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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 27, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i'm oliver north for "war stories." good night. ♪ good evening everybody, i'm lou dobbs. european union leaders meeting in brussels today trying to coordinate a response to the european immigration and refugee crisis, the crisis also having an impact in america where the obama administration has pledged to take in 200,000 refugees over the next two years which raises concerns about whether the administration has the ability to properly screen for radical islamic extremists. also tonight, we'll have the latest on historic visits above pope francis and chinese
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president xi jinping, the pontiff saying climate change is a huge problem that can, quote, no longer be left to a future generation and president xi pledging to fight cyber attacks insisting the chinese government does not engage in cyber attacks and thefts, this is the same china behind the cyber attack that stole the personal information of nearly 22 million federal government workers and brand new fox polls out tonight confirming voters want an outsider candidate to be elected to the white house in 2016, donald trump dr. ben carson, carly fiorina capturing the support of more than half of primary voters leaving establishment candidates far behind. our top story, security concerns over europe's illegal immigration and refugee crisis. european leaders trying to overcome divisions of what to do
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with the hundreds of thousands flooding their borders. eu leaders have agreed on a mandatory quota for each region to relocate refugees. hungary's foreign minister calls the plan unreasonable and nonsense. slovakia vows to block that agreement and mandatory instruction from the eu adding to mounting concerns, reports tonight that many of the so-called syrian war refugees passing through europe are neither syrian or refugees but hoping to find a back door to the west, pretending in some number that they are other than syrian refugees trying to obtain benefits european residency. that's partly why republican senators such as jeff sessions are against increasing the number of refugees who have
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reset ld in the united states. sessions saying, quote, our schools, our job markets and public resources are already stretched too thin and even at current rates we have no capacity to escreen for extremit ideology. the newest poll showing carly fee rana at the top with a 38% approval when debate watchers were asked which presidential candidate did the best job. donald trump second place, 17%, third spot marco rubio 9%. joining me now former reagan white house political director, fox fuse political analyst ed rollins. no surprise about trump being at the top and maintaining that lead, but the strength and readings on performance of fiorina, i think even those who thought she did a terrific john and there are many, might be surprise bid the strong number. >> she was extraordinary.
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she made very strong points, took trump on which was the issue where he had insulted her. she's a great salesperson as is trump. the front-runners are -- today we have a brain surgeon -- you say you don't need a brain surgeon to be president, you need to be articulate and have a vision, but you need to be a salesperson. i think these two front-runners are selling something that's different. clearly these polls as you'll get in to, the country, republicans in particular, are very dissatisfied with their washington show. they don't like boehner, they donnell like mcconnell. they don't think we're standing up for what we believe in. they don't think they're doing what they promised to do when they got elected. i think even though trump isn't articulating any kind of vision or specifics, and a carly at this point is the same way, that doesn't last forever. but today it's significant enough to lead the polls. >> rubio doing better on his performance in the debate than
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in terms of his poll numbers. what does he have to do to break out? >> he's going to be a very strong candidate. he's a very articulate guy. he has more knowledge about foreign affairs than anybody on that stage. at the end of the day he can answer quickly, he's articulate. >> will his amnesty positions harm him? >> i think they already have harmed him. i think he's going to not talk about those issues again. >> a wise choice. >> wise choice. if he hasn't got into that am necessity immigration plan he would have done much better. the critical thing is he's moved in to second place in a florida poll. if he beats bush in florida on march 15 he's a real credible candidate. i think as time goes on and trump continues to push forward, he's still going to hold 15%, 18% which may be enough to keep
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him in the game. >> hillary clinton holding her lead in the polls. senator bernie sanders also holding his position in second place, 30% behind her. the controversy today is, was she the original birther in 2008? she says she was not. >> she says a lot of things that she was. there's no question that she raised the issue initially. >> her campaign at least. >> well, it doesn't matter. the reality is -- >> i'm trying to give her distance here. >> she doesn't have any distance. the american public do not believe she's an honest woman. she's been on the national stage for a long, long time. to me, the most telling deficit a person can have is if someone doesn't believe you're honest and continually basically gets the reenforcements by the e-mails and everything else. >> trump boycotting fox news. on this broadcast last night i
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said i think the donald is terrific, i like him, but he needs to come out the crap. what ensues from that is more crap. he is throwing more insults and venom and nastiness around, and it is all of it, all of it unnecessary. >> not only unnecessary, the other part -- we were both fighters when we were young. imt's not how hard can you hit, how good a punch can you take? this guy cannot take a punch. any little poke -- he trushs everybody, has not said a positive thing about anybody so far. one little response to him or criticism for his lack of substance and he crawls under the bed in the fetal position. he's going to get that fancy hat knocked off his head. if he can't fight back and doesn't twoont use fox, that's his loss. >> he's just got -- as i said last night, the man has got to reload.
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he's repeating himself ad nauseum, and even the insults are becoming repetitive. ed, kbrat to see you. >> my pleasure. >> talking about boxing. ed was five-time golden gloves champion. ment i was five golden gloves short of that. good to have you around. the pope's in town. the chinese president soon will be. europe is in crisis and the obama white house has just released osama bin laden's bodyguar ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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top news at this hour, european leaders holding emergency talks today on their illegal immigrant and refugee crisis, agreeing to take in 120,000 refugees. that's only a fifth of the number who have already entered europe this year. no telling what they'll do about the other 80%. the escalation of the military buildup in the middle east, the french president clearing the way of two warships to egypt, originally meant to go to russia, but that sale blocked when russia invaded and annexed cry mia. the white house releasing bin laden's former bodyguard and driver, isn't back to saudi
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arabia. joining us fox news kmasnationa security analyst k.t. mcfarland. k.t., right now, this crisis in europe, to think the european union is talking about 120,000 refugees while secretary kerry has volunteered to bring in 200,000 unknown, unvetted refugees which are most of them illegal immigrants from the middle east or africa. >> it's not a refugee crisis. it's a refugee invasion. i've seen some reports to say there could be as many as 10, 15 million of them coming. when you see those pictures, the question i've got is all the pictures are of young men between the ages of 18 to 35, 80%, 90% are young men. why don't they stay at home to fight for their land? they're leaving their women and children behind. they're coming z to europe for better economic opportunities. what would happen if we were
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invaded? would all the 18 to 35-year-old men go to canada? hopefully they'd stay and fight. >> one would hope. the fact there is no reflex to say how will we vet them, how will we explain this to the american people, we need to bring in 200,000 nameless, faceless unvetted illegal immigrants effectively who are not connected -- by the way, most of the reporting shows four-fifths of these people have nothing to do with syria. what is this administration think? >> they're not thinking. they're just like, well, we have a refugee crisis, we'll open the door and let them in. the problem is, as you pointed out, you cannot vet hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of refugees. they don't walk around with their papers and their i.d. information on their cards --
11:15 pm
>> we don't have the capacity right now for the 70,000 that we've brought in. >> that's right. let's not even talk about the economic part. what are they going to do when they get here? where are the jobs? we have large skilled unemployment? they can't be vetted. they're a security issue, an economic issue. they're a stress on the economies and social services of every one of the countries. >> i've got to ask you, a conversation between defense secretary ash carter, his counterpart in russia they hang up the phone after 15 minutes. ash carter goes out and talks about decon fliction and military support for bashar al assad's regime, absolutely antithetical to the stated goals
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of this administration. is this administration ever going to straighten anything out in at least its own thinking? >> no. because i think the president's decided he's leaving the middle east. whatever problems are there, it's going to be the next administration's problem. he's got his iran nuclear deal, enough for him. the problem in the middle east and as you point out, very few people understand this is a new alliance, not just that russia is in the middle east, but russia aligned with iran and syria. what does that control? that controls a lot of the world's exported oil. you control the world's exported oil, you control the world economy. that's where this goes. >> it may well be the europeans will take a further lesson in the price of appeasement this winter as they remain dependent on russian gas and oil, as well as now, the russian's security of shipping. thank you very much. >> thank you. go pro cameras are made to
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withstand extreme sports conditions and create amazing video. it's a very good thing for a group of friends in kentucky who enjoyed both. they were hoping to capture an epic jump in the atv. as you see, it didn't work out quite according to plan. they miscalculated the distance a teeny bit and there which are. the atv landed squarery on the camera traveling 130 feet. fortunately the camera survived the impact, and more importantly, so did the video. up next, a few thoughts on the president's inability to deal successfully with our nation's enemies and adversaries. also, i'll take up the return of also, i'll take up the return of
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a few quick thoughts on a presidential administration that has no strategy in any area, no contingency plan as far as i can discern and only little understanding of the world swirling about them. all the pomp and circumstance, all the ceremony of the pontiff's visit giving the obama white house hope that the public's attention will be divert friday the on going chinese cyber attacks against this country and how much the chinese have stolen from federal records. the office of personnel management today revealing the chinese stole in the most recent round of chinese cyber attacks the fingerprint records of 5.6 million americans. that's more than five times larger than previously admitted when the attacks were first disclosed earlier this year. overall, the chinese cyber attacks resulted in the thefts of social security numbers, sensitive personal information belonging to more than 21 million americans. yet this white house, the obama
11:23 pm
white house still refuses to specifically blame china and hold them accountable. >> i don't have additional details about who or what entity may have been responsible for the particular cyber breach. this is something that continues to be under investigation by authorities. i don't have any conclusions to share publicly about who may or may not have been responsible. >> incredible. this white house is the most egregiously incompetent, most diffident since that of jimmy carter. the massive cyber attacks of our government only intensify ahead of the chinese president's visit to the white house. president xi didn't blush when he told a group of business and technology leaders in seattle that china is willing to cooperate with the united states on cyber attacks while denying
11:24 pm
responsibility for such espionage and yet the president will roll out the red carpet with a 21 gun salute and state dinn dinner. this is reward to mr. xi for his unrelenting cyber attacks on the u.s. government and american business. of course, the devaluation of the chinese currency. even president xi must be a bit confounded as he watches an american president who doesn't seem to actually care about outcomes and the consequences of his political choices and the consequences of his decisions on the american people. but so it is. now, our quotation of the evening, this one from republican of maine margaret chase smith, the first woman to serve in both the house of representatives and the u.s. senate. she said, quote, we should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.
11:25 pm
something to think about, particularly if you're in the white house. we're coming right back. stay with us. dr. ben carson taking a lot of heat for his refusal to support a muslim president. shocking results in a poll on sharia law. is dr. carson merely upholding the constitution or deflating his campaign? we take i can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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thing are getting real between republican presidential front-runners fiorina and trump. fee reen yeah saying trump and russian president putin have a lot in common. more to be heard on that. fiorina making her comments on "the tonight show" where she also sang about her dog. not kidding. here it is. >> again, you don't have to do any of this -- >> this is a song in four verses, i'll only give you one. >> my name is snick and i'm lazy ♪ ♪ i'd rather stay right here at home instead ♪ ♪ i'd like to lie back down in my nice warm bed ♪ ♪ my name is snick and you're going to have to carry me ♪ >> jedediah bila and rich lowry,
11:30 pm
good have you both here. jedediah, we're watching a mess in the republican race. how excited are you about all the people you were excited about? >> i'm excited about that, carly fiorina. she had me dancing. i was getting into the groove. >> i could hear clinton playing the saxophone in the background. >> let's not invite that because he will get on stage and make it happen. people keep saying she's not warm enough. that's what i'm hearing. i don't have a problem with that. this is a way for her to connect with people. we know she's really strong on policy, when she hits the debate stage, she comes out with specifics and makes people feel comfortable that she has her finger on the pulse of the issues. i think she did a great job throughout the interview. >> if i were a political consultant and a candidate said i'm going to go on a late night
11:31 pm
show and sing about my dog, i would say whatever you do, don't do that. she pulled it off. it was charming. she has to soften herself a little bit, but not much. people want strength clearly in this primary process and she has shown it. >> i've got the perfect candidate for you. i'd like to see what donald trump tweeted about mr. lowery. showing strength. >> not too much strength. >> rich laury is truly one of the dumbest of the talking heads. he doesn't have a clue. you wanted strength, you got it. what's that all about, rich? what did you do? >> it's so hurtful, lou. it's not just an attack on me, but everyone who goes on tv and criticizes donald trump. he objected to me saying he occasionally talks like an eighth grader.
11:32 pm
>> there are candidates you would have been complimenting. >> i said he talks like an eighth grader in some campaign events and he says, you're dumb. >> i want to show something that trump tweeted about fox news. >> i am having a really hard time watching fox news. well, donald, if you are, you can watch us, you can do any number of things. i took that as something of a slur. >> what does he expect? i've been on this network, heard a number of people defending him, some people picking on him. he expects everyone to come on and defend him. no. he mace some mistakes. it's our job to call it out and have people of differing opinions onset. >> i'll help him out. one step away from the tweeter
11:33 pm
machine, donald. number two, don't be insulting my employer because i don't like it and i don't how cute you think you are, you're getting really annoying with this nonsense. it's time to end it. and next, reload. you're repeating yourself. get fresh, get new, get bold, stay true, but cut the crap, would you please 124. >> i want to see the twitter war between lou dobbs and donald trump. >> donald would say, i love the guy, i really like him. really, show us something, donald. you've come too far to simply fold up like a cheap lawn share with nasty venomous remarks. >> memo to donald trump, when you're president of the united states, people criticize you a little bit. it's very important that you be able to take it and not stay up all night responding to everything said about you on
11:34 pm
cable news. >> i love the repose. i love the slashing back at those at him him. the fact of the matter is, it's reached a point of absurdity here. let's turn to cruz who is sitting back in fourth, fifth position basically. why can't he break through? >> i don't know. that's a great question. there's something about cruz's delivery that sometimes bothers people. they feel he's a little professori professorial, feels a little preacherist. conservatives really like him and are really confident in him policywise. he's oftentimes the smartest guy in the room. i think it's time for him to step forward, not be afraid to criticize other candidates. he's been hesitant to criticize trul. i think it's an opportunity for him to say i'm reliable, smart, i can do this job. do it now. >> i think he's sitting pretty.
11:35 pm
he figures cruz and carly and carson aren't necessarily built to last. he's going to inherit some of that support as the most anti establishment of the actual elected officials. i might give him better odds than anyone else on winning iowa at the moment. >> wow. >> trump, whatever else you think of him is not a natural iowa candidate, a new york billionaire who knows nothing about the bible. >> there you go. >> wow. here come the tweets. >> to me it's fascinating to look at this because i'm not sure that carson and trump and fiorina can hold up to the assault of the fourth outsider now, self-declared certainly, and that's hillary clinton. we'll see how that turns out. breaking news now. fox news has confirmed that general john allen is preparing to step down as the president's hand picked czar to lead the war
11:36 pm
against the islamic state. sources tell fox the reasons for his departure after one year on the job include considerable frustration with the administration's policies in the middle east and a family illness. the timing of the general's departure couldn't be much worse. last week the head of u.s. central command testified only four or five u.s. trained rebels were still in the fight against the islamic state. that number was later raised to nine, and this week, new numbers released by sources saying it could be as many as 75 u.s.-trained rebels in the fight. the senate armed services committee destroyed some of its credibility by inviting convicted criminal and disgraced general david petraeus to testify in a hearing on middle east policy. in that hearing general petraeus apologized for sharing classified information with his biographer and mistress and he ripped the obama
11:37 pm
administration's strategy in syria. >> syria today, mr. chairman is a geopolitical chernobyl, spewing instability and extre extremism over the region and the rest of the world. like a nuclear disaster, the fallout from the meltdown of syria threatens to be with us for decades, and the longer it is permitted to continue, the more severe the damage will be. >> joining us tonight, john hannah, foundation for the defense of democracy, senior counselor, former national security adviser to vice president dick chain nay. good to have you with us, john. first, the buildup in syria which, by the way, former admiral john kirby refused to call a buildup as recently as two weeks ago. it now looks as though it is precisely that and not near an end. your thoughts. >> i think it's a major geopolitical defeat for the united states, lou. 40 years ago henry kissinger and
11:38 pm
richard nixon had one of their great triumphs by getting anwar sadat to kick the russians and soviets out of the middle east. they are now back in a major way filling a vacuum fueled by eight years of weakness by the obama administration. >> where is this headed? a president and administration, defense secretary ash carter saying they were talking about deconfliction. this is taking the obvious and twisting it into the unrecognizable. for the defense secretary to say a discussion is under way on deconfliction, obviously iran and russia are further bolstering their support of assad while the united states dances blindly on the margin.
11:39 pm
>> this is one of the great side gifts of the iran deal, lou, is the russians and iranians are free to work together to inflict a massive defeat on the united states and the obama administration in syria. this is a play to keep assad in power. we've said he should go. the russians and iranians have said that is never going to happen. in the meantime while they keep assad in power, assad's slaughter machine inside syria killing innocent civilians with barrel bombs is going to continue to serve as the number one recruiting tool for isis in the islamic state ensuring what america is doing now is certainly not going to succeed in actually winning this war against these islamic extremists who are now spewing hundreds of thousands of people onto europe's doorstep. this is a true and historic defeat for the united states, and i hope people in the united
11:40 pm
states congress and in the republican side of the presidential race and even mrs. clinton can come to that realization quick. >> the american people need to come to a realization quickly as well, and that is that a president has just made a decision about 200,000, quote, unquote, refugees from europe originating whether in pakistan or africa or the middle east about whom we will know nothing, about whom this administration will be saying much about them being from syria. the impact of these unilateral decisions, these fiats and these incidents within the power of the president have having major, major effects and many of them deleterious on the united states, are they not? >> i think this entire syria situation for four years, people saw this coming. obama said we can contain this in syria, we don't need to
11:41 pm
respond. let this thing simmer in syria while people told him this is uncon tanable. i think petraeus is right, it is a gee political chernobyl that will spread its tentacles far and wide and we are only beginning to see the deleterious ramifications not only on the west but specifically on the united states when these chickens come home to rooft with these islamic radicals with western passports who eventually are going to be coming after us. >> john hannah, always good to have you here. >> thank you. >> dash cam video captured terrifying moments on a highway in china. it happened after a siller car blew a tire and hit an 18-wheeler which toppled over, skidding down the road. watch this. incredible pictures and no one
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murder is on the rise in more than 30 of this country's biggest cities, some of the most troubling numbers, homicides in our nation's capitol up more than 40% from a year ago. in st. louis, mur dr up 60%. milwaukee, a 76% increase in murders and that, unfortunately, fairly typical of what is happening in our country's largest cities. our next guest says we're seeing a so-called ferguson effect within law enforcement. in new york city where homicides are up more than 9%, he's advocating a return to the policy of stop, question and frisk. joining us former new york city police commissioner ray kelly, distinguished fellow at the council on foreign relations author of "vigilance, my life serving america and protecting its empire city." if i may say, i think he did a great job, i think the city's best police commissioner ever,
11:47 pm
if i may say. >> thank you, lou. >> congratulations on your book. two words i love both in your subtitle and title, vigilance and serving. we don't hear a lot in my opinion of those in public service talking about that service. you have done great things. most controversial policy, stop and frisk. do you think it's possible for the city and country to return to the practice that has been so helpful? >> i hope so. it's not the be all and end all. it's a tool police officers need. i don't know if it will change in this city under this administration, but it is a valuable process that should be in place. it is coming from the common law, it is validated by supreme court case terry versus ohio, it's codified, it's in every state in the union. in fact, it should be done as
11:48 pm
event-driven. in other words, when you see suspicious activity, that's what you pay your police officers to do, to intervene. now there's a lot more talk about numbers and that becomes problematic. people are saying the numbers are too high or numbers are too low. it should be something police officers are able to do when they see the need and that need is when something arises, reasonable suspicion. >> and ensure public safety in communities all across the country. >> exactly. >> you talk about the ferguson effect which is not the effect any of us wants to see certainly in law enforcement and in our cities. >> right. we've seen some certainly bad action on the part of police officers. clearly the murder of walter scott in north charleston, south carolina, was horrendous, and that video went all over. in ferguson police officer
11:49 pm
darren wilson was ultimately exonerated. was accused of all sorts of things as you recall. it wasn't until march 4th of this year that the justice department put a report out exonerating him. the city of ferguson did not respond well to the shooting of michael brown, no question about it. the body was left in the street for four hours, no spokesperson was put up. the companion of michael brown became the de facto spokesman and he told a lie. that's what the justice department said. >> and it became part of popular culture, don't shoot, hands up. >> right. >> it overwhelmed, entertainment pop culture overwhelmed the truth. >> and that's still out there, that the legend is still out there even though the justice department said it wasn't true, it was a liechlt you had eric garner in the city. so these things coming together i think have caused police
11:50 pm
officers to back off from the proactive initiatives that they've been engaged in for the last two decades. crime has been reduced in this country significantly through technology, through smarter policing. i think that's what we see now, the so-called ferguson effect. officers are not willing to engage the way they did. >> and what is the future of law enforcement, its relationship to the cities, the communities they serve? >> well, police chiefs, police officers are constantly working to better that relationship. it's something that officers have to do every day because of the nature of policing. officers are the bearers of bad news, they use deadly force, that's something we have to work on. from my perspective being in law enforcement for almost 50 years, i think the relationship is better than it's ever been with the exception, of course, of these blips which sets it back. when you look at almost five
11:51 pm
decades, i can tell you the relationship is much better with communities of color than it was several years ago. you have to continue to work on it. i think cameras will make a difference. i think cameras will raise the trust level somewhat, hand that is cameras worn by police officers. >> it seems to me cameras in point of fact protect both law enforcement officers and the community as well when there are these confrontations an encounters. commissioner, it's great to see you, and we appreciate your time. the book is "vigilance" by ray kelly, a great american public servant if i may say. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> thank you, lou. swiss engineers finding a new use for drones. take a look, the research team us used drones to swing rope to building a functioning bridge.
11:52 pm
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joining us, two of the best attorneys in the business, looes wheel, elizabeth cullen. looes, let's start with this salmonella case. this executive knew what was going on, has been responsible for the deaths of nine people and sickening of hundreds of others. >> 28 years punishment is absolutely right. that's low end. apparently there are e-mails going back and forth, just send it out, just send it out, even though he had been warned about the salmonella. >> the first time someone to my knowledge has been held accountable, but an executive being hemmed within the company. >> it was so extreme in this case. you have top executives -- many seniors are like how could i have known? this is happening layers and layers below me. this is the first time dead to right, the directive to send out
11:57 pm
the contaminated item. 700 people sickened, nine people died. >> that's a horrible way to die, too, salmonella poisoning, and he knew what he was doing. he just wanted profits, just wanted to keep those customers. >> profits over people, not good. >> volkswagen making a decision to defraud the government, to absolutely -- i find this stunning. we're talking about a half million vehicles that will be recalled because the company consciously, purposely defeated emissions testing. >> they've confessed. now the issue of maybe criminal charges can be brought if we find out who said to go ahead. >> if prosecutors don't get the sense and the wherewithal to go after individual executives, this is going to go on and on. corporations around the world are increasingly getting away with corruption that is a form of doing business. >> there's always bs a distance
11:58 pm
between the misfeasance and the executives. it's always like, i'm up here, how can i possibly know what's going on. >> as prosecutor and defense attorney, as defense attorney you know that wall is intentional for deniability. >> of course. chinese wall. that's what it's there for. >> there are a lot of corporations that do have a conscience. it happens these are the ones that do not. >> if anybody would have said to you that volkswagen was one of those companies without a conscience, it's disgusting what's going to happen. >> probably going to ruin them, right. >> what about the number of individuals and all the shareholders they're going to be crippled civilly, forget criminal. >> let's turn quickly, if we may, to brian terry, the murder case. prosecuting this case, and the government has decided not to include anything relating to "fast and furious" which is
11:59 pm
directly tied to the case because that's where the weapons came from. >> it's not directly tied. from the prosecutor's point of view they don't want the information out there because it makes the government look bad. >> i'm sorry. i don't give a damn. >> jurors will look at that and say you screwed up here government and you're screwing up here. >> the u.s. attorney's office in phoenix was corrupt. >> but that doesn't have to do with this particular murder trial. >> all they want the jury to know is here are the guns, this is what they did with the guns and this is how this poor man died. >> and information withheld, lying through their teeth -- >> i don't disagree with you but not on this particular trial. >> let's hope justice prevails in this one small quadrant of our society for the sake of the terry family and the border patrol agents. but i've got to tell you, it's a hell of a note when you have to
12:00 am
compromise on the whole truth. i thought there was something we swore about the whole truth. >> that should be investigated separately. separately. >> lissertisement for time life's video collection. (soft piano music) well, hello. i'm carol burnett and i'm here at cbs in los angeles at studio 33. come on in. (tv show announcer) from television city in hollywood... (jaunty theme music) ♪'s the carol burnett show! (carol burnett) this is the stage where it all began. we shot all 11 seasons of my variety show here. you know, we made so many great memories. but no one has seen the first five seasons of the carol burnett show since they were first aired. no reruns, no web streaming, no dvd, nothin', nowhere, zip.


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