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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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credit freeze, if your kmart company -- credit card company has not send you a card with a chip, demand one. thank you for being here, we wish you a good night, from new york city. kennedy: on the watch we have a full gander of that hillary clinton dun -- dunham interviewd her sit down is not just a heap of hot malarky. don't get me wrong, but if you sitting around with a emotional exhibittist hillary, prepare for a different kind of e enlightenment. we learn more from her ugly duckling goldwater girl face, coming out as a beautiful torment swan.
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>> for the longest time as a young girl i thought my father's views were the ones that i wanted to follow. i worked for barry goldwater when he ran for president, i was a goldwater girl, and i got to wear a cowboy hat, which was really cool. kennedy: goldwater was cool, you had daddy issues, hillary should have stop there. >> and then i got to -- >> mm-hmm. >> i found myself evolving, moving today a different set of beliefs, i think that is part of what your late teens and 20s are about. kennedy: for some, hillary tell us more about wellsly. >> i don't trust anybody who said they didn't have some questions in their 20s. that is a period of suchic -- exploring a and often torment in people's lives.
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kennedy: what did you call that exploring a. >> sliming, it was a great experience for being in politi politics. a slimier so to speak. kennedy: speaking of sliming, it was love at first sight for you and bill? no. >> i was terrified about losing my identity. and getting lost in you know the kind of wake of bill's force of nature personalty. i actually turned him down twice when he asked me to mar marry h. kennedy: mm-hmm. the interview led to a miraculous moment, only documented example of hillary clinton showing a glimpse of some would call a sense of humor. >> i thought this was a interview with lenny kravits. >> did you see the footage where his pants split.
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>> no, i missed that. >> his stuff fell out. >> do you think i could get on youtube. >> youtube. >> yeah, i'll look for that. kennedy: yeah you will. discussing. life on mars. and we take about our col bloodd friends, and justin bieber said he wants to live like jesus. oh, good for him. i am show glad you are here, i am kennedy. kennedy: making waves after her hard hitting grilling of hillary clinton, a taste of her mingling with amy schumer in a skit to go along with the interview. >> how are you? >> i'm getting ready to interview hillary.
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>> i'm about to go see her. >> i'm going to go in. you, you -- kennedy: all things interview with party panel. a correspondent there. and michael malice here. author of dear reader. and mollie heming way. senior editor of highest order, thank you very much. thank you. kennedy: so. mollie, hillary admits to dunham, not only is she a feminist but more women do not declare that. >> she said shy was puzzled, 80% of americans do not identify as feminists, in the interview issue she said it just means that we believe men and women are equal, if that is true someone should tell feminists,
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because they spend their time complains about men. kennedy: and you know, one of those interviews, that i did not really expect leyna to push hillary clinton or get any interesting air engaging nuggets, but why did hillary clinton do this interview. >> she is trying to play to the only core constituentency that hillary has left when are young, unattractive, and loud mouth and annoying, dunham is that. kennedy: her boyfriend is handsome. dated scarlett johansson and in a rock 'n roll band. >> that is good. >> sure. kennedy: so, you are a
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millennium. -- a millennial, this interview of taylor made for you. >> i was cringing the entire time. it is like watching my mother at a cocktail party, trying to be funny, talking about lenny kravilenny cavkravit's junk, tht happy. maybe also i do note like them equally. >> she did not challenge hillary on criminal justice reform. she sat up the question so hillary could skew a pre-packaged talking point how communities of color had come together, and she and her husband created that environment. >> amazing how much hillary is not opening herself up to actual interviews. she did that tour with ellen, that guy from safe by the bell. kennedy: screech?
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>> and you know why, every time she does a real interview, she does horribly. she did that with chuck todd on meet the press. kennedy: asked and answers time to move on? >> her model, warren harding, they said sit on your porch, don't talk to anyone, he won. kennedy: i think they wanted to keep her out of the race, that is the model that joe biden is following. if joe biden enters the race, he will be the most popular candidate running, 40% of americans have a positive impression of uncle joe. 28% have a negative impression, hillary clinton is at 49% positive -- 39% positive on. and bernie sanders at 32% positive. not bad numbers for him, and
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joe's ranking makes him eligible to participate in the democratic debate, he could parachute into as late as day of -- why wouldn't he do that? why not announce his candidacy a couple hours before the cnn debate then rock it. >> there is no upside for him announcing early, joe biden harkens back to a time where democrats and republicans could work together. he is not an idea log like sanders, he could get things done in washington. kennedy: he seems like a normal democrat, he is not a hate-filled extremist who is running to the fringe of his party. >> what do you have against hate filled extremists who run to the fringe, i am taking my mic off right now. kennedy: you love "fringe," you love "fringe" hot pants. >> she is not hillary, she is not bernie. >> true. kennedy: thank you.
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>> the idea of -- i like the idea a boyfriend, but do i real like, would i really want to have one. we like the idea of biden running. but if he were to, that is when he may say things we don't agree with. then his popularity goes down the tube. also he is not a woman, i think that democrats want their nominee to be a woman, even if it is hillary. kennedy: when will his gaffes bubble to the surface? i don't know, there is no question, he is the most likeable guy in the race, you know he falls into that the guy you would like to have a beer with. you know, inn a condition test -- in a contest between he and bernie and hillary, just, there is no question. but, as a candidate, he actually has problems be he does not have
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a good record, he was more or less, you know like signature policy okay chief ams, ones he had little bit size -- were criticized. he will be a weak are candidate. he still has to compete gen como candidates. >> the funny thing, joe biden does not drink, when they had a beer summit, he had an odoole's? >> what. >> she is out. kennedy: in 1995, i got my first laptop it was so cool. but if i wheeled outny 90's laptop now, i would use it as a coffee table, it is that big. >> we're on drop out watch in g.o.p. race lindsey graham is not happy about that. >> and scientists found liquid refreshing bubbling water on the
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kennedy: senator lindsey graham, hello, he watches every night, he is an underdog in the republican primaries, he is telling the g.o.p. to quit trying to narrow the field, as a rnc spokesperson said he doubts the next debate will feature an
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under card event. is he right to blame the rnc for shrinkage. >> right. yes. that is up to network and rules, there are no set rules, everyone defines or changes them. kennedy: i love that, make your own rules. >> we don't need to shrink them, the candidate for pulling themselves out could they are running out of money, they feel they cannot compete. lindsey graham campaign manager had a great idea, two smaller debates, and pull the names out of a hat. kennedy: you know rick santorum would love to stand next to donald trump or ben carson.
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>> lindsey graham was never one of the cool kids, he wants to sit at the big kid table. this is a liberal perspective to say, just because i am losing and condition compete, the rules have to be changed to accommodate me, if you want to do that, go join the democrats. kennedy: that is very leftist. >> everyone gets a trophy, right. kennedy: you bring up a good point, it is wrong to shrink prematurely. >> i think that lindsey graham is correct on this. and this alone. it has been fun, we're having policy debates, the reap lindsey graham got in to advocate for bomb every country approach. it is not going well for him but he gets to make his case. you have debates on education, common core. all these -- i am having a
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blast. and in years past they would pick a candidate, and agree it would be him, and we dealt with it this is a revolt on all sides, say we're this way of picking things. kennedy: i love that democrats are angry at debbie wassermann schultz for curtailing the number of debates on the democratic side. and i don't have a problem with the republicans taking issue with the rnc as well. a little bit of chaos in the political system is good, a long time coming. >> look at what, people voting saying that time for honest disagreement is over, it's time for honest agreement, let's get into lockstep, tear this mother down. that is wonderful 92 do you think there should be an under card, should we have two stages. >> no. because, the last debate, i sat on my couch for 5 hours, 5 hours!
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>> that is a lot of wine. i don't know if my body can take it. i agree keep it at one. kennedy: for the love of joanne's liver. widdle the feel or put all 75 onstage, throw jim gilmore in there, is he still alive? oh,. >> i men his political career. the panel returns to discuss justin bieber's desire to be jesusy. >> first a few twists, a physicist talking about a huge discovery on the planet mars. is there life on the red planet? could we live there together? stay tuned to find out.
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kennedy: hello welcome back could scientists have known about ice on mars for years, but scientists confirmed the existence of flowing saltwater on the red planet. could lifing sustained on the red -- could life be sustained on the red planet. smartest person who ever sat at oval plexiglass table. what is the important of flowing water? why is it different from froze ep water. >> nasa hit the jackpot this week, holy grail, is to find flowing liquid water that could one day perhaps sustain life. to get life off ground you need
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energy, like sun light, organic chemicals and liquid water. mars has two of three. but mars is frozen solid, how could life exist, the key is in one word -- antifreeze. you put antifreeze in your car so it remains liquid. that is why mars has liquid water. it has ma magnesium and other chemicals that lowers the freezing points of the liquid. kennedy: okay, is there and way? you think we could harness it for rocket fuel. >> hope is there are aqua river beds, then we can get wells then refine it for drinking water, and rocket fuel, you can separate out oxygen, and
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hydrogen, because water is h20. maybe even irrigate crops, that is perhaps decades into the future. but the very fact that we can talk like this, is amazing, the planet is frozen solid, and yet has liquid water. kennedy: has this moved a prospect of a manned-mission mars forward. is it closer than two weeks ago? there no still talking about 2030s, we're still testing booster rocket, we're in early stages, of being able to send a manned mission to mars. matt damon has on wait. kennedy: only 15 or 20 years? >> that is right. kennedy: so, those booster rockets, i have seen some interesting stuff from private space explorers, how important will they be? it does not seem that government alone will be able to fund these missions?
8:24 pm
>> well, everyone said that including the president, that we need a new spud moment -- sputnik moment. we don't have to ride on russia booster rockets, spacex is among the cutting edge of private entire prize getting involved. kennedy: he has designed some really interesting looking rockets. >> that drives his space program, he wants to nuke mars, you know, that right. we could do it. kennedy: what does that do? would it change the climate. >> that is the goal. it we nuke the ice cap, liquid water will flow on surface of mars again, speeding up the
8:25 pm
terra forming of mars create a garden of eden on the rid planet, however that we have liquid saltwater on mars, i think is a game changer, perhaps he will have to nuke mars, but -- we will just have to drill into the soil to get liquid water from wells 92 w. kennedy: then we could dig to middle mars and create our own colony and tiny martian hobbits there who knows. >> you are right. kennedy: please come back again. coming up, topical storm, the perils two seniors will brave to get free burgers. >> and king kong's little cousin, confuses a florida neighborhood next on the topical storm. >> there is a big monkey on the street, it is on top of my car. >> what is in the street?na >> a big monkey.
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active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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kennedy: when the moon is fool, and werewolves are trampling your daisies, i will grab my gun protect you, this is topical storm, hail damage it be costly, when the ice balls get as big as -- silver dollars, what is evenly wrong, narcotraffickers drop mary jane from their aircraft to your carport. it hit the dog house, their doug was unharmed. -- dog was unharmed. they could have come back and
8:30 pm
dropped off scooby snacks in case anyone it the munchies. >> always "cloudy with a chance of meatballs," it was not a holiday in cambodia, it was holiday world, a theme park in indiana, where austin asked alison to be his wife. they were not just at the theme park but on a roller coaster about to launch into a 90 degree drop. >> i want to ask you -- if you want to be my roller coaster buddy, will you marry me? kennedy: she can't even scream, his friend had a gopro, she
8:31 pm
agreed to be his roller coaster bud for life. bonus points, well played austin. topic three. a large crowd is gathered at a shopping mall in poland issue waiting to collect free hamburgers, to celebrate the mall a opening, enter two hungry old men, hoping to skip the line, when they reach the hamburgers, it was a fistfight, then a sword fight, and a mall wide bare knuckle fight to the death, no one survived. i love poland. topic 4. >> some enterprising labs come up with a fun prank to parliament less -- harmlessly blow minds at drive-thrus this is fun. >> all way down? what is that? >> chicken. >> just by itself, i think, i just want to try it.
8:32 pm
>> ready, and -- -- go. >> is everything okay? >> i ordered a bacon and swiss. >> yeah, what is the matter? the old youtube prank. you know in high school, high friends and i would do a funny prank, we would put on richard nixon masks then drive up to the window with firearms, and scream, give us all your money. do it, do it now! we would take the money and drive off, those were fun times, thank you for that. >> topic 5. you start your day like you always do, a cup of coffee eread paper walk to your car to get to work, thin you have to call 911.
8:33 pm
>> a big monkey in the street. it is on top of my car now. like a abou baboon or something. >> what is in the street. >> a big monkey. there are kids around. >> you said monkey. >> yes, yes. kennedy: there he is look at that little bash-tas rl . and he is in florida, that town has been taken hostage by zeek. he is cute now, but remember lady who had face transplant or the guy who had his family jewels force ibly relocate by aggressive chimps in california.
8:34 pm
cops tried to choreal him, that made him mad, why do people get primates as pets that ends badly, just get a ferret inste instead. if you have and weird stories for topical storm tweet me at kennedy nation. and fine me on instagram, coming up, the panel returns, just inbieber -- justin bieber said he wants to live like jesus. he is already off to a great start, that probably requires course correction. >> we can see if we can find all of the works again. stay here. >> don't let him eat the creatures on my head. i have not uttered that phrase since 1993. >> wow, okay, hold >> there we go.
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♪ kennedy: sound garden, in a complex magazine interview, justin bieber talks about his desire to live like jesus. well you he clarified, that quote, you don't need to go to church to be a christian. if you go to taco bell, that doesn't make you a taco. i love you justin bieber more than i ever have at this moment right here. back to my panel. does it make you a taco? >> i love analogies, but i think it was, if you love tacos, you don't have to did taco bell. -- you don't have to go to taco bell, he is a novice, this is new to him, he is like a young man that just watched secret for
8:39 pm
the first time. had his first meeting with the life coach, that life coach meeting kanye west, in which case, i hope it was his last meeting. he coming into his own, and figuring that out, i would rather this, i guess than a bunch of cussing and lame egg throwing. kennedy: just inbieber -- justin bieber had an incredible quote, discussing why he urinated in a custodial bucket with a mop in it saying dude, what is bratty about urinating in a bucket? >> i am glad he is not making inappropriate ann frank references any more, just cracks at taco bell. kennedy: you would like my show tonight.
8:40 pm
all right so, i had such a strong puckerring react to him for so long, he drives me crazy but you like him? >> i kind of liked the interview, thinking about how bad he was a couple of years ago, not just ann frank, but he was the arrested for like drag racing. and drinking in florida, he had that issue his plane he was smoking so much weed that pilots had to wear oxygen masks. kennedy: he abandoned his monkey in germany, maybe that was zeek that we saw on the topical storm. >> i like where he is going with this, i love he combines his lessons theology with heavy cussing, because i do that. >> today is national coffee day,
8:41 pm
you can celebrate by drinking hot java until your eyes pop out, and you can move backwards and forward through time with no effort. not everyone is fully committed to the phenomenon, when asked if she is a pumpkin spice latte girl, hillary clinton said she used to be, but ditched it because of calories and polling data. michael, what is your stance on coffee and pumpkin spice. >> the term for someone who used to be a pumpkin spice latte girl is hipster right? i am against coffee, i don't drink it. >> oh, my god. >> bu-bu, men are talking, i am tweaking naturally, i wish my hand eye coordinations were mass masculine. kennedy: high energy people can be sense over to the dark side. does she like her coffee like she likes her men.
8:42 pm
>> i think she does. kennedy: how is that. >.>> unfaithful and full of cra. she planted that question, which is so telling. >> she is planning all her questions. >> can you not plan something better than pumpkin spice latte. >> that is code for white girl. >> she is like me, she goes to starbucks. maybe she does yoga lattes as well, what is the best coffee? >> i love coffee from wawa . kennedy: free coffee today. >> peet's coffee, and dunkin' donuts. mars, doughnuts, jetblue, and sheets, pilots and the flying j . >> i like when my coffee taste like coffee.
8:43 pm
a latte with sugar every once in a while as a snack. you should be able to taste coffee flavor in our coffee. kennedy: i had a coffee the other day, called unicorn, half and half, cold brew coffee, maple syrup. >> go back to canada. kennedy: these days you can hardly do anything without being hardly, you can hardly swing a dead cat on mount everest without hitting a punk climber looking to scale the thing on a lark. the nepal government announced plans to allow novice climbers, to scale back to the skeletal
8:44 pm
build up. >> this is ridiculous. kennedy: i have in granola bars, and a canteen, i should be fine. >> i'm going to give them the same advice i gave my friend last night, his daughter decided she wanted to dress as hair outtubman -- as harriet tubman, she is uncomfortable. >> why. >> she is white. >> make him convince here that harriet tubman was not a hero, the trick is make mount everest up popular, say it is the second biggest mountain. >> mckinley, man. kennedy: denali. >> they bumped it up a couple
8:45 pm
thousand feet. >> get them any day now. over take -- >> did you read the book? >> it is so -- did you read it? >> yes. >> so fantastic. >> it is but that is it, i am sick of people writing their novels and memoirs about how much they learned while climbs mount remount everest, after 400 people have done it, we don't need it any more. >> making it uncool. scwhr he die. >> he died in. >> you are so incentive. >> and harriet tubman. >> i blame writers and hollywood for glorifying what is an awful climb. maybe you feel good at the end, maybe you don't. you try to convince others that you feel good, you know how awful it was. >> people, i know with that -- and black nose and fingers, and woo. just not fun. mollie, michael, thank you for
8:46 pm
being here and joanne, thank you. >> coming up, reptile guy will invade the studio. stay right here for more animal madness, it continues. on kennedy. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place.
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kennedy: things are moving, look at that reptiles are fascinating features. one man is helping kids here this united states learn more about them issue he makes freak trips to madagascar, he hopes to build first nature education center there he is author of ma-
8:50 pm
madagascar life. reptile expert eric calendar. >> thank you. kennedy: let's talk about your buddies, this is smallest, a tree frog from madagascar. it is -- >> we're bonding. >> he can go on your glasses look. kennedy: no, don't drop and fall. >> he has buggers on his hand he will stay there. kennedy: he will be right at home, welcome to serious journalism, he can have a wonderful time with the pocket life. >> one of the species we teach about to children. >> he is beautiful, this is -- beautiful giant boa constrictor. >> there he goes. kennedy: he wants to be back in the hair.
8:51 pm
i think he is jumping away, he does not want to be eaten by the boa, drake. >> drake, he is from south america. central america. kennedy: like the pope. >> yes. kennedy: he is back in my hair. >> yes, on this side. kennedy: is he making a pink elstinkleon my weave? >> maybe just a little bit but that is okay. kennedy: is he hissing? >> a little bit. is. kennedy: is he going to eat the tree frog. >> no, he eats mammals. kennedy: i think that hall and oats made a song about your friend. >> how does this go. kennedy: oh, here he comes, watch out he will chew you up.
8:52 pm
can hole him, i -- can i hold him. i don't want him to eat the frog, a whole lot of poopers on my head, he is -- like a yoga class, he is taking his tail, around my glasses. >> yes like that. kennedy: don't let him eat the creatures on the head. i have not uttered that phrase since 1993 just so you know. >> wow, here you go. kennedy: thereare precious. just so you know, i am down with all sorts of creatures, this guy guy -- peedall over himself before the show, i suffer for the art, and i mean he is w squeezing the life out of me. >> hole on.
8:53 pm
kennedy: i can't feel or i can't -- >> hol hold on. >> kennedy: i can't see, is high going to breakny neck. >> no -- is he going to breakny neck. >> no. kennedy: oh, my. >> are you okay? >> i am are you kidding me. >> we lost control of the studio, and dr. doolittle. eric, i want to europe money for you and children in madagascar, have you a go fund me campaign. >> so, i am paying for my own plane ticket, go fund me slash ofic theverric the -- eric the e guy, this is a shirt from -- i am sorry. >> i love it. children are your world.
8:54 pm
>> i actually have a picture of kelly here. she died of malaria last time i was there. the real purpose to be there for kids, we put concrete floors in for a hundred families, we're building a school because the kids need to learn, they put up band-aids but our herringizatiol build something they can learn from there is is eating the giant tortoise. thank you eric. >> thank you i want grateful. kennedy: i hope you fly to madagascar on angel's wings and they all heed the call. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. in moments, the night cap, i'm going to need a stiff one.
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kennedy: if you are a parent, you know tomorrow is the last day of september, that means halloween is in full swing. a holiday that celebrating creativity is a recipe for perfection, if your kids are like mine they have decided what they want be to for halloween last december 1. a georgia mom searched for halloween costumes on party city web site. facebook ramp that has gone viral about how quids are over sexualized or, stop imposing on them antiquated views of gender roles, she was upset tha that -- police officer uniform, came with a skirt and hand cubs,
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halloween is a time to experiment with themes and materials to push boundaries of what your neighbor thought possible, the best part of halloween is going to michaels, and joanne fabrics and busting out the hot glue gun. and i break out the sewing machine so i can curse under my breath like a sailor. allow your child some independence, and let them make their own damn costume, if you are worried about gender roles get up identify your easily offended keister and get crafty women, kids don't have to turn tricks to get treats. you can hot glue gun that to your pipe and smoke it, thank you for watching, you can watch all new episodes of kennedy, monday through of thursday.
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you can e-mail us. your mail -- zhu are mai -- reme mail is just two days away, see you later. of little bighorn, welcome an outsider in. >> once they trusted him they would share things with him. >> he paints their port rats and get -- portraits and gets inside scoop on cuser's last stance. >> she is convinced it worth millions, but will anyone buy it. >> was he an artist or just someone who documented a side of history?


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