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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 24, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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back to the breaking story. the news out of seattle, you're looking at a picture that just came into us. a terrible tragedy with two people being killed, at least nine others critically injured, a ride the ducks vehicle that plowed into the side of a charter bus about an hour ago and dozens of firefighters on the scene there, they say all patients have been extricated. approximately 50 people vaulted. heading over to the final hour of trading with liz now. liz: we're going to keep an eye on the aurora bridge and as you can see the land-sea vehicle known as ducks are in trouble. one did collide ripping off the side of the bus. two suvs swerved to avoid the crash and were also involved. the bridge is shut down at the moment. we will keep you posted on every detail. the bears take control, the
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markets look at this earlier selling off through the confusion are battling to climb out of hole. we had been down more than 200 points, now down 56. the dow jones industrial average is weak. we are well off the lose of the 263-point loss, but still on track for a third straight session drenched in red. the confusion caused by this question, what will federal reserve chair janet yellen say at a crucial speech she's set to give two hours from now? while the markets struggle with that wait and wonder issue, pope francis dominates the headlines. every moment tracked by a captivated nation and our cameras. the pope making that first address to a joint meeting of congress earlier today highlighted by urging of congress to put aside political differences and work together on solving the nation's illegal immigration problem, asking the body to embrace those who travel north in search of a better life.
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in this hour, the pope will make his way to joint base andrews, a live picture of washington, d.c., he will head hot microcosm of -- we can call it that, the entire united states, new york city where, he will lead services at st. patrick's cathedral this evening before addressing the united nations, visiting ground zero and holding mass at madison square garden tomorrow. we are going to have his every movement in that little fiat and that jeep popemobile and we'll have it live. but from fiat and jeep to volkswagen. now it's lenny kravitz trying to distance himself from the massive volkswagen scandal. what does the rocker have to do with the embattled german giant that's been busted for rigging a software to beat u.s. smog tests. this you've got to hear. the markets, the pope, 2016 politics and by the way, the chinese president xi arriving in d.c. with less than an hour to the closing bell. you're in the right place so let's start the "countdown." we
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begin with breaking news, we are tracking the pope's every single move along with what appears to be a very spirited effort by the markets to climb out of a hole. take the shot here, you're looking at the level us that need to watch right now. the dow jones industrials is solidly in correction territory, at 16,481, we'd be up for the year, we're at 16,233. so we are definitely still in correction, but again at this hour, with the dow now down only 47 points, there is a move to claw into the green, but what got the negativity going this morning that had the dow down significantly by 263 points and the s&p had been down by 29? wasn't the data. we got durable goods numbers, they were down in august dropping 2%, that was in line with expectations. we got weekly jobless claims,
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they rose by 3,000, that's paultly, the 267,000. that's at a 15-year low, which means fewer people are standing in line for unemployment. here's the dow that you could argue is dragging down the dow. caterpillar, announcing it would lay off 10,000 workers or more in a bid to save about 1 1/2 billion in operating costs. earlier responsible for 30 points lost on the dow. here's where the red ink flows from, investors waiting for the hotly anticipated comments out of fed chair janet yellen today. she is giving a speech at umass amherst, 5:00 p.m. eastern, how do you play it? traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nymex. and i know all of you guys are going to understand if we have to interrupt because the pope steps out from where he's coming to new york city. let's begin with the traders, and teddy looking at the anticipation, we see a climb out of this hole to.
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what do you attribute that? >> well, i don't know if it's a technical bounce off trading support levels, but i think the general consensus is, liz, any opportunity to take money off the table, which means any rally is a better sale than a buy. i think folks are really nervous. they don't like what they see. liz: but buying on the dip, teddy, that's what it looks like. >> yeah, but you have to look at the bigger picture. a tremendous amount of damage that's been done, that is not reflected in the general averages, liz. we've had sectors that have just been decimated, you look at stocks trading at 2008, 2009 levels. the averages are telling us one thing, not terribly positive, but when you get into the weeds and get behind the curtain, there's a lot of damage done, we're in a negative bias here, you talked about janet yellen, what could she say she didn't say a week ago.
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liz: ira, hold on, she could say, we're getting more comfortable with how the markets reacted and maybe we're ready in october. she won't come out and say that, but she might hint. [ laughter ] . i don't think she's going to say anything supernegative, do you honestly? she's going to try to calm the markets since she's spoken. we've seen the markets go down. i would assume part of what you're seeing short covering. there was a lot of selling over the past two days, i think people are pulling in shorts, that's what you're seeing in front of her speech. liz: teddy, you say no? >> i don't think so. it's like putting lipstick on a pig. she can talk all she wants, but they are either trapped or they have trapped themselves, but in my opinion they're between a rock and a hard place, damned if they do, damned if they don't. now she used the nuclear card as far as i'm concerned, she's using china now in the world markets. liz: come on.
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>> there is little or no growth anywhere, little or no growth anywhere. liz: okay, but if you're damned if you do, damned if you don't, do it, teeny bit. right, alan? the oil markets have slightly recovered, up $44 a barrel. what's at work there? >> range bound. $43.15 on the downside, $48.50 on the upside. i think we make a little rally here but after that we're going down. what i'm waiting is for rallies to sell into it. we're in an oversupplied market, i think we're going to see below $40 soon. liz: gentlemen, great to see you, and again the speech, 5:00 p.m. eastern, janet yellen, we'll see if she says anything, no q&a, she can show vapor trail and run off the stage as soon as she's done. we need to segue back to something that is horrifying. the scene on the aurora avenue bridge in seattle, washington.
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we have two people dead and at least 15 injured after a charter bus crashed with one of the land and sea ride the ducks tour vehicles popular in seattle and boston. looking at the live picture of firefighters scrambling to pull the victims out on stretchers. i need you to look to the left part of the screen and the bus itself, not the duck but the bus caved in, the entire side sheared off like a tin can from the force of the impact with the ride the ducks tour vehicle. we're going to monitor the story and bring you updates. the aurora bridge is completely shut down and more than 50 people vaulted for injuries, we're watching that closely. it is a double fal, th much we can tell you. pope francis bidding good-bye to the faithful and the fans in the nation's capital. he is headed for joint base andrews.
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he will board shepherd one, fly to new york city, land at jfk, actually queens, so he gets to see the lovely queens, isn't that where you live, joe? [ laughter ]. >> and will hold service at the legendary st. patrick's cathedral, a few blocks from fox business. we are honored to be joined by reverend peter calip astro, this is exciting to wait and see he's going to land first in queens and take a chopper to wall street, which is ironic, what do you think he's going to tailor his message to when he comes to new york city versus d.c. >> i don't think it's that much of a change, i think he's going to talk about what he has spoken about, but he did sort
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of warn us that he was speaking more about the family, especially when he goes down to philadelphia. and there i think people may have some difficulty with what he's saying. >> why do people have difficulty with what he's saying? >> there's a certain duplicity i think in the approach that people have, that news people have, that the media have toward the holy father and what he teaches. and the same holds true for the right and the left, they're going to latch onto things, the left, that they agree with, and the republicans are going to do the same thing. the left and the right, same thing. liz: dr. moynihan, you've been watching, and having the magazine, you're a journalist and watching what is happening. here's what surprises me, i'm not catholic, i don't purport to see why people are feeling such vitriol toward the pope. to me he seems modern and
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inclusive and working hard to bring back the flock that has strayed in a way, correct? and some people, many in the building at fox, and i'm almost surprised they're calling him names. i just don't get it, what's happening here? >> not sure what's happening in the building. liz: well, charlie gasparino said he's trying to push a left wing message. stuart varney, and they all support their own comments, i'm not calling them out here. stuart varney vitriolic about him. trish regan has questioned some of the things and some of them are catholic, they know perhaps more than i do. i look at him and say maybe he's aiming for a crowd that needs to come back to the fold? >> i think he's certainly a missionary pope and reaching out to pope, as he says, on the fringes, on the margins, and he intentionally is doing that. he's an extremely well-trained
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man, the jesuits are the most well-trained priests in the catholic church, he's a disciplined man. i think he's doing what he intends to do. i was at the speech this morning to congress and impressed by what he said. he is not in the church, he is the first pope to speak in front of the united states congress, the supreme court in front him. he was a model of courtesy and called on americans, including the supreme court justices and the members of congress who are directly in front of them -- front of him, to make america live up to the american dream, and in the sense i would call that the pope's "i have a dream" speech, i have a dream for america, and in a sense calling on the better angels of our nature, not really as a -- as a religious speech but as a speech about politics and seeking the common good. and i think he has a right to do that. i think his critics need to
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think a little more deeply about the situation he finds himself in, in the world today. liz: father, he's challenging society, he's pushing for change in a way, a more modern view of catholicism. seems more of a repositioning than some type of revolution, correct? and he has a huge approval rating among american catholic, 84%. >> definitely does. there is vitriol too on the part of catholics. stuart varney offered an apology after he heard the holy father's speech this morning. liz: i'm happy he did. >> it's a matter of perspective, it's not dogmatic, di dactic, it's on a pastoral level, he's reaching out to the people. this is not new church teaching. we're called to do this all our lives as catholics. liz: well, and we can't let you go before we bring up what i think has gotten people upset and he's talked about the environment. but isn't it in the bible to
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take care of mother earth and he actually called the planet our common home which i thought was a delicate and gracious way of strike the planet. who wants a dirty planet? i don't, bill o'reilly certainly doesn't. >> when we talk about dirty planet, we have to think about how we're attacking the problem as individuals. the candy we drop on the sidewalk, that dirties our planet. the smokestack on the horizon, that dirties the planet, too. all of this is combined and the holy father wants each of us to take responsibility as individuals, and as corporations for what's going on. liz: i find it absolutely fascinating, dr. moynihan, that everybody and believe me in new york city is talking about this, and right now we're waiting just outside the washington, d.c. nunciature where he's expected to leave. you see the little fiat. i wonder how fiat sales are doing.
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>> i want to buy one. liz: you want to buy one? >> i don't know if i'd fit. liz: father says he's in. we're looking at the car waiting, of course, and he will exit the nunciature, he will then head to joint base andrews, and from there he will get on shepherd one and head to jfk. he has never been, of course, to new york city let alone this is his first trip to the united states. the children, here they come, waiting to hear. father, you know, you're a new york priest. what's it like to have this pope come to new york? >> it's a tremendous blessing for all of us, not only for catholics but the entire city. we see people lining the streets, tears in their hearts and smiles on their faces as he passes by. it's inconvenient, it creates problems, but it again is a means of showing a tremendous outpouring of love toward this one person.
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liz: for those of you who don't know, not only the pope coming but there is, of course the united nations meetings, and this entire city always braces for that, we have street closures galore. we have all kinds of fencing up, particularly along the route that the pope will drive. i don't know if they're removing the hotdog and water guys, i imagine they won't make them leave or the falafel guys. can't live without the falafel guys. i hope the pope gets a chance to eat our local fare. >> nothing like a dirty water hot dog. liz: that is created by capitalism, let me tell you, they pull in a pretty penny on any street corner. dr. robert moynihan he's going to do a mass at madison square garden, forgive me if i interrupt you, that's going to be huge, who gets to be in that audience? >> well, i'm actually not sure who's going to be there, but
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i'm sure it's the biggest event for religious purposes that the pope will have in new york city. the vespers tonight and mass tomorrow, the meeting also at the u.n. i'm not sure of the list who's attending, you were mentioning crosby stills nash and young and singers like that. liz: that's who's taken the stage before and sold out. the pope is standing remotely at madison square garden, father. >> definitely. each parish on the diocese in brooklyn and queens is allowing a certain amount of tickets. liz: i believe the pope is about to come out. you hear the cheers and the screaming outside the nunciature in washington, d.c., and this is a pope who had a whirlwind tour here in the united states so far. everything from speaking, but for congress to, of course, running through out of his popemobile and meeting children. here he comes.
3:18 pm
see if he does his usual greeting. there he goes. pope francis formerly cardinal jorge mario bergoglio of buenos aires walking right up to the crowd. he does not disappoint. these are my favorite moments, father. >> of course, shows the warmth, the love the holy father has for his people and the love they have for him. liz: this is selfie nation at the moment. he does not want to disappoint the children, he always walks through the audiences and at least speaks. have you met the pope, sir? >> not this holy father. i met john paul ii in 1979. but again i can't help but think with the holy father looking at these people, little children, the elderly, those who are ill, he's saying to himself there are so many, many more, not only in washington, d.c., and new york but in the world, that he wants to reach out and touch. it will almost break his heart.
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liz: he tried to make sure that he goes to each child there, and then there's the other side to his right he hasn't passed yet, but this is a man people often talk about him and use the word humble, he has put forth a humble papacy and done so by not living in the papal palace. he lives of course in the guest home, and i think that's very interesting. not every pope has certainly done that. he spends a lot of time with the landscapers and the janitors and the secretaries and makes sure he remains true to what he started as a 36-year-old in charge of the jesuits in south america. >> but these are the people who make things run in vatican city. that's something to take into consideration. i think he's living in the smaller quarters because it does simplify his life and makes a little more time efficient because you don't have to walk the long corridors to get to where you're going. liz: of course. dr. moynihan.
3:20 pm
people talk about politics and the politization of his speech, you were in d.c., do you think it was a markedly political speech or the kind of speech a pope should be giving? >> for a man speaking to people who are not catholics and not in a religious setting, i think it was perfectly pitched. he spoke to congress and called on them to go deep and think deeply about what the common good would be. i think it was appropriate for him to say that. liz: can i say i called it? he went to the other side. i'm liking this pope more than ever. he did not ignore the children to the right. he first went left and then right, yes he's holding up his schedule. they should know this. this is the man who does this, right, father? >> this is what's going to happen. this is the people he reaches out to. fortunate enough to be there at the front lines and they've been waiting there, and i think just his presence, just that
3:21 pm
touch rewards them for the good hard work. liz: i'm just soaking this in. >> when he was in congress this morning, he came out on the balcony and said the most important people here are the children. liz: and therefore, when he gives the message of take care of those who are perhaps have been forgotten, he also mentioned today in the speech, and i found this interesting, the children are the most vulnerable. while they have the most hope, they are also open to violence. they are open to being pulled in the wrong direction, and i think that that is a message that may have very well bring those younger catholics into the fold and keep them longer in the stave than they would in the past, father. >> when we take a look at the speech today, he did touch on so many subjects, one being the problem of refugees and migrants. we have a tendency to look at people coming in to our country or to other countries.
3:22 pm
but we also have to analyze why the people are leaving their countries? that's something that we have to look at too, and that's something they think we have to work on. liz: well people leave their country and come to our country, and the immigration issue is something we need to address especially the illegal who comes through and we want to welcome the immigrants but it's something that he is very focused upon in discussing and making sure that there's hope for people who are escaping a worse picture out there, and the pope has now entered his small fiat. he's going to head to joint base andrews. he will get on shepherd one and head to jfk. no word on whether he'll have an auntie anne's pretzel upon
3:23 pm
arrival. i would have one. you're not going to be missing anything here. tonight thank reverend, dr. moynihan you are staying with us throughout the hour. if that's possible, i appreciate it. i don't think children left disappointed here. he managed to greet all of them. thank you, father, appreciate it. watching the market that's trying to come back and succeeding. we will be right back with your money, the pope and much more. dow jones industrials down 67 points.
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. liz: breaking news, we're taking you back to seattle to update you on what is nothing less than a horrific scene on the aurora avenue bridge in seattle, washington. officials are confirming at least two people are dead, 21 injured after a charter bus crashed with one of those ride the ducks tour vehicles, the land-sea vehicles that operate on land and sea, they go into the water and tour around. the majority of injuries were from people on the bus.
3:28 pm
when you look at side of the bus, you can see why. when the duck tour crashed into si of the bus from the ntire impact, and you see the windows shattered from the force. we do not know where the bus was coming from, where it was headed. two passenger vehicles involved in the accident, you can see them to the ride. you see one of the gold suvs, they too were involved as they avoid the crash itself. the bridge is expected to be closed a number of hours as police investigate, as soon as we have more information out of seattle, washington, we will bring it to you. back to the east coast, janet yellen's highly anticipated speech at umass amherst an hour and a half from now taking a toll on stocks before it hits the tape. stocks fell as wall street awaited. any clue as to the times of the rate hike and when the fed chair speaks at 5:00 p.m. today, we're not sure we'll get clarity on that. we're joined by steve friedman,
3:29 pm
senior investment strategist at ubs wealth america and bill lee head of north american economics at citigroup. welcome to you both. it is all about yellen, is it china, inflation? do you expect clarity on what's holding her and the team back from tightening interest rates? >> it's going to take a minor miracle to be able to explain some of the uncertainty she's thrown into the marketplace by saying china is the reason she stalled the fed decision. we are ready to go and said china stopped us. the question is, is china running u.s. monetary policy? no, it's an excuse because we weren't confident we're going to get the inflation we were hoping in the median term. china is is the uncertainty stopping us. liz: we haven't gotten a change in inflation, only a couple of days. do we see an october rate hike, steven, what do you think? >> i think it's pretty unlikely given what janet yellen told us last week that they would be
3:30 pm
ready to move in october. really the uncertainty is about the growth effect of the china deceleration and emerging markets more broadly, unlikely you will have data points by october to make a change. it's probably more of a december pull at this point, but we will still be surprised. liz: bill, do you agree, possibly december? >> more so not december. what can we learn between now and december about china? if anything the uncertainty is growing. one of the things we need to make sure is whether china is the real excuse? i continuing was put up there because we're not sure about the inflation forecast. liz: i don't know what the real excuse. is it used to be the unemployment rate. >> we hit that target, exactly. liz: i use this term changing the goalpost constantly, one minute it's inflation, next it's china. bill, as an investor, is finger on the buy or sell button when
3:31 pm
it comes to good quality stocks you see? >> what's happening in the marketplace, and she's thrown so much uncertainty there, it would be difficult to make any decision as to buy or sell. she needs to clarify. liz: stephen, do you agree? you're in the position to allocate money here. >> we're taking a six month time horizon, and really on the camp where we don't believe that the growth deceleration in china is going to have material spillovers into u.s. earnings which what matters for u.s. stocks. we would see this as buying opportunities, the exact bottom is going to be difficult, the time and the volatility is going to remain for some time. we think there's enough growth in u.s. stocks to propel stocks higher over a six or 12-month period. liz: if you look at the bottom of the screen, the s&p was down 3, it had been down 29. something is happening in the markets in the last 29 minutes. go ahead, bill, quickly?
3:32 pm
>> if you think it's china, expect a lot of money flowing back from emerging markets into the u.s., the u.s. is the only place in the world to find growth, that will appreciate the dollar, yes, but provide us for the funds we want for investments. liz: thank you for the guidance. steve freedman and bill lee. closing bell, 28 minutes before we hear the bell ring. donald trump turning his attack on another potential contender, as hillary clinton shows weakness in the latest head-to-head matchups with the gop. we've got our political panel to put it all in perspective for you. and chinese president xi jinping met with america's business leaders on the west coast yesterday, now headed for the white house today. can president obama push the chinese pretty toward a more free economy? we've got a live report next on "countdown." don't go away. dow is down 64. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could
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. liz: if you're wondering why the markets have come off their lows, we are getting a little bit of news here, that apparently an organization called autobild out of germany is a trade organization, they are walking back comments about bmw possibly manipulating their exhaust software just like vw has done. walking back the comments so the dax futures in germany are rising right now even though the german markets are closed, that's giving us a slight bid off the lows of the session. according to a couple of market watchers we like to listen to andy brenner and bob lutts -- dave lutts, we're looking at these comments at the moment.
3:38 pm
we want to keep you informed. when the dow comes up off the floor of 263 points, now down 77 and the s&p had been down 29 and now down 5, 6, something to mention. let us get to china, china's president xi jinping heading from one washington to another, heading to meet president obama and have what's being called a private working dinner. the visit comes after the chinese president made headlines out west meeting with some of the nation's top business leaders. for more on tonight's meeting and dinner, we're joined by fox news white house correspondent kevin corke. this san interesting one, kevin, there's a little drama and tension builder. >> always is when we're talking about the u.s. and china. you hit the nail in the head, a working dinner, no doubt followed by dessert and tough conversations as the two men look for common ground amid a
3:39 pm
growing rift between the two superpowers. they have done a lot together and it would appear more so than ever that they have a lot of lists of issues that they find disagreeable. as you have been following as we talked about the story for a long time. president xi and president obama will meet friday in the oval office, they'll talk about a number of thing, cybertheft a big one and talk about the south china sea and certainly what beijing would suggest is washington's meddling in asian affairs but the white house says president obama hopes by having the face-to-face meeting they'll be able to bridge the gap just a bit. >> i know the president found that in-person interaction, where sort of outside of the glare of the klieg lights and away from the formality and pomp and circumstance.
3:40 pm
to be pretty insightful. certainly there's no agreement that i'm prepared to talk about at this point, but we have made clear to the chinese both believe itly and privately that issues related to cybersecurity and our concerns with china's conduct in cyberspace will feature prominently on the agenda. >> reporter: going to hear a lot about the cybersecurity and a quick sendoff for you liz because i like this thing, i'm a foodie, colorado lamb and maine lobster said to be on the menu. liz: i was going to ask you, are they going to have the cookies in the shape of the dog? >> great question. i can't wait. i'm going walk in and take a peek. liz: kevin corke gets the scoop. thank you, kevin. noncareer politicians continue to lead the 2016 race for the white house. in the latest fox news polls, real estate mogul donald trump,
3:41 pm
retired neurosurgeon ben carson and former h-p head carly fiorina capture half of the republican voters. i'm joined by fred barnes and hank sheinkopf democratic strategist, he served on the team for president clinton's re-election effort. right now donald trump is the front-runner and each day points verbal airgun at somebody. today it's marco rubio saying in multiple campaign efforts in south carolina he criticized rubio's senate record saying he misses most of the votes. that may be fair, not sure. and, quote, he's never seen such a young guy sweato much. again the personal attacks, and he's still the front-runner, fred? >> look, he knows perfectly well he can get away with the personal insults and enjoys doing them.
3:42 pm
switching attacks now to marco rubio is something he's thought out. it's a smart move. he realized that attacking carly fiorina backfired badly at debate last week, so he's not doing that. moved to who's next in line? who's nearing him in the polls and there he is marco rubio. some of his comments are ridiculous, he sweats a lot and drinks too much water and things like that. but he has done homework about rubio in the thing about missing votes, a part of that is unfair. this is what presidential candidates do, they miss votes if they're senators or governors, but you know, this was a concentrated, not ad-libbed attack. liz: hank, looking ahead, we know that carly fiorina has caught a bid as we like to say in the markets. what does she do next? how does she continue to climb in the polls? >> continues to climb by meeting voters and expose them and letting donald trump bang
3:43 pm
people around. she is the recipient of the excess that donald trump doesn't have, and every day he whacks somebody else to keep himself alive. that's what's going on, republican voters look for someone who is rational, why because the moment of truth comes when you get in the voting booth. liz: we're waiting for the moment of truth from joe biden? >> is it likely he's going to run is the question? what's to stop them? if there is a dive in poll numbers, what's to stop them? >> nothing to stop him now. i wonder why he hasn't announced. time is precious here. he'll start out behind, and i think he needs to jump in the race this afternoon preferably. liz: why? we've got a year and change. >> he's not like the clintons and the bushes, he does not have a built-in national campaign, he doesn't have a father and brother who ran for president or a husband. he's starting from scratch. there isn't a national organization that will fall in place for him right away. he needs to start building it.
3:44 pm
>> important observation, add the following to it. if she's in trouble. if the poll numbers continue to dive, the organization will be there. democrats want to stay in the white house. they'll do anything they can to get it. liz: closing bell 17 minutes away, awaiting the pope to arrive at joint base andrews, and we're going to bring it to you live. more on "countdown" on the way. john kerry is there on the lower left side of the screen waiting to bid the pope good-bye, and we will say hello to him when he lands in new york city. don't move. we're on every move here, markets and the pope. stay tuned. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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. liz: breaking news, that scandal over volkswagen emissions not slamming the
3:49 pm
brakes any time soon. the vw group supervisory board, they will name a new ceo and potentially replace board members. this is a scandal that hammered the entire german stock market, not only just affecting some 11 million vehicles worldwide. this, as lenny kravitz, the rocker, tries to distance himself from the embroiled company after performing at a vw event monday night. he didn't even know about the scandal, now he's apparently livid about it. let's bring in fox business correspondent jeff flock following all the company's actions after admitting it cheated on u.s. smog tests. i don't blame lenny kravitz, he was there to perform at an event for the rolling out of passat where everybody was drunk and didn't mention too much of the scandal. >> he might want to watch fox
3:50 pm
business. the passat event in brooklyn on monday where the head of vw u.s. said we totally screwed up. there's a report he's going to be fired tomorrow. we move on from, that i heard your earlier report about the autobild walkback. they essentially tested a bmw vehicle and got different results from the real world than they got in the lab. the same thing that happened with vw. they never said there was manipulation. another group did the same thing and found the same problem with multiple different vehicles with multiple different automakers. bmw, mercedes-benz, gm's opal brand as well as we know, they found when they tested cars on the road, they got a better result -- a worse result than when tested in the lab. this is again what happened with gm. european federation for transport and environment says
3:51 pm
this casts a shadow of doubt over all current emissions control approaches. could this be a huge deal before we're done, as for vw, the board meets, we think the new ceo will be a man named matias mueller, now the ceo of porsche, formerly worked at audi and the stock by the way today in germany on the frankfurt exchange closed down another 2.5%, and other automakers sinking with it out there today. liz: jeff, thank you, for keeping that eye on the story, thankfully not a vw but a fiat the pope just arrived in. >> and not a diesel. liz: not diesel heading for new york city, and you see the crowd waiting, and that's shepherd one? it's an american jet? i don't think so. the pope will board shepherd one for the one-hour flight to
3:52 pm
new york's jfk in queens, pope francis will make his way to st. patrick's cathedral to lead vespers, the sunset evening prayer service. all of midtown, locked down over the excitement but the pope will retire for the evening after tonight's services. he has a huge day ahead of him tomorrow. he'll first address the united nations before visiting ground zero. he'll take the popemobile out for a spin around central park. there's actually a group that's been allowed in there through a lottery system which is now closed. it's been closed for a couple of days but wanted it to be fair and equitable when it came to people who were allowed to see the pope in central park and will finish the day with a massive papal mass at madison square garden. as you see that crowd there with dignitaries joining regular folks i'm sure who have been vetted. we go to shannon bream who has witnessed the same thing in d.c., and as the pope leaves
3:53 pm
washington. he leaves with him certain messages that are either accepted or chewed upon, right, shannon? >> absolutely right. and a lot of times we think as with many things in life people hear what they want to hear in the various messages and the pope had a lot to say on capitol hill today. three days of him visiting in washington, a lot of excitement, but as you mention there are the traffic tie-ups and the complications that come with that. he's made the most of every opportunity to stop on the roadways to shake hands to spend time with people. it's added a little bit to his schedule. we don't know how he's keeping it up. speech after speech, event after event, he must have a secret way of pacing himself. today big address was to a joint meeting of congress on capitol hill today. he talked about a lot of controversial issues. the creation and distribution of wealth, the environment, and talked about something that is central to his message, his mission, his and the church.
3:54 pm
i think we have a little what he had to say about the golden rule. >> the golden rule also reminds us of how our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. [ applause ] >> reporter: and even though there were rules or a plan in place that members of congress were not going to applaud, they did it 37, 38 times. so they were just overjoyed to see him, and the rack was awe, from many people who dreamed of being able to host and have the pope. house speaker john boehner a lifelong catholic visibly emotional in welcoming the holy father it. meant a lot to him. liz: of course, he tried for many years and he was successful very much in part
3:55 pm
due to his stick-to-itiveness, a very natural response. we're looking at congo line of cars and the entourage leading pope francis to shepherd one, and we're awaiting him here in new york city. we're going to bring up lauren green's voice, lauren is live outside st. patrick's cathedral and joined by dr. moynihan with us throughout the hour. lauren, what's it like, they await the pope who is still on the ground in washington? >> seems strange that pope francis is on the ground in washington, d.c. the plane hasn't taken off and thousands upon thousands of people here lining fifth avenue waiting for his arrival, which will not be for probably 2 1/2 hours or so. but very interesting because you know a little history about st. pat's that pope francis is all about the immigrant. he spoke to the cause before congress today, and interesting thing about st. patrick's cathedral, it was built by donations from thousands of thousands of poor immigrants
3:56 pm
who wanted to establish a symbol of religious freedom in america. st. patrick's is that. and not only, that st. patrick's went through $175 million renovation and many of the workers who hurried up to get it done in time for pope francis' visit are outside waiting to greet the pontiff. liz: exciting, he's right now, in case you can't see waving from his fiat as he arrives at joint base andrews and there is a crowd, you see them on the move as they attempt to rush the stage, so to speak i think it's fascinating too, cardinal timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york, so excited for the pope to get here, a big moment for him as well, and the crowds are absolutely massive. i can see outside the windows of fox business, right up sixth avenue, orange cones everywhere and it will take the pope a while to get on shepherd one and fly to queens and jfk, but
3:57 pm
as he heads there, dr. moynihan, what is the number one message you expect he'll give in new york once he gets here? >> i think it's the same message he's been speaking, a message of dialogue, reaching out to the people who are forgotten and marginalized and trying to give a face of christian friendship and love wherever he goes, so it's a very positive message he's giving, he's not denouncing anybody. liz: well, just as he approaches shepherd one and the plane, markets are off the low again. i don't know if there's a connection. heck, we'll make it. you see the fiat pulling up. never know what he's going to do, he is known to emerge from the vehicle and instead of going straight to where he's supposed to, he will greet those who have waited so long to say hello. we know secretary of state john kerry is there, and he will be there to bid him good-bye from
3:58 pm
washington, d.c. after a whirlwind trip. speaking before congress, striking a message of inclusion and a little discomfort. john kerry greeting the pope right now. let's listen and get the feel of the crowd here. you can hear the cheers, and lauren, i don't know if you can hear, i bet you can. it's almost fascinating to see that as that group waits to meet him, we've got a multitude of people in new york city. i don't know if we can do a split screen and your camera can pan to the crowds on fifth avenue now. can we do something like that? >> it's going to be difficult to pan up and down, we are locked on the media riser, it's going to be difficult. no crowds around this event. but crowds lining fifth avenue. we can't get a vantage point of them. it is very interesting that i am watching a monitor, watching out francis lee washington d.c., i
3:59 pm
feel the sense of loss, but at the same time i can feel the excitement here as people away 10 and they are going to say hello. it is going to be amazing. it's really quite fascinating to watch the excitement here. this has been building the last three or four hours. we will get ready for the performance that begins at 4:00 did we expect the pontiff to arrive at 4:00 in the vespers services starts at 7:00. we have the media risers are very excited and i have to say this is one of many times and right in the doors where we will go in. >> we will get right up front. thank you very much. we appreciate it. i will handed over to sherilyn david right now. the pope knows he will get to new york peers >> i love the fact we are 20 seconds away from 4:00 p.m.
4:00 pm
lives handed it off with 20 seconds to spare. look at this for timing. this pope is there with john kerry, secretary of state. that was the one person this morning he shook hands with the pope. a lot of people were encouraged not to shake hands as he made his entrance into the chamber of commerce. john kerry was an exception because they are close. the pope believes people who make deals with other countries come antagonistic countries are peacemakers in there did seem to be a bomb there. >> sharing is very similar to the arrival and when they appeared catholic students were asked to be there in several military families on the ground. we should say is now about to walk up the steps to the boeing 777. an american airline jet. otherwise it's a regular


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