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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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se"strange inheritance," thank u for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story for us. we'd love to hear
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a shocking respect showing 18 million americans last year were victims of identity theft, that is an increase of more than a million victims since last report of 2012, we'll be talking about what almost no one else is. the irresponsibility of corporate america much failure of federal gust to protect our -- failure of federal government to protect our personal data. why almost nothing is being done to save guard you, your data and your identity. our panel tonight, fox business gerri willis, and attorney
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rebecca rose woodland, and john alsheimer you don't' to miss it. putin and barack obama attacking each other with a war of words over the war in syria before they even met. a huge military build up in syria. are the leaders on a collision course in the middle east? or is president obama in effect surrendering u.s. influence in the region to the russians? fox news white house correspondent kevin cork with the report. >> we must recognize there cannot be after so much bloodshed, and carnage, a return to the prewar status q o quo. >> we think it is a mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government. and its armed forces.
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>> reporter: what is not in dispute is the devastating affect that the war in syria is having on the region and positive people. million swept up in the humanitarian crisis. >> nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. >> what to do about syria, one of several areas of disagreement between the white house and kremlin setback bilateral relations to cold war depth. including russia incursion to ukraine. and moscow role of fighting isis in syria, and u.s. remains opoked to kremlin support of regime of syrian president assad. putin say today that kremlin would continue to bolster assad, arguing to do other wise would lead to a devastating power vacuum, and in a sinister view he up -- in a ain't ter view he upped it with this. >> or in any other state.
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while at least we don't plan on it right now. >> white house's relationship with russia is complicated, russian did partner with u.s. on the iran nuclear biel, the kremlin has strengthened ties in tehran, and putin met with iran's president before he met with mr. obama. >> we must not forget that the roots of today's wars terror can be found in the occupation invasion and military intervention of yesterday. >> reporter: it set aside 500 million dollars to train syrian fighters to take the battle to isis. the program has yeled fewer than a dozen more ready fighters, a massive policy failure, and a time when projecting strength is paramount but elusive. >> no surprise that president will not meet with his iranian counterpart during his time in
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new york but we know on tuesday, he will meet with raul castro, the leader of cuba, castro is strong in his opposition to u.s. policy during his remarks at united nations, we suspect the meeting tuesday will be more congeneral. >> that is the place that this damage is vying for. >> new york police department has been under pressure for the past week. with pope francis now with the u.n. meeting. to put in context how well new york's finest handle these high pressure challenges, consider the complaints about philadelphia police department, and impact of the ponttive a -- pontiff a visit on the city, philadelphia police face a lot of blow back after critics say
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they turn the city of botherly love into a police state during the pope's visit. residents complaining about unnecessary road, school, and business closures, they say hurt small business. and turning to men and women who are vying to the omnis of their parties -- nominees, donald trump how laid out a specific plan on three important issues. illegal immigration. gun rights and now taxes, today unveiling a detailed tax reform plan, at a time when critics have claimed his campaign is long on rhetoric, short on details. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> it will provide tax relief for middle income, and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reduction. it will simplify the tax code. >> reporter: donald trump said his plan to cut taxes will make
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america great again, reducing the tax brackets to three brackets, cut rates. and couples earning less than 50,000 would pay zero, that would increase the block of workers who do not pay income taxes, and slash business taxes to 15% t to growth, and elimine the death tax. and raise taxes on hedge funds, and crackdown on corporations which they fewer taxes by moving headquarters and jobs overseas. >> we have to make better deals, negotiate much harder, and we have to make our economy strong. >> there was president reaction but not everyone is favor of the plan. diswhroo. >> like a farmers' field for growing loop hopes, with a area in which there is no detail,
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there is clearo going to be a huge you know, load of misbehavior, and unintended consequences. >> reporter: trucketrump took a position in favor of universal healthy care. >> everyone has to be covered, this is a unrepublican thing for me to say, i will take care of everyone, i don't care if it costs me votes or not, better than now. >> the uninsured person will be taken care of. >> yes. >> how. >> i would make a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people. >> we weighed in on unemployment numbers calling current figures false. >> i saw a number of 42% unemployment. 42%. and it can could. >> reporter: a poll now shows trump and ben carson virtually tied, marco rubio and carly fiorina are tied for third, follow by jeb bush, john kasich and ted cruz, scott walker drop out a week ago tonight, this
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evening bobby jindal and chris christie are campaigning in the caucus state. a sign that christie is considering a new push in iowa. >> hillary clinton and her husband stayed on. >> other party does not want to run against her. >> there is only so much that i can control, i have tried to do, and explaining this is to provide more transparency, and more information than anybody that i am aware of who served in the government, and i am happy to do that, because i want these questions to be answered. i can't predict to you what the republicans will come up with, what charges or claims they might make, have no control. >> clinton still leads
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democratic primary with 42% support, bernie sanders just 7.s behind her, and joe biden, in third place, 17%. a troubling new report by justice department, finds almost 18 million people have been victims of identity theft, in past year, about 7% of the adult population of this country, has either had their credit card stolen, bank account hacked and consequences and costs are mounting, identity theft cost americans more than $15 billion, in 2014. one of the more conservative measures. official to damage individuals and businesses and disrupt our economy is rising. we'll talk with a panel of expert on rising cost and consequence of identity theft,
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and why big business and our government, is doing so little to go after cyberattackers, identity thieves and out right crooks as of right now are having their way in this worsens crime wave, we'll coming right back stay with us. >> democrats desperate to have joe biden in their first debate, change the rules to his advantage. betsy woodruff from daily beast, and doug schoan join us. >> two porsches crash during the carerra cup race. a lot of acrobatics required for this car crash, the video next.
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>> joining us tonight. betsy woodruff and doug schoan. this race, it seems that two men taken on top place, is this what you expected? >> well, certainly not what i opinioned a few months ago. i felix it would be dishonest for me to say i saw this coming, it seems like it has staying
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power, we've seen trump and carson dominate the top two spots, what interests me is that, what mainstream politic reporter expected, after carson said muslims should not be president, you would ebb expecte numbers go down but they, leveled or within up. a interesting disconnect. >> a decoupling with national libya media and polling -- liberal media and polling are we not? we see markets go up, market go down. we're watching them criticize as if final -- and candidates benefit. >> you are making two profound points. that said, there is a lack of
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confident in our institutions, which is reflected in this stock market drop which goes biondi think pure physical -- fiscal conditions. >> i agree. >> on the muslim comment. i take no position personaly but say, i can understand well why ordinary people would not want tens of thousands of muslims coming in to country, and electing somebody committed to sharia law as president. i know the lodgic, and why the liberal media said it would hurt them, suddenly we're not a country that is emthreatic to muslim -- empathetic to muslims. >> and according to polling, over half of those muslims in
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one survey, said they would favor sharia law. then you juxtapose that with this data point, which is something like 200,000 refugees, i put air quotes around that, because that is the administration's view of what is a refugee, not you and i or any other reason able person's judgment your thoughts. >> i think the really interesting thing is how different the way east coast, mainstream politics media think about these issues, from the way that republican primary voters, many americans from heartland think about these issues, in particular the way that elite media reporters, approach issues of ethnicity, they are sensitive. >> what we're talking about is a responsibility of the media to be faithful analysts and reporters of fact to get it right.
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we are watching wildly as doug said, "divergent" reporting and analysis from the consequences that are result. this is nuts, it is not about the coast or you know any iowa or nebraska, this is just lousy reporting. >> look, there is -- we could talk all day about failures. charles: let's not. >> just 30 seconds here. >> particular well -- this issue, of muslim refugees coming in to u.s. >> well, actually mead ca' medi. >> i think reporters don't have expertise. >> how much expertise do you need to understand if muslims come in unsupervised, and undocumented and unvetted, it raises a security issue. that whatever your position is on refugees, has to be taken very seriously.
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>> and i think you see a lot of you know those in the national media, getting all constrained by political correctness before they look at facts, and the implications. betsy great, and doug great to have you both. out on our poll, has president obama surrendered american influence in middle east, and eastern europe to vladimir putin and russia? cast your vote. >> a freak accident at porsche carerra cup in spain over the weekend, watch this, 20 seconds into the race, a number of caring tangle up, they jockey for position, one porsche ended up -- perfectly stacked on top of the other. this is not the way to treat a porsche. the driver on top suffered two fractured vertebrae, he is in good condition, the one on the bottom, this is counter intuitive. was uninjured.
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>> at home, golfer jotte jordanh broke record for most prized money earned in a season. he took his 2020 total earnings past $22 million. he is youngest player in 86 years on win 5 tournaments in a single season, including this year's majors u.s. open, and masters, second youngest too win masters behind tiger woods, he is ranked number one in the world, at ripe old age of 22. >> up next, a few thoughts to voter choices for 2016. and nasa announcing a breakthrough discovery red plane on the, but how much of a breakthrough is it? really? we take up that exciting story and much more. stay with us.
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that was the whole point of us being here. >> if you made your choice about who you want to be nominee of youparty, i am delighted for yo. but for many of us, that is not the case. i want to give you a few quick thoughts on political choices that we all face now. about 3 out of 5 of us are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the nation, about same number as those of us who feel betrayed by our political parties, but this hear obama folks tell it we should be thrilled with this economy. but they are talking their book, and dems are desperate, why shouldn't we be dissatisfied with this mess, heading to 19 trillion in national debt, 30 million folks are under.
11:27 pm
ed eor unemployed or given up the employment. that number is fiction. politically they are every bit as bad perhaps worse, how about folks in the parties who are running for office. preferences and your choice if you made it, but i am not thrilled, i want to say it to you straight out. i know a lot of folks have chosen a candidate, and will boost them through november 8, 2016. but take a look at the candidates, two parties, have for us to choose among. there is another clinton. another bush. everyone excited? 320 million people and parties come up with the same sold -- same old, same old. then there is a socialist in one
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party, who is exciting that party. a billionaire populist, in the other party. which has been best known for jen you flecking tokai street lowyiests, and business round table, and republican party has 3 first term senators among the offers, they may be disadvantaged by a voting public. that would be unimpressed by our 7 year experiment with this current president, and previously first term senator. so, how excited are voters with the 15 remaining g.o.p. candidates the 4 or 5 major democrats candidates, only 29% of americans would be proud to have dr. carson as president, 28% would be proud of president hillary clinton. fiorina, sanders, trump, rubio, jeb bush trailing in that polling.
11:29 pm
to put that in perspective, despite all this failure, stubon problems, his abjec foreign policy, failures issue his mountains of negatives, the number are huge, 4 in 10 americans are still proud to have barack obama. as president. that is enough to make you cry. i don't mean with joy. not only of the choice we made but the choices we have. our quote of the evening. who said, every man builds his world in his own image, he has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. we're coming right back. >> russia strikes a surprise alliance with iraq, syria and iran. the obama white house and the pentagon as usual, flat footed.
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>> lou: joins me now nato allied commander from tufts
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university is good to have to hear. to president, russia and hours going at each other before the general assembly. this is an administration that appears to be utterly out of touch and out of control in terms of the geopolitics of the middle east. >> nature of boards of vacuum but vladimir putin loves one and given the vacuum that has resulted from u.s. leadership he is stepping in to fill a and backing it up with troops and tanks, aircraft, he has 20 high-performance combat jets in syria and putting his money and his friends where his mouth is and will very successfully crowd as out of the leadership proposition if we don't get energized. lou: is it safe to say we are crowded out now?
11:35 pm
we are nowhere in the equation hoping that will change their reality? >> we see vladimir putin turning inside our circle more nimble on foreign-policy it has crafted to gather the intelligence sharing agreement that you discuss. it isn't too late for us to step up but we have been talking about this four year. we have to put additional boots on the ground. not 150,000 but maybe 10,000 to energize more from the allies to get the turks engaged it is time to consider the no-fly zone to rearm the kurds to get them into the game. they are effective fighters. the tools are out there but we haven't managed to put them together in a coherent strategy and i feel russia is stealing a march.
11:36 pm
>> the president has refused to arm or support even spiritually the kurds who prove to be the most effective fighters against the islamic state. that option is not available to us any longer he doesn't want any part of it. he never meant our word to destroy the islamic state. >> what we need to do it is a and up the obama campaign. we have to go to the kurds behalf to get the church at&t and other allies but so far i just see a lot of talk but not actions unnecessary. speaking of refusing to arm people we are not harming the ukrainian military that is another reason he tries to make himself or distract us from the ukraine. lou: but the obama administration insists they have been very supportive of the ukrainian government.
11:37 pm
we must be misinformed on the reality. >> it is truly unfortunate we have not stepped up a greater level in the work that we just discussed in the region and we have to get after this or we will be pushed aside in many situations. >> meanwhile israel is twisting in though when and where do they go? >> the other we have this deal with iran will have to increase our level of support to israel to do everything we can and to try to suppress i really and ability to operate against israel is a tall order. lou: made critically necessary because we basically have to arm our
11:38 pm
friends because we have chosen to arm our enemies it is madness itself good to talk to you think you could to see you. nasa today said it discovered the strongest evidence yet for water on mars in researchers say it increases the chances to beat home to some form of life. we are a little skeptical for the ninth announcement over the past said bin years the ninth announcement over the past seven years just counting a wave of immigrants are driving population growth and a darwinian moment that and gasoline station as the attendant tries to kill a spider. he is preparing to do he is preparing to do battle. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale...
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lou: the foreign-born population living in this country has risen so rapidly it could break a 125 the old record for immigration. over the next 10 years 15% of those living in this country would have been born outside the united states the last time that happened
11:43 pm
was 1891 wave seven italians and polish came to america. and another key takeaway immigrants are driving the population growth and and in fact, they're expected to account 88% of the population increase 2025 through 2016 by. as the population rose 441 million. agents overtake hispanics as the largest immigration group over the next 50 years for garnish the -- next guest is the executive director form a the center of the immigration studies. we're always told don't worry about all levels of immigration. what should be the principal take away? >> the first point is it
11:44 pm
isn't a surprise to people who were following it. lou: it is to most of us. >> is and the important point is this is a choice of a result of government policy. most of these people, the overwhelming majority we're talking about illegal immigrants. immigration is a federal government program the farm subsidy or the veterans administration and these projections about the future are only true if we can continue curve policy the way it is. lou: we know from past experience we will make dumber decisions in the future. >> entirely possible. lou: going to the 2016 election how much of the influence will this race have of policy?
11:45 pm
we are hearing about cutting off aid to sanctuary cities. how much is reality and how much is pure smoke and nonsense? >> it is too early to tell what a role immigration will play but clearly concerns play a major role so far that is one of the reasons donald trump is leading not because of his winning personality but because he is addressing issues. lou: he said he will build a wall. that is what he said that appeals to most people. but what is reality and discussed cover what is your sense of where we're headed? >> my sense that what we are seeing is more and more politicians understanding from looking at the feedback
11:46 pm
that trump is getting to understand people don't like this. there is a concern and they need to be closer to read the public is so you're seeing the other candidates at least pretended to be tougher on immigration. lou: so the effect is that marco rubio or jeb bush are pretending they never said they are for amnesty so more people are lying to us member for is the effect? >> maybe but even that is a good sign because that means the politicians get that they want them to say something different now what they do in office that is up to was to hold them. lou: a right to believe it is up to us but over the past decade telling us they
11:47 pm
spend most of their time trying to do precisely what we do not want them to do. forgive me for the skeptical outlook but it is my job. good to have you with us. on wall street the stock selloff the dow plunges 313 points. the s&p down the nasdaq plummets 143 points is there something going on? can you imagine if the fed had raised interest rates? think about that. don't forget to listen to my report three times a day, coast to coast, on the salem radio network. incredible video shows a daredevil to walk a tightrope in mid air between too hot air balloons tethered to the ground preventing them from drifting apart look at this.
11:48 pm
i am thinking this is not the way to do this. this moment occurred when one was blown off the line by a gust of wind causing him to lose his balance luckily she had a safety harness. eventually he made it across take about that. and looks like inclement weather late in the day the wind and blowing. think about that. a michigans man to kill a spider went horribly wrong. watched as he is about to pop gas when he notices a spider near his gas tank. he decided to use his cigarette lighter to kill it. , the he sparked the blaze all because he wanted to
11:49 pm
kill a spider with a cigarette lighter at a gas station. this is beyond comprehension. oh my gosh. he was not hurt we cannot say this same for the spider. a rise of identity theft for what consumers can do to protect themselves and what big business is doing to not protect you in fact, all the policies that screwed the american consumer. we will be
11:50 pm
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lou: talking about the consumer tonight that not many have talked about not just a dead the theft but the consumer is getting screwed every day in every way when it comes to this issue. retailers across the country are supposed to upgrade the terminals with the nose swiping necessary is said to be more secure with the embedded microprocessors to transmit unique data whatever that means but it is peddled to the american people daily. here to talk about these issues we have kerry mullis.
11:54 pm
one dash and take you to each of you for being here. consumers are not protected at all. day our point of fact companies lose their information to cyber attackers then there is a ring of thieves having a field day with their personal information. lou: it is their responsibility. >> we have the of ftc all of those to protect the consumer but they don't know all the things they need to do to get the protection because the credit card companies don't give you the proper information. the credit card is not protecting you, the federal government, you have to do everything on your own and that is the hard part.
11:55 pm
>> we can be the best stewards of our own information and to protect our checkbooks and shred statements but at the end of the day of the company is preached what am i supposed to do to protect myself when they give me free credit monitoring that is like after you are in a car accident it doesn't do anything to help me because it is reactive. lou: my a wife and i were talking to restore we sense have canceled the account but they are not there to help they don't even know what is going on. they talk about practices like a password that is designed but for 30 days it was wide open it is stupid nonsense. our accountant tells us don't ever bank by mail
11:56 pm
because you leave yourself wide-open so why doesn't somebody say this? to not exposure so fond of web. >> there is a lot of class-action suits the opm 22 million people joined that. lou: as many as 30 million absolutely no protection not even and i'm sorry for this administration even for federal employees. >> so they will readjust the system. they will have to. >> how will all lawsuit to protect you from these thieves who have figured out how to break into the defense department or o p.m.? they are some of the most sophisticated out there. lou: talking to the people was one of the most infuriating and stooping this and i consider my wife and i to be reasonably
11:57 pm
intelligent and especially on her side but it is nonsense they don't even want to protect themselves with a write-off provision and i sense a major economic disruption coming because when you see this happening people will get scared and there will be enough to see a disruption in the industry and the economy. >> the credit reporting agencies are profiting from identity theft. they have crafted services that they market to consumers of the fear that their personal credit information will be compromised they hit them $10 or $15 a month. >> than you can do it yourself. >> sell many of these are available for free but we don't know what they are but every time i turn around the television i am bombarded to sign up.
11:58 pm
>> but credit-card operators have no interest to get you to use as your card less often unable to make it as easy as possible. also with europe with a pin, we're not doing baguette. that isn't the standard. we could take extra steps we're not doing it because it is not in their interest. >> tenures behind europe is united states behind europe with the cyber security. 10 years behind. lou: and our congress and political parties are "bought and paid for" by the company's food by the way wrote the 2005 bankruptcy law themselves. bitterly they rode it they all and our congress and our judges should be intervening right now. >> we're getting no protection putting your finger right on the problem
11:59 pm
nobody is there to protect the consumer. >> people are taking it but, unfortunately, it is as gerri said after the fact. your identity is breached, your information's breached and then joined a class action. >> and a large number, a growing victims of identity theft. rebecca, thank you, gerri willis, thank you, rebecca and john, thank you for being with us. i'm going to ask you guys to come back, and this week if we could -- we're going to post some of the things, tried and true that you can do to protect yourself on our
12:00 am
website. we're going to be reporting on it here beginning tomorrow night. please don't even join us for that. our online poll results, do republican need capitol hill leadership? only 90% of yo we thank you for agreeing and we'll see you here tomorrow night. good night from new york. lisa: hello and welcome tonight. i'm watching liberty die in this presidential election, and it is troubling and dire beyond explanation with filibuster promises and honed principles senator rand paul appeared to float above the expected presidential pact. his poll numbers on behalf of the every time he raised the torch of liberty on the national stage but this was before there was talk of any mexican rapists or that giant wall with the beautiful door at the intersection of freedom. criminal justice reform policy and religious liberty stood an


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