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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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go, making money with charles payne starts right now. >> thank you very much. we do have pope francis, who has just arrived at madison squarmadison square guarden moments ago and he will celebrate mass with the 20,000 you are looking at it, it is a packed house, the mass will be celebrated in latin, spanish, and english and in addition there will be prayers to the faithful, they're going to be offered in several languages as well, including polish, german, and italian. of course he was just in central park there, 80,000 people greeted him along the way. before that he was at our queens and angels elementary school, in east harlem and
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that's in madison square guarden. and we have a packed house for this historic visit along with a lot of other news and we have to start with the pope. and i want to introduce first father michael manning out of los angeles, the word in the world hosts. father manning, again, every single day this impressive tour of america and the last couple of days of course new york city continues to leave -- just lasting impressions on a whole lot of people. i just want your feelings on the events that occurred today, the address to the generally assembly at the united nations and of course to visit ground zero. >> well, we're talking about making sure that we're as catholics were being rejuvenated with our faith. but i think when we go to the world trade center and when we talk to the united nations, we realize the message of jesus is not just to those in church, it is very much a call
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to make sure that the message of jesus is one that reaches around the world. and somehow we're hoping that from this experience of the world trade center, as well as being here, we're starting to think that maybe we need to make bridges between religions. we need to make an understanding that there is a god that we're all worshiping whether we're jew or muslim, and we start to have a common -- i think that's why he wanted to come to the world trade center. let's get together. let's make sure that we're centered on god as the center, which is certainly one of the great desires of jesus to have his father glorified. a beautiful expression of unity not just with politics >> right. >> but with religion >> also joining us we've got christian, congressman, and i want to go with you -- to you, representative, you and i talked earlier in the day with john boehner's resignation,
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we're going to talk about that later but right now looking at pictures inside madison square guarden. there's no doubt that there's a lot of prediction in the world and a lot in america and the things going on at washington d.c. your assessment of pope francis and is he going a little bit too far with respect to his entry of areas into politics, his admonishment of capitalism, scolding americans for maybe being too successful and not sharing that success? >> and i was with the pope yesterday and address the joint session of congress. i think what's important is the special call to unity that he had. you could see in the presence of the women and the children, the men who saw the pope how deeply moved they were to be in his presence, i think when the pope gets a little bit more into the politics and the ideology, i could tell you from someone who is sitting in that chamber that the applause got a little bit more partisan
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during a few key moments. so to your question, you know, it certainly becomes a little bit riskier when you start touching on controversial points that people have different views on >> christian, you're a policy guy, you're one who is well-rounded who knows a little bit about everything or a lot a bit about everything, this is not lost on a lot of people, representative just echoed on that. yesterday at the joint session of congress, the pope gave both sides of the aisle something to chew on, something to be upset about. overall, though, do you think his message during his visit might have something that lasts -- i don't know leaves an impression on and you say maybe even makes things a little bit better, maybe to the point that made the call to unity, even with the fashions of the hauls of congress? >> i don't think so. it doesn't appear to have had much of an impact on congress
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or washington, i worked in administration with whop professed his desire to raise the tone in washington, it didn't work, and he was at it for eight years not a just long weekend. i was a little bit heartened by his actors at the un today. the pope's remarks because i was expecting something more left wing than what we heard at congress, i heard that his remarks were softened a little bit at congress, and he let it rip at the un. he still made a lot of references to environmentalism and the need to be in the environment and it still seemed pointed at the united states, which is odd because if you step back and which country had a environmental protection agency first? russia, china, cuba? no, it was the united states. and also place this climate wash environmentalism. two different things, the climate, all of their models were wrong, all of the predictions were wrong, but if you look more broadly to environmentism, we have done a great job with that >> you are looking at just the music, the majesty of all,
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this is madison square guarden, 20,000 people, a lot of them selected through a lottery process, this is a moment of a lifetime sharing it with them, watching it live, i want to come to studio and you are a catholic yourself. you know, catholics in america, particularly in this area of the country, were torn with the pope, his criticism of capitalism and sort of finger pointing at america, a nation to chris' point that's done a lot for the rest of the world, done a lot with respect to climate change if you will or whatever you want to talk about, we've been at the forefront and for a lot of point, and i'm in that camp that capitalism has saved the world, taken man kidney to a different level where to a place of hope where people can control their own destinies. what do you think? >> i totally agree with you, charles, and i believe that america is an exceptional country because of the freedoms and the liberties that we have here and
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opportunities for anyone to be a success story. i was a little disappointed with some of the pope's comments in regards of capitalism and of course in regards to climate change. i think that's just feeding into the political aspect that, you know, of course -- i think i would have rather heard more about love and faith and charity and individual being good citizens >> right. >> and to -- >> one person that was moved by it all apparently was house speaker john boehner who came out today with the decision that really shocked capitol hill and the republican party. let's take a listen. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. so this morning i informed my colleagues that i would resign from the speakership and resign from congress at the end of october >> that was house speaker john boehner announcing that he plans to step down from his
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role and resign as a member of congress, a decision that initially he says it was going to be made 2014, but he stayed in course of the part of eric cancer but a lot of people wondering what the heck has gone on here because the timing is suspicious, this is coming one day after the pope's visit to congress, we saw that john boehner, who, by the way, many say worked on that for almost two decades, we saw how visually touched him but there are a lot of other things, particularly with baron for him to take a stronger position and perhaps the next showdown he didn't want to be around for and maybe talking about shutting down the white house over planned parenthood. still with me we've got the panel, congressman lee, and former department senior advisor and jillian is on the
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set as well. i'll go to you, representative, because now that we've had a few hours to digest this move, a lot of people saying who won, who lost? and what does it mean for the republican party? because it feels at this moment like a rutterless ship >> well, i'm sure we're going to be electing new leadership, there's an opportunity for the party to be more stronger, unified, to have a more unified front to stand up in some of the policies of this president that, in my opinion, is taking the country in the wrong direction. i was at the republican conference this morning. it was a surprise announcement. the response was pretty emotional, especially amongst those of his colleagues who he served with for a really long time >> emotional in the sense that people were sad to see him go or shocked? because we saw when it was announced at one of the summit social conservative summit where there was a wow applause, a standing ovation, these are core republican
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voters who cheered for joy that he was leaving. so what was the motion among his colleagues? some visibly happy or just to console him and say great job and now let's move on? >> well, i mean everybody was very respectful. he's had a career that he's now in his 13th term, there might be some people who were happier on the inside, no one was really, you know, obnoxiously celebrating out loud, i would say for those who were getting up to the mic, very personal stories, some 10, 20 years ago, grown men and women were crying and reflecting, this speaker who is leaving on a political end with the largest house majority since the 1920s and also yesterday is probably going to be one of the highlights of his career being able to bring pope francis to a joint session of congress >> right. >> there are different aspects that play here >> and yet with that majority that you speak of and the
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victory in the midterm election, a lot of the core republican voters saying we dealt you the power, you had it, you squandered it, you did not stop or attempt to stop any of president obama's agenda. >> that's right. if you look at boehner's career, 13 terms in congress, held the gavel since 2011, accomplished nothing, he has held the office and now we're saying his greatest accomplishment is to getting the pope come and speak, which i think almost any speaker could have gone, that's just pathetic and republicans need to straighten up and fly right and it shouldn't end here. mitch mcconnell needs to go if republicans want to hold the senate. it's as simple as that. the republicans, the establishment, the leadership always assumes that conservatives are going to show up and vote and be energic but a lot of people were told first get us the house so we can turn this around, and it was somewhat understandable that boehner couldn't do that alone only with the house but now republicans have both houses,
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56 votes, go back to win the foot when the shoe was on the other foot when you had bush 41 or republican president, democratic congress, that congress was able to send up bill after bill after bill to make him look bad, he had to veto a lot of stuff, cost him the election. republicans haven't done that, george mitchell, the democrat never hadov votes, so a did - >> to that point, a lot of people were upset with the idea that john boehner was worried about the old school, don't rock the boat establishment thing when it's over with, colleagues on both side of the aisle come back and cry because you're leaving and a new breed of voter out there that this is too important, so he clashes with his own base, no matter what the issues were, debt limits, obamacare, taxes, but a lot of it was how to go about it his style and of course coming up now planned parenthood. you've got at least 30 dissidents, maybe more saying this is the -- this is the topic right now that's worthy
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enough to close down, shut down the government. i will just go to the panel here, jillian, should -- no matter what the numbers look like on paper, should the next speaker push this even if it means shutting down the government? >> listen when the government -- it was a partial shut down. the government will be funded, the primary role of government will be funded. when you're looking at the moral aspect of this planned parenthood money, no money should be funding these positions who were committing a felony to alter an abortion simply to arvest tissue. it's an absolutely outrage, there should be no money going towards this initiative just >> jillian >> yeah. this is a politically risky moment for them, >> is this the problem that john boehner didn't want to be politically risky and as a consequence the grassroots are fed up with this >> absolutely.
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i think what john boehner is the shutdown, historic disapproval generating for the republican party. he knows this is a president that's going to veto anything that would come out of this. that's a rock in a hard place >> and yet representative, you're going to be in the thick of it all on one hand, you know, this -- the mainstream media is not going to say that republicans did anything great. they're not going to be on your side. so i don't know why any republican would be worried about this sort of -- the, you know, optics of it all, particularly when it's something like this. have you decided yesterday would you -- were you withstand if indeed the next speaker says, yes, this is where we draw the line in the sand and if we lose, fine, but we want the american public to know who thinks it's okay for the federal government to fund planned parenthood while they commit these atrots that they talked about >> well, congress needs to do a better job with the power of the purse, it is something and used correctly, i think that
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the republican party needs to get better at leaning into what they believe in on substance. need to get better with delivery. if -- >> what about the taking up stand even though you may not necessarily win but taking a stand that the world can see so that they know that okay. they believe in something, they fight for it, they fall on their swords for it. i think that's what was missing on the john boehner. >> well, i would say that, you know, we need to fight and fight to win. we're right on the policy, you know, the good news is that people aren't watching that other channel msnbc, there's more ratings, the fact is that people are turning in to these stations to hear what the right has to say. but what -- when we know that we're right and if you get popped in the chin maybe by democrats trying to scare seniors or scare women or scare others >> right. >> you need to double down and triple down with what you believe factually >> well, the good news for you and everyone else who feels that way and congress, hopefully you'll get your chance real soon.
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>> all right. so coming into today's session; right? we knew that the action would be drin by a powerful woman but no one thought it would be hillary clinton. listen things -- they began pretty well; right? nike reported this amazing quarter, blue tip stocks exploded out of the gate, better than
6:20 pm
expected gdp report and then the market began to leak and all of the air came out with what is some are calling like that biggest bubble, all 144 members of the ibb, the exchange rated fund, all of them finished in the red. now, admittedly this has not been a great week for biotech. let's admit it, the guys who knocked the rate by 5,000% and when hillary clinton had that tweet and the follow-up plan with really pricing gaps. so the ibb down 5% today, 13% for the week. but here's the thing. over the last five years, 256% so the bears continue to pounce. now, in the meantime readings are becoming very bearish but there's an indifference to all of the action that i find someone unsettling for the first time since 1990, more money went to cash funds to stocks or bonds, everybody sort of marking time. and hillary cramer and jim.
6:21 pm
you know, guys, let's start with the biotech sector. a lot of people for a long time calling for it to come down. even with the pull back this week, 13%, sporting outrages evaluations unless they can live up to it, jim >> yeah. i absolutely agree with that and they've now broken their august low, and i think what happened today is they opened up based on yel yellen's speech and those are the stock markets that are up over a four-year period >> so this is profit taking than -- >> i think increasingly the people i know and respect believe we may be entering a bear market, and you sell the rallies >> okay. here's the thing, though. we also had kyle bass, a huge henderson fund guy, toward the end of the day, a big legal victory. now, he's shorting sell and also really challenging the structure of biotech in general. if he wins on this patent lawsuit, it could also -- it
6:22 pm
could be more damaging than what hillary cramer -- hillary clinton wants to do >> what hillary clinton did was open up pandora's box, ordinarily i would blame her for everything but she just said what is the truth; right? th the premiers have been paid, charles, within the biotechnology sector as well as the big health care companies that also went out down, everything went down today that had anything to do with pharmaceutical >> why do prices have to go down? they create a product that eventually there will be a legal knockoff version of, so you've got a small window of recouped money making profit, what's wrong with that? >> well, the pricing, what came to life this week is that you have let's say in europe a drug might cost $20, it's $500,000 for the same therapeutic cycle here and that has opened up the dialogue, which is also that a taxpayer funding and under
6:23 pm
writing the health care >> no matter what you think of the fundamentals, you know that the industry is going to be under attack from the democrats between now and the general election as the democrats >> speaking of politics. real quick, guys. john boehner, any impacts on the market? at the announcement, up almost 200, we came down, went sideways for a while. the turmoil in washington d.c., including a possible shut down, you get worried about that >> not really i think if there's a shutdown, it will be contained, i think they all know everybody loses, the futures apparently modestly lower the chances of the shutdown startle >> what do you think? >> i think there's turmoil everywhere and starting to reek havoc, including the fed >> hillary, it seems the glasses got a little foggier than last time i saw you. just saying >> the pope on the move all over new york city today. he's at the united nations, ground zero, catholic school in east harlem, thousands in central park and you're looking right now at this moment they've begun a mass in the madison square guarden, a
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. charles: you know, a lot of people won, and who won today when speaker boehner announces retirement and a lot of people saying it's ted cruz, certainly today when speaking to values voters, social conservatives, he took somewhat of a victory lap. take a listen. >> you want to know how much each of you terrify washington? yesterday john boehner was speaker of the house. y'all come to town and somehow that changes. my only request is can you come more often? . charles: all right. well, here's the question. we know it will impact, but to what degree will it impact the
6:28 pm
race for the white house, and christian, i'll go to you first. there's no doubt that john boehner was the face of the establishment. john boehner was the face of the frustration that grassroot republican voters, by the way, in my mind rightfully against the leaders if you will that many say betrayed them. it's not a matter of being inept, they deliberately betrayed them to keep power or maybe whatever it is that sways politicians once they get to washington and i've got to tell you something. there was a tremendous amount of joy at the grassroots level. how does this impact the presidential race? >> well, i think it confirms the shift to outsiders. but probably more to prind persuasive outsiders. so you mention ted cruz, and he has in congress, so he gains some starch from this
6:29 pm
but also like rubio and carly fiorina. people who can make arguments who aren't part of the system. at the end of the day they don't want the government shut down, they want someone who can make persuasive arguments and they say this is the, hey, we want to fund #% of the government and then we'll leave obamacare to veto it and shut down the government, that requires some intelligence in policy know how that's been lacking with john marijuana. charles: although, jillian, john boehner would say, listen, i've been in the system, i know how to maneuver things, i know how to get things done, a lot of things were done on john boehner fortunately the big things, the obamacare, the iran vote, the area where his constituents in the party wanted to see him take a more forceful stand. >> yeah. you know, we have to keep in mind here that this is a lot of president obama being very obstructionist, not giving congress the role that it deserves in american government and threatening that veto power and -- charles: here's the point.
6:30 pm
make him veto it, make him say go to the republicans and say my fingerprints are on this iranian deal, make him do these with things don't give it to him -- i think this is where the frustration was. >> yeah. and that frustration is incredibly intense. you know, going out to colorado a couple of weeks ago, speaking to a lot of small business people, they were so furious that baron and his failure to ask when he had majority, i think that's going to play out during this race, it's deferential establishment. charles: and we're not sure who is going to take over, apparently kevin mccarthy is at the top of the polling if you will but a lot of people said take my name out of consideration, whoever takes this job has their hands full. by the way, we've got a powerful monday morning lineup that you don't want to miss. maria will be speaking with former secretary of state, and former house majority leader eric, and 2016 hopeful, florida governor jeb bush. all begins added 7:00 a.m. mondays on with maria right here on the fox business network.
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pope francis right now new york city, historic day celebrating mass, you're looking at it. that is live. and that's president obama. he had an historic day too. met with china's president. president obama stayed away -- well, he made some promises, and he might have signed some deals that a lot of people don't think are going to come true, including china not really being behind those do yrnment attacks anymore. we'll discuss it when we come back. those cyber attacks ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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do you know what ge is? charles: president obama meeting with china's president, xi today, the two leaders had serious discussions and everything from climate change, nuclear weapons, and over cyber security. take a listen. >> we have jointlily affirmed the principle that governments don't engage in cyber espionage for commercial gain against companies. when it comes to our attention that nongovernmental entities or individuals are engaging in this stuff that we take it seriously and cooperating to enforce the law. charles: joining me now, lisa, fox news contributor and back with me is christian white, and i'll start with you, lisa. you know, i've got to tell you something. i will tell you this. cyber security stocks actually pulled back on this. so maybe someone in the stock
6:36 pm
market believes the president, but i don't have for a second thank china will alter their backing of the cyber security, the intrusions and the attacks they gather so much information and knowledge, i don't think they're going to stop. >> right. because the agenda remains. they are buying the world's biggest super economic superpower, you have isis or iranians doing cyber terrorism and cyber security is something where it's meant to be, you know, intimidating or act of terrorism. in this case the agenda here is it to get secrets, whether it's for tech or pharmaceutical or business. they want to get out of secrets in order to forge ahead. so when that agenda remains, why should they back down? . charles: i've got to tell you another thing. what i did not like today the way they paraded the chinese president around, gave him the pope treatment, which i thought was despicable, he paraded around in front of our soldiers, marines, airmen, it was -- they have -- in my
6:37 pm
mind, well, they're pretty belligerent and we may need to meet them in a military sense and a cyber war is going on now, could be the new version of the cold war. what's your assessment of china's rise and the fact do you think they respect us enough to add here to anything that might be promised today? >> no. i think they're pushing against an open door and you see that from the islands they're building in the south china sea and that's a perfect example. in doing that today they claimed right next to our president that basically all of that is chinese territory. that flies in the face of the law of the sea treaty, which is -- they have actually ratified. so china signed these agreements, including the two today on climate and cyber and then ignores them in contrast to us when we sign and ratify these things, they become our law. the chinese love pageantry, it gives their illegitimate government legitimacy, they would come to see just the ceremony, usually we insist on discussing a few things but anyone who thinks that this is
6:38 pm
going to change chinese conduct, it's been a couple of years but they put north hill out of business after about a century in business by robbing them blind through cyber theft of intellectual property so this is going to keep going o. charles: and here we had today of course, lisa, the president will say this is another feather in the foreign policy cap, although the american public did doesn't buy it. he ranks lower on this than anything else and his approval generating across the board has started to come down. where do we go from here? what do you say because china has partnered with russia and i understand where they want to be the preeminent country in the world, the dollar, those things are understandable but the way they're going about it, there's no rules. >> no. and you can draw the parallel of what the policy, russia, iran, and now china, meaning we normalize relations on the surface but beneath those major, major conflicts still exist. the same thing's going on here. of course the chinese president would love to come
6:39 pm
to the u.s. and get this circumstance and flex his muscles about what's going on whack at home and start off with we agree on corporation about climate change. well, of course. but how about the real issue that still remain? . charles: and of course china is a country that's choking. so they have more of a sense of urgency to clean that place up than anywhere else. let's keep it right there, guys. remember it's a historic night right here in new york city. about 10 blocks from here. pope francis celebrating mass in madison square guar congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor.
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will be resigning. [cheers and applause] with respect to him and the service he's preside to our country, it's not about him or anybody else, and i'm not here today to bash anyone. but the time has come to turn the page. charles: that was of course senator marco rubio speaking at the voters summit, rubio and cruz are considered the big winners among republican presidential candidates, they've exceed their frustration at the party leadership, displayed on more than one occasion and now it appears that rubio, his popularity beginning to climb here a little bit in the latest fox news poll, tied for third place. cruz rounding out the top five. so can rubio and cruz continue this move higher? joining me now, angela, fox news contributor and kiersten, ms. america 2008 and, angela. >> yes. charles: you know about how -- how washington works and these elections work, rubio is trying to downplay it all, i know it's early, i've been through this before, but he's got to be a little thrilled. >> he is a little thrilled but
6:44 pm
this is going to be like the rabbit and the hare. we're not going to mention the front runner right now but rubio -- is not the rube on the and the hare, the tortoise and the hare. but rubio is like the tortoise and the bottom line is we need a moderate, we need someone that can reach out to voters and not be an obstruction. charles: but didn't they just get rid of a moderate, didn't they just dump him as speaker in a house? >> and that's the rub, that's the cap gap in our party, united we stand and we're tearing each other down. so cruz might do well from boehner stepping down but i wouldn't want a republican stepping down. charles: you know, it's interesting because when you say that, all the major candidates spoke there and donald trump, you mentioned rubio and called him a clown and got some boos, maybe we are getting to a place where they're saying okay. let's
6:45 pm
start getting some of the some of the substance, the details, forget about the name-calling, maybe this pace that rubio has taken and a few of the other candidates -- >> and maybe getting a pope bump. there's all this hope being thrown around, all the positive energy, people are liking a leader that talks about what he wants to do, he's authentic and smiley and joyful, and we haven't seen a lot of smiley joyfulness, he is inspiring. >> maybe we like this guy. charles: so you're saying if he can put a little substance to the personality, maybe we've got something going there. the gop party. >> the gop. >> yeah, the gop. >> what we need to stop doing is fighting. we need to go after the liberals. >> and maybe john stepping down will help. charles: they through the rule out the window a long time ago. pope francis celebrating mass right now with an audience of 20,000 in madison square guarden, you are looking at it, it is absolutely a
6:46 pm
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charles: pope francis at this very moment you're looking at live pictures celebrating mass with 20,000 people at madison square guarden, back with me father michael manning, julian, and kiersten. father manning, again, this has been an extraordinary visit and somewhat controversial, but i think when it's all said and done, i think we're all the better for it. now, i know i'm not catholic, my wife happens to be catholic, and i -- i don't like some of the things that the pope has done, perhaps he's got to cross these lines and there's a big global push
6:50 pm
for more members, particularly young members to bring that up in the church and these are also that things resonate with them. but when it's all over with, what's the next move for pope francis? >> well, pope francis is going to continue this direction in which he's moving. i can't see a big. charles: when he leaves, when he goes back to the vatican, what's the follow-up to a major event like this? how does he keep the momentum going in america and around the world with this message that he's been communicating? >> well, he's able to write a letter, for example, on the on the environment and i think sometimes that's what he does. he just comes together and continues with large groups of people and someone said 6 million people that are gathering through a year at the vatican. and he's able to say these things, life and, again, it's really important, charles, the important what he's trying to
6:51 pm
say is we've got to be able to do this individually. okay. the big issues are happening and the big issues battling with them can be escapes from the challenge that happens to each of us in our heart. what am i going to do? what am i going to do about maintaining life? what am i going to do about the economy? what am i going to do about the problems of the world and when we're having a lot so much smog and destruction of things that are healthy? individual calls. charles: right. >> that's the call. charles: kiersten, here's the thing. and this is a debate that we're having and going to be a large part of who decides who runs the country, the individual to take care of themselves and then by doing so about being able to take care of others or is it on us to be our brothers keeper even if our brother doesn't want us to get up in the morning, doesn't want to take out the garbage, doesn't want us to go to work. because this is where we find ourself in this nation. by the way, around the world
6:52 pm
what we see in these different conditions companies in spain, they generate most of the revenues in the country and the pay most of the taxes. the same thing in belgium they sit around and don't work much. even in germany, they're saying, hey, we work hard, we paid taxes, we get nothing in return. there's a fundamental debate here that goes beyond religion over what one person owes another person and the pope obviously touching on this and it ruffled some feathers in this nation. >> it has, and it's an age-old question, it's a difference in philosophy and of course it comes down to the individual's heart and what they believe in order to increase generosity, a just society; right? but the church is usually involved in those charity efforts. charles: do you have any guilt that you're dripping in
6:53 pm
diamonds right now where there's people hungry in this nation? >> we give to churches and organizations they that we love because we feel it's our duty to give that really do serve whereas the government not always having the greatest track record on serving the most vulnerable. charles: i'm sure we've got to break here. we'll be right back, again, pope francis celebrating mass right now within with an audience of 20,000 at madison square guarden, a historic day. we're also awaiting the chinese president's rival any moment now at the white house for a steak dinner. some say we should have given him a big mac. we'll debate that as well. and you do not want to go, it's a historic night [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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. charles: we are awaiting china's president xi's arrival at the white house for a state
6:57 pm
dinner. we feel maybe we've gone too far rolling out the red carpet to china extraordinarily belligerent in every aspect of our relationship with them. >> it's important we have a good relationship with both china and russia but you don't george w. bush whose credit resisted giving the chinese what they're getting tonight, a formal state visit. if you look at north portico of the white house where president xi arrived for the state dinner, it's been covered up with canvas because the chinese don't want their leader to see protesters, people who care about human rights, including catholics, tibetans, including people who care about u.s. security, it is bending over backwards which is unfortunate signal of weakness to the chinese. charles: lisa, people are saying president obama, one of his failings and you heard it today when he spoke is that he
6:58 pm
tried to use a christian term, bending over backwards, he wants the world leaders to like them. he felt he had it with putin, and in the meantime, they're doing things that are very destructive in front ever us. >> absolutely. the entire foreign policy in the obama administration has been one big facade. we allowed them to do whatever they want in syria and opportunity to leverage the iranian regime, we didn't get anything out of the iran nuclear deal. now we have the chinese. there is slowdown in the economy at home in china. we have leverage, we have them here in the united states, and he can work with kindness but he has to exert force and let the chinese know if they want to play in the big league they have to abide by the rules. charles: i don't get the idea that all of these guys are buddy buddy, president obama truly believes they're friends. before we go, salute to american success, the pizza
6:59 pm
franchise headquartered in columbus, ohio. they opened first in 1963, then a 19-year-old named jim bought an existing pizza shop, paid $1300 for it. they have 150 locations. is the thing i talk about all the time. >> and my mother was in bad shape recently last wednesday when i left the show, i was told she had minutes to live. raced down alabama, the surgeons have done an amazing job. through it all, your tweets have been absolutely wonderful. i have to say thank you so much. it's meant so much to me, i believe in the power of prayer, and i believe that it helped pull her through along with her amazing strength and will to live. that's what we talk about a lot on the show. america, success, never giving up, she's exhibited that and you guys have been great, i appreciate it all. just wanted to say thank you one more time. have a great weekend, thanks for watching the show.
7:00 pm
catch us every single night 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money," also you do not want to miss a moment of this next guy, lou dobbs. got a big show lined up for you. good evening everybody, i'm lou dobbs. european union leaders meeting in brussels today trying to coordinate a response to the european immigration and refugee crisis, the crisis also having an impact in america where the obama administration has pledged to take in 200,000 refugees over the next two years which raises concerns about whether the administration has the ability to properly screen for radical islamic extremists. also tonight, we'll have the latest on historic visits above


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