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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an email or go to our website, "strange keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. president obama at this bhour to welcome president xi jinping to the white house for a reception ahead of tonight's state dinner for the chinese leader. the two earlier today announced they had reached a quote common understanding to cut back on cyberattacks and theft of intellectual property. but little else has been accomplished on xi's first state visit. president obama has skirted direct reference to china's role in stealing the sensitive information of 22 million americans from the u.s. government's office of personnel management, and mr. obama was frustratingly
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ambiguous about chinese aggression and territorial claims in the east and the south china sea. painfully ambiguous about human rights issues and china's troubling alliance with russia. we take all of that up with general jack keane and china expert forbes contributor gordon chang. also tonight, house speaker boehner shock all of washington with his announcement this morning that he's resigning from congress. boehner said in an emotional news conference he simply woke up, said his prayers and decided today is the day that he would announce his resignation from congress and the speakership, effective at the end of next month. his motivation for his decision a moving encounter with pope francis yesterday and heavy pressure from conservatives who are simply fed up with his leadership. we'll talk about all of this with real clear politics reporter caitlyn huey-burns, the weekly standard's editor
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fred barns. and pope francis taking his view of the world to the u.n. assembly where he urged leaders to fight poverty, drug trafficking, the pontiff gave support to the nuclear deal with iran. we'll have the story tonight. and our top story, the white house rolling out the red carpet for president xi jinping. a lot of pomp and pageantry expected as the president hosts a state dinner in his honor. but behind the lavishness of it all and the theatrics there are many unresolved tensions over china's economic policies, territorial disputes, human rights, cyberattacks against the united states that president obama seemingly hesitates to mention to the chinese president. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> i can announce our two countries reached a common understanding on the way forward. >> reporter: a way forward on cybersecurity. president obama today said the
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two world powers made important progress in the fight to curb cyberspying, remarks on the rose garden alongside president xi jinping centering on one of the thorniest disputes between washington and beijing, chinese hacking of u.s. government and corporate databases. >> i indicated it has to stop. the united states government does not engage in cybereconomic espionage for commercial gain. >> reporter: cyberincursions like the massive breach of the office of personnel management that affected more than 21 million americans have been linked to chinese hackers. though the obama administration has yet to publicly blame beijing. >> we must enhance strategic trust and mutual understanding. respect each other's interests and concerns, be broad minded about our differences and disagreements. >> reporter: president xi said his country would meet with u.s. counterparts annually beginning in 2016 to discuss cybercrime but analysts warn evidence of real change could
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be much harder to come by. >> only with the imposition of costs are we going to change chinese behavior. this behavior is embedded in the communist party and the ministry of state security and enterprises that conduct the cyberattacks, and you've got to remember that xi jinping is obsessed with the rivalry of the u.s., this stopping it would be the last thing he wants to do. >> reporter: and it's not just cybersecurity that has the white house concerned. there's beijing's alleged currency manipulation, an effort to prop up faltering economy. the country's assertiveness in the south china sea where it continues to reclaim disputed lands and billowing carbon footprint which some argue undermined the global fight to combat global change. the latter may have been mitigated somewhat today as the two leaders reaffirm china's pledge to slash greenhouse gas emissions. it is worth noting that when asked about the possibility of future sanctions on china if
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they fail to act decisively on cybertheft, the president neither talked up nor shot down the notion. lou? lou: kevin thank you very much, kevin corke. now getting company there at the white house. you're looking at the pictures of the president and first lady awaiting the arrival of president xi jinping, and he is to arrive, we're told momentarily. we'll have that for you as we continue the broadcast. also in washington, a lot of drama on capitol hill, house speaker boehner announcing suddenly his resignation from congress. boehner says he simply woke up and decided, quote, today is the day. but five years battling conservatives and his party likely played a significant role. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: lou, issue on after issue, speaker boehner found himself on the opposite side of his most conservative members, amid calls from him
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for his ouster, boehner decided to call it quits. ♪ reporter: a wonderful day for john boehner after he shocked house republicans by telling them he is resigning as speaker and as a member of congress effective october 30th. after hosting pope francis' historic visit to the capitol yesterday, aides say boehner told his wife and chief of staff he was going to resign ahead of a respected leadership challenge. >> when you're the speaker of the house, your number one responsibility is to the institution, and having a vote like this in the institution, i don't think is very healthy, that's all i've done everything i can over the my term as speaker to strengthen the institution. >> reporter: he notified senior staff at 8:45 this morning and told kevin mccarthy before sharing the news with republican members at 9:00 a.m. >> all of us today are stunned by the dramatic and courageous decision of the speaker of the
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house, john boehner, to retire at the end of october. i yield back. >> reporter: boehner said he's proud of what his team has accomplished. >> we're now on track to cut government spending by $2.1 trillion over the next ten years. we made the first real entitlement reform in nearly two decades, and we've protected 99% of the american people from increase in our taxes. we've done all this with a democrat in the white house. >> reporter: leading democrats including president obama praised boehner for being honest in doing his best at a very difficult job. >> we have obviously had a lot of disagreements, and politically we're at different ends of the spectrum, but i will tell you he is always conducted himself with courtesy and civility with me, he has kept his word when he made a commitment. >> reporter: the president said he hopes the next speaker recognizes that in a democracy you don't get 100% of what you want, but the most conservative members were often frustrated when boehner compromised on
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various issues and were calling for him to go or to be removed. >> he was the issue, instead of the issue at hand which is to get back to the constitution, and get on with doing what we have to do to fight barack obama. >> reporter: as for the next speaker majority leader kevin mccarthy, jeff hensarling and tom price from georgia are early names that have emerged. >> that's up to the members. but having said that, i think kevin mccarthy would make an excellent speaker. >> reporter: the jockeying to be the next speaker surround way and will take sometime to play out. before he leaves, boehner must get a government extension passed in the coming days, lou? lou: mike emanuel reporting. another full day for pope francis, at this hour he's celebrating mass at new york's madison square garden. earlier today the pontiff addressed world leaders at the united nations. he urged action on climate change and backed the iranian
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nuclear deal and addressed the global war on drugs saying it's silently killing millions of people. he did not however specifically name mexico, something which, in my opinion softened and if you will homogenized a bit of his message. >> another kind of war experienced by many of our societies, as a result of the narcotics trade. a war, which is taken for granted but poorly fought. lou: if fought at all. the pope went to pray at the site of the september 11th attacks, the pontiff heads to philadelphia tomorrow. new warnings tonight that europe's illegal immigration and refugee crisis will dramatically worsen in the
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coming months according to the united nations refugee agency that says the 800,000 people that have entered europe and the 8,000 entering each day will multiply unless there is an end to the civil war in syria. that warning a day after european leaders concluded on an emergency summit in brussels that failed to produce any concrete step or solutions other than to go about the business of finger-pointing and blaming one another for the crisis itself. european commission president donald tusk who chaired the summit meeting said discussions were sometimes brutal. he also fretted over whether the european union can survive this crisis. we're coming right back, stay with us. the pentagon warns our troops they may not get paid next week as congress and the president move closer to shutting the government down.
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real clear politics caitlyn huey-burns and fred barnes with us next. dramatic breathtaking results when high winds hit the world's largest passenger world's largest passenger plan
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lou: the news not get anything better for hillary clinton on the campaign trail. a cnn-wmur poll today shows in new hampshire bernie sanders burying the former secretary of state, 46-30%, biden now running in third with 14%. and on the republican side, trump still on top, 26%, up 3% from a july survey. carly fiorina rising to second place with 16%. that's an increase of 15 points since july. marco rubio now in third with 9%. joining us tonight real clear politics political reporter caitlyn huey-burns, and executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor fred barnes, thank you for joining us. those numbers in new hampshire if they hold up for another couple of weeks. caitlyn can she withstand this much longer? >> interesting, hillary clinton
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has tried over the past couple of weeks to shift her campaign. we've seen her doing the talk shows and nearly every turn she is confronted with more questions about her e-mails. lou: you're not suggesting that is inappropriate, are you? those are the questions that are existential for a candidate in this country, at least should be, their integrity, their record. >> yes. lou: so are you saying that's the reason for the decline? one would think. >> it's part of a larger picture also, and we're seeing sanders gain momentum in the early states which is critical. as i said before the ground game is important for sanders translating the momentum into votes. fact he is able to keep her on the toes in the early states is telling. >> so it's a disaster, is that right, fred? >> i would say so. how in the world did bernie
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sanders get to 46%? that's way above what i thought was his ceiling, as she goes down, he goes up. she's been in a freefall now for a number of weeks and it is still going on. she's still falling, and the worst thing is that integrity issue that you mentioned, lou. one of the polls, so many of them, but i think it is the new hampshire poll shows by nearly two to one american voters think she is not honest. that's a hard number to change. lou: and that number expressed in various ways in polls for some time now as it led to the same conclusion that she is not trustworth eeshg not considered honest. the bloomberg national poll, four candidates in double digits, donald trump still leading at 21%, a healthy margin, ben carson at 16%. governor jeb bush moved up to third place in that foal 13%.
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carly fiorina moving up to 11%, only two candidates, bush and trump were receiving double digit support last month. what does that suggest to you? >> i think bush's poll numbers are interesting. we've seen him take a little dip over the past several months especially with the rise of trump. i also think carly fiorina's numbers are interesting. she has been rising in the polls since the last debate. whether she can continue this momentum and capitalize on it in terms of fund-raising and campaign organization will be the key question in the next couple of weeks. trump has been maintaining his lead, i will note in the "real clear politics poll"ing average that we have seen a dip in his numbers since the debate on the larger scale. so we'll see how the other outsider candidates maneuver with that little bit of a dip.
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lou: pointing to the "real clear politics poll" will take note it's a significant lead for donald trump in the real clear politics average. what is this diffusion, at least, at this point, among the candidates suggest to you, fred? >> still a lot of candidates in the race, but i think and i agree that the bush number, the jeb bush numbers are the most important ones, he has the most potential. trump is at or -- lou: he's got the most money, is that what you mean by potential? >> he does or his super pac does. he's got plenty of dough and has something else that will be very, very important next year when the voting actually begins, and that is that he has a national organization. he has people in states that are going to vote on march 1 and later in march, not just in the early states. other candidates --. lou: the polling organizations are wasting our time. they should be talking to the organizations, right?
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>> they need to take that into account, political writers do and not blindly say gee, carly fiorina at the high number. she does not have a national campaign. maybe she can build one but doesn't have one yet. lou: a few months to go, not much time in terms of ground gains and campaigns. good to see you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- . if you want to connect with me on social media, please do so, follow me on twitter -- links to everything at scary moments for folks aboard an airbus a380, the world's largest -- look at this behemoth coming down for a landing.
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lou: a few thoughts now on speaker boehner's resignation. boehner's sudden exit has been otherwise a long, unnecessarily drawn-out process in my view, boehner is one of the most unpopular speakers in history. boehner has played foil and often eager tool for a white house that treated him badly, very badly when you consider he's relented on nearly every major issue advanced by the white house, doing almost nothing to resist the president since he claimed the third highest office in the country back in 2011. boehner today said his resignation wasn't about him, but about the american people. well, he's right and he's wrong. as i've long said on this broadcast, speaker boehner has always been more focused on the establishment. boehner for all the world right now seems to be straining to lead the republican party in the same direction as a democratic party. another possibility and it is
11:27 pm
time to recognize it is that it's time for house republicans to search out a new leader. a new speaker more attune to the needs of the people, the requirements of the national interest, rather than demands of big business and the elite of the establishment. well, that was a year ago, and boehner leaving as the least popular speaker in three decades and he's earned, he's earned the distinction. the latest fox news poll show 62% of republican voters feel absolutely betrayed by the politicians of their own party. and another 66% say the republican majorities in congress, both the house and the senate, have failed to do all they could to block or reverse the president's agenda. obviously, conservatives are fed up with the republican party, at least the leaders of the party, and the candidates who pretend to be other or more than they really are. candidates who support amnesty
11:28 pm
and pretend otherwise, who are in lockstep with the chamber of commerce and business roundtable, not unlike the retiring boehner, who's made a clear of like-mindedness with the roundtable and chamber. wouldn't it be simply great if the next speaker, and for that matter, the next president, would work to represent our middle class and the people who aspire to it, the small businesses who create by far most of the jobs in this country, not the multinationals that dominate the chamber, the roundtable and k street and then both of our political parties. work for the national interest instead of special interest. don't you think that would be really quite something? i certainly do. our quotation of the evening. this one from american writer saul bellow on illusion, whether in politics or otherwise. some of the illusions spun up by politicians, you may have
11:29 pm
noticed of late -- we're coming right back. the president appeasing putin's ambitions to expand russian influence in the middle east and eastern europe. is obama surrendering american world leadership? we take it up with general jack keane next. and this time-lapsed video of a volcanic eruptions dramatically revealing the ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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. lou: top news at this hour, the search is on for a new republican leader in the house of representatives. speaker boehner abruptly quit one day after his emotional meeting with pope francis. the pontiff called on world leaders to do more to fight poverty and social injustice. the pope celebrating mass at madison square garden tonight. and president obama meeting with the chinese president in washington. both men agreed to tackle cybertheft, but offered no proposals on just how they will do it. joining us tonight former army vice chief of staff fox news military analyst general jack keane, good to have you with us. i want to share with you and our audience this breaking news that we have just received, the
11:34 pm
syrian force has turned over at least part of its equipment to al-nusra front intermediaries in exchange for safe passage within the operating area. tonight repeat again, the handful of u.s. trained syrian fighters have handed over their equipment, u.s. equipment, fighting equipment to the al-nusra front. your reaction? >> well, this program is an abject failure, the general admitted this much when he said four or five fighters, turns out it was an amazing nine fighters out of a program that cost $41 million, and the goal was 5,400 fighters. so this is really failure on our part, and the whole syria strategy has got to be reviewed. i understand it is being reviewed. that's good news and hopefully come up with something that makes sense.
11:35 pm
lou: i can offer, general, a counterview? i think it's a bad idea that the same fools who would lead this enterprise in syria would be reviewing anything. i want a new set of leaders. i want new commanders. i would like to have a new commander in chief, to be candid with you. if this one can accept this level of performance, we need a new commander in chief, in my judgment. new commanders in the field. new commanders in the pentagon. this nonsense has got to stop. this is absurd! it's an insult to the american people and to the military itself, the people we are putting in fights all around the world, is it not? >> absolutely. you know unfortunately we have to wait for electionment the field commanders are frustrated. they watched that testimony, i can tell you, that was humiliating for them to see that and deal with what has
11:36 pm
taken place here. these programs have been underresourced, a lack of resolve, that starts right in the white house about what has taken place here, and when you add to this the fact that putin is outmaneuvering, outbluffing the president now in syria and in the middle east in a way he's been doing rather handedly in the ukraine and crimea and intends clearly to expand his influence in the middle east at our expense, and it's happening before our eyes. lou: did you see the president's remarks before the business roundtable last week which he scoffed at those who would say that we are being outstrategized, being outthought, maneuvered by putin and his leadership councils? he said have you looked at the russian economy lately? no one -- i guess he didn't invite them to also look at crimea, to look at eastern
11:37 pm
europe, to look at syria, to look at the entire middle east where russian influence is rising, not ebbing, as is american influence in those same areas. >> it's quite staggering. of course pint does have an economic issue, no doubt about that. and the price of oil suddenly is undermining that. but here's a little of the scorecard in the middle east. because of the vacuum that's there, because we're disengaging, our friends have no choice but to create leverage, so they're doing business with putin. putin is selling $15 billion worth of arms to the king of saudi arabia. 7 billion to the uae, 5 billion to kuwait. he's in an arms deal right now with egypt, the country we stiffed providing the apaches to because of the way assisi assumed power. he's on the ground in egypt russian trainers helping assisi fight the counterterrorism battle he's doing against isis. he's on the movement
11:38 pm
established a command post with the syrians and with the hezbollah at the airbase in syria and reports we have now he's got one with the syrians and the iranians in baghdad. this is putin on the move. lou: and al-sisi, his government, remember, this is the one which president obama dispatched senator john mccain and senator lindsey graham to cairo to insinuate the muslim brotherhood into the new government of al-sisi. this is a difficult time for americans, american leadership, certainly, in the region. general, thanks for being with us. >> good talking to you, as always. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- .
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nasa releasing incredible, beautiful, spectacular pictures of the veil nebula. the hubble space telescope capturing a section of the nebula right there. i have never seen anything quite like this coming from the hubble, which is the most amazing, amazing technology to ever take these pictures and form images. this is a massive star that exploded about 8,000 years ago. colors of the nebula as you see there come from ionized gases. the red is hydrogen, green is sulfur and blue, and there's more than you would think, right? that's oxygen. and it's spectacular in every way. mexico released time-lapsed video of the last eruption of one of its volcanoes. this volcano of fire has had a series of eruptions over the
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summer that have covered nearby village in ash and pumice and forced dozens to leave their homes of course. this latest eruption spewed a column of ash and smoke more than a mile into the sky. up next, the search on for a new speaker of the house of representatives, and president obama and his chinese counterpart are just about to sit down for a state dinner in the honor of xi jinping. on the menu, a full plate of disputes. we're coming right back. stay with us. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . lou: this just into fox business moments ago. president obama taking an official photo with the first lady and chinese president xi jinping and his wife, ahead of tonight's state dinner. earlier president obama and she announced they had reached a common understanding on cutting back cyberespionage. joining us now forbes columnist china expert gordon chang, good to have you here. this is what the president said in announcing the common understanding between xi and himself. >> we've agreed that neither the u.s. or the chinese government will conduct or
11:45 pm
knowingly support cyberenabled theft of intellectual property including trade secrets or other confidential information for commercial advantage. lou: what if they just want to have some perspective? commercial advantage is a pretty weasely expression within, that don't you think? >> certainly, first of all china is hacking u.s. companies because they want the information which they then use themselves in the global markets and this is a fundamental part of the communist strategy. xi jinping himself is obsessed with the rival ri with the u.s., so there's no way he's going to stop attacking. lou: gordon, you can tell that xi and obama are getting along so well. the president has avoided any discussion of sanctions far be it from him, to insist upon consequences for the outrageous conduct of the chinese government. he does not even mention in
11:46 pm
this common understanding the theft of 21 million files with the names and all of the personal data of government employees, federal government employees and former employees that has taken place over the course of more than the past year and a half. only reveal to the american people back in april. >> yeah, our president, and this is u.s. policymakers think you shouldn't confront chinese leaders in public, they'll get huffy and you won't deal with them. that's wrong. what you need to do is confront them. lou: can you imagine some blithering idiot in 1939 talking about my god, somebody is going to get huffy, simply appease them. this is the level of thought. this is the level of principle. this is the level of the nature of the people we have running this country. why aren't the republicans, why aren't the democratic leadership, forget the president for a moment, however weak kneed he wants to be, so be it.
11:47 pm
but why aren't other leaders stepping up and saying this is madness? you are turning over the intellectual property not only of american business, which is a rich treasure indeed, but our military and technology secrets within the keeping of the federal government. >> there has been this consensus on china policy -- lou: the hell with -- wait, i don't want to hear about consensus, why isn't there an expression of contention and disagreement and dispute with this president and the asinine policies that we're following here? >> there needs to be. the policy of today is called engagement. it is in substance the same what you talked about. lou: it's really disengagement isn't it. they call it what it is isn't. >> if you go back to nixon, ford and carter, they believe that we had to live with the soviet union, and so therefore they didn't wield american power. reagan realized the vulnerability of the soviets,
11:48 pm
he was able to use u.s. power to the good of the world. we view the chinese today the same way we viewed the sof yets in the 1970s so we're not doing anything. the president in his public statements was weak and tentative talking about the sensitive issues. that signaled to the chinese that we believe that our position is weak, so the chinese are going to press the advantage. lou: effectively, whether it's the east and south china sea, whether it is cybertheft of intellectual property, whether it is cybertheft and intrusion into our government networks and data and files, this president is basically saying he is surrendering u.s. influence and the capacity to respond to the insult and to the aggression, whether it be china, whether it be russia, the man is rolling over at every possible opportunity, and he's going to meet with putin monday! is that not a frightening prospect. >> especially china and russia supporting each other.
11:49 pm
lou: that's right. >> we lose somewhere between 300 to 400 billion dollars of intellectual property each year, much of it cyber, much of it to the chinese and the russians. this is shame on us. we have the power to deal with china and russia and not exercising it. lou: the shame is on us, we are tolrating the kind of leadership, the quality of leadership that we put in office, which continues to prance around like -- future generations are going to look back at us and say how could those people have acted this way. lou: we don't have to wait generations, we have a generation right now wondering what in the hell have we done? gordon chang, good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: on wall street, the dow gaining 113 points, the s&p down a fraction. the nasdaq down 48. volume 3.7 billion shares. not bad for a friday but for the week the dow off a fraction.
11:50 pm
s&p down 1%, the nasdaq posting losses of almost 3%. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. coming up next, right now, another democrat in, well, in trouble over his private e-mail use. donald trump earning a rare rebuke from a conservative audience at the value voters summit today, or was it? >> that clown, marco rubio, i've been so nice to him. i've been so nice! >> we'll take it up with you and with our guests here next. stay with us. much more ahead. i don't think they'll be booing, though. hang with us. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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♪ lou: you are going to love this, the chicago tribune is suing mayor rahm emanuel alleging that he violated state open records laws when he refused to release communication about city business conducted through private e-mail and text messages. does this sound at all familiar? joining us now, john gambling, ebony williams. good to have you with us. john has heard every day the
11:55 pm
answer in new york city. good to have you both. this business with rahm emanuel in chicago looks like it is straight out of the clinton playbook. at some point we will these people be held accountable? >> i certainly hope so. i do not understand why this is happening. why not just release the record. what is interesting is the law is actually not clear. youhe may be can use a private device, but just because you can does not mean it is the right choice which is what we heard hillary clinton apologizing for. i think that is true. lou: most folks have been making bad choices for some time. hillary and uma, john clinton claims she was not
11:56 pm
involved with the decision to let her work a couple of extra jobs, special government employee status. yesterday she signed off on it all. what now? >> i thinki think the same thing as ebony just said is going to take place. everyone seems to just. these people past this thing is torturous to those that asked the question what are these people doing? they seem to be lying at every single turn. they do nothing to ask the questions and put the heat up. imagine if it were a gop candidate holding e-mails. you would here the screaming from california to new york. lou: he resigns, and here is
11:57 pm
a man considered one of the worst speakers in history command we are watching the process begin already for his replacement. there is no confidence that the republicans will not betray him again. >> well, you are right. 62 percent feel completely betrayed by their party do they understand that with the exit someone probably far more conservative that will step into that role. certainly is going to be more conservative and opposing to a progressive agenda,a progressive agenda, but i do not know if liberals were getting that. harry reid almost cried on facebook.
11:58 pm
what is your take on this? >> the liberals might not understand where this will go. i do not think that the conservatives that were happy at voter confidence yelling and screaming when marco rubio announced the resignation, i don't know why they think things will change. you will have the right right and the moderate gop clash. why do they think that this will change whatsoever? i think it is going to get worse. lou: things got worse for donald trump today. let's roll the sound clip from the conference where marco rubio is being applauded announcing the speaker's resignation. >> i have been so nice to him. i have been so nice.
11:59 pm
lou: you know, i think that may be coming to a close. what do you think. >> his numbers are still very strong, still in the lead, but i think that the shine is off, even those that are major, loud supporters, people are tired of that sort of reaction. >> this is a smart man doing well, and he will not change at all. it isit is a tired act. he is smarter, better, and breaking promises for those who supported him. >> this is a guy so far out front that he has one job, do not mess it up and get out of your own way. i think that he hurt himself
12:00 am
today. >> the other job is running his multibillion-dollar company. lou: i have got to jump. good night. next time online poll results quickly. there you are. 93 percent. ♪ >> it's crazy. >> don't call me crazy. jo


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