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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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rates, but it could also be a decline in rates, if things stay like they are, a pretty good economy, not good, not bad, if rates go up all of a sudden, why would you buy an 8% mortgage. deidre: leave it there, "making money" next. >> marketing pullback from the cliff, but it was a disaster us quarter, and putin makes his move in syria, 3 i he is there o help the blood thirsty dictator that we want out. and. more leaked e-mails for hillary clinton, more signs that national security was put at risk by the main person in charge of safeguarding it, "making money" starts right now. charles: today's seesaw session saw a lot of quarter ending window dressing, the big today we were up 230 we came down, with a disastrous manufacturing
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report out of the midwest, that has cynics calling for qe4, that is not going to happen. the market des pot -- desperate for strong news on the economy. joining me now, hillary cramer. all right, here is the thing, i want to know the question, well, the message from the quarter, first down for the in like 4 years, inned if today's session. >> it did not impress me, we did end up close to the highs, which was a positive. charles: interesting we gave up a ralliy. >> we gave up a rally, on nothing am it just evaporated. the high frequency trading stuff kicks in. in the long-term, is that going to hold? i am spectical.
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>> i expect a rally in 4th quarter, but for real reasons. and the u.s. now that we have more instability than before. charles: was today's session, for no reason. i mean, we're talking major contraccontractions in the econ. the market responded the way it should respond. so, there was news we staved it off, this 4th quarter rally we were talking about, could we have seen it today. >> i think we're building a base, we're building a bottom, i think that china had good consumer confidence numbers. overshadows. charles: you made me laugh. >> i know. charles: did they go with a rifle do you like this economy? >> after bad industrial earnings numbers on tuesday, which you know really kind of was not it. charles: you have done well.
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but there is a lot of people in your bandwagon now, does it bother you from carl icahn video to almost everyone out their. there has always been a chorus of people calling for a crash. does it bother you this is a real crowded bandwagon? >> no, it bothers me that the sentiment has changed so dramatically, that every day investors are looking at this market skeptically. that is worrisome to me. the buy the dip folks before. they are on the sideline the, they are not sure they should be buying it. they have not been buying, institutions came in close the day, window dressing, i don't think that there is anything else under this market, that is what is worrisome. >> what about good deals in the market, i think gas will turn it ralph lauren was up 14% today,
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$118, if you look at valuation it should be $150. charles: in the quarter, only sector that was up were utilitity, that under scores it was a defensive market. but consumer staples were down less than 1%, and the next best bet was consumer discretionary, main influence has been from outside, weather it is oil. and -- weather it is oil and the economy. could we have a bifurcated situation, where maybe the retailers do well, and some restaurants do well? despite the broader market. >> they have done because there is a pent-up demand for that. as that wages that will -- wanes the market will turn the other way. >> but the bifurcated question, that is important, it could be
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that energy does not come back. but we see other areas -- >> but energy does not come back that means oil is still cheap, i just mentioned, icahn, he blamed monitor and fiscal policy, also the global turmoil in the world. what could be final nail in the coffin? >> i think it is a black swan, which is not a black swan, it could be china, or commodities imploding. charles: particular be what is -- could it be what is going on with the world? what happens today in syria with vladimir putin, the vacuum we left, the void he is feeling, i feel that middle east is more dangerous than it has been in a long time, because we don't have guts to take care of business. >> this is aban unknown that market does not know how to discount. these are tactical fighter jets,
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they are not bombers, they are capable of fighting american jets, that is frightening. >> but the market. >> these are not strategic markets, they are just taking out is snie isis. charles: when russia started building a second base, we're antimissile weapons. not what you use for guys hiding behind the rocks, surprisingly, the market ignored it today, but how long can they ignore that? >> i think, in many way its has been priced in, everyone realizes there is a disaster in syria. charles: you should tell obama, that he was surprised today at what happened. >> that is crazy. but, a coop in saudi arabia, no one is paying attention to that. charles: i saw the letter, a lot of relatives went royal family, brother two took over has -- who
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took over has dementia, he has been being manipulated. i have never seen a letter to a family, we need to off someone to clean things up. >> he is close to the family, he has a lot of influence, this is something that never come out of saudi arabia before. charles: so, it feels like everyone is saying if there is a black swan, it probably emanated from middle east. >> a good chance of that. charles: let's flip other side, talk about what might save this market, also, how do your viewers ride out this? one problem i have the holding period for stocks, like 4 1/2 months it used to be 8 years. that is why when thurston howell iii, they are suffering now.
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how do we ride this out. >> i don't think that there is anything you can do to ride this out. this now the nature of the market. charles: this is done. >> with technology, the advent of technology businesses change, they are created and destroyed rapidly, had is the new paradigm. when volatility comes in you better get in and out. charles: sell everything? >> not everything, i like to hold you know high yield, companies not stocks, companies that i want to add to. they are not going anywhere. otherwise everything else is a timing play. >> i think you have to have a core portfolio, you stay in them 23-r a language long-term, i love the dividend idea, it is good to play around positions, but you want to own the
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companies for a long-term. charles: selling begets selling, we saw that this quarter, the dam broke. probably the biggest red flag. i don't know that i talked about it enough, is when transportation stocks fell apart, they were down 15%, that is a proxy for our economy. i know that people are not going to hold the stocks unless they have a value proposition to make them ride it out. >> you are right in terms of transportation, they led the market down, they were a bellwether. you could have gotten out of that carnage before it was down 10% if you followed transports. we started bottom fishing here. but transportations are indicative of the fact that the economy is not doing well. >> take apple, i make a bet december 31 it is 15 to 20% higher. charles: from here? >> absolutely.
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charles: not apple but university of apple, they were up sharper today. apple sort of a one-off, we know. looking at china, take china, the big names caterpillar, crushed, firing people, will not hire. but call pillar, nike, things they like and overpay for, global consumer, if they're out there, still alive and kicking, when they want something they will pay a premium for it. >> i would like to think that. i think that global consumers are getting nervous. i think that psychology has changed. this is a problem in global market, and domestic marketplace, is that psychology has changed it now negative, that is a problem. charles: all right, hurricane joaquin bearing down on the bahamas, winds right now 85 miles an hour the forecasters are expecting them to strength strengthen.
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where joaquin goes is anyone's guess, you can see the map, it is not pretty, it could be dangerous up the east coast this weekend. >> vladimir putin makes his move in syria, he did not attack isis. president obama probably thought 24 hours ago he had a partner, turns out he has something more sinister, we'll be back. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> we agreed it is imperative to find a solution to this conflict and evade escalating it in anyway, or seeing it
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intensified. charles: that was secretary of state john kerry, and russian foreign minister, they were holding a pressure just moments ago. and want to take also listen out to just chaos in syrian city earlier, russia made their move. military move, airstrikes, they began in this region, they said it was part of their plan to fight terrorism. asking metropolitan military -- something american military aircraft to avoid airspace, this after president putin met with president obama just two days ago, to discuss where russia was in their military build up in syria. and what the role of assad would play. joining me now, colonel peters, starting with a press
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conference, the sound bites i heard, are extraordinary, we have our heads in the sand on this. >> we do. we have a sirt secretary of stae whoiz ide--whose idea of negotio lk in and offer the other guy his wife, dog and his underwear. we have a president. we don't have a president, we have a scared little boy in a movie theater, watching a horror film, and covering his eyes, he can't look at the reality in front of him, we have not seen anything like this in american history. you heard kerry say, we have to avoid escalation, what the fire crackers does he think he just saw? they russians move to syria be attacking our so-called allies, they warn us to get out of skies, and next, down the road may be that putin orders a shoot
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down of a u.s. drone or a manned aircraft, know that this president will not respond. you were walking about a black swan event, it may be a mission -- russian aircraft event. what putin is doing is transparent. charles: it is. and will it is not -- it did not creep up on us, over a year ago they were building a second base, latakia. they put in aircraft missiles, obviously not to fight isis, the president was shocked today when their first targets were rebills -- rebels that we were hoping would over throw assad at some point. >> indeed, obama administration dowdz not wandoes not want to s. but, the fundamental issue is that putin is not hard to understand, he is clear. if you just pay attention, if
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you know anything about the russians, putin a backgrounds and his ambitions, and he is in this to fight isis and shoulder burden of civilization, he is not attacking isis, but he is attacks assad. the administration looks at things in bits and pieces as if iraq and iran and syria and lebanon are not interrelated. putin has a long-term strategic vision of a shia muslim belt from lebanon to iran, and back to mediterranean sea, dominate by iran, russia-friend lie, ain't-u.s. he is well on his way to a success there is no opposition,
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no meaningful opposition from the obama administration, john kerry is still saying, well we don't want es-- escalation, give me a break. charles: your column, you say vladimir putin is a poiser of -- force of nature, and use a rusty military to change the world. and president obama astonished and acting like a high school girl, stood up by her boyfriend. >> yes. president obama thought he had a wonderful deal with putin, he got stood up. the elites white off vladimir putin -- write-off vladimir putin even now because he has bad table manners and did not go to the right prep school. he took a broken country with a rough bucket military, in over a decade, turned it to a semblance
6:20 pm
of a great power, a competitor to u.s., and as for that military, russia has two. there a small core military that is good and well equipped. that is what you are seeing in syria, beyond that there is a big military full of junk. but bu putin is getting away wih using that small military and backing us down. charles: we were told we won the coil war. and -- cold war, and we're squandering this. the idea that we shrank your military down, dramatically, president obama has been so reluctant to use military force, to keep people protected from christians to allies, it does not matter, it does not matter. if everyone in world knows we're reluctant to use our power that we had. >> right. and what is astonishing about
6:21 pm
president obama, not that he came to the presidency naivette, almost 7 years he learned nothing, his world view, is still a retanni -- romantic bleeding heart view of how things work, he still believes that words change everything. despite all of the evidence, he believes old lie that the pen is mightier than the sword. try stopping a bullet with a beautiful compound sentence. the world does not work like that, putin lives in real tie, obama is living in a fairytale castle, and pulling up the draw brings. charles: stay right there we'll discuss this, and where do our allies fit in this? saudi arabia put out a plea to stop. and this is ugly stuff, it is getting worse, we'll be right back.
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>> we have been observing the russian activities, i don't want to go into detail about that. at this time. but the reason -- one of the reasons why the russian position is conar contra decry. isil is not present. charles: u.s. secretary of defense ash carter, he said that airstrikes in homes were russia's launched airstrikes had no strategic purpose. we're back with colonel peters, i was washing this, i almost lost my mind withthe double streak, the confusion.
6:26 pm
>> the mush. charles: yes, the idea it had no purpose? , of course, it did, it was to keep assad in power. >> that pretty was sad -- stressor was sad. you asked. have our pilot rules of engagement been changed. have they been restricted. are they allowed to defend themselves, preemptively if necessary, do they have air-to-air missile under their win wings right now? this is about the nuts and bolts, putin is going to keep pushing as hard as we can, as far as he character the longer we delay in confronting hip the higher the price will be. ash carter is not a bad guy, but like everyone else in this
6:27 pm
administration, he is not man enough for the job. charles: i think he has been forced to try to justify, the unjustifiable. to your point. russia gave america's stand down order today. that does set up an accidental shooting down of someone. we told you, stay out of the space. we didn't know who you were, we took act first. could we get that, and how high is a probability we end up with a skirmish that sees american lives lost. >> there a very good collapse, that putin will shoot down one of three types of aircraft, either a drone, if he is feeling timid that day, he will feel out a manned aircraft. knowing that obama will not fight, or just in a bad mood he will shoot down a u.s. manned
6:28 pm
aircraft, knowing that obama will not retaliate, order our pilots to stand down, and break moral of our u.s. military. i hope none of this happens. but it is not enough for putin to win. he has to destroy his opponent, and humiliate his opponent. he is hume ill yeah humiliatinge president,. charles: what do our allies do? they must feel like they are on their own. they must have felt this way for a long time. how can they protect themselves? >> they are motor fid. today -- the president of france, for god's sake, he stressed there can be no compromise, assad has to go. all that, kerry, and obama are saying, well, maybe not right away. maybe we can you know there will
6:29 pm
be a managed transition. that is not how you deal with somebody like putin. in business speak, who would you want as your ceo, putin or obama? who do you want negotiating for your corporation with chinese, kerry or lavrov. this is just -- chars words rarely fail me. but this is just so pathetic, so broken. charles: words don't stop bullets, thank you wil col colol peters. >> thank you, charles. charles: tomorrow, i have donald trump we're going to discuss tax plan, and russia involvement with syria tomorrow night 6 p.m.
6:30 pm
>> now ash carter gave me a headache with his double speak. russians what it's doing, diplomatic channels are not going to work. shaming them in front of the work is not going to work. so is this "the black swan" that sinks us all? i have more experts coming up, right after this. you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> i think in terms of leadership, he is getting an a. our president is not doing so well. >> he wants to fight isis, that is a wonderful thing. i said that a year ago, i said that is a wonderful thing. everyone said that is terrible. .i think there is very little down side with putin fighting isis. i think that is to our benefit. charles: that was donald trump on fox news, last night, making a points, we like that idea that anyone in particular someone, as powerful as russia and vladimir putin would want to help us in a fight with russia. but -- with isis, but maybe that is not what they are there for. russia demanding that american remove the resource, with drone jets in the area.
6:35 pm
we did not do, that but they began their own airstrikes, hitting targets controlled by syrian rebill -- rebels, notice iisis. probably more than ever, using military, they are willing to use it. about what is our next move? joining me now, judy miller, and lisa and richard. i want to start with you judith, you wrote an article sunday, first line is amazing. >> i just returned from ukraine and egypt they had longstanding pro traditional relations, they are learn allies, they are both
6:36 pm
feeling betrayed by us as the events in syria today -- >> what about the lip service we gave to syria today, the big news, with what russians are doing, saying we don't forget about ukraine, we forgot. >> kerry said issue we mentioned ukraine first. thank you very much, but what you did it really mean? at the moment, vladimir putin is getting away with literally murder. >> i think our allies, not just in eastern europe and middle east, but anywhere on the planet have to be nervous. they have on arm themselves, israel, i don't know what they are going to do out there. we're have let down everyone that we promised we would come to their rescue. >> we're really creating a terrible world order by withdrawing and letting a bunch of other country decide, they get to do whatever they want.
6:37 pm
there is no more plan. i spent the whole week at the u.n. could i am hearing, that country love the fact that putin has a plan. and they -- >> what countries. >> a whole bunch. charles: really. >> they want strength. and let me tell you now. if putin defights isis. in anyway -- >> but here is the thing, is he really after isis. >> i think he will do both to get a client reputation -- a clean reputation, he defeats isis. christians are calling for, what are we going to do if putin defeats isis. >> that is a side afi affect ofs main agenda. how to we create stability with syria. charles: is iran willing to share the stage, if they could jointly rule middle east with russia. >> absolutely not.
6:38 pm
that is the narrative they are selling to the west. isis is the most terror group ever, there are more civilians and more refugees coming out of this. charles: political aspects of the middle east, we have been talking about them, putin does have the upper hand. what does it mean for assad and beyond the middle east? we'll be right back.
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charles: it's not just middle east turmoil, it is in the world the lack of american leadership has created. how to "making money" from it.
6:41 pm
charles: so, a lot of fights in
6:42 pm
syria and other things, defense companies had an amazing day. is this an opportunity to make money? back with us shawn and steve, steve, let he start with you, we have talked about this. for some, fact is that we are looking at a world that is going to be pro dressively more dangerous, in particular if america does not stand up for something or someone. how do invest gore investors gog advantage of that. >> i like defense, defense sector will do well, and has done well in the equity markets. way back in my high school latin
6:43 pm
class i learned about roman peace. american leadership wages, the world is in an arms race. that is too bad for the world but good news for american defense contractors. charles: shaw, how would you invest in this sector or would you? >> i am hopeful that i don't have to. but steve i agree with lockheed-martin with a tremendous run. i think that better performer right now isin northrop grumman, stock is solid, dividend about 2%. that has been a star in terms of strength. charles: a report out that pentagon may play hard bu ball h
6:44 pm
contracts, maybe with political environment that we have, would things change say, if a democrat won? it seems if you think that obama is a weak they would be weaker. >> i think that hope for defense companies and america is that we have some republican administration in there and strengthen our defense. that is what we need, spending has been cut too drastically. we need an across the board strengthening of all military assets. charles: steve. >> you know, i'm one of few conservatives who think we should cut defense spending, but not going to happen, there is bipartisan agreement right now if anything defense spending is going up. charles: i think that idea that, you know we have to use it. and you know someone who think we should have a bigger defense is donald trump. tune in tomorrow, i am speaking with donald trump, discussing
6:45 pm
his tax plan, and immigration, and this budget proposal. i have questions, no one has asked himmity, i will tomorrow night 6 p.m. on fox business. >> a bidding war has broken out for the biggest college football program, the university of texas athletic apparel contract. imagine that the texas players are playing for a team making $20 million a year, and they won't get a nickel, we'll discuss it we'll be right back.
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charles: the bidding war between the biggest sportswear companies in world underway right now for the university of texas athletic apparel contract. they want to have that logo, university of texas considered most lucrative of all college program, contract is $15 million a year, it is expiring. should or will the money go to the college athletes. peter, we had this discussion over and over. but every time we do, the stakes get higher and higher. a college that could make $20 million a year off this football program. will be there an outcry to share some of this with the students. >> you know, i think $20 million
6:50 pm
is a conservative figure, i think notre dame paid bigger bucks to bring in a deal for under armor. and then they will wear the jerseys with the name and number on the back. in immediate after the deals are signed. no, the players do not see direct money from the nike deal or from the under armor deal. do you know who will? athletic director, and coaches, they get money. charles: and making matters worse today, an appeals coast struck down a ruling that favored the collegiate athletes with their images in football videos, and games, this is like, two strikes in one day. what do you think? the rates that these contracts
6:51 pm
are going up we could talk billions of dollars, right now it is millions. i hope that unions become middle man, at some point it could happen? >> the walls are crumbling just a little bit. the northwestern union they tried, that not work out. but this ed obanyan case is huge. now to me there are so many different streams of revenue for sports, you have not only shoe, and apparel, but the broadcast deals. that is coming up soon. to air big 10 football. that will be a billion dollar deal. and at some point you feel like something has to give, and the players, the athletes, the ones on the screen could wearing the uniforms, will be want doing to reap some of the benefit.
6:52 pm
there is no college football video game any more, okay, there is no video game, who winning on that? players are not seeing money, it just means that schools can't make money off it, it will be interesting. charles: we know they get a free education, but now that money is so much that somewhat of a farce. i think that people should get paid for effort they put out. >> thank you. charles: 6,000 hillary e-mails released this afternoon, more signs that national security was put at risk. by main person in charge of safe guarding our national security, we'll be right back.
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. charles: social media website twitter making news today, its co-founder and interim ceo jack dorsey will be named the permanent chief executive sometime this week.
6:56 pm
the stock liked the news, up 5% today. the site got new twitter, fugitive and former cia employee edward snowden. on twitter, using the handle snowden and first tweet was can you hear me now? the expat fugitive already has over one million followers but only following one group, the nsa. the senate and the house passed a spending bill that's going to keep us going, another one of the cr's through december 11th. government was set to shut down at midnight if another bill was not approved. the state department released the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails, 6,000 pages of e-mails from 2010 to 2011. surprise, surprise there were classified e-mails. hillary continues to deny receiving or sending e-mails marked classified on her private server.
6:57 pm
the fbi investigating the possible compromise of national security. but the bottom line is that now judith, more and more of the e-mails are classified. >> getting estimates, this was released late today but the estimate now is about 155 of the new batch contained information which would today be classified. that brings us up to if that estimate is correct, 343 e-mails that were classified or would have been classified today. charles: are we splitting hairs saying they weren't classified? weren't labeled classified? in her position, she knew what sensitive material was? >> this is a phony argument. let's be honest. hillary clinton creates content. she's creating the first line of content when someone tells her something, a foreign minister or head of state gives her a piece of information, she puts that into the,it's not a
6:58 pm
classified document yet because we don't know what the content is. when you're on the front lines and creating a cable or content, you don't have it labeled quite yet. so the idea she only was sitting as secretary of state forwarding information means she wasn't creating content, and that's outrageous. >> i think that hillary clinton's e-mails, sure, we have 150 that aren't classified, but it is such a plethora of information. even the minute details of what kind of woodwork she should have on kitchen cabinets and asking huma about it, and so much insight, she's done, there is no way she'll ever be president of the united states. charles: what we know is she's falling precipitously in the polls, maybe joe biden doesn't jump in and the bernie sanders thing has limitations, nonetheless, this is damage to a certain degree, judith, and it should. >> it's damaged her, quote, trust ratings.
6:59 pm
let's remember she's far and await front-runner and hillary is resilient, and the justice department has said that she is not a target of this investigation into classified e-mails. >> the problem is the justice department doesn't investigate a server. they investigate people. when they're going after the server and looking at things, of course, it's about her. these e-mails show one fundamental thing which rubs against her, she is not competent. there are e-mails where she's saying how do i do a fax machine? we saw today an e-mail which said what's dave adams e-mail address? it's her person on the hill, the assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs who is supposed to be pushing the agenda with congressman and senators. she doesn't know his e-mail address. >> i think it shows she's an elitist. >> she probably forgot how to drive a car, doesn't bode well for someone who wants to
7:00 pm
represent the little person. thanks a lot. great show, appreciate it. at home, we appreciate when you catch us 6:00 p.m. every single night. if you can't catch the show, dvr it, especially tomorrow, we have a very special guest, donald trump. that's right. in the meantime, keep it right here. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. russian president putin today made it absolutely clear that unlike some world leaders he does far more than talk. less than two days after sitting down at united nations for face-to-face talks with president obama, putin today ordered the launch of russian airstrikes in syria. according to u.s. defense officials, those strikes are not against the islamic state, but on syrian rebels including the u.s. backed free syrian army, who want syrian president bashar assad out of power.


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