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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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82 percent said yes. it is defective. this is not up to the standards reduced to. that is it for tonight thank you for being with us. >> i am watching bill clinton's struggle he has been constrained sidelines like upper right for the presidential quest now he is looking to break free offering strong indications he will beef up his role. he is symbolic of a booming time in history with america was working and diesel and hip-hop had interesting people and grunge just above the fold and he symbolizes a pristine time and much of
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that past allows them to forgive the current clinton a bit slower. bond is this self awareness the shameless virility and he finds his charitable and lethargic and desperate and those are tough qualities to come when you try to overcome your wife scalene campaign dishy his liability? even the obama henchman's said hillary would have been vice presidenif not for bill obama said led by emplace days second fiddle there is no bad blood and bill has not acted as a friendly soul he is open punchline for me and girls who openly mocked him on the late show.
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>> if we have a female president next would you leave a letter for her husband? >> i would say follow your passion. just be you. >> i think he does do meritocrats want to believe he is still was commanding as this guy. ♪ >> that was a turning point was someone who has become a parody of himself. ♪ if hillary is campaign hits the titanic he is her iceberg. you know, it is about to go down. enter napolitano is here to talk about planned
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parenthood and get to know joe biden. garett topic is here to talk about 2016 and so much more. carrot top. join me. i am kennedy. ♪ kennedy: bill clinton getting more involved in the campaign. or the cooking with gas or is he a last line of defense? host of the podcast a blank in top hat. also the star handsome and also from the fox news
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channel. welcome. has clinton lost his touch? >> i don't think either. issing key is the only weapon and i don't know why they haven't done this sooner. people like bill clinton still. i would argue he is far more likable than hillary. but it is all relative. i just think if they don't bring your about why wouldn't they? the evergreen to say he is older. kennedy: because now he is to be machiavellian and tough and shrewd and smart and fun to watch now if he is events and he gets angry and to says stupid things.
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what is sillery afraid of. >> and i don't know but it is a sign that her campaign is so dark just the shadow will tighten it up. >> hillary has new friends. definitely amy schumer. >> she is a babe. >> or is it out of desperation? >> use a there is no downside but he doesn't have staying power.
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>> so who is better? >> there may have a few innings left. what did you say? he had the mystique so he can come out at the end but hillary is not a real person to america. she is not yet to me or to the american voters but bill clinton is even and has personality the longer he is out there in the longer it shows she is robotic. >> issue wanted to see lenny kravitz junk. kennedy: i bet there was longing. >> the most human moment of her campaign. >> yesterday's talking about the conversation how she
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didn't want to get lost in his personality but now she has to cling to it. kennedy: schaede do because of her personality she would not be a successful politician or a lawyer said she had to clean to him then and now. >> that makes it sound like you think she is very calculating. kennedy: i would never. getting the former ron paul supporters in his quest though could be following rand paul. that is is blunt assessment of his future in the senate. >> he chose to make this personal to call people dishonesty and call them names which goes against the decorum in rules of the senate and as a consequence it hits -- consequently cannot do anything legislatively.
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>> he is done for and always has been the was never really a senator. was the? he was there to cause problems and upset people. like said jimmy stewart character he filibustered. >> fet checks off another thing from his resume daylight the supreme court i don't think he adores be institution that is the united states senate and give a date to consider is rand paul and mitch mcconnell are close friends they have endorsed each other both said that despite the nsa. >> i don't understand that all. we're not on the same page because of that. with that is another topic.
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>> don't agree with a lot that he says but i don't think cruz landed there carrying or worried about the institution but if you're going to take the taxpayers' money understand it isn't about the art of negotiation into compromise bin get the hell out. >> key is much too much of the ideologue. >> beer both losing miserably. people want ted cruz out of the senate because he is eating all the little sandwiches helix like someone who takes too much from this factory - - snack trays i cannot imagine anyone has a bonding friendship. >> exactly.
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>> pocket shrimp and find them. >> we will talk about the next controversial carl's, jr. add. and taxpayers in the upper - - uproar of tax dollars going to planned parenthood and judge napolitano joins me next.
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kennedy: break even with canadian and etiquette what they were in sidon as stakeouts pushing firmly into the carnivore king of. >> i see a half chicken you have paid as but not dogs? why don't you have dogs?
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>> the panel is back. my only question and for you is if they brokage your steak house what firearm to you to play? >> make it like you are on safari. >> i feel about begins the way about religious zealots or converts they cannot help to tell you cause of the about their beliefs and they see nothing wrong tell you how to run your life. i don't care just shut up. i feel that i can talk about this i have lived overseas most of my life i have beaten dog and i had eaten catch. in a pinch dog is not bad. kennedy: cat is to string a.
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>> bernie protesting in the wrong place? that is a steak house. >> the animals are already dead you will not bring the cow back to life in a matter how wonderful you tell if it how wonderful it is. let say if they did win the restaurant had a change of heart? they throwed away? and. >> is there a nutritional explanation? >> vegetables make people angry. we have to isolate that maybe a salad does not but maybe it is the asparagus it is one of them. kennedy: we know what it does to 50 percent of the people's urine what about the brave? it is a great question. >> i never met a vegan who is and angry with the world.
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>> they also discuss violence that also increases the pollution rate you can have an entirely different angle on the argument. kennedy: cows consume a lot less water than a moment -- altman's. >> but they love them whole thing. >> it doesn't work for everybody. kennedy: carl's, jr. made its own advertisement in favor of eating meat. watch soft porn burger advertisement. ♪ ♪
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[laughter] whoever loses this game they have to pay for the wall? >> age should. it made me start considering this issue because it got my attention. because now people will pay attention but then they think i should think more about that. >> so carl's, jr. it is soon their dna. >> i could care less. models are out playing volleyball who is in for that? ago to senator cruz he is angry. dealing in a different perspective. >> overhead camera i
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perspective. >> if the mexican and border was full of beautiful people the nobody would come over. >> my panel will return of the joe biden version but first judge napolitano has a bone to pick with planned parenthood.
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kennedy: planned parenthood president richard blast
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republicans in congress over taxpayer dollars funding reorganization that amounts to $450 million per year it also delved into controversial video showing conversations of illegal tissue harvesting. we have judged napolitano with us. should they have and grilled her even more? the revision to be giving any monday to rule planned parenthood because federal law prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion. they are not stupid but the congress is. so they give half a billion dollars to planned parenthood egest shift money from one column to another and replenish what they need from maternal health because money is fungible federal tax dollars or money
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borrowed in the taxpayer's name is being used to pay for abortions 350,000 per year which is about one-third of though 1 million performed in the united states. >> there is some staggering numbers of a $520,000 salary per year i don't think that was unfair for lawmakers to ask about her salary since they are partially of publicly funded salaries the american arm of the democratic party because they're not critical of people making good salaries the day are taking some of their income essentially from the of federal government giving it to democratic officeholders so this route from the treasury to planned parenthood back to the democrats will
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continue over and over i am glad they ast aggressive questions but they should have been asked a long time ago and the vicious cycle should stop. kennedy: even without the existence of the disgusting videos that is a deplorable enterprise. should we be having a different type of discussion about the open market where rational adult humans decide when they can sell their body parts? kennedy: this sale today is a felony in the united states matter how noble or voluntary if maybe. the sale of body parts from babies is a felony crime and the people of planned parenthood knows that this just department will never prosecute them for it but it ought to be lawful jefferson
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argued as long as the commercial transaction is voluntary in no other person is target should be lawful. kennedy: that should be the argument and the discussion. what else? >> in my world and those of most people watching us that 90 percent of what the government funds should be defended because the constitution doesn't authorize it so much money is wasted and it is ridiculous we're having these conversations in the first place. >> will republicans be true to their principles to find a way to defiant planned parenthood or argue tour the of populist government or
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hit too hard with the other? >> we don't have read of principle of law makers of either party in congress better deserving right now. >> that is why there is such disrespect for the government they talk a good talk then they do the exact opposite they accuse some much. always good to see a. later this election is getting crazier. how many times can a yankee fan fail to catch the foul ball? "topical storm" is next. guys listen up!
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the the dissatisfies worshipers like turning the sport on its head with vaseline and baby real. -- oil they wheeled up the slope and slide will get back. i have never considered the slip and slide covered in b.b. real. >> the unlucky day at the ball game you don't just failed to catch the ball but
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three in a row. >> a rough day for this man. then the ball boys said let me get that. but he got the ball and he is a good sport. >> were his hands covered bin basket -- gasoline? >> l. mazy makes a handsome edition to the blooper real. [laughter] may be in the future they will hand out steroids. the is lives matter a truck jackknifed and it went to
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hell. a swarm of agitated these covered a patrol car the officers were terrified. israel and the biblical member for. snap chat has added filters like a rainbow out of your mouth or to permanently scar your children for life .
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kennedy: that is so read. you're giving them psychological problems. that you can up love them prepare imagine and how funny this will be in 40 years of their ground -- number five we're all getting excited about "star wars" coming out in december but is that enough? for those posters is it ever you have? one figure out how to save the "star wars" in everything even the bathtub.
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here is the real one. next week the toaster row look like are too deep to. that will be fantastic for pro it's a declaring his candidacy for the white house? where is this going? you never know. doing to find a bathroom?
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kennedy: the america's favorite game show national a popular anti-anti-competitive candidate and letting about your nation's vice president. >> barack obama. >> i promise the president has a big stick. [laughter] >> it is a three letter word jobs. shot gramm the state senator. stand-up. what of my talking about? we will make everybody else
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stand up. feel free to grab a pen. or grab a pedal. every ready to play? he officiated the chief of staff wedding and spoke 47 minutes before getting into the boughs. fact or fiction? >> let's see if they can make up some ground with number two. while in moscow will he bought a puppy and named him senator. number three joe biden has
8:40 pm
said official vice-presidential segue that they codenamed cherry it to fact or fiction? nice try. number four. fact or fiction? fact or fiction. >> you cannot make that crap but. >> you are in the lead. kennedy: maybe playing games is not your strong suit.
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kennedy: number five during his first foul read joe biden's dr. a trade relations seven where it dracula costume fact or fiction?. kennedy: to a point that these. >> you make up bizarre items. all of your weird things it is too weird not to be true. kennedy: joe biden and ran for a senate seat while still too young to have a senate seat nobody got that right. he was 38 and eligible by the time he was sworn and.
8:42 pm
>> if they get the next two wrong you are tied idiot can do whatever your gut tells you to do do the opposite. at a foundation dinner they english consul made a joke about bill clinton that by the reply that the store had a state is a dead grandmother who uses flowerpots for hats fact or fiction? that did not happen. you are on the board. number eight o leave or maker of the war on drugs he coined the term drug czar fact or fiction? it is a fact.
8:43 pm
>> i could have made it into the cia. >>. kennedy: i thought he was east indian. [laughter] number nine that are reaching town on his bare root blackberry is a deep song from "gilligan's island"? fact or fiction? this did get 1.. you each have five points of peace that takes us into the tiebreaker.
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>> if this was all he would be crashing asked -- us become the years has he held public office? >> 42. >> 41. >> 34. kennedy: it is actually 45. >> is this too is the closest without going over? is this the price is right? >> i did $1. kennedy: you are though winter and you wind his oldest cia badge.
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>> can i give him cash instead? [laughter] kennedy: better luck next time. terret top world famous comedian to always be to discuss the 2016 election and so much more. you totalled your brand new car.
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>> the hitter's job application it is redneck air-conditioning.
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[laughter] kennedy: garett top. and who better to weigh in there and carrot top himself who joins me now? >> its ben forever. remember we did make a deaf -- may get deaf? >> telling everybody what to a good time that we have.
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>> people are so hard argue. why? >> i don't know. i feel that i am running for president. i don't know maybe i succeeded people hate that. ted years said vegas i never think i would have done one. kennedy: you are like so the dionne. kennedy: my producer told me you are worth $75 million. >> i am not. that is ridiculous. if mcdevitt thinks that is true they will come after me. kennedy: now getting into 2016 but if purdy sanders
8:51 pm
decided to redistribute your $75 million? >> if i had that much i would not like it but i don't have that much. i have been here monday. i am independent i have not decided yet. kennedy: i share that. i look at the deal they and the candidates of both sides i have been treated by a lot of rand paul ideas but i don't know he is as passionate as ever by kim to be about the drive for the presidency but i have a lot of respect for him but other than that they are all of a bunch of boobs. >> they say the same thing every four years. and they never come up with a solution but i will say something about donald trump he does create conversation
8:52 pm
he really gets people talking. i was watching bill o'reilly. i do watch that it comes off like 2:00 in the morning items screaming and debris of my television. kennedy: this show was at 5:00. >> that's what i do. but i like that he is getting people excited and crazy just like tennis just to see john smashed a four hours with his racket in was brilliant television. >> decided not tennis courts any more. >> have it we ben three nfl in this country? >> we are not even close to being done with this election cycle.
8:53 pm
it is that the highest office. >> i would have to take a pay cut. >> who is my running mate? gallagher? >> you can also have lee gallagher it has been court-ordered not to perform. i love him i had no wonderful a joke. i love him one of the reasons why i do comedy. >> whether you are in new york come by the studio. >> i am there every night ted years going. can you see this? you cannot cut me off. i have more.
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i made skit a jeans for christie. [laughter] kennedy: comeback. check it out every night except tuesday. loss biggest. -- jim moss biggest. stay here.
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kennedy: a "fox business alert" ameritech is backed by just how fat? a brand new statistic that pates a clearer picture we
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hit the streets of new york. >> according to a new study by the cdc one-third of all americans are obese. why? >> to be healthy is way more expensive than of the fast-food. >> it is easier. >> is it ever okay to fat shape? >> i think that chianti helpful. >>. >> all the baby will even nobody else is around. >> noone shaven my game. >> i eked be the better i scoop it out of the jar i love it.
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>> how much you weigh? >> truthfully? i am not telling. >> 130. >> right here. >> put it there. how much? >> at this moment would hundred 20. >> one solyndra 21 -- 121. kennedy: very impressive. -- for watching you can watch and all new episode and follow me on twitter and don facebook and e-mail.
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i love the new car smell. goodbye. >>ly leads most famous charge in american history. >> i am on side of pickett's charge. >> hundreds of main that made him immortal. >> a suitcase full of heirlooms left. >> a fast talking conman comes to down. >> he dressed well, he was glib of tongue. >> forcing general's heir into battle over his "strange inheritance." >> what was your reaction? >> i was pisd. >> it donned on me i was ripped off.


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