must be a bit confounded as he watches the american president who doesn't actually care about outcomes and the consequences of his political choices and the consequences of his decisions on the american people. but so it is. now our quotation of the evening. this one from republican of maine, margaret j smith. the first woman to serve in both the house of representatives and the u.s. senate. she said quote we should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference. something to think about. particularly if you're in the white house. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> the pope's in town, the chinese president soon will
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be, and europe is in crisis. and the obama white house has just released osama bin lade osama bin laden's bodyguard. kt m joins us of what it all means. and a terrifying moment when a semi truck crashes on a highway. all caught on camera. that story, that video, here next. stay with us you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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lou: top news at this hour, easier leaders holding
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emergency talks today on their illegal immigrant and refuge crisis agreeing to take in 120,000 refugees, only a fifth of the number who have already entered europe this year. no telling enhancement going to do about the other 80%. thesquthe escalation build up of the sale of two warships to egypt, originally meant to go to russia, but that blocked when russia invaded and annexed cr and bin laden's former bodyguard sent back to saudi arabia. and joining me now, fo fox news national security analyst, kt, good to have you with us. right now this crisis in europe. >> uh-huh. lou: i mean to think that the european union is talking about 120,000 refugees while secretary kerry has volunteered to bring in 200,000 unknown, unvetted
7:33 pm
refugees but are -- which are most of them, illegal immigrants from the middle east or africa. >> it's not a refugee crisis, it's a refuge invasion. there are as many reports as 10- 15 million of them coming. and when you see the pictures, the question i've got is all of them are young men, 80 or 90% young men, why don't they stay home and fight for their young men? have made leaving the women and children behind. what would happen in the united states if we were invaded? would all the 18 to 35-year-old men go to canada, new zealand? they would stay in sight. lou: do we want to explore? >> well, hopefully they would stay and fight. lou: one would hope. and the fact that there's no reflex here to say how are we going to vet them? how are we going to explain this to the american people? why do we need to bring in 200,000 nameless faceless,
7:34 pm
unvetted illegal immigrants effectively, who are not connected, by the way, most of the reporting shows fou four fifths of these people have nothing to do with syria. >> well, they're not thinking about it, they just go, oh, we've a refugee crisis, we'll open the door. europeans do and the problem is as you pointed out, you cannot vet millions of -- hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of refugees, they don't walk around with their papers, you know, in their id information on their card. lou: well, we don't apparently. >> we don't even know who they are. lou: we don't have the capacity right now for the 70,000 we brought in. >> that's right. lou: so let's turn to. lou: but something's up with the economic part. where are the jobs? we have large unemployment, particularly unskilled unemployment, where are they going to come when it comes to europe or the united states?
7:35 pm
they're a security issue economic issue, stress on the social security services of every one of the countries. lou: i've got to ask you, a discussion between carter and the hang up of the phone after 50 minutes and ash carter goes out and talks about deconinfliction at the time that they're talking about the union of iran and russia and its strategy and military support for the regime, which is absolutely to the goals of this administration. is this administration ever going to straighten ything out at least in its own thinking. >> no. because i think that the president decided he's leaving the middle east, whatever problems are there, it's going to be the next administration's problem. he's got his iran nuclear deal, he thinks that's his legacy, enough for him. the problem, though, in the middle east, and very few
7:36 pm
people understand there's a new alliance, not just that russia's in the middle east but along with and i know syria, what does that control? that controls a lot of the world's exported oil. you control the world's exported oil, you control the economy. that's where this goes. lou: and it may very well be that the europeans are going to take a further lesson in the price of appeasement this winter as they remain dependent upon russian oil and gas, as for now the security of shipping through the middle east. >> uh-huh. lou: thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: great to have you here. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, should he stay out of the american politics? cast your vote on and do you think the vatican should stop accepting capitalist money from the united states because the pope said it's really the dung of the devil, and he wasn't a fan of capitalism. the answer from our audience,
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88% i have said "yes." the vatican should stop accepting money from the united states because it is so tainted, so soiled. dash cam video, just kidding. dash cam video captured terrifying moment on the highway, it happened a silver car blew out a tire and smashed into the truck, the 18-wheeler out of control, skidding down the road, watch this, incredibly, incredible pictures and no one badly injured in what was a very enlightening scene. up next, europe's refugee and immigration crisis sparking concerns in america, and a crime wave is worsening, we talk solutions here next. stay with us
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call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. lou: murder's on the rise in one of the top cities, and up more than 40% from a year ago. in st. louis, murder's up 60%, milwaukee, a 76% increase in murders and that, unfortunately, fairly typical of what is happening in our country's largest cities. our next guest says we're
7:42 pm
seeing a so-called ferguson effect within law enforcement and in new york city where homicides are up more than 9%, advocating a return to policy of stop question interest. joining us former new york city commissioner, a distinguished fellow, author of the brand-new book vigilance, my life serving america and protecting its empire city, and if i may say, he did a great job. i think the city's best police commissioner if i may say. >> thank you, lou. lou: congratulations on your book. >> thank you very much. lou: there are two words that i love in this, your subtitle and title. vigilance and serving. we don't hear a lot, in my opinion, from those in public service talk about that service, and you have done great things. most controversial policy. stop risk. do you think it's possible for the city, the country to return to the practice that has been so helpful?
7:43 pm
>> well, i hope so. it's not the be all end all, but it's a tool that police officers need. i don't know if it will change in this city under this administration, but it is a valuable process that should be in place. it is coming from the common law. it is validated by a supreme court case, it is codified, every state in the union and, in fact, it should be done as event driven. in other words, when you see suspicious activity, this is what you pay your police officers to do to intervene there. now there's a lot more talk about numbers and that becomes problematic, people are saying the numbers are too high or the numbers are too low. it should be something that police officers are able to do when they see the need and that need is when something rises to reasonable suspicion . lou: and ensure public safety and communities all across the country. >> exactly.
7:44 pm
lou: and you talk about the ferguson effect. >> right. lou: which is not the effect of any this one wants to see, certainly in law enforcement and in our cities. >> right. we've seen some certainly bad action on a part of police officers. and clearly the murder of walter scott in north charleston, south carolina was hoarence and in ferguson, police officer darren wilson was ultimately exonerated and accused of all sorts of things as you recall. lou: rite. >> and it wasn't until march 4th of this year that the justice department put out a. the ferguson department didn't do well, the body was left in the street for four hours, no spokesperson was put up, the commendium became the
7:45 pm
spokesperson and he told a lie and that's what the justice department said. lou: and it became a part of popular culture. >> exactly. lou: don't shoot, hands up. >> right. lou: it overwhelmed entertainment pop culture overwhelmed the truth. >> yeah. and of course that's still out there that the legend is still out there even though the justice department said it wasn't alive, you had eric garner in this city. >> so these things coming together i think have caused police officers to back off from the proactive initiatives that they've been engaged in for the last two decades, crime has been reduced in this country significantly to technology, smarter policing, that's what we've seen now in the so-called ferguson effect, officers engage where they di. lou: and what is the future? we've got about 40, 45 seconds here. what is the future of law enforcement? its relationship to the
7:46 pm
cities, the communities they serve? >> well, police chiefs, police officers are constantly working to better that relationship with something that officers have to do every day because of the nature of policing. cops are the bears of bad news, they use force, they use deadly force, something you always have to work out. from my perspective being in law enforcement for almost 50 years, i think the relationship is better than its ever been with the exception course, but when you look at almost five decades, i can tell you that the relationship is much better with communities of color than it was several years ago. you have to continue to work on it. i think cameras will make a difference. i think cameras will raise the trust level some and that is cameras warn by police officers. lou: yeah, it seems to me cameras in point of fact protect both law enforcement officers and the community as well. >> right. lou: when there are these
7:47 pm
confrontations and encounters. commissioner, greats to see you, and we appreciate your time. the book is vigilance by ray kelly. a great american public servant if i may say? >> very nice. thanks for being here. thanks so much. appreciate it. lou: and on wall street, stocks closing today. the dow down 51 points, the s&p nasdaq both down four points, volume on the big board trading 3.2 billion shares, a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day and coast to coast on the network. white house press secretary josh earnest drawing a comparison between president obama and pope francis. earnest trying apparently to be the -- tie the president's past to that of the holy father. >> i think the best way to describe this to you is that both men have talked dwight publicly about their commitment to social justice. and both men have detected
7:48 pm
their -- not just their careers but their lives to that effort. certainly the kind of commitment that we've seen from pope francis is unique and singular. but i think the values that both then live out have some common ground. lou: the words just flow from the man. it's easy to see why he's the presidential spokesperson. joining us now, cohost of red eye, of former new york usa, joann and the host of red eye, tom, good to have you both here. >> thanks. lou: the pope and the president. >> yeah. lou: earnest, i think really reaching comfortably of course to make that comparison. >> yeah. i think the two do have some things in common as men often do. but i think one thing that the pope would never do is pat himself on the back like that. can we express a little
7:49 pm
modesty in front of the holy man? >> and driving around a little fiat; right? lou: is that not great? >> it is tiny. it is going to make it top of the next pope. even if he moves up to a dodge charger, it's going to seem excessive. lou: and he's being criticized in many quarters for being anticapitalist but here is -- do we have a picture of him in the little fiat? and my favorite frankly it is the white jeep wrangler with the -- the popemobile as a jeep, also a chrysler product of course, both companies owned by fiat, so the man is pushing an italian product, he's into the swing of marketing here, he's been antiexcuse me, i think he's over the part of that. what do you think? >> i'm just concerned about the emissions, the emissions of the vehicles. lou: that was a volkswagen thing, though. >> yeah. lou: this is on the -- there's the fiat, look at it.
7:50 pm
when have you ever seen a pope in a car -- speaking of modesty at the white house where it does not reside, if it does reside in that little fiat, what do you think? >> he's scaling down on everything because he doesn't wear the expensive shoes that the old popes used to wear, you know, he wears these little -- and he washes people's feet. he's a humble guy. i am catholic, so i don't think i'm supposed to criticize the pope on big issues, and i won't. i'm not going to challenge him on doctrine, but i don't agree with him on economics, and i think i can say that; right? lou: absolutely. >> yeah. lou: you're still american. >> and i guess, look. lou: at least this part of it is still american right here in this studio. >> obama's guy is going to -- he's going to compare him to the other great world leaders; right? and he's going to compare -- it's like that woody alan movie when he said what do you think you are? jesus christ? and he said i have to compare myself to someone.
7:51 pm
lou: and, joann, with that. >> he should strive to be a better man and if you're a lot look forward someone, like tom said, might as well be the pope. lou: good to have you with us here tonight. and we're going to continue our conversation with tom and joann in a moment and some of the topics we're taking up. forget about making america great again. donald trump is making halloween great. serving as inspiration for a -- well, a new costume. that isn't it. that's the real deal right there. a federal judge giving every judge a birthday gift. i'll tell you what it is and you don't want to miss it. stay with us. we're coming right back. much more i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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(patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. . lou: 30 falcons competing in a beauty contest, the contest created to get younger generations to appreciate the beauty, the majesty of the falcon and its role in the united emirates culture. the prize? $2,700. you know, the emirates are a little bit better healed than that, we're back with joann and tom. good to have you back. let's turn to trump on colbert. i saw a couple of websites that said colbert best trump. >> destroyed. crushed him.
7:56 pm
lou: i didn't see it. how did it go? >> well, someone i think colbert fans might have looked at it as crushes trump but i thought trump did very well. in fact, he should do more of this kind of thing. go into someone who is obviously ideologically opposed to him. lou: ideideologically construct. >> i don't think he's corrupt, stephen colbert,. lou: is he really? do we know that to be the case? >> well, i think that they always have some sort of character going on. i mean he's constantly performing. i think colbert is more concerned about his own performance than the people he has on the show. >> well, at least now he admits that he used to be doing an ideological -- said to trump you remind me of the character i used to play and trump ised, well, that makes me feel great and then he asked him about immigration. lou: very quickly. >> well, it does. trump loves this kind of thing and the good thing about trump is that he didn't try to kiss up to that liberal crowd. he talked about the wall the
7:57 pm
whole time. what do you remember jeb bush -- was it on -- yeah, when jeb bush office colbert's show. he tried to -- he tried to say nice things about president obama. >> right. >> he was trying to put himself to the left, and i don't think it was. lou: worked it seldom does. >> uh-huh. lou: to pander, you know, they have zero -- oh, wait. they all pander. >> colbert even asked trump, is there anyone you would like to apologize to right now right here on this show and he said, no. he's not pandering to anyone. he's just sticking to his guns. >> and he got some please when he mentioned the wall and people applaud and he said see some people like it. lou: and i think a lot of people, it's all about the wall. you know, colbert, our friend and colleague, bill o'reilly calls him colbert. i'm sure bill does that -- >> i think it's like sorbet.
7:58 pm
>> but i think it is colbert. in high school, his dad is called colbert, i think he changed it when he went into show business, if i'm correct. >> you may be. lou: carly fiorina moving dr. ben carson moving up in the polls, policy, outsiders this year. is this the year in two months for the outsider? >> well, they're trying to take down carson, and it's not working. he says things that are political incorrect and the media is all over him and they think it's going to cause his polls to plummet, similar to trump, but he keeps going up. >> and even getting more donors as he's saying these things and we've seen with scott walker, it's the money that's so important right now. so if they can sustain that, they're going to continue to do well. lou: and carly fiorina, i mean according to the fox news poll, the latest while 39% of folks said she won the debate. >> uh-huh. lou: what do you think? is this momentum going to continue for her?
7:59 pm
>> i think so because people want her to do with well. so you are thinking positively about her and that helps with those poll numbers. >> you know she's doing well because clinton's spokesperson said, oh, we're not worried about her, she's not one of the people we're concerned about. lou: oh, boy. a sure signal. tom, thanks for being with us, thank you very much. good to see you both. >> thank you. lou: time now for a look at our online poll results. was the pope sending a loud, loud, anticapitalist message by first sending to could you be before the united states, 76% of you said, yes, he was. nothing alludes us on this broadcast; right? time now for a few of your comments, bell tweeted out i'm proud of ben carson's encourage, he protects the constitution, stands up for americans first and a comment on facebook, pope francis has to see the truth, made it possible to help more people with charity than any other country in the world.
8:00 pm
well said. that's it for us tonight, we thank you for being with us, congresswoman among our guests here tomorrow notice. please be with us. good night from new york. >> i am watching people take over america because when the pope's in town, everybody's catholic. the pope is going to address congress tomorrow in a joint meeting that will be well attended with our congressional overlords, bending over backward to show the pope how good they all are. if the pope visits cuba and the u.s. in one fell aswoop, it is to show the world that ideologically share common geography, it's ain't far reach to assume that the argentinean upbringing, he was influenced by bank breaking


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